TCOOP 2017: Sweden's Ector fat and sassy after winning Fat Thursday SE Event #10 ($320 NL)

Sometimes your luck runs out. Poland's fronk_donk had a heck of a rollercoaster ride at the final table of Event #10 $310 NL Fat Thursday SE. The Pole had a near-chip and a chair situation late in the final table and rallied after getting his stack decimated in a costly three-way pot. fronk_donk ran up his stack and emerged as the chip leader with two to go while issuing a few beats along the way. However, Ector from Sweden was ready to have the luck factor swing the other way. Their heads-up battle went quick and lasted only ten hands. Ector seized the lead on their eighth hand. On Hand #10 of heads-up action, fronk_donk woke up with pocket Kings but Ector cracked the pocket cowboys to win the pot and win the tournament. fronk_donk had to settle on second place, while Ector won Event #10.


Chalk up a victory for Sweden!

2017 TCOOP Event #10 $320 NL, which also dubbed as the Fat Thursday Special Edition, attracted 2,059 total entries with 1,553 runners and 506 re-entries. The prize pool was $617,700.00 with $92,244.77 set aside for first place.

With 18 to go on the final two tables, Sweden's Ector sat atop the biggest stack and was closing in on 3M. With 12 to go, p€troceli took over the top spot with 3.3M.

On the final table bubble, fronk_donk seized the lead. With ten to go, short-stacked gkap13 got it all-in with A♦6♥ against Ector's 5♥4♣. gkap13 led all the way until Ector spiked a five on the river to win the pot with a pair of fives. gkap13 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


TCOOP Event #10 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: nicusordej (1,897,986)
Seat 2: shibonimo (922,477)
Seat 3: OLD TIME GIN (3,286,760)
Seat 4: bah23 (1,436,146)
Seat 5: pardal1 (1,068,918)
Seat 6: Ector (3,383,818)
Seat 7: fengikareh (2,043,733)
Seat 8: fronk_donk (3,500,585)
Seat 9: p€troceli (3,049,577)

The final table commenced during Level 53 with blinds at 50K/100K and a 12.5K ante. fronk_donk was the big stack with 3.5M, but Ector and OLD TIME GIN were right behind with 3.3M. Canada's shibonimo was the shortest stack remaining with 922K.

Canada's shibonimo binked a TCOOP last year and was seeking a second TCOOP title. Other final table players of note...Holland's fengikareh nearly won a COOP last spring with a second-place finish in a 2016 SCOOP event, and OLD TIME GIN went deep in a 2014 TCOOP event, but only finished in second place.

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BABA O'RILEY: shibonimo eliminated in 9th place

At the end of Level 54, we saw the first bust out at the final table. Short-stacked shibonimo shoved for 937,477 and attempted to double up with J♥J♠ but lost a race against nicusordej's A♣K♥. nicusordej flopped a pair of Aces and rivered trips to win the pot. Canada's shibonimo will have to wait another day to win a second TCOOP title. shibonimo became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $7,095.70.

BARGAIN: OLD TIME GIN eliminated in 8th place

It didn't take long before a second player busted. p€troceli opened to 400,000, OLD TIME GIN bombed it all-in for 2,506,760 with Ace-ten and p€troceli called with T♠T♥. The board ran out J♣J♠2♠4♦5♥ and p€troceli won the pot with two pair. OLD TIME GIN failed to improve and headed to the virtual rail in eighth place, which paid out $9,777.75.

LOVE AIN'T FOR KEEPING: fengikareh eliminated in 7th place

Seven-handed did not last very long. Big-stacked Ector moved all-in for 4,616,318 and short-stacked fengikareh called all-in for 894,933. It was the battle of the old King-trey versus King-deuce and Ector trailed with K♠2♦ against fengikareh's K♥3♠. The board ran out A♥Q♦2♠4♣A♣. Ector flopped a pair of deuces to take the lead. fengikareh turned a Wheel gutshot draw, but missed on the river. Ector dragged the pot with two pair. Holland's fengikareh busted in seventh place and took home $13,473.51

THE SONG IS OVER: bah23 eliminated in 6th place

The six-pack didn't stay together for very long either. fronk_donk open-shoved for 2,481,667 and bah23 called all-in for 911,146. bah23 led with K♥Q♦ against fronk_donk's Q♠J♦. fronk_donk hit the flop with a pair of Jacks. The board finished up J♠6♠3♣9♣A♥ and fronk_donk's pair of Jacks held up. Bulgaria's bah23 busted in sixth place and earned a payday worth $18,566.20.


With five to go during Level 58 (140K/280K blinds), action was paused to discuss a deal. Ector led with 5.8M, followed by p€troceli (4.8M), fronk_donk (3.8M), pardal1 (3.5M), and nicusordej (2.4M). Any deal had to leave $12,354 on the table for first place. The numbers were floated as follows:

Ector ($57,909.97)
p€troceli ($54,473.76)
fronk_donk ($50,906.64)
pardal1 ($49,357.86)
nicusordej ($43,602.06)

A couple of players were okay with the ICM numbers, but fronk_donk asked for $53K. The other players tried to sway fronk_donk...and it worked! Everyone agreed to the deal (plus $12,354 for first place) and play resumed.

GETTING IN TUNE: nicusordej eliminated in 5th place

Five hands after the deal was locked up, someone busted. Battle of two pocket pairs. nicusordej open-shoved for 2,466,051 with 4♦4♣ and pardal1 re-shoved for 3.1M with 9♣9♦. Everyone else got out of the way. Pocket nines held up when the board finished up K♣5♣3♥T♣3♦. Romania's nicusordej was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $43,602.06.

GOING MOBILE: p€troceli eliminated in 4th place

Three-way all-in and someone went broke. Ector open-shoved for 6,194,463, fronk_donk bombed it all-in for 6,700,626, and p€troceli called all-in for 946,024.

Ector: T♣T♠
p€troceli: 8♥8♦
fronk_donk: A♣9♣

The board finished up 9♠9♥4♦A♠T♦. Ector with a boat over boat -- Ten full of Nines over fronk_donk's Nine full of Tens. fronk_donk was crippled but still alive. p€troceli lost with two pair. Ector dragged the main pot and side pot. p€troceli earned $54,473.76 for fourth place.

With three to go, Ector led with 13.8M.

BEHIND BLUE EYES: pardal1 eliminated in 3rd place

The button folded to the blinds. pardal1 limped and Ector checked. The flop was J♠9♣5♥ and fireworks ensued. pardal1 checked, Ector fired out 760,000, pardal1 check-raised all-in for 3,790,572, and Ector called.

pardal1: 6♥5♦
Ector: J♦7♦

The turn was the 4♣ and the river was the 9♥. Ector won with a better two pair -- Jacks and nines. Brazil's pardal1 was picked off in third place, which paid out $49,357.86.

HEADS-UP: Ector (Sweden) vs. fronk_donk (Poland)
Seat 6: Ector (9,721,392)
Seat 8: fronk_donk (10,868,608)

Heads-up lasted 10 hands. fronk_donk only won three small pots. Ector seized the lead on their eighth hand of heads-up action. On the ninth hand, Ector dragged an 8.2M pot uncontested. It was all over on the next hand.

WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN: fronk_donk eliminated in 2nd place; Ector wins Event #10

Sometimes karma will bite you where the sun don't shine. fronk_donk lived up to his moniker at the final table and issued several wicked bad beats. It was his turn to have a big hand cracked. He attempted to double up with pocket Kings, but his hopes were shattered.

Ector had opened up a 3-1 edge going into the the tenth hand of heads up. fronk_donk tried to limp from the small blind, but Ector shoved for 15,301,392, and fronk_donk snap-called all-in for 4,888,608.

Ector: A♦9♦
fronk_donk: K♣K♦

The board ran out Q♥T♦9♥J♠K♠. The river displayed a straight on the board. fronk_donk played the board and King-high straight, but Ector rivered a Broadway straight to win the pot. Poland's fronk_donk had Kings cracked and got knocked out in second place. fronk_donk had a wild ride at the final table and earned $50,905.64 for a runner-up performance.

Congrats to Sweden's Ector for winning Event #10. First place paid out $70,263.97 for the Fat Thursday Special Edition.


TCOOP-10 ($320 NL Hold'em [Turbo, Fat Thursday SE]) results
Total entries: 2,059 (1,553 entries; 506 re-entries)
Prize pool: $617,700.00
Places paid: 260

1. Ector (Sweden) $70,263.97*
2. fronk_donk (Poland) $50,906.64*
3. pardal1 (Brazil) $49,357.86*
4. p€troceli (Hungary) $54,473.76*
5. nicusordej (Romania) $43,602.06*
6. bah23 (Bulgaria) $18,566.20
7. fengikareh (Netherlands) $13,473.51
8. OLD TIME GIN (Canada) $9,777.75
9. shibonimo (Canada) $7,095.70

* Denotes a five-way deal

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