All Highs, No Lows: Higote Wins the November Turbo Takedown

5,000 Frequent Player Points can buy you many things in our VIP store, such as SilverStars are able to get a $50 VIP Reward Bonus for those FPPs. But, wouldn’t you rather have $100,000?

Most people would.

The $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown is a complete freeroll for those wanting a whole lotta something for nothing as those 5,000 FPPs can get turned into some serious cash as a total of 4,000 players took home at least $90.00 tonight. With 9,746 taking the starting line tonight, you only had to beat a little over half the field to cash! The nine remaining after the six hours of carnage were going home with no less then $5,500. Again, no buy-in, just playing your favorite SnGs, MTTs, and ring games could net you these potential bankroll changing amounts.

Here are those lucky nine for tonight’s Turbo Takedown which was set after cnew27 said “see you later” when his Ad-Td out ran Gameo’s pockets sixes to set the final table below:


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Seat 1: RCT355spyder (2360680 in chips)
Seat 2: Buckyaw (3248891 in chips)
Seat 3: koolie222 (3950401 in chips)
Seat 4: rivermanl (3161454 in chips)
Seat 5: DJTACO (1922851 in chips)
Seat 6: Bulldogs2002 (3042670 in chips)
Seat 7: abschnitt (5067119 in chips)
Seat 8: Higote (3019153 in chips)
Seat 9: cnew27 (3464781 in chips)

The first big pot of the final table went to DJTACO who’s pocket sevens were too much for the big slick of Bulldogs2002 and the four million chip pot was shipped after the 9c-4c-5d-9s-Qh board ran out. Bulldogs2002 covered by 762,819 but with the blinds at 60,000/120,000 ante 12,000 he would need to make up some ground quickly. Just three hands later he tangled against DJTACO again, but this time there was no race as Bulldogs2002 held the pocket sevens but DJTACO held pocket kings which held up on the Td-6s-5d-Qs-Ad board. Its not the $100,000 he wanted but $5,500.00 will buy a bone or two for Bulldogs2002’s ninth place finish.

Action, action, action, six hands later koolie222 raised from the small blind to 420,000 and rivermanl in the big blind re-raised to 1.1 million. koolie222 responded with a 4-bet all-in and rivermanl found an easy call with pocket kings (Kd-Ks) but his tournament life was on the line as koolie222 flipped up Ah-3c and covered by 1.3 million. The all-club 2c-8c-Jc flop extended more outs to koolie222, the 6h turn was safe, but the 7c river sent the Supernova Elite rivermanl home for the holidays in eighth place. The $10,000.00 for rivermanl will help him recoup those 5,000 FPPs in about 15 minutes.

As stated, the action did not stop there as four hands later it was cnew27’s turn to make something happen when abschnitt limped on the button into his big blind. Higote in the small blind got out of the way and the flop came down 9d-5c-Qc. A bet of 320,000 by cnew27 was min-raised to 640,000 by abschnitt. “2.6 million chips” was the response by cnew27’s 3-bet and abschnitt made the call with slowplayed black aces. The bet by cnew27 was a value one, as he flipped up top two (9c-Qs). abschnitt would need a five or one of the last two aces to reclaim the lead, and he got it as the 5h fell on the turn. The rivered the boat with the Ad provided salt in cnew27’s wound. For the post flop bad beat, cnew27 took home $15,000.00 in seventh place.

Losing with the best hand when the chips go in is always tough to take. koolie222 found himself staring down an all diamond board of 9d-8d-Kd while facing a bet of 840,000 from Higote. With 2.8 million chips left and blinds at 70,000/140,000 ante 14,000 he shoved with his set of nines and Higote made the call with As-Qd leaving just 330,000 chips behind. The flush filled with the 7d on the turn, but koolie222’s boat did not. Right decision, wrong result nets $20,000 for koolie222 in sixth place.

Higote found himself sitting with a decision after completing the small blind and facing an all-in 2.4 million raise by RCT355spyder with the blinds at 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000. Calling was almost half his stack, but it was the right one as RCT355spyder flipped up 7d-Tc to Higote’s Qs-Th. The board 2h-5s-9h-Qh-Kc did not produce a suckout as RCT355spyder crawled out with $25,000 in fifth place money.

Call it ESP, call it poker savant, but call it a win for abschnitt as there was heavy betting between him and DJTACO as abschnitt 3-bet DJTACO from the small blind to one million and DJTACO made the call to see a flop of 2h-Qh-Qc. Bet 600,000 from DJTACO, min raise from abschnitt and another flat call. Turn brought the Js and two checks from the players. A 4s on the river prompted a 1.9 million chip shove from DJTACO, abschnitt sniffed out the rotten meat under the cheese, sour cream, salsa, and lettuce to find an ace high bluff, which made his pocket three good for the 8.3 million chip pot. DJTACO took $32,500.00 in fourth place for a new turntable with a side of tortilla shells.

The very next hand abschnitt found himself all-in as he shoved his newly acquired 8.2 million chips into the middle on the button with the blinds bumping up to 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000. Higote in the small blind also found two cards he liked, as he made the call leaving just 423,365 behind.

Higote: Ah-Ks
abschnitt: 6d-6s

They were racing for serious money as the difference between second and third was $20,000. The race mostly ended on the Tc-2s-Kd flop, leaving abschnitt with just two outs as Higote's pair of kings took a big lead. 4c and Jd on the turn and river left abschnitt to watch the 17.4 million chip pot ship to Higote and $40,000.00 in third place money came his way.

Heads-up play between Higote and Buckyaw started out with the following chip count:

Higote: 17,767,007
Buckyaw: 11,470,993

Buckyaw would get the first double-up as he raised from the button to 600,000 and got a call from Higote to see the flop of Jc-Ad-Ac. The 800,000 chip follow-through bet was also called by Higote as was the 1.2 million turn bet by Buckyaw. The 7.9 million chip river shove by Buckyaw was also called as Higote was left to look at Buckyaw’s flopped trip aces against his pair of three with the nut flush draw that didn’t get there. This swung the chip lead to Buckyaw 21 million to Higote’s eight million.

Higote would get those chips back when his pocket kings would survive Buckyaw’s flop push at a 5h-4s-3d board. Buckyaw flipped over 8d-5d for the top pair but got no further help from the 6h and Kd and Higote would take the lead 19.3 million to Buckyaw’s 9.8 million.

Over forty hands later Higote would end the back and forth heads up battle when Buckyaw took a swipe at a flop of 2s-3c-Js board with 8s-9s and his remaining six million chips. But, Higote was going nowhere with his two pair (2d-3d) as he made the call with the small suited connector that connected. 7c produced a few more out but 5h locked up the $100,000 and November Turbo Takedown win for Higote, as Buckyaw fought hard but came up a spade short in the end taking home $60,000 as the runner up.

Here are the results below:

November $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown Results
1. Higote $100,000.00
2. Buckyaw $60,000.00
3. abschnitt $40,000.00
4. DJTACO $32,500.00
5. RCT355spyder $25,000.00
6. koolie222 $20,000.00
7. cnew27 $15,000.00
8. rivermanl $10,000.00
9. Bulldogs2002 $5,500.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Turbo Takedown