mirror99 wins $1 Million Turbo Takedown, goes out on top

Sunday’s $1 Million Turbo Takedown provided all of rollercoaster-like thrills one would expect from a tourney with such a unique structure. The 5,000-FPP buy-in attracted 10,742 players to come out and take their shot at that $100,000 first prize. Indeed, just making the top 4,000 guaranteed everyone at least a $90 payday. But with ten-minute levels and rapidly-climbing blinds (particularly during the first three hours), those 3,000 starting-chip stacks began to look small very quickly.

Eliminations came at a rapid clip. At the one-hour break, 6,452 players remained. Player sacc316 assumed the chip lead for a while during the second hour, and by the end of Level 9 the cash bubble burst. With 6,742 eliminations in 90 minutes, that meant more than 75 players hitting the rail per minute! It would take less than half an hour to lose another 2,000 players and reach the next pay jump. At the two-hour break, 1,690 players remained, with goleafsgo96 at the top of the leaderboard.

By Level 15, early chip leader sacc316 would be gone (in 1,250th) and the field shrunk to 1,000. At the four-hour break, goleafsgo96 was out (in 151st) and less than 100 remained. With 50 players left, Johnnina had built a large chip lead, moving up past 2.8 million, almost twice what second place toreyoops had. As the field whittled down to 30, Johnnina still had the lead, though WhooooKidd had started to gain ground. Just as he was about to take the chip lead, WhooooKidd took a big hit in a strange hand versus mirror99. Action had folded around to WhooooKidd who put in a standard-sized raise from the button. Then mirror99 shoved all in from the blinds for almost 1.4 million. WhooooKidd called, showing Ad-Jd, and was surprised to see mirror99 turn over Kd-2s. Surprise quickly turned to indignation, though, when a king flopped and WhooooKidd couldn’t catch up. With the help of that 2.8 million-chip pot, mirror99 would be chip leader with 27 left.

Johnnina would be back on top with 18 left, with mirror99 in second, and WhooooKidd sneaking back into contention in 5th. However Johnnina would lose most of that big stack when pocket sixes failed to outrun HooBangin’s Big Slick in an all in confrontation. Chip leader for much of the early evening, Johnnina would be eliminated short of the final table in 13th.

Not long afterwards, HooBangin would knocked out CockneyCall in 10th. CockneyCall had shoved all in from the small blind with pocket fours, but HooBangin was waiting for him in the big blind with Ks-Kh. The cowboys held up, and thanks to that hand HooBangin would take the chip lead to the final table:


Seat 1: moozzer22 -- 2,909,024
Seat 2: toreyoops -- 2,241,046
Seat 3: WhooooKidd -- 3,591,293
Seat 4: doucheburger -- 2,480,322
Seat 5: eldie2 -- 4,101,418
Seat 6: mirror99 -- 3,991,362
Seat 7: matkillers23 -- 5,298,821
Seat 8: HooBangin -- 5,876,650
Seat 9: QTgirlE3 -- 1,736,064

WhooooKidd looked like a possible contender here to perhaps take down the Takedown, but he’d end up being the first player eliminated from the final table. After about a dozen hands at the final table, players had reached Level 42 (blinds 70,000/140,000, antes 14,000). HooBangin raised to 325,000 from middle position and WhooooKidd called from the small blind. The flop came 7h-4h-As. WhooooKidd checked, HooBangin bet 560,000, then WhooooKidd check-raised all in for a bit more than 3.7 million. HooBangin snap-called, showing 7s-7c for the flopped set, well ahead of WhooooKidd’s Ah-Qh. The turn was the 8s and the river the 2d, and WhooooKidd was out in 9th.

About 15 hands later, HooBangin would claim another victim, this time the player on his left, QTgirlE3. The table had folded to HooBangin who raised to 340,000 in the cutoff, and QTgirlE3 reraised all in for 1,126,064 from the button. The blinds got out of the way, and HooBangin made the call, showing Js-Jh. QTgirlE3 had Ts-Td. The board ran out As-7d-6h-9c-2s, and in this, the last hand before the seven-hour break, QTgirlE3 was bounced in 8th.

When play resumed, HooBangin had a sizable chip lead, with his more than 11.6 million putting him well ahead of his nearest foes, mirror99 (5.2 million) and matkillers23 (5.0 million). About 20 minutes later, eldie2 open-raised to 720,000 from the button, and matkillers23 reraised all in for 2,526,821 from the big blind. eldie2 made the call, showing 9s-9c. matkillers23 turned over Kh-Ks. Looked like a good chance to double up for mattkillers23, until the flop came 7c-4s-9h. No king came to rescue him, and mattkillers23 was out in 7th.

HooBangin would resume the role of table assassin soon afterwards by knocking out toreyoops in 6th. A series of raises and reraises meant toreyoops had his entire stack of 1.34 million in the middle with Qs-Jd, not such a good spot to be in against HooBangin’s pocket rockets. The flop came Ts-Ah-9c, giving HooBangin a set but toreyoops a chance at a straight. But the 7h on the turn and the Qc on the river didn’t help, and we were five-handed. Six hands later, moozzer22 had slipped below the million-chip mark, and decided to push all in with pocket fives. eldie2 called with As-Kh, and won the race when the board came 9h-Ks-4c-Tc-Td.

With four players left, HooBangin began pushing his advantage, and soon had 17 million chips -- more than half of the chips in play. eldie2 was nearest with a little less than 8 million, with mirror99 and doucheburger sitting on the short stacks. doucheburger would double up once through HooBangin, spiking a trey on the river to with with pocket threes against HooBangin’s pocket fives.

At that point, eldie2 proposed the remaining four talk chop, and just as the players began to discuss it, eldie2 would suddenly lose most of her stack to mirror99 in most unfortunate fashion. On a flop of Js-7h-Qc, eldie2 bet 750,000, mirror99 check-raised to 2 million, and eldie2 called. When the turn came the 3s, mirror99 promptly shoved all in for 2,472,316 and eldie2 made the call. mirror99 showed Td-Tc, while eldie2 had Ah-Jd. But a ten came on the river, giving the 11.2 million pot to mirror99 and leaving eldie2 with just 830,947. mirror99 would finish the job a dozen hands later when his pocket sevens outran eldie2’s Ad-Th, knocking eldie2 out in 4th.

doucheburger would double up again through HooBangin, bringing the three remaining players’ stack sizes closer to one another. The subject of a deal was proposed anew, and negotiations began.

1. mirror99 -- 12,582,473
2. HooBangin -- 12,280,239
3. doucheburger -- 7,363,288

A “chip chop” was quickly agreed upon by all three players (see details below), with $20,000 left on the table for the eventual winner. Shortly afterwards, mirror99 began putting the pressure on both of his opponents with his frequent all in reraises forcing them to fold. By the time the eight-hour break rolled around, mirror99 had increased his lead with 17.74 million, to HooBangin’s 8.49 million and doucheburger’s 5.99 million.

During the break, mirror99 revealed that this was something of a momentous tournament for him, not just because of his success today.

mirror99: kinda funny - i made a commitment that this would be my last game of online poker - i have had the most outrageous luck - nice way to go!

Others lol’d, then two hands later, it was all over.

On the first hand back, mirror99 raised to 2 million from the button, HooBangin reraised all in from the small blind, and mirror99 called. HooBangin showed Ah-7h, while mirror99 held Ad-Qc. The board came 9d-3d-5c-2d-8c, and HooBangin was out in 3rd.

Then, on the very next hand -- the first of heads up -- doucheburger open-raised his last 5,508,801 from the small blind/button, and mirror99 called. doucheburger turned over Kh-7s, well behind mirror99’s Kd-9h. The flop of Jc-5h-7d was good for doucheburger, bringing him the needed seven. But the 9s gave the lead back to mirror99, and the Jd sealed it. Nice way to go, indeed!

Congratulations to mirror99 and all of those cashing in today’s $1 Million Turbo Takedown.

PokerStars $1 Million Turbo Takedown Final Table Results:
(amounts reflect three-way chop, leaving $20K for eventual winner)

1. mirror99 -- $83,426.69
2. doucheburger -- $53,709.34
3. HooBangin -- $62,863.97
4. eldie2 -- $32,500.00
5. moozzer22 -- $25,000.00
6. toreyoops -- $20,000.00
7. matkiller23 -- $15,000.00
8. QTgirlE3 -- $10,000.00
9. WhooooKidd -- $5,500.00

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Turbo Takedown