dickson007 wins June Turbo Takedown

Upon reaching the final table of a tournament with over 10,000 runners a player is usually looking at a decent payday. But, how often are you staring at a possible $100,000 win from a freeroll? The Turbo Takedown lets anyone with Frequent Players Points (FPPs) to turn their points into some serious cash. A multitude of satellites from the 50 FPPs MTT to 1,000 FPPs Sit and Gos to reach the 5,000 FPPs buy in for this tourney are available at all times. 4,000 players enjoyed turning their FPPs into at least $90.00 and the final nine are assured $5,500.00 for their nearly eight hours of work.

With dav3477’s shortstack going down in tenth place, the final nine was set.


Seat 1: 2 irmaos (4174965 in chips)
Seat 2: dickson007 (5854383 in chips)
Seat 3: stortv (3686318 in chips)
Seat 4: iupeli (6372889 in chips)
Seat 5: cRRusher (2077120 in chips)
Seat 6: hustler730 (2307848 in chips)
Seat 7: Chaesi (4635706 in chips)
Seat 8: YWEplay (1597058 in chips)
Seat 9: Bratcat (1051713 in chips)

With blinds at $70000/$140000 ante $14000, the short stacked Bratcat was the first to seek a double up, and found it against 2 irmaos when Bratcat picked off the re-steal with A2o versus Q9o for 2 irmaos. The board brought a bunch of broadway cards but none that changed the preflop advantage and Bratcat was back in contention.

Bratcat wasn’t done there, with a few preflop steals he chipped up enough to be able to do some real damage. On two consecutive hands he sent players to the rail. The first victim was stortv who found AQo on the button and raced off his chips versus Bratcat’s pocket eights. With a 2d 8c 4h, stortv was down to a runner runner wheel to escape the flopped set. A king on the turn gave stortv $5,500.00 for his ninth place effort.

The very next hand YWEplay thought his pocket jacks would provide a much needed double up while one off under the gun, but found himself well behind the pocket queens of Bratcat. A set for both players by the turn left YWEplay hoping for the miracle jack on the river. Unfortunately the river card was not paint but $10,000 for YWEplay’s eighth place finish should boost his hourly poker earnings.

Starting dead last in chips meant Bratcat just had a little more work to do. By eliminating the eighth place finishers he wasn’t finished. Pocket nines are a favorite for certain 11 time World Series of Poker bracelet holder, and while making quads versus seventh place finisher iupeli, Bratcat might learn to like them as well. Another victim of AQo at the final table, iupeli quickly found himself behind a flopped set on a Kh 8c 9c board needing running cards for a straight, the turn brought no life and the fourth nine on the river just rubbed it in. The aussie iupeli can feel good about the $15,000.00 he gets to take home for his seventh place finish. Maybe he can join a fellow aussie and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem in next year’s WSOP?

The extremely aggressive 2 irmaos found himself staring down a sizable call for his remaining three million in chips. A button raise from Bratcat, 2 irmaos called in the small blind, only to have dickson007 fire out a squeeze push from the big blind. Bratcat got out of the way and 2 irmaos made the call. His pockets eights would usually be a decent starting hand while down to six players, but dickson007’s pocket queens made a sizable mountain to overcome. With the board running out without changing the preflop advantage, 2 irmaos took in $20,000 for his 5,000 FPPs in sixth place.

After Bratcat cooled down a bit, it was Chaesi’s turn to take some chips and dash some dreams of the $100,000 payday. With blinds at $100,000/$200,000 antes $20,000 and only ten big blinds left hustler730 tried to steal Chaesi’s big blind from the small blind with KTo. Chaesi’s A4o was enough to make the call as hustler730 did not have an extra king or ten up his sleeve when the board ran out in Chaesi’s favor. $25,000 in fifth place will help hustler730 find a new car bring his ladies around in.

cRRusher only found a few spots to play at the final table, and with pocket tens on the button it looked like a great spot to take some chips off dickson007 raising behind. Pocket Aces are tough to get a person to fold preflop, and cRRusher’s preflop disadvantage versus dickson007’s rockets did not find a third ten on the board. Adding five figures ones bankroll is always nice, the $32,500.00 banked by CRRusher’s fourth place finish should help him enjoy a couple more MTT’s at PokerStars in the years to come.

All good things come to an end, bachelor parties, a cool drink poolside while in Vegas, and for Bratcat a run of cards at this final table. A board of 8h 3d 4c 3s and facing a three million chip raise of his 1.25 million chip bet from dickson007 while holding a third trey in his with Kc 3h dreams of a double up were probably dancing around, until after his shove and a call by dickson007 showed him the bad news. The fourth trey was sitting in dickson007’s hand with an ace kicker. No king on the river for Bratcat meant $40,000 for third place and a $34,500 improvement from his starting final table short stack.

Heads up play between Chaesi and dickson007 started fairly even in chips with dickson007 holding 17.7 million to Chaesi’s 14 million. Dickson007 initiated chop talks but Chaesi had no reply and the two traded chips for a while about ten hands. After the chip trades and another attempt at chop talks, dickson007 decided to use some tricks from Q’s laboratory and won the final five hands of the tournament. Taking two hands preflop, then another post flop, dickson007’s nut flush made on the river in a 17 million chip pot left Chaesi with 3.5 million in chip and mucking his cards as fast as the interface would allow.

Chaesi received QJo on the button the very next hand and with blinds at $150,000/$300,000 antes $30,000 he shoved his remaining chips into the pot. Dickson007 turned over A9o after quickly calling, and an ace on the flop quickly chilled the coin flip, but a ten on the turn would open up straight possibilities that were closed just a quickly by the 5 on the river. Chaesi will be able to take his $60,000 for second place back to his small town in Switzerland while dickson007 is this month’s Turbo Takedown champion!

While you could use those FPPs for the great merchandise from the PokerStars FPP store, I think dickson007 is glad he used 5,000 of them for a few hours of cards and the $100,000 that come with being the last one with chips.

Here are the final table payouts. Congrats to all 4,000 players who cashed!

1. dickson007 - $100,000.00
2. Chaesi - $60,000.00
3. Bratcat - $40,000.00
4. CRRusher - $32,500.00
5. hustler730 - $25,000.00
6. 2 irmaos - $20,000.00
7. iupeli - $15,000.00
8. YWEplay - $10,000.00
9. stortv - $5,500.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Turbo Takedown