annanoplay got plenty of play in winning February's $1 Million Turbo Takedown

11,205 players dove into one of the best values in the online poker landscape tonight. The $1 Million Turbo Takedown pays out to 4,000 places (receiving at least $90.00) and doesn't cost these players anything but their Frequent Players Points. 5,000 FPPs will grant you seat with $100,000.00 sitting at the finish line for one lucky rounder. Many players however took advantage of the 100-seat satellites being offered hourly for the past two days, and got in for even less!

After Mao2007's pocket tens shanghai'd the remaining chips of kev_unlimit, who was holding A♣-5♦ and hit nothing on the board, with an unnecessary set of tens everyone was welcomed to the final table and assured at least $5,500.00 for getting through over 11,000 players over the past seven hours.


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Seat 1: Feydrauter (4,372,571 in chips)
Seat 2: BulldogsBrad (1,614,708 in chips)
Seat 3: ImCheckin (8,838,190 in chips)
Seat 4: Mao2007 (3,300,286 in chips)
Seat 5: annanoplay (3,731,233 in chips)
Seat 6: Schorsch15 (2,203,020 in chips)
Seat 7: xmrstyle (1,821,833 in chips)
Seat 8: RaineTech (1,324,996 in chips)
Seat 9: Pass_72 (6,408,163 in chips)

First blood of the final table belonged to Pass_72 who's hammerific name may imply lesser holdings, but had the cards when it counted. With blinds at 50,000/100,000 ante 10,000 Pass_72 raised to 258,000 from middle position and was met by a shove by Schorsch15 in the big blind for 1.9 million total. Pass_72 made the snap call and did not turn over seven-deuce off, but rather pocket kings, which dominated the A♥-Q♣ of Schorsch15. Flop of Q♦-4♣-[10S], gave Schorsch15 some additional outs, but the K♦ on the turn took those outs away giving Pass_72 a set of kings, but opened up the four jacks in the deck for a straight. Unfortunately the river was not a jack, but another queen. Kings full was enough to take ownership of the 3.9 million chip pot and send Schorsch15 off with $5,500.00 and a ninth place finish.

They look cute-ish, but bulldogs are not to be trifled with especially at a poker table. xmrstyle found out this the hard way when he attempted to snag the blinds from UTG with a shove for 1.4 million with A♦-7♠. With blinds at 60,000/120,000 ante 12,000 a loud bark of "all-in" came from BulldogsBrad sitting in the cutoff with pocket jacks. The board 5♣-5♦-Q♣-8♠-10S] played out to no excitement and a large bone of $10,000.00 was thrown in xmrstyle's direction however to soothe his eight place finish tonight.

Rain, rain, go away come back another day sang Feydrauter after seeing off the short stacked RaineTech with his pocket eights. A shove for the blinds for RaineTech's last 933,000 with A♥-3♥, RaineTech could not squeak by Feydrauter's pocket pair in the small blind as he made the call with those snowmen, and the pair held over the 4♣-K♦-2♠-7♣-J♠ board. $15,000.00 in waterproof money was sent to RaineTech for his seventh place finish.

As we hit the break with blinds climbing up to 80,000/160,000 ante 16,000 its Mao2007 holding on to the chip lead with ImCheckin and Pass_72 close on his heels.

Feydrauter (4,187,567 in chips)
BulldogsBrad (3,243,999 in chips)
ImCheckin (7,216,556 in chips)
Mao2007 (8,114,212 in chips)
annanoplay (3,046,883 in chips)
Pass_72 (7,805,783 in chips)

Shortly after the break, BulldogsBrad would stave off elimination with a rivered flush and doubling up off ImCheckin but nary a font about possible deals. annanoplay also changed chips positions, as he outraced Pass_72 with pocket jacks to the big slick of Pass_72 that could not find a pair on the board of [10D]-6♠-7♠-7♣-8♠ and the 8.9 million chip pot gave annanoplay the chip lead.

After some fairly quick "nh" and "ty" chatting throughout the final table, the chat box exploded about 30 minutes after the break as the hexagon of players got their minds together. After trying to smooth out their jagged edges into a circle of friendship they came to the below deal (leaving $20,000 to be played out for the champion):

Annanoplay $50,457.26
BullsdogsBrad $46,739.68
Mao2007 $45,539.21
ImCheckin $39,896.22
Feydrauter $39,867.63
Pass_72 $35,000.00

Feydrauter put it perfectly: "that's a lot of cash for a 15FPP buy in".

Indeed it is, enjoy the cash.

Feydrauter was responsible for knocking out the first player post-deal as Pass_72 tried to shove the small blind on Feydrauter's big blind with [10S]-5♠ and Feydrauter made the call with A♥-8♥. No aces, no fives, no tens, and only one spade on the 7♥-2♣-7♦-6♠-K♦ board and Pass_72 took home the $35,000.00 he received in the deal as the sixth place finisher.

Five hands later, the smile Feydrauter got from knocking out Pass_72 would fade quickly as he attempted a button raise of 600,000 and was met by a call by BulldogsBrad and a push by ImCheckin in the big blind with a stack that covered. Feydrauter took a gamble with K♥-J♥ and called as ImCheckin turned over A♦-Q♥ for a virtual race. The [10]-K♣-J♦ flop smacked both players as ImCheckin hit his broadway straight and FeyDrauter had top two pair but he was left with four outs to a boat. {7S] and A♥ on the turn and river did not improve Feydrauter's two pair and the 13.1 million chip pot went to ImCheckin. Feydrauter checked out in fifth place with the $39,867.63 he dealt for.

ImCheckin had a commanding 13 million chip lead over Mao2007 and the rest of the field, but over the course of several hands saw that lead diminish to dust. Mao2007 dealt the biggest blow in a 15.4 million chip pot as ImCheckin raised to 900,000 from the button to see Mao2007 re-raise to 2.4 million. Both players had similar stacks at this point, ImCheckin elected to shove with A♥--7♣ and Mao2007 made the call with big slick. Dominated and bleeding is no way to go through a tournament, and unfortunately for ImCheckin no suckout came down the 8♦-[10S]-A♦-4♥-K♣ board and the once mighty chip leader was left with a scant 1.2 million. Three hands later with blinds still at 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000 ImCheckin would choose A♠-5♠ as his Waterloo against annanoplay's pocket nines. The nines held up and ImCheckin signed off with the dealt $39,896.22 in fourth place.

Despite annanoplay and Mao2007 having similar 15 million chip stacks, BulldogsBrad was tenacious enough to hang around for several three-handed hands due to a double up with big slick against Mao2007's A♣-[10S]. But, the escalating blinds finally caught up to him, as he looked good to double up again against annanoplay. Blinds moving up to 175,000/350,000 ante 35,000, annanoplay shoved from the small blind into BulldogsBrad's big blind and got a call from the resistant-one. Pocket nines for the canine lover and A♠-7♥ for annanoplay. The ace and the seven would "get there" on the board of A♥-5♥-7♠-5♣-6♠ and BulldogsBrad would have to take the settlement money of $46,739.68 in third place.

A virtual dead heat as we started heads up play with blinds still at 175,000/350,000 ante 35,000:

Mao2007 (16,104,016 in chips)
annanoplay (17,510,984 in chips)

Much like the recently finished Sunday Warm-up, this heads-up battle would end quickly. After five hands of heads-up play annanoplay was up 17.8 million to Mao2007's 15.8 million as Mao2007 opened the pot for a min raise to 700,000. annanoplay would 3-bet to 2.145 million and get a call from Mao2007 to see the mono-suited flop of 8♥-9♥-6♥ which annanoplay led out for 3.4 million. Mao2007 responded with a quick "all-in" for his remaining 13.6 million. With middle set and this not being Omaha, annanoplay made the call with his pocket eights as Mao2007 saw the bad news as his top pair-good kicker was needing some kind of running nines, nine-six, or hearts for a split. The 4♦ on the turn locked up the tournament win and extra $20,000 for annanoplay as a king cruelly hit the river for Mao2007's useless two pair. Mao2007's chunk of the deal pie was $45,539.21 as he came up just a bit short to annanoplay's winning set of eights and $70,457.26 payday as this month's $1 Million Turbo Takedown champion!

February $1 Million Turbo Takedown
(* part of a six-way deal)
1. annanoplay *$70,457.26
2. Mao2007 *$45,539.21
3. BulldogsBrad *$46,739.68
4. ImCheckin *$39,896.22
5. Feydrauter *$39,867.63
6. Pass_72 *$35,000.00
7. RaineTech $15,000.00
8. xmrstyle $10,000.00
9. Schorsch15 $5,500.00

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Turbo Takedown