Turbo Takedown: Wire to wire spells victory and an Audi for ImDaNuts

turbo_takedown_thumb.jpgThe $1 Million Turbo Takedown went out of 2009 with a bang and some vrooom this evening. The field was relatively small having just 17,755 entries as compared to the 149,196 players in the just finished Guinness Book of World Records $1 tourney. But the good part was the buy-in was less than those record breakers had to pay! Just 3,000 FPPs attained thru the many satellites or earned via play got you a chance at the $60,000.00 first prize and the lovely Audi TT RS shown below. Even if you did not negotiate the minefield like the final nine shown in a few paragraphs, 5,000 players would take home at least $78.00 for their FPPs tonight.


New ride for tonight's champion

The newest class of the Team PokerStars pros won the unofficial last longer tonight. As Team PokerStars Pro Online Martha "marene" Gonzalez finished in 197th place good for $400.00 as the final table crept within reaching distance.

Down to two tables with blinds at 80K/160K ante 16K airdale05 ran into a big cooler one off the bubble after four-bet shoving magicmeni for for 4.1 million chips holding K♦A♥ figuring to be ahead it was very far from the truth as magicmeni snap called the push with pocket aces A♠A♦. Aside from a small scare as a king hit the flop, the board ran out 6♠ J♠ K♣ 7♣ 5♠ to ship the 8.8 million chip pot to magicmeni's pocket aces and eliminate airedale05 in 11th place.

Only two hands after the warnings of hand-for-hand play in effect came through the chat boxes the bubble was burst in quick fashion on the adjacent table where chip leader ImDaNuts reigned. With the same blinds as airedale05's elimination, Dolerho would lead out UTG for 345K and folded around two places over to ImDaNuts who would three-bet to 802,955. Dolerho made it known that he wasn't scared of the chip leader's bullying by pushing 4.2 million with K♥9♠. ImDaNuts simply let the pocket aces A♦A♠ do the talking after snap calling for the 8.8 million chip pot. K9o never barked loudly at the T♣ 3♠ 2♠ 2♦ Q♥ board as Dolerho went down meekly as the bubble boy in tenth place ($8,000.00) setting up the final table below:


(click on image for larger picture)

Seat 1: Uzinio (2609983 in chips)
Seat 2: crueleagle (4287269 in chips)
Seat 3: NeNe_MaD (1980433 in chips)
Seat 4: ImDaNuts (14849841 in chips)
Seat 5: happypick (2789491 in chips)
Seat 6: magicmeni (9031275 in chips)
Seat 7: Simonator (10782473 in chips)
Seat 8: magoo25at (4431180 in chips)
Seat 9: NRG52 (2503055 in chips)

ImDaNuts and Simonator started off with the big stacks this evening as the race for that Audi TT RS draws to its final nine players who are assured five figures this evening. A rocky start for the chip leader as the blinds led off at 90K/180K ante 18K as ImDaNuts would double up Uzinio and Crueleagle within two hands of each other but still retain nearly nine million in chips.

Eight hands after the crueleagle double up, the rich got richer as Simonator and magoo25at traded preflop raises until magoo25at's stack of 5.5 million reached the middle. Pocket queens for magoo25at looked good compared to the J♠A♦ of Simonator even after the 5♣ 3♠ 6♣ flop. But the A♠ hit the turn as magoo25at was down to two queens on the river to survive; instead the 2♦ dropped from the virtual sky and Simonator raked in the 11.4 million chip pot. magoo25at couldn't adjust his glasses enough for the turned ace but will clearly see the $10,000.00 in ninth place.

In the reversal of fortune category we find ImDaNuts who seemed little down on luck after giving two players double ups in the early going of the final table. But, times changed as ImDaNuts called a small push from NeNe_MaD who was down to 1.7 million chips and made a move from UTG. ImDaNuts would turn over A♥Q♦ as NeNe_MaD was rooting for little cards to supplement pocket treys 3♣3♦. The little cards hit the flop but there was also an ace which would hold up for ImDaNuts on the 2♠ 4♥ A♦ Q♠ J♠ board eliminating NeNe_MaD in eighth place ($12,500.00).

As the blinds rose to 125K/250K ante 25K the two chips leaders butted heads preflop for a massive 17.1 million chip pot. After the two traded two preflop raises, ImDaNuts' tournament was on the line holding pocket jacks J♠J♦ versus the pocket fours 4♠4♥ of Simonator. Both players would play two pair but only ImDaNuts' hand would count on the A♠ 5♥ 7♠ 7♦ 5♠ board as the power would shift across the felt to ImDaNuts.

With deep stacks the blinds would reach 150K/300K ante 30K until we would see our next elimination. Simonator who was reeling after giving up all those chips to ImDaNuts gained a few back at the expense of NRG52 who just couldn't find a hand to go with at the final table. After Simonator open raised enough from the button to put the blinds all-in holding just J♣7♣, it would be the short stacked NRG52 who would call with clubs as well. A♣6♣ looked to be good for a badly needed double up but the board said otherwise as the other three jacks in the deck made their presence known on the 6♠ J♠ J♦ Q♣ J♥ board giving Simonator quads and $15,000.00 to NRG52 for the seventh place finish.

Simonator would double up shortstacked happypick just two later in a race between the pocket nines of happypick and A♣J♣ of Simonator. happypick would haul down 5.6 million chips after the 2♥ Q♥ 4♣ 9♠ 5♦ board came out as six handed play continued on to the 175K/350K ante 35K level.

Shortly after another happypick double up (this time against ImDaNuts who could afford the loss while sitting on over 20 million in chips), Simonator was back mixing it up with the shortstacks preflop. This time it was Uzinio who came over the top of Simonator's UTG raise, shoving for 3.2 million. Pocket sixes 6♠6♣ for Simonator were plenty to make the call against Uzinio's K♠J♥ for a 7.2 million chip pot. Simonator would come out ahead in the race after the 4♣ T♣ A♥ 9♣ 9♥ board to connect with Uzinio's hand earning the sixth place finisher $17,500.00

Six hands later, happypicks string of double up against the two chip kings would come to a sudden end. The blinds stayed the same at 175K/350K ante 35K as ImDaNuts would raise to 798,855 from the cutoff as happypicks shoved from the button for 5.1 million holding Q♠A♠. Leaving over 13 million behind, ImDaNuts made the call with pocket treys 3♦3♣ and those mighty threes would march right thru the K♦ 6♦ 8♦ T♠ T♥ minefield and come out on the other side with 11 million more chips. happypicks despite the multiple double ups wasn't able to overcome the odds and left tonight with a wide smile hopefully in fifth place ($20,000.00).

Two hands later as the blinds held the same, crueleagle would find a not-so-cruel ending to the tournament. Instead of a massive suckout or some win-lose-win rollercoaster, the pocket fives 5♣5♥ of crueleagle just failed to soar past the A♠8♣ of magicmeni. With 9.7 million in the middle preflop, the race ended early as magicmeni would flop an ace and have it hold thru the A♣ 7♦ 3♣ 6♠ 3♥ board. crueleagle flew off with an extra $25,000.00 sitting in that PokerStars bankroll all for the low low price of just 3,000 FPPs after finishing in fourth place.

As the blinds rose to 225K/450K ante 45K, ImDaNuts and magicmeni were still very deep while Simonator slipped to only a little over 16 big blinds, there was a lot of button pushing by Simonator to try to stay ahead of the increasing blind pressure. For awhile it worked but as its known in NLHE, it only takes one mistake to be your last. For Simonator that mistake came after shoving K♠7♦ from the small blind into ImDaNuts in the big blind who couldn't find the call button quickly enough holding pocket rockets A♣A♦. Simonator would pair the seven, but no more on the 8♥ 7♥ 6♠ 2♥ Q♥ board and was finished in third place ($30,000.00).

Now on to the main event, the final two battling for the $60,000.00 first prize and that equally shinny Audi TT RS. Here's how our final two started out with blinds at 225K/450K ante 45K (but quickly moving to the final blind level of 250K/500K ante 50K):

Seat 4: ImDaNuts (34994402 in chips)
Seat 6: magicmeni (18270598 in chips)

After ImDaNuts opened up a 40 million to 12 million chip lead, comeback would enter in the form of pocket aces A♥A♠ for magicmeni. After allowing ImDaNuts to catch up on the flop of 9♦ 8♥ 2♠ and check calling a 1.5 million chip bet, the two would get their stacks in the middle on the 2♥ turn with ImDaNuts turning over T♣9♣ for top pair that just lost three outs. The two outer did not hit the 5♥ river and 25 million chips were shipped to magicmeni.

ImDaNuts would grind magicmeni down to a 38 million to 14 million deficit again as the two would shove preflop this time for a race. Suited J♦K♦ for magicmeni and pocket tens T♦T♥ for ImDaNuts for a 28 million chip pot and again magicmeni would come out the victor snagging trips on the K♥ 4♥ K♠ 7♣ 6♥ board and the big pot to take over the chip lead.

But, things would swing ImDaNuts' way in the biggest hand of the tournament. The blinds locked in at 205K/500K ante 50K the players would trade a few preflop bets until there was 9.6 million in the middle to see the coordinated 5♥6♥7♣ flop. magicmeni led out for 4.5 million as ImDaNuts came roaring over the top, shoving for 20 million chip total. magicmeni made the call to see A♠6♦ ahead of the open ended straight draw of ImDaNuts' 4♥A♣. But the 3♦ filled that draw on the turn as magicmeni was left with hoping for a four to chop it up. Missed by one pip, the 5♠ sent the massive 51 million chip pot to ImDaNuts, leaving magicmeni with just under two million chips.

magicmeni would double up on the very next hand but not twice as pocket fours 4♣4♥ for ImDaNuts held up over the J♣6♦ of magicmeni on K♥ 3♣ K♦ 5♠ T♠ board and ImDaNuts was seen driving away from the virtual felt in the new Audi TT RS with $60,000.00 in the trunk for the last 2009 Turbo Takedown victory!

magicmeni started out third in chips and was just two cards away from making that drive, but will need to settle for the $40,000.00 received as the runner-up.

Congratulations to all 5,000 players who cashed this evening, several of whom will be enjoying the extra bonuses for cashing in consecutive Turbo Takedowns. And to those who were lucky enough to best the Team PokerStars Pros and snag the $100 that was attached to them for relieving them of their chips.

December $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown Results (12-27-09)
1. ImDaNuts (orlando) $60,000.00 + Audi TT RS
2. magicmeni (St. Augustin) $40,000.00
3. Simonator (Lewisville) $30,000.00
4. crueleagle (Szeged) $25,000.00
5. happypick (warburg) $20,000.00
6. Uzinio (Kronach) $17,500.00
7. NRG52 (Sárospatak) $15,000.00
8. NeNe_MaD (madrid) $12,500.00
9. magoo25at (Irving) $10,000.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Turbo Takedown