vballbobbi: 100 FPPs enough for $100K

The lady who goes by the name vballbobbi should've been playing golf. The weather in Texas was great on that Sunday afternoon. There was only one earthly excuse for her to stay inside instead of hitting the links.

"I decided to stay home and play the tourney instead," the young grandmother admitted.

Here's the thing. She doesn't put much money online, and when she does, she plays small single table tournaments. With those, she earns Frequent Player Points. Her online balance has never been that much and she is okay with that. After all, one hundred of those FPPs got her into a satellite in which she won her seat to the 5,000 FPP Turbo Takedown. Golf, obviously, was going to have to wait.

Now, just because vballbobbi doesn't put a ton of money online doesn't mean she is clueless at the tables. She's been playing for several years.

"I am tournament coordinator for a small league in my home town," she said. "My husband and I go to Vegas a few times a year and I play in cash games there as well. I don't do too badly!"

She didn't do too badly in January's Turbo Takedown either. And by that, we mean, on the day she was supposed to get in 18 under the Texas sun, she turned 100 FPPs into $100,000.

pokerstars pix.jpg

"My family and friends are amazed that a 'freeroll' has a prize pool as large as the Takedown, and absolutely shocked that I outlasted over 8800 people," she told us. "It was definitely a combination of patience and my favorite poker phrase: 'well timed aggression.' Decent cards at the right times surely didn't hurt!"

Funny thing about winning all that money. As of this moment, vballbobbi couldn't afford to buy into a $5.50 SNG.

"I didn't leave any money online," she said without embarassment. "I wanted to ensure that I took advantage of this windfall. I will go back to my original strategy. I will put in an occasional small deposit and try to turn it into something."

For now, she is paying off some bills, setting aside some money for taxes, helping her inlaws with expenses, and helping her son with student loans.

"If there is enough left, I would love to play in the WSOP Main Event," she said. Then, after a second thought, she added. "Although if PokerStars wants to sponsor me, I would be a great poster girl!"

Either way, we hope to see you at the World Series, vballbobbi, if not before at another final table.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Turbo Takedown