vroom vroom: bigjbecker drives away with Porsche in May's $1 Million Turbo Takedown

tt-anniversary-thumb.jpg29,999 players in the $1 Million Turbo Takedown will go home tonight without a Porsche Cayman S. 29,999 players also will not go home with $40,000 in cash to put in a decent sound system into their new four-wheeled toy that can tear up the highway from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, which incidentally is the same amount of time it took me to bust out of a tournament tonight or my daughter to escape from her room again after being put to bed.

Yes, a packed house of 30,000 players brought their reduced buy-in of 2,000 Frequent Players Points (FPPs) to play in the 1-year anniversary edition of the $1 Million Turbo Takedown. Normally set at 5,000 FPPs both the buy-in was reduced while the cap on the participants was raised to allow even more players trade in a handful of FPPs for a shot at some big cash...

... and tonight a car

As mentioned above the winner walked drove away with a brand new Porsche Cayman S, the tenth one given away by PokerStars via FPPs. Just like Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri got his Porsche back in 2007 the winner tonight received the $40,000 in cash plus a brand new ride. One-third of the total field walked away with at least $35.00, and the final table will be fighting it out for these amounts below:

1. Porsche Cayman S + $40,000.00
2. $24,000.00
3. $20,000.00
4. $16,000.00
5. $12,000.00
6. $8,000.00
7. $6,020.00
8. $5,000.00
9. $4,000.00

Aegis877 got the ball rolling for the final table tonight with blinds at 150K/300K ante 30K after min-raising from the button got Judith_SF to push all-in with pocket fours 4♣4♦. Covering and sitting with pocket aces A♣A♠ Aegis877 made the easy call and watched the 2♦ 9♣ 6♥ T♥ Q♠ rain down a winner for those aces and set up the final table below:


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Seat 1: bigjbecker (8461710 in chips)
Seat 2: Luckyb555 (7855308 in chips)
Seat 3: pairsetboat (6435296 in chips)
Seat 4: tason1101 (6862180 in chips)
Seat 5: rageniv (11770647 in chips)
Seat 6: Aegis877 (8815359 in chips)
Seat 7: jabariwoki (7769166 in chips)
Seat 8: 1 REALDEAL 1 (20390125 in chips)
Seat 9: mas_da_masta (11640209 in chips)

1 REALDEAL 1 comes in tonight with a huge chip lead, nearly double the amounts of bigjbecker and rageniv. The blinds will start off at 175K/350K ante 35K and Luckyb555 was the first to make significant moves. On the second hand of the final table Luckyb555 would nearly trim nearly four million chips off tason1101 after 3-betting and pushing all-in off an all-heart flop of J♥ 3♥ 4♥ for a 7.6 million chip pot. Nine hands later Luckyb555 would get all those 8.4 million chips into the middle preflop against rageniv who covered by only 579K holding pocket kings K♠K♣. rageniv produced A♦Q♦ and the 9♣ 2♠ 6♥ 3♥ T♣ board failed to provide diamonds or an ace as Luckyb555 raked in the 17.4 million chip pot and rageniv was down to just over one big blind. Two hands later mas_da_masta would use pocket fours to show rageniv the door in the ninth place ($4,000.00) when the T♠2♠ could not find a flush on the Q♣ 3♠ 5♠ J♣ 7♣.

Four hands later pairsetboat got lined up in Luckyb555's sights after 3-betting Luckyb555's UTG raise for a 6.6 million chip stack. Luckyb555 made the call and covered with 9♦ A♦. pairsetboat did not have a pair but in this situation big slick A♣K♥ looked a lot better. The 4♥ 6♦ 5♦ flop loaded up some flush outs for Luckyb555, and on the 9♣ turn Luckyb555 got lucky and hit leaving pairsetboat with two outs. No black kings on the river and pairsetboat sailed away with $5,000.00 for eighth place.

The very next hand Luckyb555 was all-in AGAIN, this time against jabariwoki preflop while holding pocket jacks J♠J♥. jabariwoki turned over Q♣A♣ for the coin flip as 9♠T♥5♦ came down on the flop. The J♣ on the turn gave Luckyb555 a set leaving just the four kings left on the river. River K♦. A straight and 19.4 million chips for jabariwoki as Luckyb555's run was briefly stopped, but still held 15 million chips good for third place in the chip count.

YES! NO! YES! A run through the hold em' board can make you more jittery then a five year old on his third grande cappuccino. With the blinds at 225K/450K ante 45K tason1101's near four million chip stack needed to make a stand. Watch below the fun play out below after bigjbecker make the call of tason1101's push in the small blind:

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With the rivered set of tens bigjbecker picked up the 8.5 million chip pot and tason1101 will not be driving home that Porsche but received $6,020.00 in seventh place.

Another eight hands later, 1 REALDEAL 1 who started as the big chip leader got ground over to 6.4 million and made a move for the blinds from UTG+2 by shoving all-in with 7♠9♦. Awaiting in the big blind was similarly stacked Aegis877 who made the call with T♦A♠ leaving just 842K behind. The flop K♣ 2♥ Q♠ heavily favored Aegis877, and the 5♠ on the turn helped no one. But, the 9♠ river delivered yet another crushing blow to a favored hand tonight as 1 REALDEAL 1 collected the 13.3 million chip pot. The next hand jabariwoki would collect Aegis877's scraps as pocket aces A♦A♥ were more than enough to beat Aegis877's 9♠J♠ on the 7♥ 2♥ 6♦ 7♣ 6♠ board to send another car contender out of the dealership in sixth place ($8,000.00).

In a hand that may raise a few eyebrows, we'll let the video sort out the biggest pot to this point, 31.5 million chips between bigjbecker and mas_da_masta:

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The reoccurring theme continued, the rivered wheel straight for bigjbecker holding just 2♦5♥ snagged the huge pot and sent mas_da_masta off with a probable headache in fifth place ($12,000.00).

With the rising blinds to the final 250K/500K ante 50K level play got very fast, very quickly playing four-handed. Preflop play contained many hands there was a raise and folds around, or raise-shove-fold sequence. 1 REALDEAL 1's stack was worked back up to 21 million from the aggression, but eventually aggression gets called. Holding T♠K♠ after winning 4 out of the last 5 pots, 1REALDEAL 1 shoved again from the cutoff, but this time was called by jabariwoki in the big blinds with J♠A♠. Since the players were hogging the spades, only one made its way to the 4♣ 3♣ 6♦ Q♣ 5♠ board and the big starting chip leader was no more, out in fourth place ($16,000.00).

Eight hands later Luckyb555 pulled the handle on the slot machine one more time holding pocket sevens 7♣7♥ and 3-bet shoved 10.7 million chips on bigjbecker's small blind raise. bigjbecker had a decent A♣T♥ and made the call covering by 18 million. The 2♦ J♥ 6♥ flop helped no one and kept Luckyb555 in the lead. But, the A♠ hit the turn leaving Luckyb555 to root for a jackpot triple seven on the river, instead the final reel came up a lemon. 3♦ on the river and Luckyb555 had $20,000.00 for the third place finish as we headed into the biggest prize differential of the tournament.

First place receives $40,000 plus the frequently mentioned Porsche Cayman S.

Second place will get to smell the fumes from the exhaust, but will still be $24,000.00 richer.

Here's how the two finalists stacked up to start heads up play:

bigjbecker (40018222 in chips)
jabariwoki (49981778 in chips)

jabariwoki would enjoy a near 10 million chip lead but that would quickly change as GoldStar bigjbecker carved out a couple of 14 million chip pots including getting a flopped boat with pocket eights 8♦8♠ paid off on a million chip turn bet and five million chip river bet to haul in 14.6 million chips.

jabariwoki wasn't done by a long shot, getting near the ten hour mark of the tournament and fighting back to nearly even after taking 27.1 million chip pot when an all-in bet on a flop of 5♣ Q♦ J♦ was not called by bigjbecker. At the break the players merely switched chip positions from when they started:

bigjbecker (49818222 in chips)
jabariwoki (40181778 in chips)

The two would spar again for nearly 15 minutes with bigjbecker getting enough jabs to knockdown jabariwoki into a 3:1 deficit leading up to this big finish. Watch the video below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Flopped quad kings for bigjbecker and the Porsche Cayman S will be primed for delivery as jabariwoki could do nothing after drawing dead on the flop but will walk away tonight turning 2,000 FPPs into $24,000.00 cash as the runner-up.

bigjbecker picked the right month to win the $1 Million Turbo Takedown as $40,000.00 in cash along with the title to a brand new Porsche Cayman S will be signed over for defeating 29,999 players tonight!

May 2009 $1 Million Turbo Takedown (05-31-09)

1. bigjbecker (Barbourville) $40,000.00 + Porsche Cayman S
2. jabariwoki (Guimaraes) $24,000.00
3. Luckyb555 (Győr) $20,000.00
4. 1 REALDEAL 1 (UKPB poker forum) $16,000.00
5. mas_da_masta (Diamond Bar) $12,000.00
6. Aegis877 (Englishtown) $8,000.00
7. tason1101 (fort collins) $6,020.00
8. pairsetboat (singapore) $5,000.00
9. rageniv (Roma) $4,000.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Turbo Takedown