Turbo Takedown: BigFlopper01 hits flops and pulls off big win

turbo_takedown_thumb.jpgWant to roll like a ballah but have a bankroll that more fitting for a used tricycle? PokerStars is here to help in two different ways. One, for the past month we have been running qualifiers (freerolls, $1.10, and $11 buy-ins) for the chance to win a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. Each week ending with a $100,000 weekly final in which the top 2,000 players get a seat into the grand final to be played on October 3rd where one lucky player will roll away with that fine automobile.

The other way you can get a pimpin' ride? Each month PokerStars and the Team PokerStars pros put up a little piece of themselves for just 3,000 Frequent Players Points (FPPs). The $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown is a freeroll that can only be entered with FPPs as the buy-in and first prize is the sleek Audi TT and $60,000.00 just in case you need to buy gas or some music for the ride. The pros put up a bounty off $100.00 each should someone be lucky enough to knock that Team PokerStars pro patch right off the table.

Alvaro "VARICO" Blanco, Pete De Korver, Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, Christian "el grillo" de Leon, Veronica "Princesa" Dabul , Martha "marene" Herrera, were a few of the PokerStars pros that gave up their bounty before the 5,000 players who got paid this evening. Mathew "chipstar1" Didlick ($78.00, 4701st place), Christophe "chrisdm" De Meulder ($81.15, 4459th place), Thierry van den "BOKPOWER" Berg ($95.00, 3045th place), Joep "Pappe_Ruk" Van Den Bijgaart ($170.00, 877th place), Chrien80 ($180.00, 734th place), Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý ($300.00, 267th place), Alexey "elmagopr" Makarov ($2,000.00, 30th place) all managed to weave through enough of the 13,864 player field to take a little money back from their bounties.

After 13,854 players lost their chips we were five-handed on two tables with blinds at 70K/140K ante 14K as both tables managed to have an all-in at the same time. tuffa1 shoved from UTG for 4.3 million and was called in the big blind by brainwash for 700K less holding K♠A♦. tuffa1 flipped up Q♦K♦ for the dominated hand and brainwash was looking great for a double-up to 7.6 million. But, a cruel queen was on the door as the board failed to re-suck for brainwash as the spiraled avatar left the tournament in tenth place ($8,000.00). The other all-in had taylor44770 in for less than brainwash, but taylor44770 would survive also holding big slick against a dominated hand and took down the 5.3 million chip pot against vzgo, earning a seat at the final table below:


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Seat 1: taylor44770 (5392044 in chips)
Seat 2: LochemLand (2493532 in chips)
Seat 3: Sonderskönig (4865507 in chips)
Seat 4: juandadi (6946484 in chips)
Seat 5: JFKme (4462016 in chips)
Seat 6: DESS66 (4015433 in chips)
Seat 7: tuffa1 (8223369 in chips)
Seat 8: vzgo (1260782 in chips)
Seat 9: BigFlopper01 (3932833 in chips)

Pepto Bismol is needed after the river

No one took leave during the 80K/160K ante 16K chip level but as we moved on to the 90K/180K ante 18K level there was action between vzgo and JFKme. JFKme would start the hand with a raise to 475K as vzgo on the shortstack in the big blind decided to push for 1.3 million. JFKme started out with 4.5 million and made the call holding pocket eights 8♥8♣ as vzgo turned over Q♣A♠ for the coinflip. A eight would flop J♥ T♥ 8♦ putting JFKme firmly in front only having to dodge a king. Turn card: K♥ which gave vzgo the broadway straight, as vzgo now had to dodge the board pairing. And vzgo failed to do just that as a second king fell K♦ giving the table an upset stomach and vzgo ninth place money ($10,000.00).

Back-to-back for JFKme

On the very next hand LochemLand would open shove from UTG for 1.6 million as the table folded around to JFKme who quickly called holding big slick K♥A♠. This time there was no such excitement as the players did not need to worry about a soul-crushing river as LochemLand's Q♣A♥ came in dominated and left dominated after two kings hit the T♠ 6♠ K♠ K♦ 8♣ board and sent LochemLand back home with eighth place money ($12,500.00).

Silence broken by DESS66

While the chat box was only filled with the occasional "nh" and "gg" seven players made it thru the 100K/200K ante 20K and 125K/250K ante 25K levels without a loss, but as they started the 150K/300K ante 30K level we would lose at least one. JFKme would lose some of those chips acquired from knocking out both LochemLand and vzgo. Down to 3.05 million, JFKme shoved over the top of a limping DESS66 holding pocket deuces 2♣2♠ as DESS66 would make the call holding six million chips and a suited A♥Q♥. The ducks would avoid the flop 6♣ T♥ 7♠ but not the turned ace A♦ as DESS66's turned pair would hold thru the 9♠ river. The former hunter became the hunted as JFKme finished in seventh place ($15,000.00).

Not king for a day

In some three-way action BigFlopper01, Sonderskönig, and juandadi get mixed up as the blinds stayed at 150K/300K ante 30K and one player would be asked to leave the tournament table. Watch below as the hand plays out:

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BigFlopper01 would abandon his preflop min-raise as both Sonderskönig and juandadi both shoved behind with juandadi covering Sonderskönig's bet. juandadi flipped up Q♣A♥ which was slightly ahead of Sonderskönig's K♣T♣ for the 5.4 million chip pot. Sonderskönig would flop a flush draw 9♣ 8♥ 8♣ but failed to find a club, a ten, or a king on the 2♥ or 5♦ river shipping sixth place money his way ($17,500.00).

Tuff night

tuffa1 would start off with a min raise from the button as the blinds moved up to 200K/400K ante 40K, but BigFlopper1 in the small blind was not giving up easily and shoved for 12.5 million. The bet well-covered tuffa1's 3.8 million stack as tuffa1 thought it through and felt the 7♣A♦ sitting in his hand was superior and made the call. No drama here either as BigFlopper01 turned over 9♦A♥ for two pips higher which was bolstered by the ace and nine on the flop 8♦ A♣ 9♣. After the turned K♥ failed to produce a straight or flush draw the 9.8 million chips were post marked for BigFlopper01 sending tuffa1 home in fifth place ($20,000.00).

Big Flopper continues to live up to the name

taylor44770 got blinded down to just 1.1 million as juandadi and BigFlopper01 took the majority of the four handed hands with preflop raises. The blinds still at 200K/400K ante 40K BigFlopper01 opened for 1.6 million in the small blind forcing taylor44770 to call in the big blind for 720,423. Holding pocket fives 5♠5♣ had a fighting chance to double-up against BigFlopper01's Q♦J♦. But, as the name implies, BigFlopper01 would hit another flop connecting with a pair of jacks and turning two pair J♥ 2♥ A♠ Q♣ 4♦ to knock out taylor44770 in fourth place ($25,000.00).

Chop talks end quickly

The players had the moderator stop the tournament clocks for what was a quick discussion of supply and demand. BigFlopper01 had the biggest supply, but juandadi demanded too much for his much smaller chip supply as BigFlopper01 scoffed at the idea of giving up several thousand dollars as the cards were back in the air.

You are not my dadi

As three handed play lasted several orbits, as the blinds moved up to 225K/450K ante 45K juandadi was knocked down to 4.7 million chips and was facing a shove by BigFlopper01 while in the big blind holding 7♥K♥. Electing to gamble, juandadi made the call as BigFlopper01 did have a better hand T♥A♥ and despite having live cards, any heart draw was taken away. No matter since the cold, heartless 2♠ 8♣ A♣ T♠ 2♣ came out as BigFlopper01 once again flopped a pair and it held to ship third place money ($30,000.00) but no car to juandadi.

Only Canadians allowed

Quebec's DESS66 would start out holding 8.1 million chips far behind Vancouver's BigFlopper01's 33.4 million chips. But, certainly was not about to lay down as four hands into heads-up play DESS66 would sneak pocket eights 8♣8♠ past the 4♦A♥ of BigFlopper01 after an ace flopped but and eight turned to give DESS66 a 16.7 million chip pot.

Shortly after DESS66 went on a little run, winning five hands in a row and took the chip lead up to 28.7 million against 12.8 million for BigFlopper01. DESS66 would continue to pull away from BigFlopper01 getting the lead up to 31.8 million to 9.7 million as the lead crumbled quickly. First, BigFlopper01 got pocket eights to hold up versus A♠7♦ for a 19.4 million chip pot. Then after taking down the blinds, the hand of the tournament happened, watch it play out below:

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After a min-raise and call preflop with the blinds capped at 250K/500K ante 50K both players saw the Q♥ T♥ 8♠ flop as DESS66 led out for 1.44 million. BigFlopper01 came back with a lot of sixes, raising to 6,666,666. But, DESS66 was not done three-betting all-in as BigFlopper01 snap called with pocket aces A♦A♠. DESS66 was behind but not by much holding straight and flush draws J♥7♥. The 5♣ was not red nor a nine, neither was the T♠ river which gave BigFlopper the 39.4 million chip pot leaving DESS66 with just 2.1 million. The very next hand those 2.1 million chps went in as DESS66 held T♦7♠ and BigFlopper01 made the call with J♣T♥. A seven would flop, but a straight would turn for BigFlopper01 to take down the final 4.3 million chip pot and this month's $1 million Turbo Takedown!

August $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown Results (08-29-10)
1. BigFlopper01 (vancouver) $60,000.00 plus Audi TT
2. DESS66 (Québec) $40,000.00
3. juandadi (arlington) $30,000.00
4. taylor44770 (pensacola) $25,000.00
5. tuffa1 (Helsinki) $20,000.00
6. Sonderskönig (Las Vegas / Wörthsee) $17,500.00
7. JFKme (Dubai) $15,000.00
8. LochemLand (Enschede) $12,500.00
9. vzgo (Springfield) $10,000.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Turbo Takedown