Turbo Takedown: Jroszkow takes the keys to the car and $46K with win

turbo_takedown_thumb.jpgIf you have PokerStars on your Twitter feed, then you know that PokerStars sends out tweet contests regularly and by answering correctly can earn you some free FPPs. If you are not following PokerStars and PokerStarsBlog, we suggest getting with the program and take advantage of information and contests flowing thru there. Today's trivia question for FPPs on Twitter was: "How many players will start tonight's $1Million Turbo Takedown?".

Answer: 18,485

And tonight 5,000 of those players who paid the 3,000 FPPs to enter will grab a piece of the mentioned $1 million prize pool. The majority of the prizes will be waiting for our final nine at the final table as $60,000.00 plus the Audi TT is set aside for the person who stands tall after defeating this massive field.

Down to the final two tables, HarryO44 was left with just 463,979 chips with blinds at 100K/200K ante 20K and after a five minute break shoved those chips in the middle getting Munken_28, equinespy, and tmb_bluevar to call. 4♣ Q♠ 4♦ A♥ 6♦ was laid out and checked all the way down as tmb_bulevar showed pocket sevens 7♠7♥, equinespy and HarryO44 were forced to muck before the winning hand 7♣A♠ of Munken_28 was turned over. HarryO44 earned the bubble boy title but took away $8,000.00 for tenth place setting up the final table below:


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Seat 1: DareYou2Call (6623656 in chips)
Seat 2: Econ Adager (8819199 in chips)
Seat 3: equinespy (8183380 in chips)
Seat 4: Jroszkow (11603192 in chips)
Seat 5: Munken_28 (7468391 in chips)
Seat 6: Poker Drum (1499760 in chips)
Seat 7: analena85 (5215463 in chips)
Seat 8: tmb_bulevar (1484273 in chips)
Seat 9: pokerfun4321 (4557686 in chips)

Two hands into the final table, short-stacked Poker Drum wasted no time trying to find a double up. After open shoving from the cutoff for 1.3 million, Poker Drum watched pokerfun4321 in the big blind make the call creating a 2.9 million chip pot. T♠K♠ for pokerfun4321 and pocket fives 5♠5♣ for Poker Drum. Two spades on the 6♠ J♠ 7♦ opened up a plethora of outs for pokerfun4321 and one of those hit the turn 7♠ and the river 8♣ stayed five free. Poker Drum was beaten but will play on to the tune of $10,000.00 earned in ninth place.

As the blinds rose to 125K/250K ante 25K, pokerfun4321 was on the flip side of the coin finding himself all-in against big stacked Econ Adager for a 6.9 million chip pot. After pokerfun4321 pushed 6♥A♥ all-in from the button, Econ Adager made the call in the big blind holding Q♦A♠. The other two aces would hit the A♦ 5♣ T♠ 3♦ A♣ board but Econ Adager's queen kicker still played and pokerfun4321's chips were 4-3-2-1-gone in eighth place ($12,500.00). pokerfun4321 just last week took third in the Sunday Mixed Hold Em' tourney for $1,000.

Three hands later another short-stack made an attempt to rise from the basement. tmb_bulevar shoved all-in preflop for 1.4 from UTG+1 as it folded around to Jroszkow who would min raise to dissuade Munken_28 from calling. It did as Jroszkow turned over pocket kings K♣K♥ to tmb_bulevar's 8♥J♥. The cold, heartless A♣ 2♣ 6♠ A♠ 5♣ board rolled out to Jroszkow's favor as tmb_bulevar would not be driving away in that Audi TT tonight, finishing in seventh place ($15,000.00).

Much like the rather nasty beat that set up the just finished Sunday Warm-up, watch Munken_28 and equinespy tangle for a tournament changing 17.9 million chip pot below:

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After the 9♣ 4♣ 5♦ flop both players would get their considerable sized stacks into the middle. Munken_28 holding K♣T♣ for two overcards and the flush draw while equinespy had the pocket rockets A♠A♣. The T♥ on the turn opened up even more outs for Munken_28 and the 8♣ got the underdog there as Munken_28 raked in the big pot and equinespy got a nasty bad beat story in sixth place ($17,500.00). Add this to the $141K equinespy won at the 2009 WCOOP Event # 26 and equinespy could buy his own Audi TT.

The very next hand we had ANOTHER all-in pre-flop. This time analena85 and DareYou2Call knotted up to create a 8.8 million chip pot. With the blinds still at 125K/250K ante 25K, analena85 made a raise to 750K and DareYou2Call shoved all in for 5.8 million. Just like the name says "dare you to call" as analena85 took that literally and made the call holding big slick K♥A♦, which was a big favorite against the suited 9♥A♥ of DareYou2Call. analena85 would hit an unnecessary full boat on the K♣ Q♠ A♠ K♠ J♣ board leaving DareYou2Call to consider a name change after busting out in fifth place ($20,000.00). DareYou2Call has been hot lately, taking down the $215 NLHE Heads-up tourney for in February for a $14K score.

With the loss of DareYou2Call, faint pings of chop talks filtered through the chat box, and finally got loud enough to summon the moderator to the table. After Econ objected to the straight chip chop, Jroszkow and Munken_28 trimmed a little off their figures to reach the deal below:

$46,000.00 Jroszkow
$41,028.15 Munken_28
$35,169.11 Analena85
$32,802.74 Econ Adagar

All of the money was now locked up; the keys to the Audi TT were still up for grabs for tonight's champion. Econ Adager would be the first to take leave after the chop. With blinds at 175K/350K ante 35K and a shove over the top of Jroszkow's cutoff raise. Econ Adager watched Jroszkow call the shove, creating a 13.5 million chip pot, and turn over pocket queens Q♠Q♦ which looked much prettier than the A♠7♠ in his hand. 8♠ T♥ T♣ K♦ 9♦ was laid out as Econ Adager's supply side was down to zero earning $32,802.74 from the chop in fourth place.

Several hands later after the blinds bumped up to 200K/400K ante 40K the two big stacks would clash for a huge 42.9 million chip pot. Watch the carnage below:

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Again Munken_28 shoved after flopping a flush draw while up against a huge pocket pair. This time it was pocket kings K♦K♣ for Jroszkow and the nut flush draw holding 7♥A♥ for Munken_28 on the 2♥ T♣ 8♥ flop. The 5♠ was safe on the turn, as Munken_28's tournament life was on the line. Rivered 3♦ sealed up the largest pot of the tournament for Jroszkow as Munken_28 took away the chopped $41,028.15 in third place.

Because of that pot, Jroszkow held a huge 48.3 million to 7 million chip lead on analena85 going into heads-up play. But, analena85 wasn't conceding the car just yet and managed to stay even keel through several hands and finally caught a double-up with A♠Q♥ when Jroszkow called the all-in holding A♠T♠. A queen on the flop sealed it up thru the Q♣ 5♣ 3♦ 5♠ T♥ board and 9.9 million chips made their way to analena85.

analena85 had new life with the blinds at 200K/400K ante 40K and near 10 million in chips. However, that life would take a turn for the worse just three hands later. After Jroszkow min raised from the button, analena85 seized the opportunity to shove in with a decent A♥9♣ hand. Jroszkow holding T♦A♦ snap called and nailed the nut flush on the 9♦ 3♦ 6♦ flop sealing up the win...

... not so fast said the turn. The A♣ on the turn gave analena85 three outs to a boat, but the excitement was short lived as the Q♠ fell and analena85's well fought battle was at an end in second place ($35,169.11).

The keys to the Audi TT belonged to Jroszkow who also got $46,000.00 in gas money from the chop as this month's Turbo Takedown champion!

March $1 Million Turbo Takedown results (03-28-10)
(*denotes part of four-way chop)
1. Jroszkow (Valrico) *$46,000.00
2. analena85 (Karlsruhe) *$35,169.11
3. Munken_28 (höör) *$41,028.15
4. Econ Adager (Carmel ) *$32,802.74
5. DareYou2Call (brooklyn) $20,000.00
6. equinespy (Hirzel-Switzerland) $17,500.00
7. tmb_bulevar (Тамбов) $15,000.00
8. pokerfun4321 (Pittsburgh) $12,500.00
9. Poker Drum (Bad Grund) $10,000.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Turbo Takedown