Turbo Takedown winner tells his story

TT-thumb.jpgAs you hopefully know by now, the PokerStars Turbo Takedown runs the last Sunday of every month. Last month's winner, Jroszkow agreed to tell us his story

By Joe Roszkowsk

I am a 20 year old college student at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. I began playing poker a few years ago for fun, just messing around in play money sit and goes and playing with my family. I seemed to hold my own, and have always had a gift in mathematics, so in January 2009 following a lot of discussions with my father, my number one supporter, I decided to attempt a career playing poker.

The first few months was a very wild ride with lots of going broke and debating whether this was right for me or not. After a while all my hard work began to pay off as I was beginning to be a consistent winner. As I played more and more tournaments, the Million Dollar Turbo Takedown really caught my eye. Me and my friend, who also plays at PokerStars, have fantasized about how we could handle winning a tournament so large off of nothing but an FPP buyin!

I entered March's Turbo Takedown just as any other tournament and tried to focus and play my best A-game. I had a very bad start to that Sunday, busting out of a majority of tournaments very early. As it got later and later, I had made a deep run in the Turbo Takedown and was getting very excited about how this could possibly end up. All of a sudden, 18 people left, the prize money was a hair under my largest cash ever, and i was still doing well in chips. BAM! Just lust like that there was 15 people, now I had my largest win of my career to date.


Trying to hold back my excitement and exhaustion as the hours went on, things started to fly by. There were 12 people, 10 people, final table!! I was past ecstatic, here I am at the final table of the the biggest tournament I had played all day, staring at $60,000 and an Audi TT only 8 people away.

The final table moved quickly and we were soon down to four people remaining, with me as the chip leader. We all agreed to a deal and just like that I was just handed $46,000! I was speechless but knew that there was still a lot on the line. Within the next few minutes, I was involved in a huge hand with the only other person at the table who rivaled me in chips. We were all in on a flop with two hearts, I was holding KK and my opponent had two hearts with the Ace for the nut flush draw. As the turn and river were dealt, the suspense was almost unbearable. Both cards came blanks and I was now heads up with a 5 to 1 chip lead in the biggest tournament of my life!

The heads up match was relatively uneventful, except that on the last hand I realized, "oh my gosh I just won a new car!"

It is truly the most amazing accomplishment I have ever had, and I would like to thank PokerStars for putting on this great tournament. As I rely on poker for my bills and expenses, this win was truly a blessing.

I am planning on using the money to increase my poker bankroll and help to further my career aspirations. I am also paying off my car and putting a lot in savings for the future.

This win will shape my future in ways I had never imagined. When my friends heard that I had won a large tournament, everyone was excited for me yet no one knew the magnitude. People think, "Oh nice, congratulations how much was first place? $1,000? $2,000?" No one could even comprehend the amount of the win.

I threw a small party for my friends, got to take my family out to dinner, and my little brother to the mall. It is an amazing feeling and could not have been done alone. I would like to thank all of my supporters, mainly my father for supporting me and pushing me forward, my girlfriend for sticking with me and supporting me through the tough times of learning and losing, and my friends for helping me refine my game.

Most of all I would like to thank PokerStars for running such a great site and tournament that enabled me to win a small fortune through nothing but frequent player points.

Thank you all.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Turbo Takedown