WBCOOP: 2T!lt4Fold takes Event #4 for Germany

The PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker now has its first 288 qualifiers for Sunday's WBCOOP final, and among them is Germany's 2T!lt4Fold.

Thursday's Event #4 was a no-limit hold'em affair that awarded Main Event seats to the top 72 finishers and big-time prizes to the top 45.

The top 72 who players who earned seats featured longtime poker bloggers GRobman and ABVidale. Also among the Main Event qualifiers was last year's WBCOOP champion LParreira. Another final table player from last year, MrAckley, just qualified for his seat today as well.

Event #4 winner 2T!lt4Fold not only picked up a Main Event seat today, but also a ton of big prizes. His first place finish earned him three $215 tournament tickets, one $530 tournament ticket and a $11 tournament tickets. He and the other top 72 will not play Sunday for a PokerStars Caribbeann Adventure seat, an EPT seat, a few SCOOP seats (yes, we'll talk about SCOOP very soon...), and tons of other tournament tickets.

Here's a look at the final table.

1. 2T!lt4Fold (Germany) -- Sunday Majors Platinum Package
2. Virrr (Netherlands) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
3. swerte_nmn (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
4. deckcoll (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
5. Nickzortje (Netherlands) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
6. TheUKShark (United Kingdom) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
7. Littlemage (Hungary) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
8. XXPepper (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
9. PRO_rANDY (United Kingdom) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package

There are only two more qualifying events left to play before Sunday's Main Event.

December 19--8-Game Mix--17:00 ET
December 20--No Limit Hold'em--15:00 ET

Good luck on Friday.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WBCOOP