WBCOOP: DjFog86 mixes up win in Event #5

Could there have been a better-named winner in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker 8-game mixed event? When the players are bouncing from game to game, it's hard to image a mix-master like DjFog86 wasn't destined to win.

More than 450 players showed up for Event #5 to compete for a seat in Sunday's WBCOOP final and tons of big prizes. With just two events remaining for the world's top poker playing bloggers to nab their chance at the big prizes, the pressure to finish well was near its zenith.

The top 72 players contained some names with which we've already become familiar. Event #1 winner snowsharkpe finished in 51st place. Longtime poker blogger asphnxma made his second appearance in the top 72. Noted poker blogger o-hole-ne nabbed his seat as well.

Also among the top 72 was a name we're beginning to see quite a bit. MrAckley final tabled the WBCOOP final last year and had already won his seat this year. Regardless, he snagged yet another spot in the top 72. The accomplishment not only earned him a Step 2 ticket for his 39th place finish, but it also thinned the main event field by one seat. The final had a maximum of 432 available seats, but every time a blogger qualifies more than once, it reduces the field of main event players. With one preliminary event left, the final field has 311 qualified players. Seventy-two seats are available in Event #6 before all the qualifiers move on to Sunday's main event.

Here's how the top nine finished.

1. DjFog86 (United States) -- Sunday Majors Platinum Package
2. Naxer (Estonia) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
3. Anttinar (Finland) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
4. uabass (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
5. schmengie (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
6. j7gibson (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
7. Ischas (Germany) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
8. raunoo (Estonia) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
9. Muppinger (Germany) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package

Saturday marks the final opportunity the bloggers have to make it into Sunday's final. The 15:00 No-Limit Hold'em contest will award 72 seats and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. By evening we will know the final field for the main event and who will have a chance at the big-time prizes like A PCA package, EPT trips, and SCOOP seats.

Good luck to everybody in Event #6.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WBCOOP