WBCOOP: pgchips gets all the chips in Event #3

Bloggers love to gamble. Anybody who doubts that should spend five or ten minutes around them in Las Vegas (or, perhaps worse, when there are some spare limes that can be tossed into a trash can for large amounts of money). Anybody who still doubts it should've watched the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker Event #3.

The Pot-Limit Omaha 8/b event drew nearly 400 of the blogging world's gamblers. Seventy-two of them were guaranteed seats in this weekend's WBCOOP Main Event. There they will get a chance to play for some big prizes, not the least of which are a prize package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, a seat on the European Poker Tour, and main event tickets to SCOOP (you don't know what SCOOP is, eh? Well, you will soon enough).

The top 72 was littered with notable names from the poker blogging community, including Up4Poker, TheTrooper06, OhMyCaptain, TNSpaceman, micon, willythewise, heffmike, asphnxma, and once again Easycure.

One of the more interesting stories out of WBCOOP so far is the one playing out at the hands of gadzooks64. Out of three WBCOOP events, gadzooks64 has placed in the top 72 in every one. The blogger wrote this morning, "My goal was to win as many seats as I could to reduce the competition for the Final Event. So far I'm 3/3 baby! I won my seat the first time out. I managed to score a Step 2 ticket from next event. Last night I wanted a Step 3 or better." So how did that turn out? Gadzooks64 was among the final table players who earned a Sunday Majors gold package.

Top honors in the event went to pgchips who outlasted the field to win three $215 tournament tickets, one $530 tournament ticket and a $11 tournament ticket for first place. Here's how the final table looked.

1. pgchips (United Kingdom) -- Sunday Majors Platinum Package
2. SSRJazz (United States -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
3. cliffbarnes (Sweden) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
4. Tom Bayes (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
5. Kirkoriii (Bulgaria) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
6. Radoom (Poland) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
7. 1tripz1 (United Kingdom) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
8. luvrhino (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package
9. gadzooks64 (United States) -- Sunday Majors Gold Package

There are still three more chances for the bloggers to earn their seats in Sunday's final and there are still thousands of dollars in prelim event prizes left up for grabs. WBCOOP Event #4 kicks off at 14:00 ET Thursday.

Good luck to everybody still fighting for their seats.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WBCOOP