2010 WBCOOP: All Skillz

wbcoop2008_thn.jpgI'm not going to pretend to even begin to understand the life that our latest WBCOOP winner leads. The man known as skllzdatklls writes the blog theskillzdatklls that, unsurprisingly promises "The tales of a SSNL poker grinder mixed with touches real life drama."

He's been writing there for a couple of years now. I'll be honest, here. I was understanding everything just fine until I got to his recent training in pick-up artistry. The blogger has a bit of the James Van der Beek thing going on, and apparently his buddies--professional pick-up artists by the sounds of it--are taking full advantage. Frankly, that's as much as I gleaned before my wife started looked over my shoulder and asking, "Why are you looking at pictures of a bunch of hot girls in Vegas?"


All of that said, last night our hero was playing some $200NL when he realized he was doing pretty well in the third event of the 2010 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker. So, he started to focus and, in his words, "owned the entire tournament."

That was a tournament that featured 1,843 of the world's bloggers fighting it out for bragging rights and thousands of dollars in tickets to the Spring Championship of Online Poker.

WBCOOP continues tonight with another NLHE event. Good luck to all the bloggers in tonight's tournament.

And congrats to skllzdatklls for his big win, and apparent ability to score in Vegas.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WBCOOP