2010 WBCOOP: Devil's in the details, and the money

wbcoop2008_thn.jpgThere are writers among us at the PokerStars Blog who have a well-documented fear of a man who plays at the World Series of Poker. In fact, although we are loathe to admit it in a public forum, we actually believe this man might be the devil himself. We spend as much time as we can actively avoiding confrontations with the guy. It's become something for which we're considering therapy.

So, when we watched the end of the first event of the 2010 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker...well, we were more than a little put off by the winner's screen name.


We looked at it once, twice, and a third time.

"Devil's Bankroll."

Well, damn.

It's our job to seek out people like this and report on their success. But, we also have a long-running problem with...well, the devil.

With all of that said, we did our jobs and we are happy to report that the author of the winner's blog is not, in fact, the devil. It's this guy.


The 28-year-old man from central Florida writes the blog "A Slice of Poker History," a relatively young site that takes you on a tour through the man's live and online poker life over the past six months or so.

Last night, the blogger won a $1,050 entry to the Spring Championship of Online Poker after taking down the first WBCOOP freeroll of the week, a No-Limit Hold'em contest featuring 1,740 of the world's bloggers.

While his WBCOOP finish was a nice score, he has bigger plans. He told us today, "I plan on focusing a series of blogs in the near future on the need for an effective and easy to use system for backers to be connected with the masses of young and highly talented players. Essentially, the need to change the system to make it easy and secure to use for both sides of the deals."

So, keep an eye out for that. Our first winner will be looking for feedback from bankrolls of all sizes. Even the devil's size (which is still a matter of debate).

During last night's six-hour contest, the winner and countless other people were posting on Twitter about their experience. We're following along that way from our @PokerStarsBlog account and we suggest you do, too.

Tonight we'll watch the bloggers go after a Pot-Limit Omaha contest with tons more SCOOP money on the line. Good luck to everyone playing.

And congrats to DevlsBnkroll. We're really glad you're not the real devil.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WBCOOP