2010 WBCOOP gives credit where it's due

wbcoop2008_thn.jpgWhen the World Blogger Championship started in 2005, it was designed as a way to reward the people who spend their time writing about the game we all love.

A lot has changed since then.

Technology has given us new blogging platforms, new blogging styles, and yea verily, Twitter.

This year, WBCOOP awarded prizes for more than simply how the bloggers played in the events. It also recognized some of the best live-blogging and Twitter posts. Here are the winners.

Best Live Blog

Winner: Daleroxxu: $425 in SCOOP tickets

Runners-Up: RGC2005, BamBamCan, Conan776 : $33 in SCOOP tickets

Best Twitter Posts

Winner: the_cloud71: $425 in SCOOP tickets

Runners-up: ZomBParadox, MI_Turtle, cparsley: $33 in SCOOP Tickets

Congratulations to all the winners. We'll see you in the next World Blogger Championship of Online Poker.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WBCOOP