WBCOOP 2012: Red Bull to the blogger table!

WBCOOP logo.jpgPoker bloggers are an interesting sort. They come from all places, come in all shapes, and eschew any sort of mold. One thing is sure, though: if a poker blogger has gone to sleep, it wasn't willingly. Poker happens all the time, and writing about it is a practice in forced insomnia the likes of which only astronauts and speed addicts truly know. Bloggers fall somewhere along that sliding scale. For the next week or so, the bloggers' mettle will be tested in a way a PokerStars championship can.

This week, the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker kicked off with thousands of dollars in prizes on the line. They'll go to the people who not only put their blood, sweat, and tears into the practice of writing about the game we all love.

Hundreds upon hundreds of bloggers from around the world wrote their best 500 words on what they would do if they won the $5,000 best blogger prize. Everyone who did now has a chance at winning some big money over the next week and half.

The first three events played out yesterday. Now there will be several events a day until March 4 and the $5,000 WBCOOP freeroll.

Our advice: if you know a blogger, be a friend and get him or her some coffee, Red Bull, or other suitable stimulant. It's a blogger's job to write about WBCOOP, and that will keep them busy enough. Now, they have to play three events per day, too. It's going to be a grind, but in the end, some of them might have enough sleep-deprivation experience to be astronauts.

Good luck to all the bloggers in the coming week!

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WBCOOP