WCOOP Event #10 Results

By WCOOP standards, Event #10 was a fast one. It took just more than six hours to thin the field from 635 to one. The triple shootout just moved lightning fast.

Of the final three players, two of them had parlayed $17 satellite wins into tens off thousands of dollars. Buckeye 119 turned $17 into $63,000. Jpapola turned $17 into $122,974.

A full final table report will be out on Wednesday. Until then here are your final table results.

WCOOP Event #10 Final Table Results

1. Acey-Deucey (McAllen, TX) $150,026
2. jpapola (Howell, NJ) $122,974
3. Buckeye 119 (Gahanna, OH) $63,000
4. pianolegs (New York, NY) $46,900
5. WhiteDrgn888 (Aliso Viejo, CA) United States $38,290
6. harthgosh (Vancouver, BC, Canada) $30,800
7. weways (Auburn, ME) United States $23,800
8. Empire2000 (Tenafly, NJ) United States $16,800
9. pstarfish (Mesa, AZ) $10,850

Click here for a full list of cash winners.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP