WCOOP Event #14 Results

Who says limit hold'em can't be exciting? WCOOP Event #14 was a $1000 buy-in limit event and it turned out to be one of the best poker matches of the entire online festival. It culiminated in a fantastic heads-up match between DietDrPoker and sambot. After a grueling back and forth match, DietDrPoker emerged victorious, winning nearly $140,000 and the coveted WCOOP bracelet.

A full report will be out on Sunday. Until then, here are your final table results.

WCOOP Event #14 Final Table Results

1. DietDrPoker (Anchorage, AK) $139,799.00
2. sambot (Paris, France) $129,799.00
3. imSMARTurDUM (Huntington Beach, CA) $63,112.00
4. Devin1 (Highland Lakes, NJ) $47,334.00
5. mcstuntz (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) $37,730.00
6. tibster (Vienna, VA) $30,870.00
7. Juice It Up (Fairfield, OH) $24,010.00
8. ram00 (Salt Lake City, UT) $17,150.00
9. jennicide (Wilmington, DE) $10,976.00

Click here for a full list of cash winners.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP