WCOOP Event #15 Results

Editor's note: A full WCOOP Event #15 Report will be out later on Monday

The fourth annual World Championship of Online Poker has crowned its champion. The 15 WCOOP events generated an amazing $12,783,900 in prize money, making the 2005 WCOOP not only the biggest ever online poker event, but the third biggest poker series (live or online) in all of 2005. In the championship event, the final three players chopped the remaining prize money, each earning more than half a million dollars. Then Panella86 walked away with the championship WCOOP bracelet.

Thank you to everyone who played in the events for making WCOOP the amazing series that it is.

WCOOP Event #15 Championship Results

1. Panella86 (Eddystone, PA) $577,342.00
2. Vendetta (Stockholm, Sweden) $573,735.00
3. tralala (Stockholm, Sweden) $540,877.00
4. PICKLED EGG (Las Vegas, NV) $242,775.00
5. aaaaaaaa (Saugus, MA) $197,955.00
6. JERRRY (Buffalo Grove, IL) $160,605.00
7. salas777 (Los Angeles CA) $123,255.00
8. lollylu (Boca Raton, FL) $85,905.00
9. Buster Love (Las Vegas, NV) $56,025.00

Click here for a list of all cash winners.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP