WCOOP Event #5 Results

From Dead Cats in want of mice, to a thousand deal negotiations, to rabid disconnects, to, indeed, poker, Event #5 was one for the record books. Lasting more than 15 hours and into the daylight hours in many parts of the world, the stories behind Event #5 need to be told.

But not right now. Everyone needs a little bit of sleep. Expect a full final table report sometime later on Friday.

In the meantime, here are the results from the final table.

WCOOP Event #5 Final Table Results

1. genoa_st (Emeryville, CA) $187,166.20
2. Maksflaks (Bergen, Norway) $115,422.18
3. n1stunnor (Humboldt, CA) $81,500.00
4. yoda777 (Berkshire, United Kingdom) $80,000.00
5. PokerSavage1 (Los Angeles, CA) $81,500.00
6. Dead Cat (Summerlin, NV) $38,524.40
7. Carlos_dk (N0rresundby, Denmark) $29,153.60
8. kamsa Madison (Heights, MI) $20,824.00
9. fidallio San (Francisco, CA)$13,535.60

Click here for a list of all cash winners.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP