WCOOP Event #8 Results

FPP qualifier takes WCOOP bracelet and $316,638

Talk about a parlay. I mean, seriously, who says you can't get something for nothing? No free lunch? How about $316,638 in free lunches. That will buy a lot of Wendys. Early this morning, VikingVII became the first Frequent Player Point qualifier to win a 2005 WCOOP event. He took down a monster $316,638 in the biggest WCOOP event so far. A full report on his exploits will be out later on Monday. Until then, here are the final table results.

WCOOP Event #8 Final Table Results

1. VikingVII (Petaluma, CA) $316,638.00
2. DJ16097(Delray Beach, CA) $223,519.00
3. ayaz (Houston, TX) $238,493.00
4. jerrod (Avon, CT) $112,770.00
5. Illuminee (Borlange, Sweden) $91,290.00
6. animalmother (Las Vegas, NV) $71,600.00
7. Dewana (Madison Heights, MI) $53,700.00
8. ElkY (Seoul, Korea) $37,232.00
9. bILiaRds (Tucson, AZ) $24,523.00

Click here for a full list of cash winners.
Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP