Andrew 'TheActionKid' Glogowski captures gold in Triple Shootout

23-year-old Andrew "TheActionKid" Glogowski is an online poker old-timer, despite his youth. Glogowski got his start in online poker almost five years ago, making six figures the first year and never looking back. Despite tournament scores in the $20-30K range, his victory in Event #27 of the World Championship of Online Poker was his biggest win to date. He plans to take the $76,545 he nabbed for taking down the No Limit Hold'em Triple Shootout and invest in more tournament buy-ins, working his was to a WSOP bracelet to match his WCOOP gold!

Glogowski got into online poker at 18, and joined PokerStars almost three years ago. One thing he enjoys about the poker lifestyle is the flexibility of travel, "you also get to see a lot of new places and meet a lot of people on trips which is awesome. I have gone to the WSOP in Vegas every year for the entire 6-7 weeks for the past two years, and went for about three weeks the year before when I was 21. I also try to play smaller tournament series at places like Canterbury Park in Minnesota and local casinos around Chicago."


Poker isn't Glogowski's only source of income, although some would say he's been a professional gambler no matter what the title. "Up until recently I was a securities and options trader at a firm near my house. I still dabble in the stock market with my own personal portfolio but nothing too major anymore." Now that's the type of gamble we expect from someone nicknamed The Action Kid! Recently he's become part owner of Elite Chicago Rentals, "a company here in Chicago that deals with short term corporate and vacation rentals for people traveling to the Chicagoland area."

Glogowski's poker education has taken a familiar route - after a childhood playing 5-card Draw around the kitchen table, he picked up Hold'em after seeing the WSOP on television. "I tried to surround myself with winning players and read as much as I could about poker to improve my game. To this day I am still constantly talking to other good players and discussing strategies and reviewing our hand histories together, etc... because you are a student your entire life when it comes to poker, always learning new things as the game is constantly changing."

With a good head on his shoulders and a new gold bracelet on his wrist, we expect more good things out of Andrew "TheActionKid" Glogowski in the future. Congrats, Andrew!

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