WCOOP: Mark 'weaktight' Gregorich brings home the bracelet in Event #21

With a successful poker career that spans more than a decade of live play and includes multiple WSOP final tables, it's no surprise that Mark "weaktight" Gregorich mirrors his live success on the virtual felt. Our World Championship of Online Poker Event #21 champion spared some time to chat with the PokerStars blog shortly after winning his bracelet in Stud Hi/Lo. The $42,745.78 top prize marked the biggest online cash for the successful player, teacher and author.

A former high school teacher who moved to Las Vegas to "give it a shot," Gregorich has been playing on PokerStars for about six years now, and names the Sunday tournament lineup on PokerStars as his favorite series of online tournaments, including the HORSE and Omaha Hi/Lo events.

Gregorich is renowned for his knowledge on Omaha Hi/Lo, having co-authored the Omaha Hi/Lo section in Super System 2 with Bobby Baldwin. He feels that his experience in Omaha Hi/Lo gives him an edge in the split pot games, a fact proven out by his performance in Event #21.

Patience was a key factor in his victory, as the structure of the tournament allowed him to sit back and wait for good hands. "I was pretty comfortable all the way to the final table; won a couple big pots in which I was rolled up or had a well-disguised hand and got a lot of action." At the final table he just picked his spots to play back at the aggressive chip leader and took over the table.

A popular poker writer, Gregorich attributes part of his success, and the success of the top online players to hard work and the wealth of knowledge that is available to players today. "The younger players definitely have one advantage in that they have spent a greater portion of their lives with newer technology, and I would speculate that that makes them better at multi-tasking online (effectively being able to play multiple games at once for example). However, players who have primarily just played live should be able to make the necessary adjustments too, so I don't think that tournament success should be dominated by the younger crowd. However, most of the younger players are the ones who are really taking advantage of all the available opportunities to learn and study the game, so if the results are skewed towards them, that is the main reason IMO - hard work gets rewarded."

Mark Gregorich has put in the years of hard work on his game, and his victory in one of the toughest poker games popularly spread - Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo - certainly proves his point that hard work will pay off in the long run. Congratulations to Mark "weaktight" Gregorich, Champion of Event #21!

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