Tim "Calvin32" Sullivan - family guy and WCOOP champ

A late-afternoon decision to play in Event #6 of the World Championship of Online Poker because "the Vikings were not going to be playing on TV until Monday night" worked out $452,086.50 to the good for 46-year-old Tim "Calvin32" Sullivan. The Sioux Falls construction company CFO bought into the WCOOP event on a lark and almost unregistered when his mom came over to visit just after he registered. Mom asked if she could watch him play "and ended up right behind me for every hand of the tournament."

Sullivan is a dedicated family man, and plans "some nice vacations" with his winnings, in addition to paying off college educations for his three kids (ages 25, 23 and 20). His wife Lisa is the epitome of a childhood sweetheart, as they met in kindergarten and married 26 years ago in college.

He learned poker playing around his grandmother's table, and got his love of games at a young age from his Uncle Francis, who taught him chess, cribbage and other card games. He passed that love of games along to his children, who all play poker. "My son Michael is actually a very good player (again - just recreationally) and has taught me a few things. My daughter was at my side during the final four hours and the boys were following online at the same time."

A self-taught recreational player, Sullivan has never read a poker book, and learned everything he knows about the game by playing, both live and online. Since he got onto PokerStars two years ago, he's played the Sunday Million a few times, but his largest cash before the WCOOP was in the $6k range. Sullivan plays live when he makes it out to Vegas, preferring limit poker for cash games, but No Limit Hold'em for tournaments.

With no big card rooms close to his home, Sullivan enjoys the convenience of playing at PokerStars, saying "I'm sort of a late night person, so after the day is done, I'll sit down and play without affecting my daily life too much."

Like so many players, Sullivan has a dream of one day playing the Main Event at the WSOP. "I've entered some satellites, but have never qualified. I'm hopeful to be able to take a seat next year with some of my winnings (or maybe there's a sponsor out there willing to invest in the poker world's next 46 year old phenom??? - lol) Otherwise, I've always been successful at playing poker, even now on the bigger stages - I'm just not sure how this will affect the amount of play that'll I'll be doing. I know this win has to be considered a fluke ... but it makes you think that maybe there could be some opportunity out there for me."

Sullivan he wasn't sure if he played against any "name" pros in the event, saying "This is going to sound really ignorant, but I wouldn't have known a pro from an amateur during the tourney. I'm really not aware of any anyone's screen names, etc. and so wouldn't know. I do know there was substantial chatter at times and I assumed it was because there were more known names, but I tried not to pay much attention to that."

A gentleman and a champion, Sullivan commented on his final opponent's play in the event - "I'd like to commend Solovka on his play. He was so dominant at the final table that he allowed me to just sit back and wait for the heads up battle. And that heads up battle was extremely hard fought. I was beginning to think it would never end. I really deep down knew that my call on the last hand was probably not a good play, but he was wearing my patience down. The only reason I did call is that I still would have had a 2 to 1 chip lead and I thought I was playing well enough to win."

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