WCOOP #15 Heads-Up NLHE live blog

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5:47am--It's over: Huxfluxen is the heads-up champion, pandaCHAN12 finished in 2nd place

Huxfluxen beat pandaCHAN12 at the final table of heads-up play in Event #14 to win $89,744.

pandaCHAN12 received $70,000 for second place.

Huxfluxen won $89,744 and the WCOOP bracelet for the win. Congratulations!

5:42am--Huxfluxen flushes for victory

Huxfluxen had a 3/1 chip lead prior to the last hand of the match. With blinds at 15K/30K, Huxfluxen raised to 92,160. pandaCHAN12 called. The flop came 6s-Td-5s and pandaCHAN12 checked. Huxfluxen bet 122,880, pandaCHAN12 raised to 368,000, and Huxfluxen pushed all-in on a draw. pandaCHAN12 called his remaining 1,594,096 with top pair, king kicker.
The Ts on the turn made Huxfluxen's flush, but also gave pandaCHAN12 a shot for a full house. The Ah, however, ended the match.

5:37am--Can Huxfluxen be stopped?

Momentum right now is clearly in Huxfluxen's corner. After the two players checked post-flop, Huxfluxen hit an inside straight on the turn. pandaCHAN12 happened to hit two pair as well. The only thing that probably saved pandaCHAN from losing all his chips was a third heart on the river. Instead, Huxfluxen took another big pot and has close to six million chips. pandaCHAN12 has about two million.

5:33am--The bluffing panda

pandaCHAN12 just got caught bluffing with 7c-8d on a 4d-Ad-5h-3h-Kh board. Huxfluxen called a 999,999 raise after the river with As-9c. Huxfluxen now has over five million chips while pandaCHAN12 has slightly under three million.

5:25am--Quick break for final two

Due to simple tournament timing, while still in the first level of heads-up play, the two are on a 5-minute break. When they return, they will play with the following chip counts:

pandaCHAN12 4,837,009
Huxfluxen 3,354,991

5:13am--And we have a deal!

Only a few hands after heads-up play began between the two finalists, both asked for a pause in the play to discuss a deal. Virtually even in chips, the two quickly agreed to each take $70,000 and play the tournament out for the remaining $19,744 and the WCOOP bracelet.

Play on...

5:06am--Heads-up in the heads-up tournament

The time has come for the final heads-up match of the heads-up WCOOP event. From the starting field of 2,048 players, there are two remaining to play for the win in Round 11. Their blinds are 10,240/20,480, and each player starts with 4,096,000 in chips.

Prizes at stake:

1st place: $104,448
2nd place: $55,296

PS Screen Shot 1.jpg

Best of luck to Huxfluxen and pandaCHAN12. Enter swinging and go for the knock-out.

5:05am--pandaCHAN12 heads to final, Benba finished third

pandaCHAN12 finished off Benba with three fours to book a spot in the final of Event #14.

Benba started the raising with Ad-10c and made it 60K. pandaCHAN12 bumped it to 188,888 with Qh-4h, and Benba called. Whether pandaCHAN12 was planning to bluff or not, it didn't matter when 4s-kh-4c came on the flop. PandaCHAN12 bet 277,548, and Benba pushed all-in for 1,121,368. pandaCHAN12 called, and Benba said it perfectly when he wrote "blah gg."

The 6h came on the turn and the Tc on the river. Benba finished third and settled for $33,792.

5:03am--Flip-flopping for the final spot

pandaCHAN12 and Benba are involved in a see-saw match for the last spot at the final table of this heads-up tournament. pandaCHAN12 is now in the lead after a big hand where he hit three sixes. He now holds an almost 3/1 chip lead.

Huxfluxen awaits the winner.

4:50am--Benba flushes better

Benba was trailing pandaCHAN12 until hitting the nut flush on the river. pandaCHAN12 had 9c-10c and Benba had Ac-7c. The pot was worth 3.1 million chips.

Benba raised to 40,000 pre-flop, and pandaCHAN12 called. The flop came Kh-6s-3c, and both players checked. The turn came Jc, and pandaCHEN12 bet 58,978. Benba called.
When the river came Qc, all the remaining chips went into the middle. A real cooler for pandaCHAN12, who was in control of the match throughout the match until that hand..

4:37am--Huxfluxen advances in 11 hands, iFiNishfish finishes in 4th place

It took just 11 hands for Huxfluxen to continue his dominance and advance to the final table of the tournament. The big hand came when iFiNishfish flopped a straight but Huxfluxen hit his full boat on the river.

iFiNishfish loved the 3h-4s-5s flop with 6d-7d in his hand. But Huxfluxen happened to have the 5h-5d. Close to four million chips went into the pot before the turn, which produced a seemingly harmless Kc. But when the Kd came on the river, Huxfluxen had a full house.

The match ended the very next hand when ifiNishfish put his remaining 112,640 in the pot pre-flop with pocket sevens. Huxfluxen again got the better of the board despite holding Jh-3h. The cards came 5d-Jd-Kc-4h-10h, giving Huxfluxen a pair of jacks for the win.

iFiNishfish received $33,792 for fourth place.

4:30am--The final four

The tenth round began with four players. No, your eyes do not deceive. The semi-finals are here with blinds at 5,120/10,240 and each player starting play with 2,048,000 in chips.

Players finishing in third or fourth place in this round will receive an impressive $33,792 for their WCOOP cashes. But even more impressive are the payouts for second and first place - $55,296 and $104,448, respectively.

The match-ups are as follows:

Table 1: Benba v. pandaCHAN12
Table 2: Huxfluxen v. iFiNishfish

4:29am--IFiNishfish advances, Lucarelli finishes in 5th place

IFiNishfish ended Lucarelli's run with this hand:

Lucarelli started the final hand with 322,240 chips. But it was IFiNishfish who hit the queen on the flop to win. The jack on the river proved moot for Lucarelli.

4:23am--Lucarelli doubles for chip lead

On the second hand upon returning from the break, iFINishfish continued his aggressive game by making an initial raise, but Lucarelli bumped it again. iFINishfish pushed all-in with Ac-8d, and Lucarelli called all-in with Ad-Td. The board came as Lucarelli hoped - blank - with 3c-3s-9h-7h-Kh, which gave Lucarelli new life as the chip leader in this match-up.

4:07am--Last table standing in Round 9 on 15-minute break

One pair of players remains in the current quarter-final round, and their chip counts are as follows:

iFINishfish 1,185,320
Lucarelli 862,680

When the two return from the break, they will be in Level 4 of this round with 12,800/25,600 blinds.

4:05am--pandaCHAN12 proves stronger, pokerjamers finishes in 6th place

pokerjamers talked tough, but pandaCHAN12 was tougher at the table. After a not-so-friendly chat early in the match, pandaCHAN12 was the one that advanced to the semis.

The final hand of their heads-up match saw pokerjamers get his remaining 606,864 chips into the pot pre-flop with pocket fours. pandaCHAN12 had As-Kd. The board came 3s-7c-5s-Ah-3c and pokerjamers was gone.

pandaCHAN12 advanced to the final four.

4:00am--Huxfluxen tames 7th-place sqmpork

sqmpork was forced to settle with a seventh place finish after Huxfluxen controlled their heads-up quarter-finals match. Huxfluxen held the lead most of the match and finally finished off sqmpork with a pair of kings.

sqmpork raised to 76,800 preflop with pocket jacks and Huxfluxen called with Kh-8d. The kc-6h-7c flop changed everything. sqmpork bet 76,800 and was called. The 4s came on the turn, Huxfluxen checked, sqmpork bet 179,200 and was rereaised all-in for his final 457,200 chips. He called and was eliminated when the 7h came on the river. His pocket jacks weren't enough to beat Huxfluxen's pair of kings

3:53am--WCOOP highlights

One of the great things about the 2008 WCOOP is the ability to go back and watch some of the final tables as they played out, with the benefit of in-depth analysis. Several of the WCOOP events that have taken place over the past week are already available for viewing on PokerStars.tv, and the most recent one - Event #12 Mixed Hold'em - can be found right here:

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 12 - $320 Mixed Hold'em on PokerStars.tv

3:41am--pokerjamers talking tough too

There has not been much chatter going on during these late, intense rounds of the heads-up tournament. But pokerjamers and pandaCHAN12 did have a brief exchange. It ended with pokerjamers saying "shut ur beak."

No love lost there obviously.

3:33am--Benba moves into semi-finals, evilly takes 8th place

With just over 500K left, evilly reraised pre-flop with the Ah-7c, only to be called -- and dominated -- by Benba's pocket sevens. The flop of 10h-8d-Jh didn't help evilly any, but the Qc on the turn did give him a gutshot straight draw. However, ti wasn't meant to be. The 3s ended this match, and Benba was the first to move on to the next round.

evilly received $16,896 for tonight's tournament finish.

3:30am--Trouble no longer for sqmpork

sqmpork was low on chips until doubling up with the Tc-Jc. Huxfluxen had Td-5d, and both players hit top pair. The 900K pot allowed sqmpork to erase Huxfluxen's chip advantage.

3:26am--evilly in a hole
Benba has taken control of his match with evilly by hitting three kings on a generous flop. evilly also caught a piece, and thus lost the 500K pot. Benba is sitting pretty right now with a 3/1 chip advantage.

3:25am--With nothing much to report...

We can let you know who's leading at each of the four tables.

Benba has more than a 2/1 lead over evilly.
pokerjamers has a reasonable lead over pandaCHAN12.
Lucarelli is just barely ahead of iFINishfish.
Huxfluxen is approaching 2/1 chip lead status over sqmpork.

3:10am--Let the quarter-finals begin!

Truthfully, this has progressed more quickly than expected. And we have arrived at Round 9 with our eight finalists in Event #15.

Each player began the round with blinds at 2,560/5,120. Players eliminated here will receive $16,896, but those moving on to the semi-finals will be guaranteed a minimum of $33,792.

The match-ups are as follows:

benba v. evilly
pandaCHAN12 v. pokerjamers
iFINishfish v. Lucarelli
Huxfluxen v. sqmpork

3:06am--iFINishfish did just that and sent donflun out in 9th place

To complete the round, iFINishfish forced the betting pre-flop in the first hand back from break. When it was done, donflun was all-in, and the board came Ts-3s-4s-3d-4d. iFINishfish showed Kc-4h for the full house, and donflun had Ac-Tc for two pair.

donflun was out in ninth with $5,529,60, and iFINishfish moved on to the quarter-final round.

3:04am--Huxluxen advances, SpaceyFCB finishes in 10th place

Right out of the break, SpaceyFCB put his remaining 228,704 chips in the middle pre-flop with Ac-5c. Huxfluxen was willing to play for that amount and a spot in the final eight with Qh-9h.

Huxfluxen liked the flop of Qd-Tc-8h. The turn gave SpaceyFCB some outs with a flush draw, but the Jh river gave Huxfluxen the straight and a spot in the final eight.

3:00am--Short break with two tables remaining in Round 8

A 5-minute break finds the final two tables as follows:

iFINishfish 819,280 v. donflun 204,720
Huxflusen 795,296 v. SpaceyFCB 228,704

2:52am--benba dominates, philter out in 11th place

Right from the start, Benba took control of his heads-up match with philter. Benba used the chip lead to his advantage, and philter was eventually forced to push all-in for his remaining 195,976 chips with Ad-2d. Benba had Ac-6d.

philter never had a chance when Ks-6c-3s-6h-Kh came on the board. Benba advanced to the final eight. philter finished in 11th place.

2:52am--iFINishfish doubles up

donflun had dominated Table 5 for the majority of the match, but iFINishfish finally doubled through him with pocket fours versus the pocket threes of donflun. iFINishfish took a substantial chip lead at that point, though donflun is doing everything possible to make a comeback.

2:35am--Lucarelli moves on, cpfactor moves out in 12th place

Lucarelli took charge of the Table 6 right away and continuously chipped away at cpfactor. Finally, Lucarelli came in for a raise to be called by cpfactor and see a flop of 4h-2d-Jc. cpfactor checked, Lucarelli bet 19,200, cpfactor raised to 51,200, and it continued until cpfactor pushed all-in. Lucarelli called and showed Ac-As, and cpfactor had Kh-Jd. The turn and river brought the 2c and 2s, and it was full house over full house.

Lucarelli moves on to the quarter-finals, and cpfactor receives $5,529.60 for his play.

2:32am--pandaCHAN12 shows what's up, eliminates DATZWUSSUP in 13th place

DATZWUSSUP built an early lead when he found pocket kings. But slowly, pandaCHAN12 chipped away. Soon enough, DATZWUSSUP was the one facing an almost 3/1 disadvantage.

So when DATZWUSSUP hit top pair on the flop, his remaining 295,002 was going in the middle. Problem was that pandaCHAN12 had top two pair with Jd-8d in his hand. DATZWUSSUP had Jc-3c.
With the board showing Js-4s-8h, DATZWUSSUP was pretty much done, and the 2s and 9d ended it.
pandaCHAN12 showed him exactly what's up - a spot in the final eight for pandaCHAN12.

2:26am--evilly heading straight to final eight, sw23 out in 14th place

evilly knocked out sw23 in the round of 16 when he hit a straight on the turn. sw23 had top pair with Jd-6h in his hand. With the flop showing Js-9h-5h, sw23 bet 7,680 and evilly called. When the ten came on the turn, the betting bonanza ensued. sw23 bet 15,360, evilly raised all-in and sw23 called. sw23 was done when evilly showed 7d-8s.

2:21am--lennart's second will have to wait, out in 15th place

lennart's second career WCOOP victory is not going to happen today, not with pokerjamers staring at him from across the table. pokerjamers just eliminated lennart in the round of 16 with this big hand.

Not a good river for lennart. pokerjamers surely like it though, as he moves on to the next round.

2:19am--sqmpork ends battle quickly to solidify spot in quarter-finals, troppa out in 16th place

sqmpork had a bit of a lead over troppa going into the hand, but not one that should have decided the match...unless each player had the hands they did.

troppa started by raising to 6,120, and sqmpork called to see the flop of 4s-Kc-7s. troppa began the betting with 7,566, but sqmpork check-raised to 23,040, which troppa called. The 2c on the turn brought more betting, and the 4c on the river did it. sqmpork bet out 145,920, and troppa raised all-in with 6h-4h for trip fours. But lo and behold, sqmpork turned over Kh-4h for the full house and the victory.

troppa was awarded $5,549.60, and sqmpork is guaranteed a minimum of $16,896 as he moves on to the quarter-final round.

2:15am--lennart digs early hole

lennart is in an early hole after pokerjamers won a 300K pot early in their match. pokerjamers forced lennart off his hand on the river with the board showing Ks-2c-Kh-5s-3h.

2:08am--DATZWASSUP liking the kings

DATZWUSSUP just took a big lead on pandaCHAN12 with pocket kings. That's a good hand to have early in heads-up play. DAWTZWUSSUP now has a 3/1 chip lead on his opponent.

2:01am--Sweet! Sixteen players head into Round 8

With Lucarelli's elimination of Break-Necks, Round 8 has begun. With 1,024,000 chips for each player, they begin the first level of the round with blinds at 1,280/2,560.

Eliminated players in this round will receive $5,529.60 for their play in this event, but those moving on will be guaranteed at least $16,896.00 - more than three times the current payout.

1:55am--One table left in Round 7

The last table remaining in this round is Table 11, where Lucarelli and Break-Necks are fighting it out for the last spot in the top 16. Lucarelli has a 2/1 chip lead over his opponent, but as we type, Break-Necks is attempting to work his way back to even. The two are now taking a 5-minute break and will resume shortly to determine the winner.

Some of those moving on to the next round, in addition to the eight mentioned earlier, are:


1:44am--cpfactor is a...factor

cpfactor just took out another player with a previous WCOOP cash in Ceballos231. With a huge chip disparity in favor of cpfactor, Ceballos321 raised pre-flop and was forced all-in on cpfactor's reraise with Ks-Js. Ceballos321 called with Jc-Qc. The board came 6s-Ah-8s-9c-Qs, with cpfactor winning with a flush.

Ceballos321 is forced to settle with a second WCOOP cash. This one was worth $3,686.40.

1:33am--troppa too good for jellycz

troppa emerged victorious in the battle of the cashers with jellycz. On the final hand, troppa had Ad-Kh and jellycz had Th-Qd.

Both players bet hard pre-flop, with troppa making the original 3,200 raise to 6,400. jellycs responded with a 16K reraise, and troppa followed with another 32K.

Both players checked after a flop of As-Qc-8c. When the turn brought the 6h, troppa pushed jellycz all-in for his remaining 155,027 chips. jellycz called and wasn't saved by the 5c river.

1:28am--Halfway to the next round

Eight of the sixteen tables have run their course, and we now know the names of half of the players who will continue on to Round 8. Their names are:


1:16am--Battle of WCOOP cashers

Over at Table 14, troppa and jellycz are fighting for a spot in the sweet 16. Neither player is a rookie, as both are experienced and proven.

Troppa already cashed in Event #6, a NLHE tournament. Troppa finished 500th to earn $1,103.

Jellycz is not to be oudone. He finished 166th in Event #12, a mixed hold 'em tournament. That score was worth $673.

This, however, is the biggest cash for either player so far in this year's WCOOP. The loser of their final 32 match pockets $3,686.40. The winner is guaranteed at least $5,529.60.

1:05am--lennart moves to final 16

lennart and his opponent were not far apart in chip counts. lennart had 267,481 and Craps4Dinner had 244,519 in chips. But when one player wakes up with jacks and the other with kings, cards and chips will fly. lennart's top pocket pair held up, and he moves to the next round. The deciding hand of the current round played out this way:

12:58am--sqmpork has time to rest

If sqmpork needs to eat, shower, shave, go to the bathroom, or go for a walk, now might be the time. After quickly disposing of Pokerkong1 in the round of 32, sqmpork now will likely have plenty of time before playing his next hand.

The decisive hand in sqmpork's match had Pokerkong1 holding pocket tens and sqmpork with Ac-Jd. The two players got all the money in pre-flop, with Pokerkong1 the shorter stack at that point with 86,229 chips.
The board came 4s-8c-5s, no help for sqmpork. Ditto on the turn of Qd. But the magic card came on the river with the Ad, giving sqmpork the win and plenty of time to fill.

12:48am--Final 32 off and playing, after a quick break

Round 7 has begun! With the elimination of FF_81 only moments after the last post here, the remaining 32 players were reseated and off to the races...with the exception of a quick 5-minute break dictated by the clock. When the returned, they got back to their chip stacks, which started at 256,000 per player, and blinds of 640/1,280.

Each player eliminated in this round of play will receive $3,686.40 for their survival skills to this point, but those moving on to Round 8 will be guaranteed a $5,529.60 payout.

12:44am--Last table running in Round 6

There are but two players left vying for one spot in the final 32. Misfit2005 is up against FF_81 at Table 5, and the betting is aggressive. The chip lead is changing hands, but for the most part, the two players are relatively even.

12:40am--bdubs3737's quiet exit

We mentioned bdubs3737 before and his whining. Well, as donflun knocked bdubs3737 out of the tournament with pocket sixes, bdubs3737 and his A7o were quiet. In fact, bdubs3737 had been conspicuously quiet ever since a railbird told him to stop complaining and play.

12:32am--lennart pushes forward

The 2002 WCOOP Limit Hold'em Heads-Up champion is moving to Round 7 with the final 32 players. He finally defeated DWare94 after having chipped away at the short stack slowly but surely. In the last hand of the match, lennart had only A-7 to DWare94's A-T, but a seven on the river gave lennart the win and the chance to play on.

12:25am--Kenny Rap on the losing end of quick turnaround

Last time we checked on Kenny Rap, he had a 3/1 advantage over Asul. But the lead didn't last long. Asul made a quick run to take the chip lead and then ended it with a full house.

The hand started with Asul raising pre-flop with 5s-6s and Kenny Rap calling with 3d-5d. The flop came 10s-4d-5c and both players checked. The 5h on the turn changed everything. Kenny Rap bet 6,400 and Asul called. The 6d filled out Asul's full house and left Kenny Rap vulnerable. Kenny Rap bet 14,400 and Asul raised all-in. Kenny Rap called 66,660 and the match was over.

Just like that, anyone's tournament can end.

12:18am--iecavniex leaves confused

Well, iecavniex can get some rest now. He's out after this strange hand against sqmpork:

iecavniex was confused by the hand, where sqmpork admitted he was preparing for a bluff until the "sick" river.

12:11am--Checking on Kenny Rap

Kenny Rap is another player who knows what WCOOP success tastes like. He already had a score of more than $9,000 with an 18th place finish in the NLHE Event #6.

He is doing well in this event as well. He has a 3/1 chip lead right now over his opponent Asul in the round of 64.

12:04am--Adjust your seat cushion and get comfortable

Grab a drink, maybe a bowl of popcorn, and prop up your feet. This is looking to be a long round. Only five players have been eliminated in Round 6 thus far, and we have to reduce the field to 32 before moving on. As the money jumps become more significant tonight, and as the starting chip stacks for each round get more substantial, this could take awhile.

Let's look at the payout list right now, shall we?

33rd-64th place: $1,843.20 (current round)
17th-32nd place: $3,686.40
9th-16th place: $5,529.60
5th-8th place: $16,896.00
3rd-4th place: $33,792.00
2nd place: $55,296.00
1st place: $104,448.00

11:51pm--Woodgoat goes quickly

Woodgoat was eliminated in the round of 64 after just 10 hands.

Woodgaot put his almost 100,000 in chips into the pot after the flop with a flush draw. AreTheseUtz had trip fives with two fives on the board. AreTheseUtz hit the full house on the turn and advanced to the next round. Woodgoat settled for $1,843.20.

11:48pm--iecavniex keeping busy

iecavniex played a lot of poker yesterday in the NLHE rebuy event and finished 40th. iecavniex is back today in the heads-up event and among the final 64 players.

sqmpork is iecavniex's opponent in the round of 64. Hopefully, iecavniex isn't too tired from the previous event, because there is a lot of money at stake here that increases with each match. iecavniex will add to the $2,301.00 he collected yesterday in WCOOP Event #13.

11:42pm--Break it up!

Just after getting back to the tables, players are on a 5-minute break. All 32 tables will play on, as no one has yet been eliminated in this round.

11:34pm--Just like that, it is Round 6

That was fast. philter won the last table of Round 5 to allow everyone remaining in the tournament to resume play. Round 6 has begun with 320/640 blinds. Each player has 128,000 in chips to start, and winning this round ensures a $3,686.40 cash. Even so, everyone no doubt has their eyes on the $104,448 first prize.

By all accounts, no one has been eliminated in the first few hands of Round 6.

11:32pm--One table remaining in Round 5

With the victory of EyeScreamMan over his opponent on Table 14, we have only one left playing.

In order to get to the next round, the last two players must determine who will move on with the crowd of 64. philter and mulinator are battling it out on Table 12 right now.

11:23pm--WCOOP champions from years past

In our midst in Round 5, we have had several WCOOP champions from past years' series.

copi was the 2007 Event #7 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo champion, and a resident Supernova here at PokerStars. He was just eliminated in 75th place but made $1,228.80 for this Round 5 finish.

Two players moving on to the next round of sixty-four will be austinlewis, the 2006 Event #6 NLHE Rebuys champion, and lennart, the 2002 WCOOP Limit Heads-Up champion. Could a past heads-up winner do it again?

And we have buck21, the 2007 Event #18 PLO champion, who is currently battling it out on Table 37 against Wodgoat for the opportunity to move on. buck21 has a slight lead over his opponent.

UPDATE: buck21 lost his match to Wodgoat and finished with a $1,228.80 cash in this event.

11:16pm--No Team PokerStars Pros left here

As we await the round of 64 to be determined, one thing is for certain - no Team PokerStars pros will be playing. With Daniel Negreanu's exit this round, play goes on without them. Barry Greenstein, ElkY, Vicky Coren, Hevad Khan, Andre Akkari and Victor Ramdin were among the Team PokerStars pros to be eliminated earlier in this tournament. It just goes to show how tough these WCOOP field have been.

However, there is one Team PokerStars Pro alive in an event going on right now. Event #16 PLO is in full swing, and Chris Moneymaker is reportedly right in the middle of the pack with about 100 players remaining. To check out the action (before racing back here to keep up with this event!), check out the Event #16 Live Blog.

11:02pm--Sweet sixteen

There are sixteen tables left running in Round 5, and that number is being reduced as we type.

Blinds are currently at 800/1,600 in the fourth level but rising a notch in a few minutes to 1,200/2,400. They go up every 15 minutes.

10:50pm--Negreanu out, lucky for just one hand

Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu was eliminated by MPK_ReaVer. For a moment, after this hand, Kid Poker had some luck.

The very next hand, however, KidPoker ran into pocket kings. With Ac-9d, KidPoker reraised all-in pre-flop. MPK_ReaVer made the easy call. The board ran Ts-Qh-2c-9h-4s, and Negreanu was out in 105th place and earned $1,228.80.

10:37pm--Players get a 5-minute break

Those still handling their business in Round 5 have come upon a five-minute break to get their bearings. Seventeen matches have been decided thus far, and the remainder will resume momentarily.

KidPoker watch: MPK_ReaVer is dominating with 117,000 in chips to the 11,000 of KidPoker.

10:33pm--MPK_ReaVer leaving Negreanu amazed

It's not going well for Daniel Negreanu on Table 35. As KidPoker enters the break against MPK_ReaVer, Negreanu has 11K in chips. MPK_ReaVer has 117K. How has this happened?

MPK_ReaVer has been the beneficiary of some key river cards. On one instance, KidPoker had AK vs. MPK_ReaVer's A5.When the ace came on the turn, KidPoker looked great. When a five came on the river to give MPK_ReaVer aces-up, it was another big loss for Negreanu.

On another big hand - a 32K pot - the board showed 9c-8d-9d-2c-6h. MPK_ReaVer showed 5c-7s for a made straight on the river. Again Negreanu was left almost speechless. The only word he's really been able to muster was "wow." What else can you say?

10:24pm--Kenny Rap's big call

Kenny Rap is in the final 64 after his pocket queens held off hestekjeften's 7c-8c. While 7c-8c doesn't seem like a real strong hand, it's pretty good when the board is showing 9c-9s-8d-Tc. That's where all the chips went in, right before the Ks river sent hestekjeften out of the tournament.

The action went like this: hestekjeften raised 502 to 822 pre-flop, Kenny Rap raised 1,738 to 2,560 and hestekjeften called. After the flop, Kenny Rap bet 3,200 and hestekjeften called. When the turn also gave hestekjeften a flush draw, he pushed all-in for 42,219. Kenny Rap called and won the hand when the river failed to fill out hestekeften.

10:21pm--KidPoker, world traveler

It seems that Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is a busy man, which is no surprise to those who read his blog or follow his tournament life. In Barcelona for the European Poker Tour, he not only played in the main event but hosted the first-ever EPT Awards. And, of course, he attended the EPT welcome party. Here's a little ditty that PokerStars.tv filmed, featuring the remaining PS pro left in Event #13 today:

Watch EPT Barcelona 2008 Welcome Party on PokerStars.tv

10:10pm--Quick sickness

Early in his match with MPK_ReaVer, Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu lost almost 20K. Negreanu had a queen in his hand with the board showing Qh-9c-5h-Qc. But the Jc river hurt. MPK_ReaVer showed Kc-Tc, good for a straight flush.

"sick beat nh," Negreanu wrote.

10:08pm--It only takes a minute

Within only minutes of the beginning of Round 5, Table 5 was finished. Tomif gsd eliminated Rompelukt with a quickness, and one table of sixty-four is down for the count.

10:05pm--Round 5 is off and running!

Nearly seven and a half hours into Event #15, the remaining 128 players entered Round 5. The last table of the previous round finally ended with donflun defeating lassemand, and the other 127 players moving on were able to take their seats at their new tables with their new opponents. They begin with blinds at 160/320, and players began with 64,000 in chips each.

Those eliminated in this round will be awarded $1,228,80, nearly four times the buy-in of the tournament, but those moving on will be guaranteed $1,843.20

For railbirds interested in watching a Team PokerStars Pro favorite, Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu is playing at Table 35 against MPK_ReaVer.

10:04pm--donflun last but not least

donflun moved on to the next round when lassemand raised all-in for his final 23,569 with 8c-9c. donflun called with Kc-6d. The board came Qc-3h-8s to put lassemand in charge. The Jh turn did nothing for either player, but the Kd river, however, propelled donflun into the final 128.

9:52pm--One left for final 128

donflun and lassemand are battling at Table 66 for the final spot in the next round of this tournament. donflun currently has close to a 2/1 chip lead.

The match is attracting plenty of attention as the remaining players wait. The chat is rather hectic right now. Surely, everyone is ready for the next round.

9:42pm--bdubs3737: the silent assasin

Facing a significant chip disadvantage (51,420/12,580) at the break, the railbirds' criticism didn't matter to bdubs3737. Within ten minutes, he came back to defeat Lindk25. The match ended with bdubs3737 pushing Lindk25 in for his remaining 21,440. bdubs3737 had pocket tens; Lindk25 had A-T. When no ace came, bdubs3737 was on to the next round, without any complaints.

9:35pm--JustJackDK doesn't need much time

Just moments after returning from the break, JustJackDK finished off adamoos. Facing a greater than 5/1 chip disadvantage, adamoos was willing to risk his remaining 9,560 chips with pocket sevens. JustJackDK was waiting to end the match with pocket eights, and he did.

JustJackDK is into the next round and guaranteed $1,228.80.

9:22pm--bdubs3737 not happy or quiet

bdubs3737 is in a hole against Lindk25. But he's still alive and unhappy. Bdubs3737 is doing a lot of whining about hands in the chat. One railbird even chimed in, "bdubs, please stop complaining and start playing."

Lindk25 didn't seem so certain that was a possibility. "lol," he commented. We'll see if the break can change things around for bdubs3733 - both on the table and with his chat.

9:20pm--Here's how they stand

Remaining player chip counts:

Table 14: adamoos 10,160 v. JustJackDK 53,840
Table 24: philter 36,360 v. Zalk 27,640
Table 34: chopra 38,760 v. supermario70 25,240
Table 46: johnnyvero 51,056 v. ROGEREL 12,944
Table 51: DWare94 52,392 v. rocha911 11,608
Table 66: donflun 40,440 v. lassemand 23,560
Table 67: bdubs3737 12,580 v. Lindk25 51,420
Table 89: RyPac13 35,022 v. Tonimonntana 28,978

9:18pm--A break for those still fighting it out in Round 4

Players remaining in Round 4 are taking a 15-minute break from their heads-up matches. Eight tables are still left to play for the rights to be guaranteed some money for their efforts and move on to the next round. Players will return from the break with blinds at 600/1,200 in the fifth level of play.

9:00pm-- Nine o' clock and all is well for 114 players

14 players yet to be determined for the next round, and the extra cash that goes along with making it to the round of 128, $1,228.80 to be exact. The blinds are still a manageable 400/800 for those everyone who started with 32,000 chips this round and Daniel Negreanu will be the lone Team PokerStars Pro moving on to the fifth round as Lee Nelson has busted.

8:54pm--Negreanu takes off the kid gloves

KidPoker just KO'ed his fourth-round opponent supameng.

With a 45,400 to 18,600 chip lead, Negreanu raised supameng's 800 big blind to 1,600 and supameng called. The flop brought Jd-Qd-9s and Negreanu opened for 1,600. This prompted an all-in shove of 17,000 by supameng. Negreanu called.

The hands were Qh-Ts for Negreanu, giving him top pair and an open-ended straight draw, while supameng was in bad shape with Js-8s. He would need a jack or running spades to survive.

The turn and river came 4d-Qc and Negreanu moved on to the fifth round, while supameng picked up $614.40 for making it to the round of 256.

8:45pm--Negreanu regains lead

Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu called down with second pair to take a hefty chip advantage over supameng:

8:33pm--Pocket change

Check under all of your cushions folks. You'll want to scrape together all the dimes and nickels you can for the $25,500 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em event taking place Sunday.

The tournament with a guarantee of $1.6 million already has a $1.85 million prize pool with 74 registered entrants. There is still room for more...

8:29pm--KidPoker in the hole

Supameng has managed to chip back up in mostly small pots to pull slightly ahead of Daniel Negreanu in their heads-up match. Who will get the next big tug?

8:26pm-- Three PokerStars tournament killers are still on the loose

Brainwash, who hit the now named Sunday Million (then $500,000 guarantee in 2005) for a first place prize of $159,965 is back again competing tonight and already assured in the money.

zangbezan24, well known for his exploits in the Sunday high stakes showdown. Here's a shot from the PokerStarsBlog on a second place finish.


(The Camel)

The Camel (shown above)- former Team Ukraine in captain in the 2006 PokerStars World Cup of Poker. Here he is awaiting more chips to be shipped at the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

8:09--Negreanu takes early lead in his match

As blinds start off at 80/160 with the players stacked with 32,000 in chips, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu is off to a nice start in the fourth round against supameng.

Just before the break, he raised to 320 perflop and supameng re-raised to 1,920. Negreanu called.

On the 6c-8h-4c flop, supameng opened for 4,160 and Negreanu raised the minimum -- 8,320 -- and supemeng called.

After the 4d hit the turn, supameng led out for 9,920 and Negreanu responded with an all-in raise to 18,640. Supameng folded and KidPoker was up 49,040 to 14,960 after the hand.

7:59pm--Off to the next round

We now begin round four. All players surviving here and continuing on to round five are guaranteed $1,228.80 for the day thanks to the 257th finisher, papadelpoker, who ran AQ into AK to get crippled and forced to shove into this hand:

7:55pm-- Now down to three, two, one table left and the bubble boy is about to be crowned

Technically as my writing partner pointed out, there are 256 bubble boys today, but right now one table remains as the blinds hit 400/800 and IFiNishfish just knocked out j-8ofsuite with a flopped set of nines. FF_81 and papadelpoker are facing off in the final table before the official money bubble bursts and everyone waiting starts up the round of 256 with fresh winnings in their back pockets.

7:42pm--More waiting

We're still waiting for about 10 more eliminations before the fourth round can begin. Among those who have left us in the third round include notables such as KrazyKanuck, Roothlus and AJunglen7.

7:35pm-- Small list of those moving into the money, about 20 more eliminations to the next table

bigegypt - Took out Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes in the second round
copi - 2007 WCOOP Event #8 champ (Omaha Hi/Lo), see the final table write up here

Along with Team PokerStars Pros Lee Nelson and Daniel Negreanu, the list is awaiting the final 20 or players for the money bubble to officially burst and start up the round of 256 which the players will receive at least $1,228.80 for winning the next table.

7:22pm--Battle of the big hands

Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu represented Team PokerStars well in round three, but needed some luck to win his match after this monster flop. Here is the hand that eliminated rseisawpn in the third round:

7:21pm-- Add Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson to the money list

Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson recented finished off his round of 512 opponent nbanker to be assured $614.40 this evening. Nelson managed to win 20 to 27 hands en route to this victory sealing hand when the money went in preflop:

7:10pm-- ElkY can't win the race

Our man Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier got the rest of his 9,980 stack with blinds at 100/200 all-in preflop against johnny1430, who held 5c-5d. The board ran out 9c-2c-Jh-2h-8s and the Team PokerStars Pro is out.

6:58--Chip counts at the break

Among the Team PokerStars pros still in the field as we go to break, it's Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu up 23,000 to 9,000 on rseisawpn and johnny1430 over ElkY "Betrand Grospellier 22,320 to 9,680.

Also Lee Nelson is currently leading nbanker 26,480 to 5,520 as we hold at 100/200 blinds.

6:57pm-- Dario out, 400 remain playing down to 256 for the money

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri got his money in good on the turn, but sometimes the river doesn't provide the safe landing for the chips. bigpman8 advances to the round of 256 after the perfect river card here:

6:43pm-- War of attrition

Two PokerStars pros are battling over small pots at their tables, but they are in very different situations.

Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu has a nice 27,500 to 4,500 lead over rseisawpn and is trying to take those last chips.

Meanwhile, Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier is in a big hole against johnny1430 3,000 to 29,000 and is trying to chip back into contention.

6:40pm-- zmeyer cools off the hot Team PokerStars Pro, Andre "aakkari" Akkari

Trips are a solid hand while playing hold em', even most so while playing heads up. But Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari ran his trip 5s into this buzzsaw and is out one table short of the money after this hand:

6:29pm--McEvoy can't win with two pair either

Tom McEvoy got coolered pretty bad in his heads up match with austinlewis. Not long after losing with the set of threes, McEvoy tangled with austinlewis in another big pot.

Starting the hand with blinds still at 40/80 and 23,160 chips to McEvoy's 8,840, austinlewis raised to 240 preflop, which McEvoy called. After a flop of 8s-Ah-Kc, McEvoy check-called a 320 bet.

The turn brought the Qc and McEvoy check-raised all-in for 8,280 after a 880 bet from austinlewis. McEvoy held Qh-8h for two pair, but austinlewis quickly called with a higher two pair with his Ks-8d. The 4h hit the river and McEvoy was out. Austinlewis will move on to the fourth round and is guaranteed at least $614.40.

6:27pm--McEvoy flops a set, but loses a big pot

Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy thought he had his match with austinlewis closed out, but the board told another story:

6:25pm--No really big ones, just most of them

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu has a nice 23,000 to 9,000 chip lead against rseisawpn in their match, not by winning any huge pots, but just by getting his share of the bigger ones.

6:21pm--ElkY takes an early hit

Team PokerStars Pro Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier tried to bluff on a four spade board with air, but his opponent johnny1430 called him with the 7s to take down a nice pot. ElkY is down to 9,000 while johnny1430 has 23,000.

6:19pm-- Annnnnnnnnnnnnd we're on to the round of 512

A battle between the final table (ironically Table #1) that lasted until the 250/500, ante 25 level finally ended with pustelga's As-4d holding up to the king-high of dr. snogler. The third round will start with the players receiving 16,000 in chips with 40/80 blinds lasting 15 minutes a piece.

6:07pm--The wait is almost over

One elimination left and we are off to the third round. The Team PokerStars Pros still alive are Andre "aakkari" Akkari, Dario Minieri, Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu, Lee Nelson and Tom McEvoy.

6:00pm-- Tom McEvoy with a few words about the WCOOP while he waits for the next round

Since he's a-movin on up to the next round and has a shot at a WCOOP bracelet today, here's Tom McEvoy on the WCOOP. Videos of Tom and other Team PokerStars Pros can be found at PokerStars.TV

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy on PokerStars.tv
5:50pm-- Who's super and who's going back to Metropolis with nothing?

One of the last tables to finish up the round of 1024 pits supersan321 versus supermario70. With blinds at 200/400 and stack of 8110 for supersan321 and 7890 supermario70 this match is far from over as we are breaking for five minutes currently.

5:44pm--The waiting is the hardest part

The thing about heads-up tournaments, especially if you win your match early, is that you may have a long wait between rounds. What makes it worse is that you never know how long that wait is going to be. We trust that the players waiting on their third-round matches are firing up plenty of ring games on PokerStars in the meantime.

5:39pm-- Still on target for another WCOOP bracelet, playitsafe moves on

This year's 2-7 Triple Draw champ, playitsafe, continues on to the next level as we're about 30 players away from the money round and $614.40 shipped to all the players who win their tables during the round of 512.

cwp394 (victory post in Event #3 found here) just succumbed in 620th place leaving playitsafe as the lone player to try for multiple bracelets this evening. With blinds currently at 200/400 only a few tables remain open for the last spots to move on.

5:24pm--Second round eliminations, 100 more to exit before the next round

As we wind down this round, here are some more Team PokerStars eliminations we haven't already reported: Alex Kravchenko, Marcin "Goral" Horecki and Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan.

More notables out are westmenloAA, mig.com and jerrod.

5:15pm--Minieri maximizes second-round opportunity

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri is among the 512 heading into the third round to see who will make the money and who will go home with a bag of hammers. (Actually, no one gets a bag of hammers. We just made that up, but it would be a pretty cool prize.)

Minieri had gradually grinded down his foe WarrenJG until he was down to 1,100 and then called an all-in bet from WarrenJG with Kc-Ks and was up against 5c-6h. The board was all bricks and Minieri moved on.

5:13pm-- As we try to wrap up blanket coverage of this tournament, some players get through the quilt, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier out:

Apologies to Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier we try to corral all 2048 players in this massive heads-up tourney and unfortunately missed her advancement to the second round of 1024. But, you blink at the wrong time and the line drive back up the middle catches you right between the eyes. Here is Isabelle's last stand versus IWNTCHUMLUVN and good luck on her next tourney:

5:03pm--ElkY hits the gutter

In bowling, the gutter is not such a great place to be, but in poker it's quite a special place.

In the heads-up match between Barry Greenstein and Betrand Grospellier, ElkY had taken a 2-to-1 chip lead when this hand occurred:

4:51pm--McEvoy ices frostey, moves on to next round

Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy
just dispatched his second-round opponent frostey.

McEvoy raised to preflop and frostey called. Following a flop of 2c-Jc-5c, frostey check-raised a 600 bet of McEvoy's to 1,750. McEvoy called.

After the As hit the turn frostey checked again. McEvoy bet again with 2,520 and frostey thought a long time before check-raising again -- this time he put McEvoy all-in (covering the 1983 WSOP champ by only 10 chips).

McEvoy made the call with Ad-Jh for top two pair while frostey held Ac-Kh for one pair, but with a nut flush draw and a king draw. Both missed on the 8h river and McEvoy's top two pair finished frostey off four hands later to move to the third round.

4:50pm-- Negreanu finds the right tool quickly, moves on in 12 hands

KidPoker is looking good early as he dispatched his second round opponent, toolbox2 in just 12 hands. After winning ten of the twelve hands, Negreanu will get a nice breather before his round of 512 opponent presents himself.

We're currently at 50/100 blinds after completing a short break and there are ~930 players left to play down to 512.

4:31pm--Battle of the pros

Team PokerStars Pros Barry "barryg1" Greenstein and Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier are squaring off inthe second round on Table 507. So far the match is almost dead even. We'll keep an eye on these two.


(click image to enlarge)

4:22pm-- Today's 11-round bout highlights will be replayed on PokerStars.TV tonight

This tournament will have the key hands and in-depth analysis available for your viewing pleasure tomorrow once the players play down the entire bracket to go from 2028-1024-512-256-128-64-32-16-8-4-2 and the last player standing will get that 2008 WCOOP bracelet along with a nice six-figure score.

Here's the highlight show from Event #12 courtesy of PokerStars.TV:

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 12 - $320 Mixed Hold'em on PokerStars.tv

4:13pm--It wasn't their day

In addition to the eliminations we already reported, the following Team PokerStars Pros are out in the first round: Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer, Bill Chen, Raymond Rahme, John Duthie, Gavin Griffin and Noah "Exclusive" Boeken.

In addition, some other notable players went out in the first round, including Big Riskky, PearlJammer, shaniac, Rizen and GambleAB.

4:07pm-- The first round is nearing its conclusion and 1024 players moving closer to the money

An hour and half into the tournament and the prelims are almost to a conclusion as 2-7 Triple Draw champ playitsafe is hanging on for his tournament life with a 6:1 chip deficit to Masterhp out on table 303 and just doubled up to cut Masterhp's lead to 5000 to 3000 with blinds at 100/200.

4:02pm--He's not money today

Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker didn't fare well in his first round. Here is the hand that sent him packing:

3:53pm-- KidPoker not kidding around and moves on to the next table

After taking down the last seven and nine of ten hands of the match, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu took down jess112234 during the 50/100 blind level to move on to the round of 1024. Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes is also out as bigegypt's sphinx avatar had a riddle Gomes could not solve.

3:46pm--"I have a feeling I'm losing"

Having turned the tables on Vicky Coren, djforever raised this hand to 300 preflop and Coren mini-reraised to 450. Djforever just called. After a flopof 5c-9c-Qh, Coren led out for 550 and djforever promptly put her all-in.

"hmm", Coren typed into the chat box. "Is this crunch time"

"if it is gl", djforever responded.

"I have a feeling I'm losing...yet I don't think I can pass..." Coren typed.

Then she called.

"youd be wrong", djforever typed immediately after the call.

The hands were 6c-3c for djforever, giving her a flush draw, while Coren held Qs-Tc for top pair. The turn was a safe Js, but the river clubbed Coren over the head with the 2c.

3:36pm--Coren coolered

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren held a nice lead on her opponent, djforever, and hoped to finish her (the avatar is that of actress Elisha Cuthbert -- not exactly strong evidence ot this player's gender, but we will err on the female side anyway) off, but the two pair that Coren flopped in this hand was not enough:

3:32pm--Khan brings rain

Team PokerStars Pro Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan held a slight lead over his opponent, scionxb, 4,450 to 3,550 when the two got into a raising war preflop that put scionxb all-in. Khan had his foe dominated with As-Kc versus Ad-Qs. When the board ran out 9h-8c-9s-Kd-6c Khan earned some rest until the next round begins.

3:22pm-- YES! NOOO! YES!! Greenstein moves on

High pocket pairs sometimes give the stomach a workout but thanks to the math while ahead, they'll ship the chips in your direction more often then not. Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein's pocket queens were sent on a wide ride for the victory here:

3:17pm--Team PokerStars Pro represents, Andre Akkari moves on

With blinds at 15/30 and Akkari posting the big blind and his opponent gilarenas (Washington Wizards fan perhaps?) raised it up to 90 chips with Akkari calling the extra 60 while starting the hand with a 5110 to 2890 advantage.

A flop of 3s-Qd-Ts found a check from Akkari while gilarenas popped a 120 chip bet and Akkari responded with a re-raise to 440. 3-bet by gilarenas to 1080 was met by a shove from the Team PokerStars Pro and a quick call by gilarenas:

gilarenas: As-Ah
aakkari: Tc-Qh

Top two pair for Akkari and an overpair for the unlucky gilarenas, but a turn card of 9s gave gilarenas several outs to counterfeiting and the nut flush draw. But, the 2h landed on the river and Andre Akkari moves on to the round of 1,024.

3:02pm--Current champs decide one bracelet is not enough

cwp394 (Event #3), playitsafe (Event #4), Mary 717 (Event #7), jonasof87 (Event #9) are joining us today in quests to be the first multi-bracelet winner of this year's WCOOP.

cwp394 has already won his table and moves into the round of 1,024. Try putting that bracket up at your office.

2:54pm--Ramdin's semi-bluff does not come through

Grinded down to 1,160 by mcstuntz who held 6,840, Victor Ramdin called a mini-raise to 60 in the big blind and the two players saw a flop of 4d-2s-5c. Ramdin check-called a 90 bet and after the turn brought the 8d, Ramdin checked again. Mcstuntz bet 180 and Ramdin check-raised all-in for 1,010. Mcstuntz called with the 9c-8c for top pair while Ramdin held Kd-2d for a pair of ducks and a flush draw. The river 7h missed him and Ramdin is out while mcstuntz advances to the round of 1,024.

2:49pm--Welcome to valuetown Sonic, travel provided by Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is currently facing off with the loveable Sonic the Hedgehog iconed delaney_kid and Greestein currently has a 2:1 chip lead thanks to this hand:

2:41pm--Let the battles begin

thedonator, with seven cashes so far in the 2008 WCOOP, and PearlJammer, with six, are lined up today with 2,046 other players in this massive $320 heads-up tourney.

2:39pm--Early exits

A few of the names we just listed were out before we could get the list out. Among the departed so far are Luca Pagano, Katja Thater and Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso.

2:36pm--The field is loaded with pros

There is no shortage of names in today's field. Team PokerStars is will represented. Here is the list:

Andre "aakkari" Akkari
Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein
Bill Chen
Dario Minieri
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer
Gavin Griffin
Marcin "Goral" Hoerecki
John Duthie
Alex Krevchenko
Katja Thater
Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu
Vanessa "Lady Maverick" Rousso
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson
Luca Pagano
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker
Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan
Raymond Rahme
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose
Tom McEvoy
Vicky Coren
Victor Ramdin

2:30pm--And away we go...

We have 2,048 players today in Event #15 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em. Three wins and players will reach the money. Players finishing in the round of 256 will each receive $614. The winner of today's event (who will have won 11 matches to achieve that feat) will receive $104,448.

9:00am--WCOOP Event #15 kicks off at 2:30pm

It's time for the first heads-up tournament of the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker. The $320 buy-in $500,000 guaranteed event kicks off in just a few hours. Join us here for all the action when it begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP