WCOOP #16 Pot-Limit Omaha Rebuy live blog

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7:39am--Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron eliminated in 2nd place; Andy McLEOD is the champion of Event #16!

Staring at a roughly 3.5/1 chip deficit, it seemed that Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron abandoned the small ball strategy he had attempted to adopt for heads-up play and went for a home run. He opened the pot to 75,000, and when Andy McLEOD reraised to 225,000, Baron three-bet it to 675,000. Andy McLEOD called.

The rest of the chips went in on a flop of 7c-3c-2d. Andy McLEOD led out for 1,350,000, prompting Baron to call all in for his last 1 million in chips. Baron had missed the flop completely with Ah-Kc-Jh-Ts; Andy McLEOD only managed to pick up a pair of deuces with Ad-Qs-Jd-2s. Baron needed help in the worst way on the turn and river, but didn't get it when the turn fell Qc to make an unbeatable two pair for Andy McLEOD. The 4h on the river completed the board and ended the tournament.

Baron finished in second place, earning $70,980 for an impressive run. He was topped only by Andy McLEOD, who won $98,280 and a WCOOP bracelet.

7:37am--Missed draw leaves westmenloAA searching for answers

When Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron got Andy McLEOD all-in after the turn on a board that read 8h-9d-2c-8d, all he needed to do was hit his draw (and hope that it didn't fill up his opponent). What draw was that? Baron showed Qd-Ac-Jh-5d for the nut flush draw, but Andy McLEOD already had As-8c-Kc-4s for trip eights. The river Ah gave Baron a lowly pair of aces and Andy McLEOD the 5,499,784-chip pot and a 3.5/1 chip advantage.

7:30am--This see-saw is making me sick

The chip lead is being paced back and forth almost every hand now. Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron had to let one hand go on the river, with the board showing Tc-Qc-8h-6d-Ks, after his 725,000-chip bet was raised all in by Andy McLEOD. Baron got some of the chips back the next hand by leading out on the turn for 120,000 and the river for 260,000. Andy McLEOD called both bets, but on a board of Qd-6c-Qh-Kc-2d he coudn't beat Baron's 5h-2h-Qs-3s full house.

Never fear; just two hands later the chips were all back in Andy McLeod's stack when both players made two pair on a board of Qs-3c-4d-Qh-8s. McLeod's two pair, queens and nines with nines in the hole, were better than Baron's queens and fours.

After all those battles, Andy McLEOD once again has a 2/1 chip advantage.

7:27am--And now the tables are turned

Andy McLEOD has held the chip lead all through heads-up play. Well, that is, until this hand went down. Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron potted from the button to 75,000 and Andy McLEOD obliged by making the call. Andy McLEOD check-raised Baron's 90,000 bet to 282,750. Baron made the call. The 3s on the turn elicited a 440,750-chip bet from Andy McLEOD, followed by a call from Baron. Andy McLEOD checked the river As, and Baron moved all in for 1,433,429. After taking a couple of seconds to mull it over, Andy McLEOD made the call. Baron showed Th-3h-Jd-2d for a turned two pair and a rivered flush. Andy McLEOD showed As-Qs-2s-7s for two pair, aces and sevens. With that double-up, Baron took his first lead of heads-up play. He has a 2/1 advantage over Andy McLEOD.

7:07am--Sick doesn't begin to describe it

The chips were once again evenly distributed. Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron had about 2.0 million; Svend svaerd had about 2.1 million, and Andy McLEOD had about 2.7 million. Then all hell broke loose.

Baron started the party with a preflop raise to 50,000. Andy McLEOD called the raise, but Svend svaerd put in a reraise to 200,000. Baron called THAT raise, only to have Andy McLEOD oddly put in a raise of his own, to 800,000! Svend svaerd settled the score once and for all by moving in for 2,164,181. That finally folded Baron but Andy McLEOD made a snap-call! The rest of the hand played itself, as you can see:

That board was described as "sick" by Baron, but it allowed him to enter heads-up play with Andy McLEOD, albeit at a 3-to-1 chip disadvantage. Svend svaerd finished in 3rd place with $54,600.

7:05am--It's tricky to rock a rhyme

It's also tricky to slow-play a flopped full house, and that's exactly what Svend sværd did after he got Andy McLEOD to call his post-flop bet of 130,999 on a flop of Ts-Th-Qc. Svend sværd checked the 2d on the turn and check-called Andy McLEOD's 236,750 bet. Svend sværd checked one more time when the river brought the Jc, but this time Andy McLEOD checked behind. Svend sværd flipped over Qh-Qs-7d-7h for a flopped full house (queens full of tens), and Andy McLEOD mucked. With that pot, Svend sværd inched closer to the two million-chip mark, putting him in striking distance of his two opponents.

7:01am--Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron doubles through Andy McLEOD

A bit of late-night fireworks resulted in a double up for Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron. He opened the pot to 50,000 preflop, then called after Andy McLEOD raised to 170,000. The 5d-Js-2c quickly produced an all-in raise from Baron after Andy McLEOD opened for 257,750. When the cards were turned up, Baron had flopped two pair with Qd-Ts-5s-2d and was ahead of Andy McLEOD's overpair, Kd-Kh-Qs-Jd. He stayed that way through the 7s turn and 4h river. Three-handed play continues, with Baron now having about 2 million chips.

6:53am--Inevitably, talk of a chop arises

Down to three-handed, deep-stacked, and tired after a grueling fourteen hours of poker, talk of a chip-count chop has finally arisen. The idea was broached by Svend sværd, who was in a virtual chip tie with Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron in second place behind Andy McLEOD. "chip cound split i am tired ???" was perhaps not the best approach, as it offered up a crucial strategic point to Andy McLEOD and Baron right away. If Svend sværd was tired, his game could suffer.

"May as well play it out," replied Andy McLEOD. Baron agreed.

"Meh lets flip some coins," said Baron. "We been playign this longs.
May as well gamble now."

"Thats the spirit," agreed Andy McLEOD.

"Ok np we play," said Svend sværd. "Then you are going to taste svends sværd."

Sounding a repeated question throughout this final table, Andy McLEOD shot back, "How do you pronounce that!" He was not rewarded with an answer; and so the world wonders.

6:49am--Stay low, keep moving

As the shortest stack going into the final table, Ravinesh had a lot of work to do in order to move up the leaderboard. His survivalist instincts served him well, as he watched five players exit the final table ahead of him. Ravinesh potted pre-flop from the button to 70,000. Andy McLEOD re-potted from the big blind to 220,000, and Ravinesh called all-in for less. Ravinesh held Ks-Kh-4d-5c, which was up against Andy McLEOD's Jh-7s-Jc-2c. The 6c-Qc-3d flop gave Andy McLEOD a flush draw, which fell on the river with the 9c. Kudos to Ravinesh for lasting this long, though. Instead of $7,644 for ninth place, he collected $40,950 for fourth place.

6:40am--Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker eliminated in 5th place

The roller coaster ride is over for Chris "Money800" Moneymaker. He seemed determined to play as many hands as possible at the final table, using a loose-aggressive style to build his chip stack up to 3 million chips. Unfortunately, the cards started breaking against him and Moneymaker couldn't complete the draws needed to continue firing all barrels at every pot. He got his last 800,000 chips into the middle on a flop of 7s-3c-9c against Andy McLEOD. Andy McLEOD showed Kc-Ks-5c-4d for an overpair of kings with a king-high flush draw; Moneymaker tabled Ac-Qc-Ts-3s for bottom pair with an ace-high flush draw. He couldn't improve on either his pair or his flush draw when the turn and river came running fives, 5d-5s. That made three of a kind for Andy McLEOD and sent Moneymaker out of the tournament in fifth place, with $28,665.

This fifth place finish tops, by one spot, Moneymaker's finish in Event #5, where he finished 6th for a $139,635 payday. Not a bad WCOOP so far for Moneymaker.

6:36am--Play has calmed

The last fifteen minutes have had a calming effect on the players remaining in this tournament. Previously chips were flying across the table in huge stacks every hand, now most pots are being won before the flop or with a flop bet. Nobody has been eliminated sine we came back from the fifteen-minute break about a half hour ago. This is quickly becoming a war of attrition. Might need to dig in . . .

6:25am--Svend svaerd doubles through Moneymaker . . . again

The cards are not breaking Chris Moneymaker's way since we came back from the fifteen-minute break. Preflop, he reraised Svend svaerd from 48,000 to 160,000. Svend svaerd made the call, leaving himself about 500,000 behind. All the rest of those chips went in the middle after the flop came down 3c-6s-9c. Moneymaker turned over Ah-Kh-Ks-Jh for a pair of kings; Svend svaerd had a wrap draw with Td-9h-8h-7s. He hit it once on the turn with the 5h and a second time for good measure with the river Th.

6:17am--Now it's Svend svaerd's turn to double up

Easy come, easy go for Chris Moneymaker. He and Svend svaerd went to the turn, and with the board showing 4c-6c-Jh-5s all of the chips went into the middle. Svend svaerd turned over 7c-7d-8h-Td for the made straight, but Moneymaker was drawing quite live with Ac-5c-6h-2h. He needed a club, a six or a five on the river to knock out Svend svaerd, but the river bricked out Qs. Svend svaerd doubled up, dropping Moneymaker back to the pack.

6:16am--Top pair improves to a flush

Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron and Chris "Money800" Moneymaker got into a raising war pre-flop, resulting in Baron all-in for 789,568 in chips. Baron held 9h-Jh-As-Ah which bested Moneymaker's Kc-Kh-5d-3h in two places -- highest pocket pair and highest heart flush draw. The 2h-9c-6h flop produced a gutterball straight draw for Moneymaker, but one of his outs would give Baron the nut flush. The turn 6c paired the board, still leaving Moneymaker with any non-heart 4 or any king as outs. The river 7h was a brick for Moneymaker, and Baron doubled up in the hand.

6:11am--Moneymaker retakes chip lead

Andy McLEOD has taken a few recent hits, and Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker was the beneficiary of one in a pot worth over one million chips. Svend svaerd started the action with an under-the-gun raise to 48,000. Moneymaker and Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron both called the raise before Andy McLEOD reraised out of the big blind to 240,000. That folded Svend svaerd, but both Moneymaker and Baron called a second time.

When the flop came 3s-Ah-7h, Baron checked to McLEOD, who led out for a bit less than half-pot, 305,750. Moneymaker wasted no time in raising that bet all in, a total of almost 1.6 million in chips. Nobody wanted to play for that much, and with that pot Moneymaker took over the chip lead from Andy McLEOD.

6:00am--Dangerous double-up

Just before the break, Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron doubled up courtesy of Andy McLEOD. Baron, ranked one of the top online tournament players in the world, went from 574,559 to 1,167,118 in chips after the hand. Perhaps it was bad timing for Andy McLEOD to call Baron's all-in bet after the flop, as he needed running cards to make two-pair or a straight -- neither of which materialized.

Baron's most recent WCOOP cash was $10,543.75 for 19th place in WCOOP Event #5 $530 No-Limit Hold'em.

5:53am--The second fifteen-minute break is here!

Level 25
Blinds 8,000/16,000
Average chip count: 1,392,400
Players remaining: 5
First prize: $98,280

Chip counts:
1. Andy McLEOD 2,650,024
2. Chris "Money800" Moneymaker -- Team PokerStars Pro -- 1,998,549
3. Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron 1,167,118
4. Svend svaerd 966,154
5. Ravinesh 180,155

5:45am--Moneymaker's aces are better than cuthbertt's

Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker continues to run well in tonight's event. He got in a preflop raising war with cuthbertt that ended with all of cuthbertt's chips in the middle. Both players turned over pocket aces, Ah-Ad-Kc-5d for Moneymaker and As-Ac-8c-3c for cuthbertt. cuthbertt was the one who had to sweat when the flop brought two diamonds, 7d-9h-6d. The 8d hit the turn, making a diamond flush for Moneymaker and eliminating cuthbertt from the tournament after the 4s came on the river.

That 6th place finish was worth $23,205 to cuthbertt.

5:36am--Andy McLEOD does it again

If you thought Andy McLEOD was unstoppable before, try butting heads with him for a two million-chip pot. Moorman1 tried to stand up to the table powerhouse and paid with his tournament life. After a raise to 30,000 by Moorman1 and a call by Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron, Andy McLEOD potted to 138,000. Moorman1 re-potted to 462,000 and Andy McLEOD made the call. The fireworks didn't stop there. Moorman1 bet 580,256 after the 5s-Ks-Td and was all-in. Andy McLeod made the call. It seems that nobody is ever in good shape against Andy McLEOD. Even though Moorman1 had an overpair (aces) and the nut flush draw, Andy McLEOD was in the hand with a pair of tens and a ten-high flush draw. The 2d on the turn missed Andy McLEOD completely, but the river 6h gave Andy McLEOD two pair. Moorman1 collected $17,745 for his seventh-place finish, and Andy McLEOD surged to 3,081,360 in chips.

5:33am--Andy McLEOD of the Clan McLEOD, thanks

A pox on all who try to take on the freight train known as Andy McLEOD. He is an unstoppable force. Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron tried to sneak a preflop raise to 30,000 in front of Andy McLEOD and Bounatirou, but Bounatirou raised it up to 108,000. Andy McLEOD then re-popped THAT raise to 366,000. Action folded back to Bounatirou, who called all in for 200,445 more. It was a race, of sorts:

Bounatirou: Kc-Js-Jd-4c
Andy McLEOD: Ts-9h-8c-7h

Things looked safe for Bounatirou on the 6h-2c-6s flop, but the 5h turn made things much more interesting, bringing both a heart draw and a partial wrap draw for Andy McLEOD. He filled the heart draw with a river Th to send Bounatirou to the rail in 8th place, where he collected $12,285.

5:16am--nolimitsuckz is the first final table victim

nolimitsuckz came into the final table second-shortest on chips, and exits the final table first. He limped into the pot before Bounatirou raised to 41,233, a raise that chip leader Andy McLEOD raised from the button to 148,699. Action folded back to nolimitsuckz, who dipped into his time bank while he tanked over the call. He finally did call all in for 124,841 total. Probably to his dismay, Bounatirou called as well.

The two live players, Bounatirou and Andy McLEOD, checked the 5h-5d-Jh flop. On the turn 6c, Bounatirou checked again, bringing a bet of 94,750 from Andy McLEOD. Bounatirou got out of the way, allowing Andy McLEOD to win the side pot. Hands were opened for the main pot:

nolimitsuckz: 9s-Js-8s-Td
Andy McLEOD: Ah-9c-Kh-5c

nolimit suckz needed a seven to river a straight and stay alive. That didn't happen; the river was the Ad, eliminating nolimitsuckz in 9th place. He earned $7,644.

5:12am--Event #16 final table is set

After starting the day with 1,223 players, we're now down to our final nine.

WCOOP Event 16 Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: Moorman1 (968,178 in chips)
Seat 2: nolimitsuckz (199,841 in chips)
Seat 3: Ravinesh (87,385 in chips)
Seat 4: westmenloAA (586,492 in chips)
Seat 5: Bounatirou (501,136 in chips)
Seat 6: Andy McLEOD (2,035,662 in chips)
Seat 7: Svend sværd (776,699 in chips)
Seat 8: Money800 (1,244,705 in chips)
Seat 9: cuthbertt (561,902 in chips)

Andy McLEOD finished 15th in Event #21 $5,200 HORSE during the 2007 WCOOP for a $14,602.50 cash. Not to be outdone, Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker final-tabled Event #5 $10,300 High-Roller No-Limit Hold'em during this year's WCOOP. Moneymaker finished that event in 6th place for a $139,635 cash.

5:09am--Hand-for-hand play lasts one hand

On the very first hand of hand-for-hand play, short-stacked grabskia opened for pot, 35,000. He was reraised by Andy McLEOD and made the call. The board ran out Kc-4d-7c-9h-2c, at which point grabskia had made only a pair of deuces with his 2h-Qd-5d-Ah. Andy McLEOD showed a club flush with 7s-6c-4s-9c to knock grabskia out in tenth place. He earned $5,187.

5:05am--The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Andy McLEOD and steamraise seemed to be sitting in comfortable positions, first and second in chips at table 45. But in a hand that quickly escalated to a 1,565,804-chip pot post-flop, one player would be sent to the rail in 11th place.

That's right folks. steamraise flopped kings and tens against Andy McLEOD's kings and deuces, and a turned deuce gave Andy McLEOD a full house and the monster pot. steamraise collected $5,187 for his 11th-place finish, and Andy McLEOD became our first player to hit the two million-chip mark.

4:47am--After 11 hours of play only 11 remain

Level 23
Blinds 5,000/10,000
Average chip count: 632,909
Players remaining: 11
First prize: $98,280

Chip counts:
1. Chris "Money800" Moneymaker -- Team PokerStars Pro -- 1,143,707
2. Andy McLEOD 1,133,972
3. Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron 1,020,581
4. Svend svaerd 927,697
5. steamraise 910,970
6. cuthbertt 663,477
7. Moorman1 429,089
8. Bounatirou 270,568
9. nolimitsuckz 246,416
10. Ravinesh 142,385
11. grabskia 73,138

4:40am--Are they giving away free concert tickets somewhere tonight?

The short stacks just refuse to stick around. Donald is the latest to exit the tournament. He was all in on a flop of 7h-Td-Jd against westmenloAA. Donald had aces in his hand, but westmenloAA flopped two pair and turned a straight to cinch the hand. That 12th-place exit was worth $5,187 to Donald.

4:40am--Swing and a miss

Try_An_Hit failed to knock one out of the park when he was all-in pre-flop against Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron. Baron held double suited aces (4d-Ah-4h-Ad) against Try_An_Hit's Ks-9s-Qc-Qs. Try_An_Hit's hand improved to a pair of kings and a gutterball straight draw after the 8h-Jc-Kc flop, but the turn and the river fell Jd-3s, sending Try_An_Hit back to the bench. Try_An_Hit's payday is $4,095 for his 13th-place finish.

4:35am--pAAuletta next to fall to cuthbertt

The pots get really big, really quickly in PLO. One false step can mean the end of a long night. cuthbertt raised to 20,000 from under the gun and found one caller -- the big blind, pAAuletta. Uncharacteristically for the pace of play over the last hour, both players checked a flop that came 6c-7h-Ac. pAAuletta took a stab at the pot on the Qh turn with a bet to 32,000. cuthbertt raised to 140,000, but couldn't shake pAAuletta, who called and left herself only 37,826 behind. The rest of those chips went in on the Qd river. pAAuletta showed down Ah-Jc-Tc-7s for two pair, aces and queens, a hand crushed by cuthbertt's full house, Ad-As-9s-8c. pAAuletta is out in 14th place, earning $4,095.

4:29am--jhepp eliminated in 15th place

A couple of tough beats during the last hour sent jhepp down into Short-Stack Land. When he found himself with just 44,263 remaining chips, he put them all in over the top of a raise from cuthbertt. cuthbertt called, and off to the races they went!

jhepp: Td-Qh-6c-4h
cuthbertt: Kh-8s-7d-5c

It was anybody's hand to win, but when the board ran out Jd-2d-8h-3d-As, cuthbertt picked up the pot with a lowly pair of eights. That meant that jhepp could pack up his things and collect $4,095 for a fifteenth-place finish.

4:29am--Down goes FRASER!

JOE FRASER tried to set a trap for his opponents at table 55, but he ended up going down swinging to Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker. JOE FRASER limped from middle position for 8,000, and Donald raised to 32,000. Moneymaker made the call from the cutoff. JOE FRASER re-popped it to 140,000, folding Donald. Moneymaker elected to make the call. JOE FRASER started with a stiff upper-cut when he bet all-in for 94,440 on the 6h-3c-Qs flop. Moneymaker stayed in the ring and still had a fighting chance when the players flipped over their hole cards.

Money800: Kd-8c-9h-Qh

The turn 4d gave JOE FRASER a gutterball to go along with his pair of aces, but he went down for the count when Moneymaker rivered a second pair (9d). JOE FRASER lost this title bout but will earn $3,003 for his efforts.

4:21am--"Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot."

We've had our first million-chip pot of the night, and it resulted in the elimination of Zanjong in 17th place. jhepp started the action off with a preflop raise to 24,000 from early position. That raise was called by Andy McLEOD on the button before the big blind, Zanjong, raised to 100,000. Only Andy McLEOD called.

Zanjong and McLEOD both started the hand with over half a million chips, so you might expect them to play the hand cautiously after the flop. After all, each had the ability to put a significant hurting on the other. The flop was another ragged flop, 2h-6s-3h (why is it always the ragged flops?). Zanjong led out for 128,000, a bet that Andy McLEOD quickly raised all in for over 578,000 chips. Zanjong snap-called all in for his last 295,047 behind, but it was a mistake. His Kh-Ks-9c-7c had been outflopped by Andy McLEOD's 8c-6d-4d-2c. When the board bricked out Qd-9d, Andy McLEOD found himself the owner of more than 1.2 million chips and Zanjong found himself shockingly out of the tournament.

4:17am--Grab a beer. Or better, some coffee

A couple of double-ups by the short-stacks -- Ravinesh, jhepp and grabskia -- have distributed the chips around the two remaining tables. With the average stack at this point of the tournament equal to almost seventy big blinds, we aim to be playing for quite a while longer.

4:10am--They say it's a drawing game

One thing we know about Omaha is that you sometimes have to get your chips in on a draw. But what if you are already sitting on one of the larger stacks in the tournament and your opponent is one of the few players who has you covered? steamraise, Andy McLEOD and jhepp each invested 18,000 pre-flop and watched Qs-Ks-Th fall on the flop. After jhepp and steamraise both checked, Andy McLEOD fired 37,750. jhepp raised pot to 173,250, folding steamraise. Andy McLEOD made the call. jhepp bet 389,227 all-in when the 7c hit on the turn, and after tanking for a while, Andy McLEOD called all-in for slightly less. It was a 943,208-chip pot. The players showed the following hands:

jhepp: 2s-Kc-Ac-Jh
Andy McLEOD: Ts-Jc-9d-8s

That's right. jhepp flopped the nut straight. Have you ever heard that phrase "flop a straight fold a straight"? If you haven't, watch the river to see why this might be sage advice.

4:06am--Omaha can be such a brutal game

All systems say, 'Go!' when you're extremely short-stacked and wake up with kings. gillete, who finished 4th in this year's WCOOP Event #11 (Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo), pushed all in over the top of a raise from jhepp with Kc-Kh-7h-7d. jhepp made the call, tabling Ad-Kd-7s-3h. That was simultaneously good and bad news for gillete; good in that he took those outs away from jhepp, but bad in that when an ace hit the flop, gillete was practically drawing dead. The board came 3s-Ac-Ts-Qd-Td to send gillete to the rail in 18th place. That finish was worth $3,003. Well done, gillete.

4:02am--Our first millioinaire

Svend svaerd is the first player to cross the million-chip threshold. He gets nothing for that distinction other than the satisfaction of being in first chip position by a significant margin (and this blog entry, natch).

4:00am--rujobo's mojo is gone

A severely short-stacked rujobo called Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron's pre-flop raise to 15,000, committing almost half of his chips in the process. rujobo put his last 16,900 in the middle after the 2h-Th-7d flop holding Kc-Qh-9c-Td (top pair king kicker). Baron was ahead in the hand with Tc-4d-Qc-Qs for a pair a queens (and one of rujobo's outs). The turn 5d and river Jh were no help to rujobo, and he was eliminated in 19th place. rujobo's mojo may be gone, but his bankroll is $1,911 fatter.

With that elimination, we are now down to two tables.

3:54am--Flush over flush spells D-O-O-M for yara777

144,000 chips can get burned up quickly in PLO at limits of 3,000 and 6,000. That's the number of chips yara777 started with when he limped into the pot from under the gun. pAAuletta also limped in from the button before westmenloAA checked his option in the big blind.

On a flop of 8c-3c-6h, westmenloAA checked to yara777, who bet 21,000. That was enough to fold pAAuletta, but not enough to deter westmenloAA, who check-raised to 68,750. You know what happened from there -- all the chips went in. westmenloAA held Ac-Jd-Tc-Td for an overpair with the nut flush draw, while yara777 tabled Qc-Td-8d-7c for a pair of eights, a gutshot straight draw and a worse flush draw. The 6c on the turn killed the suspense, making the nut flush for westmenloAA. The river came 5d, sending yara777 to the virtual rail in 20th place with $1,911 in prize money.

3:51am--Wrap sinks Rap

Kenny Rap led this tournament for long stretches in the early and middle going, but he's been eliminated in 21st place by, of all things, a partial wrap draw. Watch irony's cruelty play out against Kenny Rap below:

3:42am--Eleventh hour already too late for some

Level 21
Blinds 3,000/6,000
Average chip count: 331,523
Players remaining: 21
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. jhepp 676,310
2. Svend svaerd 654,818
3. Bounatirou 614,574
4. Moorman1 555,340
5. westmenloAA 514,729
6. cuthbertt 475,438
7. Zanjong 416,572
8. Chris "Money800" Moneymaker -- Team PokerStars Pro -- 410,270
9. steamraise 372,260
10. Andy McLEOD 344,304

3:37am--missheffer missteps with a dominated flush

missheffer picked the wrong time to bet a five-high flush. After checking the 8c-3c-Jc flop with Zanjong, missheffer re-raised all-in to 111,208 after Zanjong bet 50,000 when the 8s fell on the turn. Zanjong made the call and tabled Tc-Ac-Ah-3h for the nut flush. missheffer was drawing dead, holding 3d-4c-6d-5c for the lower flush. missheffer's misstep here still nets her $1,911 for 22nd place.

3:28am--Paq18 packin' it in

Players continue to fall to the scythe quickly. Paq18 is the latest victim, finishing in 23rd place after getting all in on the turn with the board showing 7c-Qs-2s-6c. He showed down Ac-9c-7s-8h for a huge drawing hand, but was behind westmenloAA, who called with two pair, sevens and deuces, Jh-Jd-7d-2c. Paq18 felt a familiar Omaha frustation keenly when the river missed every single draw he held, coming 4d. At least the $1,911 deposited in his PokerStars account for 23rd place should provide some solace.

3:28am--Missing a draw can sometimes save your life

Andy McLEOD and jhepp started to build a big pot after a flop of 2c-Js-6c. Andy McLEOD bet 37,275 and jhepp called. The As hit on the turn, and it was bet-call again, this time for 78,425. The river 3s seemed to help neither player, as both checked. Andy McLEOD showed 7c-9h-6s-5c for a flopped pair of sixes and a busted 7-high flush draw. jhepp showed 5d-Tc-Qh-Ac for a turned pair of aces and a busted nut flush draw. jhepp took down the 281,400-chip pot and is now our chip leader.

3:25am--Moorman1 strikes again

Moorman1 is single-handedly moving this tournament along (for which the blogging staff offer our heartfelt thanks). He opened the pot from middle position with a preflop raise to 12,500. Action folded to the short-stacked antroff, in the big blind, who reraised to 40,000. Moorman1 was undeterred and jacked up the price of poker to 122,500, enough to put antroff all in. He called with Ah-Qc-Th-3c, a hand dominated by Moorman1's As-Ad-9h-2h. Shockingly, neither player really connected with the board, and so antroff heads into the virtual sunset, eliminated in 24th place and $1,911 richer.

3:22am--moondog77 barks up the wrong tree

Game over for moondog77. He made a stand with Ah-Js-Tc-4h and was looked up by Moorman1 and his double-suited kings, Ks-Kd-Td-4s. moondog77 paired his ace on the flop to take the lead in the hand, but a dreaded flush draw was also on board, Ac-7d-6d. The turn As improved moondog77's hand and took away a few diamond outs, but the river 8d filled Moorman1's diamond draw without making a full house for moondog77. He's out in 25th place, earning $1,911.

3:17am--Moneymaker gets the best of steamraise

steamraise has been steamrolling his table, but he just took a hit courtesy of Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker. Moneymaker opened the pot with a raise to 17,500 from the button. steamraise, in the big blind, was the only caller.

A highly-coordinated flop of Td-9c-Jd called for caution from both players. steamraise opted to check; Moneymaker opted to make a continuation bet of 20,000 that steamraise called. The turn 4s seemed like a blank, and again steamraise checked. This time Moneymaker made it 70,000 to go, sending steamraise into the tank. He dipped into his time bank before making the call.

The river 2d filled any potential flush draws but was otherwise a blank. steamraise checked a third time, bringing a whopping 175,000-chip bet from Moneymaker, over half of his remaining stack. steamraise again tanked, but this time he folded, allowing Moneymaker to climb up the chip counts to over 492,000 in chips.

3:14am--CAVENDISH eliminated in 26th place

The tables were barely collapsed before Svend svaerd made his presence felt at his new table. He raised from the button to 10,999, then called a reraise by the small blind, CAVENDISH, to 36,997. The rest of the chips went in after the flop came down 7c-Qc-Ac. Svend svaerd had already made a flush, with Qs-Jd-Tc-3c, and was up against CAVENDISH's set of aces, Ad-As-Jh-8h. CAVENDISH needed a board pair to prolong his tournament, but it didn't happen. The turn came 9c and river fell 4s. He was eliminated in 26th place, earning $1,911 for the privilege.

3:09am--OllowainTim eliminated in 27th place

cuthbertt started the action by raising to 12,000 from middle position. grabskia called from the cutoff, and OllowainTim re-raised to 50,859 all-in. cuthbertt re-potted to 168,577, forcing a fold from grabskia. OllowainTim was looking for a board full of middle cards, as he held 8d-7d-6h-Tc. cuthbertt flipped Ad-Kh-Ac-7h. the Qh-9d-Qs flop gave OllowainTim a gutterball straight draw, but the running fours on the turn and river sealed his fate. OllowainTim collected $1,911 for his 27th place finish.

3:07am--And then there were three (tables)

JP OSU attracted a fair number of critical railbirds for not being afraid to splash chips around. That tendency finally proved his undoing in a pot against cuthbertt. JP OSU made it 13,456 to go preflop after Chris Moneymaker limped in. Moneymaker made the call, as did cuthbertt, who started the hand in the big blind.

It was another one of those harmless-looking, ragged flops, 2s-5d-6s, but it led to a raising war between JP OSU and cuthbertt. JP OSU wound up all in for 208,425, and cuthbertt made the call. He had started the hand with Ac-Ah-4s-3h and flopped a six-high straight. JP OSU wasn't dead, showing down 9d-7d-5s-8c for a straight draw of his own, but it never materialized. The turn was the Th and the river the 5h, sending JP OSU to the rail in 28th place and collapsing the tournament from four tables to three.

3:06am--Top top is not gold

Moorman1 just picked up a 260,000-chip pot by eliciting calls from antroff pre-flop (raise to 10,000), on the flop (bet 18,000), and on the turn (36,000). On the river, antroff led out for the first time for 64,000, which Moorman1 called. What kept antroff so interested in the hand? Here are the starting cards:

Moorman1: Ah-Jc-Td-Kc
antroff: Jd-9h-As-Qc

After the flop of Js-4c-Tc, antroff had top pair top kicker against Moorman1's top two pair and king-high flush draw. The turn 7s helped neither player. The river 5c completed Moorman1's flush draw, but antroff never improved beyond his top pair top kicker.

2:57am--Moneymaker won't say, 'Die'

Chris Moneymaker's fortune continues to hold him in good stead. He made an unorthodox play by limping from under the gun, then pot-reraising Svend svaerd, who had raised to 16,999, to a total of 69,996 after Paq18 called out of the small blind. Paq18 pushed all in for almost 229,000, driving Paq18 out of the hand. Moneymaker, however, called all in for his last 90,507.

Moneymaker: Qh-Jh-Tc-9s
Paq18: Ac-Kd-8d-5c

We couldn't tell you who the statistical favorite was in this hand preflop, but after the 8s-5s-7d flop Moneymaker had about as big a wrap draw as you can have. Paq18 was no slouch either, having made two pair, but Moneymaker's wrap filled with the turn Td (and again with the river Th). He chipped up to 340,005.

2:53am--Aces hold up? Impossible!

Yes, it's true. Unimproved aces actually held up in PLO. westmenloAA started a limp parade from under the gun that was carried through the button by yara777 and rujobo. Kenny Rap raised pot on the button to 26,000, folding everyone except rujobo, who moved all in for 40,200. Of course Kenny Rap called.

rujobo: Ac-As-Th-6h
Kenny Rap: Ah-Qh-Jd-Td

The flop brought all sorts of cracking potential for Kenny Rap, coming 2h-Jc-8h, but he couldn't carry it through, bricking the turn 6d and the river 2s. rujobo doubled up to 94,400 in chips.

2:51am--Make that a double . . . well, almost

With 28 players remaining action seems to have slowed down a bit. Perhaps that's because the next pay jump starts at 27th place. grabskia, sitting with 80,350 to start the hand, was one of the shortest stacks in the field. OllowainTim limped from under the gun, followed by a limp from missheffer in middle position. grabskia called the additional 2,000 from the small blind, and gillete checked his option. grabskia bet pot (16,000) after the 5c-Ts-9d flop and got a call from missheffer. Another pot bet (48,000) by grabskia after the 3s on the flop was called by missheffer. Kh on the river, and grabskia bet his last 12,350, this time bringing a fold from missheffer. grabskia is still below the average stack size but has a bit more room to breathe.

2:35am--Top ten, hour ten

Level 19
Blinds 2,000/4,000
Average chip count: 248,642
Players remaining: 28
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. Svend svaerd 590,577
2. Andy McLEOD 470,403
3. steamraise 411,841
4. Bounatirou 409,189
5. westmenloAA 360,762
6. Try__An__Hit 352,663
7. nolimitsuckz 337,633
8. Zanjong 303,164
9. cuthbertt 303,017
10. antroff 300,788

Team PokerStars Pro:
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 213,176 (17th in chips)

2:25am--Svend svaerd lets his set do the talking

We have a new chip leader, named Svend svaerd. Svend svaerd has actually been near the top of the chip counts at several times during the tournament, but recently took down a huge pot with a set of tens, eliminating wetterwachs1 in the process. Take a look:

2:26am--Behold the power of the redraw

gillet was all-in against MrT-omte on a flop of Ah-Jd-4d. Both players had two pair (aces and jacks), but gillete had Ad-5d for a redraw to the nut flush. The 3d hit on the turn, completing gillete's flush draw. MrT-omte needed the case ace or the case jack for a chop, but the turn fell 3s, giving gillete the 222,742-chip pot. MrT-omte dropped to 51,607.

2:15am--Big stacks do the tango

The largest of the stacks at table 132 have been doing an excellent job staying out of each other's way, letting the medium stacks take the full brunt of their pressure. But sometimes conflict is unavoidable.

Andy McLEOD, one of the chip leaders with more than 400,000 in chips, raised from under the gun to 8,175 and was called by Paq18 and by Svend svaerd, sitting in late position with 462,000 chips. The flop was all baby cards, coming 3h-4c-8h, and brought a bet of 22,999 from svend svaerd after Andy McLEOD and Paq18 both checked. Only Andy McLEOD called.

When the turn fell As, Andy McLEOD led out for a rather large 51,275. Svend svaerd tanked, dipping into his time bank slightly before making the call. Both players checked through on the river Ts, obviously wary of what the other might be holding. Svend svaerd showed a single pair of aces, Ah-Kh-Ks-Jd. That was beaten by Andy McLEOD's rivered two pair, tens and eights, Tc-9h-8c-6h.

2:14am--Once a night? It's already morning in some places

OnceAnite raised to 9,000 and Bounatirou called from the small blind. Both players must have loved the 8d-5s-Td flop because a raising war resulted in OnceAnite all in.

The hands:

Bounatirou: 8h-Qd-9h-Tc (top two pair and a gutterball)
OnceAnite: 9d-Kc-6c-Jd (open-ended straight flush draw)

Watch the turn and the river fall, giving one of these players a 200K pot.

Apparently OnceAnite doesn't refer to how many times this player hits his open-ended straight flush draw -- unless he already hit that earlier in the day.

2:08am--steamraise drives Kenny Rap out of 175K pot

Walk tall and carry a big stack, a U.S. president once said (or something close to it). steamraise can do that after bullying Kenny Rap off a hand with a large river bet. Kenny Rap had raised the pot to 9,000 preflop from under the gun, and was called by Chris Moneymaker and steamraise. When the flop fell Tc-Qs-2h, Kenny Rap checked, then called a bet of 24,000 from steamraise. Moneymaker folded.

On the turn 2c, Kenny Rap checked a second time. steamraise tanked before betting 48,000, a bet that Kenny Rap called immediately. The river brought the Kh, another check from Kenny Rap, and another tank-bet from steamraise, this time to 90,000. Kenny Rap let his time bank run down and timed out before acting on his hand. It was folded and the 175,000-chip pot was awarded to steamraise.

2:06am--The Donald says, "You're fired"

bigbadray2k was all-in after a flop of Jh-3h-7s, with Donald making the call. bigbadray2k showed 8d-6s-4h-5c for an inside wrap draw, but some of his outs were taken away when Donald showed Kh-Kc-Jc-6h for a pair of kings and a king-high flush draw. The turn and the river were 7c-8s, leaving bigbadray2k with only a pair of eights. After firing bigbadray2k from Event #16, Donald moved up to 377,894 in chips -- 7th on the leaderboard.

2:01am--Moneymaker turns rags into riches

Omaha is one of those rare poker games where a ragged-looking hand before the flop can turn into the stone cold nuts after the flop. Rags are what helped Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker double up to 232,000 chips in a recent hand he played against yara777.

It was another one of those dangerous limped pots. Moneymaker was in the small blind, and fired first at a flop of 7h-5d-Qc. Yara777 raised him to 32,500, and the two went to the turn.

The turn came 4h, and again Moneymaker led out, this time for a whopping 75,000 chips, leaving himself just 3,838 behind. yara777 raised him all in to get the cards open and on the table. yara777 had the dreaded top set with Ac-Qd-Qs-9d, but Moneymaker had turned an eight-high straight with 9c-8s-6s-3d. The Tc that fell on the river did not pair the board, allowing Moneymaker to double up and continue what is turning into a deep run.

1:56am--Do or do not. There is no try

Try_An_Hit was hoping to do just that when he called moondog77's pre-flop raise to 6,900. moondog77 checked the Ks-9d-2d flop, and Try__An__Hit fired 17,500. moondog77 then raised to 74,450, followed by an all-in re-raise to 118,196 from Try__An__Hit. moondog77 made the call and must have been disappointed to see that he was up against two pair (kings and nines) and a king-high flush draw -- he only had a pair of queens and a queen-high flush draw. The turn (Jc) and river (3c) improved neither player, and moondog77 was left with only 34,089 in chips. Try__An__Hit jumped to 258,342.

1:50am--The one where you call your opponent out for a bad beat

Table 132 continues to entertain. After a recent hand in which JP OSU took over 100,000 chips from Paq18 by hitting a gutshot on the turn to sink Paq18's top set, the verbal war of the words began.

Paq18: callin
Paq18: callin
JP OSU: lol you called just as many times in that hand as I did
Paq18: lol with a set of aces ?
Paq18: you call with a belly buster?
JP OSU: double belly buster yo
Paq18: omaha is a joke i just play this for another wcoopc ash
JP OSU: brag obv
JP OSU: lol

1:37am--Treadinwater not treading water any longer

Treadinwater was one of the short stacks on table 132, the Table of Death at this stage of the tournament. He made his stand by reraising YRWTHMELTHR from 7,500 to 26,250 preflop, and then calling all in on a flop of 3d-9d-Kc after YRWTHMELTHR bet half-pot. Treadinwater made a pair of nines, but YRWTHMELTHR held the nut flush draw, a draw that promptly came in when the 5d hit the turn. With that flush, Treadinwater went under for the last time, his tournament headed down the drain.

1:30am--Chip counts, hour eight

Level 17
Blinds 1,250/2,500
Average chip count: 165,761
Players remaining: 42
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. Svend svaerd 474,560
2. Kenny Rap 385,786
3. missheffer 315,883
4. yara777 296,436
5. Bounatirou 289,282
6. nolimitsuckz 270,133
7. wetterwachs1 258,349
8. Donald 239,506
9. Andy McLEOD 233,808
10. steamraise 216,676

Team PokerStars Pros:
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 110,088 (28th in chips)

1:29am--Tough to hit a set there

Unimproved aces are the downfall of many players in Omaha tournaments. Even with help on the board, aces can still be a siren's song. But what happens when you have three aces in your hand?

Zanjong potted from middle position to 5,000, Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron re-potted to 18,000, and steamraise called from the cutoff. frkvinn decided to take a stand holding Ah-Ad-Qd-As in the big blind an re-potted to 78,000. steamraise was the only caller, with 19,838 left to play with after the flop. frkvinn bet 64,752 all-in after a flop of 9s-Qs-3d and steamraise called all-in for less holding 4s-7s-5c-6d. Would frkvinn's aces hold up against frkvinn's flush draw?

That's a big old no. In fact, frkvinn was drawing dead after the turn. steamraised jumped to tenth on the leaderboard after that hand with 216,676.

1:25am--K-Rap! Kenny Rap takes a hit

Like in hold'em, limped pots can be very dangerous in Omaha, as it's hard to put an opponent on a narrow range of hands. Five limpers saw the flop on table 104 recently. When it came down Jd-8s-5s, three players checked to yara777, who bet 10,000. That folded everyone except Kenny Rap, who had been in the big blind and check-raised to 38,000. yara777 reraised to 124,000 and before you could blink, what had started out as a friendly hand wound up with all of the chips in the middle.

Kenny Rap: 8d-8c-7s-9h
yara777: 4h-Kc-Js-Jc

It was a disastrous set over set situation for Kenny Rap, but he had a few life preservers in the form of a double gutshot straight draw. He missed them with a turn card of 9d and a river cards of 3s. As a result of this loss, Kenny Rap slips back to the pack a bit, sitting at a shade more than 385,000 in chips.

1:19am--Heavy hitters

Table 132 has so many chips spread around it, we're surprised it doesn't crash from all the virtual weight. The line-up includes:

Svend svaerd - 276,574
JP OSU - 216,261
wetterwachs1 - 268,348
Andy McLEOD - 422,002
cuthbertt - 216,595
zibanchik - 189,641

The average chip stack is currently 161,906.

1:11am--Gutshot sinks MrLynX

Top pair's not a great hand in Omaha. Even top set can be problematic. MrLynX raised to 8,000 from middle position and was called only by Paq18, from the big blind. The flop was a great one for MrLynX, coming down Td-Qh-7h to match nicely with his hand of 9s-Kd-Qd-Qc. He quickly found himself in a raising war with Paq18, and with the nuts, where was MrLynX going but all in? Paq18 called the all in and tabled Ac-Kc-Qs-7s for two pair and a gutshot to Broadway. With the other queens already dead, another seven was no help to Paq18. He could only win with a jack, and of course caught the Jd on the turn. The river 8s didn't pair the board, so MrLynX headed for the rail. MrLynX adds a $1,037.40 cash for 47th place to his 11th place ($3,045.60) cash in Event #8 8-Game Mixed.

1:06am--Too cool for school

Fibear raised from late position to 6,000 and bigegypt potted to 21,000. After moondog77 got out of the way in the small blind, Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron re-potted to 71,000. Fibear got out of the way, and action was back to bigegypt, who responded as follows:

bigegypt: not cool

Apparently not cool because a call would put bigegypt all-in. After tanking for a while, bigegypt finally made the call. Baron had single-suited aces (8c-As-Ah-6s) against bigegypt's single-suited kings (Kh-6d-Kc-9h). The board ran out 4d-Jd-7d-Js-Th, improving neither player's pocket pair. Baron showed some compassion for his eliminated opponent when he offered the following analysis of the hand:

bigegypt [observer]: is foldin there bad?
westmenloAA: i dont think u can fold
westmenloAA: when u put in 21k

Baron now has 221,248 in chips, making him a threat to go deep in Event #16.

1:02am--Oh those pesky wrap draws

Imagine putting your tournament life on the line by calling all-in preflop with Ac-Qc-Qs-4c and seeing your opponent turn over Th-9s-8d-7c. Think it would feel good? What if the flop came Jd-Jh-8h to give your opponent a pair and a partial wrap draw? That's what happened to DIFFET when he called all in against YRWTHMELTHR. Luckily for DIFFET, the turn and river bricked out 4s-6d to allow him to double up and remain in the tournament.

Sometimes Omaha is just an expensive way to flip coins.

12:56am--Chris takes a kick to the money-maker

Things are looking grim for Chris Moneymaker. He was all in on a flop of Qh-3c-9c against yara777. Moneymaker didn't have the best hand or the best draw, showing down Jc-Jd-4c-Td to yara777's Ac-Ks-Qc-2s. The club flush promptly came on the turn with the 7c. Moneymaker is down to about 30,000 remaining chips.

12:51am--gillete looking for another deep run in the WCOOP

gillete finished 4th in WCOOP Event #11 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo for a $36,393.00 cash. He is still in the hunt for a WCOOP bracelet in Event #16, sitting with 43,971 in chips.

12:43am--Three all-in bets lead to three full houses

You'd think that a preflop raise to 8,100 would scare a few people off, but what if those people know they'll wind up with a full house by the river? After Draethen limped in from early position, plplaya popped it up to 81,000. Chris Moneymaker called in postition as did yara777 in the blinds, and the original limper, Draethen.

The flop was about as connected as they come, 7s-9c-6c. yara777 immediately bet 33,000, folding Draethen. plplaya called all-in for less before Moneymaker raised to 66,000. Now it was yara777's turn to call all-in for less, which he did with the best hand: Ah-9h-9d-3d, a set of nines. plplaya showed Kc-Qd-8c-9s for a huge draw, and Moneymaker turned over the weakest draw of the three but the strongest made hand, Th-8d-4d-6s for a flopped straight. The turn and river were running eights, making a full house for everyone. yara777's full house, nines full of eights, was best, winning him both pots.

12:35am--If you got it, flaunt it

And by "it," we're referring to chips. Andy McLEOD is the chip leader on table 128 and third in the field overall -- and he's not afraid to use those chips. Andy McLEOD raised to 4,775 from under the gun, bringing a call from john jdk. Drant then re-raised out of the big blind to 24,775, and Andy McLEOD re-raised yet again to 84,775. john jdk got out of the way, and Drant called all-in for slightly less. The cards?

Andy McLEOD: 6d-4d-3c-5c
Drant: As-5d-Ah-9c

The flop was 3d-3s-9d, giving Andy McLEOD trips. The turn 2d provided no relief to Drant, and the river 6s only added insult to injury by giving Andy McLEOD a full house (threes full of sixes). Andy McLEOD jumped to 426,098 after eliminating Drant. He is now second on the leaderboard.

12:28am--Kenny Rap steamrolling the field

Kenny Rap has been at the top or near the top of the chip counts for this tournament almost since the get-go. Right before the most recent break, he took out another opponent. Kenny Rap raised to 4,800 from middle position and was called only by pownedAss out of the big blind. The flop was small and ragged -- 2d-7s-5s -- yet produced a raising war. Kenny Rap started with a bet of 8,000 after pownedAss checked. From there the raises went to 17,600, then to 63,200, then all-in by pownedAss for 115,691 total. Kenny Rap called.

pownedAss: Ts-9s-9h-8s
Kenny Rap: Ad-Qs-5d-4s

Both players showed a pair with a flush draw. pownedAss had the better pair, with a pair of nines, but Kenny Rap had the better flush draw. pownedAss improved to a pair of tens with the Td turn, but Kenny Rap had the last laugh when he rivered the Ac for two pair, aces and fives.

That pot must have been a nice salve for Kenny Rap; while it was going down, he was going out of Event #15 - $320 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em in 50th place out of 2,048 for $1,843.20.

12:23am--Chip counts at seven-hour mark

Level 15
Blinds 900/1,800
Average chip count: 108,781
Players remaining: 64
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. Kenny Rap 428,348
2. Bounatirou 332,157
3. Andy McLEOD 330,308
4. dominospizza 252,912
5. missheffer 221,436
6. zibanchik 203,367
7. wetterwachs1 200,350
8. westmenloAA 170,311
9. pAAuletta 169,106
10. mulltusha 168,214

Team PokerStars pros:
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 136,497 (17th in chips)

12:16am--And so it goes in Omaha

One aspect of Omaha that players find incredibly vexing is that starting hand values run close together, much closer than they do in hold'em. With one Omaha hand made up of six different starting hold'em hands, anything can happen after the flop. Bounatirou was the beneficiary of this concept after raising to 4,200 and being reraised all in to 10,232 by Sick Joke. Bounatirou made the call with Jc-Ts-Qh-4s and was in bad shape against Sick Joke's Qc-Qs-4d-2d, but this is Omaha! A jack on the 2h-3c-Jd flop and another on the river after the turn came Ac sent Sick Joke to the rail. We're sure he wasn't laughing at what he no doubt thought was a sick river card.

12:10am--Three big pairs, big three-way pot

pokerbull666, sitting with 30,548 chips to start the hand raised under the gun to 4,800. EATBANANAS re-raised to 7608 and was all-in. From the button, Kenny Rap re-popped it to 30,024. pokerbull666 re-raised 524 more all-in, and Kenny Rap made the call. With two players now all-in, Kenny Rap held the best hand pre-flop with 8s-4d-Ac-As. pokerbull666's hand was second-best: Kd-9d-Ah-Ks. EATBANANAS had a pocket pair as well, but he would need a lot of help to survive his all-in holding Qh-Js-Qs-Td. Would pokerbull666 or EATBANANAS be able to put a dent in Kenny Rap's stack? Watch the hand unfold below.

If you didn't watch, Kenny Rap's aces held, giving him the 71,104-chip pot. He still sits atop our leaderboard with 364,257.

12:03am--zibanchik's case ace proves a problem

It didn't take long for zibanchik to take a hit, but it wasn't at the hands of Bounatirou. After wetterwachs1 limped in from under the gun, zibanchik made the price of poker 7,200. FRANZISKA called before wetterwachs1 reraised to 31,200. Both players, perhaps sensing that wetterwachs1 was short and making a move, called the bet.

wetterwachs1 was all in for 13,835 on a flop of 4c-3c-Ac. Only zibanchik called, and once the hands were opened he may have wished he hadn't called. He had Ah-Kh-Qc-Qh for a pair of aces, but wetterwachs1 did him one better by flopping a *set* of aces with As-Ad-8d-4s. Small wonder that zibanchik never improved on a turn of 7h and a river of Ts. He slipped back to 181,767 in chips while more than doubling wetterwachs1 to 123,670 at the same time.

11:52pm--Table draws are so rigged

With nine tables remaining, zibanchik, in third chip position was broken away from his table and sent to a new table where Bounatirou, the second biggest stack remaining in the tournament, awaited him. The two players are at opposite side of the table and so should be able to stay out of each other's way, but we'll keep an eye on the table to see how having two big stacks there affects the table dynamic.

11:49pm--Ace on the river

Many a player has won a big pot with an ace on the river. This time, steamraise picked up 84,850 chips when an ace fell on the river to give him aces full of fives. After check-calling bets from bigegypt on both the flop (5c-3s-2h) and the turn (5d), steamraise checked again on the river. This time, bigegypt checked behind. steamraise showed 3h-Ah-8d-Ad for the win as bigegypt mucked.

11:35pm--Moneymaker riding high after another double

Once you're a world champion with chips, anything is possible -- especially in Omaha. Chris Moneymaker was in the big blind and watched as SpadeSkillz raised from under the gun and was called in two spots before the action came to him. Getting a discount, Moneymaker also made the call. They were four to a flop of 3c-9d-6h. SpadeSkillz, with only 14,227 behind, shoved it all in. After one fold, plplaya immediately called. Action moved to Moneymaker, who promptly raised pot to 77,208, almost enough to put him all in. plplaya did the honors with a reraise that Moneymaker called. The cards were opened:

Side pot --
Moneymaker: Ah-9h-6d-6c
plplaya: 7d-7h-4h-3d

Main pot --
SpadeSkillz: Kc-Qs-Qh-Jh

For both pots, Moneymaker was ahead with a set of sixes against an overpair and a pair and a gutshot draw. The gutshot promptly hit on the turn with the 5s, but Moneymaker rivered one of his full house outs, the 9c, to take down a monster pot and knock SpadeSkillz out. Moneymaker now has about 195,000 chips.

11:33pm--Not enough fiber in your diet?

Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron continues to make strong plays over at table 80. Most recently, he pulled down a 129,500-chip pot after re-raising enough to put Fibear all-in after the flop. Fibear folded and lost over half of his stack in the hand, while Baron moved to more than 194,436 in chips.

11:23pm--Moneymaker flush with chips

What's better than being a world champion? Being a word champion with an above-average stack. Sitting in the cutoff, Chris Moneymaker was the only player to call a raise to 4,900 from Mr Neverquit. True to his moniker, Mr Neverquit didn't quit on the 2h-4h-5c flop after Moneymaker bet 5,600. Instead he raised pot to 28,700, putting Moneymaker to a decision for his stack. Moneymaker decided to go with his hand and reraised all in for 41,231. Mr Neverquit called.

Moneymaker: Qc-Th-7d-6h
Mr Neverquit: 2s-3d-6s-Kd

Moneymaker was on an open-ended straight draw (with one end of the draw filling the same straight that Mr Neverquit had flopped) and a flush draw. Mr Neverquit flopped a six-high straight but had no redraw, always a dangerous proposition in Omaha. The turn was the Qh to make Moneymaker's heart flush, and the river was another queen, the Qs.

Mr Neverquit was crippled on the hand, retaining just 5,697 chips, while Moneymaker now has a healthy stack of just more than 94,000.

11:09pm--Chip counts at six-hour mark

Level 13
Blinds 700/1,400
Average chip count: 68,254
Players remaining: 102
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. Kenny Rap 284,494
2. zibanchik 234,126
3. Moorman1 203,825
4. missheffer 172,557
5. Bounatirou 169,368
6. plplaya 152,586
7. rizn00 149,007
8. grabskia 146,238
9. pAAuletta 145,646
10. frkvinn 141,417

Team PokerStars pros:
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 47,531 (64th place)

11:00pm--Werry aggri-a-sive

MrKGBoreoman opened under the gun for 3,600 and his only caller was Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron in the big blind. When the flop came down Kh-5c-2c Baron checked and MrKGBoreoman bet the pot, 7,800. Baron checked-raised for the rest of his opponent's stack, another 17,920, and it all went in.

Baron showed Ac-Tc-8c-7d and would have to catch up to MrKGBoreoman's As-Ks-Qd-7s. The board didn't cooperate though, bringing 6s-8h to drop Baron to 92,136. MrKGBoreoman, meanwhile, is up to 43,640.

10:54pm--Kenny's big day

Not only is Kenny Rap leading this event (as he has for hours now), he's also still alive in Event 15, having made the final 64 over there. He's looking at the possibility of a very nice payday today after putting himself in good position all day.

10:45pm--The ups & downs of Omadraw

Svend sværd has been doing some gambling over on Table 67. Having the big stack enables one to do that.

In one recent hand he got all of Treadinwater's 38,950 chips in the middle on a flop of Td-Jd-4c. Treadinwater had Ad-Qd-Qc-Td for an overpair and flush draw, while Svend sværd had Qs-9d-8h-7s for the wrap draw. The turn was the 5s and the river the Tc, and Svend sværd lost a chunk of his stack.

On the very next hand, Svend sværd again had another short-stacked player, michi's_star, all in on the flop for all of his chips. This time the flop was Ts-9c-5d. michi's_star had Qd-Qh-Th-9d for top two, and Svend sværd had 8s-7c-6c-4s for another straight draw. The turn was the Qc and the river the Jh, giving Svend sværd the straight and the 53,116-chip pot. michi's_star is out in 114th.

That one put Svend sværd up over 165,000, but then came this one in which he dropped half his stack:

10:37pm--Not so fabulous

While we watched Kenny Rap extending his chip lead, fabsoul was going out over on Table 80.

suns100 raised on the button to 3,500, getting only one call from fabsoul in the big blind. When the flop came down 7s-6s-5h the former WCOOP bracelet winner checked and suns100 bet the pot for 7,500. fabsoul then put in a check-raise to 30,000, leaving himself 13,394 that would go in the middle when suns100 came over the top.

fabsoul showed two pair and a straight draw with Tc-9h-7c-6d but his opponent already had the straight with Td-9d-8d-5c. The board ran out As-4s to send fabsoul out in 137th place with $819.

10:33pm--Rich, richer, etc. Vol. II

On a flop of Ah-6h-3s all of Tmay420's money went in the middle; he held Kh-Th-Td-9h against Kenny Rap's Ac-7h-6d-4c and needed to hit a ten or a heart to take the lead. The board ran out 7d-6s, shipping the 47,124 pot to Kenny Rap and sending Tmay420 home (or at least back to the tournament lobby on PokerStars) in 135th place. He earns $819.

10:31pm--Greenstein grounded

Barry "barryg1" Greenstein built back up over 20,000, but had slipped back down to 9,852 again and found it necessary once more to go for broke. Again, YRWTHMELTHR raised to 3,000 preflop, and Greenstein shoved all in behind him. Bounatirou then reraised to 34,056 to isolate the Bear, and YRWTHMELTHR cooperated by getting out of the way.

barryg1: Td-Ts-9c-9h
Bounatirou: Ah-Ad-Kd-6h

The board came Js-Jc-Kc-8s-4s and Greenstein was eliminated in 131st, good for $819.

10:23pm--The rich get richer

Two big pots for Kenny Rap have pretty much defined his day. The first one took him up over 120,000 very early on in the day. Now he's got almost double that after a huge hand again BRUSTAMPHIN.

TOOLED_UP limped in for 1,000 under the gun and Kenny Rap came along, followed by two others; both blinds, including BRUSTAMPHIN in the big blind, saw the Ad-Th-9c flop as well. After that... well, we'll let you see for yourself:

10:16pm--Greenstein doubles up

After YRWTHMELTHR raised to 3,000, Barry "barryg1" Greenstein shoved his last 7,778 and YRWTHMELTHR called.

Greenstein showed Kc-Js-Td-Ts while YRWTHMELTHR had 8h-7s-6s-5s. The board came Jh-9h-5c-4s-Ad, and Greenstein took the 17,056-chip pot with a pair of jacks.


Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron is now in 12th place on the leaderboard. Here's the little pot that got him there:

10:06pm--Bear: an endangered species

Team PokerStars pro Barry "barryg1" Greenstein has carried his short stack of 10,278 into the money. With just a little over ten big blinds, Greenstein -- along with all of the other short stacks -- will likely be making a move in short order.

10:03pm--Chip counts at five-hour mark

Level 11
Blinds 500/1,000
Average chip count: 38,893
Players remaining: 179
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. Kenny Rap 157,116
2. Svend svaerd 151,106
3. steamyraise 137,972
4 .pAAuletta 129,896
5. Moorman1 119,983
6. pownedAss 118,459
7. missheffer 117,488
8. Bounatirou 116,486
9. androjeda 112,456
10. Drant 100,856

Team PokerStars pros:
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 50,950 (43rd place)
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein 10,278 (157th)

9:58pm--Bubble go pop

With the elimination of bostonted in 181st, we have now reached the money in Event No. 16 of the 2008 WCOOP. Everyone left is guaranteed at least $746.40.

9:54pm--fabsoul claims a victim

Just three hands after Isaac Baron's big chip-up, fabsoul got a smaller, but still significant, boost. He busted going2Auba with Ah-As-Ks-Td against Ac-Jc-8s-2c in a pot worth 22,072. That pot put fabsoul up to 51,839, about 13k above par.

9:53pm--Paying tribute to the Baron

This time it was Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron who took a chunk of change from yara777, in yet another multiway limped pot. Five players, including Baron in the hijack, were already in the pot when yara777 called form the small blind to see a flop of 7s-6h-2c.

yara777 led out for 4,800 but Baron raised to 14,325. With no one else in the pot, yara777 made the call with 27,741 behind. Both players checked the 5s turn, and after the 5s hit the turn yara777 checked again. Baron took down the 33,450 pot with a bet of 28,800.

Thanks to that pot, Baron now has 72,665.

9:47pm--Kenny krushes Khan

Team PokerStars pro Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan was holding on as we approach the money bubble, sitting on a stack of 20,420 when he found himself tangling big time with chip leader Kenny Rap.

Kenny Rap had raised to 2,400 and Khan had called him from the button when the flop came Ks-8s-3c. An action flop, as it turned out, as Kenny had a pair of kings in his hand while Khan had a pair of eights. The case eight didn't come to save Khan -- it couldn't, Kenny had it! -- and he hit the rail in 191st, just ten spots off of the money. Kenny Rap, meanwhile, continues to maintain a healthy lead with 157,566 -- still 35K ahead of second.

See how the hand played out (and the chat, too):

9:45pm--Baron steady, fabsoul advancing

Isaac Baron continues to hold steady in the 50k-60k range; he'd dropped to the low end of that scale before taking down three pots in a row to jump back to 61,715. He's dropped a touch to 56,740 but is playing very solid poker at the moment.

fabsoul, in the meantime, chipped up even further with a nice river card. With 14,125 already in the pot and the board reading 9d-9c-8h-9h-Qs, fabsoul got an extra 4,000 out of yara777 to take the pot with his Qc-Qd-Jh-Th. He now has 41,403.

9:35pm--A fab-ulous stretch

fabsoul had been sliding a bit, mostly having been quiet lately, but he bought himself a little more room to breathe a few minutes ago.

going2Auba opened for 1,800 in the hijack and fabsoul called on the button with 10,153 behind. going2Aub then led out for 3,600 into the 4,500 pot on a flop of As-6c-5c; fabsoul shoved and claimed the 11,700 in the middle. That picked him up to 18,253.

Then a blind-vs.-blind hand worked out to his advantage to boost his prospects even further. He and Chubagabra saw a flop of Qh-4h-2c together, and fabsoul took that pot down with a pot-sized re-raise after checking to allow Chubagabra to bet 4,000.

That pot took fabsoul up to 28,653, about 6k below the current average stack.

9:30pm--213 remain

We are just starting Level 10 (blinds 400/800). Right now, 213 players are still alive, meaning we've lost just over 1,000 since play began about five hours ago. The top 180 cash in this event, so we're anticipating that money bubble bursting soon.

Kenny Rap maintains the chip lead he has held since the middle of Level 5. He's followed by pownedAss, BRUSTAMPHIN, pAAuletta, and Bounatirou.

9:18pm--The Baron Chronicles

Another one of those multiway pots preflop cost Isaac Baron about 5,000 a few minutes ago in the small blind. He was one of four players to see the flop of Kc-6s-2h, which was checked around.

The 2c came on the turn and Baron bet 1,200, then called for a total of 4,425 when kiaser raised an chased the other players away. He checked on the 4h river and kiaser bet 7,725. Baron's regular time ran out and he let his time bank run down to about 30 seconds before letting the hand go.

No worries, though - he would jump back over 60,000 within a few more hands, thanks in part to a 10,080 three-way pot with fabsoul and AlpineMoney that he took down without a call on the turn with the board reading 6c-3s-5h-7s.

9:14pm--Those dangerous blind-vs.-blind hands

While Kenny Rap has gotten all the attention over the last few levels (he continues to lead the way with 165,000-plus), pownedAss just picked up a nice pot to move into second place with 124,759.

It was a blind-vs.-blind confrontation, with pownedAss having completed from the SB and okay player checking his option in the BB. The flop came 6h-Js-Qd and pownedAss promptly fired out 1,200. okay player minimum-reraised to 2,400, and pownedAss called.

The turn was the 7d. Same dance: pownedAss bet 1,200 again, okay player reraised to 2,400, and pownedAss called.

The river brought the Kh. This time pownedAss checked, and okay player bet 3,500. Surprise! pownedAss repopped it to 12,600, and after a bit of thought okay player called.

pownedAss showed Ad-Jd-Tc-6d for the rivered straight, and okay player mucked.

9:02pm--All that work for nothing

Hevad "RainNKhaN" Khan had been on a roll over the last few orbits, picking up no less than five small and medium-sized pots to move up to 39,030, but he just doubled up short-stacked IFiNishfish. Khan's Kd-Kh-Th-5h was cracked on the flop by his opponent's big-blind hand of Ac-Ks-4h-2c, and the two pair held up to drop the PoekrStars pro back to 32,785.

Four hands later Khan would take another hit after raising to 1,800 under the gun. MrT-omte called from the small blind and the flop came Ac-7d-4h. Both players checked and the turn was the Jh. MrT-omte led out for 3,000 and Khan put him all in for a total of 11,565.

The Team PokerStars pro showed Ad-Qd-Jd-5d for top two pair, but his opponent held 8c-7s-7h-6c for the flopped set of sevens, good enough to claim the 27,330 pot and drop Khan to 20,320.

8:57pm--Chip counts at four-hour mark

Level 9
Blinds 300/600
Average chip count: 28,300
Players remaining: 246
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. Kenny Rap 174,116
2. BRUSTAMPHIN 139,836
3. plplaya 104,206
4. pownedAss 87,182
5. Mr Neverquit 82,764
6. pAAuletta 80,690
7. grabskia 78,909
8. miraginox 78,737
9. Svend svaerd 74,206
10. Moorman1 72,933

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 54,988 (24th place)
Hevad "RainNKhaN" Khan 39,030 (54th)

8:45pm--We turn to Table 80

With Table 7, once home to Barry Greenstein and Jon "PearlJammer" Turner, finally closed down, we're turning our attention to Table 80.

One former WCOOP champ -- fabsoul, who won Event #7 (Pot Limit Hold'em) in 2004 -- is at the table, stacked at 17,998 after an A-A-x-x vs. K-K-x-x encounter moments ago.

Directly to his left sits Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron, who back in Europe had a great two weeks on the EPT.

In San Remo, Baron cashed in 11th place after being knocked out by Dario Minieri.

Less than two weeks after that, he made the final table of the EPT Grand Final and finished in fourth place, knocked out with A-Q against the A-A of eventual winner Glen Chorney.

Baron currently has 58,315, putting him in 21st place on the leaderboard.

8:40pm--A rough ride

Shane "shaniac" Schleger just went on an orbit-and-a-half roller coaster ride with a very unhappy ending.

Things started off well when he flopped a king-high flush against Hevad "RainNKhaN" Khan's queen-high flush, doubling him up to 30,070.

Then another multi-way limped pot got a lot of action going on the next hand - but no one came out very far ahead. With 2,000 in the pot five players saw the flop come Qs-Jc-Tc; the action checked to shaniac in middle position and he bet 1,400. Kenny Rap raised to 4,800 and shaniac re-raised for 16,400; all his 29,670 stack then went in the middle when Kenny shoved.

Kenny Rap was on a freeroll to win the pot with Ac-Kc-9h-2s against shaniac's Ah-Kh-Jd-5s, but the turn and river fell Ks-8h to give shaniac half the pot and keep him alive in the tournament.

Khan would double through Kenny a few hands later, but the real big pot -- and a brutal hand, really -- would come about six hands after that:

Schleger finishes in 293rd place.

8:34pm--Fossilman out

With a board showing 2c-4d-Jd-Qs, a short-stacked Greg "Fossilman" Raymer decided it was time to go for it. Things didn't work out so well, and Raymer is out in 355th. See how the hand played out:

8:31pm--Notes from Barry's rail

A railbird just had a fun suggestion for Barry Greenstein's video blog:

Sevillano [observer]: Barry you should film those blogfessionals in a taxi cab
barryg1: i can only imagine who else should be in the cab
Sevillano [observer]: Definitely should have chau giang driving.
barryg1: i thought he drives a rickshaw (in the photoshops of him)
Sevillano [observer]: haha

8:29pm--Moneymaker takin' pots, moving up

Soon after that last one, Chris "Money800" Moneymaker got in a raising war with 271066 that resulted in Moneymaker getting all of his chips in the middle on a flop of 6h-As-Jh. Moneymaker showed Th-Ac-4c-9h for a pair of aces and a flush draw. 271066 just had 9c-7h-Qh-Tc -- nothing yet, but a better flush draw and an inside straight draw. No needed cards came for 271066, and Moneymaker took the 56,012-chip pot.

On the very next hand, Moneymaker called DonRane's preflop raise to 1,200, then bet out 1,800 on a flop of 2s-4s-7s. DonRane called. The turn was the Tc, and Moneymaker bet 5,100. DonRane again called. The river brought the 2h, pairing the board.

Money800 said, "rpovgbjwpoD'SOVJPs"

Moneymaker either spilled something on his keyboard, or didn't care much for that river card. DonRane bet out just 6,600, though, so Moneymaker called, showing As-Qs-4c-3s for the ace-high flush. It was good -- DonRane had Ks-Kc-Ts-Jc for the second flush.

After that little rush, Moneymaker is now up to 72,362 and 10th place.

8:23pm--All quiet

Over on Table 7, both Barry Greenstein and Jon "PearlJammer" Turner are still going. However, it's been almost 30 hands since Greenstein won a pot of any big significance, and Turner has been even quieter since doubling up to 16,670 on the 100/200 level.

Greenstein currently has 16,485, while Turner sits on 15,070.

8:20pm--Khan, Kenny move up

Shane "shaniac" Schleger and Team PokerStars Pro Hevad "RaiNKhaN" have both been patient tonight at Table 93, both looking for a chance to get anywhere near tablemate Kenny Rap's 141k stack. That hasn't happened yet, but the two did just tangle a moment ago.

Khan opened in the hijack for 900 and got calls from shaniac in the cutoff and Grey fox 33 and Patan100 in the blinds. The action checked around to Schleger, who bet 2,700 and only got Khan to call. Both players then checked the 9s on the turn.

Khan led out on the river for 5,700 into the 9,000 pot, and shaniac went into the tank. He eventually came up with the call, mucking his hand after Khan turned up 9d-7s-6s-4h for the full house to claim the 20,400 in the middle.

Meanwhile, Kenny Rap has extended his lead on the table -- and the field -- after eliminating Patan100. Both players flopped two pair on the Qc-Ts-6s board, Kenny with the higher queens and tens and Patan100 with top and bottom, queens and sixes.

Patan100 also had the As-Ks, though, giving him the nut flush draw. Somehow Kenny dodged all those outs to catch the Th on the river, making the boat and sending Patan100 to the rail. That 28,002 pot boosts Kenny Rap to a whopping 156,111.

8:14pm--Moneymaker slips

Another WSOP Main Event champ has taken a bit of a hit from a shorter-stacked opponent. This time it was Chris "Money800" Moneymaker who suffered the setback. He slips to 28,681 as a result of this one:

8:10pm--Short stack takes small bite of Fossilman's stack

Team PokerStars pro Greg "Fossilman" Raymer raised to 750 from middle position, then mulltusha reraised to 2,700 behind him. It folded back around and Raymer called.

The flop came As-3s-3c. Fossilman checked, mulltusha bet 4,420 putting himself all in, and Fossilman called. Raymer had Ad-Qd-Jc-Tc for aces and threes, while mulltusha had Kc-Ks-6s-6h for lesser two pair and a flush draw. The turn was the 5c, but the 4s on the river saved mulltusha. That hit plus the loss of a couple of blinds knocks Raymer back down to a bit more than 13,000.

8:04pm--The flopped hand actually holds up

There are a lot of mutliway limped-in pots going on over at Table 93 lately, no a big surprise since Kenny Rap has enough chips to make anyone think twice about raising a marginal hand. Kenny's coming along for a lot of those pots, too, and that just cost him a pot that didn't affect him much but really helped one of his opponents.

Six players saw the flop come downQh-4d-3h. The action checked to Kenny Rap, who bet 900 into 1,800. LaGuiguette raised to 4,500 on the button, and Kenny responded with a re-raise to 12,300. That had LaGuiguette covered, but he called the bet with Ad-7d-4s-4h for the flopped set of fours.

Kenny Rap showed Ah-9d-8h-3d for bottom pair and the nut flush draw. The Kc-3s turn and river didn't help Kenny and LaGuiguette jumped up to 20,820.

7:59pm--Moneymaker cracks Top 20

2003 World Series of Poker Main Event champion and Team PokerStars pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker is making a good showing in today's PLO event. His current stack of 43,761 puts him right inside the top 20 at the moment with about 400 players still alive.

Moneymaker is hoping to add to his 2008 WCOOP successes here today, having already made the final table of Event No. 5, the $10,000 High-Roller No-Limit Hold'em event where he finished sixth.

Take a look at this highlight reel from Event No. 5 in which dorinvandy outlasted a tough field and final table that also included Cy-Young-award-winner-turned-poker-success Orel Hershisher!

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 5 - $10,300 NL Hold'em on PokerStars.tv

7:49pm--Chip counts at three-hour mark

Level 7
Blinds 150/300
Average chip count: 17,275
Players remaining: 403
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. Kenny Rap 145,220
2. plplaya 117,461
3. HAIKU123 72,057
4. zibanchik 66,416
5. kiiski 65,665
6. 271066 64,353
7. miraginox 63,416
8. EDUARD_II 59,833
9. head27 59,188
10. 8PsyO8 57,801

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 41,954 (19th place)
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer 23,000 (91st)

7:35pm--A not-so-merciful end

Over on Table 132, EDUARD_II has surged into the top five chip counts after two big pots, including the one that sent Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier packing.

The first hand was typical Omaha; Mazeblue led out under the gun for 700 and got a call from EDUARD_II in middle position and TheBigViking in the big blind. Mazeblue ended up all-in with Ad-As-Jc-Td after leading out for 2,200 on the Kh-Qh-Jd flop and being re-raised by EDUARD_II, who held Ah-Qd-Qc-Jh. The Js on the turn gave EDUARD_II the win with queens full.

Two hands later, EDUARD_II limped under the gun and Mercier raised to 800 in middle position. Mrdawwwe called in the cutoff, as did Paq18 in the big blind, before EDUARD_II raised to 4,200. Only Mercier called to see the Qd-8s-5h flop.

EDUARD_II led out for 10,200, and Mercier shoved for her 15,136 stack. The call came quickly with Ad-Ac-Jh-8c, which was ahead of Mercier's 7d-6d-5c-4s. When none of her outs came in, Mercier was out in 455th place.

7:30pm--Time for a break... for Kenny, anyway

If you had the chip lead, twice the stack of your nearest opponent, and ten times the average stack at this point in a WCOOP event, what would you do? After flopping the nuts for the third time in ten hands but not getting paid off, Kenny Rap decided it was time to sit out. He's certainly in no danger of being blinded away at this point.

7:20pm--You can only hope to contain him

With a stack bigger than the GDP of some small countries, Kenny Rap can afford to come into just about any pot he wants. The trouble for the rest of the the players at Table 93 is that he keeps flopping the nuts.

On the first hand of a stretch of three, Kenny Rap extracted 4,650 from tuffball after flopping Broadway with Ac-Tc-5d-2d on a Kh-Qd-Jd board that never helped his opponent any further. Kenny folded the next hand, but the third was a real doozy:

With a stack of over 140,000, Kenny Rap has now doubled second-place kiiski who has 68,865.

7:12pm--Kenny Rap on a rampage

Shortly after that earlier hand in which Kenny Rap took over the chip lead, he was involved in an even bigger hand -- a pot of 79,182, very likely the largest of the tourney thus far!

The hand began innocently enough, with several -- including Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan and Shane "shaniac" Schleger -- limping in along with Kenny Rap to see a flop of Qc-Ad-Qd. petgom bet 300, Kenny Rap called the 300, and shaniac called as well.

The turn was the Th. This time petgom bet 900, Kenny Rap called, and shaniac raised to 3,750. petgom reraised to 6,600, Kenny Rap called, and shaniac called as well.

The river brought the 5d. Schleger checked, petgom bet 21,450, leaving himself just 7,416 behind. Kenny Rap then pushed all in over the top with his big stack, forcing Schleger out. petgom called, showing Kd-Jd-7d-2h for the diamond flush. But Kenny Rap had As-Ac-4d-Qh -- he'd flopped the nuts and got paid big time.

"QT" said shaniac afterwards, indicating a pretty big laydown. Whereas petgom is done in 546th, shaniac is still here with a decent stack of 27,410 at the moment. Meanwhile, Kenny Rap is way up to 125,905, more than 40k ahead of his nearest foe.

7:03pm--Dario done

Earlier we mentioned that Dario Minieri had a shot if he could avoid a bad situation. Unfortunately he just ran into one of those, getting all-in before the flop with Ks-Kc-Qh-4c against Paq18's Ah-Ad-Qs-7c and not even coming close to hitting a helpul card on the board. He finishes in 565th place.

7:02pm--Victor's day is spoiled

Down to 9,306, Team PokerStars pro Victor Ramdin found a flop he liked and decided to go with it.

Ramdin had limped from UTG preflop, and sumrak then raised to 675. It folded back around to Ramdin who called from out of position. The flop came Qd-2d-7s. Ramdin chekced, sumrak bet 1,575, and Ramdin check-raised to 6,300. sumrak pushed back, and Ramdin was all in.

Ramdin: Qh-Jd-Th-7d
sumrak: Ad-Ac-Kd-2c

Ramdin had the advantage for the moment with his two pair. The 9d on the turn meant he was still in the lead. But the Ah on the river gave the hand to sumrak, and Ramdin is out in 566th. sumrak is up to 20,616.

6:59pm--Everybody listen to the Kenny Rap

Shortly after that hand noted previously, a short-stacked Xaston was eliminated by Kenny Rap in an exciting, multi-way hand. Holding Ad-3s-5h-Ah and staring at a As-5s-9h flop, Kenny Rap was more than ready to rumble. After this hand, he's tripped up to 74,039 and the top of the leaderboard:

6:52pm--Mercy mercy me

Isabelle Mercier just found herself on the wrong side of an A-A-x-x versus K-K-x-x battle, getting into a raising war in position against EDUARD_II before the flop. He was all-in for 9,755 and had to sweat out a flush draw Mercier picked up on the flop, but in the end the rockets held and he doubled to 19,735.

Mercier dropped to 7,071 on that hand and would fall further to 5,496 on the very next hand after declining to call during another preflop raising war, but she climbed back to 9,096 on the hand after that, getting all-in on the river for her last 3,771 on a board reading Qd-6h-Qc-Ad-7s.

Then on the fourth hand in the stretch, her preflop pair of jacks held up in a three-way pot to boost her up to 11,121. What a short, strange trip it was!

6:47pm--petgom takes big one from Xaston

With 20,625 to start the hand, Xaston raised to 600 and got two callers, including petgom who had 16,731 to begin. The flop came 4h-8c-3d. It checked to Xaston who bet 1,250, then petgom check-raised to 5,625. The third player got out, and Xaston reraised pot to 18,750. petgom called his remaining chips, showing 3c-3d-Jd-Ks for the set of treys. Xaston showed 5c-6d-7c-3s for a big straight draw.

But the turn and river both brought jacks, giving petgom the hand and a big 34,137-chip pot. Xaston falls to 3,894.

6:41pm--Chip counts at two-hour mark

Level 5
Blinds 75/150
Average chip count: 11,192
Players remaining: 622
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. styroben33 57,950
2. miraginox 57,717
3. Kenny Rap 54,430
4. HAIKU123 53,225
5. Craps4Dinner 39,380
6. Pokerccini 37,018
7. kiaser 36,939
8. Merxx 35,626
9. redddog413 34,250
10. LinusJ 34,098

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein 17,870 (90th)

6:35pm--Boat on river for Raymer

With the board showing 8h-4c-5c-Td-5h and 3,650 in the middle, Random_Acts checked and Greg "Fossilman" Raymer took a moment before betting 1,200. Random_Acts thought about it, then called. Raymer showed 10s-8d-7c-5s for tens full of fives, and pushes up to 13,800. Random_Acts now has 11,720.

6:32pm--Viva la pot limit!

One of the biggest differences between pot limit tournaments and no limit tournament is the lack of antes in pot limit. That means that playing tight has less of an effect on one's stack every round, as Jon "PearlJammer" Turner's stack reflects right now.

Turner has taken down only 5 pots in the last 50 contested at Table 7, none worth more than 1,250, and yet he's crusing right along with 11,360 - a stack that's just above average. When he picks up a big hand and a shorter stack gets desperate, Turner should be in great shape to build his stack even further.

6:30pm--Stars fade into the night

Several Team PokerStars pros have been eliminated here during this second hour of play, including Luca Pagano (736th place), Lee Nelson (737th), Katja Thater (753rd), and Humberto Brenes (859th).

6:25pm--Isabelle takes one down

peeks33 is no longer playing in this event, thanks to his elimination at the hands of Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier.

Rabscuttle opened the betting for 300 in the hijack, a bet which peeks33 raised to 1,000 from the small blind. Mercier responded in the big blind with a raise to 3,300, which cleared Rabscuttle out of the way. peeks33 thought for a few seconds and made the call.

Once the flop came down Js-8h-6s, he moved all-in after a second or two of thought. Mercier called quickly, showing Ah-Ac-6c-3h to peeks33's Ks-Kh-Th-9h. NoMercy dodged the straight outs and even hit another ace on the river, giving her a set and the 13,036 pot. She now has 19,801 in her stack.

6:20 pm--Greenstein jumps up the leaderboard

Barry "barryg1" Greenstein is rolling over his table right now, up to 19,170 after two nice pots. The first was worth an amazing 14,100:

After that, Greenstein picked up another 3,600 pot against SumadA when he hit a set of sevens on the river and his opponent made a crying call of 1,200.

6:14pm--Big stacks getting bigger

Our chip leaders are surging past the 50K milestone as we careen through Level 4. Currently HAIKU123 sits atop the leaderboard with 70,036, with styroben33 the nearest competitor with 54,944.

6:03pm--All quiet on Table 132

Dario Minieri seems to have found the brakes after flying around the track for the entire first hour. While he has entered a few pots here and there, he's not raising four out of five hands anymore and is sitting on a stack of 5,357.

Tablemate Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier has been pretty quiet too, but she did claim one pot worth 1,400 from Mrdawwwe to get up to 12,533.

5:48pm--You're nuts!

It's been said many times that Omaha is a game of the nuts -- and Barry Greenstein just proved it.

The action was six ways to the Js-5c-2c flop after four limpers came in. Greenstein led out for 320 in middle position and thematheus and SumadA both called behind him. He again led out, this time for 1,040, on the 3c turn; again, both opponents called him.

When the river brought the 7s, Greenstein bet 2,640 into the 4,560 pot. thematheus called but SumadA folded. Greenstein showed Ac-Qs-9c-2d for the nut flush, a pip better than thematheus' Ks-Kc-8c-4c, and claimed the 9,840 in the middle.

5:44pm--Crunching the numbers

Total number of entrants: 1,223
Total still alive at the first break: 885
Total number of rebuys (for 2,000) during Levels 1-2: 756
Total number of add-ons (for 4,000) during add-on period: 751

That makes for a total prize pool of $546,000 -- an average of a little more than $446 per entrant. The top 180 finishers will get paid today, with first prize being worth $98,280.

5:42pm--Drawing Dario

It's a good thing for Dario Minieri that the add-on was worth 4,000 - he lost the last pot before the break chasing a queen-high flush draw. He got there on the turn but peeks33 had the king-high draw, dropping Minieri to just 1,059 as the break began. He took that add-on to get back up to 5,059, and after some aggressive play early in the second hour is back up over 7k.

5:39pm--Do or die for Raymer in last hand of rebuy period

In the very last hand of Level 2, Greg "Fossilman" Raymer picked up a nice pot of 6,680. On a flop of Kd-Qd-Th, Raymer had gotten his entire stack of 2,180 in the middle against two competitors, marduk50 and Laph. marduk had flopped Broadway with Ah-Kh-Jd-5s, Laph had flopped a set with Qs-Qh-9c-2c, and Raymer had a diamond flush draw with Ad-Kc-4c-3d. The turn was the 7s, but the river was the 8d and Raymer took the pot.

Raymer added on, too, pushing his stack to more than 10,000 as we begin Level 3.

5:37pm--Chip counts at one-hour mark

Level 3
Blinds 40/80
Average chip count: 7,866
Players remaining: 885
First prize: $98,280

Top ten chip counts:
1. KNtheKid 22,070
2. HAIKU123 19,400
3. Fresh43 19,170
4. styroben33 18,705
5. PaoloQQ 18,690
6. elmasmacho 18,225
7. HelmetSky 18,100
8. aj66johnson 17,980
9. Mikki31 17,830
10. idolaf 17,790

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Luca Pagano 13,560 (50th)

5:28pm--Big Riskky out before first break

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements, still working from his original 2,000, had 3,150 and put all of his chips on the line in a huge four-way preflop all-in with tibster, Roxie Hart, and TuggiGumma. In that one, Clements' double-suited hand (8h-Qd-3d-Ah) ended up falling flat, and he was forced to rebuy.

About one orbit later, Clements got involved in another big pot with Roxie Hart, and this time his tourney life was on the line. Roxie Hart had raised to 210, Clements reraised to 720, and Roxie Hart called. The flop came 2h-5s-Kh, and when Roxie Hart checked, Clements quickly pushed his remaining 1,045 all in. Roxie Hart called.

Clements showed Ah-As-9s-7c for the over pair, and was in sad shape against Roxie Hart's Jc-5c-5d-4d -- a set of fives. The turn was the 4c and the river the Qs, and Clements is out in 920th. Roxie Hart has 3,885.

5:22pm--Another river, another pot for Barry

Barry Greenstein didn't have much luck in WCOOP Event #15 today, finding himself out of the game after his early round match with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier ended when ElkY caught a gutshot straight. He's doing much better in our PLO event here, though, now sitting on 8,440 after another draw gone right.

DTheStudentJ limped in for 60 in the hijack before calling a 240 Greenstein raise out of the big blind. Greenstein led out for 540 on the 7h-5d-3d flop and his opponent made the call. Greenstein bet the 1,620 pot on the 2c turn and then called another 220 to put DTheStudentJ all-in.

The flop had been good for Greenstein's Jd-6d-5s-3s, giving him two pair, but DTheStudentJ liked his straight even better with Ac-6h-4h-3c. That all changed when the 5c came on the river, giving Greenstein the 5,300 pot and sending DTheStudentJ home.

5:20pm--1,223 come out for PLO event

We're 10 minutes away from the first break and the add-on period. Registration has now closed. Our official tally -- 1,223 entrants. The prize pool won't be determined until after the add-on period.

5:15pm--Mauled by a Bear

Barry Greenstein is back in good shape again after a nice pot.

DTheStudentJ and buttaz289 limped in for 60 and Greenstein raised to 330 in the cutoff. DTheStudentJ raised to 1,140, getting a call from the Team PokerStars Pro. The Js-Tc-3s flop was just the sort of configuration he was looking for, so he called off his remaining 1,280 when his opponent put him all-in.

Greenstein's Jh-9c-8h-7s jumped ahead of DTheStudentJ's As-Ad-Kc-5c with the 8c on the turn, and then dodged the club flush on the river when the 4d hit. The 4,990 slid over to the Bear to give him some more ammunition for his attacks on his tablemates.

5:15pm--The perils of flopping top set

Good thing Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes didn't rebuy early on. With the board showing 4s-5c-Jd, marantz bet pot (520), Mikki31 reraised pot (to 2,340), and Brenes called with his stack of 1,500. marantz reraised again, and Mikki31 called all in as well.

Mikki31: 2s-3d-5s-As
Humberto B.: Ah-Ks-Jc-Js
marantz: 5h-4c-6h-3c

Brenes had flopped top set, but was going to have to outlast a couple of drawing hands. The turn was the Ts, making life even more uncomfortable for Brenes as Mikki31 had the nut flush draw, too. Then the river brought the 3h, giving Mikki31 the wheel and the hefty 9,720-chip pot. Brenes has now taken his rebuy.

5:12 pm--He can't slow down

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri is back up to 5,451, never having taken his foot off the gas up to this point. He took all of EDUARD_II's chips with a flopped set of threes that held up against his opponent's full wrap, claiming a 2,748 pot, and then bullied Isabelle Mercier for a small chunk of chips with a pot raise before the flop. (EDUARD_II has rebought.)

Given that Minieri's stack swings like a pendulum, you have to wonder if he would fall over if he ever stayed still.

5:09pm--Barry gets Jammed

teyger opened the action by limping under the gun for 60, allowing Barry Greenstein to raise to 270 in middle position. Jon "PearlJammer" Turner made it 930 to go from the small blind and only Greenstein called.

The flop came down Jd-2d-2h and Turner fired out 1,980. That only left him with 1,150, which Greenstein raised to put his opponent all-in. Turner called with As-Ad-Td-3d for a pair of aces and the nut flush draw, while Greenstein showed Js-Tc-9d-8d for a pair of jacks and the weaker flush draw. The 7s-5c turn and river couldn't help Greenstein, dropping him to 2,240 and putting Turner on 8,240.

5:06pm--The Super Dario Show

Dario Minieri is back up again in another classic flopped-hand-vs.-drawing-hand pot. His Ts-9s-8h-6c had a lot of ways to improve on the Jh-6s-5s flop, good enough reason for him to check-raise all-in over the top of EDUARD_II's pot-sized bet of 460.

EDUARD_II called and was ahead with 8d-6h-5c-3d for bottom two pair. The Qd on the turn gave Minieri even more outs for straights, but the 8s on the river gave him the flush -- and the 3,462 pot.

5:04pm--NoMercy doesn't let up

Team PokerStars pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier is now up to 4,860 thanks to constant aggression. She bet the pot pre-flop and on the Kh-Jc-5c flop but couldn't hake peeks33, who had limped in before her. He finally relented when the 4d came on the turn and his check brought another pot-sized bet of 1,260 from Mercier.

5:00pm--I can buy these chips or I can just take 'em from you

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements, owner of a couple of WSOP bracelets in Omaha games (one in PLO), didn't take the rebuy early on, deciding instead to gamble for those extra chips.

Just now he got it all in vs. MC_Ivan on a flop of Kh-Td-5s. Big Riskky showed Ac-Ks-Qs-Tc for top two, while MC_Ivan had Kc-Qc-Jh-9s for a pair plus a wrap draw. The turn and river both brought aces, giving Clements a full house and the 4,570-chip pot. MC_Ivan, down to just 355, has now taken his rebuy.

4:56pm--Ten on the river

Over on Table 7, Barry "barryg1" Greenstein limped in second to act and built a six-way pot to the Ad-Jd-7d flop. teyger led out from the big blind for 80, which Greenstein called. SumadA raised to 560 in the cutoff, clearing everybody but Greenstein out of the pot. When the Ts came on the turn, Greenstein check-called the pot bet of 1,440 from SumadA.

When the Th came on the river, Greenstein moved all-in for 1,560. SumadA, smelling aces full, let the hand go and left himself with 2,380. Greenstein, meanwhile, moved up to 5,880.

4:53pm--Let's try this again, says Raymer

Random_Acts had limped in from the button, Greg "Fossilman" Raymer completed from the small blind, and marduk50 checked his option in the BB. The flop came 4s-Ks-Th. The blinds checked, and Random_Acts bet the pot -- 120. Raymer then check-raised pot to 400 total. marduk50 scampered away, and Random_Acts called.

The turn was the 8h. Fossilman bet 920, Random_Acts reraised all in to 1,640, and Raymer called with his last 460.

Fossilman: Tc-7d-Jh-Td
Random_Acts: 2s-Kh-Kd-9c

Both had flopped sets, but Random_Acts had the better one. The river was the Qd, and Random_Acts was up to 3,940. Meanwhile, Raymer has taken his one rebuy.

4:47pm--It never takes long

When Dario Minieri is at the table, action can't be too far away - especially in an action game like PLO. The Italian pro has already been up to 7,750 after two knockouts in the early going, but is back under his starting stack now.

In the first pot, Minieri's Qh-Jd-Tc-9s flopped a straight after calling a raise from the small blind. The Kh-Qs-Js board gave EasyPots a set with Kc-Qc-Qd-3d, and all the rest of his stack got in the middle. The board didn't pair and Minieri took down the 3,840 pot to move up to 5,440.

Then TheBigViking limped in middle position and Minieri raised to 180. All the other players folded and TheBigViking called. All the money got in on the Jd-Ts-7h flop, leaving The BigViking all-in with Ad-Jc-Td-5c against Minieri's Kd-Qc-9c-7c. The 3s on the turn left TheBigViking ahead, but Minieri caught the 7d on the river to take the pot.

But Minieri only has one gear - GO! - and with twice as many cards to make a hand there was absolutely no doubt the was going to continue to try to build a big stack by getting aggressive and playing as many hands as possible. He managed to flop big in the small blind, catching a set of tens, but EDUARD_II had flopped a straight from the big blind when the board came Td-8d-6c.

That left Minieri with 4,940, but he would fall even further. He opened the action in middle position for 140 and peeks33 called from the cutoff. Minieri check-called a bet of 160 on the Td-3d-3h flop, and both players checked the Kd on the turn.

Minieri checked the 2h river and peeks33 bet 333; that brought a check-raise from Minieri to 1,659, which peeks33 called. Minieri showed Ac-Kc-Ts-5s for two pair, but peeks33 took the 3,978 pot with Qs-3s-Qd-6d for the flush.

One more hand with a fold on the flop to Rabscuttle took the Italian down to 1,701, where he sits right now. In the meantime, tablemate Isabelle Mercier still has 4,000.

4:42pm--To rebuy or not to rebuy?

Other Team PokerStars pros here today include Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes, and Marcin "Goral" Horecki. Looks like Raymer and Brenes have opted not to rebuy here at the start, while Horecki did immediately buy the extra 2,000 chips.

Unfortunately for Horecki, he has already lost 1,000 of those extra chips, slipping to 3,000 here in the early going after dropping a chunk to MC_Ivan.

First impression looking at the numbers: of the nearly 1,200 entrants we have at the moment, it looks like less than half (about 500) have rebought here in the early going.

4:39pm--Wild and woolly

Registration remains open for today's event. Currently we have 1,150 entrants (and rising), although 30 of those have already busted out here inside of the first ten minutes of play.

4:33pm--For your eyes only

We've got our eyes on two tables with several players who should be interesting to follow today. Over on Table 132, Dario Minieri is joined at the table by fellow Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier. Meanwhile, Barry "barryg1" Greenstein is in action on Table 7 alongside Jon "PearlJammer" Turner.

4:30pm--Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are in the air for today's $215 PLO event. Players will be allowed one rebuy during the rebuy period (the first two levels, or one hour), then they will be given the option to buy one add-on during that first break. Players start with 2,000 chips, and must be at that or below in order to rebuy during the rebuy period. The rebuy gets you 2,000 for $200, and the add-on 4,000, also for $200.

9:00am--WCOOP Event #16 kicks off at 4:30pm

It's just a few hours until we get a taste of some crazy PLO action on a WCOOP Friday Night. Players get one rebuy and one add-on in the Pot-Limit Omaha event. Come back here for full coverage once the event begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP