WCOOP: Duthie looks back on high-roller event

by John Duthie

Having busted on level 4 of this tourney making a move with 4,6 suited it was great to watch the players whose patience, timing and skill managed to get them to the final 10.

This looked like a very interesting line-up with our old friend 'Money800' (Chris Moneymaker) joined by Jonathan Little (jcardshark), dorinvandy,DuckU ,purplEUROS, Glen Chorny (chornon),gbmantis,O.Hershiser and #1PEN all vying for a share of the huge prize-pool, but with their sites firmly on the $618,000 first prize.

With a tidy 22.5K sitting in the middle you could just sense the desire to steal it from pretty much any position (long gone are the days when you only steal the blinds in the cut-off and on the button) and we saw a few raise-steals then re-steals (one assumes) pretty much every hand. It was certainly rarely folded round to the blinds as one would expect at this standard of poker. Without seeing the hands it was difficult to say exactly what was going on as no one in particular seemed to be getting busy and the chip leader was being pretty patient, so it was all pretty much about position and timing.

The first significant hand and indeed elimination happened when Hershiser raised pre-flop and was called by Jonathan Little in the cut-off who had slightly more chips. On a flop of 8d,6c,Kd Hershisher must have thought his Aces were good and was probably given even more re-assurance when the 2d came on the turn strengthening his hand with the nut flush draw. Sadly for Hershisher, Little had flopped a set of 6's and the river paired the board thereby sealing his demise. Pretty cruel getting aces cracked on the final table.

With Little up to nearly 1.5 million dorinvandy's dominance now seemed threatened. That is until the second crucial turning point in the game happened. Usually, chip leaders avoid each other in poker tournaments, but because we all think that, maybe Little and dorinvandy were using this against each other and got entangled in a massive pot with Little holding A,5 and dorinvandy 4,5 suited. Now, I haven't got the replay of this hand so can't remember the exact betting or indeed flop, but all I do remember is dorinvandy making an all-in move on the river when Little still had about 1.4 m left in chips and was having to make the call of his life. It looked to me like a steal from dorinvandy but could Little call with a few overcards on the board and just holding bottom pair. Well he did make this hero-call, but dorinvandy had flopped 2-pair, 4's and 5's and was over-betting, representing a bluff, to try to get a bigger pair to call. Little's genius and bravery just got the better of him on this particular day.

With well over 5 million chips now it looked like the others were playing for 2nd place and indeed the final positions ended:

1st dorinvandy
2nd DuckU
3rd Choron
4th gbmantis
5th Money800

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP