WCOOP Event #10 Razz Live Blog

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8:58am - dinho_style takes down Event #10, oneftwons finishes 2nd

dinho_style had been slowly but surely grinding down the stack of oneftwons. The beginning of the end began with dinho_style bringing it in with a 6. oneftwons only had about 300K and completed to 50K with a 2. He caught a Q while dinho_style caught a 5 and fired 50K. oneftwons raised to 100K, dinho_style re-raised to 150K, oneftwons hit it again for 200K and dinho_style called. oneftwons, who had only 49,430 remaining, caught a 9 on fifth street. dinho_style caught an A and bet. oneftwons committed his last chips to the pot. When the cards ran out, oneftwons held T-7-2-Q-9-K-8 for a T-9 low. dinho_style held J-3-6-5-A-A-7 for a 7-6 low to take the pot and the tournament. oneftwons earned $24,858.40 for his second place finish. dinho_style earned $43,096.48 and a WCOOP bracelet for his victory.

8:48am - Razz rollercoaster

dinho_style has now taken a commanding chip lead over oneftwons. In a key hand, dinho_style picked up an 810,000 chip pot with a slightly better 9-low than that of oneftwons. How slight is slightly? Try a 9-8-5-2-A against a 9-8-6-2-A. That hand put dinho_style at a 5/1 chip advantage.

8:41am - How quickly the tides turn

dinho_style has held the chip lead for quite a while and has been taunting the other players with comments like "SHIP IT FISH" in the chat box. Then this happened...

dinho_style brought it in for 15K with a 2 and oneftwons completed to 50K with an A. dinho_style called and fourth street brought both players an 8. oneftwons lead for 50K and dinho_style called. Fifth brought oneftwons a T and dinho_style a 4. He fired 100K and oneftwons called. Sixth street delivered another 4 for dinho_style, pairing him up. oneftwons caught a K and checked. dinho_style bet 100K and got called. On the river, oneftwons lead for 100K and dinho_style called. oneftwons showed 3-7-A-8-T-K-4 for an 8-7 low. dinho_style mucked his hand. oneftwons picked up the 810k pot and the chip lead.

8:22am - Chip counts at end of hour 14

Level 29
Stakes 50,000/100,000 Ante 5,000
Average stack: 1,932,000
Players remaining: 2

Chip counts:

1. dinho_style 2,444,570
2. oneftwons 1,419,430

8:18am - The Sun has set

After surrendering a 652K pot to dinho_style on the river, SunTzu7076 was down to about 400K. He raised to 40K with a 7 and dinho_style raised to 80K with a 3. SunTzu7076 called and picked up a 5 while dinho_style caught an A. dinho_style bet 40K and SunTzu7076 called. Both players added a Q to their boards on fifth. dinho_style again bet (80k) and SunTzu7076 called. Sixth brought a 9 for dinho_style and a 4 for SunTzu7076, who lead out for 80K. dinho_style raised to 160K and SunTzu7076 moved in for 198,955. dinho_style called, showing 5-2-3-A-Q-9-4 for the rivered wheel. SunTzu7076 showed 8-6-7-5-Q-4-2 for an inadequate 7-6 low. dinho_style picked up the 821,910 pot and SunTzu7076 picked up $16,744 for 3rd place.

8:10am - May we suggest WCOOP Event #14?

Razz players often bemoan the fact that they are dealt monster Stud hands which, of course, are no good in Razz. Here's what one player at our final table had to say:

SunTzu7076: 4th time i've had rolled up kkk this tourney...

If you're looking to catch those types of hands in an environment where it matters, Event #14 7-Card Stud kicks off at 4:30pm ET on Thursday, September 14. For a complete listing of the WCOOP events, check out the WCOOP homepage.

8:06am - Stylin'

dinho_style completed for 40k with a 6 and oneftwons called. After waiting for SunTzu7076 to time out, both players caught a J on fourth street. oneftwons bet and dinho_style called. Fifth street brought dinho_style a 4 and oneftwons a 3. Again oneftwons fired (80k) and dinho_style called. Sixth street paired dinho_style's 6 and paired oneftwons' J. This time dinho_style fired 80k and oneftwons called. With 584K in the pot, both checked the river. dinho_style showed 8-3-6-J-4-6-9 for a 9-8 low. oneftwons mucked his hand and was down to 503K. dinho_style chipped up to more than 2 million.

7:58am - No chop for you

With play three-handed, one of the players suggested a chop. One of the players nixed that idea pretty quickly, so we'll continue on in level 28 where the stakes are 40,000/80,000 with a 4,000 ante.

7:49am - txopt eliminated in 4th place ($10,948)

You play the WCOOP Razz event for more than 15 hours. You make the final table. Then you start to see hand after hand of bricks or second best. Next thing you know, you only have 117,580 in chips when betting levels are 30,000/60,000. Where do you go from there? If you would have asked txopt, here's the answer you would have received:

txopt: looks like I have one more hand left in me
txopt: here goes nothing

oneftwons capped the betting before fourth street, and SunTzu7076 made the call with txopt all-in. txopt's board ran out 5-6-2-K, but he had nothing to go with it. Well, nothing that could beat oneftwons' 7-5-4-3-2. txopt collected $10,948 for his 4th place finish.

7:47am - Good boy

likomaboy was left with only 30k after tangling in a pot with chip leader dinho_style. He was down to only 24,280 when he finally decided to call all-in with a 4 in the door. oneftwons had completed to 30k with a 3 and dinho_style called with an A. The other two players continued to build a side pot until sixth street. oneftwons was showing 3-K-6-7 and bet 60k. dinho_style showed A-6-9-8 and decided to fold, surrendering the side pot to oneftwons who held 4-2-9 in the hole for a 7-6 low. likomaboy held T-3-4-T-K-K-9 for a K-low, which was not low enough. oneftwons took the main pot, too. likomaboy finished 5th for $5,796.

7:26am - No pot for scotty

scottyno was hit with the bring-in, showing a 7. dinho_style and SunTzu7076 both made the call. SunTzu7076 drew best on fourth with a 9, but scottyno was still in the hunt with a T. dinho_style hit a Queen and folded after a bet and a call. scottyno picked up a wheel card 5 on fifth to SunTzu7076's 7. A raising war ensued, with scottyno ending up all-in. This is how the boards looked going into sixth:

scottyno: A-4-7-T-5
SunTzu7076: 3-J-6-9-7

SunTzu7076 needed to catch an 8 or better to overtake scottyno in the hand. Neither player improved when scottyno hit a Q and SunTzu hit a J on sixth. That pesky river, however, gave SunTzu7076 an 8 for the win. scottyno is our 6th place finisher, collecting $4,894.40 in the process.

7:18am - Chip counts at end of hour 13

Level 27
Stakes 30,000/60,000 Ante 3,000
Average stack: 644,000
Players remaining: 6

Chip counts:

1. dinho_style 1,148,330
2. oneftwons 1,027,315
3. txopt 605,490
4. SunTzu7076 521,912
5. likomaboy 361,910
6. scottyno 199,043

7:15am - That's a bad beat, bud

likomaboy completed to 25k with a 4 showing and bad_beat_bud raised to 50k with a 2 in the door. Everyone else got out of the way and likomaboy hit it again to the tune of 75k. bad_beat_bud shoved for 94,586 and likomaboy made the call, showing A-7-4. bad_beat_bud was ahead with 5-3-2, but bricked out with 2-Q-8-J for a J-8 low. likomaboy caught K-5-J-K for a slightly better J-7 low to take the pot. bad_beat_bud finished in 7th place, good for $3,992.80.

7:07am - Riding in style

dinho_style has been cruising through the final table. For a player who was all-in for his tournament life just before the final table bubble burst, he has certainly made the best of it these last few levels. dinho_style just took down a 325,000 chip pot from SunTzu7076 with a Jack-low. SunTzu7076 expressed his frustration in the chatbox.

SunTzu7076: 234525q
SunTzu7076: siiiick

dinho_style now has 1,140,830 in chips.

6:58am - Forget the Art of War, this is the Art of Razz

SunTzu7076 had the bring-in with a K, then bad_beat_bud completed to 25,000 with a 6. oneftwons called with a 3, as did SunTzu. bad_beat_bud caught a 9 and led out for 25,000. oneftwons caught a K and folded, then SunTzu7076, who had picked up an A, made the call. Fifth street brought bad_beat_bud an 8 and SunTzu7076 a 5. bad_beat_bud fired 50,000, SunTzu7076 raised to 100,000 and bad_beat_bud called. Sixth street dealt bad_beat_bud a 4 and SunTzu7076 a 2. Again the action was bet-raise-call. On the river, bad_beat_bud check-called a 50,000 bet from SunTzu7076, who showed 4-3-J for the wheel. bad_beat_bud mucked his hand and SunTzu7076 dragged the 642,500 pot. That hand propelled SunTzu7076 over the million chip mark.

6:36am - Raoeoiku eliminated in 8th place ($3,220.00)

Raoeoiku found himself the short-stack at the final table and completed to 20,000 with a 6 on board. scottyno three-bet to 40,000 with an A and Raoeoiku hit it again to the tune of 60,000. scottyno made the call and caught a 7, firing 20,000. Raoeoiku caught a K and called. scottyno caught a J to Raoeoiku's A on fifth street and checked; Raoeoiku bet 40k and scottyno made the call. Sixth street brought bricks for both players: scottyno paired his J and Raoeoiku picked up a Q. That didn't slow him down, however, as Raoeoiku fired 40,000, leaving himself with just 64,284 behind. scottyno raised to 80,000 and Raoeoiku went ahead and moved in for 104,284 total. Raoeoiku held 2-5-6-K-A-Q (Q-6 low) and would have to improve on the river to beat scottyno's 5-3-A-7-J-J (J-7 low). scottyno caught a T and improved to T-7, but Raoeoiku caught a J which wasn't good enough and he was busted. 8th place earned him $3,220.

6:13am - the WINNER eliminated in 9th place ($2,704.80), final table set

The final table was set shortly after the break when the WINNER was eliminated in 9th place. He started the hand with only 30,763 in chips and elected to take a stand with an Ace in the door. likomaboy was his sole competitor. The boards ran out as follows:

likomaboy: J-3-5-3-4-6-A
the WINNER: 8-4-A-8-J-8-6

Trips may be a great hand in Stud, but that's not going to cut it in Razz. the Winner collected $2,704.80 for his efforts, and the remaining competitors breathed a sigh of relief at making the final table. Who will take down the $43,096.48 first prize? It will be one of the players shown below.

WCOOP Event 10 Final Table.jpg

Click image for full version

6:02am - Chip counts at end of hour 12

Level 25
Stakes 20,000/40,000 Ante 2,000
Average stack: 429,222
Players remaining: 9

Chip counts:

1. oneftwons 740,085
2. SunTzu7076 588,982
3. txopt 560,990
4. dinho_style 523,830
5. bad_beat_bud 519,477
6. scottyno 486,259
7. Raoeoiku 238,284
8. likomaboy 167,330
9. the WINNER 38,763

5:49am - Hand for hand play continues

The two short-stacks in the field, the WINNER and Raoeioku, continue to pick up pots at the right time to stay alive. Meanwhile, the bigger stacks must be questioning what they need to do to eliminate one more player and get to the final table. Currently, SunTzu7076 and dinho_style are at the top of the leaderboard with more than 600K in chips.

5:28am - MrTompa eliminated in 10th place ($2,704.80)

MrTompa had been bleeding chips for a while and finally got his last chips in on third street showing a 4 (with two callers). Raoeoiku dropped out on fifth showing 6-K-J. SunTzu7076 showed 8-7-2-9-6-5-5 to make an 8-7 low to beat MrTompa's 2-5-4-J-J-K-7 (J-7 low) and send him to bed. MrTompa finished in 10th place, earning $2,704.80.

After one more elimination, the final table will be set.

5:14am - krex eliminated in 11th place ($2,704.80)

After taking a hit the hand before, krex pushed his last chips into the middle after fourth street. Both the WINNER and dinho_style (also a short-stack) were in the hand for a side pot. krex couldn't hit a hand that could beat dinho_style's 7-6-4-3-2 and was eliminated in 11th place.

With all of the action in the side pot, dinho_style chipped up from 130,688 to 281,551. That seemed to start a positive trend for dinho_style, as he also won the next pot worth 249,600.

5:09am - pkrmanjan eliminated in 12th place ($2,704.80)

After getting his stack crippled by SunTzu7076 on an earlier hand, pkrmanjan go his last chips in on third street with A-2-T. SunTzu7076 was once again his nemesis, starting out with 7-3-7. When the cards ran out, pkrmanjan held A-2-T-2-4-J-3 for a T-perfect. Not good enough, however, as SunTzu held 7-3-7-3-A-4-8, catching runner-runner-runner to make an 8-7 low to take the pot. pkrmanjan took 12th place and $2,704.80.

4:58am - bad_beat_bud jumps to 700K in chips

bad_beat_bud picked up the first big pot after the break. he called the WINNER's raise to 12,000 showing an 8 to the WINNER's 2. bad_beat_bud caught a 3 to the WINNER's 9, and both players continued to fifth street. Both players picked up Broadway cards, but that didn't stop a raising war from ensuing. After getting in three bets each, bad_beat_bud picked up a T, and the WINNER paired his 9. Bet-call on sixth street and another bet-call on the river resulted in a 298,800-chip pot. bad_beat_bud's 8-5-4-3-2 was best, moving him to 708,398 in chips.

4:51am - Chip counts at end of hour 11

Level 23
Stakes 12,000/24,000 Ante 1,000
Average stack: 322,000
Players remaining: 12

Top ten chips:

1. SunTzu7076 587,859
2. bad_beat_bud 516,398
3. oneftwons 495,029
4. MrTompa 381,294
5. the WINNER 354,121
6. likomaboy 314,130
7. Raoeoiku 303,265
8. txopt 244,990
9. scottyno 230,659
10. krex 216,535

4:39am - thetight eliminated in 13th place ($2,241.12)

thetight raised each street until he was all-in with A-3-5-2-9 against the WINNER, who already had him beat with 4-7-3-2-8. thetight needed a card 8 or lower that didn't pair him, but he caught 5-K and his 9-low was the best he could do. the WINNER caught 6-K and improved his hand to a 7-6 to take the pot. thetight finished in 13th place, earning $2,241.12.

4:30am - RBEX eliminated in 14th place ($2,241.12)

With a 1,000 ante and stakes of 10,000/20,000, RBEX had a tough road ahead of him with a 67,786 chip stack. Showing a 5, RBEX raised. bad_beat_bud two-bet with an 8, and RBEX three-bet. Both players caught low cards on fourth and fifth streets, with RBEX leading the betting each time. RBEX paired his 5 on sixth street but only had 6,786 left when bad_beat_bud bet 20,000. RBEX already had two-pair with A-3-5-3-8-5 and could only muster up a Jack on the river. bad_beat_bud already made an 8-7 by sixth street, which sent RBEX to the rail with $2,241.12.

4:27am - Nearly da Nutz

daNutz15 got his last chips in on the river showing 2-K-5-Q against txopt, who showed 3-5-9-8. When they revealed their downcards, daNutz showed 3-A-J. By fifth street he held four of five nut cards, but couldn't catch anything but paint, ending up with a J-5 low. txopt revealed 2-7-T for an 8-7 low to take the pot, sending daNutz15 to bed with 15th place and $2,241.12.

4:17am - Displeased eliminated in 16th place ($2,241.12)

Displeased found himself all-in on third street with 4-T-3 against daNutz15, who held A-2-3 (da current nutz). By fifth street, daNutz held A-2-3-6-5 and Displeased was drawing slim with 4-T-3-J-2. His last two cards came 7-3 and that was not good enough to beat daNutz15. Displeased finished in 16th place, earning $2,241.12.

4:11am - Final two tables

With the elimination of Kid Nebraska in 17th place, we're now down to the final two tables in Event #10.

4:09am - Later, Jeff

JEFFREG got his short-stack all-in against oneftwons. When the cards ran out, Jeff ended up with a Q-9 and oneftwons bested him with a T-low. JEFFREG finished in 18th place earning $1,932.

4:07am - Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Short-stacked at 81,980 to start the hand, the WINNER picked up a timely pot to climb back to 144,380. the WINNER had to make a tough call on the river with a Jack-low, but it bested likomaboy's King-low.

4:03am - likomaboy stompin' on MrTompa and RBEX

likomaboy just took down a big from MrTompa and RBEX, showing a 7-6-5-4-2. Action was bet on every street, with RBEX folding on the river and only MrTompa making the call. likomaboy now has 392,730 in chips.

4:00am - Not da nuts, but good enough

DaNutz15 fired on every street and got the calls from pkrmanjan, building a 136,000 pot. daNutz showed a 7-5 low to take the pot. pkrmanjan mucked and was left with only 16,604.

3:49am - Chip counts at end of hour ten

Level 21
Stakes 8,000/16,000 Ante 800
Average stack: 184,000
Players remaining: 21

Top ten chips:

1. txopt 360,970
2. dinho_style 337,272
3. bad_beat_bud 273,792
4. krex 264,935
5. oneftwons 249,415
6. MrTompa 225,694
7. Raoeoiku 224,665
8. likomaboy 208,803
9. SunTzu7076 207,003
10. scottyno 196,459

3:45am - Another one bites the dust

A short-stacked oldegreybehr committed his last chips to the pot on fourth street with 8-A-7-7. Unfortunately he was already behind dinho_style's 5-4-6-4. When the cards ran out, oldegreybehr ended up with an 8-7 but was beat by dinho's 7-6. oldegreybehr earned 22nd place and $1,932. dinho_style chipped up to 375,000.

3:39am - bad_beat_bud continues to chip away at the WINNER

bad_beat_bud has taken down another large pot against the WINNER to move to 357,792 in chips. This time, his 6-5 was strong enough to drag a 114,000 chip pot.

3:34am - Maybe next time

Filthy999 got his last chips in against SunTzu7076, who made an 8-6 low to take the 81,680 pot, sending Filthy999 to bed in 24th place. On the next hand, SunTzu picked up a 42,000 pot to claim 7th place on the leaderboard.

oneftwons made a wheel to claim a 102,600 chip pot from oldegreybehr, who was left short-stacked with about 80,000 chips (roughly half the average).

3:26am - bad_beat_bud has the winner

Catching up with action after fourth street, we watched a three-way pot brew among bad_beat_bud, the WINNER and MrTompa. On fifth street, the boards were as follows:

bad_beat_bud: x-x-8-A-3
MrTompa: x-x-5-4-K
the WINNER: x-x-2-9-6

bad_beat_bud bet 12,000, folding MrTompa, but the WINNER remained in contention for the pot. bad_beat_bud contined to catch well on sixth street with a 7, and the WINNER was dealt a Queen. Another bet and a call on sixth street and the river, resulted in a showdown of 7-6-3-2-A from bad_beat_bud and a muck from the WINNER. bad_beat_bud won 132,600 in the hand.

3:22am - txopt cracks 400,000

In a hand between chip leader txopt and SunTzu7076, SunTzu7076 showed T-9-7-4 and checked. txopt showed 5-Q-6-8 and bet. SunTzu7076 made the call and collected his river card, checking again. txopt fired another 12,000 bet and this time SunTzu7076 folded. txopt collected the 87,600 pot. On the next hand, txopt tangled with Displeased and collected a 125,000 pot with an 8-5 low. With those two pots, txopt crossed the 400,000-chip mark, which is approximately 100,000 greater than the next largest stack.

3:14am - Short-stacks hanging on

Filthy999 got all-in against Displeased and made a 7-6 low to beat Displeased's 9-7 low. Filthy doubled up to more than 44,000.

JEFFREG got his chips in the middle against oldgreybehr and came out the other side with a wheel to double up to more than 86,000 chips.

3:12am - Hoss heads for the barn

Early chip leader Hoss_TBF and Raoeoiku got 5 bets each in on third street and then Hoss was all-in on fourth. With the hole cards exposed, Hoss held 4-5-2-2 to Raoeoiku's 3-8-4-5. Things went downhill from there for Hoss as his cards ran out T-K-K giving him a King-low. Raoeoiku caught Q-6-x and his 8-6 low was good to take the 84,000 chip pot and send Hoss to the barn in 30th place.

3:06am - The King of Nebraska

Kid Nebraska just took down a 68,500 pot with a King-low. slapshot3000 completed the bet to 5,000, and Kid Nebraska called with an 8. likomaboy called as well. Showing an 8-6 on fourth, slapshot3000 bet again, folding likomaboy. Kid Nebraska decided to peel one off, showing 8-K. Still ahead on fifth with 8-6-J, slapshot3000 bet again. Kid Nebraska picked up a 4 and decided to stay in the hand. On sixth, Kid Nebraska paired his 4, and slapshot3000 picked up a 7. After another bet and a call, the river was checked by both players. When Kid Nebraska opened up his K-8-4-3-A, slapshot3000 mucked.

3:01am - Chip leader bullys the table

Rode Orm completed the bet (5,000) with a 6 and got called by chip leader dinho_style who showed a 5. Rode bet again with a K on fourth when dinho paired the 5 and got called again. On fifth, Rode Orm caught a 9 and checked. dinho_style caught a 4 and fired a 10,000 bet. Rode Orm decided to save his 60,000 chips to fight another battle later. dinho_style built his stack to more than 320,000.

2:57am - The judges give him a 10!

bad_beat_bud just rivered a T-low to take down a 105,500 pot from Displeased. As bad_beat_bud continues to sit toward the top of the leaderbard, Displeased seems to be falling further and further toward the bottom.

2:49am - Too early to tighten up

With five tables still in action, quite a few hands are being won with a single raise. That didn't deter Filthy999 and pkrmanjan. Filthy fired on third and fourth with 4-6 and was called by pkrmanjan with 4-J. Filthy slowed down and checked on sixth showing 4-6-J-T but pkrmanjan picked up the action and fired showing 4-J-Q-5. When pkrmanjan bet again on the river, Filthy999 though better of it and mucked. pkrmanjan chipped up to 119,000 when the average stack was about 113,000. Filthy999 still had about 139,000.

2:46am - MrTompa doubles through Displeased

Fresh off the break, MrTompa doubled up with a 6-perfect against the 6-5 of Displeased. MrTompa now has 116,604, and Displeased dropped to 121,684 - out of the top ten.

2:40am - Chip counts at end of hour nine

Level 19
Stakes 5,000/10,000 Ante 500
Average stack: 113,647
Players remaining: 34

Top ten chips:

1. bad_beat_bud 264,492
2. SunTzu7076 243,827
3. dinho_style 221,645
4. txopt 219,525
5. Displeased 185,486
6. Filthy999 162,285
7. scottyno 161,359
8. Octavian_C 152,398
9. SilkysNuts 147,812
10. thetight 145,561

2:32am - slapshot3000 survives elimination and skyrockets to 152,711

From all-in to top ten on the leaderboard in one hand. Not too shabby. slapshot3000 started the hand with a below-average stack of 50,237 but received a timely triple-up thanks to from and daNutz. daNutz must have had a strong draw, because after folding to from's river bet, he typed:

daNutz15: im jumping off a cliff
daNutz15: tonite

slapshot3000 took down the pot with a 6-5-4-3-A. It was one card better than from's 6-5-4-3-2. As for daNutz15, we've played Razz, and we know your pain.

2:29am - Tough table

SilkysNuts was the victim of a broken table and landed at table 6. Before Silky even got settled in the new seat, he was invovled in a pot with another big stack, txopt. Between the two of them they built a 60,000 chip pot, which txopt took when he showed an 8-perfect. txopt chipped up to 211,000 which was good for the chip lead. SilkysNuts dropped to 138k - 10th place.

2:19am - Razz can be a harsh mistress

After playing for several hours, most Razz players would be happy to get their chips all-in with a 7-6-5-4-3. That was the case with BOCCE, but that happiness was short-lived. BOCCE was facing the big stack of SunTzu7076 who revealed 5-2-6-4-3-Q-A, just the nutz. BOCCE would have to settle for 43rd place while SunTzu chipped up to about 189,000.

2:17am - Easy come, easy go

This time, Filthy999's 7-5 low was no match for the 6-5 low of SilkysNuts. Filthy999 dropped out of the top ten on the leaderboard, and SilkysNuts moved into first place when the 76K pot was shipped his way.

2:10am - Filthy999 makes a tough call for 76K

Action heated up between Filty999 and oldegreybehr on table 136. By sixth street, the boards read as follows:

oldegreybehr: x-x-8-Q-3-A
Filthy999: x-x-6-K-J-3

After a bet and a call, the players took their final cards. oldegreybehr led out one last time, and Filthy999 tanked before making the call. It turns out that Filthy999's instincts were good. His T-6-3-2-A was better than oldegreybehr's J-8-4-3-A. Filthy999 moved to 4th on the leaderboard with 164,114.

2:06am - Movin' on up

With the elimination of mikj1 in 49th place, all players are now guaranteed to win at least $1,159.20. That's nothing compared to the $43,096.48 prize for first place, but a four-figure payday has a nice ring to it.

2:03am - Hoss_TBF takes dinho_style down a couple of notches

dinho_style led all the way as his board came 2-3-T-6. Hoss_TBF called with a much scarier board of 8-Q-5-7, but we all know that in Razz, all is not as it seems on the surface. At showdown, dinho revealed 4-6-Q for a T-6 low. Hoss' hole cards were 7-A-4 for an 8-7 low which was good to drag the 57,300 chip pot. Hoss was up to 117,000 while dinho_style dropped to 112,000.

1:59am - Ace on the river gives SilkysNuts the better low

When all of foxfox's chips went into the middle after sixth street, he already had a 7-6-5-3-A. SilkysNuts' 8-6-5-4-2 was second-best. But an Ace on the river for SilkysNuts gave him a better hand and the 67,740 chip pot.

1:53am - MrTompa wheels cyrus1 out of the tournament

As a short-stack, there will come a time in the tournament when you just have to pick a hand and go. And in Razz, making a rough 8-low isn't such a bad result. That is, unless your opponent has a wheel. MrTompa collected a 55,376 chip pot for his nut hand and now sits at 158,102.

1:48am - So much for survival

sharkusmanly got his chips in the middle again and was joined there by 1cnote. txopt had both the short-stacks covered and smothered. At the river, txopt revealed a 9-6-5-3-2 which was just good enough to edge out 1cnote's 9-8-3-2-A for the side pot and crushed sharkusmanly's J-8-6-3-A for the main pot, too. The two short-stacks took 53rd and 54th place while txopt took second place on the leaderboard with over 188,000 chips.

1:44am - Short-stack survives

With sharkusmanly all-in, slapshot3000 and GambleAB continued to battle over the side pot. At the river, GambleAB had 3-2-7-K-3-8-8 and had to play his K. slapshot held 3-5-7-4-4-J-8 and had to play his J, but it was good enough to take the side pot. sharkusmanly made a 9-6 low and took the main pot, tripling up.

1:31am - Chip counts at end of hour eight

Level 17
Stakes 3,000/6,000 Ante 300
Average stack: 67,789
Players remaining: 57

Top ten chips:

1. Displeased 197,043
2. SilkysNuts 172,547
3. txopt 134,692
4. slapshot3000 128,867
5. krex 125,245
6. dinho_style 124,945
7. Proofrock 117,350
8. Filthy999 117,018
9. MrTompa 111,214
10. Raoeoiku 106,077

1:29am - Hoss gets kicked out of the top ten

Former chip leader Hoss_TBF tangled with oneftwons, who opened for a raise with his 6, only to have Hoss three-bet with a 3 showing. oneftwons made the call and caught a T to Hoss' Jack. oneftwons continued to fire all the way with 6-T-4-9 as Hoss called with 3-J-9-4. At showtime, oneftwons revealed 8-5-A for an 8-6 low. Hoss_TBF mucked his hand. With that loss, Hoss is down to about 94,000 and well out of the top ten. oneftwons stacked up to about 83,000.

1:22am - I don't care if your board looks better

thegpc has been steadily accumulating chips on table 136, but after going to the river in a hand against oldegreybehr he won a pot that pushed him close to the 100K mark. oldegreybehr's board looked better going into the river:

thegpc: x-x-4-K-8-5
oldegreybehr: x-x-2-6-8-9

When the cards were flipped over, however, thegpc had 3-2-7 in the hole for a 7-5-4-3-2. oldegreybehr had 7-4-3 in the hole for a 7-6-4-3-2.

1:12am - No mystery here

krex vaulted up the leaderboard with over 110,000 chips, then tangled with Mystic Ace in a big pot. At showdown, krex held T-7-6-5-3, but it was not good enough to beat Mystic Ace's 9-4-3-2-A. Mystic took the 38,500 pot and krex tumbled to 9th place in chips.

1:06am - Sometimes it's not about how well you draw, but how badly your opponents draw

Razz is one of those games where sometimes all you need is for your opponent to hit some bricks. In a hand between SilkysNuts and foxfox, both players started with decent cards. By fifth street, however, foxfox paired his 6 and SilkysNuts picked up a T. On sixth street, foxfox bricked with a King and SilkysNuts drew a live card with a 9. Regardless of what SilkysNuts' hole cards were, foxfox just couldn't continue in the hand. SilkysNuts jumped to 155,047 in chips, good enough for second place on the leaderboard.

12:58am - pkrmanjan takes a shot at slapshot3000

slapshot3000 has been bouncing around the top ten on the leaderboard and is currently sitting in fifth place. slapshot just went to the river with pkrmanjan, who was showing 3-7-J-3. slapshot3000 was showing 6-5-K-4 and fired on both sixth and seventh streets. slapshot showed 9-2-8 in the hole for an 8-6 low, but was apparently surprised by pkrmanjan's hole cards, which were 2-6-A making a 7-6 low to take the pot. slapshot3000 is still in good shape with about 116,000 chips.

12:49am - Displeased displaces Hoss_TBF as the chip leader

Over on table 37, Displeased has been making a steady climb toward the top of the leaderboard. After picking up 44,200 in a confrontation with sonajero and Mak Ace, Displeased now has 155,873. It's never easy in Razz, though. After starting with A-2-7-4, Displaced picked up a Queen on fifth and paired his Ace on sixth. He caught a 9 on the river, which was good enough for the win.

12:41am - Hoss_TBF takes a whipping

The chip leader is under attack and in danger of losing his iron grip on the lead. In a pot against Proofrock, they went heads-up to the river with Hoss showing 6-K-2-3 and Proofrock showing 3-8-7-A. Hoss surrendered to the final bet on the river and Proofrock chipped up to 83,900, leaving Hoss_TBF with about 129,000.

Not long after, Hoss got involved in another big pot against oneftwons. Hoss bet 4K on the river showing 3-A-8-7 only to get raised to 8K by oneftwons, who was showing A-2-2-5. After a few seconds of thought, Hoss again let it go. He was down to only 111,115 after losing that pot.

dinho_style, who is second in chips and has been chasing the Hoss, recently was moved to the same table. Now there are two big stacks battling for the lead on table 92.

12:38am - Chip counts at end of hour seven

Level 15
Stakes 2,000/4,000 Ante 200
Average stack: 41,106
Players remaining: 94

Top ten chips:

1. Hoss_TBF 149,115
2. dinho_style 98,765
3. Displeased 86,273
4. slapshot3000 85,685
5. oldegreybehr 78,570
6. koolkeith13 76,485
7. qwerty123 71,880
8. tentacul 71,533
9. krex 71,435
10. AteNie 69,593

12:35am - Hoss gives some back

I guess Hoss_TBF has enough of a chip lead that he can afford to be stubborn. He kept calling bets from LUCIANPALMER despite his board showing 7-J-T-J. LUCIANPALMER showed 4-7-T-T and he fired again on the river. Hoss_TBF took a few seconds to think before finally deciding there was no shame in folding -- that's what he did. He still ended the level with 149,115 in chips.

LUCIANPALMER took back-to-back pots at the end of the level, including the final hand where he made a 7-low to send GATAHBLOOD to the virtual rail in 96th place. With those pots, LUCIANPALMER chipped up to about 62,000, moving into 18th place on the leaderboard.

12:10am - Hoss is boss

Hoss_TBF is crushing his table. He just took down a 30,000 pot with a 7-6 low and is up to more than 150,000 in chips.

12:08am - RaiNKhaN rained out

After winning one good pot with the nuts, it didn't take long for Hevad Khan to find his last chips in the middle. He was unable to pull out his final hand, ending it with a Jack-low which was not good enough. The Team PokerStars Pro finished in 113th place, good for $515.20.

12:02am - Khan rings troll's bell with the nutz

trollringen completed on third street and fired again on fourth showing 2-3. Hevad "RaiNKhaN" called showing A-3. When trollringen caught a 7 on fifth to Khan's 4, he slowed down a bit and just called Khan's bet. At sixth street, Khan was showing A-3-4-5 and he fired another 2,400 bet. trollringen was showing 2-3-7-A and just called. Khan fired again on the river and got paid off. He showed Q-2-T in the hole for the wheel and the stone-cold nuts. Despite winning this pot, Khan has been unable to make much headway and is still nursing his below-average stack of about 20,000.

Meanwhile, Hoss_TBF has extended his chip lead, crossing the 100,000 chip-mark. He has 20,000 chips more than his closest competitor.

11:54pm - Two players caught in the tentacles

tentacul just picked up a 49K pot, eliminating two players in the process. troyomac started the action by raising to 1,600, which was followed by a raise to 3,200 by tentacul. alwinpres called, and three players went to fourth street. Each of the players started with a wheel card up, but troyomac drew the best card on fourth street with a 6. tentacul drew an 8, and alwinpres bricked with a Queen. troyomac led out for 1,600 and tentacul raised to 3,200. Play continued three-handed into fifth street. By sixth street, the boards read:

alwinpres: x-x-5-Q-9-6
troyomac: x-x-A-6-9-3
tentacul: x-x-2-8-K-5

Action was heavy after sixth street, with alwinpres and troyomac all-in before the last card was dealt. tentacul won the hand with 8-5-4-3-2 and jumped to 77,036 in chips.

11:41pm - Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose gets jacked

Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose held on as long as he could, but finally got his last chips in against tilou4fun. When the cards ran out, Paul-Ambrose's J-6-4-3-A was bested by tilou4fun's T-8-5-2-A. The Jack was the killer card for Steve and he checked out in 142nd place, earning $437.92 for his work here today.

11:39pm - coupdegrace takes a bite out of chip leader

Hoss_TBF fired on third and fourth streets, then check-called coupdegrace's bets on fifth and sixth. They went to the river with Hoss showing 6-J-8-9 to coup's 4-K-A-8 where they checked it down. coup showed 6-5-A in the hole for an 8-6-5-4-A to win the pot and take a bite out of the chip leader, stacking up to over 53,000. Hoss_TBF dropped below 89,000 but still holds a 10k chip lead over his closest rival.

11:32pm - No triple up for the Bear

Barry "barryg1" Greenstein has been eliminated in 146th place. Greenstein raised with a 3 showing, and both mr.poker1122 and Whitfield74 called. Greenstein's board looked promising compared to his opponents' boards:

Greenstein: x-x-3-A-4-7-x
mr.poker1122: x-x-Q-4-2-3-x
Whitfield74: x-x-K-3-T-T-x

But burried underneath were those nasty little secrets that Razz players don't want you to see. Greenstein had Q-J-J in the hole, giving him J-7-4-3-A. mr.poker1122 showed A-6-Q-4-2-3-K to make the second nuts and eliminate Greenstein.

11:27pm - Self-fulfilling prophecy?

bad_beat_bud started this level third on the leaderboard. After tangling with Displeased in two pots, bad_beat_bud dropped from 65,350 to 44,590. Which one of these players has a name that's looking like a self-fulfilling prophecy? That's an easy guess.

11:09pm - Chip counts at end of hour six

Level 13
Stakes: 1,200/2,400 Ante 120
Average stack: 24,000
Players remaining: 161

Top ten chips:

1. Hoss_TBF 80,585
2. daNutz15 66,289
3. bad_beat_bud 65,950
4. SkoopAloop 65,709
5. cyrus1 64,568
6. krex 54,075
7. Clamydia 53,445
8. DaDaGGa 53,023
9. likomaboy 50,770
10. SunTzu7076 49,230

Team PokerStars Pros:

Barry Greenstein 3,960
Hevad Khan 20,245
Steve Paul-Ambrose 8,070

10:54pm - Take the money and run?

Play has been going for several hours and to make the final table players will need to continue on for many more. The bubble just burst and some players made the money with a comfortable lead that should see them through a level or two more; for others they snuck through hanging on to what little chips they started the day with. For these players, the urge to just take the money they've made and run is tempting:

XCappucinoX1: ive got 180 more chips than i started with...
XCappucinoX1: not too bad
XCappucinoX1: can i cash out

Some players choose to sit out, posting and folding, figuring that not playing at all can do no worse to their bankroll than they themselves. Once the money is made it can only get better, right?

For his part, XCappucinoX1 decided to stick it out, risking his tournament life against Hoss_TBF and coming out the better for it. He now has nearly 3 times the chips he started with this morning, and just might see it through till the end.

10:49pm-In the money

It took six hours, but players in Event #10 are now in the money. It's not a lot of money yet, but $309 is better than $0. Team PokerStars Pros Steve Paul-Ambrose, Hevad Khan, and Barry Greenstein have all cashed in this event. There are currently 182 players left in the event.

10:36pm-How long can it last?

As we enter the seventh hour of play in this $215 Razz event, there might be some people wondering how long tonight's event will go on.

Let's look to history, shall we.

2006: 12 hours 40 minutes (1,297 entrants)

2007: 13 hours 47 minutes (1,176 entrants)

2008: ??? (1,288 entrants)

10:37pm - Room at the top

Hoss_TBF may never know what hands his opponents folded to him that sent a 35,025 pot his way, and it's very likely he doesn't care. With 3-2-6 on 3rd street Hoss_TBF was happy to see betting capped up against program1 and asfispimp, on 4th street asfispimp went all-in for his last 545 chips but the betting continued between program1 and Hoss_TBF and bet they did. On 6th, with his hand set - 6-4-3-2-A - Hoss_TBF looked at program1's x-x-5-7-4-6 and bet out. When the raise came back, he didn't hesitate to raise back and again the betting was capped. The river was slightly calmer with Hoss_TBF making one raise and program1 opting to just call this time.

Hoss_TBF emerged victorous and the chips slid his way, moving him up the leaderboard. He's been steadily collecting chips since and is now chipleader with 56,985.

10:21pm- 50outs not enough

Jan "50outs" Von Halle could not claim the WCOOP Razz bracelet to go alongside wife Katja Thater's WSOP Razz bracelet. He just finished short of the money in 213th place.

10:02pm - Chip Counts at end of hour five

Level 11
Stakes: 800/1600 Ante 80
Average stack: 16,303
Players remaining: 237

Top ten chips:

1. quadducks 53581
2. SkoopAloop 52419
4. pauliejaboni 43142
5. tentacul 40011
6. SunTzu7076 38550
7. daNutz15 37260
8. joshuah333 36775
9. Raoeoiku 36075
10. Nofsky1 36070

Team PokerStars in Top 100 -

Hevad Khan 18, 005
Steve Paul-Ambrose 22,075

9:39pm-OmahaEd headed back to Omaha

After working his stack up to more than 15,000, OmahaEd has succumbed to what Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose termed an unlucky run. Whether that's true or just two nice guys getting along after a big hand, it's hard to say. The two were both showing a six up when a raising battle began.

"Time to get it all in I guess," OmahaEd said.

And so he did

By the river, OmahaEd was left with a T-7-6-4-A, absolutely no good against Steve's rough 8.

"I suck," OmahaEd said.

We'll suggest Ed doesn't worry so much about sucking as remembering he makes a living playing another game and gets to hang out in places like this.

9:34pm - Hanging in there!

With 292 players remaining in the tournament today, we are just 100 players away from the money. 192nd place will win $309.12 for their efforts today, and of course our 1st place finisher will take home $43,096. Many of todays players won their way in to today's event via satellites or through FPP promotions. The WCOOP is just getting underway and there is still time for you to look into getting your own seat at the table!

9:19pm-Marcin "Goral" Horecki eliminated

When you can't get anything going in the early stags of a Razz tournament, it's hard to make anything work in the middle. Witness Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki's exit.

Stuck near his 3,000 starting stack, Marcin found 2-5-7 to start and called a raise from koolkeith who showed the 2s. With two deuces gone, Horecki could not have been pleased to see another one in front of him on fourth street. He checked and was fortunate enough to see koolkeith check behind with his fourth street Tc. Fifth street gave Horecki a nine against koolkeith's fifth street nine. Horecki decided he might as well represent a made nine and bet out half his stack. koolkeith had a ton of chips, sniffed something funny, and put Horecki all-in. Horecki had to call and did. Two bricks later, he was out, his Q-7-5-3-2 not nearly good enough to beat koolkeith's 9-8-7-5-2.

9:10pm - Barry Greenstein double deja vu

With stakes at 500/1000 and a stack on life support, Barry Greenstein had no choice but to go all-in on 3rd street against Nordberg. Luckily for him the rest of the cards were kind and he took down the hand and doubled-up with a 7-5-4-3-2 versus Nordberg's 9-8-4-2-A, putting his stack at just over 4,000.

Moments later Greenstein doubled his stack again when he outmaneuvered plattsburgh. On 6th street, with x-x-8-8-3-A showing, action is checked to Greenstein who bets 1,000 and gets a call. Again on the river action is checked to him, Greenstein bets and is called. At showdown Greenstein flips 8-5-3-2-A for the pot. plattsburgh mucked but typed "christ" in the chat box, leading one to believe his hand was either close to Greenstein's or another soul has just seen the glory that is Razz.

9:02pm-All good about bad beats

After playing Razz for a little while, a sort of Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and people find a way to accept the inevitable ugly facts about Razz. Take for instance this recent conversation at OmahaEd's table.

OmahaEd: why not everyone play however they feel like and be done with it lol
OmahaEd: I chased down a few myself today
I Am Benjami: it is poker after all.... no?
OmahaEd: that is the beauty of it
OmahaEd: if there were no rabbits, my kids wouldnt eat.
I Am Benjami: indeedy
I Am Benjami: lol, rabbits
smnrgg81: i am a rabbit, and i like to whine thats all :)
OmahaEd: and, that is why those who dont like it should just turn the chat off lol
smnrgg81: hahauah true
smnrgg81: but please dont let make me speak alone, fish ;)
OmahaEd: I try to let my record speak hehe
OmahaEd: and hopefully improve it here today
smnrgg81: you are way better than me, let me call you a fish at least !
OmahaEd: impossible to hurt my feelings
OmahaEd: i just hope I am one lucky fish fot the next two hours

8:55pm-Chip Counts at end of hour four

Level 9
Stakes: 500/1000 Ante 50
Average stack: 10,036
Players remaining: 385

Top ten chips:

1. program1 34625
2. tentacul 31740
3. Displeased 31028
4. Whitfield74 27265
5. SkoopAloop 26969
6. jasvro 26582
7. Nofsky1 23980
8. cashtorg 23500
9. Cactus Benny 22535
10. igthisone 22235

Team PokerStars in Top 100 -

RaiNKhaN 19,980

8:40pm - "Ship it!"

It seemed innocent enough on 4th, but once the raising started on 5th and the a cap had to be put on, you knew someone was going to get hurt. StormForce7 put in his last 730 chips with a board of x-x-2-8-8; on 6th street it was the same story only this time it was Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan putting in his last few chips with a board of x-x-7-3-J-K. Calling them both was $harKK, and the side pot for StormForce7 was 6,030 with a main pot of 11,030 - for a combined total of 17,060. Could one of them be walking out of this very, very happy?

To recap, the cards looked like this:

StormForce7: x-x-2-8-8-3-x
$harKK: x-x-A-4-9-9-x
RaiNKhaN: x-x-7-3-J-K-x

When the hole cards were revealed, Khan came out to be the winner with 7-6-5-3-A, and typed a triumpent "ship it!" in the chat box as the full 17,060 slid his way and his name slid up the tournament leader board. He now sits at #21 with just over 20,000 in chips.

8:27pm-OmahaEd venturing out

It's not been too long ago that we met OmahaEd, a Omaha specialist who came runner-up in a WSOP Omaha event a couple of years ago. The guy knows the game better than most people we know.

Today, Ed is showing he has chops in Razz as well. Four hours into the event, Ed is in the top 100 players and on pace to cash.

8:22pm - Greenstein takes a hit

Barry Greenstein just lost a large pot to mikj1, taking his stack to just over 3,000. Greenstein mucked his cards at showdown but on the river was showing x-x-8s-Ah-Qh-3c. mikj1 won the hand with T-9-6-5-4. The table just broke and Greenstein will now have to maneuver his short stack among new faces.

8:13pm - Going fast

We're now down to 557 players, having lost 146 since the last break - which was just a mere 23 minutes ago! There are still a year's worth of players (365) to wade through before making it to money, but for those that remain at this point that magic spot seems much more obtainable than when we started.

7:55pm - Free poker lessons, table 171!

The break must have done Barry Greenstein some good, because not only has he built his stack up to over 8,000 but he's entertaintaining the railbirds as well as giving them poker tips. They've been popping in and out of his table all day to check in on him and he's been ever the gentleman, but lately he's perked up a bit. Witness the following exchanges:

WarrenJG [observer]: will u play me sometime barry
WarrenJG [observer]: in a 50$ 4 player hu shootout
barryg1: well, if you're adding dead money, I may play

The talk has also moved to more serious topics, like the age-old suited AK question.

DrLectr [observer]: if someone went all in for 50k in a cash game and flipped up AK and you were last to act and had 22 would you call??
WarrenJG [observer]: no
WarrenJG [observer]: if i had barrys roll i would
barryg1: if I had the roll warren thought I had, I would

Greenstein went on to explain that he prefers to play in games with a better edge than that, and that of course, the answers to that question and much more can be found in his book. Even with educating the masses he has still managed to keep his stack healthy and not give away too much information to his opponents - just another day for this gentleman gambler.

7:56pm-The woman behind the man behind the woman

Even though Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater was eliminated earlier, her husband and poker mentor Jan "50outs" Von Halle is still alive. That makes it worthwhile to take a look at this interview in which Katja explains his the first family of German poker came to be.

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater on PokerStars.tv

7:45pm-Chip Counts at end of hour three

Level 7
Stakes: 300/600 Ante 30
Average stack: 5,496
Players remaining: 703

Top ten chips:

cashtorg - 23795
tentacul - 21660
jdawg165 - 17520
3boris - 16670
Whitfield74 - 16555
dreadnoughts - 15505
cantbeat - 14715
Hoss_TBF - 14505
Röde Orm - 14105
lonosimon - 14097

7:33pm - Wouldn't expect a sympathetic crowd here

Poker players love to tell bad beat stories to anyone who will listen. Heck, they'll tell 'em to anyone at all whether you want to listen or not! At one of our tables is a player lamenting about his bad luck on being the bring-in (the player dealt the highest card on 3rd street and therefore required to make a forced bet before action begins) what he thinks is a higher than normal amount of time.

pkrmanjan: this really stinks im still on a roll of 70% of bring ins this hour. maybe i should complain or whine

He's not getting a lot of sorrow from his fellow of tablemates, in fact, the additude can best be summed up by player liberace who said, "better you than me".

7:34pm-50outs keeping the family alive

For those of you who don't know the name 50outs, it belongs to none other than Jan Von Halle, a longtime PokerStars player and one of the principals behind the German Poker School Intellipoker. He also happens to be married to Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater. In fact, he is the reason she took up the game.

Jan, beyond being a nice guy, happens to be a hella good poker player. His stud game is pretty fantastic, so it stands to reason this particular variant. At this hour, he is in the top 40 in chips and working to avenge his wife's elimination.

7:19pm - Tom McEvoy eliminated

Further proof that this game really is evil sometimes... even when you have a good Razz hand, it's still not good enough. Take for example the case of Tom McEvoy, who down to his last 250 in chips was all-in on 3rd street with a 9c up against sideshowgil's Ah. By the river the boards looked like this:

Tom McEvoy: x-x-9c-3h-7d-9h-x
sideshowgil: x-x-Ah-7s-4h-Td-x

Didn't look too terrible for Tom, right? But this is Razz, remember? Sure enough, while McEvoy had a fairly good hand with 9-7-6-5-3 it still wasn't enough against sideshowgil's 7-4-3-2-A and McEvoy is out in 1,005th place.

7:15pm-FossilMan catches too well

The reason some of us have more luck in Razz than other games is because we're destined to catch worthless little cards ad nauseum. Raymer, however, has proven he can pick up pairs when necessary. Unfortunately for him, that carries over into Razz as well. When it happens once too often, it spells the end of Raymer's time in Event #10. He's out in 881st place.

7:03pm-Measuring against last year

Razz is not a good indicator of anything about the popularity of poker. Check that. If somehow Razz becomes the world's most popular game, it's a good indicator that the world has shifted on its axis and we're probably about to crash into the sun.

That said, it happens to be one of my favorite games to play (Full disclosure: Brad writing the 7:03 entry...don't want to implicate any of my fellow bloggers in this abomination) and I'm always interested to see how WCOOP Razz grows year to year.

This is only the third year for WCOOP Razz. Like one's love for the game, Razz entries are a fickle thing. Here's a look at entries over the past few years:

2006: 1297
2007: 1176
2008: 1,288

Draw your own conclusions from that. In 2006, Razz was Event #1 in the 2006 WCOOP, which undoubtedly led to more entries. This year, there has been some mild growth over last year. Regardless, the numbers indicate there are only so many people who enjoy getting kicked in the junk as much as some of us.

6:52pm-Katja Thater elimination details

It's standard for every poker player who, in a masocitic moment decides to take on a game of Razz, to holler out at least once an orbit "Why don't I ever see these cards when I'm playing Hold 'Em??!?" For Katja Thater, that thought must have crossed her mind nearly every hand today.

We've made note of the masonry hobby she had apparently taken up; it's no surprise then that it would kill any chances she had for a comeback on her final hand. Up against briaann1, with cards x-x-3d for Thater and x-x-Ad for briaann1 betting was capped on 3rd street and then, when a Tc hit for briaann1 and a 5d for Thater - finally a brick for the other guy! - you could almost imagine the disappoinment Thater must have felt when briaann1 opted to just call her bet instead of raise her all-in.

6:50pm-cpfactor a factor in final table history

Well-known player cpfactor currently sits in the top ten in chips in this event. It will likely come as no surprise to most of you that cpfactor made a final table in the 2007 World Championship of Online Poker. This time last year, cpfactor placed fifth in Event #19 ($530 PLO) for $26,934.50.

6:40pm-Chip counts at end of hour 2

Level 5
Stakes: 150/300 Ante 15
Average stack: 3,747
Players remaining: 1,030

Top ten chips:

1. manicboy247-14,045
2. itaibron47 -13,115
3. DonaldTrump -11,380
4. 3boris- 11,060
5. SAUS -10,910
6. tentacul -10,380
7. luxet -9,980
8. Hikkespett - 9,635
9. cpfactor - 9,520
10. dporebski - 9,435

Team PokerStars in Top 100 -

23. Steve "Stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose - 8,225

6:35pm-Katja Thater, Saul eliminated

Team PokerStars Pro and WSOP Razz bracelet winner Katja Thater has finished her building. She caught nothing but bricks all day and is out in 1,089th place. Kevin BeL0WaB0Ve Saul finished nearby in 1085th place.

6:28pm - No repeat champion

In nearly every event so far this year, we've seen the previous year's champion show up to defend his or her title. This event was no different. OnlyPlayRagz showed up to defend his 2007 WCOOP Razz title.

Just two hours into this event, it's certain OnlyPlayRag will no be repeating. He is out in 1186th place.

6:20pm - Greenstein takes a stumble

Chips have been steadily moving over at Barry Greenstein's table - to Greenstein's stack. Perhaps he's wearing the bracelet while he plays today for good luck? Adding small pots here and there to his own stack Greenstein had built his stack up to over 5k, until he ran into a hand with waisinit. On 3rd street with Greenstein showing x-x-8c and waisinit showing x-x-6s, waisinit raised the bringin to 100 and Greenstein raised him. 4th street brought Greenstein a lovely brick Ks and waisinit a nice 3d, so no surprise that Greenstein chose to just call the bet there. On 5th waisinit picked up a 7h and Greenstein a 8d, and on the river waisinit bet out and Greenstein chose to just call.

At showdown waisinit revealed 7-6-4-3-2 and Greenstein mucked. waisinit took in a 1,910 pot; a large one for the table and a bit of a ding to Greenstein's stack.

6:15pm--Recent eliminations

Rich Fish and BoDogAri are among the notable names in the list of recent eliminations. Meanwhile, Katja Thater continues working on her building and is down below 1,000 chips.

5:53pm--Paul-Ambrose Razz game rising

Steve Paul-Ambrose, winner of the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, seems determined to make something good out of this year. After a great 2006 and 2007, Steve's 2008 has been lacking in what one might describe as major success. By his own estimation, Steve had a terrible World Series of Poker this year. In fact, apart from a $27,062 win in the Canadian Poker Championships, Steve hasn't done much in the big tournament series this year.

Today, he seems determined to change that. In the first hour and half of play, Steve is in the Top 40 on the leader board.

5:52pm-Gomes elimination details

Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes was just eliminated from today's event at the hands of Dag Martin "dmmikkel" Mikkelsen.

On 5th street, Gomes was showing x-x-6h-Qs-4c to Mikkelsen's x-x-2s-7d-As and with the raises going back and forth it was clear that on this hand all of Gomes' stack would be going in the pot. On 6th Gomes' was dealt a 7s and Mikkelsen a 6d and all but 135 of Gomes' stack went in the middle. That remaining bit went in on the river bet, and at showdown Gomes revealed his 7-6-5-4-2 to Mikkelsen's 7-6-3-2-A.

Gomes finishes today's event in 1269th place; Mikkelsen is currently sitting with just under 5k.

5:49pm-Recent eliminations

With 1,252 of the original 1,288 players remaining, we have seen two high-profile names hit the rail already.
Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes and MyRabbbiFoo have both been eliminated and will have to wait until tomorrow for another chance at a WCOOP bracelet.

5:41pm--Thater working on a building

There's an old song, a part of which goes a little something like this:

If I were a gambler, tell you what I'd do,I'd quit my gamblin', and I'd work on a building too.

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater may have been feeling much the same way in recent hands. She was down to 1,200 of her original starting stack of 3,000. No matter how good her starting hands, she almost always caught a brick on fourth street. And if it wasn't fourth, it damned sure was fifth. By the beginning of a second hour, she had picked up enough bricks to build a pretty good foundation for a pretty build building.

Despite winning a couple of good pots to bring her back up to 2,500, she's once again collecting bricks and sits at 1,700.

5:31pm-Top ten chip counts after first hour

Level 3
Stakes: 75/150 Ante 10
Players remaining: 1,278

mahoney3 - 6455
PokerChip444 - 6365
cpfactor - 5975
Numbers - 5925
scottyno - 5760
Mikki31 - 5745
itaibron47 -5625
Kripp85 - 5625
dporebski - 5605
johnnykran - 5515

Team PokerStars Pro in Top 100:

Chad Brown - 5,305

5:09pm-Ten for the win

You know the old saying, "Deuces never loses." When it comes to Razz, the equivalent is something akin to "Ten for the win." At least, that's the case for JaffaCake who had the bring in with a ten. Katja Thater and Forever Dean both called the 15 bring-in with a 4 and A respectively. With an A on forth, Thater led for 50 and got calls from JaffaCake (x-x-Ts-4c) and ForeverDean (x-x-As-7s). Everybody backed off on fifth street. By sixth street, the players were showing:

Katja Thater x-x-4s-Ad-Qd-9d
JaffaCake x-x-Ts-4c-2s-3c
ForeverDean x-x-As-7s-5s-Kh

Now JaffaCaked started off the betting. ForeverDean called and Thater went away. On the river, JaffaCake led again and ForeverDean went away.

True, not very exciting. Then again, who says being the bring is so bad?

Well, yeah, everybody. And they're right. Except this time.

5:05pm - And that's as well as you need

Speaking of Team PokerStars Pros who hold WSOP bracelets in Razz, let's not forget Barry Greenstein, who won a bracelet in this year's WSOP Event #26, the $1,500 Razz Event. Playing in today's event at table #171, a railbird dropped by to ask him about his experiences playing in the WSOP this year, asking, "barry how well did you do in the wsop razz this year?"

Barry's response? "well enough to win"

5:01pm--WCOOP Event #10 Final Numbers

Registration has closed on Event #10. Here are the final numbers.

Total entrants: 1,288
Total prize pool: $257,600
Places paid: 192
First prize: $43,096

4:48pm - Where in the world is Katja Thater?

As a 2007 WSOP Razz bracelet holder, Katja Thater would seem to be a natural in today's event, but so far she's off to a shaky start. It appears she's plagued by connection problems of some sort and has been forced to sit out most of the tournament so far. Right now antes are just $5 so the damage to her stack is minimal but if she isn't able to get to the tables soon it may be a hard road for her to climb.

4:48pm-Worldwide Razz

You know, poker is a game for the entire world. We know that, we preach, we appreciate it. What is harder to comprehend is how far around the world some people go to play the game. Some members of Team PokerStars Pro started off WCOOP at their respective homes and have since traveled halfway around the world. Some have been to Macau for the APPT. Some are just now arriving in Barcelona for the kick off of EPT Season 5. Some actually have gone to both places and are currently playing WCOOP under Spanish skies. It makes us tired just thinking about it.

4:38pm - Team PokerStars Pros make for star-studded tables

A quick glance around the tables turns up more than a few big names for what is often referred to as the most hated form of poker. Among them today is Barry Greenstein, Dario Minieri, Humberto Brenes, Luca Pagano, Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, TomMcEvoy, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier, and Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso.

They are joined in the field by other Team PokerStars Pros Alex Kravchenko, Alexandre Gomes, Andre Akkari, Chad Brown, Chris Moneymaker, Dario Minieri, Gavin Griffin, Greg Raymer, Marcin Horecki, Tom McEvoy, and Victor Ramdin.

4:33pm-WSOP Razz bracelet winner in the field

Among the players in the Razz event today is none other than Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater.

We had the pleasure of watching Thater win her first World Series bracelet in 2007. The event? Razz, of course.

Thater got her poker start in Stud games. Her first big hand of poker came when she sat down in her husband's seat and played a hand for him while he was in the bathroom. Since then, she has gone on to much success in the poker world.

4:30pm-WCOOP Event #10 underway

Event #10 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker has just started. As of this moment, nearly 1,200 players have put up their $215 and are settling in for a long night of poker. The $100,000 guarantee is already a moot point. The current prize pool sits at $237,000 and growing.

8:36am-WCOOP Event #10 $215 Razz begins at 4:30pm ET

We're looking for the worst hand in poker. You got it? Let us know. For an afternoon and evening of Razz action, join us at 4:30pm ET.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP