WCOOP Event #12 Mixed Hold'em Live Blog

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9:41am--Randers wins, Aaron "011180" Kanter finishes in 2nd place

And we have a winner!

More than 17 hours after the tournament began, Event #12 is in the online poker history books. Randers beat 011180 in heads-up to capture the WCOOP bracelet and Mixed Hold'em title.

The final hand had Randers with Ad-6d and 011180 with As-5h. 011180 raised 25,000 to 50,000, Randers: reraised 150,000 to 200,000, 011180 raised again to 525,000 and Randers called. Randers pushed all-in after a flop of 8h-7s-4h. 01180 had an open-ended straight draw, and Randers had a gutshot. The turn came Ah and river 2c, giving Randers the victory with the higher kicker.

And it was all over. 011180 took second place, which was $61,459.20 per the agreement.

And Randers took the $60,000 agreed upon in the deal, an extra $6,000 for winning the playdown, and a WCOOP bracelet. Congratulations!

9:37am--Randers pulls the old switcheroo

01180 was in the lead for the entire heads-up period until one big hand. It was no limit hold 'em, and Randers had A-To. 011180 had pocket jacks. Randers was all-in pre-flop. The ace on the flop allowed Randers to collect the 4,135,862 pot and take command of heads-up play.

Randers then held almost a 4/1 chip lead over his formidable competitor.

9:24am--Friendly game...for a bracelet

Since a deal was struck, the two players are only playing for $6K and a bracelet, so they really seem to have let down their guard. Randers and 011180 are chatting incessently now about hands. It does seem like they know each other too, which makes sense considering both guys are both pros. Regardless, it's still obvious both men want to win. While they were talking deal before, it was mentioned by one of the players that they wanted the bracelet for the mantel.

Obviously, that mantelpiece is more important than sleep or breakfast. Play on...

9:05am--Two players, and we have a deal!

When the final two were alone, they asked to resume deal talks. 011180 had 3,476,069 in chips, and Randers had 2,507,931 in chips. The administrator came back with $61,841.66 for 011180 and $59,617.54 for Randers.

Randers continued to negotiate, asking 011180 for an even $60,000 to cut the deal. The two went back and forth, with Randers agreeing to buy drinks the next time they are at the same tournament together, and the deal was made for the following:

011180 $61,459.20
Randers $60,000

Per the rules of the tournament, the two would continue to play for the remaining $6,000 in the prize pool and the WCOOP bracelet.

8:54am--MUHoosh33 finishes third

MUHoosh33 was eliminated in third place and won $39,718.80. MUHoosh33's final hand was with Kc-4c vs. Randers' Ac-9s. A board full of blanks gave the pot to Randers with ace high. It was the second straight hand in which MUHoosh33 was all-in. On the previous hand, MUHoosh33's 9-To beat 011180's AQo.

8:54am--Randers was serious

During the non-deal-making process of a few moments ago, Randers said that despite being the short stack, he had an edge. He is attempting to prove that right now, as he just went on a winning streak, having chipped away significantly at MUHoosh33, the player most opposed to Randers' deal offer. But 011180 was getting his share of the chips as well, as he won the biggest pot 680K against MUHoosh33 with pocket fours.

MUHoosh33 is very short-stacked, and Randers has been flirting with the 2 million chip mark. 011180 still remains out front, though, with approximately 3.7 million.

8:46am--Talks of a deal fizzle, play continues

Upon reaching three-handed play, the remaining players asked that the clock be stopped to discuss a deal. The game was paused, and the administrator was asked to run numbers.

011180 had 2,915,341 in chips; the amount would be $60,191.28.
MUHoosh33 had 1,788,386 in chips; the amount would be $52,277,43.
Randers had 1,280,273 in chips; the amount would be $48,709.29.

With those figures in mind, as well as $6,000 and the bracelet to play for, discussions took place. But it was Randers who wanted $52K to deal. 011180 offered $2K out of his winnings to complete the deal, but it wasn't enough for Randers. Without being to reach a concensus, play resumed.

No deal.

8:37am--Gorrincillo claims 4th place

Gorrioncillo finished in fourth place after 16 hours of action in Event #12. He collected $30,742.80 for the effort.

The final hand of Gorrioncillo's tournament was against MUHoosh33. After MUHoosh33 raised from the button while playing limit hold 'em, Gorrioncillo raised and MUHoosh reraised to 160,000, where the betting was capped. Again after the turn produced 6d-2c-10c, they bet until it was capped again. Gorrioncillo went all-in after the 2h turn. The river produced the 3h, and MUHoosh33 flipped over pocket queens. Gorrioncillo had Kd-10s for top pair with a king kicker. It was not good enough. The Spaniard was forced to settle for fourth place.

8:30am--A new day, another new level

Level 57
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 40,000/80,000
Average chip count: 1,296,000
Players remaining: 4
First prize: $73,603.20

Remaining player chip counts:

011180 3,015,341
Randers 1,360,273
MUHoosh33 948,018
Gorrioncillo 660,368

8:25am--Punty claims 5th place

Punty was eliminated by MUHoosh33 with pocket eights coming up short against pocket tens. Punty finished in fifth place and won $22,440.00.

Punty never could get going at the final table and had only 493,137 chips on the final hand. After MUHoosh33 raised under the gun, from the small blind Punty shoved. MUHoosh33 called and the board drew a bunch of blanks. After so much time dedicated to this tournament, Punty was forced to accept fifth place.

8:26am--Steady Gorrioncillo

We haven't written about him much because he's never really been in trouble or been ahead. Gorrioncillo has been be steady for quite some time, hovering right around the one-million chip mark. Finally, though, Gorrioncillo has hit a bump in the road, dishing 400K to Randers in a big pot. Randers forced Gorrioncillo out on the turn with a big raise.

8:18am--MUHoosh33's archnemesis

MUHoosh33 was the chipleader early in the final table. No longer. MUHoosh33 is a lot closer now to being the shortstack than the leader at this point. The reason for that is 011180. Usually the two bigget stacks stay away from each other, but for the majority of this final table, MUHoosh33 and 011180 battled. 011180 won most of them.

8:11am--The re-rise of 011180

Having lost ground prior to the last break, it looked as if another player who sat atop the leaderboard was ready to take a fall. Not so for 011180. Whether it was a second wind or a realization of what is at stake in this tournament, 011180 has come back. Currently, he sits with over 2.5 million chips and looks around the table at the other four players, all of whom are under 1 million.

Though technically, the pertinent comment here would be "Easy does it," with the late (or early, depending on how you look at it) hour and ever-rising blinds, the mantra might be to stay aggressive, play on the exhaustion of the others, and dominate. Stranger things have happened than for such a massive chip leader to fall, but 011180 has no intention of being that player tonight.

8:00am--Snout19 eliminated in 6th place ($14,361.60)

It seemed inevitable considering how short Snout19 was on chips. Still, it took quite a while before Snout19 was the first to go at the final table and finish in sixth place.

With just 22,950 chips (average was close to 120K), Snout19 was all-in for a four-way pot. MUHoosh33 pushed the other two players out after the turn, and it was heads-up between MUHoosh33 and Snout19. MUHoosh33 flipped over 3d-5s for two pair on the 5c-9s-Ac-3s board. Snout19 had Td-Jd. Even the jack on the river couldn't save Snout19 from the sixth-place slot, so he left with $14,361.60.

7:49am--011180 pulls off monster bluff

011180 just won a huge pot off MUHoosh33 on an all-out bluff. After forcing MUHoosh33 to fold to a 250K bet on the river, 011180 flashed Kh-Js. The board was 9h-4c-2d-10h-6c. 01180 had king-high and is now on the heels of MUHoosh33 for the chip lead.

7:42am--Next WCOOP tournaments on the agenda

When this tournament is over - maybe in a few hours? - what will you do then? (Hint: It has to do with PokerStars.)

Play a WCOOP event! Later today, which is Thursday, September 11th, there are two brand spankin' new tournaments. The first will begin at 2:30 ET, and it is Event #13, the $215 NLHE with rebuys. Rebuy! (Even if you're not playing in that one, it might be a kick to watch. Come on by.) The second event is #14 on the schedule, the $320 7-Stud, which begins at 4:30 ET. Take a look-see at the schedule, and if neither of those events suit you, there are many more in the 2008 WCOOP series.

7:34am--Snout19 doesn't want to leave

Snout19 was down to just 28,405 chips. To put that in perspective, blinds were at 25,000/50,000. Yet Snout19 doubled up when his pair of fives turned into a set, then triple up when his 6-8 turned into a pair of eights. Then it was A-To that allowed his stack to grow to 293,145. Still the short stack, at least Snout19 is still in the game.

7:25am--Final tablists ready for Level 53

Level 53
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 25,000/50,000
Average chip count: 997,333
Players remaining: 6
First prize: $73,603.20

Remaining player chip counts:

MUHoosh33 2,064,191
Gorrioncillo 1,431,663
Randers 966,208
Punty 695,267
011180 584,266
Snout19 278,405

7:15am--Snout19 blowing it again

Snout19 is not happy. Not when he has just 278,405 chips and admittedly is "blowing it for the millionth times this tourney. ... why do I have to blow it all the time?" Snout19 was being a little hard on himself. Making it this far in the tournament usually doesn't qualify as blowing it.

7:14am--011180 losing ground

011180 came into the final table in a fairly solid first place position on the leaderboard, but in a matter of only about ten minutes, 011180 is down to the second lowest chip stack at the table. Most of the money was shipped via a 785,000 pot where 011180 went all the way to the river with A-8 and only the high card, but Randers had pocket nines and made a third on the board for trips. That was a tough hand for 011180, and it is not getting easier as the levels increase and the big stacks put the pressure on the shorter ones.

7:00am--Questioning MUHoosh33's credentials

Snout19 and the rest of the final table noted how big this effort was for MUHoosh33. They thought he had lifetime PokerStars winnings of just $22. MUHoosh33 is locked into at least $14,361.60. As the chipleader, that would probably be a disappointment right now.

6:55am--The final table is finally set!

It took a long time to get there, and every one of the six remaining players earned their way to it.

Seat 1: 011180 (1,668,745 in chips)
Seat 2: Punty (633,017 in chips)
Seat 3: Randers (516,729 in chips)
Seat 4: MUHoosh33 (1,453,441 in chips)
Seat 5: Gorrioncillo (1,251,913 in chips)
Seat 6: Snout19 (460,155 in chips)

PS Screen Shot.JPG

6:48am--donnysack gets 8th place, Filthy999 out in 7th place

donnysack and Filthy999, two of the most active players in the tournament, were eliminated just shy of the final table. donnysack went out in eighth place and Filthy999 seventh. Both received $6,507.60 for their play.

6:40am--JoseGuti earns 9th place finish

JoseGuti was near the top of the leaderboard for hours. He wasn't going to be at the top of the leaderboard when it was all over though. Settling for ninth place out of a field of 1,496, though, isn't bad, especially when the consolation of $6,507.60 comes with the exit.

JoseGuti was low on chips when he pushed all-in with Ts-Js. He ran into MUHoosh's AK though. Despite an open-ended straight draw on the flop, JoseGuti couldn't connect and was eliminated in ninth place with $6,507.60 for his efforts.

6:38am--mercdpd gets 10th place

Playing limit hold 'em, mercdpd got his remaining 162,560 in the middle with Ad-4h against donnysack's Kc-Qc. When a king came on the flop, mercdpd was sent to the rail with $3,366.00 for the 10th-place finish.

6:32am--Joe Banks finished 11th place

Even pocket kings couldn't keep Joe Banks in Event #12. With just 87,147 chips left, Joe Banks got it all-in against 01180's pocket fives. But the flop of 10c-5d-9s did Joe Banks in. 01180 hit a set of fives. Joe Banks exited in 11th place and earned $3,366.00.

6:27am--Snout19's connectivity problem

It's driving all of Table 49 crazy. It's driving Snout19 crazy. The source of all this trouble is Snout19's Internet problems. With just 11 players left, Snout19 is getting disconnected just about every other hand.

But if you think positively, it could mean more money for Snout19 in the long run. "Snout's making another 3K," one player write in the chat. Maybe. Or maybe the problem is costing Snout19 a chance at the $73,603 first-place prize.

6:20am--Big_Dady_Coo eliminated in 12th place

Just back from the break, Big_Dady_Coo was able to double up once but remained the extreme short stack at the table. After some pre-flop betting and seeing the 2d-9s-Jd come out on the board, the last 3,968 went all-in with Tc-Jh versus the Ts-Qc of donnysack. The turn and river came 2h and Qd, and that river card ousted Big_Dady_Coo in 12th place for a $3,366 payout.

6:01am--Level 49 finds a dozen still in the running

Players are now enjoying a 15-minute break.

Level 49
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 16,000/32,000
Average chip count: 498,666
Players remaining: 12
First prize: $73,603.20

Remaining player chip counts:

011180 836,161
MUHoosh33 808,410
Randers 801,729
Punty 620,017
Filthy999 475,437
donnysack 441,110
Snout19 438,155
Gorrioncillo 421,651
mercdpd 393,280
Big_Dady_Coo 337,984
Joe_Banks 263,147
JoseGuti 146,919

5:43am--Final two tables are set

011180 was the new leader as 12 players took their virtual seats to vie for the bracelet and first-place prize in WCOOP Event #12. Filthy999 and MUHoosh33 are also in good shape with plenty of play left here at these tables.

5:38am--antroff out in 13th place

Somebody had to miss out on the final two tables, and antroff finally succombed to the pressure.

With an extremely short stack, antroff clung to those chips in the tournament for quite some time. But eventually forced to play T-8o, antroff ran into A-Qo. Each player had a club in his hand, and when four clubs came off on the board, it was antroff's opponent who had the Aces of clubs for the higher flush. antroff was ousted from the tournament in unlucky 13th place with $2,019.60.

5:25am--MUHoosh33 joins Filthy999 in the million club

MUHoosh33 became the second player over one million chips. He joined chipleader Filthy999. Nobody else is even close, as the other 11 players are all below 600K.

5:19am--Miracle river saves Randers

Randers and Filthy999 tangled again, and this time Filthy999 was way ahead pre-flop. Randers pushed all-in with 9-9 and was called by Filthy999, who had pocket aces. But the river saved Randers from extinction when it produced a nine. "I'll take it!" Randers explained.

5:15am--Slow going in limit round

Ahhh, yes, limit hold'em. No one voted to skip it, and nothing of much significance happened during it. But alas, the 15-minute rounds come into play, and we have now switched to no-limit. For the players unfamiliar with it, this is the game in which one may push an entire chip stack into the pot at one time. No capped betting will inhibit you here. Don't be afraid. Potential double-up opportunities are ripe for the taking.

(Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of PokerStars, only writers who are preparing to see the sun rise.)

4:59am--Filthy999 take another from Randers

Filthy999 and Randers battled several times. The latest bout took place in the limit hold'em round when Randers had K-K and Filthy had Ac-6d in the big blind. Filthy999 hit an ace on the flop and won the $165,000 pot, prompting Randers to provide these comments: "nh fish. runbetttterrrrrrr."

Filthy999 is the chipleader with over 1 million chips.

4:57am--Level 45 begins with all eyes on final two tables

Level 45
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 10,000/20,000
Average chip count: 460,307
Players remaining: 13
First prize: $73,603.20

Remaining player chip counts:

Filthy999 1,100,614
MUHoosh33 816,925
011180 713,257
donnysack 510,832
Snout19 453,655
mercdpd 428,664
Gorrioncillo 413,759
Randers 406,552
JoseGuti 378,481
antroff 289,596
Big_Dady_Coo 184,318
Joe_Banks 153,147
Punty 134,200

4:43am--GambleAB settled for 14th place

GambleAB put his money in with the lead. It just couldn't hold.

GambleAB raised preflop to 10,500 before MUHoosh33's reraise to 26,500. GambleAB called. The flop came 7c-Ac-3c, giving GambleAB two pair and MUHoosh33 top pair and a flush draw. MUHoosh33 bet 38,000, GambleAB raised and MUHoosh33 pushed all-in. GambleAB called. The 7s on the turn put MUHoosh33 in the driver's seat, and the Kc just made his hand even better.

GambleAB finished 14th and earned $2,019.60.

4:38am--marocca5 out in 15th place

Severely short-stacked with just 52,416 chips, marroca5 pushed all-in pre-flop under the gun with Qc-Jh. MUHoosh33 called from the big blind with Ad-6s. The flop came 5c-3c-As, and marocca5 was in major trouble. The 9s came on the turn and the 3h on the river. With that, marroca5 was gone in 15th and earned $2,019.60 for the effort.

4:37am--Filthy999 first over 1 million

Filthy999 became the first player over 1 million chips and sitting comfortably in the lead. Nobody else even has 700,000. JoseGuti is in second on the leaderboard but pretty far back with 666K.

4:35am--daPHUNNIEman not laughing about hitting the rail in 16th place

Truthfully, daPHUNNIEman had not been amused for awhile. Chips were disappearing from his stack until he had only 60,917, so he considered making a move. He made an initial raise on the button to 16,000, antroff pushed it to 24,000, and daPHUNNIEman capped it at 32,000. The flop came 5s-Ts-6c, and more betting ensued. After the Js on the turn, antroff bet and daPHUNNIEman called all-in, showing Kh-Jh for a pair of jacks. But he was trumped by the As-Qs in the virtual hand of antroff. The flush sent daPHUNNIEman to the rail in 16th place with $2,019,60.

4:29am--acehole60 goes out in 17th place

It seems that acehole60 wasn't happy with the way it ended. Still, he finished 17th and pocketed $2,019.60.

acehole60 was crippled when filthy999 pulled a flush on the river. It wasn't long after that when acehole60 was completely without chips. With just 39,122 to start the final hand, acehole60 raised 8,000 to 16,000 with As-Jh. Randers and Snout19 called. The flop came 3c-6s-Jd. acehole60 couldn't ask for a better flop, and he bet 8,000, Randers called and Snout19 folded. The turn brought the dreaded 6d, acehole60 pushed all-in, and Randers made the call. The Qh ended it for acehole60. "lol. wtf," he said on the way out. Not a happy customer.

4:25am--How quickly things change

Two of the former staples in the top ten have now been relegated to the low end of the chip counts. daPHUNNIEman and GambleAB are now fighting for their tournament lives and desperately looking for a double-up or two. However, at a table with several short stacks, this is proving to be a difficult task.

4:16am--hookembaby83 unhooked in 18th place

One of the short stacks at this stage of the game with only 143,795, hookembaby83 was challenged by chipleader JoseGuti. hookembaby83 came in for an initial raise to 7,520, but JoseGuti popped it to 155,555 from the big blind. hookembaby83 called all-in and showed Js-Jh, probably feeling good to see his opponent's Ah-7s. And the board looked good, too, as it produced 5s-6h-2c-9d, but then the Ad slammed on the river to knock hookembaby83 from the tournament with a $2,019.60 payout.

4:11am--aylinka18 misses final three tables

aylinka18 ironically just couldn't get to 18th place. aylinka18 missed out on the money jump when he ran into pocket kings, forced to take 19th in tonight's tournament for $1,436.16.

4:03am--WCOOP Event #6 NLHE highlight reel available

While railing the action here in Event #12, as players fight for their spots at the final table of this mixed hold'em event, take a look at the highlight reel from the final table of Event #6, the $530 NLHE two-day tournament that wrapped up on Monday night. It's informative and just dang interesting. Check it out:

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 6 - $530 NL Hold'em on PokerStars.tv

3:57am--Randers stuck at the top

For four hours, Randers has been in the top 10. Four hours!

That is a very long time for any player to remain at the top of the leaderboard in any tournament, nonetheless a tournament that involves no-limit action. It shows consistency that is rare in this game, and we will see if it propels him to the final table.

3:50am--Nearing the final three tables as Level 41 begins

Level 41
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 6,000/12,000
Average chip count: 299,200
Players remaining: 20
First prize: $73,603.20

Top ten chip counts:

Randers 677,515
Filthy999 571,764
JoseGuti 484,821
mercdpd 447,353
011180 383,726
MUHoosh33 373,986
hookembaby83 368,920
Joe_Banks 366,897
acehole60 359,722
marroca5 316,056

3:39am--Aces propel Joe_Banks

Joe_Banks just jumped into sixth place courtesy of one big hand.

It never hurts to have aces in no-limit hold 'em. It's even better when the other player (in this case akat11) tried to make a move on you. akat11, once one of the chipleaders, was crippled after losing almost 180K with Kd-8s. Several hands later, akat11 was gone. As he asked rhetorically in the chat, "bad timing?"

3:37am--Big money jumps coming soon

There are currently 21 players left on four tables. Busting out anywhere from 19th-24th is worth $1,436.16. It's not until there are two tables remaining when the money jumps significantly.

The 18th place finisher gets $2,019.60, which is almost a $600 difference between 19th and 18th. The difference is even larger later. The tenth place finisher earns $3,366.00 and ninth place gets $6,507.60. That is a difference of over $3,000...and incentive to last one spot longer.

3:32am--Pokerccini follows table foe right on out of the tourney

And just like that, Pokerccini took a dive. He lost several important pots in a row after vinnybstgk's departure and was down to less than 10,000 in chips - not enough to play in this game anymore. Pokerccini pushed it with 6-2 and eventually lost the hand to the pocket queens of marroca5.

An admirable run for his fourth 2008 WCOOP cash, this one garnering him a $1,436.16 payout.

3:25am--vinnybstgk tumbles and trash talks his way out

A bit of a rivalry had ensued at Table 166 between vinnybstgk and Pokerccini. Most of the trash talk came from vinnybstgk, that was until he lost a 300K pot to another opponent. With pocket aces, vinnybstgk looked like he had MUHOOSH33 all-in and up against a wall, but the K-Q of MUHoosh33 was given a flush by the virtual poker gods to double through vinnybstgk.

Several hands later, as Pokerccini chipped up on the other side of the table, vinnybstgk made his way to the door when he was busted by daPHUNNIEman's straight.

Pokerccini typed, "GOOD GAME VINNY JUST UNLUCKY." Sarcastic, maybe?

vinnybstgk still received $1,346.40 for his 27th place finish.

3:12am--Who are these guys? All winners

There might not be any Team PokerStars pros or any other well known professionals left in this particular tournament, but the remaining players in Event #12 are primarily top caliber poker players. For example, three of the top four players on the leaderboard -- Jose Guti, akat11, and Randers -- have all won PokerStars $100-rebuy tournaments this year.

It just goes to show that anyone can win this one. They're all quality players, and they have come quite a distance in this mixed hold'em tournament to prove it.

3:02am--Pokerccini just might like the WCOOP

Another familiar name in this 2008 WCOOP series is Pokerccini. The Hamburg player has had an impressive run thus far, starting with Event #2 (PL 5-Card Draw) where he finished 21st. The very next day brought a cash in Event #3 (Limit Hold'Em), and then he did a superb job navigating the tough field of Event #5 (NLHE High Roller) with a 12th place finish worth $41,730.

But this is far from his first foray into online tournament poker. In 2008 alone, Pokerccini has accumulated $312,916.65 in PokerStars winnings. Included in the long list of accomplishments that comprises that number are several $100 Rebuy tournament victories, a Saturday $300 win, and a first place in a Nightly Hundred Grand tournament. If the list is any indication, this might just be an amazing WCOOP for Pokerccini. And currently, he is lurking around the top fifteen and peeking in and out of the top ten in tonight's event.

2:53am--Ulett_23 out, won't be a two-timer

Ulett_23, winner of WCOOP Event #8, exited this tournament in 33rd place. Still, the effort was good for $1,301.52. Not quite as good as taking first place, but not so bad.

In the final hand of the tournament for Ulett_23, he had 45K in chips and Kh-Jc playing in the limit hold 'em level. But Gorrioncillo had Kd-Qc, which was bad news for Ulett_23, especially when a king hit on the turn. That second win of the 2008 WCOOP will have to wait for another day.

2:44am--Field dwindling as players enter Level 37

Level 37
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Average chip count: 170,971
Players remaining: 35
First prize: $73,603.20

Top ten chip counts:

Filthy999 524,222
JoseGuti 404,563
Randers 380,015
Joe_Banks 277,286
Gorrioncillo 266,800
akat11 251,985
GambleAB 243,669
Punty 234,646
Pokerccini 220,873
011180 218,269

2:31am--PearlJammer exits quietly

PearlJammer had been low on chips for quite some time. Ever since his pocket jacks ran into pocket kings -- costing him close to 40,000 chips -- PearlJammer had been in grave danger. Well, he couldn't climb out of the ditch. Forced to push all-in pre-flop with Qc-Tc, tournament leader Randers called with pocket deuces. The flop and turn produced a bunch of blanks. The river added insult to injury
for PearlJammer when a deuce came, and with that, PearlJammer settled for another cash without a final table. He finished 42nd and pocketed $1,256.64.

2:24am--Osten knocked out by 2-5

Osten had just 24,258 chips remaining when pocket sevens popped into his virtual hand. Playing limit hold 'em, 01180 was willing to play against osten, the big blind, with 2d-5d. The move proved profitable when the 5c came on the turn and 5s on the river. osten was painfully ousted in 46th place for $1,211.76.

2:18am--JasonGray's day ends

JasonGray just fell victim in limit hold'em to G6Dragon's pocket aces. The short-stacked JasonGray, who recorded his third WCOOP cash with the 48th-place finish, had pocket jacks.

2:15am--EPT Awards ceremony highlights

Not to harp too much on the EPT in Barcelona, but since we're not there, we can only view the excitement from afar, courtesy of PokerStars.tv. The night before the EPT launched into the first day of the tournament, the EPT Awards were held to honor the best players from last season. Take a peek:

Watch EPT AWARDS 2008 Highlights on PokerStars.tv

2:08am--Three of the remaining are no WCOOP money strangers

With only 52 players left in the field, it's easier to notice familiar names. Three stand out as having been on our radar before.

FellKnight might be remembered for his 15th place finish in Event #8, the oh-so-tough 8-Game Mixed tournament that went down two days ago. Making a strong effort here tonight, FellKnight is looking for his second significant cash at the 2008 WCOOP series.

JasonGray has had two WCOOP cashes thus far, not including the one he is chalking up tonight. He placed in the money in Event #7 (PLO) and made it to 42nd in Event #8 (8-Game Mixed). Certainly, there is hope to have his best performance yet in this Mixed Hold'em event.

GambleAB has been flirting with the top ten, coming and going from it over the last few hours. This is his third cash as well, having collected winnings from an 82nd place finish in Event #2 (PL 5-Card Draw) and a 42nd in Event #10 (Razz). One-upping himself tonight looks like it might be in the bag.

1:59am-JoseGuti scoring all the chips

JoseGuti took the tournament lead and now has over 300K in chips. JoseGuti is aggressively taking pots at his table, even pushing all-in pre-flop in no-limit hold'em action against the smaller stacks to his left. Four of the players at JoseGuti's table are well below average in chips, leaving the chipleader in an enviable position of power.

1:53am--PearlJammer avoids life support ... for now

The turn and river just saved PearlJammer from being completely crippled. Instead, he won a 42,500 chip limit hold'em pot when kings came on the turn and river. PearlJammer had Tc-Kc and had nothing more than king-high until those last two cards fell. He now has close to 70,000 chips, though that number is still well below the average of 120K. But it's much better than being left with less than 30,000 chips, which is what probably would have happened if the PearlJammer wouldn't have been saved by those kings.

1:42am--Ulett_23 chips away at leader

Event #8 winner Ulett_23 just took two pots in three hands from former tournament leader Randers in the limit hold 'em round. The first hand was worth 35,000 chips and the second 38,750. Ulett_23 had AJo in the first hand and won with merely ace high. He had ATo in the second hand and won with a pair of aces. Ulett_23 is making his move and is now in 17th place on the board with 127,754 chips.

1:42am--All mixed up

Just a reminder that this is mixed hold'em, and the levels actually progress every 15 minutes when the game changes from no-limit to limit to no-limit... You get the idea. It's an interesting mix, even better when watching the players change gears and strategy depending upon the game. There is a delicate balance to be put into play here, and all of the remaining 56 players have been able to do that pretty well so far.

1:35am--Break it up!

No, there's no fight. Just an actual break. Here is the pertinent information:

Level 33
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 2,500/5,000
Average chip count: 106,857
Players remaining: 56
First prize: $73,603.20

Top ten chip counts:

Randers 299,004
akat11 267,859
JoseGuti 225,574
Joe_Banks 224,412
GambleAB 214,775
vinnybstgk 214,342
daPHUNNIEman 207,548
Fischer80 206,483
donnysack 205,047
gottogive 172,649

1:23am--A champ is in our midst

Still left in the tournament tonight is Ulett_23, winner of WCOOP Event #8, where he won $50,797.28 in the $320 buy-in 8-Game Mixed tournament only two days ago. Currently, he has 67K in chips with 58 players left. Ulett_23 has his work cut out for him though, as the tournament leader, Randers, is sitting to his left with close to 300,000 chips.

1:16am--UGOTPZD got pz'd, whatever that means

Trying to be cute with the title and it didn't make sense.

Nevertheless, Cory "UGOTPZD" Carroll has been eliminated from Event #12 tonight. Other players had been chipping away at him for some time, and with 24,698 left in the limit hold'em round, he decided to take a chance. Carroll began by raising pre-flop to 4,000, and GambleAB decided to bump it to 6,000, which Carroll just called. The flop came 2h-3c-Ks, GambleAB bet 2,000, and UGOTPZD check-called. Betting was capped at 16,000 after the 7s on the turn, and upon the deal of the Jd on the river, Carroll put the last 698 of his chips in the pot. Carroll showed Kh-Ts for top pair, but GambleAB turned over pocket aces for the ultimate pair.

Carroll finished this tournament in 71st place, not exactly the finish he likely sought, but he was awarded $1,032.24 for the effort.

1:07am--Osten, PearlJammer part of feature table

With no more Team PokerStars pros left in the field, the attention shifted to a new table that features PearlJammer and osten. Combined the two players have eight cashes so far in this year's WCOOP. Both players are sitting with around 50,000 in chips right now, a decent amount below the 80,000 average.

12:55am--PokerStars also covering the EPT from Barcelona

Speaking of the EPT Barcelona, there is much information to be found about the kick-off of the series' fifth season. PokerStars reporters and bloggers are there in full force, and all of the updates from the event can be found on the EPT Live Blog - everything from PokerStars.tv videos to photos of pros and PS-qualified players, along with recaps of the action straight from the tournament floor.

Day 1A is in the books, and Day 1B will be starting very soon enough. The European Poker Tour has grown into the predominant and most prestigious poker tournament series in Europe, and players travel from around the world to the exotic settings for the events. This week, they are all in Barcelona trying to win a coveted EPT title. If you're so inclined, follow along with the action!

12:40am--Last Team PokerStars no longer standing

Katja Thater.jpg

It took just one hand before the final Team PokerStars pro was eliminated. Katja Thater, with just 2,619 chips, pushed all-in on the first hand after the break. She was eliminated in a three-way pot to Pele24's pair of eights. Thater simply mucked to end a rapid fall. Just one hour ago, Thater was the chipleader. But after a spectacular run in this event, she settled for 96th place and a $942.48 payout.

Congratulations to Katja, and best wishes for a deep run at the EPT Barcelona!

12:35am--Katja critical going into Level 29

Level 29
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 1,600/3,200
Average chip count: 61,690
Players remaining: 97
First prize: $73,603.20

Top ten chip counts:

aylinka18 236,572
vinnybstgk 171,927
akat11 170,408
Fischer80 153,703
BtrGetThere 134,832
011180 134,506
Randers 132,728
FellKnight 125,579
Quagmire 125,189
MUHoosh33 116,918

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Katja Thater 2,619 (97th place)

12:28am--Katja on the ropes

Katja Thater is just about out of the tournament after a very tough hour where she went from first to last.

daPHUNNIEman did much of the damage, taking a 103,268 chip pot on the hand prior to the break. Thater had pocket aces, and daPHUNNIEman had 10s-Js. That was the perfect hand for the 7s-9h-8d flop, as daPHUNNIEman flopped a straight. Thater was left with 2,619 chips. daPHUNNIEman, on the other hand, is now in good shape with 103,268.

12:25am--aylinka18 got the Ca$hHomie

aylinka18 took over the top spot in the tournament, courtesy of a huge hand worth 215,076. Ca$hHomie was on the losing end and subsequently the rail.

Most of the money went in after the turn, when aylinka18's pocket jacks were the best hand with the board 8s-3c-4c-5s. aylinka called Ca$hHomie's all-in bet and was in the driver's seat, with Ca$hHomie on a flush draw. The Qh didn't change anything. Ca$hHomie was crippled and gone one hand later. aylinka18 has 230,000 and posession of first place.

12:22am--UGOTPZD looking for first WCOOP victory

If the screen name UGOTPZD rings a bell, it should. It is Cory Carroll's online moniker, and if that name rings a bell, it is because he has had a stellar year and a half on the live tournament circuit to add to his online successes. The young Canadian player scored his first major live victory in the 2007 WSOP Circuit main event at Caesars, and three weeks later he placed second at the WPT Mirage Poker Showdown main event. One year later, he made another WPT final table, this time at the $25K World Championship event where he finished fourth.

Carroll has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in his online tournament poker career thus far as well, and he is looking to score a WCOOP victory here tonight. With an above-average chip stack and a very aggressive table presence, anything is possible.

12:14am--kipa58 tearing apart the table

It wasn't more than 20 minutes ago when kipa58's entire chip stack was in the middle against Katja Thater. But after winning that hand, it's been up, up, up. kipa58 just won four of the last six hands at Table 183 with Thater and is now right near the top of the leaderboard. kipa58 wrote in the chat box, "i getting good cards" and is currently in fourth place overall with 130K.

As one of the other players at the table notes, "hands much"?

12:05am--PearlJammer rocking WCOOP

Jon "PearlJammer" Turner is among the remaining 112 players in Event #12. But this is nothing new.

PearlJammer now is tied for the WCOOP lead with five cashes in 12 events. Darinox and doidovarrido also have five cashes. PearlJammer, though, is still waiting for that big cash. Namely, he's likely seeking the one where he wins (maybe he'll settle for a second or third-place finish) and really makes all the hard work and long hours pay off. This could be the tournament. PearlJammer is right around the average with 56K in chips.

11:54pm--Katja taking hits

Katja Thater was in the lead. Was is the key word here.

Thater just lost two significant pots, and her chip stack was cut in half. The first loss came in an 83,000 pot when kipa58 hit a straight on the turn. Thater had pocket sevens. The second hit came when Thater ran into daPHUNNIEman's pocket aces. Thater again had pocket sevens in the 46K pot.

Thater might want to stay away from those unlucky sevens in the future. Even so, she still sits with more than 70,000 in her stack, which puts her above average and in 23rd place out of the remaining 121 players.

11:48pm--Fourth 2008 WCOOP cash for osten, going for second final table

It has been a great WCOOP for osten, and we are not even halfway through the series!

osten started off with a 46th place cash in Event #3, the Limit Hold'em event. In Event #8, the 8-Game Mixed tournament, osten made the final table and finished in fourth place for a $23,688 reward. The very next day, in Event #9, osten finished 16th in the NLHE late last night (or early this morning, really).

In this event, osten sits with an above-average stack. Though not making any stellar progress in the last level, past results indicate that this player has the potential to do anything in this tournament. At worst, it is the fourth cash in this WCOOP. Impressive!

11:37pm--Katja jogging...on PokerStars.tv

Katja Thater is a busy woman. Right now, she's leading the entire field in this mixed hold'em event in the WCOOP. And in a few hours, she will be playing Day 1B of the European Poker Tour in Barcelona. How does she keep up with this type of schedule? This video gives us some idea:

Watch Katja Jog on PokerStars.tv

11:25pm--rkruok out but with fourth cash

Not too long ago, rkruok exited with a 205th place finish. Not exactly a final table finish. But what has been impressive is rkruok's overall performance in the 2008 WCOOP. This was his fourth cash so far. rkruok earned $493.68 for this latest cash, but his biggest so far was a fifth place finish in the PLO Event #7 worth $21,130.20.

We'll not be surprised to see more of rkruok as the WCOOP rolls on.

11:23pm--Coming back from a well-deserved 15-minute break

All of the remaining players are in the money and guaranteed at least $673.20 for their play today. After having navigated a field of 1,496 players, the last 159 players sure deserve the break.

Level 25
Game: Limit Hold'em
Blinds: 1,000/2,000
Average chip count: 37,635
Players remaining: 159
First prize: $73,603.20

Top ten chip counts:

Katja Thater 118,669
vinnybstgk 104,551
akat11 103,376
Randers 101,400
Fischer80 93,724
Pokerccini 92,050
gottogive 91,511
JaySick88 87,473
maxcon007 86,454
Ca$hHomie 86,071

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Katja Thater - see above in the chip lead!

11:09 pm - Another knockout for Katja

Thater just took out another player right before the break to put herself back in the #1 spot when she flopped a set of 10s against Lin Hui-yin's Aces and Jacks.

Going in to the break Thater has 118,669 in chips.

11:03 pm - Just a Little more

After stealing a few more pots with raises to 1,000 before the flop, Jonathan Little is at 18,610 and within a double-up of having the average stack. His raises aren't costing him too much when he has to let the hand go, but they're paying off handsomely when he's able to take down the 900 in the middle before the flop with no opposition.

10:57 pm - Little holding steady

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, Jonathan Little doubled up - on the last hand of the limit round. He got the bulk of his stack in on the As-Qd-2s flop with Ah-5h against Big_Dady_Coo's Ks-6s and outran the flush draw to get back up to 10,264.

As soon as the no-limit round began, he tried to use position to apply a little pressure and steal the blinds and antes, but MCLegend was having none of it; he took the pot from Little with a re-raise all-in.

Little has managed to grab a pot preflop here and there, but he's still waiting for the perfect hand.

10:51pm - Thater over 100k

Is there any stopping our Katja Thater?

With Ad-Qh she caps betting pre-flop and flops a broadway straight draw, getting in a raising war with kipa58. The turn brings her just the card she needs - the Kh - and after kipa58 leads out the two go back and forth until again betting is capped at 6,400. The river is an innocent 8d, kipa58 checks and Thater bets out, kipa58 calls and Thater shows her winning hand.

Two hands later she eliminates SoDontPushMe from the tourney after calling his all-in bet on the 7s-8d-7h flop with Thater's As-2c against SoDontPushMe's 9c-Qd.

Moments later Thater would come after kipa58 again and take nearly 9,000 from kipa when her Jc-6c would pair on the flop; Thater calling kipa58 all the way down to the river. An 8d on the river would pair the board, causing both to slow down and check, but Thater would remain the winner and the pot would push her over the 100k mark and to the top of the leaderboard once again.

10:49pm - Action junkies

Not to say it's never been tried before, but one huge advantage an event like the WCOOP has over its brick-and-mortar counterpart is the ability to multi-table, as some of our players today are experimenting with. Being close to the money in a WCOOP event isn't exciting enough for you? Outlasting some top name pros doesn't quite keep your blood flowing? Well how about you open up a cash game or two?

Just remember your tournament opponents could be watching, as JLlama suspected when one of the players at his table commented on something he chatted in one of his cash game tables. "You don't like tournies?" he was asked. Immediately curious why someone would ask that, as he had just made the remark on his cash game tables, JLlama asked if he was being followed.

No, he was assured, he was not. With a gentle reminder, he recalled he'd made the same comment on his tourney table as well.

10:42 pm - Little no likey limit

Jonathan Little's limit round hasn't started off too well.

First he flopped top pair with K-7 against short stack MCLegend's A-A, dropping him down to 18,732.

Then, on the next hand, Little's under the gun raise got a call from Faraday in the big blind; Faraday's A-4 caught the flop and won the pot, dropping Little even further to 14,732.

Finally, CawtBluffin defended her big blind with A-7 and turned top pair, leaving Little with just 10,732.

The good news is that with stakes at 800/1,600, it only takes a few good hands to build a nice stack. The bad news with a stack so short is that it only takes one bad card to send you home.

10:27 pm - Aggro Jonathan

With the no-limit round here and the bubble fast approaching, Jonathan Little has really upped his aggression level after generally sitting back during the last round.

10:27 pm - Aggro Jonathan

With the no-limit round here and the bubble fast approaching, Jonathan Little has really upped his aggression level after generally sitting back during the last round.

He's raising two or three hands an orbit to 800 before the flop, applying plenty of pressure to the table's two short stacks and making the others at the table think twice as well, lest they get caught in an unwanted race with a short stack. After winning a hand with A-Q against CawtBluffin's 6-6 to go along with his stolen blinds and antes, Little is now up to 23,590.

10:25pm - Thater on top

While our other Team PokerStars Pros have had a rough time of it in today's event, Katja Thater has just risen to the top of the field.

Pre-flop kipa58 raised 1,500 and Thater called with Jd-Td, pairing on the 8c-2c-Jc flop. Kipa58 bet out but Thater, seeing the danger on that board, raised to 6,300. Kipa58 called and both saw the 7h on the turn and slowed down and checked.

On the river, the Js, giving Thater three of a kind. kipa58 checked action to Thater and she bet out 10,500. Kipa58 called only to see Thater's winning hand and her name shoot to the top of the leaderboard.

10:20 pm - Little house on the river

Meanwhile, Jonathan Little has his stack back in breathing-room territory again after a timely pot. After urcatchingup raised under the gun to 1,200, Little made it 1,800 to go on the button. Big_Dady_Coo made it four bets - 2,400 - from the big blind and cleared urcatchingup out of the way, but Little called to see the flop come down Th-8c-6d.

Big_Dady_Coo led out for 600 and Little snap-raised to 1,200. Another raise came in from Big_Dady_Coo, and Jonathan called the bet. The turn was the 9c, and when Bid_Dady_Coo led out for 1,200, Little again raised. This time Big_Dady_Coo slowed down and just called.

It looked like the action would slow down when Big_Dady_Coo checked the 8d on the river, but he pulled out a check-raise when Little bet. With almost his entire stack already in the middle, Little got an extra bet and call in and turned up Ts-Td for the full house, scooping a 22,200 pot.

10:18 pm - Dribbled away

Another flush draw on the flop wasn't able to help Vicky Coren against a bigger hand this time around, but she did get to showdown without losing all her stack. Her 7h-4h couldn't beat ji-_-ge's A-4 on a board of 2h-Kh-4d-6s-Kc, leaving her just 2,418.

"Blimey, I do hate limit poker," she wrote in the chat box a few hands later when she had to fold her big blind and leave herself just 1,518 for the next hand in the small blind. That one went by without any action from Coren as well, dropping her to 1,218 for the next orbit.

When she had folded around to second position, Coren finally got her stack in the middle with Ad-Jh, only to lose to bbbbb33's 5h-2s. Coren finishes in 242nd place.

10:07pm - Chip counts at the end of hour five

Level 21
Blinds 600/1200
Average chip count: 23,840
Players remaining: 251
First prize: $73,603

1. maxcon007 79,103
2. kipa58 77,013
3. Filthy999 68,536
4. DonTomaso 59,718
5. Pokerccini 59,211
6. HuntingDucks 58,753
7. aylinka18 57,576
8. BtrGetThere 56,091
9. targhan 54,381
10. Katja Thater 52,948

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:
10. Katja Thater - 52,948

9:50pm - Moneymaker eliminated by flush draws

There is perhaps no more helpless feeling in the poker player's world than when you've called a player's all-in and find that you currently hold the winning hand but are up against their flush draw. All you can do is sit back and wait for the cards to come, wait as the fate of their tournament life and a likely sizeable portion of your chip stack is decided.

Chris Moneymaker was looking at a 2h-5s-Kh flop with Qs-Kd in the hole and with sidusting bet out to him he raised him back to protect his top pair and ward off any flush draws. When sidusting raised all-in Moneymaker called and saw what he was up against - the Qh-9h - and could only sit back helpless as the 2d hit the turn, the Jh on the river.

There is a more helpless feeling though, we take it back. It's when you're the one all-in, waiting for your fate to be decided. Crippled and down to 5,165 Moneymaker saw his chance to make a move in the very next hand when he was dealt pocket 6s. When Queen West raised it up pre-flop Moneymaker took the chance to raise all-in and Queen West didn't hesitate to call. Moneymaker saw he was up against Ad-9d and could again only sit back and wait while the cards dealt his fate. He didn't have to wait for the river this time though, the Jd on the turn confirmed it for him. Queen West hit the flush and Moneymaker was sent home in 273rd place.

9:47 pm - Good times for Vicky - for now, at least

The no-limit round came just in time for Vicky Coren; after all, limit hold'em is no game for someone with a four-big-bet stack they'd prefer to get all-in before the flop. After patiently folding through the entire limit round, she finally found a chance to get all-in.

bbbbb33 raised to 680 from the cutoff and Coren, in the small blind, was the only caller. When he flop came down Kh-Ts-2h she instantly shoved all-in, and bbbbb23 couldn't call fast enough with Tc-Td. Coren's 9h-8h needed to hit a flush and dodge a paired board - and she did exactly that when the Jh and 4s came on the turn and river, respectively.

Coren was back to 7,348 after that hand, while bbbbb23 dropped to 5,621.

9:37 pm - Ebb, flow for Little

At this point, even taking out a short stack is a worthwhile endeavor for those players shy of the average stack. Jonathan Little is 1-for-2 in that department over the last two hands.

In the first hand his Ac-Kc held up against BadDog11's Ks-Qd to score a 6,700 pot and build him up to 16,452. On the next hand, though, his Ac-3c couldn't triumph over supadphat's Js-8s when the board ran out 2h-7s-Th-Ks-3s, shipping the 5,483 pot to his opponent and dropping Little to 13,983.

9:35pm - Show me the Money

Back to the No-Limit Hold'em level, Chris Moneymaker took the opportunity to shove all his chips in the middle and survived it. After making a raise for half his stack on the turn Money800 effectively committed himself to the hand, and when the river came the board read Jd-Tc-Js-5h-7d. Moneymaker pushed all-in but did not get a caller, sending the 12,350 pot his way.

He now sits with just at 20,000 in chips as we enter a Limit Hold'em round of play.

9:30 pm - Dropping a Little more

For some reason - maybe it's his aggressive play - people like to play back at Jonathan Little.

After dropping the earlier pot to CawtBluffin, Little dropped another at the end of the no-limit round. CawtBluffin opened for 600 on the button, getting calls from supadphat in the small blind and Little in the big blind.

supadphat checked the Qd-Jh-5h flop, but Little couldn't resist putting out a 1,200 bet into the 1,950 pot. CawtBluffin folded, but supadphat shoved for 7.094. Little quickly got out of the way, now down to 12,852.

9:27 pm - If Big Slick doesn't work...

...why not try a pocket pair?

Vicky Coren saw T-T under the gun and wasted no time shoving all-in for her last 3,277. Mega-stacked ji-_-ge could have made the call out of the big blind with literally any two cards but actually had Coren in a race with his Ah-Qc. The board ran out 4d-Jc-6s-5c-Ks to give Coren the 6,804 pot.

9:24 pm - Coren in dire straits

Vicky Coren is on life support now after a coin flip gone wrong. She opened under the gun for a bet of 500, only to be re-raised to 2,400 by adsanman12 in the cutoff. He had 2,863 left behind and called it off when Coren shoved.

Coren's A-K hit a great flop of As-Jd-Ts, but adsanman12's 9-9 caught an even better turn card with the 9d. No queen came on the river and Coren was left with just 3,727.

9:21 pm - Bet, raise, fold

It isn't hard to build a big pot at this point in the tournament, but the bets it takes to claim those pots are generally of the "all-in" variety. Jonathan Little just dropped one of those.

CawtBluffin opened the action with a bet of 600 on the button. Little raised to 2,000 from the small blind, and CawtBluffin called. The flop came down Ts-8d-3h and Little led out for 2,600, but he gave up the pot when CawtBluffin shoved for 6,925.

That leaves Little with 15,377, while CawtBluffin is up to 14,962.

9:19 pm - Hello, Vicky!

With the elimination of Tom McEvoy, we turn our attention to the equally lovely Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren on Table 5. She's stacked at 9,040 at the moment and four of her opponents are capable of doubling her up at this point.

9:17 pm - McEvoy can't find a deuce, busts

Starting the 100/200/25 no-limit round with just 2,455 in his stack, it seemed a sure thing Tom McEvoy would look for chances to steal he pot with an all-in move. That's exactly what he did on the first two hands, too. He took down the first pot with no callers, but in the second he shoved with 2-2 and JoseGuti called with 7-7. No duck on the board meant McEvoy was eliminated in 373rd place.

9:13pm - Sharing is caring

Katja Thater continues to hum along, as evidenced by her name in 8th place on the leaderboard. But if her hands keep going like some of her last few have, she's going to have a tough time staying up there.

In Limit Hold'em Pekka3 and Thater cap the betting pre-flop, then slow it down on the 9d-Tc-Qd flop, and again on the 9c turn. When the 8h hits the river they both simply check. Hmm... aggressive pre-flop betting, small bets on the flop and turn, and checks on the river when nothing has hit? What hand could possibly have both players betting the same? Sure enough, both Thater and Pekka3 turned over A-K and split the pot.

Just three hands later, Thater again found herself sharing chips, this time with Advocaat when both players had A-2. While the pre-flop action was a little less hot and heavy, the flop, turn, and river play was just as in the previous hand.

Looks like Thater won't have to worry about sharing pots much longer though. She's still able to pick up nice pots without having to show her hand at all; like the 6,800 she recently picked up when her river raise on a mighty scary board of 6c-5c-3d-Ac-3c went uncalled by gottogive.

9:12 pm - Limit & Jonathan - BFF

Jonathan "Jcardshark" Little just took down a healthy pot in this limit round, one that might have played much smaller if the game had been no-limit.

The action folded to Little in the small blind and he raised to 800. BadDog11 re-raised to 1,200 in the big blind and Little called. He pulled out the check-raise on the Th-7s-6c flop and and got BadDog11 to call down the rest of the way when the turn and river came 8s-4h.

Little's Td-9h was good for the ten-high straight and the 7,200 pot, putting him up to 18,702.

9:10 pm - Re-SPECK!

Tom McEvoy is staying ahead of the blinds right now in this limit hold'em round by taking down uncontested pots with preflop raises. That's serious respect at a 6-max table. The former world champ still has 4,855 and is looking to catch a break sometime when someone actually calls him.

9:05 pm - New featured players

With Humberto Brenes and Victor Ramdin out, we're turning our attention to two other players. Team PokerStars Pro and former WSOP Main Event champion Tom McEvoy is short-stacked with 4,855 on Table 92, while WCOOP Event #6 final tablist Jonathan "Jcardshark" Little has 13,902 on Table 168.

8:54 pm - Adios, Humberto...and Victor, too?

aylinka18 was a thorn in Humberto Brenes' side all day, and this no-limit round saw no change in that pattern. In fact, the pattern held true enough that Brenes is now on the rail.

aylinka18 raised to 450 under the gun and Brenes, in the small blind, made it 900 to go. aylinka18 made the call to see the flop come down 7h-4d-2h. Brenes led out for 300, leaving himself 2,095 behind, and aylinka18 responded by shoving all-in. Brenes called with Ac-As, but aylinka18 had flopped the set with 7s-7d.

The turn and river brought no help, sending Brenes out in 432nd.

At that moment, VictorRamdin was raising to 450 from the cutoff at Table 186. liran9 responded with a re-raise to 1,350 from the big blind. Ramdin called with 4,664 behind and the flop came down Qh-9d-2h.

When liran9 led out for 1,500, Ramdin shoved all-in; the call was a no-brainer for liran9 with Qs-Qd, and Ramdin was in bad shape with 9c-7c. The 5d on the turn left Ramdin drawing dead, and he went out in 431st place - one spot ahead of his fellow Team PokerStars Pro.

8:59pm - Chip counts at the end of hour four

Level 17
Blinds 400/800
Average chip count: 14,350
Players remaining: 417
First prize: $73,603

1. targhan 64,841
2. SixZeros 61,539
3. AhChicago 47,636
4. UGOTPZD 44,856
5. Kitkatts 41,742
6. Aylinka18 36,261
7. Kipa58 35,332
8. TheMasterJ33 35,104
9. Joe_Banks 35,085
10. Ghostwizard 34,904

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:

12. Katja Thater 34,698
90. Chris Moneymaker 15,141

8:50pm - Halfway there

With 428 players remaining in today's event, you need only outlast half the field to make the money. Players have had to fight their way through bad beats and brutal suckouts to get here, but for those that had made it this far the money line is finally within sight.

8:38 pm - Humberto hurting

Before we could finish the limit round, Humberto Brenes dropped another pot that saw his stack dwindle further.

He opened the action on the button for 600, and aylinka18 called from the big blind. Both players checked the Td-9h-6h flop, and when the 4h came on the turn aylinka18 led out for 600. Brenes raised to 1,200, and aylinka18 called. Both players checked the river, and aylinka18's Qs-Ts was good enough to win the pot.

Afterward he was down to 4,175, and since he has dropped further to 3,485 through the attrition of blinds and antes. With the stakes at this level, shorter stacks like Brenes' will need some help pretty soon or else they'll disappear entirely.

8:33 pm - Yin and yang for Victor

Two pots in limit hold'em, two very different results for Victor Ramdin.

In the first pot, Ramdin called iamhiv's second position raise to 600 in the big blind and saw a flop of As-Ks-4c. He check-called 300, and both players checked on the 9h turn. When the Kd hit the river, Ramdin bet 600 and got a call, flashing Kc-Th for three of a kind and the win.

The second pot, on the very next hand, saw Ramdin facing off against short-stacked villepn from the small blind. He made it three bets after villepn had raised to 600 in second position, and villepn simply called.

When the flop came Qc-3s-2c, Ramdin checked and villepn bet 300. As soon as Ramdin check-raised to 600, it was obvious that the last 1,346 of villepn's stack was going in the middle. It did, and the board ran out 5c-Jc.

villepn showed Ac-Qd for top pair on the flop and a runner-runner flush, while Ramdin showed 9s-9d. The 5,392 pot went to villepn and left Ramdin with 5,469.

8:28pm - He'll never suspect this hand

Earlier in the tourney Chris Moneymaker just knew Hickboy had those pocket 10s. So Hickboy was probably chucking to himself this time around when he really did have them and they matched up so nicely with the 10h on the flop. Would Moneymaker be able to put him on the hand this time? With betting capped pre-flopped and Moneymaker now raising him on the flop, could he really get so lucky?

On the turn, facing a board of Th-8c-7c-6d, things were now looking a little more dangerous. The beauty of limit hold'em - did Moneymaker make his straight? Was he still drawing to one? Try and bet him off now or value bet the set but control the damage should Moneymaker's hand be made? So many variables to consider and such a brief amount of time to do it in. Hickboy led out and Money800 raised. Hickboy called to see the river of Qd. There he led out again and when Moneymaker raised Hickboy fired one back himself, which Moneymaker called.

At showdown, Hickboy's fears were realized. Money800 showed pocket 9s to his pocket Ts, giving him a T-high straight and the 9,750 pot.

8:25 pm - Two for Humberto

Two pots - one in limit, one in no-limit - have given Humberto Brenes back some of those chips he lost earlier.

In the no-limit hand, Brenes opened the betting with a raise to 300 in the cutoff. aylinka18 called in the small blind to see the flop of Kc-8d-7s, and then check-called a bet of 500 from Brenes.

Both players checked the 3s on the turn, and Brenes called aylinka18's 400 bet on the river. He showed Kh-Js for top pair against aylinka18's Tc-8c, winning the 2,590 pot.

When 300/600 limit hold'em began, Brenes won the first pot before the flop before getting involved in the second pot. Entropy xx opened that one for 600 in the cutoff, and Brenes called in the big blind. With a check-call on the Kh-6c-6s flop, he got to see the 5d come on the turn.

Both players checked that card and the river came the 7d. Brenes led out for 600 and Entropy xx called. Brenes flipped over 7-7 for an unexpected full house on the river, claiming the 3,150 pot.

8:18 pm - Holding steady, chipping up

Humberto Brenes is treading water over on Table 89 right now, holding steady at 5,965. Victor Ramdin is back up to 7,770 on Table 186, though, thanks to some good timing during no-limit.

Ramdin opened the betting with a raise to 300 in second position. With 540 already in the pot, PURPLEPILS99 shoved all-in for 1,935 from the cutoff. Everybody else folded but Ramdin made the call, leaving himself 3,545 behind should he lose the hand.

It was a race with Ramdin's Qs-Jc against PURPLEPILS99's 6c-6s until the flop, which came down Qh-Jh-8s. Ramdin's two pair held up through the river to send PURPLEPILS99 packing.

8:15pm - Thater continues to rise

There appears to be no stopping Katja Thater today as her chip count has been on the increase for the past two hours and has now surpassed the 30,000 mark. In the hand that got her there Thater raised three times the big blind pre-flop only to have Advocaat pop it back to her for three times more. She called and the two of them would see the action heads-up on the flop.

As the cards came Jc-3d-Kc Thater would check to Advocaat who would then lead out with a 1,500 bet. Thater chose to call the bet and see the 8h on the turn. Thater would check-raise to 5,800; a bet proving too much for Advocaat to call.

8:10 pm - Victor swings back

On the last hand of the limit hold'em round Victor Ramdin finally found something to get excited about.

He opened the betting from the cutoff with a raise to 400 and villepn called from the big blind. Ramdin got a call of his 200 bet on the Ad-Js-7s flop, but villepn check-raised Ramdin on the 4s turn card. Ramdin made the call and the Ah came on the river.

villepn led out for 400, but Ramdin raised to 800. villepn called to see some bad news: Ramdin's Ac-4d had hit a full house, bringing him back up to 5,205. villepn dropped to 6,583.

8:07 pm - Ramdin's stack bleeding

Like his fellow Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes, Victor Ramdin has been in the red during this limit hold'em round. The bulk of his losses came in a single pot against iamhiv where Ramdin opened the betting in the cutoff and put four bets in before the flop when iamhiv re-raised from the small blind.

Another four bets went in on the Tc-6d-4d flop, but Ramdin slowed down and just called bets on the 4h turn and 2c river. iamhiv showed Q-Q and Ramdin mucked, down to 4,005.

7:55 pm - Victor on a roll

Victor Ramdin and BtrGetThere have been butting heads repeatedly at this 6-max table, and they continue to do so in our new limit hold'em round. Ramdin came out the better of the two in one of their latest battles, taking down 2,100 on the pot without a showdown, but an even bigger pot came his way a few hands later.

markusfriebe opened the betting under the gun for 400, and Ramdin raised in middle position to 600. The action folded around to BtrGetThere in the big blind, and he capped the action at 800. Both markusfriebe and Ramdin called to see the flop of Kd-9h-8d.

BtrGetThere led out for 200 and markusfriebe called; both players called when Ramdin raised to 400 behind them. The turn came the 9s, and only BtrGetThere called when the action checked to Ramdin and he bet 400. Another bet and call on the 4s river shipped a pot worth 5,300 to Ramdin when he turned up Kc-Jc.

With those two pots, Ramdin is up to 9.805.

7:53pm - Chip counts at the end of hour three

Level 13
Blinds 200/400
Average chip count: 9163
Players remaining: 653
First prize: $73,603

Top ten players -

1. SixZeros 50,165
2. ghostwizard 34,112
3. vui-qua-di 28,708
4. AhChicago 27,638
5. BrandonPL 27,469
6. gifted101 27,265
7. dudeoflife21 26,756
8. hookembaby83 25,802
9. Lacertin 24,370
10. gambler2k4 23,977

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:

37. Katja Thater - 18,757
90. Chris Moneymaker - 15,141

7:42 pm - Ramdin and Brenes moving right along

Victor Ramdin made a little bit of headway toward the end of the no limit round and got himself back up to 6,105 with a pot worth 1,780 against markusfriebe on the last hand before the break. Humberto Brenes, meanwhile, is sitting on a stack of 9,390 after making a few preflop calls and folding later.

7:34pm - "Nice set" indeed

Katja Thater continues to have a good run of cards today, just taking down a 6,720 pot while play continues in the Limit Hold'em round.

Thater was in the small blind; by the time action got back around to her it was 2 bets to call and both blinds did. However the initial raiser, Vandiesel, took his opportunity to raise again and betting was capped. Four players saw the flop of 7c-9h-4s and action was checked to the hand aggressor. Vandiesel bet out, and found himself raised by Thater. All called and saw the Qs hit the turn.

Thater took the lead here getting a call from VERY_HIGH while Vandiesel bowed out. Pokerboy22 raised and Thater raised back, signaling to VERY_HIGH that this was his place to exit as well. Pokerboy22 decided to stick it out however and called.

The river brought the 8h and Thater bet again getting a call from pokerboy22. At showdown she flipped her pocket 4s; those tiny little cards that plagued her so much yesterday. "nice set" pokerboy22 typed. Might want to be careful what company you toss those words around in pokerboy!

7:33 pm - Humberto humming along

Humberto Brenes hasn't made any big waves since we got going in no-limit again a few minutes ago, claiming only a single multi-way pot worth 860 in that time. He did grab one last limit hold'em hand, though, that gave him a big boost.

Brenes got the ball rolling by raising to 320 on the button. aylinka18 came along from the big blind and the flop came down Qc-9d-4h. aylinka18 led out quickly for 160, and Brenes called. Both players checked the As on the turn, and Brenes bet 320 when aylinka18 checked the Tc on the river. He got the call and turned up Kh-Jc to claim the 1,680 pot with a gutshot straight.

With that pot and his little NLHE score a minute ago, Brenes is now up to 10,210.

7:20 pm - Roller coaster Ramdin

Victor Ramdin had been enjoying a pretty good run so far today from the looks of his stack - he had 9,010 - when we pulled up his table. With two top-25 chip stacks at his table in BtrGetThere (17,910) and markusfriebe (19,965), he's got a great shot at building himself up by employing his usual aggressive style.
In the process that's leading to the roller-coaster chip counts you're used to seeing if you follow his progress in big tournaments much.

In just two limit hold'em hands, Ramdin dropped 4k against BtrGetThere in pots that went all the way to the river with two and sometimes three bets going in on a single street. That dropped him to 5,575, but he rebounded with a pot against BtrGetThere a few hands later when his Q-Q held up against Kc-Jc to get him back to 7,335.

Another downswing courtesy of a markusfriebe full house and a fold to PURPLEPILS99 on the flop means Ramdin is now on 4,535 - still relatively healthy and definitely enough for him to work with, but a few inches closer to the edge.

7:09 pm - Big double for Brenes

In a hand that started innocuously enough, alexilallas limped in from the cutoff, PokerI)eviL called from the small blind, and Humberto Brenes checked from the big blind.

Once the Js-4d-6s flop came down, things got a little hectic. PokerI)eviL opened out of position for 155 into the 180 pot. Brenes considered his move before eventually raising to 600. alexilallas quickly got out of the way, but PokerI)eviL took his time making a decision. Finally he shoved all-in for a total of 3,070, and Brenes called immediately.

The Team PokerStars Pro showed 6h-4s for two pair, while PokerI)eviL showed Jh-9d for top pair. Brenes was well ahead and stayed there when the Ks and Ts on the turn and river gave him a flush with his 4s, locking up the 6,320 pot and boosting his stack to 7,500. PokerI)eviL, meanwhile, finished in 832nd place.

7:03 pm - Crying call

We're back to no-limit hold'em now, but Humberto Brenes got one more nice pot in before the end of the limit round.

alexilallas opened the betting the under the gun for 240, and Brenes re-raised on the button to 360. Both blinds folded and alexilallas called to see the Qc-8d-7d flop. Humberto bet and alexlallas called, bringing the Th on the turn. Bet-call again, and Brenes checked when the Js came on the river.

alexilallas took the opportunity to bet, only to find himself check-raised by Brenes. "AK huh," typed alexilallas in the chat box, before throwing in the extra bet to see Brenes' Big Slick. He turned over his own Ad-9d, confirming he'd indeed had the lower straight - not to mention a flush draw from the flop onward. Bad break.

Brenes was up to 5,300 after that hand, while alexilallas fell to 760.

7:01pm - Got better

We once heard a bit of wisdom at the poker tables that when mucking your cards to a bet, always tell your opponent "I had jacks" because everyone understands why you'd fold that hand. Chris Moneymaker however has no such reason to lie.

With blinds at 60/120 in the Limit Hold'em round Money800 raised it up pre-flop and got one caller, Pete200. The flop came down Ts-3h-Ah and both checked, but when the 6d hit the turn and Pete200 checked to him Chris Moneymaker bet out. Pete200 simply called.

The river was the 3d and again Pete200 checked to his opponent. Money800 bet again and here Pete200 had a dilemma. "uggh, jacks?" he asked. Moneymaker responded "no" as Pete200 called the last bet.

Moneymaker showed his pocket aces, giving him the full house Aces full of threes. All Pete200 could do was laugh and say "ok".

Moneymaker continues to build his stack and currently has over 13,000 to it.

6:56 pm - Pagano Watch done

The pots at Table 136 have been consistently juicy in this limit hold'em round. Unfortunately for Luca Pagano, he wasn't been able to get in on any of them before his stack had been whittled down to just 757, leaving him vulnerable even if he found a good hand.

That's exactly what happened when Pagano was in the small blind; he and sagwise (on the button) capped the action preflop and got the rest of Pagano's chips in the middle on the Qh-3s-2c flop. Pagano's K-K was in good shape against sagwise's Ah-9h even when the 4h came on the turn, but the As on the turn sealed his fate in 898th place.

6:51 pm - Humberto scores a pot

Coming back from the break, Humberto Brenes was in a similar situation to fellow Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano: he needed to pick up some chips. He just did that in a multi-way pot and has a healthy stack again.

sickoflosing limped in under the gun and the action folded to PokerI)eviL in the small blind. He called, but Brenes raised to 240. Both players called, building the pot to 720, and the flop came down Ad-Kd-Qc. When PokerI)eviL checked, Brenes bet 120 and both his opponents called.

The 4h came on the turn, and again Brenes couldn't shake either of his opponents with a bet. He fired again when the 6h came on the river; sickoflosing declined, but PokerI)eviL called. Brenes turned up Ac-Qh for two pair, scooping the 2,280 pot and bringing himself back up to 3,980.

6:47 pm - Let's go, Luca

Much like Joe Hachem was when he picked up our coverage of him earlier today, Luca Pagano is short-stacked going into a limit hold'em round as we begin following his table. with stakes of 120/240 and blinds of 60/120, Pagano's 1,537 stack will need some assistance if he is to survive.

6:48pm - Chip counts at the end of hour two

Level 9
Blinds 120/240
Average chip count: 6345
Players remaining: 943
First prize: $73,603
1. ghostwizard 24,123
2. acescraps 21,630
3. weez4004 17,981
4. dartev 17,869
5. CERN2008 17,525
6. BtrGetThere 17,490
7. lehel1314 17,475
8. GambleAB 17,060
9. markusfriebe 17,015
10. shaihulud 16,829

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:

90. Katja Thater - 11,115

6:36pm - Those work too

Proving what makes a champion, Chris Moneymaker just made a big laydown and shipped a big pot Hickboy's way right as players head into the second break. On the flop of 5d-6s-4c Hickboy bet out 530 and Money800 called, both seeing the Kc on the turn. Both players checked and when the Th hit the river Hickboy again checked, leading Moneymaker to fire out a 1350 bet into the pot.

Unafraid of the bracelet winner before him, Hickboy raised all-in to 4950 and Moneymaker went into the tank. After what was no doubt an agonizing minute for Hickboy, Moneymaker folded his hand and the 4,735 pot shipped Hickboy's way.

In the chat Moneymaker commented "check check push huh" and then putting his opponent on a rivered set called "10 10".

Hickboy replied with "66", which would have given him a flopped set, which is also good for besting the QQ Moneymaker stated he mucked.

6:26 pm - Goral gone

A-Q giveth, and A-Q taketh away - at least in Marcin "Goral" Horecki's case today.

With the game switched over to no-limit hold'em and the blinds at 25-50, Horecki opened the betting in the cutoff for 150. aylinka18 called on the button, and AllRed5324 came along with a discount from the big blind.

The flop came down Ac-5s-2s and AllRed5324 checked to Goral, who bet 250. aylinka18 called, and AllRed5324 came in for the check-raise, moving his 1,560 stack all-in. Goral then came over the top for his entire 3,765.

aylinka18 had that bet covered and elected to call with Qs-3s for the combination gutshot/flush draw; Goral showed Ah-Qh for top pair, and AllRed5234 held As-9c for top pair, worse kicker.

The turn card, the 6d, was safe for Goral, but the Js on the river put him out in 1,057th place and boosted aylinka18 to 11,025.

6:19 pm - Tough times, Humberto

Humberto Brenes hasn't had much luck in the limit hold'em round this time around. He's dropped two key pots to take him down to 3,100. In the first alexilallas rivered a Broadway straight against Brenes. Then he ran into sickoflosing's A-A in a blind-vs.-blind situation. All in a day's work, right Humberto?

6:11 pm - You're playing the board, I'm not

Marcin Horecki just picked up a very healthy multi-way pot at our new stakes to give his stack a much-needed boost.

Horecki opened the betting for 200 in middle position and got calls from aylinka18 in the cutoff and holdplz on the button. He fired out 100 on the Js-Td-7h flop and once again got calls from both his opponents.

When the 8c came on the turn Horecki led out once again, but aylinka18 made the raise to 400. holdplz called, and Horecki tossed in the extra 200 to see the 9c come on the river. He led out once again with the straight on the board, and again both opponents called!

Horecki turned up Ac-Qs for the queen-high straight, and both of his opponents mucked their hands, sending the 2,850 pot to him. He now has a stack of 5,165.

6:01pm - Fast riser

When the no-limit hold 'em levels hit players start jumping at their chance to make a quick double-up or go home trying. Katja Thater has been the lucky beneficiary of two of these attempts and is now sitting in the Top 100 with over 10,000 in chips.
Indeed quite the contrast to the yesterday and one we're sure she's not the least upset by.

6:07 pm - Goral and Humberto time

With two of our pros out, it's time to find more pros to watch. We're going to follow Team PokerStars Pros Marcin "Goral" Horecki on Table 124 and Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes on Table 89. Horecki has 3,215 as we move up to 100/200 limit hold'em, while Brenes' stack is worth 4,580.

6:02 pm - Boeken up, out

In the space of two hands, Noah "Exclusive" Boeken went from below-average to average to out.

In the first hand iecavniex opened the pot in the cutoff for 120. Boeken raised to 480 on the button and both the blinds folded, putting the action back on iecavniex. He considered his move for a few seconds before shoving all-in for a total of 1,415. Boeken didn't take long to call with 3c-3s.

He was on the right side of the coin flip against iecavniex's As-Qd going in to the flop, but 8c-3h-2c was all it took to nail the pot down for Exclusive.

On the very next hand, Boeken opened the pot in the cutoff for 120 and Perumov, with a stack of 6,135 that more than covered the Team PokerStars Pro, made the bet 440 on the button. The blinds got out of the way and Boeken made it 1,600 to go. Perumov paused for a moment before shoving all-in, and Boeken called quickly.

The bad news came when Boeken flipped up his 9s-9h and saw Perumov's Kd-Ks.

No help was coming and Boeken finished in 1225th.

5:56pm - Thater right at home

After the run of bricks she had in yesterday's Razz event, no doubt Katja Thater was hoping a little bit of that luck would carry over to today's Mixed Hold'em event. You know, to a place where cards like that would be appreciated and actually do her some good.

From the looks of things that may just be the case. Thater has been sitting with a cozy stack all day and currently has 4,585.

5:55 pm - Nice pots for Noah

Noah Boeken is faring much better than fellow Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem right now. Boeken picked up two pots worth 1,680 apiece before the end of the limit hold'em round - one with 9s-6s for two pair against iecavniex, and the other against the same opponent without a showdown on the river.

Boeken begins the no-limit round with 3,860 in his stack, and there are three players at the table capable of doubling him up.

5:50 pm - No dough for Joe

Joe Hachem had to take a stand sometime soon, and with 80 already in the pot for his big blind he decided to make J-2 the hand on which he placed his tournament life. Tobia$ Bluth's K-7 fell bhind on the Qd-5s-2c flop, but the Kd on the turn was good enough to knock Hachem out.

Hachem finished today's event in 1274th place.

5:49 pm - Hachem down, almost out

With stakes at 80/160 in limit hold'em, a stack of 1,000 means you need the deck on your side to have a chance at sticking around. So far, former WSOP Main Event champ Joe Hachem hasn't been able to get a hand to go his way. He's down to just 360 after seeing the flop in one hand and the turn in another with three bets going in preflop on each.

Hachem's blinds are about to hit so we'll see if he survives.

5:43 pm - Featured pros

This hour we pick up coverage of Team PokerStars Pros Joe "JoeHachem" Hachem and Noah "Exclusive" Boeken. Hachem right now looks like he's in need of some help, with only 1,000 in his stack. Boeken, meanwhile, is a little better off at 2,500 but still looking for spots to chip up.

5:35pm--Chip counts at one-hour break

Level 5
Blinds 80/160
Average chip count: 4,578
Players remaining: 1,307
First prize: $73,603

1. GambleAB 16,460
2. CERN2008 15,965
3. krrmm 14,035
4. FrinkX 13,155
5. mlagoo 12,765
6. olligol123 12,615
7. i am only 17 12,465
8. ChodeZilla 12,385
9. OPardonJunge 12,060
10. pearljam1012 12,010

Recent eliminations:

Dario Minieri - 1450
Steve Paul-Ambrose - 1381
Isabelle Mercier - 1308

5:28pm - Getting to know Greenstein

Barry Greenstein has been proving over the past few days that his charm and sense of humor is on par with his poker skills. If you're not already familar with his background, here's an interview from PokerStars.tv that will give you more insight into this Team PokerStars Pro:

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein on PokerStars.tv

5:19 pm - Pedal to the metal

Hevad Khan is still down half his starting stack, but that doesn't mean he's changing his game plan at all. He's continuing to stay aggressive, opening pots in position when the action folds to him and especially raising on his button. He's still putting out continuation bets when he gets a call, too, which has been keeping his head above water so far.

5:13 pm - Rendevous in Uruguay?

Barry Greenstein has run into BinaryFinary at the tables already once this WCOOP. It seems there might be a bit more to the story than random table draws:

BinaryFinary: damn barry u had to come to both of my wcoop tables huh
barryg1: i requested you

BinaryFinary: thats cool, i'm up for a challenge
barryg1: i heard you were good and I wanted to see for myself
BinaryFinary: hahaha i bet you did
barryg1: I heard it from you
BinaryFinary: this is a funny coincidence, you met my sister in urugay like a month ago
barryg1: I wasn't going to tell you that!

5:17pm - Final numbers in

With registration for today's event closed, we can report that a total of 1,496 hold'em junkies ponied cash, FPP points or satellied their way in to today's event for a total prize pool of $448,800. After fighting through hours of play, 216 of today's players will cash in today's event, with first place walking away with a grand prize of $73, 603.

Among the tables today are TeamPokerStars Pros Victor Ramdin, Tom McEvoy, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier, Chris "Money800" Moneymaker, Luca Pagano, Katja Thater, Joe Hachem, Marcin Horecki, Humberto Brenes, Gavin Griffin, Noah Boeken, Dario Minieri, Barry Greenstein, and Alexandre Gomes.

5:08 pm - Rough times for Khan

Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan is under 2,000 now. He dropped several hundred in raise-re-raise-fold situations, but then a limit hold'em hand came along to drop him further.

vui-qua-di opened the action preflop under the gun, making the bet 120. mumtum23 raised to 180, and Khan made it 240 from the small blind. Both players called and the flop came down 7h-5c-4s. Khan bet out and both opponents called the 60.

When the 9h came, Khan again led out but only vui-qua-di called. The 2c on the river got Khan to slow down; he check-called the 120 bet from vui-qua-di, and mucked when he was shown Ac-3c for the wheel.

4:58 pm - No, not flushing

Barry Greenstein is back down again after dropping about a quarter of his stack on this hand.

Action folded to R0GEREL, who opened for 60 in the cutoff. loroppon and Greenstein came along from the small and big blind, respectively, to see a flop of Ad-8h-6d. Both blinds checked, R0GEREL bet 135, and only Greenstein made the call.

The 5s came on the turn, and Greenstein check-called a bet of 380. When the Qd came on the river, though, he led out for 660. R0GEREL made the call and saw Grrenstein's Ac-5c; his own Ah-Qs made the higher two pair and claimed the 2,530 pot.

After the hand, R0GEREL typed this in the chat box: "couldnt believe u would be flushing but still couldnt raise....hm"

4:54 pm - Khan drops a bit

Hevad Khan currently has 2,940, making the short stack at the table. That can mostly be chalked up to a single pot during no-limit.

The action folded to Khan on the button and he opened for 60. Timewalker rised the bet to 100 and Khan called to see the flop come Ks-9c-8c. Timewalker led out for 180 and Khan made the call.

Timewalker slowed down when the Qh came on the turn, checking and then calling Khan's 380 bet. Both players checked when the 6c made a flush possible, and Timewalker's Qc-Jh was good enough to take down a pot worth 1,340.

4:53pm - Money800 takes a fall

Having a WSOP Main Event bracelet winner at your table might be intimidating to some, but the players at Chris Moneymaker's table don't seem to be the least bit bothered. Moneymaker's stack suffered up against lteopepe88 when on the turn, Moneymaker checked the heart flush draw on the board. You can guess of course what floated in on the river... and when Moneymaker's bet was raised by iteopepe88 he knew he was beat and folded. In the chat he immediately kicked himself for letting the card get there.

4:48 pm - Barry down, up again

Barry Greenstein was down to 3,300 as the no-limit round begins, after losing several hands during the limit round. One of those, a hand against BinaryFinary, was the biggest pot at this table so far; BinaryFinary flopped a set of sevens and rivered a full house to claim the 940 pot.

Once the game got to no-limit, though, he got back to even pretty quickly.

Greenstein opened for 60 on the button and scags23 called from the big blind. The flop came 6d-5h-3h; scags23 check-raised to 240 after Greenstein bet 80, and the team PokerStars Pro made the call.

The Qs fell on the turn, prompting a bet of 365 from scags23 and a call from Greenstein. When the 4d fell on the river, scags23 backed off; he checked and then folded, shipping the 1,320 pot to Greenstein.

4:42 pm - Running g00t

Hevad Khan might be the Team PokerStars Pro on the table right now at Table 143, but vui-qua-di is the player who's running the game. In the early going of the first limit hold'em round, he's up to 5,800 - and everyone else has less than where they started. If you want to make that kind of run, it helps to pick up A-A twice and kings once - and have them all hold up.

4:34 pm - No book for you!

Barry Greenstein is well known for giving away a copy of Ace On The River, his guide to professional level poker, to anyone who busts him in a live tournament. Apparently there's no such luck for his online competitors today, though, if they can take him down:

cags23: can u get my mailing address and send me an autograph book if I bust u barryg?
barryg1: nope
barryg1: too lazy to do that

4:32 pm - It's raining pros

We've got our eyes on Team PokerStars Pros Barry "barryg1" Greenstein (Table 7) and Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan (Table 183) for the first hour today. We've followed both of these guys a pretty good bit so far and there's two things we know: they've both been pretty chatty with the railbirds so far during the WCOOP, and they've both both been playing solid poker.

4:30pm - We're off!

Action is underway in today's Mixed Hold'em tournament. 1397 players have signed up to try their hand at this exciting variant which alternates levels of limit hold'em with no-limit hold'em. The prize pool is currently over $414,000 and growing as registration is still open. It's not too late to sign up and take your chance at making WCOOP history!

8:57am-Event #12 begins at 4:30ET

Event #12 of the 2008 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker will begin at 4:30ET. The $320 Mixed Hold'em event has a $300,000 Guarantee. Coverage will begin here once the event is underway.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP