WCOOP Event 12: Steve Paul Ambrose applauds structure

by Steve Paul-Ambrose

Mixed holdem has quickly gone from an experiment at the 2007 WSOP, to a very popular format for tournament poker. In Event 12, nearly 1,500 players put up the $320 buyin to compete for a first prize of more than $73,000. My tournament came to an early end. After losing several big limit holdem pots, I pushed over a raise with A7s. My opponent called with K9s but unfortunately caught a 9 and I was sent to the rail.

The tournament had a phenomenal structure though, with deep stacks right through until the end. In what can only be described as a marathon final 15, Randers went from chip leader to final table short stack to champion, beating 011180 heads up after over 17 hours of play. As is often the case in mixed holdem tournaments, the limit holdem rounds drove much of the action in the later stages of the tournament, as players fought hard for the larger blinds.

This morning though, the two key hands heads up came during the no limit rounds. The first was Randers getting a huge double up when he pushed over a reraise with AT but was called by 011180's JJ. The ace on the flop gave him the chip lead and 25 hands later when his A6 held up against A5, Randers was a WCOOP champion.

Congrats to Randers and all final table participants!

Steve Paul-Ambrose is a member of Team PokerStars Pro. You can find him under the screen name stevejpa.

Brad Willis
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