WCOOP Event #13: lrdvoldemort crowned champion of $215 NLHE re-buy

WCOOP Event #13 went just like most expected. There was a big field (2,234 players), tons of re-buys (2,635) and almost as many add-ons (1,524). This is the kind of action that builds quite a prize pool. In this case, the total was $1.278 million, eclipsing the $1 million guarantee. First place alone collected $207,772.50. It's also the kind of action that makes this a popular event.

All the numbers are gaudy, which makes entering a tournament like Thursday's $215 No-Limit Hold 'Em Event $13 attractive. The play early on is wild, the players speculative and the field ripe. There's an opportunity to loosen that tie, roll up the sleeves and play some poker.

Not everyone was into the action though. The great Daniel Negreanu, KidPoker himself, admittedly fell asleep while playing. Negreanu was eventually eliminated in 551st place.

Not too many Team PokerStars Pros made it much further. Chad Brown lasted the longest and finished in 144th place.

lrdvoldemort, meanwhile, was at the tables for 17½ hours and outlasted everybody, including moe32746, a worthy second-place finisher. lrdvoldemort won $207,772.50. moe32746 earned $153,432.00.

Here was the competition at the final table:

It was interesting to see how many of the final table players were near the top of the leaderboard most of the tournament. Here were the chipleaders some 11 hours before the final table was set.

1. Alsoll 91,301
2. nitbuster 87,370
3. Team PS Pro "ChadBrownPRO" 85,889
4. katallo 76,847
5. HAIKU123 76,609
6. Irdvoldemort 70,542
7. Bry23 67,858
8. Dieselek 65,732
9. imcastleman 64,546
10. yadio 64,306

Three of the players on the list (nitbuster, lrdvoldemort and imcastleman) were at the top of the learderboard before the midway point and then at the final table some 11 hours later.

It didn't take long for the final-table action to kick into high gear. Even though ACESEDAI entered third in chips, he was the first gone. The aggressive player thought top pair with a king kicker was good enough. It wasn't. moe32746 had hit a straight on the turn. moe32746 was now among the chipleaders, a big reason he lasted until the final two.

After the frantic start, the final table slowed considerably. But the action would heat up soon enough, and nothing would go as expected. The new two players out, TheKaas and Sykoen, were eliminated on hands where they were huge favorites.

TheKaas was outdrawn with AK vs. KQ by eventual winner lrdvoldemort. Sykoen had imcastleman dominated with AQ vs. A9s. imcastleman, though, won the big pot and eliminated Sykoen with runner, runner diamonds for a flush.

BeLOWaBOVe was one of the most aggressive players at the final table. But eventually the agression backfired. BeLOWaBOVe went out in sixth place when nitbuster used pocket aces to take a huge pot. BeLOWaBOVe had middle pair and an inside straight draw when all the money went in on the turn.

For the most part, lrdvoldemort shied away from the big confrontations -- until this:
omalos and imcastleman were eliminated on the same hand by Irdvoldemort. omalos, though, was credited with a fourth-place finish ($74,158.80) and imcastleman ($61,372.80) fifth. This was the crazy hand that decided two players' fate:

With that one hand, two players (omalos and imcastleman) were out, and lrdvoldemord accumulated plenty of chips. nitbuster, though, was still in good shape, owning the most chips of the three remaining players. Still, he would be the first of the three eliminated.

lrdvoldemord and moe32746 took turns taking chips from nitbuster. On one hand, lrdvoldemord doubled up with pocket queens against ace-nine. lrdvoldemord then took out nitbuster with AQ vs. AJ. The best hand held this time, setting the stage for the heads-up match between lrdvoldemord and moe32746.

lrdvoldemord had the chip lead during almost all of the heads-up play, which lasted close to an hour. Never was a deal discussed. Never was it even mentioned.

With a solid chip lead, it finally ended on this hand, when lrdvoldemord had three of a kind and moe32746 had top pair after the flop.

lrdvoldemord earned his second cash of the WCOOP. He also finished in the money in the No-Limit Hold 'Em Event #1. The bracelet that he won, however, was a first.

WCOOP Event #13: No-Limit $215 Hold 'Em Re-Buy:

1. lrdvoldemort $207,772.50
2. moe32746 $153,432.00
3. nitbuster $110,215.32
4. omalos $74,158.80
5. imcastleman $61,372.80
6. BeL0WaB0Ve $48,586.80
7. Sykoen $35,800.80
8. TheKaas $23,014.80
9. ACESEDAI $14,192.46

If you missed some of the action in Event #13, check out the live blog which takes you from the first hand to the final bustout. For full final table analysis go to PokerStars.tv.

Also, don't forget that Event #14 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold 'Em and Event #15 Pot-Limit Omaha Re-Buy kick off later today. You can find the start times for those events, as well as the rest of the WCOOP events, on the WCOOP Homepage.

Jordan Raanan
@PokerStars in WCOOP