WCOOP Event #13: lrdvoldemort invests his talent in a win

Event #13, the $215 No Limit Hold'em with Rebuys in the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker drew a stacked field, with a monstrous final table including 2007 WCOOP Main Event final tablist nitbuster and online superstar Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul. When the dust settled, the last man standing was lrdvoldemort, champion of Event #13 and winner of the $207,772.50 first prize! We caught up with lrdvoldemort shortly after his win.

A young player from Sweden, lrdvoldemort describes himself as "one of the very best satellite tournament poker players in the world," having won multiple satellites to the 2008 WSOP Main Event. Unfortunately, he's too young to play live poker in the US yet, so he focuses on online play. On PokerStars since 2006, lrdvoldemort has many $10K+ wins to his credit, along with a runner-up in a Sunday Warm-up a couple of weeks ago.

Quoting Albert Einstein "the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest," lrdvoldemort plans to add some of his winnings in Event #13 to his bankroll, and invest the rest. A student in addition to his poker play, lrdvoldemort is working towards transitioning to live tournament play, as he sees increased value with the bigger buy-in live tournaments. A solid student of finance and bankroll management, lrdvoldemort is working on building his bankroll to the point where he can comfortably buy in to the major tournaments, as he did with WCOOP Event #13.

Sitting at a final table with some of the most notable and aggressive poker players in the online world can be intimidating, but lrdvoldemort held his own in a tough field. He credits good cards and good focus to being able to succeed, especially when giving up position to a player like BeLOWaBOVe, as he did for the last couple of hours of the tournament.

A largely self-taught player, lrdvoldemort studied the game for "quite some time" before actually tackling the game. As he's grown in the game, lrdvoldemort credits Swedish poker player MDMA for a lot of his success, saying that without his help, "I would probably work in a store."

When he first signed on to PokerStars, he chose his screen name based on psychology. "I thought about coming up with the geekiest screen name possible, in order to make people get preconceived ideas about my person as well as my play. I always hated Harry Potter a lot, and I thought: 'what could be more geeky than a guy actually naming his poker account after the bringer of all evil in the most widely spread child book the last few years?'. Since lordvoldemort was one character to many, I decided to make it lrdvoldemort. However, I do not think the screen name has much (if any) significance to the game in general."

What are significant are lrdvoldemort's plans for the future. In addition to improving his game and becoming one of the top players in the world, lrdvoldemort has his eyes on a career in finance. A huge fan of business mogul Warren Buffet, he hopes to one day manage his own equity fund, with fees tied strictly to performance. If he applies half the focus to finance that he's applied to focus, we might all do well to look for him as a financial planner in the near future! Congratulations to lrdvoldemort, winner of WCOOP Event #13!

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