WCOOP Event #13 NLHE Rebuy Live Blog

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8:15am--lrdvoldemort's winning hand

Here is what the lrdvoldemort's winning hand looked like:

8:05am--lrdvoldemort wins WCOOP Event #13!

After a long heads-up battle between moe32746 and lrdvoldemort, it finally came to an end.

lrdvoldemort held the lead since the last double-up, and though moe32746 made a valiant effort, he could not chip away at his opponent's advantage. The decisive hand began with lrdvoldemort raising to 240,000 and moe32746 calling to see a flop of 5c-5s-9c. lrdvoldemort bet 300,000, and moe32746 check-raised to 786,300. lrdvoldemort came over the top with an all-in move with 7d-5d and moe32746 called all-in with 9s-8h. The turn and river were 2c and 4s respectively, and lrdvoldemort's trip fives won the tournament.

moe32746 took second place, which was worth $153,432.00.

lrdvoldemort won Event #13, the WCOOP bracelet, and the incredible $207,772.50 that goes with it. Congratulations!

8:03am--It's over:lrdvoldemort wins!

It took 17 1/2 hours but lrdvoldemort finally emereged victorious from a field of 2,234 players. There were also 2,635 re-buys and 1,524 add-ons. lrdvolermort won the first-place prize of $207,772.50. moe32746 took second place.

7:58am--lrdvoldemort takes massive chip lead

This may have been the deciding pot of the heads-up battle. With moe32746 in the lead, lrdvoldemort made an initial raise, moe32746 reraised to 764,700, and lrdvoldemort pushed all-in for 6,463,848. moe32746 called with 9c-9d, and lrdvoldemort showed Ad-Qc. The board produced As-5h-6d-Qs-2c to give the all-in player two pair and the nearly 13 million pot.

After that hand, chip counts were as follows:

lrdvoldemort 12,947,696
moe32746 2,886,304

7:58am--Two players with experience

Both moe32746 and lrdvoldemort have cashed already in WCOOP events. So clearly these two know how to play. moe32746 came in the money of Events #9 and 10. lrdvoldermort cashed in Event #1.

7:47am--Monster pots change dynamics

Two very sizable pots changed the dynamic of this heads-up match. Though it is now back where it was thirty minutes ago, it shows that the two remaining players are ready to gamble and possibly put this tournament to rest soon.

The first pot was worth over ten million chips. lrdvoldemort was in the lead when the hand began and moved all-in after a Jh-9h-7c flop. moe32746 called all-in with Kd-Jc and was ahead of lrdvoldemort's 8h-7h. The turn and river were 8s and 9d, and moe32746 doubled up and took a huge chip lead.

That didn't last long. moe32746 pushed all-in pre-flop with pocket eights and lrdvoldemort called all-in with A-J. The board came 4-2-J-7-K, and the jacks allowed lrdvoldemort to double-up and regain the lead.

7:35am--WCOOP's Friday events

There are two more WCOOP events on Friday. At 2:30pm (EST) there is the No-Limit Hold 'Em Heads-Up Event #15 and at 4:30pm the Pot-Limit Omaha Re-buy and Add-on Event #16. Sign up before it's too late.

7:26am--lrdvoldemort leads after 17 hours

Level 31
Blinds: 50,000/100,000, ante 10,000
Average chip count: 7,917,000
Players remaining: 2
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

lrdvoldemort 10,722,412
moe 5,111,588

7:20am--Who needs a break?

Neither of the two remaining players wanted a respite. Instead, lrdvoldemont and moe32746 play on. Also, there still has been no mention of a deal.

7:12am--Heads-up play begins

There wasn't much difference between the chip counts of the two remaining players going into two-handed action. Their exact numbers were as follows:

moe32746 (7,548,888 in chips)
lrdvoldemort (8,285,112 in chips)

7:07am--nitbuster eliminated in 3rd place

nitbuster put up a fight and didn't go down easil. But with the amount of chips in play, and the fact that they were not in the hands of nitbuster, it almost seemed inevitable.

lrdvoldemort began by raising to 220,000 and nitbuster pushed it up to 720,000. moe32746 got out of the way, and lrdvoldemort raised all-in with Ad-Qh. nitbuster called with As-Jc and immediately saw that he was the underdog. The board came 5s-Ts-6c-8h-Th, and that was that.

nitbuster busted from the tournament in third place after a stellar performance worthy of the $110,215.32 prize.

7:00am--nitbuster no longer running this table

nitbuster looked like the surefire player to run away with this tournament. After having maintained the chip lead for awhile and bringing that lead into three-way action, it looked like a cinch. But moe32746 wasn't having it and continued to chip away at nitbuster, eventually taking over the lead. moe32746 now has over seven million of the chips on the table.

lrdvoldemort was getting short-stacked and finally doubled through...nitbuster, with pocket queens vs. ace-rag. lrdvoldemort now sits in a solid second and is flirting with the top spot on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, nitbuster has less than 2 million in chips and will need to play it soon for better or worse.

6:52am--Deal? Don't even mention it

During most of these WCOOP events, the players at the final tables at least check out the numbers for a deal. At the very least, they discuss amongst themselves whether they want to make a deal. Not in Event #13. The topic has barely even been mentioned. A deal was not going to happen here. it doesn't even appear to have been contemplated by any of the players. They all want that $207,772.70 first-place prize.

6:44am--omalos out fourth, imcastleman fifth

omalos and imcastleman were eliminated on the same hand by Irdvoldemort. omalos, though, was credited with a fourth-place finish ($74,158.80) and imcastleman ($61,372.80) fifth. This was the crazy hand that decided two players' fate:

6:37am--BeLOWaBOVe eliminated in 6th place

It was a fast demise after moe32746 doubled through BeLOWaBOVe. lrvoldemort came into the hand raising, and even though BeLOWaBOVe tried to get in cheap by calling, nitbuster came in with a raise from the big blind. BeLOWaBOVe called the 270,000 raise and watched the flop come down Kd-9h-Th. nitbuster pushed all-in with Ad-As and BeLOWaBOVe called all-in with Qd-Td. The turn and river came 5d and 7h, and the aces had it. BeLOWaBOVe wrote "i suk" in the chat box.

Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul was eliminated in 6th place for $48,586,80.

6:31am--Not much has changed in 12 hours

Take a look at this list of chipleaders from almost 12 hours back:

1. Alsoll 91,301
2. nitbuster 87,370
3. Team PS Pro "ChadBrownPRO" 85,889
4. katallo 76,847
5. HAIKU123 76,609
6. Irdvoldemort 70,542
7. Bry23 67,858
8. Dieselek 65,732
9. imcastleman 64,546
10. yadio 64,306

Notice some familiar names? Three of the top 10 at 6:50pm are still playing at close to 6:30am.

6:25am--BeLOWaBOVe more below than above

moe32746 was ready to push and did so pre-flop with A-K. BeLOWaBOVe called with A-8. The board came 2-T-J-2-3, not very exciting, but it looks better in the video. But the important part of the story is that BeLOWaBOVe was slashed down to fourth in the chip counts, whereas moe32746 charged up into the top three.

6:23am--Level 29 with six remaining

Level 29
Blinds: 30,000/60,000, ante 6,000
Average chip count: 2,639,000
Players remaining: 6
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

nitbuster 5,337,843
lrdvoldemort 3,003,240
moe32746 2,541,572
BeLOWaBOVe 1,900,916
omalos 1,749,427
imcastleman 1,301,002

6:15am--nitbuster controlling final table

nitbuster has continued to extend his lead over his opponents at the final table. Through general aggression, not being afraid to raise or see flops, and using that large stack of virtual chips to intimidate, he has chipped up to nearly six million.

As this was being written, short-stacked omalos doubled through nitbuster, but the latter still had close to 5.5 million in his stack.

6:02am--Sykoen goes out in seventh the hard way

The final table craziness continued with Sykoen getting his remaining 616,939 chips into the pot with Ac-Qh vs. imcastleman's Ad-9d. From the small blind, imcastleman pushed all-in to Sykoen's much smaller stack in the big blind. Sykoen made the easy call.

But as was the final table trend, the leader was never safe. It didn't matter that Sykoen looked good when the flop came 7s-3d-5s. Or that he was still in good shape when the turn came Kd. But the Jd on the river was bad news, sending Sykoen to a seventh-place finish where he earned $35,800.80 after getting eliminated by runner-runner diamond as imcastleman hit a flush. Never a good way to get knocked out of the running for a $200K first-place prize.

6:01am--TheKaas eliminated in eighth place

It wasn't as if TheKaas hadn't made some valiant efforts with his semi-short stacks. Doubling through Sykoen to get over a million in chips was a start, but then he met up with lrdvoldemort.

lrdvoldemort came out of the box raising all-in with Ks-Qh, and TheKaas quickly called all-in with As-Qc. The board ran out 8d-Kh-8c-Jh-3c, and despite his pleas in the chat box for an ace, it didn't come. TheKaas was ousted from the tournament in eighth place for $23,014.80 in prize money.

5:52am--Caution is the word

Sure, there are other words that come to mind, like sleep and deal, but the word for the players here is caution. Some of the shorter stacks have gambled and doubled up, but for the most part, players are giving a great deal of thought to putting chips in the pot and tournament lives on the line.

The serious money at stake here is as follows:

8th place: $23,014.80
7th place: $35,800.80
6th place: $48,586.80
5th place: $61,372.80
4th place: $74,158.80
3rd place: $110,215.32
2nd place: $153,432.00
1st place: $207,772.50

5:44am--BeL0WaB0Ve feeling chatty

The pressure of the final table does not seem to affect BeLOWaBOVe at all. In fact, BeLOWaBOVe seems chattier than ever right now at the final table, sparking conversations and trying desperately to speak with the other players at the table. Is it to get try and get information on his opponents? Or is it just out of boredom?

nitbuster acquiesced for a bit. Now, however, it's almost like BeLOWaBOVe is having a conversation in the chat box with himself. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

5:32am--ACESEDAI eliminated in 9th place

The player coming into the final table third in chips has been eliminated.

ACESEDAI began the hand by raising it up to 120,000 from middle position and was called by moe32746. The flop came Jd-Tc-7s, and ACESEDAI bet 240,000, which was check-called by moe32746. The turn of 8s brought it all to a head when moe32746 checked, ACESEDAI bet 1,079,663 to put himself all-in, and moe32746 called.

ACESEDAI showed Kh-Jc for top pair, but moe32746 showed a Th-9h for the jack-high straight. The river of 2h was inconsequential, and ACESEDAI was relegated to the rail in 9th place. He was awarded $14,192.46 for his play tonight.

5:21am--Entering Level 27

Level 27
Blinds: 20,000/40,000, ante 4,000
Average chip count: 1,759,333
Players remaining: 9
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

1. nitbuster 4,245,760
2. BeL0WaB0Ve 2,657,000
3. ACESEDAI 2,015,663
4. imcastleman 1,795,958
5. moe32746 1,257,246
6. TheKass 1,173,020
7. omalos 1,052,006
8. Irdvoldemort 981,113
9. Sykoen 648,214

5:14am--The Event #13 final table is set!

With the elimination of leakin'money in tenth place, the remainder of the players were combined on one table for the final playdown. The money is serious here, and with only two players even under one million in chips, we could be in for some slow play or some fast action. That will be left up to the final nine.

Here they are:

PS Screen Shot.JPG

5:12am--leakin'money eliminated in 10th place

Without much ado, leakin'money pushed all-in for his last 433,633 with Jh-8c. ACESEDAI called with Qh-Qs, and it didn't look good for the short stack. The board came As-3s-Th-5c-2s, and it was over. leakin'money was forced out in 10th place for $10,228.80 but no place at the final table.

5:07am--nitbuster takes command with better boat

Neither nitbuster or Sykoen were in danger of busting out before the final table. Still, they became involved in a huge hand with 10 players remaining. Sykoen came up on the short end with his full house fives over tens lost to nitbuster's nines over fives. The hand was worth a total of 3.75 million chips and made nitbuster the chipleader.

4:58am--Solid play for Saul

Not only has Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul been getting cards when he needs them, but his play has been well-timed and solid. In a recent hand, it was all in the betting.

TheKaas first raised pre-flop to 74,400. Saul popped it to 203,225, which prompted another raise from TheKaas to 375,000. What did Saul do? He pushed all-in for 1,823,975! The Kaas was forced to lay it down.

Saul is now in second place on the leaderboard with nearly 2.4 million, trailing only Sykoen at the other table.

4:49am--Suckout sends ZEMBALOUIE to 11th-place finish

This was a tough way to go for ZEMBALOUIE:

The consolation for the difficult elimination in 11th place was $10,228.80.

4:45am--AAKKQ settles for 12th

AAKKQ was crippled when his AK failed to hit against ACESEDAI's pocket jacks. Several hands later, with just 171,9561 left, AAKKQ pushed all-in from the cutoff with Ah-6s. nitbuster called from the small blind with As-Jc. The board of 9c-3c-8s-8h-2c couldn't save AAKKQ from elimiination. Instead, he was forced to settle for 12th place and the $10,228.80 prize that came with it.

4:38am--Soterdelf eliminated in 13th place

Soterdelf was the new short-stacked player at the table, and with only 263,168, all of those chips went in after an initial raise from lrdvoldemort. lrdvoldemort called with Ah-Jh and Soterdelf showed Th-Ts. The virtual dealer gave them 5d-Ad-7c-3s-9h and it was all over for Soterdelf, who was awarded $7,671.60 for the achievement.

4:36am--Down goes arbianight in 14th place

arbianight finished the event in 14th place after his KQo failed to hit against imcastleman's pocket sixes.
Starting the hand with only 220,652 arbianight pushed from the small blind, only to be called by imcastleman from the big blind. The Ad-As-8c didn't bring either player help. Neither did the 3d or Ac on the turn and river.

arbianight earned $7,671.60.

4:33am--zaaza eliminated in 15th place, BeLOWaBOVe back near the top

Kevin Saul's comment after the hand was "POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

If he lost the hand, Saul would have been crippled with less than 10,000 in chips. And when the hands were turned over pre-flop, it was Saul's pocket kings against the powerful pocket aces of zaaza. The board came an amazing 5-2-K-J-J, and zaaza was out at the hands of Saul. zaaza took home $7,671,60 for the 15th- place finish.

4:25am--BeLOWaBOVe moves into safer territory

Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul came back from the 15-minute break as the short stack, and it didn't take him long to risk it. With only 173,200 in chips, Saul pushed all-in on the button with K-9, and Soterdelf called in the big blind with A-3. The board came K-5-K-3-7 to give Saul the double-up, and he typed, "decnt flop I spose."

In the next hand, still fairly low with 368,400, Saul pushed again, this time with A-9. leakin'money reraised all-in to isolate, which he did, and showed A-Q. The board again came favorably for Saul with J-3-7-J-9. The river gave him another double-up. He still sits with just less than 800,000, but the situation is not as dire as it was only two hands prior.

4:15am--Vera15 takes 16th place

Immediately following the break, Vera15 became aggressive. From the small blind, nitbuster raised to 55,555. Vera15 pushed all-in for 254,822 with As-4d. nitbuster called with pocket nines. The 2d-7s-Js-Qh-4h board didn't help Vera15 from avoiding the 16th-place finish. Vera15 took home $5,114.40.

4:03am--Level 25 gets players deep in the money

Level 25
Blinds: 10,000/20,000, ante 2,000
Average chip count: 989,625
Players remaining: 16
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

nitbuster 2,003,437
TheKaas 1,848,620
imcastleman 1,826,582
moe32746 1,700,622
leakin'money 1,671,636
omalos 1,418,882
ACESEDAI 1,312,618
Sykoen 978,664
AAKKQ 594,495
lrdvoldemort 454,560
zaaza 446,792
Soterdelf 446,168
arbianight 316,652
Vera15 214,822
BeLOWaBOVe 213,200

3:50am--nofingclue11 out in 17th place

nofingclue was crippled by this hand even though he hit his set:

So with 2,178 chips remaining, nofingclue11 had no choice but to put it all-in pre-flop against AAKKQ's Ah-Qh. It was over quickly when the board showed Qs-8s-Tc-6c-Th. With that, nofingclue11 exited in 17th place and collected $5,114.40.

3:42am--ACESEDAI's quad nines come in handy
This is the kind of hand late in tournaments that most people dream of. They usually can mean the difference of several thousand dollars. Let's see if ACESEDAI benefits from this monster.

3:35am--Junior715 eliminated in 18th place

Junior715 had only 251,080 chips at the start of the hand. With the average stack in this game at nearly one million, Junior715 had to move. After leakin'money raised it up to 39,975 to start, Junior715 pushed all-in from the small blind. leakin'money called. Junior715 showed Ad-2h, but leakin'money had 8d-8s. The board came down Jc-5h-5d-2d-9d. leakin'money won the pot and sent Junior715 out in 18th place with $5,114.40.

3:28am--What's the difference? Ask MickBt23

MickBt23 finished in 19th place after a shortstack forced him to push Q-9o. He ran into nutbuster's KQo and was eliminated just before the final two tables.

19th place - $2,685.06
18th place - $5,114.40
'Nough said.

MickBt23 must be disappointed.

3:16am--JohnnyBax doubles, then busts

Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy showed in the last few levels of this tournament that he knows how to wield a short stack. After hanging on to the bottom end of the chip count board for quite some time, he finally took his A-K into battle against pocket jacks of AAKKQ. Here is how the magic happened:

And within a few hands of that, the magic died. JohnnyBax was seeking another double-up to head to the final two tables, but it didn't happen. From the small blind, he pushed for his last 257,232 with pocket tens and was called by imcastleman with pocket kings. No magic during this hand; the board was 9-5-9-9-A, and that was all we wrote.

Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy was eliminated in 20th place for $2,685.06.

3:12am--The big jump is coming

Three more spots. That's what the shortstacks might be thinking. With 21 players left, there is a huge benefit to last three more spots, until at least 18th place. Why is that?

The money jumps significantly for the first time with 18th place. The 19th-place finisher earns $2,685.06,while 18th gets $5,114.40, almost double the previous buster. Hanging around can really be beneficial.

3:00am--nitbuster pulls a miracle

nitbuster didn't know how dominated he really was until the hand was over. With Ad-Qh, nitbuster still won a pot of 1,067,372 chips against driverseati's pocket aces.

Vera15 was the original pre-flop raiser, driverseati slowplayed the aces and called, nitbuster raised to 111,111, Vera15 folded and driverseati called. The flop came 8h-3c-QC. driverseati checked, nitbuster checked.

The 5s came on the turn and dirverseati bet 105,000. nitbuster called with top pair, top kick, not knowing he was dominated. But the river came the Qs, giving nitbuster the better hand with three queens. driverseati bet 290K and nitbuster called.

With the huge win, nitbuster has 1.9 million chips and is atop the leaderboard.

2:53am--Level 23, three tables left, coincidence?

Level 23
Blinds: 6,000/12,000, ante 1,200
Average chip count: 754,000
Players remaining: 21
First prize: $207,772,50

Top ten player chip counts:

TheKaas 1,539,870
nitbuster 1,389,953
omalos 1,376,670
ZEMBALOUIE 1,104,183
BeLOWaBOVe 963,634
driverseati 943,823
leakin'money 905,915
moe32746 775,220
AAKKQ 765,981
Vera15 742,270

2:45am--And we have some cashers!

When the tournament was reduced to three tables, play slowed...almost to a halt. After rebooting the computer and verifying that cards were indeed still being dealt at the tables, we assume it is simply slow due to the deep stacks here and the blind structures that have been praised by Team PokerStars Pros like Steve Paul-Ambrose.

But alas, we do have some bustouts to report from the three final tables:

27th place: TheNew
26th place: Boykee
25th place: WaffleDough
24th place: acehighdro

All of the above players received $2,685.06 for their deep finishes in Event #13.

2:35am--More WCOOP action on Friday

WCOOP action doesn't slow down when the weekend arrives. In fact, it's the exact opposite. The action picks up Friday with Event #15, a $320 heads-up No-Limit Hold 'Em, and Event #16, a $215 PLO Re-Buy and Add-on. Check the WCOOP schedule for future events as well.

2:22am--Birds are chirpin'

The WCOOP is known for having railbirds chatting away, especially when known pros are at the tables. And in the world of online poker, many players come to support each other when their friends go deep in tournaments like these.

But the railbirds at Kevin Saul's table are taking over. Players like Saul's close friend and Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin, as well as Roothlus and even JohnnyBax (who is at another table in this tournament) are chiming in and providing some encouragement as the final table looms. Looking at that chat box, it is sometimes difficult to find any dealer information amidst all of the supporters.

Chirp on, folks.

2:16am--Play slows down

With 28 players left and the payoffs on the verge of getting much bigger once they get down to 18, play has slowed down. There has been a lot of pre-flop three-betting and folds. Not many rivers are being seen right now.

2:02am--Bry23 barely hangs around

Bry23 and Hickboy were willing to get 350K each in the pot pre-flop, with Bry23 being all-in. Bry23 had AK and Hickboy pocket jacks. It looked like Bry23 was headed to the rail until an ace popped on the river. Instead of Bry23 being eliminated, two hands later Hickboy was out. What a difference one card can make. Bry 23 has 700K and is in decent shape.

1:55am--Don't forget Event #14

What's going on in the other WCOOP tournament that is currently running? Check it out on the PokerStars Event #15 blog.

1:47am--Four tables return from break for Level 21

Level 21
Blinds: 4,000/8,000, ante 800
Average chip count: 479,818
Players remaining: 33
First prize: $207,772,50

Top ten player chip counts:

BeLOWaBOVe 1,503,450
moe32746 961,045
imcastleman 784,331
AAKKQ 762,791
omalos 749,760
Hickboy 688,123
leakin'money 671,627
driverseati 665,336
lrdvoldemort 653,005

1:38am--Jack or no Jack; make up your mind Bax

JohnnyBax was the tournament's shortstack with 99,000 chips before doubling up. In first position, JohnnyBax raised to 19,000 and everyone folded until the big blind, ivory2, pushed all-in. JohnnyBax hesitated and wrote "jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj" in the chat. He called and turned over pocket jacks.

ivory2 had 9s-Ts. All of a sudden Bax didn't want a jack on the turn after a flop of 4s-Qd-Ah. But when the Qh and As filled out the board, he was safe. Still, JohnnyBax is pretty low on chips (205,700) and in need of more big hands.

1:34am--BeLOWaBOVe eliminates former chip leader

Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul now sits far above the crowd with a 2/1 chip lead over the rest of the pack. He has a lock on first place at this point in the tournament with more than 1.6 million in chips.

The battle at Saul's table had raged for hours between him and iecavniex, the former chip leader in this tournament. With iecavniex in the small blind, Saul took the opportunity to raise pre-flop, and it was folded around to iecavniex, who called. The flop came 9c-7s-4h, and iecavniex experienced a disconnection problem, but came back to call a 30,000 bet from Saul.

The turn brought the 9h, and Saul bet out, only to be reraised by iecavniex, who put the rest of his 305,199 into the pot. Saul called and showed pocket kings, and iecavniex had J-T of hearts for the flush draw. The river was the Ts and only good enough to eliminate the shorter stack from the tournament.

With that pot, Saul took his lead over the remaining players in the tournament and has since climbed quickly to a solid spot in first place.

1:24am--ACESEDAI back in business

ACESEDAI had one of the shortest stacks in the tournament. That was until pocket queens arrived at just the right time. ACESEDAI got it all-in against two other players, one holding pocket eights and the other A-10o. The queens held up and ACESEDAI was back in business by winning the pot of 299,327 chips.

1:16am--Saul soars to chip lead

With one hand, Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul grabbed the chip lead that he sought for so long.

He now sits with 875,300 at the top of the leaderboard.

1:10am--What they are in it for

With 50 players remaining, let's take a look at the payouts that will affect the rest of the competitors in this event:

46th-54th place: $2,173.62
37th-45th place: $2,301.48
28th-36th place: $2,429.34
19th-27th place: $2,685.06
16th-18th place: $5,114.40
13th-15th place: $7,671.60
10th-12th place: $10,228.80
9th place: $14,192.46
8th place: $23,014.80
7th place: $35,800.80
6th place: $48,586.80
5th place: $61,372.80
4th place: $74,158.80
3rd place: $110,215.32
2nd place: $153,432.00
1st place: $207,772.50

1:05am--Filthy999's move comes up short

Filthy999 was unable to match yesterday's seventh-place finish in Event #12. He had to settle for 49th place in Event #13. Filthy999 won $2,163.72 for this latest effort. He was sent to the rail when he tried to push a late-position raiser and a caller on the button off the hand. The late-position raiser, ollie570, called the all-in bet with pocket queens. Filthy999 showed Ah-7d.

Even though the flop produced a seven, Filthy999 was eliminated. ollie579 won the 295K pot with a pair of queens.

1:00am--BeLOWaBOVe closes in on iecavniex...

Speculation: BeLOWaBOVe was looking for an opportunity to get chips back from the iecavniex - the player who put him at risk of elimination earlier.

Whatever the reason, the two would tangle and change the entire dynamic of the table. iecavniex had been a dominant chip leader but lost that edge over a period of about one level. Still with a sizable stack of nearly 900,000, iecavniex was the target of BeLOWaBOVe.

After an initial raise to 18,000 from Dieselek and a call from iecavniex, BeLOWaBOVe pushed all-in for a total of 247,877. iecavniex called with A-J, and BeLOWaBOVe showed pocket nines. The board ran out 8-5-5-7-K, and BeLOWaBOV doubled through the former chip leader to get into the top ten.

12:58am--Only 50 out of 2,234 remaining

We are down to 50 players in Event #13. Money is starting to get serious as players are earning $2,173.62 now if they bust out. Pretty soon, the money is going to get really big. The winner of the event will pocket $207,772.50.

12:50am--Finally a win for JohnnyBax

We said before JohnnyBax wasn't doing much. But we didn't realize he was doing this little.

JohnnyBax didn't win anything for 18 hands, until finally the skid ended. JohnnyBax raised 9,000 to 15,000 preflop and was called by omalos. When the flop came Qs-Qd-2h, Bax bet 12,000, Omalos raised to 38,000 and Bax pushed all-in for 94,522. Omalos folded and JohnnyBax finally won a hand. Yeah! Finally.

12:42am--Movin' on up to Level 19

Level 19
Blinds: 3,000/6,000, ante 600
Average chip count: 277,789
Players remaining: 57
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

iecavniex 1,019,047
moe32746 587,289
ivory2 578,605
ollie570 553,294
leakin'money 543,241
Vera15 540,715
imcastleman 478,830
TheKaas 459,033
WaffleDough 449,661

12:33am--Speaking of iecavniex...

Clearly dominating Table 42, iecavniex has jumped into the chip lead and become the first player to soar past the million-chip mark. He now has 1,102,238 and 400,000 more than second-place ivory2.

12:28am--Oh, the ups and downs of tournament poker

After just writing that BeLOWaBOVe pushed himself into the top 20, he just as quickly became one of the short stacks in the tournament with only 60 people remaining. He lost a 233,332 pot to iecavniex, who showed A-7 for two pair on a A-4-8-8-2 board, prompting a quick muck from BeLOWaBOVe.


A few hands later, Saul doubled through iecavniex to get a little more comfortable with just less than 100,000.

12:22am--BeLOWaBOVe moving up quickly

Though in the top 100 for several hours, Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul just found the hand to catapult him closer to the top 20.

Going into the hand with 153,000, Saul was faced with an early position raise from Birthdayflan and a raise from Lenny. From the button, Saul reraised all-in with pocket kings. In response to that massive move, Lenny was the one who called with Ad-Qd. The board came 4d-9c-4c-Qc-2d, and the kings held up to eliminate Lenny and ship the 324,333 pot to Saul.

12:16am--ACESEDAI doubles

ACESEDAI was under 100K in chips for quite some time. Finally, he picked his spot and made a move.
With ACESEDAI in the small blind and another small stack, Dunkelb1 in the big blind, acehighdro pushed from the button with 9s-Js. ACESEDAI called with pocket sevens and hit a seven on the flop. It was the first of three straight hands won by ACESEDAI, who now has 180K. Average is still close to 160K.

12:10am--Shocking news - aces cracked

We are not sure if it has ever happened in the history of poker, but pocket aces have been cracked. thedonator was on the bad end of that shocking hand that went down like this:

After that, thedonator was down to less than 50,000 in chips, and on the button moved all-in for his last 48,730. JaySick88 pushed all-in to isolate, and it was a duel. JaySick88 showed As-Kc, and thedonator did not look good with Kd-Qc. As luck, or lack thereof, would have it, the board came Ts-4d-Kh-6c-Ah, and Stuart Paterson was out in 78th place for a $1,917.90 payout.

12:06am--JohnnyBax stuck in neutral

Even after building his stack to repectability about an hour ago, JohnnyBax has been unable to do much. He's done nothing besides give back some chips. JohnnyBax hasn't won many hands at all in the last hour while his stack has dwindled to 70K.

11:59pm--ivory2 makes big leap

ivory2 moved into third place with a nice 148,928-chip pot that knocked out govshark2. govshark2 made the original raise preflop with Ah-Qh. ivory2 reraised only for govshark2 to push all-in for a total of 74, 464. ivory2 called and flipped over picket sixes. The board came Ks-6h-9s-2d-2d and ivory2 had a full house and was in third place with 492,369. govshark2 was out.

11:48pm--shaniac struggles and slips out in 95th

Shane "shaniac" Schleger looked solid tonight. But going into the most recent break, still in the 16th level of play, things took a turn for the worse.

shaniac started the hand with 92,767 in chips. villepn raised, shaniac raised all-in from the big blind, and villepn called all-in. The cards were shown as K-9 for shaniac and pocket aces for the all-in player. The board hurt shaniac with K-7-T-Q-7, and he was crippled.

Just into the 17th level, he was down to 10,689 and pushed from the small blind. TheKaas was his opponent and showed Ah-Kd to compete against the 6d-6s of shaniac. The virtual dealer gave them 3d-Qh-Ks-Ad-Tc, and it couldn't have been more decisive. shaniac was out in 95th place with $1,790.04 to show for it.

11:38pm--badbeatninja's downfall

At the previous break, badbeatninja was the chipleader with over 460K. One hour later, he sat there with 100K. badbeatninja took a big hit, losing 292,872 chips to AAKKQ, with pocket kings. AAKKQ had Ts-9s and had top pair, an open-ended straight and a flush draw after the flop. All the money went in and AAKKQ first hit the straight on the turn before slamming the flush on the river. AAKKQ is now in the top 10 while badbeatninja is struggling.

11:36pm--Entering Level 17 with less than 100 players

Level 17
Blinds: 2,000/4,000, ante 400
Average chip count: 163,237
Players remaining: 97
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

acehighdro 550,041
ollie570 477,202
Filthy999 430,128
ivory2 422,955
iecavniex 383,940
BigRed0000 379,450
leakin'money 363,843
Lenny 359,790
Birthdayflan 310,694
imcastleman 303,190

11:26pm--PokerStars TV all the way live in Barcelona

We mentioned before that Andre Akkari and Chad Brown were still alive in the EPT Barcelona tournament going into Day 2. One other Team PokerStars Pro, Alex Kravchenko, will be joining them to go for the European Poker Tour gold. Just to get a little taste of what is going on in Barcelona, check out this video from Day 1A of the event:

Watch EPT Barcelona 2008 Day 1A Intro on PokerStars.tv

11:20pm--donnysack's second straight solid outing ends

donnysack finished seventh in yesterday's Mixed Hold 'Em event and earned $6,507.60. He couldn't quite match that in Event #13. donnysack was knocked out in 111th and pcoketed another $1,790.04. Not quite as good as the previously day, but still not bad in a field of 2,234.

11:14pm--JohnnyBax throws another knockout punch

JohnnyBax did it again. He's climbing the leaderboard and taking out players along the way The latest addition to his hitlist was LUFCbas, who put his remaning 45K in preflop with Ad-Kd. JohnnyBax was willing to battle with pocket tens that held up due to a board of blanks. JohnnyBax is now at 126K and is 49th out of the remaining 111 players.

11:05pm--thedonator not donating anymore

One dip to below 50,000 was all thedonator seemed to need for motivation. With pot after pot after pot, including a massive one worth 113,380, thedonator has taken back his chips and then some to hover near the 250,000 mark. He is now in 14th place and looking directly at the top ten.

10:58pm--Chad Brown has left the tables

Having been relegated to less than 40,000 for a few rounds, Chad Brown seemed anxious to move. Other players had been avoiding him for the most part, but when Exitonly4 picked up A-J, he decided to see what Chad was pushing with. Unfortunately for Chad, that hand was A-7, and the board did not help the final Team PokerStars Pro in the tournament. Here is how it played out:

Chad Brown has been ousted in 144th place, just making the next pay jump to $1,662.18. No need to feel bad for Chad, though, as he will also be moving on to Day 2 of the EPT Barcelona tomorrow.

10:56pm--thedonator living up to his name

Well-known pro Stuart "thedonator" Paterson has been holding steady tonight in the top 100 on the leaderboard...more like the top 40. Until very recently, he was sitting with over 130,000 in chips and looking strong. But it only took one hand to bring him down to below average in chips.

On the button, thedonator raised it up to 5,200, and carlitto5 called. The flop came an intimidating Td-Jd-Tc, and carlitto5 led out with a 10,000 bet, which was check-called by thedonator. After the 2d on the turn, carlitto5 pushed all-in for 55,265 with Kd-Ks and the flush draw, and thedonator check-called with Ah-Jc for two pair. The river gave carlitto5 the 9d, and he doubled through.

Yeah, we'll say it. He donated.

But since then, Paterson has chipped back up to over 100,000 and looking to get that solid leaderboard position back again.

10:52pm--He's so Filthy

Remember Filthy999, the Australian who finished yesterday's Event #12 in seventh place? Well, Filthy999 is now the chipleader in this event with just under 400K. Don't feel bad for former leader badbeatninja. He's in second place, just 20K behind Filthy999.

10:44pm--Devil is good for ACESEDAI

To some 6-6-6 is a bad omen. For ACESEDAI, it saved his tournament. The shortstacked ACESEDAI got into a three-way pot all-in with pocket sixes. One player had pocket kings and other had an ace and a good kicker. A six on the flop, though, was just what ACESEDAI ordered to win a 72,681-chip pot. ACESEDAI isn't afraid of no 6-6-6. For him, it's apparently good luck.

Immediately after the hand, ACESEDAI was movd to the same table as JohnnyBax. That should be interesting.

10:34pm--Entering Level 15

Level 15
Blinds: 1,000/2,000, ante 200
Average chip count: 87,000
Players remaining: 182
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

badbeatninja 467,240
Qcity1 326,105
dudeoflife21 287,722
BigRed0000 280,644
JimmyToost 280,478
Specialk66 248,400
ivory2 245,768
Birthdayflan 240,142
iecavniex 228,902
leakin'money 212,378

Team PokerStars Pro remaining:

Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown 82,957 (75th place)

10:29pm--Akkari akkicked out in 197th place

It was a struggle to maintain, and after he recently climbed into the top 100 and fell back out, Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari couldn't seem to get back over the 50,000 mark.

Finally, he began a hand with 42,643 in the big blind, and after Sykoen came in for a raise to 4,800, aakkari called to see the flop come Ts-4h-2h. Sykoen bet out, and aakkari check-raised to 30,000. Sykoen bumped it up to put aakkari all-in, and it was done.

aakkari showed 6c-5c for a pair of fives and the straight draw, and Sykoen had the Qc-Td for top pair. The turn and river of Kh and 5h did nothing for aakkari, and he was out in 197th place with $1,406.46.

Don't worry though. aakari has enough to keep him busy. He is one of three Team PokerStars Pros left in the EPT Barcelona event. Stay updated with the Barcelona event right here.

10:23pm--Champ hanging on the rail

Last night's Event #14 Mixed Hold 'Em champion Randers is hanging on the rail of Table 222 talking about the impending hurricane. Randers is from Houston, one of the targets of Hurricane Ike. Those at Table 222 all paid their respect to the champ and congratulated him for the big victory. After the tournament ended early this morning, Randers did not play in this event.

10:09p--In the money, out of the tournament

It has only taken 45 minutes of play since the bubble burst to lose over 100 players. It is definitely easier to move with those small stacks when some sort of payout is assured. And since that first payout level of $1,022.88, we have climbed to the current one of $1,406.46.

We won't reach the $2K mark until only 72 players remain, though, which could be awhile. There are a lot of chips in play - thank you rebuys! - and the players will likely use them wisely, especially with a first-place prize of $207,772.50 at stake.

10:05pm--badbeatninja getting comfy at the top

badbeatninja has been fighting off the competition for the top spot overall in the tournament. How has he done it? By continuing to win pots and chips. badbeatninja has built a chip stack to over 462K, using aggressive play to remain atop the standings. This 398,166 pot didn't hurt either.

JohnnyBax took notice and likes what he saw.

9:56pm--Filthy999 back again

Yesterday, Filthy999 sat down to play Event #12, the Mixed Hold'Em tournament, and went far. And by far we mean all the way to seventh place, which didn't happen until close to 7am today. It was a marathon tournament, and Filthy999 hung on to get so close to the final table, bubbling it. But he finished in seventh for a $6,507.60 cash.

With a bit of sleep, it seems that the avid online player has entered this tournament and is climbing up the leaderboard again. Sitting at Table 154 with Chad Brown, Filthy99 is currently in the top 40 with more than 110,000 in chips. Avenging his bubble finish from last night, possibly? He is certainly making a run for it tonight.

9:50pm--ACESEDAI loves that river

ACESEDAI had all his chips in the pot with the best hand. He still needed the river to remain in the tournament on this hand:

With 52,582 ACESEDAI now has some breathing room, sitting just a tad below the average.

9:47pm--Andre Akkari finds his way to the top 100

With only two Team PokerStars Pros left in the field, it is easy to keep our eyes on these guys. Just after Chad Brown doubled-up to climb back onto the leaderboard, Andre Akkari jumped back into the race as well. He has been rising consistently since the break and now sits in 53rd place with 89,129 in chips.

9:40pm--Chad Brown doubles up

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown had been looking to get back into the top 100 chip counts and finally found his spot. Check out how he doubled through kaweco to do just that:

Brown now sits in the 75th spot on the leaderboard with 71,577 in chips.

9:26pm--Solovka a familiar name

Rememeber Solovka, the runner-up in NLHE Event #6. Well, he made the money in this NLHE event as well.
Solovka is a bit below average with 45K, but that is plenty. Nobody at his table is over 100K.

9:18pm--After 15-minute break, players head into Level 13 in the money!

Level 13
Blinds: 600/1,200, ante 125
Average chip count: 49,792
Players remaining: 318
First prize: $207,772,50

Remaining player chip counts:

scout326 229,321
badbeatninja 229,055
as1025 208,607
arbianight 195,095
Junior715 168,791
TheKaas 149,598
Exitonly4 138,939
JaySick88 134,282
Birthdayflan 133,787
Fabahaba 133,405

9:09pm--The bubble bursts

All players are now guaranteed $1,022.88 with lots more riches down the road for the survivors.

8:59pm--Less than 10 until the money

Team PokerStars Pro Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Kahn just busted out in 336th place.

8:55pm - Chips are chips...

..but it's gonna take more than the blinds and antes Chad Brown has been picking up to see him through the next level.

He may be getting cards good enough to raise with - or just picking the right spots to do it in - but no one seems to want to play with Chad Brown anymore, and so he's left to just collect the blinds and antes from the middle of the table; usually about a 3,000 pot.

Is it the impending bubble that has everyone tightening up? Or has the entire deck gone cold? Brown only has a few more minutes to wait for the break - and likely not much longer for that satisfying bubble burst - and then perhaps he can start getting things going again.

8:47pm--Which will come first?

It's 20 minutes until the break and 20 players until the bubble.

8:32pm--Live by the aces, die by the aces

Plattsburgh limped for 800, aakkari raised to 2,950 on the button and plattsburgh re-raised to 8,950. Andre "aakkari" Akkari then flat called.

After a flop of Ts-9c-Kh, plattsburgh check called a 10K bet from Akkari. Plattsburgh led out on the turn for 8K and Akkari called.

The river brought the 6d and plattsburgh pushed all in for 20,528. Akkari called with Ac-Ad, but plattsburgh had hit a gin flop with Jh-Qc.

After this hand, plattsburgh was up to 96,000 while Akkari had dropped to 24K.

8:29pm - Brown struggles

Looks like Chad Brown is having a hard time catching a hand. He's down now to 44,143 and that's after having just finally won a pot - the first one he's taken off the table in a long time.

It appears the deck has run cold for Brown, which may be bad news for one of his fans. Earlier DueL-MadNeSs stopped by to work out a deal with Brown:

DueL-MadNeSs [observer]: I;m gonna go to bed, if I wake up, I want to see you at the final table, Chad

While Brown agreed to the deal, no doubt he'd prefer his fans to actually wake up from their naps as well.

8:24pm--Need a better hand, not a "Better Man"

Short-stacked, Jon "PearlJammer" Turner pushed in with jacks, but Fabahaba's 30 percenter came through for him on this hand that put Turner out in 411th:

8:13pm--Aces are in his name

You may have noticed that Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari has moved into the top 100. That's thanks to finding pocket aces on the last hand before the five-minute hiatus.

In the hand, plattsburgh raised to 1,600, Akkari slowplayed by flat calling and Hasn82 with a big 100K stack called.

After a flop of Ts-6h-Qc, plattsburgh checked, Akkari bet 3,950, Hasn82 called and plattsburgh folded.

The turn brought a 5c and Akkari led out for 9,500. Hasn82 responded by putting Akkari all in for his last 11,000. Akkari made the call with his Ah-Ad and Hasn82 turned over Td-3d. The aces held up when the 6c his the river.

8:08pm--Chip counts at the fifth break

Level 11
Blinds 400/800 75 ante
Average chip count: 34,421
Players remaining: 460
First prize: $207,772.50

Top ten players:

1. scout326 179,581
2. dud711 115,672
3. HAIKU123 102,566
4. arbianight 97,632
5. iecavinex 97,392
6. badbeatninja 96,292
7. Yo brains 93,370
8. droniko 93,024
9. Liveline99 91,943
10. Priestland 91,475

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Chad Brown 68,393 (42nd place)
Andre "aakkari" Akkari 55,628 (70th)

8:03pm--All out for Allingomes

Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes had about 20,000 left when he committed his hand with pocket jacks. He didn't care to see what his opponent had:

This hand put Gomes out in 475th place.

7:57pm - Brown bouncing

He's not back up to the top just yet, but Chad Brown is certainly working on it. He's had two big hands that have swung him around though, collecting 39,870 with Qh-9h when he slowplayed flopped trip Queens against Maridu.

He then lost a big chunk two hands later with pocket Aces when kent532 called his pre-flop raise to 3,000 and Brown's flop bet of 3,600 on the 3c-Kc-Jh flop. Both checked the Qs turn and kent532 called Brown's 5,400 bet on the 9s river. Brown was not happy to find that kent532 had cracked his Aces with Jd-Th and would be taking the 25,050 pot.

Going in to the break Brown sits with just under 70,000.

7:50pm--Less than 500 players left

They still need to knock nearly 180 of themselves out to reach the money. Any volunteers?

7:46pm - Brown stumbles

In the big blind with Ks-Js and facing a raise from Filthy999, Chad Brown called to see what the flop might bring him.

On the flop of 2s-Qh-Kh Brown checked to his opponent, eliciting a bet from Filthy999. Liking the possibilities there Brown raised to 6,000 both players saw the 3s on the turn. Brown checked again, and Filthy999 fired 9,000 into the pot. This time Brown came over the top to 82,159 forcing Filthy999 to commit himself all-in. He called and flipped his pocket Queens showing he had the best of Brown.

The river brought a 2h giving Brown two pair, Kings and Deuces, but a boat for Filthy999. With that hand Brown is down to just under 60k in chips and will need to build back up to claim his stop atop the leaderboard.

7:45pm--Now who will the railbirds harass?

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu hasn't been able to get much going in the last couple of hours. On his final hand several players limped for 600. After a flop of 5c-Js-Qd, Negreanu check-raised all-in for 20,579 after a bet from blackfeel. The other players got out of the way, but blackfeel called.

Unlike Moneymaker, blackfeel was able to make presto work for him as he had flopped a set with 5h-5d. Negreanu was in terrible shape with Qh-Tc. The 9c on the turn gave him hope, but the 4c on the river put him out in 551st place.

7:34pm - THAT'S who Chad Brown is

Could you make a bet like this one on the turn? Could you call it?

7:28pm--Creeping into six figures

HAIKU123, who has lived in the top 10 for much of the day, is the first player to reach six digits in his chip stack with a total of 103,449 to put him in the lead.

7:27pm - But seriously, folks....

Over at Chad Brown's table, it appears some of the railbirds aren't quite familar with this member of Team PokerStars Pro. "Who is Chad Brown?" they ask. Some of the others are teasing back, playing off the obvious "PRO" in his screen name and telling them it's his first day playing poker. "Ain't he doing great?" they type.

For more insight into Chad Brown, check out this interview from PokerStars.tv:

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown on PokerStars.tv

7:19pm - It's over for Greenstein

His double-up efforts continued when he found A-K suited under the gun and pushed, but unfortunately this time Barry Greenstein found himself up against serlova's pocket Aces.

One heart on the flop offered a little ray of hope but the 2s on the turn killed them and confirmed Greenstein was drawing dead.

Greenstein finished today's event in 645th place.

7:17pm--He'll make no money today

Chris Moneymaker just went out in 672nd place when he couldn't get presto to work magic for him.

7:12 pm - Greenstein survives again

Barry Greenstein has been nursing a short stack through several levels now and finally found a hand worthy of taking another stand with.

He pushed all-in before the flop with pocket 7s and got a call from serlova who held pocket 2s. The board was no help to serlova and the pot shipped Greenstein's way - an appropriate enough 7,700.

6:55 pm - Chip counts after four hours of play

Level 9
Blinds 200/400 50 ante

Average chip count: 21,690
Players remaining: 730
First prize: $207,772

Top ten in chips:

1. Alsoll 91,301
2. nitbuster 87,370
3. Team PS Pro "ChadBrownPRO" 85,889
4. katallo 76,847
5. HAIKU123 76,609
6. Irdvoldemort 70,542
7. Bry23 67,858
8. Dieselek 65,732
9. imcastleman 64,546
10. yadio 64,306

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:

ChadBrown 85,889 (3rd place)
Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu 38,405 (90th)

6:46pm--Moneymaker loses half his stack

Starting the hand with 26,831, Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker raised to 900 and HAIKU123, with 50,000 behind, called. HAIKU123 check called a 1,567 bet from Moneymaker on the 8s-2d-3c flop.

HAIKU123 led out for 1,500 on the 9d turn and Moneymaker responded with a raise to 5,100. HAIKU123 called.

The river brought the 9s and Moneymaker led for 6,000 after HAIKU123 checked, but HAIKU123 check raised to 20,100, enough to put Moneymaker all-in.

Moneymaker typed "so sick" and you flop 8 8?" into the chat box as he used nearly all of his time bank before folding.

After the hand, Moneymaker had dropped to around 13,000 while HAIKU123 planted himself in the top 10 with about 65,000.

6:45pm - Welcome to the top Mr. Brown

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown now sits at the top of the leaderboard with over 80,000 in chips. Take a look at the hand that got him there:

6:43pm--Less than 800 players remain

Team PokerStars Pro Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose was among the recent casualties in 1,001st place.

6:35pm - Brown doing better

Chad Brown has had several big hands recently that have left him with over 60,000 in his stack and his name up at #5 on the leaderboard.

His rise started when he called an all-in from Pepper84 with pocket 10s and found that Pepper84 had only one ten, though it did have an A kicker to go along with it. It would prove no matter though when not two but three eights would hit the board once all the cards were out, giving Brown a full house and sending Pepper84 back to theirs.

Brown's next big hand was a little more unconventional. In early position he min-raised to 600 only to get supernova9 raising him back to 2100. Brown opted to call and see the 3h-Td-3s flop where both players slowed down, possibly spooked by the paired board, and checked.

The turn brought the Jh and both checked again. On the river came the Kh and here supernova9 decided he'd had enough with the checking and fired out an 1,800 bet. Brown called and showed his 8h-5h for the flush, besting supernova9's Kings and Threes.

6:19pm--Negreanu sleepwalking?

Daniel Negreanu just told his table -- after taking down a 4,800 pot -- that he isn't even playing in a conscious manner.

"i just woke up, no joke, slept the last hour did for real" KidPoker typed into the chat box.

"I lay down and when I hear the beep I look up," he continued.

Pretty good for a guy who is also playing today's Stud WCOOP event.

6:06pm--Hard to beat four queens

A short-stacked Victor Ramdin pushed in just before the break, but ran into trouble and busted in 1,101st place. Here is how that happened:

5:50 pm - Chip counts after three hours of play

Level 7
Blinds 125/250 25 ante

Average chip count: 14,447
Players remaining: 1,096
First prize: $207,772

Top ten in chips:

1. brett h 64,226
2. scout326 60,312
3. HAIKU123 57,717
4. twirlpro 53,930
5. Paryjane 51,135
6. BEMOL 50,558
7. Liveline99 49,871
8. Dieselek 48,010
9. Rigboz 47,935
10. Dudelinio 44,902

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:

ChadBrown 36,700 (27th place)
Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu 33,380 (43rd)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 29,822 (61st)

5:39 pm - Lee Nelson elimination details

It's every poker players lament - can never win a coin flip when you need to. Lee Nelson certainly knows the feeling this evening as he saw his tournament hopes dashed in just two hands.

What better place to have a middle pocket pair than in late position? Nelson no doubt thought it would be an easy blind pick up when he raised to 600 from the cut-off with his pocket 8s, but itsweezybaby on the button had other ideas, popping him back to 2,200 with As-Kc. Nelson had itsweezybaby covered and raised back all-in to 6,817; itsweezybaby covered leaving Nelson with just 377 uncalled.

A pair of 10s hit the flop and an Ace hit the turn, giving itsweezybaby the lead in the hand and things looking bleak for Nelson. The river was no help and Nelson was left looking for a place to push.

He found it two hands later with Ks-Jh and pushed his remaining 377 in. BadgerPro called with a pocket pair of deuces and again the board was no help to Nelson, sending him home in 1,177th place.

5:37pm--Less than 1,200 still in the field

These players are now bumped from today's proceedings: Mike "Sowerss" Sowers in 1,448th place, Aaron "GambleAB" Bartley in 1,397th, Team PS Pro Alex Kravchenko in 1,383th, Team PS Pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier in 1,244th, Scott "emptyseat88" Fischman in 1,242nd and Team PS Pro Lee Nelson in 1,177th.

5:25:pm - Brenes eliminated

Looks like Barry Greenstein is going to have to entertain the railbirds all on his own over at table 259 as Humberto Brenes' has just been eliminated from today's event.

Brenes' was in the big blind and after fast and furious raising with Rigboz got it all in pre-flop with Kd-Js. Take a look at how the hand played out:

5:21pm--Are you squeezing me? Um, nope

An interesting hand just developed on Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker's table.

Mestrefilipe raised to 600 from the cutoff. Moneymaker called from the button, kuparinen called from the small blind and Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron pushed all in for 5,570 from the big blind.

Mestrefilipe folded and Moneymaker called (with a stack of 14K behind him), perhaps thinking Baron deemed this a good spot for a squeeze play with his short stack. Kuparinen folded and Baron showed Ad-Th while Moneymaker held As-8s. Moneymaker typed "arg" and "nh" into the chat box, but a flop of 2d-8d-Qh turned the hand around. The turn and river did not bring help and Baron was out in 1,280th place while Moneymaker moved up to 21,000.

5:19pm - He just needs lots of Aces

After taking a small dip in his stack, it's another double-up for Greenstein; this time as he is wished good-luck from the railbirds that have again begun to flock at his and Brenes' table.

With blinds at 100/200 Greenstein raised it up to 1,400 and got one caller, admiral77. The flop came 7d-4s-6h and while Greenstein was thanking the audience for their good luck wishes admiral777 was firing 20,000 chips into the pot. With just 3,365 remaining in front of him Barry called while another observer commented "barry doesn't need luck. barry is the master."

Admiral777 flipped over pocket 10s to Greenstein's pocket Aces and they rode out the 8h on the turn and Kh on the river, giving Greenstein the double-up to 9,830.

5:04pm - Greenstein doubles up

Barry Greenstein just had a double-up to bring his stack up to over 6k. In a classic coin-flip race Greenstein got all his chips in pre-flop with a pair of 7s versus schinja000's A-K.

It looked as if it was going to be smooth sailing for Greenstein as the board brought all low cards (5c-3h-8c on the flop and 4c on the turn) and no help to schinja000, and then the river hit. The King of clubs floated in, pairing schinja000 - but wait - Greenstein held the 7c and had made a flush.

The double-up keeps Greenstein alive and in good condition, which he'll need now that he's been moved to Humberto Brenes' table.

4:54pm--Now down to less than 1,500 players

The past hour hasn't been kind to several Team PokerStars Pros. Among those no longer clicking their mouses in this event are Luca Pagano, out in 1,739th, Marcin "Goral" Horecki in 1,633th, Noah "Exclusive" Boeken in 1,600th and Gavin Griffin in 1,508th.

4:45 pm - Chip counts after two hours of play

Level 5
Blinds 75/150
Average chip count: 10,295
Players remaining: 1,537
First prize: $207,772

Top ten in chips:
1. Dieselek 46,435
2. AAqueens22 41,610
3. Skalexjung 38,640
4. Brett h 37,959
5. BEMOL 35,915
6. Stregone2000 35,644
7. ChadBrownPRO 34,360
8. Supernova9 33,512
9. Dudelinio 31,920
10. Plattsburgh 30,954

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:

ChadBrown 34,360 (7th)
Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu 21,130 (76th)

4:41pm--Rousso misses big draw to go out in 1,546th

Down to 7,155, Team PS Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso limped and saw a flop of Tc-2h-Ah. ColtsFortheW bet out 300 of his 15K stack and Rousso raised to 1,000. ColtsFortheW put the rest of it out there and Rousso used much of her time bank before calling.

She held 3h-5h for an inside straight flush draw against the two pair of ColtsFortheW with Ts-2s. The board bricked off with Jd-8d and Rousso was out.

4:38pm - Brown takes it to the top
Chad Brown just took down another large pot, this one good for shooting him to the top of the leaderboard where he now sits in 7th place.

After raising pre-flop to 500, BobbyFi called and both players saw the 8c-Kd-4s flop. BobbyFi checked to Brown who led out with 600 and BobbyFi called. The turn was the 3s and BobbyFi again checked to Brown who fired 2,000 into the pot. BobbyFi woke up with a raise to 5,000 which Brown responded with an all-in to 17,050. Brown had BobbyFi covered twice over, so when BobbyFi decided to call it was his own tournament life he was putting on the line.

Things didn't look too bad for BobbyFi when he flipped over his 3h-4h, giving him two pair versus Brown's As-Kh. Until, of course, the river came. The Kc hit on the river drowning BobbyFi's hopes of WCOOP glory and propelling Chad Brown to the top of the leaderboard with a 32,270 pot.

4:35pm--Are you a stud or not?

If flop games aren't your thing, WCOOP Event #14 $320 Stud has now started. Registration for the event with a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool will continue until 5pm EST.

4:24pm - Brown puts it on the line

With blinds at 50/100, Chad Brown found himself in the small blind with pocket Aces and two raises before the action came back to him. The bet was now at 750 and Brown knew he would need to take stand in order to limit the field and protect his hand. He raised it up again, this time to 1,900. His plan worked and got a fold from one player, getting him heads-up against Hassbergler as they went to the flop.

As the cards came out Brown was no doubt unhappy to see the two clubs, nor the straight draw that presented itself, and fired out another big bet. When Hassbergler raised him back all-in Brown had no choice but to call for his own tournament life. The result? Well... how about you see the results for yourself?

4:21pm--Bats in the belfry

Daniel Negreanu, like Chad Brown, is certainly being hounded by the railbirds. The chat has gotten so busy that KidPoker asked for some peace.

"guys you are all driving me a bit batty", he typed into the chat box, "ok 30 min of peace now...relax all"

4:12pm--LadyMaverick dropping

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso was doing well at the break with 16,465 chips but has lost about half her stack since then. Here is a recent hand in which she lost several thousand:

4:10 pm - And because "WillTakeAllYourChips" wouldn't fit

If there is one thing we've been able to count on during the WCOOP it's that at least one member of Team PokerStars will be holding court with the railbirds, and from the looks of it today that honor is going to Chad Brown.

He's currently at table 79 with a respectable 6,675 in his stack and is chatting it up with his tablemates and the railbirds they've all attracted. In between answering questions about this love life, travel plans, and occasional bizarre poker reference came the following exchange about his screen name. Just why would a well-known pro feel the need to include that designation in his screen name anyway?

ShankingYou [observer]: chad can you explain why such a well known pro as urself would inclue pro in his screen name
ShankingYou [observer]: i would think it would be pretty obvious
ChadBrownPRO: yes i can
ShankingYou [observer]: cool id enjoy hearing it
ChadBrownPRO: its because chadbrown was already taken

3:55pm--Early carnage has claimed 400 players.

As we creep toward 1,800 remaining some notable knockouts include Team PokerStars pros Tom McEvoy in 2,010th place and John Duthie in 1,904th.

3:45pm--Prize pool nearly $1.3 million

Players were busy in the first hour. With 2,234 participants we had 2,635 rebuys and 1,524 add-ons, creating a prize pool of $1.28 million.

First will receive $207,772.50 and the last one paid in 324th will get $1,022.80.

3:35 pm - Chip counts after one hour of play

Level 3
Blinds 25/50
Average chip count: 8,009
Players remaining: 1,924
First prize: $207,772
Top ten in chips:
1. AAqueens22 35,365
2. supernova9 29,565
3. Geobe 29,518
4. Rigboz 29,160
5. Team PS Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu 25,830
6. kiaser 24,670
7. backmanslivs 24,493
8. Andy McLEOD 24,132
9. bdubs3737 23,838
10. wasaberga 23,216

Team PokerStars Pros in the Top 100:

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 16,465 (72nd place)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 16,157 (79th)

3:21pm - 10 minutes!

The alarms have just been sounded and only ten minutes remain in the rebuy period. It's gonna get crazy folks!

3:20pm--All Negreanu, all the time

Perhaps this is too much KidPoker saturation, but his is an interesting table. He's now up to 23,345 and in third place on the leaderboard.

He won a huge hand recently after raising initially to 60 and calling a re-raise by mekingkong79 to 210. The two saw a flop of 6c-4c-Jh and mekinkong79 led out for 330. Negreanu called.

After the 2h hit on the turn, Negreanu pushed all in for 8,830. Mekingkong79 thought and called with Ad-As. He was ahead of Negreanu, who held 4h-5h, which gave him 17 outs. One of those came on the river in the form of the Qh.

3:15pm - REBUY!

Lee Nelson just shipped a nice pot over to pravda777 and was left to call out (click?) that dreaded R word.

With just minimal pre-flop action, three players saw the 3d-7s-6d flop and marnau1 and Nelson both checked the action to pravda777 who bet out 240. Marnau1 folded leaving Nelson to raise all-in with his stack at 3,820. Pravda777 called with pocket Qs to Nelson's Jd-8d. Turn was Kh and the river was Qh, giving pravda777 an unnecessary but no doubt welcome three of a kind.

3:13pm--Daniel Negreanu, Olympic sprinter?

The railbirds are predictably out to watch KidPoker at the tables, and they are giving him grief about going in with the worst of it on his many pushes and coming out ahead. At last count he was up to almost 13,000.

Said one railbird, "he runs like usain bolt sometimes"

3:07pm - Running wild

Just like that other "R" word - Razz - poker players either love or hate rebuy tournaments. Players tend to run a little wild and loose in the early stages in an effort to build up their stacks to see them through the later rounds when the rebuy period is over.

Over at Lee Nelson's table they're taking this strategy to heart, with big raises on the flop and all-ins coming fast and furious. Here's how one recent hand played out; a big one for pravda777.

For his part Nelson seems content to let his tablemates run a little crazy while he sits back and waits for the right spot to make his attack. For now...

2:58pm--Negreanu active early

We thought maybe since Daniel Negreanu had doubled early he might slow down.


He is fattening up his tables (presumably for a later slaughter) by shoving chips into the pot and hoping to hit.

After losing his stack and rebuying, KidPoker got into a big pot with Vienna Bundy with 7-9 versus A-K. Here is how that one turned out:

2:42pm--Negreanu rebuy watch

Considering his history of rebuys in WSOP events, we figured we would keep an eye on Team PokerStars pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu. So far he has already chipped up to almost 8,000 so a lot of rebuys may not be necessary for him today.

2:36pm--Already approaching 1,000 rebuys

You can expect today's event to be a big one. With more than 2,000 players hungry to play the $1 million guarantee is likely to be easily eclipsed.

2:30pm - And we're off!

Registration is still open in today's event, but right now 1988 players have signed up and taken their seats for today's event. With the re-buy and add-on structure today promises to be an action-filled time as players compete for their share of the $1,000,000.00 guaranteed prize pool.

9:00am--Event #13 to begin at 2:30ET

The $1 million guaranteed $215 NLHE rebuy WCOOP event begins in just a few hours. Join us here for all the action when it kicks off.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP