WCOOP Event #14 Stud live blog

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6:51am--tiffaniejoy eliminated in 2nd place; Mildred53 is the champion!

tiffaniejoy got her last chips in on third street and the cards ran out

tiffaniejoy: 3c-7s-4s-5c-Js-8h-As for Ace-high
Mildred53: Qc-Kd-3s-2c-2h-Th-4c for a pair of deuces.

So after the huge hands shown down on the last hand, the WCOOP bracelet winner was decided by a pair of ducks. tiffaniejoy was awarded 2nd place to go with her $25,000. Mildred53 gets the bracelet and $28,608.50.

6:50am--tiffaniejoy crippled

Talk about ending the tournament with a bang! After Mildred53 completed her 9h to 25,000, tiffaniejoy raised a Kh to 50,000. Mildred53 called.

Fourth street came an Ah to tiffaniejoy, and the 7h to Mildred53. The betting was capped. On fifth street, tiffaniejoy bricked with the 4s and Mildred53 caught the Jh. She bet it when tiffaniejoy checked, and tiffaniejoy then called

Sixth street paired aces for tiffaniejoy with the Ad, but again she checked to Mildred53, who paired sevens with the 7c. Mildred53 bet and tiffaniejoy called.

More fireworks on the river. Four bets went in from each player. Tiffaniejoy showed her hand first, opening what seemed like an unbeatable 2c-kc / Kh-Ah-4s-Ad / As for a full house, aces full of kings. But Mildred53 was not to be outdone, showing down Th-8s / 9h-7h-Jh-7c / 8h for a rivered straight flush!

tiffaniejoy was crippled on the hand. The outcome of this tournament is all but a foregone conclusion now.

6:42am--tiffaniejoy running on fumes

tiffaniejoy started with buried aces, but never improved. Her opponent, Mildred53, rivered a pair of fives to go along with the pair of kings she made on fourth street. Mildred53 now has close to a 7-to-1 chip lead.

6:35am--Mildred53 running away with all the chips

Since the elimination of adsonvonmelk, Mildred53 has won almost every pot. The few pots that she has last to tiffaniejoy have been very small, but the winners have been huge, including a recent pot where Mildred53 made trip fours against tiffaniejoy's two pair, kings and queens. Mildred53 has opened up a 3-to-1 chip lead.

6:26am--Chop it up!

The final two players were very close in chips and paused play to talk about a deal. Mildred53 had 1,267,850 in chips, just a smidge more than tiffaniejoy's 1,240,150. They decided to each take $25,000 and play on for the remaining cash ($3,608.50) and the WCOOP bracelet. With that deal agreed to and put in place, play has resumed.

6:21am--Chop-blocker adsonvonmelk eliminated in 3rd place

adsonvonmelk was the player who objected to a three-player chip-count chop. He was, therefore, the next player eliminated. After mildred53 completed tiffaniejoy's bring-in, adsonvonmelk raised to 40,000. tiffaniejoy called, but Mildred53 folded. The rest of the chips went in on fourth street. The boards ran out:

adsonvonmelk: 4d-9h / 9s-8h-Ac-Kc / Qc
tiffaniejoy: 2s-3c / 2c-7c-5c-4h / 7d

adsonvonmelk started with split nines against tiffaniejoy's split deuces, but couldn't improve. tiffaniejoy, meanwhile, rivered a second pair of sevens to go along with her deuces and send adsonvonmelk to the rail, where he collected $13,637.25 for admirable efforts in today's event.

6:14am--adsonvonmelk says "play on"

With the elimination of fly high989, we expected that the remaining players might discuss a chop. Our expectations proved correct when Mildred53 asked, "anyone want to look at numbers??? chip count chop???"

adsonvonmelk scuttled any talk of a chop right away. "no deal" he said. And so we play on.

6:13am--fly high989 not flying high anymore

fly high989 has been nursing a short-stack for quite a while, catching some timely double-ups, but he had finally crashed. He started the final hand with fewer than 39,000 chips and was forced to bring it in for 6,000 with a deuce. He called a raise from adsonvonmelk, who had the Jc. Mildred53 also called, but folded on fourth when adsonvonmelk fired another 20,000 with the 5h. fly high989 called with the 8c, leaving only 4,460 behind. Those last chips went into the pot and on sixth, fly high989 caught a pair of 8s and had adsonvonmelk's pair of 8s out-kicked, but his opponent caught a second pair on the river to take the lead and fly high989 caught a blank. For his 4th place finish, fly high989 will earn $9,405.

6:07am--Mildred53 catches quad queens

We started things off after the break with a bang. On the first hand, Mildred53 led out on third and fourth streets and was called by tiffaniejoy. On fifth street, the boards were:

Mildred53: x-x / Kc-Qh-Js
tiffaniejoy: x-x / 3d-8c-8h

The betting was capped. tiffaniejoy slowed down on sixth street, checking and calling a bet. Seventh street was second verse, same as the first. At showdown, Mildred53 turned over an unbelievable hand:

Qd-Qc / Kc-Qh-Js-4s / Qs

She had made quad queens, with three queens in the hole. tiffaniejoy obligingly showed aces up as the pot was pushed to Mildred53.

5:50am--Second fifteen-minute break arrives

Level 25
Stakes 20,000/40,000, antes 2,000
Average chip count: 627,000
Players remaining: 4
First prize: $33,387.15

Chip counts:
1. tiffaniejoy 1,195,435
2. adsonvonmelk 742,255
2. Mildred53 403,850
4. fly high989 166,460

5:48am--yhcaep finally knuckles under

It was a valiant effort from yhcaep, who rode the short stack for a long time leading into this final table. In the end, the relentless increase of limits proved too much, and yhcaep wound up all in with 4c-7c / 3s. He was called by tiffaniejoy, who opened 4s-6s / Ac. yhcaep could only improve to a pair of threes, while tiffaniejoy made a seven-high straight on sixth street to knock yhcaep out in fifth place. yhcaep earned $5,643 in prize money.

5:33am--Rolled up queens crippled yhcaep

yhcaep did a great job to chip up from the short stack, but playing one pot with adsonvonmelk all the way to the river unmade all of that work. yhcaep called a raise on fifth street from adsonvonmelk, then called bets on sixth and seventh streets. With a board of x-x / As-4h-Js-7c / x, yhcaep couldn't beat adsonvonmelk's first three cards, Qd-Qc / Qh.

yhcaep has just 70,000 chips remaining.

5:29am--Pots keep sliding away from adsonvonmelk

Ever since we pointed out that adsonvonmelk was the first to player to reach 1,000,000 in chips, his stack has been moving steadily downward. After a series of hands to the river that adsonvonmelk lost, he now has only 595,000 in chips, having ceding the title of chip leader to 682,250 to Mildred53.

5:17am--yhcaep's river raise scares off Mildred53

Mildred53 put in the first raise on third street, raising yhcaep who had completed the bring-in, but it was yhcaep putting in the last raise on the river that produced the winner. Mildred53 led out on all of the big streets, fifth, sixth and seventh, but on seventh street yhcaep raised. The boards showed:

Mildred53: x-x / Jc-8d-3c-Jd / x
yhcaep: x-x / 5s-6s-7c-Kh / x

Mildred53 dipped into her time bank, but ultimately decided that discretion was the better part of valor and folded. The 225,000-chip pot went to yhcaep.

5:09am--Playing for the big prize

Now that we're down to just five players remaining in this event, play has tightened up considerably. yhcaep was rocking the short stack for a while but carefully chipped up to about 260,000 chips over a few hands in quick succession. That's still the short stack, but at 12,000/24,000/1,200, not that short.

At the other end of the spectrum, adsonvonmelk recently crossed the 1,000,000-chip threshold, the first player to do so.

4:59am--Back to the workshop for SanibelSanta

SanibelSanta started with a buried pair of Aces and made two pair on sixth, but adsonvonmelk caught his open-ender on the same street, leaving SanibelSanta with just four outs to survive. The river bricked, though, and Santa will have to settle for the $4,702.50 that PokerStars will leave in his stocking.

4:51am--AGame18 makes a stand, hits the rail

On the first hand after the break, AGam18 decided it was time to make a stand. Showing the As, he completed the bring-in and then three-bet after tiffaniejoy raised. tiffaniejoy called with the 8h.

AGame18 fired again on fourth street and on fifth street, where tiffaniejoy raised. AGame18 called, leaving himself only 880 chips behind, which went into the pot on sixth street. tiffaniejoy called, and the hands were opened:

AGame18: Kd-5s / As-5h-4d-7h
tiffaniejoy: 9c-9h / 8h-Td-Jd-Qs

tiffaniejoy had been ahead of AGame18 on every street and drew perfectly into a queen-high straight on sixth street, an unbeatable hand. After the meaningless river, $3,762 was deposited into AGame18's account for his 7th place finish in this event.

4:45am--Lucky seven left

Level 23
Stakes 12,000/24,000, antes 1,200
Average chip count: 358,285
Players remaining: 7
First prize: $33,387.15

Chip counts:
1. adsonvonmelk 843,320
2. Mildred53 561,450
3. tiffaniejoy 373,010
4. SanibelSanta 311,745
5. fly high989 180,015
6. AGame18 140,380
7. yhcaep 98,080

4:43am--lilletrold hits the rail

lilletrold got all in on sixth street holding two pair, Queens-up, against SanibelSanta, who already had him beat with Kings-up. SanibelSanta actually improved his second pair on the river while lilletrold missed his four outs to the full house. lilletrold gets $3,291.75 for his 8th place finish.

4:31am--The final eight

adsonvonmelk 760,510
tiffaniejoy 430,010
Mildred53 423,450
SanibelSanta 336,540
fly high989 229,015
AGame18 147,080
lilletrold 115,205
yhcaep 66,190

4:30am--From penthouse to outhouse

Gunslinger3 was one of our chip leaders just an hour and a half ago, but he bubbled off the final table after getting crippled in a three-way hand. The antes and bring-ins ground him down relentlessly after that, until he had just 32,730 chips remaining. He made his stand with Td-Ts / 3c and was called by fly high989, who started with 7s-7c / 5d. Gunslinger3 never improved on his pair of tens, but fly high989 hit the 8d on sixth street and the 8h on seventh to make two pair and send Gunslinger3 to the virtual rail, where he collected $2,915.55

4:25am--What's better than catching a full house on fifth?

Catch a full house on fifth street is very rare, but it's even rarer when your opponent also makes a full house on fifth street. fly high989 must have felt good about his deuces full of jacks on fifth street, but tiffaniejoy made tens full of queens. They put four bets in on fifth street before tiffaniejoy slowed down and just called fly high989 on sixth and seventh. She was the winner, collecting a pot worth 288,000 chips.

4:20am--Telefonkiosk calling for a better hand

After getting his stack crippled in an earlier hand against SanibelSanta, Telefonkiosk managed to double-up once through lilletrold, but then found himself all-in against the same player. Telefonkiosk had two pair by sixth, but lilletrold caught the gutter-ball deuce to make a wheel and end the day for the phone box. Telefonkiosk earned $2,915.55 for his 10th place finish.

With that elimination, only nine players remain. We are playing hand-for-hand until the next elimination, at which point the final table will be set.

4:07am--fsh! hooked

When fsh! bet 16,000 on sixth street with his two pair, he was insta-raised by SanibelSanta. fsh! requested time to think about it, but he was basically pot committed by then. He got all his chips in the middle and saw the bad news -- SanibelSanta had caught a third 5. fsh! needed a full house to survive, but paired the wrong card on the river and was busted. His 11th place finish was good for $2,915.55.

4:02am--ILoveClOCKS doesn't love tiffaniejoy

ILoveClOCKS has found himself in desperate straits for the last half-hour. He managed a few small doubles in that time, but was never able to get over the short-stack hump. He was finally all-in on fourth street with just 5d-9s / Kd-6d, three to a straight and three to a flush. tiffaniejoy called with buried tens, Th-Tc / 4h-Js, and caught a third ten on sixth street. That give tiffaniejoy trip tens and knocked ILoveClOCKS out of the tournament after he could only come up with two pair, nines and sixes. ILoveClOCKS finished in 12th place and won $2,915.55.

3:54am--BobbyFi over and out

BobbyFi found himself pot committed and got all-in on the river with 6h-9d-6s-Ts-Qs-3h-7d (just a pair of sixes) against lilletrold, who held Ad-3c-3s-9h-3d-Qc-Qh (Threes-full). The 92,380 pot went to lilletrold and BobbyFi went to bed with $2,351.25 for 13th place.

3:47am--Rabscuttle can't beat yhcaep

Rabscuttle has been eliminated from the tournament in 14th place, earning $2,351.25. Rabscuttle got all in on third straight after Gunslinger3 had completed the bring-in to 8,000. yhcaep called the all-in bet, then called all of Gunslinger3's bets to the river. On the river, the best anybody could come up with was what yhceap showed -- As-7s / 2s-Qc-6s-7c-Qd, for two pair, queens and sevens. He dragged a big pot, and sent Rabscuttle to the rail at the same time.

3:39am--Fourteen gladiators remain

Level 21
Stakes 8,000/16,000, antes 800
Average chip count: 179,142
Players remaining: 14
First prize: $33,387.15

Top ten chip counts:
1. adsonvonmelk 464,310
2. Gunslinger3 316,930
3. AGame18 266,940
4. fly high989 206,885
5. Mildred53 200,850
6. ILoveClOCKS 194,430
7. Telefonkiosk 191,640
8. tiffaniejoy 150,245
9. SanibelSanta 136,740
10. lilletrold 136,515

3:25am--thetinkerman has turned to rust

thetinkerman got his last chips in on fifth with an open pair of sixes and four cards to a flush. adsonvonmelk looked him up with an open pair of Jacks. When the dust settled, adsonvonmelk paired his King on the river to make Kings-up, while thetinkerman bricked out and was busted. He earned $2,351.25 for 15th place. addsonvonmelk chipped up to 268,710 and second on the leader-board.

3:20am--xthestenix eliminated in 16th place

xthesteinx started the hand with 55,305 chips. After tangling with yhcaep, he finished the hand with 0 chips, having been eliminated in 16th place. yhcaep had completed the bring-in to 6,000 with the 9c before xthesteinx raised his5s to 12,000, folding everyone else but yhcaep. The two traded bets back and forth until sixth street, where showing x-x / 5s-Ah-Qc-Qh, xthesteinx bet 12,000, then raised all in to 24,705 after yhcaep raised a board of x-x / 9c-8d-9s-4c. When the dust settled, yhcaep showed 9h-Tc / 9c-8d-9s-4c / 6h for trip nines, a hand that beat xthesteinx's Td-Ts / 5s-Ah-Qc-Qh / Ks two pair, queens and tens.

3:10am--Gunslinger3 can't beat tiffaniejoy

Another hand between Gunslinger3 and tiffaniejoy has resulted in another pot for tiffaniejoy. The pot was three-handed until fifth street, where ILoveClOCKS decided to fold, leaving tiffaniejoy and Gunslinger3 heads up. tiffaniejoy had taken the betting lead on every street, and continued to do so, showing x-x / Ah-9c-6d against Gunslinger3's x-x / 3c-5d-8h. Gunslinger caught the As on sixth against tiffaniejoy's 7h, calling another bet there and on the river. The river was particularly cruel to him, however. tiffaniejoy turned over Ad-Js / Ah-9c-6d-7h / Ac, having caught the case ace to make trip aces. She won a 108,000-chip pot to move up to 210,245 chips, just slightly ahead of Gunslinger3's 202,330 chips.

3:08am--AmazingErvin eliminated in 18th place

AmazingErvin got his last chips in on fifth street with Aces in the hole, but adsonvonmelk had him beat on fourth with his own pair of split Aces with a better kicker. adsonvonmelk went on to make a Broadway straight on the river. AmazingErvin finished 18th, earning $1,881.

3:05am--Flushed down the sewer, man

sewerman7 got check-raised on sixth to get all-in against adsonvonmelk. He had a good hand, but adsonvonmelk was better:

sewerman7: Th-2d-Tc-6d-6s-7d-6c for Tens-up
adsonvonmelk: Js-Jd-5d-3h-7c-Qd-3d for Jacks-up

sewerman7 finished in 19th place, picking up $1,881. adsonvonmelk picked up the 111,500 chip pot.

3:02am--Six-figure pots becoming the norm

Fortunes are changing every time a pot goes to the river. A river showdown at this point of the tournament invariably results in a six-figure pot going to the winner. Lilletrold collected a six-figure pot of his own against thetinkerman by raising on fifth street, showing x-x / 9s-5h-8c against thetinkerman's x-x / Td-4c-Jh. thetinkerman called that raise, then called bets on sixth and seventh streets as well. On seventh, lilletrold turned over Ad-Ah / 9s-5h-8c-8h / 5s for three pair. Of course, only two of them counted for purposes of his hand -- the dead man's hand, aces and eights. It was a winner.

"Nh," said thetinkerman after the pot went to lilletrold.

2:52am--RivRunsDeep Out in 20th Place

With limits as high as they are, anyone below 50,000 chips is feeling the pinch. RivRunsDeep decided to get his remaining 17,270 chips in the middle on third street after being dealt split fours, 4s-Qs / 4d. He was called by xthesteinx, who had buried sixes, 6c-6s / Kc. He managed to pair his king on sixth street to finish with kings and sixes, a hand that beat what RivRunsDeep wound up with, fours and threes. RivRunsDeep was eliminated in 20th place on the hand, earning $1,881.

2:48am--tiffaniejoy getting the best of Gunslinger3

Twice in the last ten hands, tiffaniejoy has managed to take a big pot at the river away from Gunslinger3. First, tiffaniejoy called bets from Gunslinger3 on every street until Gunslinger3 finally checked the river. tiffaniejoy took the opportunity to bet 10,000, leaving only 12,000 behind, a bet which Gunslinger3 called. He probably wished he hadn't; tiffaniejoy showed Jd-Jh / Qs-2c-9c-Ts / 8d for a rivered gutshot straight.

The second hand was even biggerr. With Gunslinger3 showing x-x / Ah-Ks-5c-Ts, he led out for 10,000. tiffaniejoy raised to 20,000 with a fairly ragged board, x-x / Tc-2s-5h-7h. Gunslinger3 popped it up again to 30,000, bringing a cap of 40,000 from tiffaniejoy that Gunslinger3 called. He then called tiffaniejoy's bet on the river. She opened 7s-7d / Tc-2s-5h-7h / Jh, and had managed to catch a set of sevens on sixth street.

That pot pushed tiffaniejoy up to about 150,000 chips, and lowered Gunslinger3 under 300,000 for the first time in half an hour.

2:33am--Nine hours later

Level 19
Stakes 5,000/10,000, antes 500
Average chip count: 119,428
Players remaining: 20
First prize: $33,387.15

Top ten chip counts:
1. Gunslinger3 356,380
2. SanibelSanta 273,280
3. AGame18 224,140
4. xthesteinx 203,270
5. adsonvonmelk 151,580
6. lilletrold 141,315
7. yhcaep 137,520
8. ILoveCIOCKS 132,430
9. thetinkerman 115,390
10. BobbyFi 115,290

2:30am--heathmont can't improve on queens

heathmont and AGame18 got into a raising war on 5th street until heathmont was all-in.
AGame18: Ah-3h-7h-Kh-6s-4s-Ac pair of Acesheathmont: Qh-Qs-Ks-7c- 8d-Ad-Jh pair of Queens
AGame18 took the pot, stacking up to 224,140, good for 3rd on the leader-board. heathmont took 21st place and $1,881.

2:23am--Chipleader Gunslinger3 wins a huge pot

When you run good, you run good. Gunslinger3 took the chip lead about a half hour ago and hasn't looked back since. He's running so good that he can even take down a three-way pot with a single pair of queens. xthesteinx completed the bring-in to 4,000 on third before being raised by tiffaniejoy to 8,000. Gunslinger3 called as did xthesteinx. All three players went to the river for one bet on every street, where each player checked. The boards were:

Gunslinger3: x-x / Qc-8h-Kc-Js / x
xthesteinx: x-x / Td-5d-Ac-4h / x
tiffaniejoy: x-x / As-4c-2h-6c / x

Gunslinger3 opened first, showing 2c-Qh-7h for a single pair of queens. Improbably, that was the winner after xthesteinx and tiffaniejoy both mucked. Gunslinger3 now has over 377,000 chips and a commanding chip lead.

2:18am--oldegreybehr a bit older and greyer

oldegreybehr has been eliminated in 22nd place. He got all-in on fifth street against AGame18:
AGame18: Ad-Ah-As-Qh-5d-9d-Kd rolled-up Acesoldegreybehr: 8h- 8c-4d-Kc-6d-Js-Qd pair of 8s
oldegreybehr earned $1,881 for his 22nd place finish.

2:08am--Zackzack514 eliminated in 23rd place

Zackzack514 was flying high just an hour ago, but now he's out in 23rd place. Showing the 6c, he raised to 8,000 after chip leader Gunslinger3 had completed the bring-in to 4,000. Gunslinger3 made the call showing the Qh, then drew the 6s on fourth street against Zackzack514's Tc. Gunslinger3 checked and called to fifth street, where he paired his six with the 6d and Zackzack514 drew the Ah. All the rest of Zackzak514's chips went in at that point, and Gunslinger3 called with two pair, jacks and sixes. He was ahead of Zackzack514's buried kings, and stayed that way through the river.

Zackzack514 earned $1,881.00 in prize money.

2:01am--Eliminations coming quick

swanny9999 had the bring-in with the 5c. SanibelSanta completed with the Td. 3232 called with the Qs, thetinkerman called with the Jc, then swanny9999 raised to 6,000. The other three called the raise and checked to swanny9999, who bet showing 5c-4c. SanibelSanta called showing Td-2c and 3232 called showing Qs2s. thetinkerman folded. SanibelSanta took the lead on fifth with Td-2c-Ts, betting 6,000. 3232 called showing Qs-2s-Ad. swanny9999 called showing 5c-4c-6h. Sanibel Santa fired again on sixth showing Td-2c-Ts-9h. 3232 called showing Qs-2s-Ad-6d and swanny9999 called showing 5c-4c-6h-3s for a possible straight. After getting their final cards, Sanibel Santa lead for 6,000 and 3232 raised to 12,000, leaving just 990 behind. swanny9999 folded and Sanibel Santa raised to put 3232 all-in. 3232 called, showing 9s-Ks-Qs-2s-Ad-6d-4s for the rivered flush. SanibelSanta showed Kc-Th-Td-2c-Ts-9h-9c for the full boat and 3232 was washed out in 27th place.

1:56am--Gunslinger3 too quick on the draw for oldegreybehr

We have a new chipleader. Gunslinger3 completed the bring-in to 3,000 after two players had limped into the pot. Only oldegreybehr called.

Gunslinger3 led out with a bet on every street, and oldegreybehr called on every street until the river, where with a board of x-x / 7d-2s-6h-4h / x, oldegreybehr raised. Gunslinger3, showing x-x / Kh- 4s-6d-5s / x, made the call. oldegreybehr turned over Qd-2d-As for nothing but a pair of deuces and some imagination. He lost the pot to Gunslinger3, who turned over 4c-Ks-8h for two pair, kings and fours.

With that pot, Gunslinger3 cracked the 200,000-chip mark and is our new chip leader.

1:55am--Plyzhne eliminated in 28th place
Plyzhne got all in on fourth street against AmazingErvin.
Plyzhne: Kc-3d-3h-Qs-7c-8h-Tc pair of threesAmazingErvin: Jh-Qc -3c-Kh-Jd-7h-3s Jacks-up
Plyzhne finished in 28th place, earning $1,410.75. AmazingErvin chipped up to 83,940.

1:48am--Ewic Dawed eliminated in 31st place
lilletrold completed for 3,000 with the As in the door. Ewic Dawed raised to 6,000 with the Qc, leaving only 8,400 chips behind. lilletrold called to catch the Ks on fourth and bet 3,000. Ewic Dawed caught the 9d and called. Fifth brought lilletrold the 4d and he fired 6,000. Ewic Dawed got the 7s and called all-in for 5,400. Their cards were revealed and ran out:
lilletrold: Kc-9s-As-Ks-4d-Jh-Ac for Aces-upEwic Dawed: Qs-3h-Qc-9d -7s-7c-4h for Queens-up
lilletrold took the 31,800 pot and Ewic Dawed took 31st place and $1,410.75.

1:44am--Telefonkiosk struggling to win a pot

Aces up is a pretty solid hand in seven-card stud -- unless your opponent has aces up which are better than yours. Telefonkiosk started with 56,885 chips and Ac-Ah in the hole, and made Js-Jd by fourth street. His opponent, adsonvonmelk, started with 54,200 chips and split aces, 8c-Ad / As, and made aces and kings on sixth street. There was a bet on every street except sixth, allowing adsonvonmelk to collect a pot worth over 67,000 chips at showdown.

1:42am--yhcaep moves on up the leader-board
SanBeIMet brought it in for 900 with the 3d, then yhcaep completed to 3,000 with the Qs. SanBeIMet three-bet to 6,000 and yhcaep hit it again to 9,000. SanBeIMet made it 12,000 and yhcaep called. SanBeIMet fired on each street as his cards came 3d-Kc-4h-Qc. yhcaep called all the way with Qs-2h-8s-4d, then raised on the river. SanBeIMet called the raise, only to see yhcaep's hole cards, which were Ts-4s-Js, completing the flush on the river to drag the 79,800 chip pot. SanBeIMet was left with only 10,330 chips while yhcaep was up to 144,420, good for 5th place on the leader-board.

1:36am--Thirty-two players remain

The short stacks are continuing to get whittled down. AteNie was just eliminated in 33rd place, guaranteeing that each of the remaining thirty-two players will earn at least $1,410.75 for their performance in this tournament. tiffaniejoy and SanibelSanta continue to battle back and forth for the chip lead, with less than two big bets separating their stacks.

1:25am--Eight hours of stud have produced these stats

Level 17
Stakes 3,000/6,000, antes 300
Average chip count: 71,657
Players remaining: 35
First prize: $33,387.15

Top ten chip counts:
1. tiffaniejoy 177,800
2. SanibelSanta 164,990
3. Gunslinger3 155,700
4. xthesteinx 152,040
5. lilletrold 138,185
6. oldegreybehr 137,425
7. heathmont 104,530
8. yhcaep 104,220
9. BobbyFi 97,260
10. AGame18 96,695

1:10am--SanibelSanta straightens out again

Straight have been kind to SanibelSanta during the last fifteen minutes. SanibelSanta completed the bring-in to 2,500 showing the Jc and was raised by pogari, who had a door card of Ah. The two players went all the way to sixth street where, showing x-x / Jc-9d-Tc-Ks, SanibelSanta took the betting lead for the first time. pogari called with x-x / Ah-Qc-Jd-4d.

On the river, SanibelSanta bet again. pogari called again, but couldn't beat SanibelSanta's king-high straight made with 9s-Qd-8d in the hole. As a result of that pot, SanibelSanta moved into second chip position.

1:01am--SanibelSanta joins the big stacks

What happens when three medium-sized stacks go all the way to the river, with a bet on every street? One of them vaults up the leader board to become a big stack. SanibelSanta had a recent experience just like that. He completed the bring-in showing the Jc and was called by chulwoo, Zackzack514 and oldegreybehr. chulwoo dropped out on fourth street, but everyone else stayed all the way to the river, with SanibelSanta taking the betting lead on sixth street. At the river, the boards were:

Zackzack514: x-x / 2s-3c-9s-8c / x
oldegreybehr: x-x / 7d-2d-5s-Th / x
SanibelSanta: x-x / Jc-6h-Qh-Ts / x

SanibelSanta bet out 5,000 on the river and was called by both opponents. He opened Tc-Kd-Ah in the hole for a straight, ten to ace, and the winner.

A few hands later, SanibelSanta knocked out short-stacked chulwoo by getting all in on third street and making two pair, jacks and nines, on fourth street. chulwoo only came up with a pair of aces by the river.

As a result of these two hands, SanibelSanta now has about 120,000 chips.

12:50am -- Stakes going up, short-stacks going down
AGame18 completed to 2,000 with the Kd and thankyou called with the 4s. AGame18 paired up with the Kc on fourth and launched the double- bet of 4,000. thankyou was dealt the Js and raised to 8,000. AGame18 three-bet and got the call. Fifth street gave AGame18 an innocent- looking 3c; thankyou caught the Ac. AGame18 bet 4,000 and was called, then caught a second pair with the 3s. He fired 4,000 and thankyou, who picked up the 9h, committed his last 4,665 chips to the pot. AGame18 called an showed As-7h in the hole, for two pair. thankyou was in the lead with 4h-4c inn the hole for rolled-up fours. It looked like he was headed for a double-up when he caught the Ah on the river, giving him fours-full of Aces, but AGame18 caught a two-outer, the Kh, to give him Kings-full of threes and the pot. thankyou finished in 51st place, earning $846.45.

12:44am--BeLOWaBOVe bows out

After going deep in the three-way hand against tiffaniejoy and BobbyFi reported below, BeLOWaBOVe wound up short on chips. Down to his last 10,530, he caught the nut bring-in, the 2c. Action folded to fsh! who completed his Jc to 2,000. BeLOWaBOVe made it 4,000 to go, a bet that fsh! called.

Fourth street broke the wrong way for BeLOWaBOVe, bringing him the Kc against another jack for fsh! fsh! made it 4,000 to go, over half of what BeLOWaBOVE had left. He dipped into his time bank again, then said "ok. gg. gla." and pushed the rest of his chips in. fsh! called, turning up As-7c / Jc-Jd. BeLOWaBOVe was behind, but not terribly so, with 6s-6h / 2c-Kc. The cards continued to break the wrong way for him, coming 6s-6h / 2c-Kc-7d-8h / Qd. fsh! wound up with a full house, As-7c / Jc-Jd-Ac-Ah / Th.

12:32am--Three-way pot goes to BobbyFi

Things got crazy right away on third street, when BeLOWaBOVe completed the bring-in to 2,000 showing the 4s. tiffaniejoy raised her 6c to 4,000 only to have BobbyFi reraise his Th to 6,000 immediately behind her. BeLOWaBOVe and tiffaniejoy both called to fourth street. BobbyFi led out on both fourth and fifth streets, eliciting calls from BeLOWaBOVe and tiffaniejoy both times. On sixth street, the boards read:

BeLOWaBOVe: x-x / 4s-6h-Ts-Qc
tiffaniejoy: x-x / 6c-4c-Jd-Jh
BobbyFi: x-x / Th-Kh-4d-Ah

tiffaniejoy finally took the betting lead, with a bet of 4,000 that BobbyFi quickly raised to 8,000. BeLOWaBOVe dipped into his time bank before ultimately folding. tiffaniejoy called, only to fold to a bet from BobbyFi on the river. A pot worth almost 60,000 chips went to BobbyFi.

If tiffaniejoy had won the hand, she would have been the first player to crest the 200,000-chip mark. Instead, she has come back to the pack somewhat, with about 153,000.

After the hand, BeLOWaBOVe asked tiffaniejoy what card she had caught on seventh street, clearly still thinking about whether or not he had made the right decision on sixth street. tiffaniejoy responded "4h", bringing a quick "ty" from BeLOWaBOVe.

12:22am--Where we stand after seven hours

Level 15
Stakes 2,000/4,000, antes 200
Average chip count: 44,000
Players remaining: 57
First prize: $33,387.15

Top ten chip counts:
1. tiffaniejoy 171,960
2. Telefonkiosk 74,665
3. lilletrold 86,335
4. thorladen 83,365
5. brobo111 78,785
6. PittPkr 77,665
7. heathmont 76,280
8. adsonvonmelk 75,350
9. swanny9999 73,590
10. SanibelSanta 69,990

12:08am--PearlJammer gets jammed

Eddie901 completed to 1,600 with the 5h, then PearlJammer raised to 3,200 with the 6d in the door. Everyone else folded back to Eddie901, who called. Fourth street brought Eddie901 the Ad and he checked. PearlJammer caught the 2d and bet his last 1,290. Eddie made the call. When the cards were shown, PearlJammer had the lead with Td-6c-6d-2d for a pair of sixes. Eddie901 revealed Kh-Qh-5h-Ad (no pair yet, but three hearts and three big cards). PearlJammer's cards ran out Qc-Jh- 4h and he did not improve. Eddie901 caught Kc-9d-6h for a pair of Kings to take the pot. PearlJammer was busted in 67th place, good for $658.35.

12:03am--thedonator eliminated

thedonator, recently crippled by chip leader tiffaniejoy, completed the bring-in to 1,600, leaving himself only 350 behind. plmadman raised to 3,200 and thedonator made the call. He was ahead with buried fives, 5d-5c / 8h against plmadman's Js-9c / As, but plmadman turned a second nine and rivered a third one for three of a kind nines. thedonator was only able to river two pair, kings and fives. He has been eliminated in 66th place, earning $658.35

12:00am--fly high989 boats up on the river

t soprano completed to 1,600 showing the 4s; thorladen called with the 6s; then fly high989 raised to 3,200 with the 2d (he had the original bring-in). Both other players called. thorladen caught the Ac and checked. fly high989 fired 1,600 with his Qh and t soprano called with the 9c. thorladen picked up the Ks on fifth and checked again. fly high caught the 7d and continued to fire, betting 3,200. t soprano got the 7c and called. thorladen decided to let his hand go. Sixth street brought the Js for fly high989 and he fired another 3,200. t soprano caught the 3d and raised to 6,400 -- fly high989 called. After collecting their final cards, fly high989 checked and t soprano bet, only to get check-raised. He made the crying call to see fly high989's 2h-2s-Jd. He started with rolled-up ducks and filled up on the river for deuces-full of Jacks. t soprano mucked and fly high989 collected the 47,680 pot.

11:53pm--tiffaniejoy cripples thedonator

Sitting on 133,415 chips, tiffaniejoy could take some chances. With the king of spades as her door card, she completed the bring-in to 1,600. thedonator raised her to 3,200, folding all other players in the hand except tiffaniejoy, who called.

thedonator led out fourth and fifth streets with bets, both of which tiffaniejoy called. On sixth street, with a board showing x-x / Ks- Jd-6h-Js, tiffaniejoy came alive with a bet of her own for 3,200. thedonator, showing x-x / Ah-7d-Kc-8s, raised her to 6,400. tiffaniejoy called.

Both players checked the river, perhaps wary of what the other player might turn over. tiffaniejoy showed first, exposing the 8c, Kh and 2s in the hole for two pairs, king and jacks. That hand produced a winner when thedontaor mucked.

tiffaniejoy now has over 150,000 chips, while thedonator has been crippled to just under 5,000 chips, not even two big bets.

11:52pm--Eliminations coming fast and furious

Just twenty-five minutes since the money bubble burst, we have already lost twenty-four players. Only seventy-two players remain, each of whom is guaranteed at least $658.35 in prize money.

11:45pm--tiffaniejoy runs good!

Since the break, lilletrold has given up the chip lead to tiffaniejoy, who has been absolutely running over her table by drawing extremely well. She won two recent hands worth over 20,000 chips each, first by starting with three big hearts, Ah-Kh / Qh, and finishing with a Broadway straight by sixth street against dudeoflife21, who had made two pair, fives and threes.

Then just five hands later, tiffaniejoy against started three cards to Broadway, with Qd-Ts / Ks, and made her Broadway straight by fifth street. That spelled bad news for BobbyFi, who had made trip sixes on fourth street, Kc-6s / 6h-6c, and couldn't fill up by the time he went to showdown. BobbyFi led out on all streets, and must have been surprised when tiffaniejoy turned over a hand that beat his three sixes.

tiffaniejoy currently has over 134,000 chips. The next closest competitor, lilletrold, has 87,615.

11:39pm--BeLOWaBOVe flush with chips

Playing stakes of 1,200/2,400, TwinMSU completed with the Qc. BeLOWaBOVe called with the Tc. TwinMSU fired again with his 5c and BeLOWaBOVe raised it up with his 7c. TwinMSU made the call. Fifth street brought TwinMSU the Td and BeLOWaBOVe the 3s -- both checked. Sixth street gave BeLOWaBOVe the 8c putting three clubs on his board. TwinMSU caught the 6s. BeLOWaBOVe fired another bet and TwinMSU called. The players collected their final cards and TwinMSU checked to BeLOWaBOVe, who fired one final bet -- and got paid off. BeLOWaBOVe showed 9c-Ac-5h in the hole for the Ace-high flush made on sixth street. TwinMSU mucked and BeLOWaBOVe picked up the 18,120 pot.

11:36pm--Zackzack514 takes a bite out of hairos

Now that the money bubble has popped, the short stacks are much more willing to gamble and take risks. Zackzack514, with 10,015 chips remaining, completed the bring-in showing a 5c and was raised by hairos, who had the Ks as a door card. hairos took the betting lead on fourth and fifth streets, but on sixth street, showing a board of 5c-8d-9c-5h and having first action, Zackzack514 led out for 2,400, with just 2,000 behind. hairos called, then put Zackzack514 all in on the river. Zackzack514 called, turning over two aces in the hole for aces and fives, a hand that was one rank better on both sides than hairos' kings and fours. That hand doubled Zackzack514 to 21,110 chips and keeps him in the hunt for the title of champion of WCOOP Event #14.

11:26pm--The money bubble pops

Coming back from the break, play remained hand-for-hand as we looked for a player to crown with the ignominious title of "Bubble Boy". We found it when sascos called all-in with Qd-As / Js for less than the bring-in. The player who brought it in, marcel_ve, started with 3h-4c / 2h and wound up rivering a six-high straight. Sascos made a gutshot Broadway draw by fourth street, but wound up with nothing better than split jacks by the river. sascos goes out in 97th place; we are in the money!

11:13pm--Chip counts at six-hour mark

Level 13
Stakes 1,200/2,400, antes 120
Average chip count: 25,855
Players remaining: 97
First prize: $33,387.15

Top ten chip counts:
1. lilletrold 103,505
2. tiffaniejoy 86,355
3. Zacpacker 85,345
4. PittPkr 69,990
5. Ewic Dawed 66,650
6. mr.poker1122 58,700
7. plmadman 55,315
8. dfh44 54,540
9. Londonmo 52,000
10. Plyzhne 51,475

11:02pm--Gettin' tense, and might stay that way for a while

Down to 97. One more elimination and bubble go pop. The question now is whether or not we will reach the six-hour break -- which is a longer one (15 minutes) -- before that happens. It is starting to look as though we might well get to the break first!

10:54pm--Almost there

As we await the bursting of the cash bubble, we notice two of the players who made the final table in last year's $320 Stud event in danger of going out before we reach the final 96. Player sascos, who finished second in this event last year, is in absolute last place at the moment -- 98th -- with 2,360, barely one big bet. And spielraum.at, who finished 4th last year, is in 92nd.

10:52pm--Hair-os of the dog that bit him

There's no question at all that hairos has some serious Stud skills, considering that his 2007 WCOOP bracelet came in Event #21, $5,200 H.O.R.S.E. Success in that five-game rotation depends heavily on a strong showing in the stud rounds, which make up 60% of all the hands played.

After jumping into the chip lead earlier hairos has fallen a bit behind a few players, but he's still in the lead pack right now with 49,340 -- good enough for 7th position.

10:41pm--Money (that's what I want)

With 102 players left, it's just six more eliminations and we're in the money. Zacpacker is our current chip leader with 76,245.

10:40pm--End of the road for Griffin

After all that back-and-forth today, Gavin Griffin has nothing to show for his WCOOP Event 14 but some FPPs.

3232 opened the betting in first position with (x-x)-Tc and govshark2 called showing the 7d. Griffin then raised to 2,000 showing the Th, leaving himself just 5,370 behind. The action folded back to 3232, who made the bet 3,000 and drove govshark2 out. Griffin capped it and 3232 called.

3232 led out with Tc-Kc and Griffin went all-in for his last 1,370, turning up (8c-Ts)-Th-Js. There was bad news for him: 3232 had jumped ahead with that king on fourth, showing (Ac-Ks)-Tc-Kc. Griffin never improved and he was eliminated in 103rd place, seven spots shy of a payout.

10:30pm--Tough times for Gavin

Gavin Griffin is now down to a stack of just under four big bets, after a string of pots gone wrong over the last 30 minutes.

After hanging around the 30,000 mark for about two hands, Gavin Griffin fell to 25,050 right before the break in a hand where yhcaep hit trip sixes on fourth street, good enough to best Griffin's (x-x)- 3c-7d-9d-Kh-(x). He then dropped another 4,000 in a multiway pot, eventually won by mahoney3, where he got out on sixth street.

Things got worse in another hand against yhcaep. Griffin opened for 800 in first position with (x-x)-Tc and mahoney3 called with (x-x)-7c. yhcaep called with (x-x)-As to see fourth street, where he caught the Kd and led out for 800. Griffin called with Tc-5c showing and mahoney did the same with 7c-Jc up.

yhcaep led out for 1,600 on fifth street when he drew the 8s, and Griffin called after catching the 9h. yhcaep improved on sixth street, pairing his eight with the 8h, and Griffin again called showing Tc-5c -9h-7d. yhcaep again bet on the river, and Griffin asked for time as he considered his move.

Eventually he called, and yhcaep showed (Qs-Ks)As-Kd-8s-8h-(4s) for the ace-high flush to drag the 15,200 pot.

Down to 14,410, Griffin dropped another 3,000 before folding on fourth street against RivRunsDeep. But the final part of the slide was yet to come.

Griffin opened the action for 800 in second position with (x-x)-Jh, and mahoney3 called with (x-x)-Ac. Griffin picked up the Kh on fourth and bet, and mahoney3 called with the 3d. Griffin bet again when he got the 7d on fifth, and mahoney3 called with a board reading Ac-3d- 9s.

mahoney3 improved on sixth when he paired his ace with the Ad; he led out for 1,600 and Griffin called. The Team PokerStars Pro didn't have a call in him on the river, though, and he dropped to 6,570.

Antes and bring-ins have him at 6,010 at the moment, a desperate spot after such a good run earlier.

10:26pm--heathmont takes a chunk from playitsafe

After playitsafe had led the betting through sixth street, heathmont surprisingly raised on seventh, and playitsafe made the call.

heathmont showed (Kh-5d)-Kd-4h-8h-Th-2h -- he'd backed into a flush -- and playitsafe mucked what looked like it could have been a straight, (x-x)-7h-Jh-9h-Ts-(x). playitsafe has slipped to 24,160, wihle heathmont now has 38,360.

10:19pm--playitsafe gunning for second bracelet

Player playitsafe has been doing just that for the last two dozen hands or so, maintaining a stack of around 32,000 as we approach the money bubble. playitsafe is looking to land a second WCOOP bracelet, having already won Event No. 4, the $215 Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw event.

Only two players have ever won two WCOOP bracelets in the seven-year history of the series, spawng and kwob20.

10:04pm--Chip counts at five-hour mark

Level 11
Stakes 800/1,600, antes 80
Average chip count: 19,292
Players remaining: 130
First prize: $33,387.15

Top ten chip counts:
1. DwainPhoenix 54,200
2. PittPkr 53,520
3. lilletrold 51,960
4. hairos 51,420
5. tiffaniejoe 49,905
6. sonofchufty 47,990
7. ThomasP 41,635
8. playitsafe 41,360
9. t soprano 40,965
10. maneliman 39,755

Team PokerStars pros:
Gavin Griffin 25,050 (36th place)

9:59 pm--And right back up again

Earlier mahoney3 remarked that Gavin Griffin makes quads "more often than I piss." Apparently his split pairs of aces hold up even more often.

mahoney3 had the bring-in with the 5h, but he called anyway when Griffin opened the betting with (x-x)-As. He continued to call Griffin down all the way through sixth street, amassing a board that read 5h- 3s-4c-7s, but couldn't hit a draw. Griffin's split aces held up on the end to drag a 7,680 pot and put him back up to 22,050.

Those two would lock horns again a few hands later and again Griffin would come out the better. On that hand mahoney3 opened in first position with (x-x)-Ac and Griffin called with (x-x)-Ks. Griffin called again with the 9s when mahoney3 bet the 3d, but the two both checked on fifth street.

When mahoney decided to bet sixth street with Ac-3d-6c-3s showing, despite checking the previous street, Griffin raised it up to 2,400. mahoney3 then raised to 3,600 and Griffin just called.

Griffin called his opponent's bet on the river and mahoney3 showed that he'd hit three of a kind on sixth, with his cards reading (2c- 3h)-Ac-3d-6c-3s-(Qd). Griffin, however, had also hit his own trips - his (Tc-Ts)-Ks-9s-5d-Td-(4d) was enough to claim the 12,660 pot and boost him to 30,090.

9:43pm--sonofchufty assumes chip lead

Player sonofchufty just picked up another medium-sized pot -- his third in a row -- after pairing his ace door card on fourth street. "nh" typed BobbyFi as he folded. "heater."

sonofchufty has cruised out to 54,290, good enough for the chip lead at present.

9:41pm--Right back down

It definitely doesn't take very long to drop a few thousand chips with stakes of 600/1200 and antes at 60. After rocketing up to 30k, Gavin Griffin is now back to 18,030.

First he dropped a 9,060 pot to RivRunsDeep, after representing a pair of aces and picking up a pair of kings on the river only to lose to his opponent's two pair, eights and sixes. Then he started with another ace and opened the betting but folded on fifth street to sweetmeat's aggression.

On the final hand of his downward run, Griffin showed Js-Ts-Tc-5s on his board and called RivRunsDeep the whole way -- but after starting with buried queens, the river indeed ran deep by bringing two pair for RivRunsDeep via the 5d.

9:36pm--Another one for Gavin

What a surge up the leaderboard for Gavin Griffin. He's up to 19th place at the moment, thanks to hitting a straight in five cards during a 12,660 pot against Sealed Deck.


Gavin Griffin runs good. Real good.

Action started with Mildred53 limping in and yhcaep completing to 500 in early position. Griffin raised to 1,000 in late position, getting Mildred53 out of the way and a call from yhcaep.

yhcaep improved to 8h-8s showing on fourth street and bet 1,000, but Griffin raised to 2,000 with Ac-7h showing. yhcaep made it 3,000, and Griffin called; he called again when yhcaep caught the Ks and Griffin drew the 9c.

On sixth street yhcaep led out with 8h-8s-Ks-9d showing, but this time Griffin raised with Ac-7h-9c-7d up. yhcaep slowed down, calling Griffin's bet there and on seventh street, and he quickly mucked when Griffin showed (7c-7s)-Ac-7h-9c-7d-(Tc) for quad sevens.

yhcaep: sic
RivRunsDeep: show off
mahoney3: he makes quads as ofen as i piss
GavinGriffin: you must piss alot
GavinGriffin: cuz today, i make quads alot

9:29pm--Aces on board don't scare TwinMSU

Often when a player has completed on 3rd street with an ace showing, then pairs that ace on fourth, others scamper away fairly quickly. Not the case on this hand.

yuvee04 showed (x-x)-Ad-Ah and bet 1,200 -- a double bet, thanks to the pair on board. TwinMSU had a humble-looking (x-x)-3c-4d, but nevertheless made the call. Fifth street brought the 3s to yuvee04, and the 2d to TwinMSU. Again, TwinMSU called yuvee04's bet.

Sixth street gave yuvee04 the Tc, but he didn't like the looks of that 5s that TwinMSU had caught. Staring at that board of (x-x)-3c-4d-2d-5s across the table, yuvee04 checked, then folded to TwinMSU's bet.

yuvee04 still has 44,160 -- good for 5th place at the moment -- while TwinMSU has 32,480 (14th).

9:20pm--Good card for Gavin

Gavin Griffin is our last Team PokerStars Pro standing in this Stud event, and he's sitting on 18,120 at the moment -- thanks to a very friendly card on the river.

After dropping an earlier pot, Griffin began the hand with 14,300. He opened the betting with (x-x)-Jc, completing to 500, and atlantic17 came along with (x-x)-7h. krrrm then raised to 1,000 with (x-x)-Qs, leaving himself just 2,120 behind. Griffin raised to 1,500, isolating krrrm, who made it four bets.

Griffin made the call and the rest of krrrm's money went in on fourth street. He held (Qh-4c)-Qs-Ad to Griffin's (Qc-Jd)-Jc-2s and stayed ahead until the river, when Griffin caught the last remaining queen in the deck -- the Qd -- to make two pair and send his opponent out of the tournament.

9:18pm--Goral ousted by DwainPhoenix, our new chip leader

DwainPhoenix completed with the Kd showing, and it folded to Team PokerStars pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki who raised it to 1,000 with (x-x)-4s, leaving himself just 3,600 behind. DwainPhoenix called.

Fourth street brought DwainPhoenix the As and Horecki the 5c. When Horecki bet, DwainPhoenix raised and the pair ended up capping it. Horecki was going to the end with this one.

He'd be all in on fifth street. By the end, Horecki had (Jc-Jh)-4s-5c -9c-9s-(Th) for jacks and nines, but DwainPhoenix would have (Ad-9d)- Kd-As-3h-3c-(4c) for a better two pair, aces and threes. Horecki is out in 188th. Meanwhile, DwainPhoenix has continued to charge ahead and now has the chip lead with 50,760.

9:12pm--Kravchenko down

With only 1,945 left in his stack, Alex Kravchenko didn't have many choices left to make; basically any half-decent opportunity needed to be seized if he were to fight his way back into this tournament.

A split pair of eights was good enough to go with, and plmadman came along the whole way after bringing the betting in with (2d-2h)-3h. Kravchenko caught a pair of nines on fifth and seventh streets, giving him two pair, but plmadman caught running tens on sixth and seventh to make the higher two pair and send the Russian pro to the rail in 193rd place.

9:10pm--192 remain

192 players from our starting field of 627 are still alive. Exactly half of those -- the top 96 -- will cash in today's event.

9:05pm--Griffin rising again

After holding steady for a while at about 10k, Gavin Griffin is climbing the leaderboard once again. He started off by winning a pot from atlantic17 with a lowly pair of fives, claiming a pot worth 3,900.

Then, two hands later, he made it to the river with (x-x)-Qh-3c-Jd-3d -(x) and got krrrm to lay down (x-x)-Jc-9h-5d-Ks-(x), giving Griffin the 8,550 pot. He now has 16,700 and is in good shape.

9:00pm--And just like that...

As fast as he'd risen, Team PokerStars pro Alex Kravchenko dropped right before the break -- and he's now on life support.

He began the key hand with (x-x)-Ac and raised to 800 after Caleros had opened for 400 with (x-x)-7s. Caleros called, and then check- called when he picked up the 2h and Kravchenko the 4d.

On fifth street both players improved; Kravchenko bet his Ac-4d-Ad and Caleros called with 7s-2h-7c. Kravchenko led out again for 800 with the 5c on sixth street, but Caleros raised with the Kd. Kravchenko called and then check-called a bet on the river, only to see the bad news when Caleros showed (Ks-Kh)-7s-2h-7c-Kd-(Th) for the full house.

Kravchenko dropped a few more chips en route to folding on a hand or two, taking him down to 2,245.

8:53pm--Chip counts at four-hour mark

Level 9
Stakes 500/1,000, antes 50
Average chip count: 11,665
Players remaining: 215
First prize: $33,387.15

1. hairos 53,670
2. SanibelSanta 40,560
3. sonofchufty 34,415
4. yuvee04 33,550
5. Ewic Dawed 31,580
6. DwainPhoenix 31,260
7. tofu 30,520
8. t soprano 26,935
9. Miegstroem 24,245
10. ThomasP 24,230

Team PokerStars pros:
Gavin Griffin 9,900 (117th place)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 3,800 (196th)
Alex Kravchenko 2,945 (205th)

8:42pm--He just needed a table change

Alex Kravchenko picked up all of his lost chips, and then some, at his new table in an interesting hand that started with his stack at just 3,985.

riskaversive opened for 400 in first position and Obender raised to 800 with (x-x)-Ah. Kravchenko called with (x-x)-Ac and riskaversive came along as well. Kravchenko picked up the best board with Ac-Qc on fourth but checked anyway, riskaversive checked as well and Obender bet 400 showing Ah-2h. Both Kravchenko and riskaversive (showing Tc- 2d) called to build the pot to 4,000.

Obender picked up the As for a pair of aces and led out on fifth street, and Kravchenko called with a board of Ac-Qc-Kc. riskaversive folded after catching the 7c.

On sixth Obender caught the 4h and Krvchenko the 9c, but both players checked. They also checked the river, and Obender showed (Ad-3h)-Ah- 2h-As-4h-(Jh) for trip aces; Kravchenko took the pot down with the flush, though, showing (3c-4c-Ac-Qc-Kc-9c-(Kh).

Just three hands later, the Russian pro would claim a monster pot worth 8,800 after again starting with four cards to a flush; this time the victim was riskaversive, who called down with a pair of jacks showing but mucked when Kravchenko showed he's caught his fifth diamond on sixth street.

Kravchenko now has 12,185, putting him right back in the thick of things.

8:38pm--Telefonkiosk livin' right

Telefonkiosk had just taken a 6,840-chip pot off of plattsburgh thanks to having been dealt rolled up fives and the hand holding up. On the very next hand, the pair again locked horns. By the time they reached seventh, the boards looked like...

Telefonkiosk: (x-x)-Jc-3c-7s-7h-(x)
plattsburgh: (x-x)-Qc-8c-5s-Kc-(x)

Telefonkiosk bet out, prompting plattsburgh to type "wtf...are u doin to me...seriously." He called, and Telefonkiosk showed (Js-Jh)-Jc-3c- 7s-7h-(Kh) -- he'd been rolled up again!

That hand took Telefonkiosk up to 23,045, while plattsburgh sinks to 2,475.

8:30pm--Tough road for Kravchenko

Things didn't go so well for Alex Kravchenko at Table 66, where he dropped two big pots.

In the first, Kravchenko dropped 3,030 when chulwoo hit two pair, aces and jacks, after starting with the jacks split and picking up the other ace on fifth street. From the action on sixth street, when he came out firing, and his call on the river, it appeared Kravchenko had a buried pair to start the hand.

In the second hand, Kravchenko started off with a split pair of kings and never improved further; short-stacked thopra, however, began with (Jc-8c)-Tc and caught running eights on sixth and seventh streets to win the 5,730 pot.

Maybe Kravchenko's luck will be better on Table 1, where he sits with 4,145 after his table broke.

8:24pm--Three hands, minus half a stack

Gavin Griffin is back down to 8,340 after losing two consecutive pots at showdown where his opponent turned up two pair and then folding to a bet from 3232 on sixth street two hands later.

8:23pm--hairos charges to chip lead

With the Qc in the door, player hairos bet 300 and targhan reraised behind with the Jd showing. Everyone else folded, and hairos called. hairos picked up the 7c on 4th, while targhan was dealt the 9c. hairos checked, targhan bet, and hairos check-raised. targhan called.

targhan would end up calling each of hairos' bets on the subsequent streets. On the end, hairos would show (Qs-Js)-Qc-7c-7s-2h-(Kd) for queens and sevens, and targhan mucked his (x-x)-Jd-9c-2d-5d-(x). That hand propelled hairos up to 28,400 and the chip lead.

hairos is hoping to land his second WCOOP bracelet today, having claimed his first in the $5,200 H.O.R.S.E. event last year. Read about that final table here.

8:20pm--Griffin goes higher

Gavin Griffin got to see fourth street on the cheap with (x-x)-7h after Sealed Deck had limped in for 90 in late position with (x-x)-Js. Mildred53 came along after bringing it in with the 3s.

Sealed Deck led out with for 300 on fourth with the best board of Js- Td, and Grffin called showing 7h-4s. After Mildred53 got out of the way the pot was heads-up going to fifth street. Griffin caught the 5s to Sealed Deck's 8c there and called the 600 bet.

On sixth street Sealed Deck led out showing (Js-Td-8c-8h, but Griffin raised showing 7h-4s-5s-6c. Sealed Deck called the extra bet but mucked on the river when Griffin bet out again, shipping the pot to the Team PokerStars Pro and giving him a 16,610 stack.

8:14pm--Alex responds

Alex Kravchenko is certainly picking his spots very well today. He just took down a very nice pot -- and closed down Table 50 -- after acting on a great read.

Things started off with Biggaruska completing to 300 in first position with (x-x)-Ts. Kravchenko raised with (x-x)-Kd and Biggaruska came along to fourth street, where he check-called again.

On fifth street Kravchenko's board read Kd-7s-Qs and he led out again; this time Biggaruska, with just 1,770 in his stack, raised to 1,200. If Kravchenko was going to call, he'd end up raising the rest of Biggaruska's stack into the pot at some point; he contemplated his decision for a good 20 seconds before finally deciding to go for it.

What a good call it turned out to be, too -- Biggaruska made his move on a draw, at the end only able to show down (Js-9s)-Ts-6h-Qd-3c-(2c). His starting cards were full of possibilities, but in the end he couldn't improve to sink Kravchenko's buried pair of nines and hit the rail in 321st place.

With that pot, the Russian jumps to 11,660.

8:11pm--Survival of the fittest

Down to just 1,520, player Darwinism found it needful to commit after picking up a pair of kings on fourth street, but ended up getting outdrawn by Gambin' G who paired his ace on sixth. Darwinism is out in 308th, proving... ah... proving something or other.


Over on Table 50, the rest of the table is keeping Alex Kravchenko in check; he continues to hold steady at 8,900. The Russian pro has picked up a few pots here and there since making his big surge earlier, but they've mostly just made up for the chips he has lost through antes and bring-ins.

8:03pm--When the pot gets big enough, it is hard to fold to one more bet

Player amichaiKK just took two nice-sized pots in a row with less than stellar hands both times.

The first was a 6,840-chip pot against SteveDakota. After a sequence of back-and-forth bets and raises, anichaiKK called SteveDakota's seventh street bet and turned over (9d-Tc)-Ks-8h-6c-As-(8s). Good thing he'd picked up that eight on the end, as SteveDakota had (5d- 7d)-4s-8c-Ad-Kd-(3h) for ace-high.

On the very next hand, anichaiKK called another 7th street bet, this time holding just a pair of sevens, which turned out to be good enough against AmazingErvin's (6h-Ts)-4c-4s-8s-5h-(Kh). That was good for 4,020, and amichaiKK now has 14,470.

8:00pm--Griffin rides the river

After dropping down to about 10k, Gavin Griffin just picked himself up to 14,300 with a fortuitous card on seventh street. He began with buried kings against mahoney3's split aces and stayed behind before catching two queens on sixth and seventh streets to take down a pot worth 5,730.

7:55pm--Another pro down

Tom McEvoy won't get to philosophize anymore with his tablemates, unless he does so from the rail. He started with a split pair of aces, but Mildred53 started with three diamonds and caught two more by fifth street, at which point McEvoy's money all got in the middle. He finishes in 356th place.

7:52pm--WCOOP philosophy -- and a wake-up call

Over on Table 41, Tom McEvoy is playing the role of philosopher.

Tom McEvoy: nh
Sealed Deck: ty
Sealed Deck: luck is still w me
Dealer: The break will start when the current hand finishes
Tom McEvoy: lol

3232: isnt poker all luck?
Sealed Deck: ask tom
3232: lol
Tom McEvoy: I am still trying to prove that luck can overcome skill and science

Meanwhile, after folding to a bring-in from nypost -- who happens to be sitting out -- Gavin Griffin has woken back up.

GavinGriffin: oh crap
GavinGriffin: lol, pay attention me...

7:47pm--Chip counts at three-hour mark

Level 7
Stakes 300/600, antes 30
Average chip count: 6,815
Players remaining: 368
First prize: $33,387.15

1. zynniker 19,120
2. SanibelSanta 18,235
3. CawtBluffin 17,435
4. yuvee04 17,135
5. ROONEY_DIVES 17,020
6. dangdokodang 16,755
7. Ewic Dawed 16,115
8. kalamitsis 16,040
9. TwinMSU 15,925
10. GambleAB 15,760

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Gavin Griffin 9,950 (70th place)
Alex Kravchenko 9,410 (85th)

7:37pm--A lifeline for Mac?

Tom McEvoy has been hanging in there silently, waiting for a chance to pick up some chips, being whittled down to just 2,765 in the process. Then he collected a 2,160 pot without a showdown, betting atlantic17 off his hand when McEvoy had a board reading (x-x)-3d-5c-6s-2s.

That pot got McEvoy back to 3,905. Then he got three bets in on third street en route to dropping a total 620 on the next hand, mucking on fourth street with (x-x)-Tc-7d against atlantic17's (x-x)-Kd-Td.

atlantic17 decided to tangle with the former world champ again a few hands later, but got out of the way on fourth street, getting McEvoy back to 3,920.

7:34pm--Shooting stars

A number of Team PokerStars pros came out for today's $320 Stud event. And a number have already departed. Among those we haven't already mentioned: Victor Ramdin (423rd), Barry "barryg1" Greenstein (451st), Andre "aakkari" Akkari (468th), Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose (484th), Hevad "RainNKhaN" Khan (586th), and Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier (588th).

7:32pm--One champ to another

3232 just grabbed his biggest pot at this table so far, and the bulk of the chips came from Gavin Griffin.

The action began with 3232 in first position, completing to 200 with (x-x)-7h. Griffin raised to 400 two spots behind with (x-x)-8s, and when the action folded back to 3232 he made the call. 3232 then checked with the best board of 7h-Ts on fourth and called a bet from Griffin, who showed 8s-5h. Griffin led out when his board improved to 8s-5h-Ks on fifth street, but 3232 raised to 800 showing 7h-Ts-Jh. Griffin made the call and then check-called all the way down.

3232 turned up (Jc-7s)-7h-Ts-Jh-8d-(2c), and dragged the 4,620 pot as Griffin mucked. 3232 now has 8,730, while our pro Griffin has 11,910.

7:29pm--jcbro just cruisin', bro

Player jcbro has picked up a few nice-sized pots to storm into the chip lead with 17,190, just ahead of CawtBluffin in 2nd and atlantic17 in 3rd.

7:18pm--Auf wiedersehn, Katja

After a grueling few hours that never even started to go her way, Katja Thater is finally out of this event. She dropped a pot for all but 175 of her stack in a pot where she mucked after thorladen showed down three kings, and then got the rest in -- unsuccessfully -- on third street the next hand with the 8s up.

7:15pm--Can he make another?

Gavin Griffin and Tom McEvoy have another player at the table who could prove to be a threat. It was a different game -- 4-max no limit hold'em -- but 3232, who's sitting between the two Team PokerStars Pros, made the final table of Event 9 a few days ago.

7:13pm--Gomes dispatches Roothlus, ruthlessly

With a 3h showing, Team PokerStars pro Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes open-raised. Adam "Roothlus" Levy then raised to 300 with 3h in the door. jcamby33 decided to call the two bets with (x-x)-Th, then got caught in the middle, calling down as the other two capped it.

Allingomes picked up the Jh on 4th and bet out. Roothlus picked up the 3c and called with his last 20 chips. jcamby33 who was dealt the 7s, called the 150.

On 5th, Gomes picked up the 3s, pairing his door card, and when he bet jcamby33 decided he'd had enough.
The showdown...

Allingomes: (Js-Jd)-3h-Jh-3s-7d-(Qh) (a full house, Jacks full of Threes)
Roothlus: (Ts-Ks)-6s-3c-Td-4s-(9c) (a pair of Tens)

Levy is eliminated in 486th. After that hand, Gomes has settled into the top 20 with 12,915.

7:09pm--What's German for "roller coaster"?

Katja Thater just dropped most of the rest of her stack in a pot against eriholer -- who just recently knocked out another Team PokerStars pro, Bill Chen -- when eriholer hit quad tens to drop the German pro to 535.

She then won all the chips she'd lost back over the next two pots, catching a fortunate 7c on sixth street to pair up and beat CadillacJoey's split pair of threes he'd begun the hand with and then winning on third street with a raise that got initial raiser T-Sport to fold.

Thater is now back to 1,445 after that roller coaster ride, but she's still looking for a spot to double up.

7:05pm--New featured pros

We're continuing to watch surging Alex Kravchenko and short-stacked Katja Thater on Table 50, but we're also now watching team PokerStars Pros Gavin Griffin and TomMcEvoy over on Table 41. McEvoy currently has 3,440, while Griffin sits fourth on the leaderboard with 12,995.

7:04pm--spielraum.at hoping to match or improve on 2007 WCOOP showing

spielraum.at just drew a king on 7th street to make kings full of treys, helping him pick up a nice 4,320-chip pot from xoxol73. spielraum.at, who finished 4th in this event last year, moves up to 10,540 with that one.

7:00pm--Pro-on-pro violence

Raymond Rahme didn't last much longer, and his elimination came at the hands of fellow Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko.

The Russian pro started with (3s-As)-3d and improved to two pair with the Ah on fourth street. By that point Rahme had picked up a split pair of sevens, and with his short stack that was good enough for him to go with. The 2,715 pot went to Kravchenko when the South African couldn't improve further.

That boosted Kravchenko to 9,060, thanks to several healthy pots earlier on. After a slow start, Kravchenko has heated up and has easily the biggest stack at the table.

6:57pm--The official PS table

Table 50 is officially the Team PokerStars Pro table after the arrival of Raymond Rahme. The 2007 WSOP final tablist is in desperate shape, though, and might be gone soon. He's already proven difficult to finish off, though, having survived two all-in hands. He and fellow pro Katja Thater will both need some help soon, as both have less than six bets in their stacks.

6:51pm--CawtBluffin captures chips

Four players were still around on fifth street, but when Clamydia bet out only CawtBluffin decided to stay. After sixth, the foes' boards read thusly:

Clamydia: (x-x)-2c-2h-Jc-6h
CawtBluffin: (x-x)-Th-Qc-Js-9s

This time Clamydia checked, CawtBluffin bet, and Clamydia called. Clamydia also check-called on 7th. The showdown confirmed that yes, indeed, CawtBluffin had that straight: (9h-8s)-Th-Qc-Js-9s-(7h). Clamydia mucked, having slipped to 3,515.

Meanwhile CawtBluffin has moved into the top 20 with 9,455.

6:47pm--Chen takes it on chin

eriholer just busted Team PokerStars pro Bill Chen. Chen was down to 1,115 chips and ended up spending them all in pursuit of a straight that never came, ending with a sad-looking (9s-Js)-Th-Kc-8h-3s-(2s). King-high was no match for eriholer's two pair, and Chen is out in 524th place.

6:42pm--Chip counts at two-hour mark

Level 5
Stakes 150/300, antes 15
Average chip count: 4,635
Players remaining: 541
First prize: $33,387.15

Top 10 chip counts:
1. drunked 14,675
2. ROONEY_DIVES 13,860
3. SteveDakota 12,000
4. TIJO 10,755
5. atlantic17 10,665
6. Betudontbet 10,605
8. eriholer 10,140
9. Team PokerStars pro Gavin Griffin 9,740
10. atco9 9,695

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes 7,870 (45th)

6:37pm--Russian butter

After taking down two big pots in the space of four hands, Alex Kravchenko is on a roll.

In the first hand, CadillacJoey limped in from first position with (x -x)-5h, and Kravchenko came along with (x-x)-Qc. Katja Thater checked her bring-in with the 3h and the hand moved to fourth street. Kravchenko had the best board with Qc-2h and led out, getting a call only from CadillacJoey with 5h-Jh.

On fifth street CadillacJoey caught the 5s to pair his board but checked anyway. Kravchenko bet 200 with Qc-2h-Kd showing, but CadillacJoey check-raised to 400. Kravchenko called that bet to go to sixth street.

Cadillac Joey led out for another 200 on sixth street when he caught the 6c, but Kravchenko raised showing Qc-2h-Kd-6c. CadillacJoey responded by raising to 600 with 5h-Jh-5s-3c showing, and then called to build the pot up to 2,770 when Kravchenko capped the betting.

CadillacJoey called another bet on the end but mucked his cards when Kravchenko showed he'd been rolled up from the start with (Qd-Qs)-Qc- 2h-Kd-6c-(Jc).

For his second pot, worth 1,710, Kravchenko started with a split pair of queens and improved to two pair on sixth street, good enough to win the pot from thomasmcfly4, who mucked (x-x)-8c-Jh-4s-2c-(x). That win boosted the Russian pro to 5,720, good for the table chip lead.

6:31pm--Brown busted

Down to just 450 chips, Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown put his last chip in the middle on fifth street while showing (x-x)-5h-As-3d in order to call P-Halt who had (x-x)-8h-4h-Ts. When all was said and done, Brown could only draw a pair of threes -- (Qh-6h)-5h-As-3d-3h-4c -- not enough to beat P-Halt's 8d-6c-8h-4h-Ts-5c-9d. Brown is out in 546th.

6:24pm--Luca long gone

With only a touch over four big bets left in his stack, it was time for Luca Pagano to find a hand to fall in love with. He opened the betting for 100 with (x-x)-Jd and got callers in both dudeoflife21 with (x-x)-5h and xoxol73 with (x-x)-4d, building the pot up to 380.

On fourth street dudeoflife21 had the best board with 5h-Kd and led out for 100. Pagano called with Jd-7s, and then called again fifth street with Jd-7s-2c to dudeoflife21's 5h-Kd-Ts.

All the rest of the money went in on sixth street and once the river card had been dealt Pagano had two pair with (6c-Jc)-Jd-7s-2c-6d-(Qh). dudeoflife21 had him topped though, having been ahead with a bigger two pair since fourth street but rivering a full house with (Kh-5s)- 5h-Kd-Ts-2s-(5d). Pagano makes his exit, and Table 46 promptly closes down.

6:25pm--Sometimes when the ace raises there's an ace underneath, too

With the Ad showing, current chip leader drunked raised on 3rd street and got two callers. After he picked up the 8d on 4th, only one stuck around -- Rex5578 who showing (x-x)-5s-Ac raised it up after drunked had led out. drunked called.

On fifth drunked picked up another ace, while Rex5578 was dealt the 4h. drunked bet and Rex5578 called. After sixth, drunked showed (x- x)-Ad-8d-Ah-8c, while Rex5578 had (x-x)-5s-Ac-4h-Qd. This time drunked bet, and Rex5578 raised, despite drunked's scary board. drunked three-bet, Rex5578 capped it, and drunked called.

On 7th, drunked bet and Rex5578 just called. drunked showed (6d-As)- Ad-8d-Ah-8c-6h for aces full of eights, and Rex5578 mucked. drunked is now way up to 16,435, our current leader by a couple of thousand.

6:17pm--In his sleep

Daniel Negreanu has built himself up to 4,470, while fan and tablemate TurnRiva has been having a little trouble getting something going. With a little humor, he expressed a little frustration a few minutes ago in the chat box:

KidPoker: good morning everyone I just woke up
TurnRiva: morning
TurnRiva: thanks for crushing me whilst asleep
TurnRiva: makes me feel great

6:14pm--Rousso run out

Midway through Level 4, we've lost exactly 40 players from our starting field of 627, including Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso in 597th place.

6:09 pm--That had to sting

Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano just dropped a big chunk of his stack the last two hands of the 75/150 level, leaving him with just six big bets in his stack for the new level.

Pagano limped in from early position with (x-x)-Th and t soprano raised with (x-x)-6c. Sowerss made the bet 150 with (x-x)-4c, and then capped the betting after Pagano called and t soprano went to three bets. Both players made the call and the pot was already worth 980.

The Italian pro checked to t soprano, who bet 75 with 6c-2d showing. Sowerss raised to 150 with 4c-5s up, and Pagano and t soprano both called. Pagano then drew a pair of nines on fifth street, but he checked and the rest of the action checked all the way around.

On sixth street Pagano amazingly showed (x-x)-Th-9c-9h-9d, and he led out for 150. t soprano called with (x-x)-6c-2d-5h-Ks, while Sowerss got out of the way. Pagano check-called the river -- and lost the pot. As it turned out, t soprano had the bigger trips with (Kd-Kh)-6c-2d- 5h-Ks-(4h), good enough to drag the 2,030 pot.

6:08pm--A couple of players with experience outlasting large fields

2008 World Series of Poker Main Event final tablist Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz is doing well in today's event. The "November Nine" member recently nabbed a 1,010-chip pot from Intellgenzia. He made two pair on fifth (jacks and sevens), and the hand held up. Schwartz is remaining quite active, and currently has a stack of 8,695 -- good enough for 5th place overall at the moment.

Incidentally, also at TenthPlanet's table is another final tablist -- sascos, who was the runner-up in this WCOOP event last year. sascos currently has 4,760.

6:01pm--Truer words never spoken

TurnRiva just made an astute observation in the chat box at Table 46. "WCOOP = no time for anything," he said. With two events running every day, is there really anywhere else an online poker player would rather be?

5:59pm--ProWatch, Two-Table Edition

Katja Thater hasn't been making any headway on Table 50 lately, but fellow Team PokerStars Pro and tablemate Alex Kravchenko is faring a bit better. He's taken down big two pots worth 1,255 and 1,675 in the last three orbits, getting him back to 4,125.

Over on Table 46, meanwhile, both of our pros have made up some ground. Luca Pagano won a few small pots before dragging a multi-way pot worth 855 for a nice profit. Pagano has climbed back to 2,830.

Daniel Negreanu finally got in on the act a moment ago, too, taking down a pot worth 1,430 even though he didn't improve on the split pair of jacks he started the hand with. He's now up to 4,365 despite mostly being quiet at the table so far.

5:55pm--BeL0WaB0Ve catches club, builds stack

Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul has started well, building a stack in the early going. We recently saw a hand here in Level 3 in which BeL0WaB0Ve raised to 75 on 3rd with the 6c showing and only MissAustria decided to call with the Ah as her door card.

Fourth brought MissAustria another high card -- the Ks -- and BeL0WaB0Ve the Qs. MissAustria bet out and BeL0WaB0Ve called. Fifth brought MissAustria the Js and BeL0WaB0Ve the Kc, and again he called her bet.

After sixth, MissAustria showed (x-x)-Ah-Ks-Js-8c, and Saul (x-x)-6c- Qs-Kc-Qh. This time both checked. On seventh, BeL0WaB0Ve -- now having the lead with the better up cards -- bet and MissAustria called. Saul showed (3c-2c)-6c-Qs-Kc-Qh-(4c) for the king-high flush, and MissAustria mucked.

Saul took that 1,140-chip pot, and presently has 7,495.

5:45pm--Thater drops further

Katja Thater just hasn't been able to get any traction today. She dropped further a few minutes in the biggest pot of this table so far.

T-Sport limped in from early position with (x-x)-8c and Thater followed him in from middle position with (x-x)-Qh; they were joined by thorladen with (x-x)-As and statshark11, who checked his bring-in with the 6d showing.

thorladen had the best board on fourth street with As-4d, but he and statshark11 checked over to T-Sport, who bet 75 with 8c-Td showing. Thater called with Qh-2h up, and thorladen called with As-4d up. statshark11 got out of the way and the hand moved to fifth street. T- Sport's board paired and he led out on fifth with 8c-Td-8d up.

Thater then raised showing Qh-2h-Ac, perhaps trying to shut out thorladen, but he called the 300 with As-4d-5c up. T-Sport called as well and chose to check when first to act on sixth street. Thater then led out for 150 with Qh-2h-Ac-4s up, and thorladen (with As-4d-5c-3s) and T-Sport (with 8c-Td-8d-Jc) both came along to build the pot to 2,335.

On seventh street T-Sport checked to Thater and she bet once again. thorladen called the bet, but T-Sport then check-raised to 300. Thater called, and after some hesitation thorladen folded. That turned out to be a good decision, as T-Sport showed the boat with (5h-8h)-8c-Td-8d- Jc-(Jh). Thater mucked, now down to 2,365, while T-Sport climbed to 5,195.

Here's an interview with Thater from this summer's World Series of Poker:

Watch WSOP 08: Katja Thater Interview on PokerStars.tv

5:43pm--Brown down

After taking that early hit, Chad "ChadBrownPRO" has continued to slide here during the the early going, and is now down to 1,585.

5:34pm--Chip counts at one-hour mark

Level 3
Stakes 75/150, antes 10
Average chip count: 4,006
Players remaining: 626
First prize: $33,387.75

Top ten chip counts:
1. truesyalose 8,765
2. amichaiKK 8,485
3. luv2winalot 8,480
4. CestSiBon 8,210
5. jeffois 8,130
6. TenthPlanet 8,095
7. Don_Insano 7,485
8. drunked 7,255
9. AlfredJohn 7,130
10. TheBeadler 7,125

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 5,285 (80th place)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker (84th)
Gavin Griffin 5,200 (91st)

5:28pm--Notes from Table 46

Daniel Negreanu has been mostly quiet lately, making it as far as fifth street only twice in the last ten hands. Tablemate Luca Pagano has been about as active but has fared worse, mostly thanks to dropping a 1,705 pot to Sowerss a few minutes ago.

The crazy action began on third street; t soprano completed in first position with (x-x)-Qc, and got calls from Sowerss with the 7h and Daniel Negreanu with the 3d. Pagano then raised with the Kd showing, getting a call from t soprano, but Sowerss raised to 150, clearing Negreanu out of the way. Pagano made it four bets but didn't shake t soprano, who came along for fourth street along with Sowerss.

Pagano bet 50 on fourth street with Kd-4h, and t soprano called with Qc-3s. Sowerss then raised to 100 with 7h-Ts. Both players called that bet and Sowerss' fifth street bet as well, building the pot to 1,305. t soprano relented when Sowerss showed 7h-Ts-5c-Th on sixth street, but Pagano came along for the river with Kd-4h-8d-Td.

On the river two more bets went in the pot and Sowerss showed (Ac-Ad) -7h-Ts-5c-Th-(Jh) for two pair, aces and tens. Pagano mucked with 2,335 left, and 1,705 moved into Sowerss' stack.

5:26pm--Ending where one started

Team PokerStars pro Bill Chen just lost a 755-chip pot to Wizard81. Both started with pairs underneath -- Chen sixes and Wizard81 queens -- and both made it all of the way to seventh without improving.

Chen is sitting at 3,125 at the moment, while Wizard81 is up to 4,945.

5:22pm--One down, 626 left

Unlike a no-limit hold'em tourney, where bustouts can happen on the first hand, it takes a little longer to bleed through one's chips in a stud event. Players start with 4,000, with stakes of 25/50 in Level 1 and 50/100 in Level 2.

We have had our first casualty, though, with player Midnicght having busted here in Level 2.

5:17pm--Saved by the river

Katja Thater just got a little help when she needed it most, and as a result she's avoiding dropping below the 3,000 mark.

Thater was first to act and completed to 50 again with (x-x)-Ah. Action folded to villepn in middle position and he raised to 100 with (x-x)-Kh. Thater made it 150 to go when she had the chance and villepn made the call.

Both players started painting their board up on fourth, with Thater showing Ah-Jh and villepn showing Ad-Kh. He called and then got a check-raise for 200 in on fifth street, showing Kh-Ad-Qh against Thater's Ah-Jh-Kd. She called and then called another 100 on sixth with 6c against villepn's Tc.

Thater called down for one last time on the river but managed to win the pot of 1,255 after catching a nice card on the end; her aces and jacks with (Qc-As)-Ah-Jh-Kd-6c-(Js) was good over villepn's kings and queens with (Qd-Kc)-Kh-Ad-Qh-Tc-(3c).

5:14pm--627 entrants for today's stud event

With registration closing at the end of Level 1, we ended up with a total of 627 players for today's $320 stud event, a bit down from last year when 696 entered the same event in the 2007 WCOOP.

Even so, our total prize pool is still a whopping $188,100, well above the $100K guarantee. First prize nets $33,387.75. 96 players will get paid today, with those finishing 89th-96th earning $451.44.

5:10pm--Katja slips a bit

villepn couldn't best Alex Kravchenko, but he managed to take down a big pot against Katja Thater.

The German pro completed to 50 in first position with (x-x)-Ks and villepn was her only caller with (x-x)-6s. On fourth street Thater again led out showing Ks-Ad, and villepn called with 6s-7d showing.

By fifth street Thater's board read Ks-Ad-Qc, but when she led out she was raised to 200 by villepn with 6s-7d-8h. Thater made it three bets but villepn capped it at 400. Thater made the call and check-called sixth street with the 4c against villepn's 3c.

On the river, Thater check-called again but mucked her hand when villepn showed (6d-6c)-6s-7d-8h-3c-(Qs) to drag the 1,455 pot and jumping up to 3,835. Thater was down to 2,820 after that hand, though she has since picked back up to 3,000.

5:08pm--Kravchenko back to par

Alex Kravchenko was second to act on third street and elected to limp in with (x-x)-8s. The action folded all the way around to villepn, one seat to the right of the bring-in, and he completed to 50. Kravchenko made the call and picked up the Js, while villepn drew the Qh.

The action was bet-call on fourth street, and on fifth the boards read (x-x)-8s-Js-6c for Kravchenko and (x-x)-9h-Qh-9d for villepn. The paired board didn't bother Kravchenko as he called the 100; he called again when he caught the 7d on sixth street and villepn caught the 2c.

Seventh street saw another bet from villepn and a call from Kravchenko, who took the 855 pot down with (9s-7h)-8s-Js-6c-7d-(5h) against villepn's (8h-Kc)-9h-Qh-9d-2c-(6d).

5:04pm--Two more pros playing together

Daniel Negreanu has been moved to Table 46, where he's in good company: Italian Team PokerStars Pro and EPT Player of the Year Luca Pagano is already in action there. He's down to 2,765 as KidPoker sits down two seats to his right. Negreanu, meanwhile, has 3,865.

5:01pm--Aiming for a return to final table

Player spielraum.at just took a 560-chip pot off of HAPPYFAN after drawing to a king-high flush by fifth. That pot puts spielrum.at up to 5,080.

spielraum.at is one of three players we've found from last year's final table of the WCOOP Event #15, the $320 stud event. spielraum.at finished 4th last year. Also here is bull_99, who finihsed 7th, and sascos who was last year's runner-up.

4:54pm--Slow going on Table 50

Our pros on Table 50 haven't made any big waves yet. Katja Thater claimed two pots worth 320 (taken down on fifth street) and 445 (taken down on the river with no showdown), while Alex Kravchenko has won pots worth 160 (taken down on fourth street) and 415 (a pair of aces at showdown).

4:50pm--Kid Poker catches one

Team PokerStars pro Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu just picked up his first nice pot of the tournament.

He completed the bet on third street with (x-x)-8d and oerockets raised to 50 with (x-x)-Ah. Negreanu called the bet, and oerockets led out for 25 with (x-x)-Ah-8s. Negreanu called again with (x-x)-8d-Ts.

On fifth street, oerockets again led out with (x-x)-Ah-8s-Qd, and got another call. Sixth street got another bet-call when oerockets picked up the Kh and Negreanu the 6c, but Negreanu raised on 7th street after oerockets led out again. He made the crying call and KidPoker picked up the 605 pot with (Js-9s)-8d-Ts-Ac-6c-(7d).

4:42pm--Love for the Team

Katja Thater has a few railbirds at Table 50 already. Some are wishing her luck and others are asking her to play some $2-4 with them. We have to wonder where the love for equally-lovely Alex Kravchenko is, though!

Daniel Negreanu also has fans on the rail on Table 58, but he's also got one at the table. Right as things got started, Buoybt said, "at least i get to be beat by my favorite pro lol."

4:37pm--Starting slowly

Both our pros at Table 50 have been pretty active so far, but neither of them has won any of the contested pots up to this point and their stacks reflect that. Thater is sitting on 3,430, while Kravchenko has 3,645. Both had a shot at the second big pot at the table, but CadillacJoey claimed that one at showdown with three sevens - the jackpot hand.

4:35pm--Brown caught by CawtBluffin

With a board showing (x-x)-4h-Kh-Ah, CawtBluffin bet, and Team PokerStars Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown, showing (x-x)-9c-Jh-8s raised, and CawtBluffin just called. Sixth street brought both players treys -- CawtBluffin the 3c and Brown the 3d. CawtBluffin checked, Brown bet, and CawtBluffin check-raised. They ended up capping it.

On seventh, CawtBluffin bet and Brown just called. CawtBluffin showed (9h-3h)-4h-Kh-Ah-3d-(6s) for the nut flush, and Brown mucked. CawtBluffin jumps out to 4,450, while Brown is just below his starting stack with 3,915.

4:31pm--Two tournaments at once, and two pros together

For at least the first hour we're going to focus on three Team PokerStars Pros. Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu is in action on Table 58 while he continues to play in Event #13. Katja Thater and Alex Kravchenko, meanwhile, have both drawn seats at Table 50, albeit across the table from each other.

9:00am--Event #14 to begin at 4:30ET

WCOOP Event #14 event, $320 Stud, begins in just a few hours. Join us here for all the action when it kicks off.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP