WCOOP Event #20 NLHE Day 2 live blog

Live blog coverage of WCOOP Event #20 $1,050 NLHE Day 2 is brought to you by bloggers Jason Kirk and Martin Harris.

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11:21pm--QuasiFiction eliminated in 2nd place; NYC P.I.M.P. wins WCOOP Event No. 20!

With nearly a 4-to-1 chip advantage heading into the final hand, NYC P.I.M.P. completed for 150,000 more from the small blind/button, and QuasiFiction checked his option from the big blind.

The flop came Qd-9c-6h. QuasiFiction checked, NYC P.I.M.P bet 550,000, and QuasiFiction called. The turn was the 4c. This time QuasiFiction bet out 1.2 million, and NYC P.I.M.P raised all in. QuasiFiction called with his remaining 10,177,862.

QuasiFiction: Ks-9h
NYC P.I.M.P: Qh-2h

NYC P.I.M.P had the edge with top pair, while QuasiFiction was looking for a king or nine to save him. The river brought the 4d, eliminating QuasiFiction in second. He takes home the biggest cash prize though of $340,000, thanks to having had the chip advantage when the five-way deal was struck.

And NYC P.I.M.P. -- who had been the short-stack when that deal was made -- makes off with the bracelet and $257,953! Congratulations to NYC P.I.M.P. and all of those who cashed in Event No. 20 of the World Championship of Online Poker!

11:17pm--P.I.M.P. pulling away

No matter what happens here in heads-up, QuasiFiction will be the big cash winner in Event No. 20 thanks to the five-way deal made earlier when he was chip leader.

However, NYC P.I.M.P. has certainly gotten the better of it for the first 30 hands of heads-up play. NYC P.I.M.P. just took another nice 10 million-plus chip flop when he managed to flop two pair with 6s-4d, then get QuasiFiction to call a 3 million-chip bet on the river with the board showing 6d-4s-Js-Ks-Ac. NYC P.I.M.P.'s hand was good, and he took the pot.

Another nice pot for NYC P.I.M.P. a few hands later now finds him with a commanding lead with 40.1 million to QuasiFiction's 11.9 million.

11:08pm--Tide turns, NYC P.I.M.P. takes lead

We've seen pocket rockets coming up quite a bit here since the five-way deal was struck back in the middle of Level 33. They came up again in this big hand between QuasiFiction and NYC P.I.M.P., the result being NYC P.I.M.P. now has the advantage as these two battle for the remaining $60,000 and the bracelet:

11:05pm--Chip counts at start of heads-up

1. QuasiFiction 34,796,431
2. NYC P.I.M.P 17,208,569

11:04pm--Down to two, CamoJr elminated in 3rd

Four hands later, and we're down to heads-up.

CamoJr raised to 800,000 from the button/under the gun, and NYC P.I.M.P. reraised all in to 10.5 million from the big blind. CamoJr called with his remaining 5.5 million. NYC P.I.M.P. showed Th-Td, and he had a huge edge over CamoJr who held 7s-7h.

The board came Js-6d-Qh-9c-4s, giving NYC P.I.M.P. the hand.

CamoJr said, "nh, gg, ttyl barry ;)"

CamoJr has reason to smile, taking home $230,388 for the past two days' work.

10:59pm--Very next hand, C.K. out in 4th

On the very next hand after Mary 717's elimination, a severely short-stacked C.K. shoved all in for 1,424,330, NYC P.I.M.P raised to isolate, and the two turned over their hands:

C.K.: 6h-Kc
NYC P.I.M.P: 6d-6s

The board came out Ad-Qh-8c-8d-Td, and C.K. goes out in fourth place, earning $226,965 after the chop.

10:57pm--Mary 717 eliminated in 5th place

Sitting on a stack of 9.8 million-plus, Mary 717 ended up getting it all in versus QuasiFiction with Qc-As. Too bad for Mary, her opponent had the aces this time, as QuasiFiction turned over Ah-Ad. Mary 717 has been eliminated in 5th place, earning $288,155 after the earlier deal.

10:49pm--Waking the Bear?

Not too long ago, CamoJr jokingly typed in chat "hey barry greenstein, if you wanna play hu for rolls, let me know." That was actually just before he lost the chunk back to Mary 717.

Might have seemed to have come out of nowhere, that challenge, if you didn't know that CamoJr is listening to the commentary of Team PokerStars pro Barry Greenstein ongoing over on PokerStars.tv. Greenstein suggested the second hand with Mary was a bit of karma biting CamoJr after that bit of boastful chat.

Click on over to PokerStars.tv to listen to the commentary yourself.

10:46pm--It was just a loan

Those chips Mary 717 handed over to CamoJr just found their way right back into Mary 717's stack after another all in confrontation. Once again Mary 717 had picked up pocket rockets, and this time CamoJr had 9h-9c. Mary's aces held up this time, and she's back up to 11.5 million. Meanwhile, CamoJr slips back to 7.88 million.

10:43pm--Battling for the bracelet

After that big exchange of chips between CamoJr and Mary 717 right after the break, play has quited down considerably, with all five players showing some perhaps surprising post-deal caution. There was one bit of excitement when Mary 717 got it all in preflop with Big Slick and was called by QuasiFiction who also held A-K (they split the pot). Otherwise, most pots have been kept relatively small here for the last 15 minutes or so.


On just the third hand back after the deal-making, Mary 717 raised to 650,000 and CamoJr reraised all in behind her for 7,500,809 total. Mary 717 quickly called, turning over Ad-Ah. CamoJr showed 8c-8h. Not looking good for CamoJr.

But the flop -- 7s-8d-9c -- changed everything. No ace on the turn or river, and now CamoJr suddenly has over 15 million, while Mary 717 slips to 5.55 million.

10:20pm--Deal and shuffle up!

A chip-chop was proposed (with the prize money -- minus $60,000 -- being apportioned according to the current stack sizes), and four of the five players said they agreed to those terms.

However, CamoJr asked for an extra $20,000. None of the others, save QuasiFiction, offered to give up any prize money to accommodate CamoJr. QuasiFiction said he'd give up a grand total of $680 for the cause -- that would leave him an even $340,000. "want a chance at 400k," QuasiFiction explained.

It looked like no deal would be struck, then CamoJr finally gave in -- with, however, the $680 from QuasiFiction!

QuasiFiction: i offered it
QuasiFiction: not gonna go back on it
CamoJr: okay, i accept with the 680

So a deal has been struck. Here is what each player is now guaranteed:

QuasiFiction: $340,000
Mary 717: $288,155
CamoJr: $230,388
C.K.: $226,965
NYC P.I.M.P.: $197,953

The players are taking a short break. Play will resume at 10:25pm ET, at which time they will play on for the remaining $60,000, and the all-important WCOOP bracelet!

10:07pm--Let's make a deal

CamoJr and QuasiFiction have now agreed to discuss a deal, and so the tournament has been paused here in the middle of Level 33 while they players discuss terms.

Chip counts at the moment:

1. QuasiFiction 18,0272,273
2. Mary 717 13,257,888
3. CamoJr 7,950,809
4. C.K. 7,701,680
5. NYC P.I.M.P 5,067,350

As is being explained to the players right now, any deal to divide the remaining prize money must leave $60,000 aside to be awarded to the eventual champion.

9:59pm--Chip counts at 16-hour mark

Level 33
Blinds 125,000/250,000, antes 25,000
Average chip count: 10,401,000
Players remaining: 5
First prize: $468,045

1. QuasiFiction 18,677,273
2. Mary 717 11,457,888
3. CamoJr 8,500,809
4. C.K. 8,376,680
5. NYC P.I.M.P 4,992,350

9:56pm--Holding steady

Chips are moving back and forth, but no drastic changes as far as position goes as we near the next break.

9:44pm--Current chip counts

1. QuasiFiction 17,787,273
2. CamoJr 11,738,364
3. Mary 717 10,840,333
4. C.K. 6,186,680
5. NYC P.I.M.P 5,452,350

9:42pm--No deal as yet

Of the five remaining players, it appears that NYC P.I.M.P, Mary 717, and C.K. are willing to discuss a chop, but the other two -- CamoJr and QuasiFiction -- have not responded to the invitation to do so.

So we play on.

9:38pm--JSchnett runs into rockets, out in 6th

And then there were five. Shortly after henri72 hit the rail, JSchnett decided it was time to make a move and pushed his stack of 2,485,340 from middle position with Kc-Jc. Bad timing, as C.K. woke up in the big blind with As-Ac.

The board ran out Kc-6h-2c-3h-7c, and JSchnett goes out in sixth place, netting a nice payday of $107,477.

9:33pm--henri72 eliminated in 7th place

After hanging on with the short-stack for much of Day 2, henri72 has finally been knocked out in 7th. Down to a little more than 1.68 million, henri72 witnessed another all in bet from Mary 717 and decided to take his chances with Ac-Qd. He must've been delighted at first to see Mary 717 turn over Qh-7h, but the board would wrap a straight around that seven in Mary 717's hand, and henri72 is out, earning $72,807 for the past two days' work.

9:29pm--NYC P.I.M.P. doubles through Mary 717

NYC P.I.M.P just went from 3.19 million to 6.69 million in a single hand. Holding 8d-8h, NYC P.I.M.P decided to call Mary 717's preflop all in and was glad he did when Mary turned over 3s-3d. The eights held up, and NYC P.I.M.P moves up to 4th place. Mary 717 is in 3rd now wiht 9.4 million.

9:24pm--Final seven exercising caution

Following the bustout of VuaXi`Tô' in 8th place, we have only seen one pot exceed 2 million, and most remaining under 1 million over the last 16 hands. QuasiFiction maintains the lead with 14.9 million, with Mary 717 (12 million) and CamoJr (10.5 million) in second and third respectively.

Given the upcoming pay jumps -- about $35K-$40K for each of the next four spots -- it is not surprising to see our players being careful.

9:12 pm--VuaXi`Tô' out in 8th

After hours of torture, our keyboards are breathing a sigh of relief.

The oddly-named VuaXi`Tô' had been short for a while, so when he moved all-in under the gun for just over 1.7 million it was no big surprise. CamoJr's call from the big blind with Ah-Qh was also no surprise, and he was ahead of his opponent's Jd-Td.

The Qd-8s-6s flop gave CamoJr top pair and VuaXi`Tô' a gutshot draw, but VuaXi`Tô' would pick up even more outs on the turn when the Kd fell, giving him the open-ended straight flush draw. Unfortunately, he would fall short when the river brought the 2c, sending him home in 8th place for a payout of $45,071.

9:03pm--Sumar07 first out at final table in 9th

A short-stacked Sumar07 shoved all in for 1,559,614 total and after some thought JSchnett made the call behind him. Sumar07 showed Qc-Ah and JSchnett 9s-9c. The board came 2c-6h-Tc-4s-Kc, and JSchnett's nines knocked Sumar07 out in ninth place, for which he earns $31,203.

9:00pm--Final table set

After over 15 hours of play (not counting the breaks) and the elimination of 3,458 players, we have arrived at our final nine.

Seat 1: Mary 717 (11,817,844)
Seat 2: Sumar07 (1,223,614)
Seat 3: JSchnett (2,093,726)
Seat 4: henri72 (3,134,664)
Seat 5: CamoJr (6,325,276)
Seat 6: VuaXi`Tô' (1,096,544)
Seat 7: QuasiFiction (17,614,385)
Seat 8: C.K. (4,630,228)
Seat 9: NYC P.I.M.P (4,068,719)

Here was the scene at Table 329 as the first hand of the final table was being dealt:

1k final table.jpg

8:58 pm--Numbass finishes in 10th place

We had our eyes on the short stacks, never suspecting that one of the bigger stacks might go out first. But that's just what happened to get us to our final table.

QuasiFiction opened the betting on the button with a bet of 400,000. Numbass, in the small blind, played back at QuasiFiction as he had been doing for the last hour or so with a raise to 1,000,000. QuasiFiction's response was an almost immediate shove, and Numbass called almost as quickly for the rest of his 5.9M stack.

QuasiFiction showed Tc-Ts against Numbass' Ah-Kh and it was good on the Qc-7s-6d flop. Numbass picked up outs on the turn with the Td, even though that card gave QuasiFiction a set. The river gave QuasiFiction quads with the Th, sending a disappointed Numbass home in 10th place. He earns $20,802 for his finish.

8:52pm--Chip counts at 15-hour mark

Level 31
Blinds 80,000/160,000, antes 16,000
Average chip count: 5,200,500
Players remaining: 10
First prize: $468,045

1. Mary 717 11,031,844
2. QuasiFiction 10,457,539
3. Numbass 7,124,846
4. CamoJr 6,999,276
5. C.K. 4,934,228
6. NYC P.I.M.P 3,892,719
7. henri72 2.958,664
8. JSchnett 2,077,726
9. Sumar97 1,527,614
10. VuaXi`Tô' 1,000,544

8:37pm--Tense times for final ten

We are looking at four short stacks at the moment -- Sumar07 (2.7 million), JSchnett (2.06 million), henri72 (1.6 million), and VuaXi`Tô' (1.18 million) -- as we watch the five-handed action on the last two tables.

Meanwhile Mary 717 is enjoying the chip lead with 11.2 million, with QuasiFiction close behind with 10.6 million.

8:29pm--tpreston out in 11th; hand for hand play commences

tpreston raised to 390,000 from middle position, then Mary 717 promptly shoved all in for over 7.4 million. It folded back around, and tpreston called, thereby committing his stack of 2.1 million.

Mary 717 showed Ad-9c, while tpreston had Ac-Qs. It looked to be a good spot for tpreston, but the board came 7h-6d-9d-7d-Kd, giving Mary 717 the flush and knocking tpreston out in 11th place.

We are playing the tournament hand for hand now until we reach the final nine.

8:17pm--JT3013 out in 12th place

JT3013 had 1,661,127 when the hand began, well below the average stack of 4.5 million. JT3013 raised to 259,696 from UTG and it folded to VuaXi`Tô' who called from the big blind. The flop came 5h-Js-4h. VuaXi`Tô' checked, and JT3013 thought for a bit before betting 869,696, well over half his remaining stack. VuaXi`Tô' auto-raised and got the call he wanted.

JT3013 showed Ah-Kc for overcards, while VuaXi`Tô' had Jh-9c for the pair of jacks. The turn and river brought a couple of deuces, and JT3013 was eliminated in 12th place, earning $20,802.

8:08pm--LAPINKY knocked out in 13th place

Having slipped just below a million chips, LAPINKY committed just over half his stack with a preflop raise to 500,000 from middle position, and VuaXi`Tô' reraised to 1 million, enough to put LAPINKY all in. It folded back around and LAPINKY called, showing Jd-Ts. He'd need help against VuaXi`Tô''s Kc-Qh.

The board brought all babies, though -- 3h-5d-3s-8d-2c -- and LAPINKY is out in 13th place. VuaXi`Tô' is currently in 4th with a little more than 5.9 million.

With that elimination, we have another pay jump. While LAPINKY earns $14,561.40, the next three to go will all get $20,802.

8:05pm--Au revoir, mes amis: ElkY out in 14th place

ElkY has had a pretty incredible couple of days in the WCOOP, but his run in this event is over.

The preflop action started when ElkY raised to 245,455 on the button. NYC P.I.M.P was in the small blind and decided to make it 600,000 to go. Mary 717 cleared out from the small blind, leaving ElkY with the decision. He raised all-in for 2,178,735, enough to cripple his opponent should he call.

After considering his move, NYC P.I.M.P called wth As-Js, only to find himself in bad shape against ElkY's Ah-Qs. That all changed when the flop came Jh-6c-3d, leaving ElkY in need of a queen. The board didn't cooperate, though, sending the last remaining Team PokerStars Pro to the rail in 14th place. He earns $14,561 for his efforts.

8:01pm--Oh oh oh oh, stayin' alive

Action started with tpreston raising to 280,000 in early position, leaving himself 1,356,645 behind. Mary 717 called on the button before Sumar07 made the bet 1,000,000 from the small blind. tpreston insta-shoved and Mary 717 folded, getting the call from Sumar07.

It was Ad-Qd for tpreston and Ks-Kd for Sumar07. The Th-9h-8c flop left tpreston in need of either an ace or a jack; he caught the latter on the river with the Jc, shipping the 3.7M pot his way.

7:57pm--Huge pot for Sumar07

We just daw the biggest pot of the night, and it came in a blind-vs.-blind situation. Sumar07 opened for 290,000 in the small blind and JSchnett re-raised to 860,000 from the big blind. Sumar07 called and the two players both checked when the flop came Ah-Qc-2c.

When the 8s came on the turn, Sumar07 bet a cool million and JSchnett flat-called. He wasn't willing to put the rest of his 2.7 million-strong stack in the middle when his opponent shoved on the Jd river, though, sending a pot worth 3.79M over to Sumar07.

7:54pm--Pocket jacks fail kidzero, who goes out in 15th

A huge hand just resulted in the elimination of kidzero in 15th place. Numbass had raised preflop to 250,000 from under the gun, and it folded back to kidzero who repopped it to 744,444 from the small blind. QuasiFiction folded his big blind, then Numbass very quickly reraised all in for 4.36 million. kidzero thought just a short beat, then made the call, committing his entire stack of 3.34 million.

kidzero: Jh-Js
Numbass: Ah-Ks

The flop came 6c-Kh-6s, and suddenly kidzero was way behind. The turn was the 2c and the river the Ac, and kidzero is out in 15th, $14,561.40 richer. Meanwhile Numbass sits atop the leaderboard with more than 8.5 million chips.

7:47pm--Chip counts at 14-hour mark

Level 29
Blinds 50,000/100,000, antes 10,000
Average chip count: 3,467,000
Players remaining: 15
First prize: $468,045

Top ten chip counts:
1. QuasiFiction 7,333,221
2. Mary 717 6,860,763
3. Sumar07 5,422,259
4. VuaXi`Tô' 5,023,500
5. JSchnett 4,603,586
6. Numbass 4,379,193
7. kidzero 4,096,653
8. Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 2,896,583
9. NYC P.I.M.P. 2,691,560
10. C.K. 1,779,000

7:40 pm--Bye-bye Shark

One A-K versus K-K situation is all Humberto Brenes could survive today.

Brenes raised under the gun for the minimum, making the bet 160,000. When the action reached Mary 717 on the button, she made it 560,000 to go. That cleared out both blinds and Brenes then shoved for a total of 2,085,549. Mary 717 called with 2,537,665 left behind.

Her Kc-Ks had Brenes and his Ah-Kh drawing to just three outs. None of those came on the Jd-9s-8c-5d-9h board, though, and one of our last two remaining Team PokerStars Pros has gone to the rail. He finishes in 16th place, just missing the money jump and earning $8,667.50.

7:34pm--Stacks growing

As players are eliminated (we're down to 16 at present), the average chip stack is starting to get downright gaudy -- more than 3.2 million right now. QuasiFiction maintains the lead with nearly 7.2 million, with Sumar07 in second with a little more than 5.6 million.

7:29pm--We thought this game was played without the joker

Team PokerStars pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier has had a couple of profitable days here in this year's World Championship of Online Poker. Yesterday ElkY finished second in Event No. 19, the $25,500 No-Limit Hold'em Heads-Up event, scoring a nifty $320,000 prize for doing so. And he's looking to make a nice cash today as well, currently sitting in 8th place with 16 players remaining.

Here's a recent interview with ElkY from APPT Macau 2008 where he dressed as the Joker on Day 1b:

Watch APPT Macau 08: Elky the Joker on PokerStars.tv

7:23pm--You know a big pot is brewing...

...when both players in the hand ask for time before the flop.

The hand started innocently enough when the action folded to JSchnett in the small blind. He raised to 240,000, putting the decision to Humberto Brenes. The Shark asked for time before eventually raising to 880,000.

The action came back to JSchnett, and he asked for time. After some thought, he moved all-in for 2,211,586. Brenes didn't dip into his time bank again, but he did let his entire allotted time elapse before folding. That dropped him to 2,181,549, while JSchnett jumped to 4,155,586.

7:19pm--tmmy2win out in 17th place

Numbass opened for 225,000 in the cutoff, which cleared out everyone except tmmy2win, who shoved from the big blind for a total of 1,454,517. Numbass tanked for a bit before making the call with 7c-7h, putting him slightly ahead of tmmy2win's Ac-Ks.

tmmy2win improved his hand on the flop, but unfortunately the As-Qh-7s board was even more help to Numbass. The board ran out 2d-3h to send tmmy2win out in 17th place.

7:17pm--ElMastermind falls in 18th place

The action kicked off with tmmy2win opening for 150,000 in middle position, a bet which kidzero called on the button. ElMastermind then shoved for a total of 1,154,914 from the small blind; tmmy2win got out of the way, but kidzero went into the tank.

When he emerged it was with a call, tabling Ad-Qd against ElMastermind's Ks-Qs. Things got even better for kidzero when the flop came down Ah-As-5d, leaving only a handful of combinations that could give ElMastermind the win. Those all went out the window when the Ac fell on the turn, giving kidzero quads and sending his opponent home in 18th place.

7:14pm--Three more gone; 18 remain

I'am_Sound was just knocked out he ran Ah-Kc up against Sumar07's Kd-Kh. He hits the rail in 21st place. Sumar07 also busted BJKing shortly thereafter when his Ac-Kh outlasted BJKing's Th-Qc. BJKing ends up going home in 20th.

Then we saw pingit's demise in 19th. pingit, who had more than 2 million to start the hand, raised to 180,000 from middle position, and VuaXi`Tô' reraised to 420,000 from the small blind. It folded back around and pingit three-bet to 900,000, prompting VuaXi`Tô' to shove all in with his entire stack (more than 2.6 million). pingit called. VuaXi`Tô' had As-Td, and pingit Qs-Qh. The flop brought an ace -- 4s-Ac-8s -- and the 9h on the turn and the 8c on the river meant pingit was gone in 19th.

7:07pm--Humberto jumps up the leaderboard

Humberto Brenes just vaulted himself up to 3rd place on the leaderboard thanks to a fortunate hand.

The action opened with a raise to 165,000 from CamoJr in the cutoff. Brenes, on the button, then made the bet 480,000 to go. Then VuaXi`Tô' re-raised to a total of 1,458,444. It looked like a squeeze play when CamoJr moved out of the way, but VuaXi`Tô' snap-called when Brenes decided to shove for just over 2.1 million.

Brenes held As-Kh and had only three outs against VuaXi`Tô's Kd-Ks, but one of them came on the Ah-Js-Th flop. That left VuaXi`Tô' with four queens to catch for a straight and a chopped pot, but the board ran out Jd-Jh and Brenes jumped to a stack of 4,448,366.

7:00pm--Evilduke11 out in 22nd place

C.K. moved all-in under the gun for a total of 841,944, and when the action reached Evilduke11 on the button he shoved all-in for just over 1M to isolate. The isolation play worked, but Evilduke11's Ah-Qs couldn't cracked C.K.'s Th-Ts, dropping evilduke11 to just under 200K.

When he found himself under the gun in the next orbit, Evilduke11 shoved for 171,687 with Kd-9d and QuasiFiction isolated with a raise in the small blind. Numbass cleared out in the big blind and QuasiFiction showed Ac-4c to put him ahead. The Qs-Qd-5c flop left Evilduke11 with some outs, but the Ah erased all hope on the turn and sent him home in 22nd place.

6:58pm--diatty outflopped; out in 23rd

Tough one for diatty who shoved all in with pocket queens and was in a good spot against Sumar07's pocket tens. But a ten flopped, and diatty couldn't catch up. He's out in 23rd place.

6:53pm--Things are getting serious

With our new blind level, there's a minimum of 132,000 in the middle on each table before a hand is even dealt. That's encouraging some very aggressive play at the moment, with plenty of preflop re-raises coming in from all corners as all our remaining players jockey for position.

6:50pm--PokerStars pros meeting up at the end

As we return from the break, fellow Team PokerStars pros Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes have been moved to the same table. Both are currently in the top ten with 23 players remaining.

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 15 18.49.gif

6:44pm--Chip counts at 13-hour mark

Level 27
Blinds 30,000/60,000, antes 6,000
Average chip count: 2,261,086
Players remaining: 23
First prize: $468,045

Top ten chip counts:
1. QuasiFiction 5,241,647
2. VuaXi`Tô' 4,351,157
3. Mary 717 4,048,229
4. Numbass 3,382,676
5. kidzero 3,274,737
6. Sumar07 3,095,948
7. Team PokerStars pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 3,091,129
8. JSchnett 2,432,086
9. tpreston 2,269,913
10. Team PokerStars pro Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 2,216,683

6:37pm--Three more out; 23 survive to break

Just before the break, we had three eliminations in rapid succession.

The first occurred over on Table 206. kidzero opened the betting in the hijack for 132,999 and made the call when javel shoved all-in for 665,544 behind him. It was Jh-Js for kidzero against Ah-Kh for javel, but javel was drawing to six outs on the Jc-8c-4s flop. His draw dissipated on the turn when the 8s gave kidzero a full house, and the meaningless 9s on the river sent javel home in 26th place.

Then over on Table 338, action had folded around to a short-stacked Ryan45 who pushed all-in for 547,807 from the small blind and Mary 717 called from the big blind. Ryan45 would need some help, with his Kc-7d being dominated by Mary 717's Kh-Ts. The help didn't come, as the board ran out 6c-9d-6d-4d-Qs, knocking Ryan45 out in 25th.

Finally, back on Table 206, golfsoc also open-shoved from the small blind for 795,613 and got called by the big blind, tmmy2win. golfsoc showed Ah-5c, and timmy2win Ad-9d. The board came 6h-Kc-Kd-4s-Qs, and golfsoc was gone in 24th.

6:24pm--Zugwat zeroed out, eliminated in 27th

Mary 717 raised to 133,332, then Zugwat shoved all in for 1,124,609. Mary 717 made the call, showing Qs-Ac, while Zugwat held Kc-Qd. The flop was Td-7d-2d, giving Zugwat hope for a flush in addition to hitting that king. But the 3c on the turn and the 6c on the river meant Zugwat was out in 27th place.

6:17pm--kidzero goes for broke

QuasiFiction held 9c-9h against kidzero's Ah-Kc, putting him on the right side of the coinflip, but a king on the flop was all it took to double kidzero up to nearly 1.4 million.

Just three hands later, kidzero got himself all-in before the flop again, but was in much worse shape than before, with his Th-Ts running smack up against tmmy2win's Ad-As. But the board came down 2s-7h-8d-Jd... Td, and that two-outer sent kidzero up to 2,782,192 and into 7th place.

6:09pm--Believe it... QuasiFiction flops set, takes chip lead

Just had a huge 2.8 million-plus chip pot go down between QuasiFiction and Numbass, with the result being QuasiFiction has taken over the chip lead with a stack of 5,474,695. Here's how that one played out:

6:06pm--27 remain

We are down to three tables as we begin Level 26 (blinds 25,000/50,000, antes 5,000). Our current chip leader is Numbass with more than 4.38 million chips. The average stack is getting close to 2 million.

The next nine players to be eliminated will each earn $7,280.70.

6:04pm--3scape_plan out in 28th

LAPINKY opened in the cutoff for a pretty standard 120,000, but when the action got to the big blind 3scape_plan moved all-in for a total of 472,912. LAPINKY tanked, running down most of his clock before calling more than half his stack off with Ks-Jd. That turned out to be the right move, as 3scape_plan held Qc-5c. No help from the Ad-8s-Tc-Ts-Jc board and he was out in 28th place.

6:03pm--By the book

Doyle Brunson set the pattern for the modern no-limit games when he wrote Super System and told us all to BE AGGRESSIVE. There's plenty of that aggression in play right now, with short stacks coming over the top of opening raises before the flop like it's going out of style.

We're still not seeing many bustouts, though -- just one in the last 20 minutes -- as those re-raises have often been good enough to claim the pot up to this point.

5:57pm--igdp takes stand, loses seat; is out in 29th place

With 1,102,832 to start the hand, igdp raised to 120,000 and QuasiFiction -- currently third in chips with more than 2.65 million -- reraised behind him to 360,000. This wasn't the first time QuasiFiction had done that. Indeed, just an orbit ago he'd reraised igdp's preflop raise, and when igdp folded, QuasiFiction typed "good fold" & "u were in bad shape."

Well, this time igdp wasn't going anywhere, and when it folded back around repopped all in. QuasiFiction quickly called.

igdp: 9d-9c
QuasiFiction: Jh-Ad

The board came Ah-Js-Td-7d-Tc, and igdp hit the rail in 29th place.

5:43pm--fifa7ever out in 30th

His passing of the 2M mark might not have lasted long for ElkY, but we'll see how passing the 3M mark goes for him.

fifa7ever opened in the cutoff for 120,000 and ElkY called in the small blind to see a flop of 7s-4s-2h. ElkY checked to fifa7ever, who bet 240,000, and then he raised all-in. fifa7ever was covered but made the quick call with Kh-Kd; unfortunately he was in horrible shape against ElkY's 7h-7d.

The turn and river came Th-Qh and fifa7ever found his way to the rail a little earlier than he'd hoped. Players finishing 28th-36th today are receiving $6,587.30.

5:41pm--LAPINKY survives

When do you not want to catch a set? When it fills in your opponent's straight. LAPINKY got his chips in the middle in pretty bad shape with Ah-9s against 3scape_plan's Qh-Qc. The board came Kc-Jd-8h-Ts-Qd, with the ironically-named 3scape_plan's set on the river shipping the 817,274 pot to LAPINKY. Check it out:

5:33pm--Chip counts at 12-hour mark

Level 25
Blinds 20,000/40,000, antes 4,000
Average chip count: 1,733,500
Players remaining: 30
First prize: $468,045

Top ten chip counts:
1. Numbass 4,786,592
2. VuaXi`Tô' 4,051,181
3. QuasiFiction 3,595,863
4. I'am_Sound 3,219,852
5. tpreston 2,555,949
6. JT3013 2,461,607
7. BJKing 2,437,022
8. tmmy2win 2,267,054
9. Team PokerStars pro Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 2,150,683
10. JSchnett 2,000,727

Team PokerStars pros:
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 1,648,497 (12th place)

5:29pm--Brenes over 2M

ElkY broke the 2M mark earlier and fell back below; Humberto Brenes is holding steady after crossing the same marker. He opened the betting on the button for 90,000 and saw a re-raise to 210,000 come in from pingit in the small blind. With the big blind out of the way, Brenes contemplated his move before making the bet 720,000. That was good enough to claim the pot and boost him to 2,159,683.

5:26pm--Nice score for Humberto

Humberto Brenes just dragged a healthy little pot to creep close to 1.9M.

He opened in the cutoff for 90,000 and his only caller was Ryan45 in the big blind. Both players checked the Ac-Qs-Js flop, and Ryan45 check-called a 150,000 bet from Brenes on the Kc turn.

The river was the 8h and Ryan45 once again checked. This time Brenes bet 180,000. That had Ryan45 calling for time and eventually folding his handm shipping the 516,000 pot to the Shark.

5:22pm--Two more gone; 30 left

The difficult-to-type VuaXi`Tô' opened the betting in the cutoff for 66,611 and made the call when big blind diegomilek shoved for a total of 376,226. It was Ah-7s for diegomilek and Ad-8c for VuaXi`Tô'; the board ran out As-Jc-3c-6c-5s to send diegomilek to the rail in 32nd place.

Soon afterwards, HappyMeals open-shoved from the button for 304,300 and got called by QuasiFiction in the big blind. QuasiFiction turned over 3c-3s, while HappyMeals had As-4s. Another race situation, Vince!

The flop was Ad-8c-4c, which made HappyMeals happy. Then the turn brought the 3c, giving QuasiFiction a set and making HappyMeals question the truth of it all. The Ts on the river meant HappyMeals was out in 31st.

5:16pm--Can't beat that

Action folded around to Humberto Brenes in the small blind and he raised to 90,000, getting a call from pingit in the big blind. Both players checked the Ks-Jc-2c flop, and Brenes check-called 60,000 from pingit on the turn.

The Shark check-called another 90,000 on the river, only to see his opponent flip up Ac-Qc for the nuts.

Brenes now has 1,691,683.

5:12pm--solvalla08 out in 33rd

Mary 717 opened for 78,885 in second position and solvalla08 called from the big blind with just 187,711 left behind. All those chips went in the middle on the Qs-Jh-Tc flop and Mary 717 made the call. She showed K-K against solvalla08's Kc-Jc, and no straight cards came, giving her the pot.

After challenging for the chip lead for much of Day 1, solvalla08 hits the rail in 33rd place.

5:10pm--BigDunph out in 34th; Numbass crosses 5 million

Just had a huge pot over on Table 206, where there has been some action here in the first hour. BigDunph, with 1.61 million to start the hand, raised to 780,000 from middle position and Numbass -- having him well-covered with 3.42 million -- called from the button.

The flop came 2h-9s-Kd and BigDunph shoved all in with his remaining 829,740. Numbass called. BigDunph showed Ac-Qh for high card ace, while Numbass turned over Ah-9h for a pair of nines. The turn was the 3c and the river the Td, and BigDunph is out in 34th. Meanwhile, Numbass extends his chip lead, currently having a stack of 5,105,149.

5:08pm--Mostly tentative play

On Tables 160 and 338, the mode of play at the moment is mostly tenetative. Most of the pots are being taken down with a preflop raise or, in some cases, a preflop re-raise. We did get one exception on 160 a moment ago, though, when JSchnett opened for 75,000 and got two callers. He bet 180,000 on the 9c-3c-3d flop but let it go when fifa7ever check-raised all-in for just over 950k.

5:06pm--Bulsson68 eighty-sixed in 35th

Bullson68 had slipped under half a million chips and decided it was time to gamble with Ad-Qs. Unfortunately for Bullson68, tpreston woke up behind him with pocket queens. Here's how Bullson68 hit the rail in 35th place:

5:04pm--TrickY ElkY?

The blinds might have gone up -- we just began Level 24 (blinds 20,000/40,000, antes 4,000) -- but ElkY's opening raise hasn't.

Under the gun on the first hand of this new blind level, He bumped the bet to his standard 65,656 from the last round. Despite it only being another 35,000 or so to make the call preflop, kidzero declined to put any more money in from the big blind and folded.

5:02pm--Line forming at cashier's window

Our first seven players eliminated today -- killerkp, sm1le, f!v3_4c3s, Urlings, Riverloser, Rcka, and Scary_Tiger -- each earned $6,240.60 for their efforts. Belabasci picked up $6,587.30 for 36th place, as will the next eight players eliminated.

4:59pm--Two more fall by wayside; 35 remain

A couple more preflop all ins from short stacks, and a couple more eliminations.

First Scary_Tiger pushed all in for 258,266 with Ah-Kd and was called by Numbass who held 8c-8s. No ace or king came to save him, and Scary_Tiger was knocked out in 37th place.

Then, Belabasci, down to 202,403, shoved with Ts-Th and was called by henri72's Ah-Qh. In this case, an ace did come, as the board ran out As-2c-8h-6h-3h, knocking Belabasci out in 36th.

4:54pm--ElkY crosses 2M, falls back below

With two of the last three pots going to Team PokerStars pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier via a preflop raise to claim the blinds and antes, ElkY crossed the 2,000,000 mark - but only just barely. He tried to repeat his feat a third time, but he let his hand go once his continuation bet on the flop was check-raised by big-blind caller fifa7ever.

ElkY now has 1,852,687.

4:51pm--Rcka gone in 38th place

Rcka had just 452,655 entering play today. After 20 hands or so Rcka was sitting on about that same-sized stack when he decided to shove preflop with Qc-9s from middle position. Sumar07 called with Ad-Qd. The board came 6s-Kc-As-5s-Kh, and Rcka was eliminated in 38th place.

4:46 pm--Tough work ahead?

Team PokerStars pro Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes might have some tough work ahead of him. BJKing just played back at him again after Brenes had raised to 75,000 on the button. BJKing re-raised to 300,000 from the big blind, getting the Shark to relent for the time being. Just a few minutes later, Brenes opened for 75,000 under the gun and let his hand go when Numbass re-raised to 200,000 from the button.

4:45pm--Riverloser out in 39th; Urlings out in 40th

Player Urlings just got ousted in 40th. Two minutes later, Riverloser followed him to rail. That hand began with Riverloser sitting on a stack of 787,092 chips. The table had folded around to Numbass who raised to 75,000 from the small blind. Riverloser then pushed all in from the big blind, and Numbass called.

Numbass: 7s-7d
Riverloser: As-Kc

The flop came 7h-9s-6c, giving Numbass a set and just about sealing Riverloser's fate. The turn was the 3c and the river the 4d, and Riverloser was eliminated in 39th place.

Numbass is now up to more than 2.62 million.

4:43pm--Testing the waters

Humberto Brenes is certainly not afraid to get into the action today. He took down one pot from before the flop with a re-raise that shut original raiser Ryan45 out. Then he opened on the button and led out on an ace-high flop after BJKing called from the big blind, only to let it go when BJKing came out with the check-raise.

It's back and forth for the time being, but the Shark's style could very easily lead to a big pot for him in the near future.

4:41pm--Two more eliminations; 40 remain

Player sm1le started the day with just 477,377, well below average, and so after picking up Qs-4h sm1le decided to gamble. Mary 717 came along with Ac-8d. The board came Jh-9s-As-Js-Qh, and sm1le is out in 42nd place.

Shortly after that, a short-stacked f!v3_4c3s got it all in with Ac-5h and was called by tpreston who had him dominated with Ad-6d. A five flopped, but so did a six. And an ace on the river was just salt in the wound, as f!v3_4c3s finishes in 41st.

4:35 pm--ElkY doubles up

ElkY just got a big boost in the early going, at the expense of Belabasci. Action folded preflop to ElkY on the button and he opened for 65,656. Belabasci asked for time and then made it 195,000 straight. Asking for time of his own, ElkY then moved all-in for 951,305. Belabasci called with Q-Q, but ElkY's A-A would hold up against the ladies to boost his stack to 1,950,110.

Belabasci is now in serious trouble with just 199,903 remaining in his stack.

4:32pm--killerkp out in 43rd

Chip leader for much Day 1, killerkp entered today with just over 1.3 million chips -- about an average stack with 43 players remaining. On the second hand of play today, QuasiFiction (2.83 million to start today) open-raised to 65,000, and killerkp reraised to 185,000 behind him. It folded back around and QuasiFiction pushed all in, and killerkp made the call.

QuasiFiction showed 8c-8h, and killerkp Ad-Kh. The flop came Ah-7c-9s, and killerkp took the lead. The turn was the 5h. Then the 8d popped out on the river, ending killerkp's Day 2 early. He finishes in 43rd. Meanwhile, QuasiFiction takes the chip lead with over 4 million.

WCOOP Event #20 Day 2 at 4:30pm ET

Action is about to get underway for Day 2 of WCOOP Event #20 with 43 players remaining.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP