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6:08am--weaktight eliminates aldenpogi in second place and wins WCOOP Event #21!

It's finally over. The big hand we've been waiting for finally happened. weaktight made it three bets on third street showing the Tc. He caught the Td on fourth street and got in one bet against aldenpogi's x-x / Ks-As. When aldenpogi caught the Js on fifth street against weaktight's 3d, it was clear that all the rest of the chips would soon be in the middle. Betting was capped.

Both players caught seeming bricks on sixth street, the 9c for aldenpogi and the 4c for weaktight. After aldenpogi called weaktight's bet, he had only 8,412 chips left. They went in on the river. aldenpogi made an ace-high flush, 9s-Qc / Ks-As-Js-9c / 8s, but weaktight had outdone him with a full house, 5h-Th / Tc-Td-3d-4c / 5c.

Event 21 Final Hand.jpg

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After the chop, aldenpogi's prize for second place is $34,439.22. weaktight gets a total of $42,735.78, a WCOOP bracelet, and the title Champion of Event #21.

Congratulations to both players!

6:04am--weaktight flushes out aldenpogi

Before fourth street, aldenpogi was the bring-in with the 2d. weaktight raised to 40,000 and aldenpogi re-raised to 80,000. aldenpogi drew the 3h, and weaktight's board read 6s-Ts. weaktight check-called aldenpogi's 40,000 bet and hit the 3s on fifth. aldenpogi picked up the 6h. This time, weaktight check-raised from 80,000 to 160,000. aldenpogi paired his six on sixth and weaktight picked up the 5c. aldenpogi check-called on both the turn and the river and mucked when he saw weaktight's queen-high flush, which was made on fifth street. weaktight regained a sizeable chip lead -- 1,928,794 to aldenpogi's 696,206.

5:56am--Not so fast

The two players are back to almost even in chips, after aldenpogi's two pair (eights and sixes) bested weaktight's two pair (treys and deuces) for an 888,000-chip pot. Betting was capped before fourth street with weaktight holding (Ad-3d)-2d and aldenpogi holding (8d-6d)-8c. For the remainder of the streets, however, it was just one bet and a call. weaktight managed to pick up a wheel draw on 6th with Ad-3d-2d-3h-2c-4h, but he missed with the Kh on the river. aldenpogi hit his second pair on sixth street and finished with a board of 8d-6d-8c-7c-Tc-6h-As.

5:51am--Closing in on the bracelet?

With chop discussions finalized, weaktight and aldenpogi played another massive pot. weaktight was the bring-in with the 2h, and aldenpogi completed to 40,000 with the 7d. Both players picked up a trey on fourth, and the action was bet-call. On fifth, aldenpogi paired his trey and led out for 80,000. weaktight drew the 7h and called. Sixth street brought the 4s for aldenpogi and the Ts for weaktight. Again, it was bet-call. On the river, aldenpogi was first to act with his board showing 7d-3d-3h-4s. He bet 80,000. weaktight, whose board read 2h-3s-7h-Ts, raised to 160,000. aldenpogi made the call, but he mucked when he saw weaktight's jack-high heart flush. weaktight had Jh-9h underneath to start and hit the 6h on the river. That 808,000-chip pot put weaktight in front with 2,048,794 in chips to aldenpogi's 576,206.

5:47am--Let's make a deal

The lateness of the night and the size of the limits have contributed to a deal between aldenpogi and weaktight. They agreed to a chip-count chop. weaktight will receive $38,735.78 and aldenpogi will receive $34,439.22. Whoever wins the tournament will also receive an additional $4,000 and a WCOOP bracelet.

5:41am--Maybe a deal?

aldenpogi is still trying to convince weaktight to accept a chop. After both players agreed that they were tired, aldenpogi again offered a chop.

"Can we just play for the bracelet and chop it?" aldenpogi asked.

weaktight relented just a little bit. "See if you can tie it up first," he responded.

A few hands later, with weaktight holding a four-to-one chip advantage, aldenpogi proposed a chip-count chop. weaktight agreed to look at the numbers. A big hand with no-showdown went down right before the tournament was paused, so as they look at the numbers, weaktight has a roughly two-to-one chip lead. It looks like a chop is imminent.


For those of you not in the know, eights are a lucky number for the Chinese -- hence the start of the Beijing Olympic games on August 8, 2008. weaktight must be liking 888,000 right now, as that's how many chips he collected in the first big confrontation of heads-up play. aldenpogi was the bring-in with the 6d. weaktight completed to 40,000 showing the Jc and aldenpogi raised to 80,000. On fourth, aldenpogi picked up the 9d to weaktight's Ts. weaktight check-called the 40,000 bet from aldenpogi. Fifth street brought a 7 for each of the players, spade for aldenpogi and club for weaktight. Again, weaktight check-called aldenpogi's bet -- this time for 80,000. On sixth, weaktight drew the 9h, and aldenpogi paired his six with the 6h. aldenpogi bet, followed by a raise to 160,000 from weaktight. aldenpogi made the call and check-called the 80,000 river bet. weaktight showed a jack-high straight, which he hit on sixth street. aldenpogi mucked his hand. weaktight moved to 2,060,784 in chips, while aldenpogi slipped to 564,206.

5:30am--No deal

With the heads-up chip counts at 1.5 million for weaktight and 1.1 million for aldenpogi, aldenpogi again offered a chop. weaktight said he would prefer to play it out. Each player is guaranteed $29,400 at this point; the winner will receive $47,775 and a WCOOP bracelet.

5:29am--sagwise can't find a diamond in the rough

As the severe short stack at the table, sagwise needed to make a move sooner rather than later. With only 164,909 in chips compared to the million-plus chip stacks of his two opponents, he completed to 30,000 showing the 6h. weaktight, who was the bring-in with the 3s, made the call. weaktight paired his trey (3h) on fourth, and check-called sagwise's bet. The 5d on fourth for sagwise found another diamond on fifth (Qd), so sagwise decided that this was the time. weaktight, who had picked up the Qh on fifth was first to bet, and did so for 60,000. sagwise raised all-in to 101,909 and tabled Td-7d-6h-5d-Qd. He was behind weaktight's 4h-6d-3s-3h-Qh but had a lot of outs to a higher pair or the diamond flush. Sixth street gave sagwise that pair (Th), but weaktight picked up two pair with the 6c. The river was the Ah for sagwise, ending his run in the tournament in third place. sagwise earned $19,687.50.

5:21am--Call it in the air

Bad Beat Oz has been eliminated from the tournament in fourth place by a newly energized aldenpogi. All of the chips for the short-stacked Bad Beat Oz were in the middle on third street in what was basically a flip, aldenpogi's 6h-5s-4s against the 6d-5h-2h of Bad Beat Oz. aldenpogi won the flip by making a pair of tens. Bad Beat Oz made only a pair of deuces with no low. His reward for fourth place is $14,437.50.

5:18am--I take it back

aldenpogi, who previously proposed a chop as the short stack, has climbed level with weaktight, the chip leader. His other two oopponents, sagwise and Bad Beat Oz, each have fewer than four big bets left. What a difference ten minutes make!

5:14am--The bell tolls for Bad Beat Oz

Bad Beat Oz isn't out yet, but he must be feeling the Grim Reaper over his shoulder. On fifth street of a hand against aldenpogi, the boards were:

aldenpogi: 7h-Td-4c
Bad Beat Oz: 3d-9d-As

Bad Beat Oz bet and three-bet after aldenpogi raised. aldenpogi called, then called again on sixth street with the Jd against Bad Beat Oz's Kc. After the river card was dealt, Bad Beat Oz bet and once again aldenpogi raised. Bad Beat Oz called and lost all of the pot when aldenpogi showed Ad-Ac-Jc in the hole for two pair, aces and jacks.

Bad Beat Oz did manage to double up shortly thereafter by rivering Broadway, but he has less than 150,000 chips.

5:08am--Well, it was worth a shot

During the last break, aldenpogi, the shortest of the four remaining stacks with just four big bets at the new limit level, asked:

aldenpogi: anybody want to chop?

Not surprisingly, none of the other players responded. aldenpogi's solution was to win the first pot when play resumed. He now has roughly eight big bets in his stack.

5:04am--Another break for the final four

Level 27
Stakes 30,000/60,000 3,000 ante
Average chip count: 656,250
Players remaining: 4
First prize: $47,775

Chip counts:

1. weaktight 1,235,385
2. Bad Beat Oz 766,887
3. sagwise 358,796
2. aldenpogi 263,932

4:59am--Righting the ship

Bad Beat Oz won back a portion of the chips he lost when he turned an ace-high diamond flush against aldenpogi. aldenpogi's board read 2s-7d-2d-7s, but he folded to Bad Beat Oz's river bet. Bad Beat Oz was the aggressor on every street, allowing him to extract chips from aldenpogi each time. That 410,000-chip pot got Bad Beat Oz back to 609,387.

4:51am--Bad Beat Oz moving in the wrong direction

Bad Beat Oz has just lost a couple of big pots and now has only 361,887 in chips. The first was a 510,000-chip pot that was won by weaktight with aces and fours. Bad Beat Oz completed to 25,000, followed by a raise from weaktight and a three-bet when it got back around to Bad Beat Oz. Bad Beat Oz bet fourth showing Qc-5s, and weaktight called showing 3c-4h. weaktight took the lead in betting fifth street when he picked up the 3s. Bad Beat Oz called with a Td added to his board. Bad Beat Oz paired his ten on sixth and check-called the bet from weaktight, who was dealt As. Another check-call by Bad Beat Oz on the river, and he must have been dismayed to see weaktight's two pair.

He then doubled up aldenpogi (who started the hand with only 196,966 in chips) when all of aldenpogi's chips went into the middle after fifth street. The boards ran out Td-Ts-6d-Jc-4d-Jd-9c for aldenpogi (jacks and tens) and 2d-2s-7c-Kc-As-Qd-Tc for Bad Beat Oz (deuces).

4:40am--weaktight straightens out the chip leader

What's better than making a seven-high straight in five cards? Having an opponent check-call you the whole way down with a worse hand. weaktight pulled even closer to the Bad Beat Oz by besting him with that hand and taking down a 417,500-chip pot. Three hands later, he overtook the chip lead with a bet after fifth street showing 6d-4h-5c. Bad Beat Oz mucked his Ac-7h-Kc. It's now 1002885 for weaktight and 982,603 for Bad Beat Oz.

4:33am--By hook or by crook

aldenpogi scored the next elimination at the final table when his pair of jacks improved to jacks and deuces by the river. CR00K started the hand with split eights and never caught up. aldenpogi opened the action by completing to 20,000. CR00K made the call and fired 20,000 on fourth showing 8c-Kd to aldenpogi's 8d-Jh. Betting was capped with CR00K all in on fifth street. For those keeping track at home, the boards ran out 2d-Ah-8d-Jh-3s-Js-2s for aldenpogi and 8s-3c-8c-Kd-9d-5d-Ac for CR00K. CR00K will earn $9,187.50 for his fifth-place finish.

4:28am--weaktight pulls closer

weaktight and Bad Beat Oz got into a raising battle before fourth street, with each player committing 60,000. Both players were showing a deuce. The boards continued to converge, when 6-7 fell for each on fourth and fifth. On fourth, it was a bet by Bad Beat Oz and a call by weaktight. On fifth, however, weaktight raised Bad Beat Oz's bet from 40,000 to 80,000. weaktight drew the Jd on sixth and checked. Bad Beat Oz picked up the 3s and bet. That didn't deter weaktight from calling. Another bet-call on the river, and weaktight dragged the 490,000 chip pot showing 3d-Ad-2c-6s-7h-Jd-Ac for a pair of aces and a 7-6 low. With that pot, weaktight moved within striking distance -- 842,005 in chips to Bad Beat Oz's 998,711.

4:20am--A challenger has emerged

Some of the folks at the final table seem to be sensing an end to this tournament that has Bad Beat Oz crowned the champion.

aldenpogi: dont slowdown now bad beat
Bad Beat Oz: lol
Bad Beat Oz: not yet
aldenpogi: we are all playing for second anyway
Bad Beat Oz: it aint over til its over

Truer words were never spoken. After picking up a river 9s to make trip nines, weaktight dragged a 356,000-chip pot from Bad Beat Oz, pulling him closer in chips. Bad Beat Oz is still ahead by a wide margin -- 1,175,711 in chips -- but weaktight chipped up to 747,005 after that hand.

4:14am--One pair plus one low = one scoop

Bad Beat Oz just pulled down a 350,000-chip pot when he made a pair of deuces and a 6-perfect low against aldenpogi. aldenpogi remained in the hand through the river, so we can only guess that he had some sort of low that was second best. aldenpogi is now the short stack with 139,184 in chips.

4:11am--Bad Beat Oz continues to pull away

Since we've returned from the break, Bad Beat Oz has continued to extend his chip lead. He is now at the 1.5 million-chip mark, which is about five times that of the next highest competitor.

3:48am--The second fifteen-minute break arrives

Level 25
Stakes 20,000/40,000 2,000 ante
Average chip count: 525,000
Players remaining: 5
First prize: $47,775

Chip counts:

1. Bad Beat Oz 1,379,793
2. aldenpogi 356,184
3. weaktight 336,005
4. CR00K 326,120
5. sagwise 226,898

3:43am--Bad Beat Oz off to see the wizard

Who sprinkled the fairy dust on Bad Beat Oz? He has continued to run well at the final table, most recently by eliminating The_Drow. It looked like The_Drow was poised for a double-up after catching the Js on sixth street to make a board of x-x / Ac-Jc-Qs-Js. The_Drow put his last chips in, then watched as Bad Beat Oz called and opened Kh-Kd / 8S-Qc-Ah-9c. The_Drow started with 2h-4c in the hole and was left rooting for another jack or a second pair. He got neither with a 6s river and was eliminated in 6th place. Don't feel too bad; his prize money was $7,875.

Meanwhile, Bad Beat Oz now has more than half of the remaining chips in play.

3:33am--One million for Bad Beat Oz means crumbs for the rest of the table?

Bad Beat Oz is the clear chip leader at this point, with 1,336,076. That's almost four times as much as the player currently in second chip position -- aldenpogi (357,784 in chips). Bad Beat Oz has taken down nine of the last ten pots. Is it too early to say that the other five players are playing for second place? It may be too soon to tell, but unless someone starts taking a stand soon, Bad Beat Oz will continue to run over the table.

3:27am--No double bracelet for Andy McLEOD

Andy McLEOD managed to get a short double-up but ultimately couldn't recover from the critical level to which his stack dipped. He was all in on fourth street, called by Bad Beat Oz. Andy McLEOD's 6c-8c-6h-Th was in bad shape and he knew it. As soon as he saw Bad Beat Oz's Jc-2h-2s-2c, he typed into the chat "gl everyone" then watched as his board ran out 3d-9c-8h. He didn't make a low and couldn't beat trips. He was eliminated in 7th place, collecting $6,562.50 at his second WCOOP final table in a week.

3:22am--Introducing our newest chip leader . . .

We haven't said much about Bad Beat Oz so far. Perhaps he has been in stealth mode for most of the tournament. But now that we're down to eight players, it is difficult to hide. After coming into the final table in the middle of the pack in terms of chip counts, Bad Beat Oz just took down a 272,000-chip pot to take over the chip lead. He called aldenpogi's completion bet and led out for 16,000 on fourth street while showing 5d-6h. aldenpogi had As-7h and made the call. aldenpogi was the first aggressor on fifth street, betting 32,000 after picking up th 6s. Bad Beat Oz called with the Qd. On sixth, it was the third diamond (8d) for Bad Beat Oz and a pair of sevens for aldenpogi (7c). This time, Bad Beat Oz raised aldenpogi's 32,000 bet to 64,000. aldenpogi made the call but check-folded on the river, sending the pot to Bad Beat Oz. Bad Beat Oz now has 653,092 in chips.

3:19am--Sarcasm or encouragement?

Andy McLEOD is in critical condition. With limits up to 16,000 and 32,000, he has 38,692 left. The_Drow offered him these words:

The_Drow: not over yet man
The_Drow: you can still take this down

Obviously that's not in The_Drow's best interests, so we imagine it was said tongue-in-cheek.

3:12am--Andy McLEOD dropping like a brick

Andy McLEOD, winner of Event #16 - $215 PLO with one rebuy, came into this final table near the top of the counts but has been dropping like a brick. When he has managed to get to showdown, the pots have chopped; when he hasn't managed to get to showdown, it's because he's had to fold. He just went to the river in a pot against weaktight and, with a board of x-x / Kd-Ts-2d-8s / x, had to fold to weaktight's bet of 24,000 with a board of x-x / 3h-Th-6s-3s / x. Andy McLEOD is on life support with about 95,000 remaining chips.

3:05am--The_Drow and aldenpogi combine to eliminate 7CardRyon

In stud hi-lo, making the best qualifying eight-low will get you half of the pot, as will making the best high hand. It sounds deceptively simple, but in a three-way pot, it's easy to wind up with none of the pot. The_Drow was first into what wound up being a multi-way pot between him, aldenpogi and 7CardRyon. 7CardRyon signaled his attention to go to showdown, come hell or high water, by putting in three bets on third street. His opponents both called, then called when 7CardRyon put the rest of his chips in on fourth street.

The_Drow bet fifth street, not able to shake aldenpogi. In fact, aldenpogi raised The_Drow on sixth street when the boards were:

7CardRyon: x-x / Jh-5s-9s-Th
aldenpogi: x-x / As-8s-7c-3h
The_Drow: x-x / Ah-2s-Ac-Kh

The_Drow called on sixth street and called one bet on the river. They showed down for the side pot first, with aldenpogi's 8-7-4-3-A playing for low and The_Drow's two pair, aces and deuces playing for high. 7CardRyon could not beat either hand. He goes out in 8th place, earning $5,250.

3:03am--Speaking of final table . . .

Here's a snapshot of the Event #21 final table.

WCOOP Event 21 Final Table.jpg

Click image for full version

Seat 1: sagwise (494,098 in chips)
Seat 2: Andy McLEOD (528,092 in chips)
Seat 3: aldenpogi (249,051 in chips)
Seat 4: Bad Beat Oz (441,692 in chips)
Seat 5: 7CardRyon (107,867 in chips)
Seat 6: CR00K (113,760 in chips)
Seat 7: weaktight (475,965 in chips)
Seat 8: The_Drow (214,475 in chips)

2:59am--BluffYou31 can't shake sagewise

BluffYou31 completed to 12,000, showing Js. sagwise made the call with 4h. BluffYou31 picked up Kc on fourth and bet another 12,000. sagwise, who drew 8h, stuck around for another street. After hitting 9d on fifth, BluffYou31 slowed down a bit, check-calling sagwise's 24,000 bet with a board of 4h-8h-5c. BluffYou31 picked up 6c on sixth and elected to lead out this time. Good news for sagwise, who then raised to 48,000. BluffYou31 decided to put his last chips into the middle, which cost sagwise an extra 3,233. sagwise was ahead with 8s-5s-4h-8h-5c-Jc for two pair (eights and fives). BluffYou31 only had Jd-3d-Js-Kc-9d-6c for a pair of jacks. With the Jc already in sagwise's hand, BluffYou31 needed the case jack or a second pair to survive. He picked up the 2d on the river, ending his tournament in ninth place. BluffYou31 collected $4,331.25 but just missed out on the final table.

2:52am--CR00K stayin' alive

We have a few short stacks in the tournament, but there was no question that with 50,000 chips, CR00K was the shortest. He caught the bring-in for the fourth time in a row with the 5c and completed it himself. A raising war broke out against 7CardRyon, who showed the Ad. CR00K was quickly all in. He started three to a low but managed to catch running kings on the big streets to make a pair of kings and double up when 7CardRyon made only a pair of sevens and no low.

2:43am--Nine players remain at the break

Level 23
Stakes 12,000/24,000 1,200 ante
Average chip count: 291,666
Players remaining: 9
First prize: $47,775

Chip counts:

1. Andy McLEOD 748,892
2. weaktight 502,365
3. sagwise 310,865
4. Bad Beat Oz 294,092
5. The_Drow 222,675
6. 7CardRyon 165,947
7. BluffYou31 148,433
8. aldenpogi 144,651
9. CR00K 86,880

2:36am--Can you hit any more perfect than that?

aldenpogi dropped off the top of the leaderboard, but has been slowly making a climb back. He just picked up back-to-back pots totaling 330,000. In the first hand, he held As-2c-7c-5d-4c-3s-6d for a wheel and a seven-high straight. In the second hand, he held 3s-Ad-4c-2h-4s-6d-5d for a wheel and a six-high straight. aldenpogi now has 338,651 in chips, which is still miles away from Andy McLEOD (548,892 in chips) but well above that of the short-stack in the tournament -- CR00K (100880 in chips).

2:24am--The_Drow strikes again

The_Drow has become quite adept at picking off the short stacks. His latest victim was JCastle, who started the hand with just less than 50,000 chips and ended it with zero. JCastle started with decent cards, 7d-6d-Td but couldn't make the diamonds or the low work, finishing with a pair of tens. The_Drow was able to beat that by catching runnings kings on fourth and fifth street to make a pair of kings. JCastle's run through the field ends in 10th place.

With that elimination, we are once again hand-for-hand. The next player to be eliminated will bubble off the final table.

2:20am--Cabbagehead out of chips, but collects $4,331.25 in cabbage

Cabbagehead was crippled in an earlier hand where his rolled-up jacks failed to improve against CR00K's flush on fifth street. That hand set him back to 19,988 in chips -- just one big bet. He raised and then re-raised to get them all in before third street against chip leaders Andy McLEOD and aldenpogi. Although Andy McLEOD and aldenpogi started to build a side pot with aldenpogi leading the betting the whole way, Andy McLEOD didn't call the river bet, and the 100,000 side pot went to aldenpogi. Now for the main pot, Cabbagehead tabled Kh-Ts-Ks-2c-9d-3d-Td for kings and deuces. Little did Cabbagehead know, but he was drawing dead by fifth street, as aldenpogi's board ran out Qc-Qd-Kc-Kd-Qs-As-8d. Cabbagehead finished in 11th place for $4,331.25.

2:15am--mstrminding hits the deck

mstrminding held on as long as possible, chopping a few all-in pots to stay alive during the course of the last fifteen minutes. But it's hard to make any headway with 17,000 chips. They were all in on third street against The_Drow. The_Drow hit a pair of aces on fifth street; mstrminding never improved off of ace-high. He's out in 12th place, the first player to collect $4,331.25.

2:10am--7-up tastes good to Andy McLEOD

Andy McLEOD is the first player to hit the 500,000-chip mark in Event #21. He reached this milestone after scooping a 143,200-chip pot from aldenpogi, the second largest stack in the tournament. After completing to 8,000 showing the 4c, Andy McLEOD fired again when he hit the 8c on fourth. aldenpogi called showing 5s-Kh. Another round of bet-call ensued when Andy McLEOD picked up the Kd and aldenpogi drew the 2d. aldenpogi took the lead on the boards when sixth street brought him the Ac. He led out for 16,000 and Andy McLEOD made the call with a board of 4c-8c-Kd-Qh. Andy McLEOD called aldenpogi's river bet and showed 7c-4h-7h underneath for two pair, sevens and fours. aldenpogi only had a pair of deuces and a missed low draw. Andy McLEOD surged to 502,015 in chips, which is almost 100,000 more than the player in second place -- still aldenpogi.

1:59am--The curse of the dragon8lady

It was one of those situations where dragon8lady just needed to pick three cards and push the "go" button. The three cards she chose were good ones, 3c-Ac-5c. BluffYou31 tried to take her out with 3d-2s-6d. dragon8lady made a pair of aces when the rest of her board ran out 8s-As-Kh-Qd, but BluffYou31 rivered a diamond flush, 8d-Kd-8c-4d, to knock dragon8lady out in 13th place. dragon8lady was the last player to earn $3,412.50. From here, each of the remaining players is guaranteed at least $4,331.25.

1:51am--emptyseat88 crippled, then eliminated

It may be starting to seem like a broken record, but another short stack has run into a player with a rolled-up hand. emptyseat88 three-bet third street after sagwise completed his own bring-in (2c) and was raised by dragon8lady. sagwise capped the betting, with only emptyseat88 calling with his Ad. Betting was again capped on fourth street, with the last of sagwise's chips going in on fifth street. emptyseat88 showed 8h-As-Ad-4h-Jc, a hand that was no match against sagwise's 2h-2d-2c-Qc-7s. There was hope for emptyseat88 when he drew the 5d on sixth street; any low card that didn't pair him would give him half the pot. Instead he hit the 4s for a meaningless two pair.

That hand left emptyseat88 with just more than 15,000 in chips. He has since been all in three times, finally going out when he couldn't make a low and only had a pair of deuces for high. sagwise made two pair, eights and fives, to send emptyseat88 out of the tournament in 14th place, earning $3,412.50.

1:55am--Aces against kings sends crazy169 home in 15th place

crazy169 was down to his last 9,212 in chips when he decided to push them into the middle after 7CardRyon completed to 8,000. The boards ran out as follows:

7CardRyon: Ad-Tc-Ah-4c-Jh-3h-4h
crazy169: 5d-Kd-Qd-Kh-6s-9c-2h

7CardRyon had 244,247 in chips after the hand, and crazy169 had $3,412.50 for his 15th-place finish.

1:45am--Chad Brown out of the tournament

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown completed to 8,000 before fourth street and kept up the aggression until he got the last of his chips into the middle holding Qc-4h-Qh-2d-5c on fifth street. Brown was heads-up against CR00K, who held 8d-2c-6d-6h-Ac. Brown picked up the 4d on sixth, giving him queens up, but the 6c for CR00K gave him three-of-a-kind. Brown had no low draw going into the river, so he needed a queen or a four to fill up. Unfortunately for Brown, he hit the As while CR00K filled up with a river Ad. Brown exits Event #21 in 16th place for a $3,412.50 cash.

If you want to see more of Chad Brown, check out this interview that he did with us earlier this year.

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown on PokerStars.tv

1:39am--Another break

Level 21
Stakes 8,000/16,000 800 ante
Average chip count: 164,062
Players remaining: 16
First prize: $47,775

Chip counts:

1. weaktight 409,777
2. aldenpogi 335,475
3. Bad Beat Oz 254,246
4. Andy McLEOD 248,815
5. BluffYou31 217,979
6. The_Drow 212,233
7. dragon8lady 177,000
8. emptyseat88 156,336
9. Cabbagehead 132,390
10. sagwise 116,329
11. CR00K 96,385
12. 7CardRyon 82,232
13. mstrminding 81,450
14. Team PokerStars Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown 41,705
15. JCastle 32,246
16. crazy169 30,402

1:30am--sally60 misses everything

We have a 17th-place finisher. sally60 was short on chips with a stack of roughly 25,000. She started 4c-5h-3h and decided to go with it. dragon8lady was the player sally60 had to beat. On sixth street, after all the chips were in, sally60 showed a huge draw: 4c-5h-3h-3s-9h-7s. She was four to a low and held a pair of treys. dragon8lady was ahead for the high with two pair, Qc-8d-As-5s-Qh-8h. sally60 needed to hit her low or a trey in order to have any shot at a part of the pot. She hit the 4d instead, making a useless two pair that was even more useless when dragon8lady's river card was the 8s, making a full house.

sally60 earned $2,625.

With that elimination, we are now down to two tables. aldenpogi and weaktight are at the top of the leaderboard, with 334K in chips each.

1:25am--aldenpogi takes five of six

aldenpogi has been pinballing around the top of the chip counts for a while now, and after taking five of six pots is the outright chip leader. The big hand of the five was a multi-way pot that aldenpogi won without a showdown. On the river, only one of aldenpogi's three opponents that saw fourth street remained in the hand. The boards were:

aldenpogi: x-x / 8s-7h-5c-5s / x
JCastle: x-x / 7c-4s-6s-Jd / x

aldenpogi bet the river, but JCastle couldn't stomach a call. aldenpogi now has about 385,000 in chips.

1:19am--Full house fills up aldenpogi's stack

What's better than starting with three small clubs? Having your hand turn into a full house when your opponent makes a straight without a qualifying low. It resulted in a pot worth 173,400 being shipped to aldenpogi, whose 5c-Ac-7c-Ad-10c-7d-7s was a winner over sagwise, who mucked his hand at showdown displaying a board of x-x / 7h-8d-9c-Js / x.

1:13am--They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway

They also say that scooping 135,000-chip pots with Broadway is a nice way to stay alive in a poker tournament. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown was up against the aggressive chip leader, Andy McLEOD, and caught good when he rivered his gutterball straight draw -- the Ks -- to beat Andy McLEOD's rivered two pair (eights and sevens).

That hand seemed to set Brown on a rush because he scooped the next three hands as well, including a 123,000-chip pot against CR00K. What did Brown have in that hand? The Ks fell on the river AGAIN to give Brown three kings. Suddenly, Brown is up to 255,605 in chips.

1:10am--Play grinds to a halt

Play usually slows down at two points in a tournament -- on the money bubble, and on the final table bubble. With 17 players still left in the tournament, We're at neither point but play has definitely slowed down. Then throw in the split-pot nature of the game, and suddenly it starts to look like a long time before this tournament reaches its conclusion.

12:55am--Kcannon shoots a blank

Kcannon, who started the hand with 25,533 in chips, raised to 10,000 after weaktight completed. weaktight made the call and bet 5,000 after fourth street. After having already committed two-fifths of his stack to the hand, Kcannon continued to raise until he was all in. Kcannon started with 7d-5d-6d-5c against weaktight's 6h-8h-4c-8c and was in need of some help. The Js for Kcannon on fifth wasn't the answer, nor was the Th on sixth. Meanwhile, weaktight picked up Qd-Ac for a low draw to go along with his pair of eights. Kcannon bricked the river with Kd while weaktight picked up 2h. Kcannon was eliminated in 18th place for a $2,625 payday.

12:49am--How about you both buy ME a beer?

A curious hand between The_Drow and emptyseat88 led to some amusing table banter. emptyseat88 completed third street showing the Ad and was called by aldenpogi and The_Drow, who had brought it in with the 2d. On fourth street, The_Drow received the 3d while emptyseat88 was dealt the Kd. emptyseat88 bet, folding aldenpogi, but was raised by The_Drow. He called. Both players caught aces on fifth street (2d-3d-As for The_Drow, Ad-Kd-Ac for emptyseat88). The_Drow bet and shockingly emptyseat88 folded! The_Drow exposed his hole cards, 5c-4d. He had made a wheel. That's when the table talk started.

emptyseat88: wow
emptyseat88: vn
The_Drow: no ***ing way
The_Drow: rigged
emptyseat88: lol
emptyseat88: sorry you didnt have it against somebody else
The_Drow: you owe me for that fold man
The_Drow: you owe me a beer
emptyseat88: why, you spiked a wheel on me
emptyseat88: i was good enough to laydown
emptyseat88: you owe me a beer
The_Drow: lol

Not surprisingly, the two were never able to agree on who was owed what. With play continuing, they let the matter drop.

12:46am--Battle of the shorties results in double elimination

Three of the shortest stacks at table 10 -- CR00K, John $carne and zenatone -- capped the betting after fourth street and continued the raising war after fifth until both zenatone and John $carne were all in. By that point, the hands looked as follows:

zenatone: Ad-Kd-Ac-Qs-9d
CR00K: 7c-7s-7d-3s-5h
John $carne: 5c-6h-4h-Qc-3d

Rolled-up sevens for CR00K were in the lead, but John $carne had an open-ended straight draw and 6-5 low draw. zenatone picked up the Kh on sixth for aces up, CR00K was dealt the 6d, giving him a gutterball straight draw and a 7-6 low draw, and John $carne whiffed with the 9h. On the river, zenatone failed to improve with the 6s, CR00K made his low with the 8s and John $carne bricked again with the Kc. With CR00K's scoop of the 113,102-chip pot, zenatone and John $carne were eliminated in 19th and 20th place, respectively. Each will earn $2,625.

12:42am--The_Drow goes back-to-back

On the very next hand after eliminating Meesy, The_Drow took out Riley1. To the extent that anything can be considered "classic" in seven-card stud hi-lo, it was a "classic" confrontation. The_Drow started with a split pair of sevens against Riley1's three wheel cards. Each player committed to the hand on fourth street, with The_Drow making a well-hidden two pair and Riley1 catching a fourth low card. All of the chips were in the middle on sixth street, but Riley1's low never materialized and he wound up with a mere pair of fours for high. That wasn't enough to stave off elimination. He's out in 21st place, earning $2,625.

12:40am--The_Drow stalks and dispatches Meesy

Meesy started with split jacks and 18,000 chips in his stack. No surprise, then that all of his chips were in the middle of the table by fifth street. With The_Drow showing 3s-4c-7d-7h-4h things didn't look good for Meesy. They got even worse when The_Drow caught perfect running cards to a seven-high straight, 5d-6s. Meesy exits the tournament in 22nd place with $2,625 in prize money.

12:35am--Break down

Level 19
Stakes 5,000/10,000 500 ante
Average chip count: 119,318
Players remaining: 22
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. Andy McLEOD 257,844
2. sagwise 235,479
3. BluffYou31 208,179
4. dragon8lady 195,178
5. Team PokerStars Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown 191,805
6. mstrminding 175,499
7. aldenpogi 165,825
8. JCastle 156,946
9. emptyseat88 156,236
10. The_Drow 141,290

12:31am--Supernova Meesy tries to hang on

Meesy is the last player with Supernova status alive in the tournament. He's currently nursing 12,000 in chips and rocking the shortest remaing stack in the tournament, what we like to call the "Dank position". Supernova status is attained when a player acquires 100,000 VIP Player Points on an annual basis, so we have a feeling that even if Meesy is eliminated from this tournament, he won't be turning off his computer for the night.

12:28am--There is no spoon

1Matrix took his 11,856-chip stack to battle against John $carne and Chad Brown but came up short when all he could muster up was a pair of tens after starting with three to a spade flush. Although 1Matrix was all in before fourth, John $carne and Brown built a tiny side pot when Brown bet 4,000 on fourth and John $carne called. John $carne got out of the way after Brown 8,000 bet on fifth. The hands at fifth were as follows:

ChadBrownPRO: 6s-2h-3d-Ad-2d-5d
1Matrix: 3s-Ts-7s-Qd-4d-Th

Brown was guaranteed half of the pot with a made 6-5 low and had a number of outs to win the high hand. The river 2c gave Brown three-of-a-kind for the scoop and 1Matrix his pink slip for 23rd place. 1Matrix now has $2,625 to add to his bankroll.

12:22am--weaktight puts dent in Brown's stack

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown has had the most chips on table 10 for the longest time, but weaktight is starting to make a move. weaktight started with buried aces that never improved, but his raise on fourth and bets on fifth, sixth and seventh were all called by Brown. weaktight moved to 132,566 in chips after that 75,200-chip pot. Brown now has 181,274, still good enough for fourth place on the leaderboard.

12:14am--tofu fried

The eliminations keep coming. tofu is the 24th-place finisher in tonight's event. He started with the Jh and completed the bring-in after meesy had limped in. sagwise raised to 8,000, a raise that meesy called before tofu three-bet. Everyone called, and with only 20,000 chips behind, it seemed clear that tofu had committed himself to the hand.

The betting was capped three-ways on fourth street, with tofu finally getting all in on fifth street. At that point, the boards were:

tofu: Jh-Kh-2d
sagwise: Js-Kc-Qs
Meesy 5c-Ad-9d

sagwise and Meesy checked sixth street after sagwise caught the 4h and meesy was dealt the 9c. Meesy tried to go for an 8,000-chip river bet, but sagwise called with Kd-Ks-3h in the hole for three of a kind kings, a hand that took down the side pot and the main pot when nobody showed a bigger high hand or had a qualifying low.

Good game, tofu. $2,625 is waiting for you when you open the cashier window.

12:12am--Three tables left

taxmann just exited Event #21 in 25th place, leaving only three tables full of players with hopes of capturing the WCOOP bracelet. Stay with us throughout the remainder of the tournament for updates on the remaining eliminations and the final hand of the winning player.

12:03am--dragon8lady rolled up

Once again, a short stack has committed all of his chips against an opponent who was rolled up. When you consider how infrequently a player starts with three of a kind off the deal, it's kind of amazing. Lystig started Kh-As-8h, and when he caught the Ac on fourth street, it was go time. The problem was that dragon8lady started with the devil's hand, 6s-6c-6h, and improved to sixes full of jacks by the river. When Lystig caught the Tc on fifth street, it was impossible for him to make a qualifying low. He wound up only with a pair of aces and is out of the tournament in 26th place, collecting $1,968.75 along the way.

11:56pm--Nelson eliminated

lee nelson.jpgIt didn't take long for Lee Nelson to commit his final 12,000 chips to a hand. He went to the river in a three-way pot with Andy McLEOD and Cabbagehead, calling all in on sixth street. Nelson started 4d-Td-8d-9d, then picked up a low draw by catching the 6h and the As on fifth and sixth street, but the only thing he could catch on the river was a pair of fours with the 4s. His opponent Cabbagehead started with buried tens, enough to take down the pot and knock out Nelson in 29th place. Nelson earned $1,968.75 in prize money.

11:52pm--River unkind to The Grinder

There comes a time in every short-stacked player's life when you just have to pick a hand and go. The Grinder started the hand with 11,412 in chips and got them all into middle before fourth street. He was heads-up against Riley 1 and already behind. A split pair of fives for The Grinder and a split pair of nines for Riley 1. The Grinder moved ahead when he hit two pair on fourth, catching the 4h to go with his 4s in the hole. The Grinder picked up a low draw and a gutterball straight draw heading into the river when he caught 7h-8d on fifth and sixth. None of those draws materialized on the river when he picked up the Kc. All he needed to do was dodge a second pair or three-of-a-kind from Riley 1 to stay alive. The river was unkind to The Grinder, giving Riley 1 the Qs for queens up. The Grinder was eliminated in 30th place for a $1,968.75 cash.

11:46pm--Nelson squeezed on the river like an overripe grapefruit

Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson was just crippled. After a few recent downswings, he started the hand with 50,000 in chips and called the completion bet of chip leader Andy McLEOD along with Cabbagehead and 7CardRyon. All four players went to sixth street, trading the betting lead along the way. On sixth street, the boards were:

Cabbagehead: Ac-Js-4c-9d
7CardRyon: 2h-Ad-Kh-Jh
Andy McLEOD: 5d-9h-9c-Jd
Nelson: 4s-9s-5s-Kc

7CardRyon was the aggressor, betting 6,000 that was called by Nelson and Cabbagehead. 7CardRyon bet again on the river, a bet that sent Nelson into the tank before he called. Cabbagehead then raised and 7CardRyon three-bet. Everyone called from there, and Nelson was the one left without a chair when the music stopped. 7CardRyon had the high with a heart flush; Cabbagehead had the low when he turned over 5h-3c-6s in the hole.

Nelson has less than 12,000 chips left.

11:43pm--A little like razz

Seven-card stud hi-lo is a bit like razz, in that it's very easy to start with four excellent cards to a low and completely miss everything from there to the river without even backing into a high hand. We could almost feel the frustration through the screen after 7CardRyon lost a recent hand to Lystig:

7CardRyon: 3-4-5-6-x-x-x

11:38pm--Set over set for Chad Brown

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown has just moved into second place on the leaderboard after collecting a 71,100-chip pot. He hit a set of eights on sixth street, which was higher than his opponent's rivered set of sevens. Brown now has 182,574 in chips.

11:26pm--It's that time again

Level 17
Stakes 3,000/6,000 300 ante
Average chip count: 87,500
Players remaining: 30
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. Andy McLEOD 223,244
2. aldenpogi 199,775
3. mstrminding 168,999
4. dragon8lady 135,778
5. zenatone 134,881
6. Team PokerStars Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown 131,424
7. JCastle 121,996
8. Meesy 113,315
9. 7CardRyon 104,744
10. emptyseat88 103,486

Other remaining Team PokerStars Pros:

Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson 102,947 (11th place)

11:25pm--One way to come out ahead in a chopped pot . . .

Put the squeeze on someone. That's exactly what 1Matrix and weaktight did to wedlowjones. wedlowjones was the bring-in with the 2s, and after 1Matrix raised to 2,500, both weaktight and wedlowjones made the call. All three players showed two low cards on fourth street, and each contributed another 2,500 to the pot. On fourth street, however, things got a little crazy. 1Matrix checked, showing Ad-2c-8h, weaktight bet 5,000 for his 5h-3c-Ah and wedlowjones made the call. Now back on 1Matrix, he decided to re-raise to 10,000, bringing a three-bet from weaktight. wedlowjones put in the final raise, this time to 17,233 total, and was all in. 1Matrix bet enough to put weaktight all in after sixth street, and the cards were flipped over.

weaktight: 7s-4d-5h-3c-Ah-Qh
1Matrix: 3h-5c-Ad-2c-8h-8d
wedlowjones: As-6s-2s-7c-Td-6c

All three players were drawing low, but weaktight was best with a made 7-5. 1Matrix had the best hand with a pair of eights. The river cards, Tc for weaktight, 9s for 1Matrix and 3d for wedlowjones changed nothing. wedlowjones was eliminated in 32nd place after the hand.

11:21pm--aldenpogi cruises to second chip position

It seems likely that nobody will catch up to chip leader and WCOOP champion Andy McLEOD for a while, but second place aldenpogi is giving him a run for his money, having just been the second player to pass the 200,000-chip mark. aldenpogi won four pots in a row on third street before taking BluffYou31 all the way to the river. He had started with split tens and improved to two pair, tens and eights, by fifth street. BluffYou31 only had a pair of sevens.

11:07pm--Shaniac not crazy about elimination

It's a bad thing to get your chips in the middle against more than one opponent in stud, since you need a parlay to win. It's even worse when one of those opponents has started rolled up and the other one is three cards to an eight, but that's what happened to shaniac. He was all in with the Ah as his door card and was called in two spots -- by sally60 with rolled up deuces, and by 7CardRyon, who started 6s-8h-3c. 7CardRyon drew into an 8-6 low by the river, and sally60 filled up, deuces fill of kings. Those were both the winners and knocked shaniac out in 41st place.

10:59pm--Perhaps we spoke too soon

akkari.jpgLimit poker can be a cruel game sometimes, with players powerless to stop opponents from drawing. During limit poker tournaments, one bad pot that goes the wrong way can be the difference between a healthy stack and being a few quick cards from going out. That's what happened to Andre Akkari when an 80,000-chip three-way pot went to his opponent aldenpogi. The betting was capped on third street, but by sixth street aldenpogi made a heart flush. The hand went to showdown, where Akkari did not come up with a qualifying low for the other half of the pot.

Akkari went out a few hands later in 44th place when his two pair, nines and sixes, were rivered by aldenpogi's two pair, aces and kings. Akkari earned $1,312.50 for his finish.

10:57pm--I'm pretty sure you don't have trip threes

That must have been what JCastle was thinking when he bet into Cabbagehead on fourth, fifth and sixth streets, and one last time for good measure on the river. That's because both players started with x-x-3-3. JCastle rivered an ace to go with his ace in the hole for aces up and took down the 37,600-chip pot.

10:50pm--We three kings (and two sixes)

Andre Akkari is once again moving up in the world. He started with two kings in the hole and picked up a third king on fourth street. By the time he made it to the river against fivestars555, 26,000 chips were in the middle. fivestars555 bet his x-x / 5d-6d-Td-Tc / x before being raised by Akkari, who had filled up by rivering a six to match a six on his board. fivestars555 called the bet and then mucked, allowing a 42,000-chip pot to be shipped to Akkari.

10:46pm--Chop it up!

You'd think with an eight qualifier required to make a low hand, there wouldn't be many chops in heads-up pots, especially pots that are all in on third street. Yet four times in the last five minutes, we've watched players get all in on third street and wind up being chopped.

10:40pm--Andy McLEOD surging toward another WCOOP bracelet?

Andy McLEOD, winner of Event #16 Pot-Limit Omaha (1R/1A) in this year's WCOOP has just moved to the top of the leaderboard. He took down a 43,400-chip pot when his seven-high straight and 6-5 low were good both ways against stripe999. Will Andy McLEOD be our first double-bracelet winner in the 2008 WCOOP? 51 players are left in the field, so at this point, it's anyone's guess.

10:35pm--Shaniac getting short

The sun is starting to set on shaniac. He played a pot with aldenpogi all the way to the river, calling a raise on fourth street, a bet on fifth street and a raise on sixth street after shaniac led out with Ad-Js-Qd-Jc. aldenpogi showed Th-9h-8c-2s and induced a fold from shaniac with a river bet.

shaniac has about 19,000 chips left.

10:30pm--zenatone scoops one for the chip lead

zenatone completed to 2,000 showing 6s, with weaktight and jwthex making the call. zenatone paired his six and bet 2,000, folding weaktight. jwthex made the call showing 5h-9s. zenatone led out again on fifth with 6s-6d-2h showing, and jwthex called again with 6h-3d-Kc. A 9d for jwthex and an 8c for zenatone led to another round of bet-call. zenatone led out one last time on the river for 4,000, which had jwthex covered. jwthex made the call and tabled 5d-Ad-6h-3d-Kc-9d-9h for a pair of nines and a missed low draw. zenatone had him on the high with 2d-4h 6s-6d-2h-8c-5c for two pair (sixes and deuces) and also made an 8-6 low. With that pot, zenatone took over first place on the leaderboard with 126,111 in chips.

10:20pm--Break time means stats time

Level 15
Stakes 2,000/4,000 200 ante
Average chip count: 44,491
Players remaining: 59
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. Team PokerStars Pro Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson 112,977
2. JCastle 110,019
3. zenatone 105,312
4. Andy McLEOD 99,184
5. 7CardRyon 96,735
6. aldenpogi 96,120
7. Team PokerStars Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown 81,294
8. IWillGeThere 78,408
9. dragon8lady 75,528
10. emptyseat88 73,485

Other Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Andre "aakkari" Akkari 35,531 (33rd place)

10:17pm--Elsewhere around the WCOOP . . .

Live streaming coverage of Event #20 $1,050 No-Limit Hold'em can be found over at PokerStars.tv. Play is now down to the final five players.

10:08pm--Lee Nelson running hot

It's good to be Lee Nelson right now. He won yet another pot, this one for almost 30,000 chips, after starting 5c-4s-2h and going 6d-7h-3c-8c for an eight-high straight and a 6-5 for low. He raised on third and then led every street all the way to the river, collecting bets from ynika at each stop along the way. Nelson has cracked the 100,000-chip mark and is close to the chip lead.

10:05pm--Mercy, mercy me

Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier just took a huge hit to her stack. She was the bring-in for 480, showing 2h and called JCastle's completion bet to 1,600. BenBumper came along for the ride. JCastle bet 1,600 showing Th-Kd and Mercier raised showing 2d-7s. BenBumper got out of the way before JCastle three-bet. Mercier made the call and drew 8c on fifth to JCastle's Qd. This time, both players checked. JCastle bet 3,200 on sixth after being dealt 3s to Mercier's Jd. Mercier made the call again. Check-check on the river, and JCastle scooped with 3c-Tc-Th-Kd-Qd-3s-As. Mercier dropped to 3,286 after the hand.

Four hands later, Mercier was eliminated in 72nd place. She was hit with the bring-in again, showing 2s. BenBumper completed to 1,600, and Mercier raised all-in to 2,646. Both LoaderUp and BenBumper made the call. LoaderUp and BenBumper checked fourth and fifth, but LoaderUp finally bet 3,200 after sixth. At this point, the boards read as follows:

NoMercy: x-x-2s-As-Ac-5c
LoaderUp: x-x-Kh-8d-3c-7h
BenBumper: x-x-5h-3s-3h-Jc

LoaderUp and BenBumper checked the river. LoaderUp hit a full house (sevens full of kings) after starting with split kings and going runner-runner sevens to scoop. Mercier will collect $918.75 for her efforts today.

9:57pm--Are you ready for some football?

Tonight's tournament is taking place at the same time as Monday Night Football in the U.S. The Philadelphia Eagles are playing the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas. Apparently both teams forgot to bring their secondaries to the stadium, as the Eagles lead 27-21 with six minutes to go in the second quarter.

Lee Nelson probably wasn't paying much attention to the game in a recent hand against fivestars555. Nelson started with rolled up threes and caught running jacks on sixth and seventh streets to make threes full of jacks. fivestars555 had no low, allowing Nelson to scoop and move to more than 80,000 in chips.

9:52pm--GG Faraday

Faraday was the unfortunate bubble boy in Event #21. Normal play has now resumed. Although everyone can now sigh a breath of relief at cashing, they all have their sights set on that WCOOP bracelet.

9:45pm--Akkari headed in the wrong direction

Andrew Akkari must have felt pretty confident with aces and sevens when his opponent, donflun, had a board of Qh-Td-8d-Kc. In a tough break for Akkari, donflun had three diamonds in the hole for a flush.

Three hands later, Akkari lost another pot when 7CardRyon showed down a pair of aces for high and 8-7 for low to scoop the pot. Akkari has only 19,000 chips now after having more than 40,000 just ten minutes ago.

9:43pm--A game where eliminations are a little harder

One of the beauties of tournament stud hi-lo (or exquisite tortures, depending on your point of view) is that with two ways to win at least part of the pot, it becomes much more difficult to eliminate a player. That player either has to completely brick up, or his opponent has to hit decent hands for both sides of the pot to take the whole thing down.

9:41pm--Hand-for-hand play now in progress

With only 81 players left in the field, hand-for-hand play is now in progress. The difference between 81st place and 80th place? One player will go home as the bubble boy, and the other will collect $787.50.

9:35pm--Aces hold for Mercier

Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier picked up split aces at just the right time. When she completed to 1,200, JCastle made the call. She continued to bet on each of fourth, fifth and sixth streets, with JCastle calling the whole way. Both players checked the river though, and Mercier's Ac-8d-Ah-3h-Ts-Jd-4d bested JCastle's buried kings (Kh-Ks-2d-4s-9c-Qs-6h). Mercier moved up to 23,806 in chips after scooping that pot.

9:29pm--The Shark doesn't quite get there

Down to 6,935 chips, Humberto Brenes completed the bring-in on third street with the 8d, then called a raise from ynika along with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson. On fourth street, Brenes caught the Tc. ynika bet Th-9s before Nelson raised 8c-2c. Brenes decided to go for broke and put in a three-bet, driving ynika out of the hand.

The rest of Brenes' chips went in on fifth street. He showed Ad-5h-8d-Tc-6s for an 8-6 draw for low with no high. Nelson had 4d-3d-8c-2c-2h for a smooth eight draw with a pair of deuces. By the river, both players made their low draw, but Nelson's 8-6-4 was just slightly better than Brenes' 8-6-5. Brenes showed ace-high for the high half of the pot, which was beaten by Nelson's eights and deuces. Brenes is out of the tournament in 86th place, six places shy of the money.

9:25pm--The Grinder fills up at the tank

The Grinder started this level as our chip leader and just scooped a big pot to extend that lead. The Grinder, BluffYou31 and Faraday all went to fourth street after BluffYou31 completed to 1,200. After each of the players put in another 1,200 after fourth, Faraday dropped out when The Grinder bet 2,400 after fifth. BluffYou31 remained in the hand. At that point, the boards read:

The Grinder: x-x-4d-7h-4c
BluffYou31: x-x-Ah-Jh-8d

BluffYou31 was dealt the 9h on sixth to The Grinder's Th. The Grinder led out for another 2,400, and BluffYou31 made the call. BluffYou31 called again on the river and mucked when The Grinder flipped over 4h-2d-4d-7h-4c-Th-Tc for fours full of tens. The Grinder jumped to 103,035 in chips after the hand.

9:22pm--Akkari comes back from the break with a loss

The players just had a fifteen-minute break, which typically helps to recharge and refocus them. Unfortunately, it won't stop them from being outdrawn. Andre Akkari limped into a post-break pot showing the Qh. On fourth street, he caught the Ac and called a bet from playitsafe, who had 7h-6h. playitsafe continue to draw into an excellent board with the 3d on fifth street, while Akkari caught the 7c. Again playitsafe bet and again Akkari called.

The final up-card, on sixth street, was a Jh for Akkari and another six, the 6d for playitsafe. Akkari gave the matter some thought before calling playitsafe's bet, then quickly called again on the river. playitsafe had a great hand -- 4s-6s-7h-6h-3d-6d-2d -- and took both halves of the pot.

9:12pm--Chip counts at the sixth break

Level 13
Stakes 1,200/2,400 12 ante
Average chip count: 30,523
Players remaining: 86
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. The Grinder 89,955
2. zenatone 70,249
3. tofu 65,495
4. emptyseat88 63,185
5. phinster 63,155
6. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown 61,689
7. Grumpy696 61,426
8. 7CardRyon 54,952
9. JCastle 54,559
10. DORIANXXL 52,775

Remaining Team PokerStars Pros:

Andre "aakkari" Akkari 51,016 (12th)
Lee Nelson 37,870 (29th)
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 16,966 (68th)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 8,255 (80th)

8:52pm--stevejpa scooped out

Eliminations are coming fast for Team PokerStars Pro members. Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose is the latest member to fall out of today's event, having just been eliminated when he got his stack in on 4th street with Ac-6c up against DORIANXXL's 6h-4c.

5th street brought both players a T; on 6th DORIANXXL drew 3d to stevejpa's 2c.

That 2 paired Paul-Ambrose, but it wasn't enough to beat DORIANXXL had caught a deuce on the river as well, and it was just the card he needed to scoop. DORIANXXL eliminated stevejpa with the hi, a deuce to six straight, and the lo (6-5-4-3-2).

Steve Paul-Ambrose finishes today's event in 96th place.

8:49pm--Dipping into double digits

We are now down to 98 players. Only 18 to go until the bubble bursts. Among some notable bustouts we haven't reported were gank in 168th and GambleAB in 135th.

8:42pm--Katja Thater eliminated

Her stack short, Thater had no choice but to get all of her money in from the start, holding 5h-6s in the hole and Ad up. She was called by aldenpogi who himself had Td-6c in the hole with Th up.

Thater would draw a 9s on 4th street and then pair it on the river, it being the only improvement she made. aldenpogi caught another T on 4th and then a 6 on the river to give him the boat that would sail Thater out of today's event.

Thater finished in 104th place.

8:34pm--Khan can't bring rain; out of the event

Team PokerStars Pro Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan got into a raising war with noted online player shaniac and got all of his 5,800 chips into the pot holding 2s-2d-Ad-Kd, but discovered that shaniac held Kc-Kh-Qc-Qs.

The boards bricked off for both players and the kings and queend held. Khan was out in 114th place while shaniac moved up the charts with 24,207 in chips.

8:30pm--NoMercy moving up

She hasn't had a big stack in the tournament, for the most part, but Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier is hanging around and recently won a big pot.

She had several callers and finally got heads-up with Ulett_23 on fifth street when she bet out with Ad-2d-Qc showing. Mercier caught Qs on sixth and on seventh revealed that she had Ac-Th-4s in the hole for two pair, aces and queens. The hand was good and she moved up to 19,856.

8:29pm--Thater gets flushed

What a rough hand for Katja Thater. On 5th street with 6h-7c-Qh showing she raised acschmo who was showing a mighty similar hand - Ad-6s-7d.

On 6th acschmo's flush draw was helped with the Kd but Thater's heart didn't come. Or was she after one at all? Instead she paired up with the 6d and bet out. Acschmo called her to the river where again Thater took the lead and bet.

At showdown she saw that indeed acschmo made that flush, but it wasn't until the 9d floated in on the river. She was ahead until then with her hi hand - two pair, aces and sixes, the aces quietly tucked away in the hole. It wasn't a heart she was after at all, but that pair on the board sure did look nice.

Acschmo took 20,080 with that pot and Thater is now down to under 8,000, putting her on life support.

8:19pm--Khan survives all-in

Team PokerStars Pro Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan had 5,940 chips left when he got them all in the middle with Kc-Ad-2c-Kd against chris.pec and his 3s-8d-4c-3h. Khan was ahead, but not by much.

The board ran out very nicely for him, however, when Khan made kings full of deuces while chris.pec missed his low and ended up with fours and threes. Khan is back up to 12,240.

8:11pm--Brenes back in it

After getting it all-in on 4th street with Kh-6c up against DORIANXXL's 7h-5d and crazy169's Ad-Jh, Brenes caught another K on the river to make two pair with the Aces he had in the hole.

DORIANXXL had 8h-5h in the hole and made a pair of fives for a hi, and crazy169 had 5c-As in the hole, making Aces and sixes when he caught 6h on 5th and then a 6d on 6th street. That was good enough for the side pot for him, giving him 6,400 for the hand, while the bulk of it when to Brenes putting him at 12,905.

8:06pm--Chip counts at the fifth break

Level 11
Stakes 800/1,600 80 ante
Average chip count: 19,021
Players remaining: 138
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. Atila5 49,331
2. Andy McLEOD 46,406
3. BossWoo 45,602
4. IWillGeThere 44,578
5. Cardinal7 41,396
6. blackthorne3 40,709
7. MarySmythe 40,284
8. spencerman3 40,063
9. zkchudy 39,844
10. VojFromMars 38,853

Team PokerStars Pros in top 100:

Chad Brown 32,571 (25th place)
Lee Nelson 31,360 (26th)
Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan 21,527 (49th)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 20,724 (54th)
Katja Thater 19,988 (59th)
Andre "aakkari" Akkari 11,039 (93rd)

8:02pm--Brenes down

Humberto Brenes has been enjoying a large stack for most of today's event but right now is sitting with just under 7,000 in chips thanks to rising stakes and river folds.

Facing a board of 3s-7h-3h from DORIANXXL to his own 7d-9c-7c Brenes very likely was wishing there was a swap option in stud, but alas, finding no such button in the Stars game play and, apparently, no case 7 on the river, Brenes folded when DORIANXXL led out. The 10,260 pot was shipped to him and Brenes was left to look for another hand.

Just two hands later though he found himself in familiar waters when sfbob bet to him with a 8d-Qd-2c-Qc board to Brenes' 3h-Ks-3c-4s. The river not bringing him any way to beat what sfbob had showing, Brenes was again forced to hold and give sfbob the 6,660 pot.

7:52pm--The play is too slow for their tastes

Bustouts have slowed lately, with 142 still left as we approach the next break. There are still 62 players between zero dollars and a guarantee of $787. At Table 43, two players were discussing this slowdown in play:

Eddie901: been ominously quiet lately :_(

stripe999: oh dear

Eddie901: still 145 in

Eddie901: and ante very low

Eddie901: unless you play a hand you can last for ages

stripe999: yes, people are being depressingly disciplined

7:38pm - Welcome to the table Mr. Nelson... we think

Lee Nelson has just been moved to Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose's table and is wasting no time letting everyone know that he's well aware of the best way to chip up in this game.

With 2c-Ad-Jc-8d showing on 6th street Nelson led out to Jin_ with 7c-8c-3s-Th up. Jin_ called the bet and both went to the river where Nelson again led out. At showdown Nelson revealed the 4d-Js he'd had since the start, giving him a pair of jacks for the hi and the 5h he'd caught on the river, giving him 8-5-4-2-A for the lo.

Nelson scooped 9,360 from the pot and set himself up in 17th place on the leaderboard in today's event.

7:25pm--Two for the price of one

Both of the Team PokerStars pros at Table 61 -- Barry "barryg1" Greenstein and Chris "Money800" Moneymaker -- went out on the same hand.

With 1,139, Moneymaker pushed all-in on third street with the 3h up while Greenstein three bet with the 6h. The Grinder capped with the 2c. On fourth, Greenstein got all-in and The Grinder called.

Greenstein bricked off and could manage a pair of fives, while Moneymaker could only muster an 8-7 low. Meanwhile, The Grinder drew an ace through seven rundown, which gave him the nut low and a seven-high straight.

Greenstein and Moneymaker finished 188th and 189th respectively, while The Grinder was up to 25,569 after the hand.

7:20pm - Nelson scoops Thater

With two of the biggest stacks at their table, Lee Nelson and Katja Thater were bound to tangle in a big way.

Thater raised Nelson on 4th street with 2h-4h showing, to Nelson's 5d-8c. On 5th Nelson drew the 2c to Thater's 6c and checked the action to her. She didn't slow down, leading out again and he called. On 6th street Nelson drew a 3c to Thater's 9s. Thater bet out again and Nelson called.

The river brought Nelson his card - the 5c - the one that would make him an eight-high flush and give him the lo (7-5-4-3-2). When Thater bet out, he raised her back immediately. She called and he showed the winning hand and scooped a 11,400 pot.

7:16pm--Can Greenstein mount a comeback?

Since dropping down to a barely breathing 350, Barry "barryg1" Greenstein has won a couple of all-ins with split pots and is now up to 5,922.

How high can he go?

7:12pm--Less than 200 players remain

As the field narrows we have recently lost Team PokerStars pros Gavin Griffin in 276th and Tom McEvoy in 251st, as well as notable Big Riskky in 226th.

7:01pm--Chip counts at the fourth break

Level 9
Blinds 500/1,000 50 ante
Average chip count: 11,314
Players remaining: 232
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. Andy McLEOD 43,898
2. dragon8lady 37,561
3. IWillGeThere 35,058
4. JBchrome420 31,921
5. Feb19 28,817
6. Siren 28,579
7. playitsafe 27,987
8. BluffYou31 26,356
9. The Grinder 26,018
10. ramco 26,000

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan 23,292 (16th place)
Chad Brown 21,659 (22nd)
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 13,959 (61st)
Katja Thater 13,582 (64th)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 12,407 (82nd)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 12,230 (83rd)
Lee Nelson 11,600 (98th)

6:51pm -- Greenstein crippled

His fortunes turned, Team PokerStars Pro Barry "barryg1" Greenstein was down to 4,474 when he three bet for 800 with the Qh showing. Player suncloud then four bet with the 6c up and the two played heads up.

Greenstein check-called the rest of the way as his board became Qh-Ks-3s-2h and suncloud ended up with 6c-4h-9h-5d showing.

On seventh street, suncould showed 7-6-5-4-3 for a straight and low and Greenstein mucked, leaving him with less than 350.

6:38pm--Ramdin removed from the event

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin once had a top ten stack, but he hadn't fared well as the stakes increassed and found himself with only 1,865. He got it all-in with Ac-8s-Ks-Qh showing and ended up with 2s-7c-5h for ace high and a mediocre low. Unfortunately for Ramdin, his opponent Marco Trevix held 6-4-3-2-A low and a pair of aces for high to bounce Ramdin in 266th place. After this hand, Marco Trevix was up to 18,988.

6:36pm - Rolled-up out the door

KidPoker has made his exit, thanks to the rolled-up 3s that he held while phinster was holding on to his own rolled-up 8s. Daniel Negreanu had the bring-in and action folded to phinster who raised it to 400. KidPoker called the raise and on 4th he drew a 5s while phinster took a 3c.

No doubt the Kid would have much preferred that card had come his way, but even without it the two capped the betting on 4th street, and on 5th as KidPoker drew the 2h and phinster drew the 6d. The betting picked up again. This time all of KidPoker's chips would make it to the middle.

On 6th street KidPoker drew the Jh to phinster's 7d, and on the river it was the Ac for the Kid and the Ks for phinster. Neither player managed to draw a full house and the rolled-up 8s took the pot. When KidPoker saw his opponent's hand he typed "lol rolled up too".

Negreanu finished today's event in 297th place.

6:30pm--Make a hand or go home

We're reaching that point in the tournament -- with stakes at 500/1,000 and average stacks still less than 10,000 -- where any hand played until seventh street can be a stack booster or a killer.

With the recent carnage we now have less than 275 players remaining. Recent deaths include Marcin "Goral" Horecki in 354th, PearlJammer in 332nd, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer in 326th, Bill Chen in 301st, Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu in 297th and Dario Minieri in 295th. A report on the Negreanu bustout is forthcoming.

6:11pm - KidPoker hurting

Daniel Negreanu's stack took a big hit when he was beat out for the high in a 7,440 pot. With action three-way on 5th street, KidPoker started the betting with Ac-Tc-3h up. Jakuta called with Qs-Ah-9d showing and pokerboy22 followed with 3s-Ad-6h. On 6th KidPoker drew Qh, Jakuta drew the 4h, and pokerboy22 drew the 5s. pokerboy22 led the betting and all others called. It would be the same on the river. At showdown KidPoker would find out that his high hand - kings and queens - was beat by Jakuta's aces and nines. Pokerboy22 had the low, with A-3-5-6-7.

6:17pm--I'll have a supernova and a straight flush

Well, we know copi is the former and definitely didn't have the latter. He bet out on sixth street showing As-2s-3s-5s. We know he didn't have the straight flush because his opponent, BenBumper, had the 4s showing. Nevertheless, BenBumper could not fade that bet and folded. Copi is now up to 9,265.

If you are watching him play, you may notice the five stars under his name. That means he has reached supernova status and the perks that entails. To find out how you can become a supernova, visit this page on the PokerStars website.

6:08pm - Brenes back

He'd had a large stack for much of the day but recently Humberto Brenes has seen his chip stack dwindle a bit and was playing with just around 5,000 in chips while those around him enjoyed numbers over twice that amount. Fortunately for him he's been able to build his stack back up and is now no longer feeling quite so out of place.

On 4th street, with Ac-Qc up, Brenes led out into 7CardRyon's 2d-Ah and 7CardRyon raised back. The two played back at each other until the betting was capped, then slowed it down on 5th street when Brenes drew a 5c and 7CardRyon a 2s.

On 6th Brenes it was spades for both - the A for Brenes, the T for 7CardRyon. Brenes led out and 7CardRyon called.

The river must not have agreed with 7CardRyon. When Brenes bet out he quickly folded, giving the 5,610 pot to Brenes with no contest.

6:06pm--Plenty of events to go

Eleven, to be exact, after today. For the complete 2008 WCOOP schedule, go to this page.

5:53pm--Chip counts at the third break

Level 7
Stakes 300/600 30 ante
Average chip count: 7,191
Players remaining: 365
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. HolyToledo12 24,571
2. allinsteve 19,769
3. acschmo 18,927
4. marc12 18,415
5. playitsafe 18,345
6. IWillGeThere 17,781
7. BluffYou31 16,934
8. chris.pec 16,448
9. SamENole 16,093
10. GaryBenson 15,982

Other Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Chad Brown 15,252 (14th place)
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein 11,852 (46th)
Andre "aakkari" Akkari 10,198 (71st)
Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan 10,132 (73rd)
Victor Ramdin 9,354 (94th)

5:37pm - Not quite high enough

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso has just been eliminated from today's event.

Action was three-way going into 6th street between herself, ely_cash41, and joinin. The boards were:

Rousso: 4d-6s-2s-Th
ely_cash41: Jd-Td-4c-Ac
joinin: 7d-9c-2d-Jh

ely_cash41 led the betting and Rousso called. joinin bowed out, leaving just Rousso and ely_cash41 to see the river. Once there, ely_cash41 led out and Rousso called for her last 329 chips.

At showdown Rousso revealed a hi hand, two pair, sevens and fours. Good, but ely_cash41 had better with two pair, aces and jacks.

Rousso finishes today's event in 384th place.

5:30pm--Down to 400 players

We haven't quite lost a quarter of the field in the first 165 minutes of play. Among the Team PokerStars pros out are Alex Kravchenko in 496th place, Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes in 494th and John Duthie in 486th.

5:23pm - Rousso gets scooped

Usually players lament being the bring-in, thinking that the entire hand is going to be trash. For EDUARD_II that was not the case when his bring-in turned into a scoop off Vanessa Rousso that pushed him up to the number 32 spot on the leaderboard.

On 5th, with 4d-8d-kh up EDUARD_II checked to his opponent Rousso who bet out with 7s-2d-5s up and got a call from pepi55 with 4s-3h-Th out. On 6th Rousso drew a 4c, pepi55 a Js, and EDUARD_II a 6h. He checked action to Rousso again, where she again bet out. This time pepi55 folded. EDUARD_II decided to see it to the river and called Rousso's bet.

Both checked the river card and at showdown LadyMaverick revealed a pair of fives for a hi, while EDUARD_II had both - another King down below gave him a pair Kings to best her for the hi, while A-4-6-7-8 gave him a qualifying lo as well.

5:20pm--Moneymaker not done

Immediately after moving up to $3,256, Chris Moneymaker was at it again.

Four players, including Moneymaker saw fourth street for four bets. Moneymaker, showing 4h-Ac, opened on fourth and got three callers. He caught the 7c on fifth and bet again, getting one call.

After catching the 3d on sixth, Moneymaker again got called. He bet on seventh once more and was called by scubasam, the last remaining opponent.

Moneymaker showed 5, 4, 3, 2, A for the wheel and scooped the pot. He was up to $7,600 after the hand.

5:17pm--Moneymaker scoops a four-way pot

Unfortunately for the 2003 WSOP Main Event champion, he was all-in on fourth street and only got $3,256 out of the hand.

With four players still in, Chris Moneymaker put the rest of his chips into the pot with the 2h-Jd showing. His board got A LOT better when it came 2s-2d on fifth and sixth streets. Moneymaker managed to scoop without improving his three deuces when there was also no low by his competitiors.

5:07pm--What is seven diamonds? A superflush?

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown and 3boris just split a pot. Brown held a 7, 6, 5, 3, A low while 3boris held these seven cards: 2d-7d-Td-Jd-Kd-8d-4d. Yep, seven diamonds. There ought to be a bonus for that.

Brown is now up to 15,021, putting him in fourth place on the leaderboard.

5:02pm - ElkY out

Having gotten all his chips in on 5th with 8c-5s-Td up against coglione's 6c-Ac-3d and tweeprise's 3c-2h-4s, ElkY no doubt felt a little relief when he drew the Ts on 6th street and paired up. A 7s for coglione, and a Ad for tweeprise - that had to be worry him a little.

Tweeprise led out betting on 6th, and again on the river, almost confirming suspicions of the monster he held beneath. And sure enough, when showdown came he turned 'em over and scooped the pot with his deuce to six straight for the hi and A-2-3-4-5 for the lo.

In admiration, his tablemates commented "farkingnice" while coglione was left only to comment "grotesque".
No comment from ElkY, who was eliminated from today's event in 467th place. Perhaps he is simply off in search of sleep. Or more likely, another game.

5:01pm--A frustrated Moneymaker

Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker is down to less than 2,000 and just missed a hand in a big pot taken down by scubasm with eights full of threes.

"4567" Moneymaker typed into the chat box, "four diamonds"
"blank blank"

4:55pm--Still a few minutes left to register

Don't forget the second event of the day -- $530 O/8 Mixed -- that is a mix of Limit and Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo. There are still a few minutes left to get in this one.

4:54pm - Nothing to it

Vanessa Rousso continues to run good, not needing to scoop pots - she just takes them down on the river without the fuss and muss of going to showdown.

With Ts-7s-Td-Qd on 6th she bet out and got a call from Just *AA* Pair with 5d-8s-9h-Qh up, but once the river cards came Just *AA*Pair must have gotten spooked. He folded to her bet and the 2,265 pot was all for the Lady.

4:46pm--Chip counts at the second break

Level 5
Stakes 150/300 15 ante
Average chip count: 5,303
Players remaining: 495
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. jimenezzzz 15,732
2. Team PS Pro Chad Brown 13,544
3. pokerboy22 12,806
4. villepn 12,258
5. Lystig 12,172
6. niceday27 11,133
7. AtilaS 11,070
8. SamENole 11,035
9. IWillGeThere 10,917
10. Tulkaz 10,411

Other Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Andre "aakkari" Akkari 8,923 (35th place)
Katja Thater 8,573 (45th)
Gavin Griffin 8,242 (55th)
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein 8,004 (64th)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes (82nd)

4:49pm - Help needed

As we head to level 5, ElkY is down to under 2,000 with his stack and will be making an all-in move soon.

Stakes are rising and stud games can get awfully expensive awfully fast. ElkY will be looking for a hand he can scoop with and hoping he can catch.

4:24pm--Greenstein versus Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker raised with the 3d showing and Barry Greenstein re-raised with the 2s up. The field was narrowed to those two and Money800 caught the 3c on fourth and led out. Greenstein called after catching the 4c on fourth.

On fifth, Moneymaker caught the As and check called Greenstein after he got the 6h, It went check call on sixth after Moneymaker caught the Js and Greenstein drew the 7d.

On seventh, Moneymaker yet again check called Greenstein, whose board was 2s-4c-6h-7d. He held a monster underneath -- an eight high straight and 6-5 low to scoop the pot.

"started with 2 pair" Moneymaker typed into the chat box. "ouch"

"I seem to get lucky against Chris a lot" Greenstein typed.

"lets quit that" Moneymaker responded.

After this hand, Greenstein was up to 7,334 while Moneymaker fell to 4,807.

4:14pm - Same thing we do every night Pinky...

After battling it out for hours in heads-up play in search of a $560,000 payout and WCOOP bracelet, coming soooo close to it and then sadly, coming up short, what would you do the next day?
Play another tournament, right?

That's the answer for TeamPokerStars Pro Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier, who you may recall took 2nd place in yesterday's $25k Heads-Up Championship event. He's back in the thick of things today seated at table 4 with a 3,500 stack.

Also at his table is Jon "PearlJammer" Turner. The two recently split the pot when ElkY held A-2-3-6-7 for the lo and Turner had two pair, Aces and Tens, for the hi.

4:06pm--Brown cracks five figures

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown has moved up to 10,539 after winning a nearly 2,000 pot against shortcar after making a pair of kings on seventh street after already having a 7-6 low on sixth.

He is now third on the leaderboard.

4:03pm--Greenstein trips his tens

In a sizable three-way pot with CRossiter and Chris Moneymaker, Barry Greenstein won the pot on seventh street when he hit a third ten to match the two he held in the hole.

After the hand, he is up to $7,219.

3:59pm - Scooooopppp!

How quickly the comeback begins.

Daniel Negreanu just scooped a 4,940 pot from his table in a hand that eliminated bigjoe2003 from today's tournament.

Showing 2s-7h-4c KidPoker bet out, only to get raised by bigjoe2003 who was showing 8d-5d-8h. Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso called, with 2d-6s-Th up. On her left the KidPoker raised back. Undaunted, bigjoe2003 raised again, capping the betting. Trapped in the middle, LadyMaverick called.

On 6th, a repeat. 6h for bigjoe2003, 3d for the Lady, and 3h for KidPoker. Once again bigjoe2003 caps the betting and the pot swells.

As the river cards come, bigjoe2003 leads out and LadyMaverick calls. KidPoker raises and bigjoe2003 calls for his last 60 chips. KidPoker shows his scoop - 5h-As-2s-7h-4c-3h-9s - a straight for the hi and the lo A,2,3,4,5 and scoops up the chips that put him right back in the thick of today's action.

3:59pm--Ducks on the pond

Victor Ramdin bet out showing 7s-2h-2s-2c on sixth street and, not surprisingly, took down the pot.

He is now up to 9,025.

3:45pm - KidPoker feeling the pressure

Pepi55 just took a big pot from KidPoker and has put the Kid on the ropes. Negreanu's stack is now down to just under 2,000, making him the short stack at table 12.

Both Negreanu and Rousso were in the hand, but Rousso bowed out on 5th street after pepi55 raised with 5h-Kh-9h up to her Kd-Jc-7s. Negreanu remained in with 2s-5c-5d, along with Jakuta who was showing Ad-2d-2h. On 6th pepi55 paired, catching the 5s while KidPoker got the 6s and it was an 8d for Jakuta who raised pepi55's bet. KidPoker called and all checked the river card.

At showdown KidPoker had two pair, sixes and fives for the high, but pepi55 indeed had a heart flush, King high, grabbing a 3,905 pot from the Kid.

3:42pm--Debating the dangers of poker playing

Team PokerStars pros Barry "barryg1" Greenstein and Chris "Money800" Moneymaker now share the same table and they have been debating the dangers of poker with a railbird. Here's part of that conversation:

barryg1: i think we all try to warn teenageers that they should be putting their energy into other things

Money800: i dont wish my lifestyle on other people- i do think adults have a right to choose though

scubasam: so why doesnt television put warning labels on their programming

barryg1: why don't they put a warning about the dangers of watching too much television!

scubasam: just have known too many people who have lost everything cause of poker including suicides

Money800: its unfortunate but it happens in other ways of life also

barryg1: i know a lot of people who did the same from their business losses; the economy can be tough on people

scubasam: but have lost dear people

xHakeem [observer]: yeah they shoul put an "dont try this at home" before an high stakes tv show

3:32pm--Chip counts at the first break

Level 3
Stakes 75/150 Ante 10
Average chip count: 5,000
Players remaining: 525
First prize: $47,775

Top ten players:

1. midinf 8,695
2. Team PS Pro Chad Brown 8,661
3. bsregs 8,568
4. schmbj 8,535
5. VietCutie 8,439
6. N00000ooooo 7,678
7. ps244 7,623
8. Andy McLEOD 7,431
9. Team PS Pro Victor Ramdin 7,350
10. chucknibbly 7,346

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Gavin Griffin 6,937 (27th place)
John Duthie 6,772 (33rd)
Alex Kravchenko 5,855 (95th)

3:23pm--Ramdin wins nice one uncontested

With several players still in the pot, Ramdin raised a bet by LuckyGump to 200 on fifth street showing Kd-Js-10s while LuckyGump showed 2d-Kh-6c.

On sixth, LuckyGump caught a 5c while Ramdin got the 6s. LuckyGump check-called. On seventh LuckyGump check folded and Ramdin was up to $6,265.

3:07pm - So a Kid and a Lady are sitting at a table...

Stop us if you've heard this one before.

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso has just been moved to Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu's table in today's event, seated on his right.

As we've grown accustomed to seeing when our Team PokerStars Pros are reunited at WCOOP tables, the two greeted each other warmly and then established in which country the other was in and which events the other had recently played and were planning on playing next.

The fans told KidPoker he should congratulate Rousso on her 5th place finish in last night's $25,000 HU championship, to which Negreanu replied "wins you congrats, anything but are condolenses". Rousso stated she agreed, prompting a "so condolenses :-)" from KidPoker.

While things have certainly perked up at table 12 (a Lady's presence can often have that effect) earlier Negreanu had stated to the rail that he was happy to chat but usually could only do so for as long at it lasted until things got crazy. From his most recent comment, the Kid may be focusing more on his cards coming up.

KidPoker: round 2: chat officially gone silly

3:05pm--Chad Brown is hot

Great start so far for the Team PokerStars pro. In the early going Chad Brown is the chipleader with around 7,000.

3:00pm--Final numbers are in

Registration is closed and we have 525 players today, which creates a $262,500 prize pool, easily eclipsing the $200,000 guarantee.

The winner will receive $47,775 and 80th will get $787.50.

2:56pm--Greenstein active

Team PokerStars Pro Barry "barryg1" Greenstein has been active early, entering most of the pots at Table 61. So far he has moved up to about $5,600.

2:48pm--LadyMaverick makes tough call

Holding only two fives with an ace, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso called a bet by grinditout on seventh street and was happy to discover the fives were good.

grinditout held two fives with a queen. Neither had a low and Rousso scooped to move up to $5,900 while grindiout slipped to $3,820.

2:47 - Paging KidPoker

These grueling days of poker may be getting to Daniel Negreanu.

Normally a chatty one at his tables, so far he's been silent, much to the disappointment of his fans that have dropped by the rail. Some of them have even gone so far as to try and bribe the pro in order to get him to perk up a bit.

L3inad [observer]: ill transfer you $5 to your account if you say hello

So far no response from KidPoker. But as we've seen before from Negreanu; with this being the first WCOOP tournament of the day, it's possible he's sleepwalking again and just missed the message.

2:36pm - Star-"Stud-ed"

Playing with us today from Team PokerStars Pro are Andre "aakari" Akkari, Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes, Victor Ramdin, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier, Chris "Money800" Moneymaker, Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu, Katja Thater, Humberto Brenes, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer, Bill Chen, Dario Minieri, Barry Greenstein, John Duthie, Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso, Lee Nelson, Tom McEvoy, Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, and Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose.

2:30pm--The event begins

We're starting today with 479 players and registration will remain open until 3 EST.

WCOOP Event 21 Stud Hi-Lo begins at 2:30pm ET

The 21st event of the 2008 WCOOP begins at 2:30pm with a $200,000 guarantee. Join us here for all the action when it begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP