WCOOP Event #22 Omaha-8 Mixed live blog

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7:36am--BUCKIZ6 dominant in victory; jamie2000 finishes second

BUCKIZ6 never trailed at the final table or in heads-up play. He was always in control on his way to a $55,800.00 victory.

jamie2000 finished second and collected $41,850.00.

There was a point in heads-up play where jamie2000 had only about 500,000 chips. Slowly but surely though, jamie2000 battled back to over one million. He had 1,240,504 heading into the tournament's very last hand.

With the blinds at 6,250/12,500 in Pot-Limit Omaha, BUCKIZ6 raised to 37,500. jamie2000 pushed it to 112,500, and BUCKIZ6 called. The flop came 8c-Kh-5h, and jamie2000 bet 250K before BUCKIZ6 pushed it to 900K. The 9h came on the turn, and BUCKIZ6 pushed the rest of the chips into the middle. jamie2000 paused a few seconds before getting his final 228,004 in.

The 8s on the river was the tournament's last card. jamie2000 showed Ah-2c-Js-5d for two pair - eights and fives. BUCKIZ6 had Kd-Kc-2s-3c for a full house, kings over eights. Neither player had a low and BUCKIZ6 had all the chips and a victory.

7:33am--No end in sight

BUCKIZ6 has been keeping his lead over jamie2000 during the heads-up match, but the underdog is far from giving in or giving up. The two have not uttered a word about a possible deal, and neither seems to be looking to end this with any sort of expediency.

It could be awhile...

7:18am--Short break for heads-up players

Level 53
Blinds: 25,000/50,000
Average chip count: 1,550,000
Players remaining: 2
First prize: $55,800
Second prize: $41,850

Chip counts:

BUCKIZ6 2,346,996
jamie2000 753,004

7:14am--Final players are heads-up!

With the elimination of PieOhMy in third place, the two finalists have begun heads-up play. Their chip counts are as follows:

BUCKIZ6 1,876,996
jamie2000 1,223,004

7:13am--PieOhMy out in 3rd place

Down goes PieOhMy. And Tony Soprano wasn't even involved in his demise.

PieOhMy went out in third place after methodically being chipped away at by his two opponents. His final hand started with just 172,388 chips holding Ah-2s-5s-Qs. Playing pot-limit Omaha, the pre-flop action was intense. BUCKIZ6 first raised with 5K/10K blinds to 30K, PieOhMy reraised to 100K, and BUCKIZ6 pushed PieOhMy all-in for the final 72,388. The board came out Kd-5c-3h-9d-Kc and BUCKIZ6 flipped over 6s-6d-8d-7c. BUCKIZ6 had two pair - kings and sixes. PieOhMy had two pair - kings and fives with no low.

PieOhMy still earned $31,000 for an admirable fight to third place.

7:08am--BUCKIZ6 beefing up

PieOhMy and jamie2000 had closed the gap, but BUCKIZ6 is once again separating himself. He's also not discriminating.

BUCKIZ6 just won a big hand off jamie2000 before going after PieOhMy. Both jamie2000 and PieOhMy mucked their hands. On his win over PieOhMy, BUCKIZ6 had two pair and eight low. In his win over jamie2000, BUCKIZ6 got his opponent to fold on the river.

6:59am--Limit to the madness

The three remaining players are involved in Limit Omaha H/L action right now with antes at 20K/40K. With all three players having fairly healthy stacks, the limit action is somewhat subdued. The pots don't quite build as quickly as pot limit, where they exchange chips much more rapidly.

Soon enough, however, the chips will get into the middle, whether it is in limit or pot limit.

6:55am--Speaking of mixed games...

Remember five days ago? Event #12 took place right here amidst the WCOOP series. The only similarity to this tournament tonight is that it was a mixed game. Well, mixed hold'em, but it's really too late of an hour to be picky.

However, this is a great example of the WCOOP Highlights that are available for numerous tournaments during the 2008 WCOOP. The final table is examined with in-depth analysis... Take a look, won't you?

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 12 - $320 Mixed Hold'em on PokerStars.tv

6:44am--Deal isn't in the works

As the final three players battled for the remaining money, there was nary a discussion of a deal. Not a single, solitary word. It appears as if BUCKIZ6, PieOhMy and jamie 2000 are intent on letting this one play out in its entirety.

6:40am--PieOhMy not ready to settle for third

PieOhMy was critically low on chips at the start of three-handed play, but with some well-timed all-in moves after flops against BUCKIZ6, PieOhMy was able to take the pots uncontested to climb above the 300,000 mark.

And several hands later, a huge pot was shipped to PieOhMy. PieOhMy tried to see a cheap flop, but when jamie2000 raised it to 24,000, PieOhMy called. After seeing the 3c-2d-Jh flop, jamie2000 bet, and PieOhMy check-called. After the tuen of 9s, jamie2000 bet 144,000, and PieOhMy check-raised all-in for the last 348,145 in his stack. jamie2000 called with 4s-6d-9c-As, and PieOhMy showed 8c-7c-Qd-Jc. The river was a 2h, and PieOhMy doubled up with the higher two pair to scoop the pot.

PieOhMy is creeping up quickly on second place jamie2000.

6:35am--lovesimi finishes in 4th place

After 14 hours of play, lovesimi finally exited. lovesimi claimed fourth place and the $21,700 for the effort.

In the final hand, jamie2000 won a three-way pot with two pair - nines and tens - to make it a three-handed game. lovesimi mucked his hand as none of the players had a low hand with the board showing 9s-Jc-Th-8c-As. lovesimi was crippled several hand earlier by chipleader BUCKIZ6, so this was the final move on the part of lovesimi.

6:25am--Disconnecting can't stop the leader

With such huge money jumps in the final few spots of all WCOOP events, you couldn't pick a worse time to get disconnected than late in the tournament. Luckily for leader BUCKIZ6, he had plenty of chips and leeway.

So when BUCKIZ6 was disconnected with just four players left, he received an inordinate amount of time to return, though the clock was stopped during that time. BUCKIZ6 came back without missing a move. When he returned, he called jamie2000's pre-flop bet, raised again after the flop and eventually won the 192K pot.

Nothing can stop BUCKIZ6 right now.

6:18am--iamaction sees no more action, out in 5th place

After the elimination of Londolozi, it seemed that iamaction was more willing to move with the short stack, or it could have been a case of finally seeing a playable hand. Regardless, it happened.

iamaction raised to 32,000, and BUCKIZ6 called to see the flop of 9h-5h-4h. iamaction pushed all-in with Js-2s-3h-Ad, and BUCKIZ6 check-called with 5d-Jd-Qc-4d. The turn and river were Kc and Qd, and BUCKIZ6 took the hi with two pair. With no lo qualifying hand, all of the chips went to chip leader BUCKIZ6.

iamaction went to the rail in 5th place with $15,500.

6:16am--Londolozi finally exited in 6th place

Londolozi's match act couldn't last forever. Wouldn't last forever. And isn't it fitting that BUCKIZ6 took Londolozi out in sixth place.

BUCKIZ6 hit a full house with aces and kings to win a pot that also involved PieOhMy and was worth 295,234 chips. Londolozi mucked and left with $9,300.00.

6:10am--BUCKIZ6's big edge

Just how big is BUCKIZ6's lead coming back from the break? Well, BUCKIZ6's 1,400,810 chips are almost half the chips available.

To be precise, BUCKIZ6 has 45 percent of the chips. That's quite a significant advantage over any of the other final table competitors. Second place jamie2000's 757,600 is just 24 percent of the total chips.
If anyone wants to track down BUCKIZ6, they have a lot of work to do.

5:58am--Final table players get 15-minute break

Level 49
Blinds: 16,000/32,000
Average chip count: 516,666
Players remaining: 6
First prize: $55,800

Remaining player chip counts:

BUCKIZ6 1,400,810
jamie2000 757,600
PieOhMy 539,003
lovesimi 227,296
iamaction 100,833
Londolozi 74,458

5:52am--Londolozi saved by river

Londolozi continues to live on the edge. This time, he was able to avoid elimination with a four on the river. Londolozi had nothing but a pair of fours, while jamie 2000 had a pair of fives, until the river produced another four. Two hands later, Londolozi avoided elimination once more by splitting a pot and winning the low. Truly a magic act in process.

5:50am--Final table payouts

After a long night of Omaha hi/lo, our six finalists will be competing for the following payouts:

6th place: $9,300
5th place: $15,500
4th place: $21,700
3rd place: $31,000
2nd place: $41,850
1st place: $55,800

5:42am--Londolozi dodging elimination

Londolozi entered the final table as the short stack and needed to make some moves. And making moves is actually what occurred in the first few hands.

Twice in the first ten hands, Londolozi was all-in and twice was able to survive. Still, because of another hand where he lost half his chips, Londolozi is basically back around the 65K mark, right where he started.

5:37am--We have our final table!

The six remaining players have been seated at the final table to play for the win.

PS Screen Shot 1.jpg

The starting chip counts for the final six were as follows:

Seat 1: Iamaction 312,333
Seat 2: jamie2000 640,200
Seat 3: Londolozi 69,872
Seat 4: BuckIZ6 1,169,060
Seat 5: lovesimi 106,632
Seat 6: PieOhMy 804,903

5:36am--degrippes is our final table bubble player, finished in 7th place

It was almost inevitable that one of the shorter stacks would be busted out of the tournament at the hands of BUCKIZ6 with his deep stacks of over 1.2 million.

desgrippes began the limit Omaha hand by raising, and iamaction called. BUCKIZ6 reraised the pot, and both players called to see the flop come 4s-3h-6c. BUCKIZ6 was first to act and bet 12,000, and degrippes came over the top to raise all-in for his last 23,815. iamaction called. The turn came 5h, which prompted a bet from BUCKIZ6 and call from iamaction. On the 4d river, however, it was iamaction who bet and BUCKIZ6 who check-called. iamaction showed Ah-2h-6s-4c, BUCKIZ6 had 2d-Ac-Kd-Js, and desgrippes simply mucked on his way out.

desgrippes bubbled the final table but took home $6,324 for the 7th place finish.

5:27am--And we wait...

Twenty minutes into hand-for-hand play, we still do not have the name of our seventh place finisher. We do know that desgrippes is the short stack with barely more than 100,000, and not too far behind at the bottom of the board is Londolozi, lovesimi and iamaction.

5:07am--Hand-for-hand play ensues

With the eighth place elimination, hand-for-hand play began. The money jump from seventh place to sixth is a significant one, not to mention that the elimination of the next player will set up the coveted final table.

There are some dramatically short stacks left in the small field with well-below-average chips to survive for long. With hand-for-hand play, there might be some pressure to act now.

5:06am--jonspencer finishes in 8th place

jonspencer was the latest severe shortstack to get knocked out. jonspencer was sent to the rail in eighth place with $6,324.00.

jonspencer had only 46,689 when he called a raise to 20K in limit action. The flop came 6s-Ts-4d, and PieOhMy bet 10K, jonspencer raised to 20K, and PieOhMy pushed him all-in for his final 6,689. jonspencer's Jc-8d-5s-Qh wasn't good enough with the turn coming 9h and river 2c. PieOhMy had six low and a pair of sixes, good enough to win the entire 93,378 pot and eliminate jonspencer in eighth place.

4:53am--Eight players enter Level 45

Level 45
Blinds: 10,000/20,000
Average chip count: 387,500
Players remaining: 8
First prize: $55,800

Remaining player chip counts:

BUCKIZ6 1,023,714
PieOhMy 614,900
jonspencer 319,189
Londolozi 307,436
jamie2000 273,450
desgrippes 261,415
lovesimi 239,932
iamaction 59,964

4:51--The nuts send geirto to 9th place

geirto thought he had a good hand. A set of fives is a pretty good hand after the flop. But when jamie2000 hit the nuts on the turn, geirto's tournament abruptly ended with a ninth place finish and $6,324.00 payout.

Geirto was holding Ad-5d-5c-2. That prompted a pre-flop raise to 11K, which was called by jonspencer and jamie2000. The flop came 9c-2h-5s and geirto pushed all-in for his remaining 67,628. jamie2000 called with 8s-Ah-7d-4s and hit the straight and five low with the 3h on the turn. The As on the river was meaningless.

Just like that, the tournament was down to eight.

4:45am--BUCKIZ6 is a millionaire

BUCKIZ6 is in his own stratosphere right now holding a comfortable lead over the rest of the pack with over one million chips. The second-place player, PieOhMy, just reached 600K. Nobody else is even at 400K.

It's safe to say that BUCKIZ6 can go to sleep now, wake up in an hour and still be in good shape. Of course, we don't recommend that philosophy.

4:40am--Mr_win finished 11th, BigRiskky 10th

The bustouts came fast and furious as the tournament was whittled down to two tables. Two of the quick short stack eliminations were Mr_win and BigRiskky, who finished 11th and 10th respectively.

Mr_win was eliminated when jonspencer hit a king on the river. Mr_win had Qd-Qh-Ah-6s on a board of 2d-5h-6d-4s. The Ks gave jonspencer a pair of kings, in addition to his already made five low. The pot was only worth 49,930.

So with Mr_win gone, the next shortstack to go in a matter of moments was BigRiskky. With a measly 27,484 left while the blinds were 8K/16K, BigRiskky got it all-in with 8h-Ac-2c-Th. Iamaction had As-Jh-7c-Tc. The board came 9h-4c-Kc-Jd-8s and iamaction won with a straight to the jack.

Mr_win and BigRiskky each won $4,030.00.

4:28am--Cordelia takes 12th place

Cordelia had been working a short stack for a long time, but finally was knocked out by ... no surprise, BUCKIZ6.

BUCKIZ6 had Tc-Ts-Kh-Kc vs. Cordelia's 4s-4d-6h-As. Cordelia's only chance to win the 118K pot was basically to hit a low, which never happened. Instead, Cordelia went out and collected the $4,030.00 prize for 12th place.

4:28am--Final two tables

When thegrizz1111 hit the rail moments ago, the final twelve players were seated at the final two tables. Each player is now guaranteed a minimum payout of $4,030 for a 10th through 12th place finish.

4:27am--thegrizz1111 eliminated in 13th place

With only 26,789, thegrizz1111 tried to limp into a pot cheaply, but when geirto raised to 16,000, Londolozi and thegrizz1111 called. The flop came As-7s-5d, which brought a check from geirto, bet from Londolozi, call from thegrizz1111, and fold from geirto. The turn was a 2c, and Londolozi led out with a bet of 16,000. thegrizz1111 called all-in, and the river brought a Qh. thrgrizz1111 had Ac-7h-Kd-4c for top pair and a low, but Londolozi showed 5h-3s-4s-6c for a straight and the 5-4-3-2-A low.

thegrizz1111 was ousted in unlucky 13th place with a $2,790.00 payout.

Victor Ramdin.jpg4:18am--Ramdin's stunning 14th place elimination

Victor Ramdin had 337,457 chips and was in good shape near the top of the leaderboard. After the next hand, he was out of the tournament with a 14th place finish.

Ramdin, the final Team PokerStars Pro in the field, ran into BUCKIZ6. The hand started with the blind at 1,500/3,000 and Ramdin raising to 9K pre-flop with Ad-Qh-5h-4c. Cordelia and BUCKIZ6 called.

The flop came 8h-Js-7d, and all three players checked. The turn came 9s, and Cordelia bet 28,500. Ramdin raised to 57K, and BUCKIZ6 pushed it to 228K. Cordelia folded and Ramdin called.

The river was the 9s and BUCKIZ6 pushed Ramdin all-in for his remaining 100,457. BUCKIZ6 had Ac-9c-3s-2s. He hit two pair on the river and had eight low, good to hog the entire pot and eliminate Ramdin and his pair of aces.

Ramdin was forced to settle for the $2,790.00 payout for his 14th place finish.

4:11am--Cordelia stays alive

With little more than 50,000 in chips, Cordelia needed a hand and found it with Ks-Ac-Tc-Ts. Cordelia made the initial raise, and when BigRiskky reraised, Cordelia reraised all-in. BigRiskky called with As-3d-Qd-2d, and the board produced 9c-Td-9h-Jc-Qh to give Cordelia the full house. With no qualifying lo, the 104,758 pot went to Cordelia.

3:55am--a_zuzolo finishes in 15th place

a_zuzolo couldn't overcome a short stack and finished in 15th place. With just 18,404 to start the final hand of his tournament, a_zuzolo got almost all of his chips in pre-flop against PieOhMy and jonspencer. All a_zuzolo's hand of 2s-Tc-8s-Kc could produce was eight low, which wasn't good enough to beat jonspencer's six low.

a_zuzolo pocketed $2,790.00 for the performance.

3:53am--Big Riskky's chips belong to BUCKIZ6

BUCKIZ6 won a 150K pot from Big Riskky when he hit his flush on the river. BUCKIZ6 is now sitting with 344,586 chips, thanks in large part to that crucial hand.

BUCKIZ6 had Ts-Js-2s-3d and Big Riskky Ah-Jd-4s-8c. The flop came Ks-Qs-Th and the big money (55,255) went in after the 8d turn as Big Riskky had a straight to the ace and BUCKIZ6 a straight flush draw. The 8s river gave BUCKIZ6 the entire pot and vaulted him near the top of the leaderboard.

3:48am--A short break before Level 41

Level 41
Blinds: 6,000/12,000
Average chip count: 206,666
Players remaining: 15
First prize: $55,800

Remaining player chip counts:

PieOhMy 484,900
BUCKIZ6 344,586
Team PokerStars Pro VictorRamdin 334,457
lovesimi 317,858
jonspencer 278,569
jamie2000 230,428
desgrippes 177,807
Cordelia 170,879
Londolozi 167,647
Mr_win 159,310
BigRiskky 112,850
iamaction 111,120
thegrizz1111 89,353
a_zuzolo 67,704
geirto 52,532

3:38am--Mums the word

Earlier in this tournament, there was a lot of chat taking place. As we've gone along here, however, everyone has become a mute. Maybe it's because it's starting to get late (or early in certain countries). Maybe it's because there is a lot of money on the line.

Whatever the reason, it's all business, no talk at the tables.

3:33am--PieOhMy's big lead

PieOhMyisn't just in the lead right now. He's well ahead of the second and third-place competitors, Victor Ramdin and jonspencer, respectively.

PieOhMy has 536K in chips, almost 200,000 more than Ramdin, who just inched slightly ahead of jonspencer. Nobody else is even above 200K. Tony Soprano would definitely be happy with PieOhMy's effort so far.

3:29am--mddgfc eliminated in 16th place

As a severe short-stack with only 14,006, mddgfc didn't have much of a choice but to move it. mddgfc came out raising in first position, and jonspencer called from the small blind, as did a_zuzolo from the big blind. The flop came down 3h-Th-4c, and after an initial bet from a_zuzolo, mddgfc called all-in, and jonspencer went along for the ride. The two other players checked the Tc turn and Ts river.

jonspencer showed 2s-3c-9c-9h for the full house, and since no one had a qualifying lo hand, jonspencer scooped the pot. This left mddgfc to muck and leave in 16th place with $2,790.

3:22am--mildred53 finishes 17th

Chipleader PieOhMy powered Mildred53 out of the tournament with a straight. Extremely short with 20,156 chips, Mildred53 was forced to get it all-in pre-flop with Ad-Jd-8c-5s. PieOhMy had no trouble playing with Js-9s-As-Jc.

The board came 10c-Ah-Qs-10s-8d, giving PieOhMy a straight to the queen. There was no low and Mildred53 was out with a 17th-place finish and $2,790.00 reward.

3:10am--grindnitout done grindin' in 18th place

grindnitout lost his final 88,189 chips and finished in 18th place. The final hand of grindnitout's tournament came when he was holding Ah-4c-6s-5h, a good-looking low hand. But the board didn't cooperate. When the As-Jh-4d came on the flop, grindnitout all of a sudden had a high hand. Then came the Ks and 5d, which filled out geirto's straight. Geirto was holding the 2h-7c-3c-3h.

grindnitout earned $2,790 for the long run in the tournament.

3:06am--Down to three tables and counting...

With the elimination of player 1016 in 19th place, the remaining 18 players have been seated together at the final three tables of the tournament.

Players finishing in 13th through 18th place will receive $2,790.

As a side note, BigRiskky was reseated a moment ago and ended up just to the left of Victor Ramdin. Could be some late-night fireworks?

3:02am--Ramdin captures big pot

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin just took a huge bite out of desgrippes' chip stack when he was holding Kc-Ks-Ah-5d. The board came Kh-9d-4h-9s-4h and Ramdin claimed all of the 231K pot.
desgrippes mucked and is now under 100K.

Ramdin is now second overall with 348,000 in chips.

2:47am--Watch out for PLO specialist desgrippes

Turns out it's not a surprise to see desgrippes near the top of the Omaha leaderboard. The Dutch player already cashed in a PLO event this year, finishing 159th in WCOOP Event #11. The current third-place player also finished 93rd in a PLO WCOOP event last year.

But desgrippes isn't just limited to PLO. He also cashed in this year's NLHE Event #6.

2:43am--BigRiskky climbs into top five

Within only a few minutes of returning from the most recent 5-minute break, BigRiskky played his typically aggressive game to accumulate even more chips. He collected a 50,000 pot from onadraw2 with Th-9d-2d-6c-9s showing on the board. Though onadraw2 called BigRiskky's bets all the way to the river, the player finally folded to the last bet after the river. With that hand, BigRiskky climbed all the way into the top five on the leaderboard.

And in the time it took the time to write this post, his stack has increased to 244,622, putting him in third place.

2:37am--Forging ahead to Level 37

Level 37
Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Average chip count: 140,909
Players remaining: 22
First prize: $55,800

Top ten chip counts:

PieOhMy 382,979
Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin 233,983
desgrippes 233,807
jonspencer 232,813
Cordelia 199,803
BigRiskky 186,308
lovesimi 158,183
grindnitout 157,993
BUCKIZ6 140,106
thegrizz1111 138,174

2:25am--Breaking up the big boys

That table with the three chipleaders -- gone! Broken up.

PieOhMy, desgrippes and Cordelia have all been shifted to different tables. desgrippes just so happens to be two seats to the right of the man who has moved into third place -- Victor Ramdin. Yes, that is the same Victor Ramdin who is the only remaining Team PokerStars pro.

2:17am--Table of death - 1,2,3

This usually doesn't happen until maybe there are two tables left. Right now, though, the top three players in the tournament are all at the same table. PieOhMy (282K), desgrippes (219K) and Cordelia (180K) are seated at the same table.

Talk about a tough spot for grindnitout and Slegga_4, the other two players at the table. grindnitout isn't doing too poorly either though. He's in seventh place on the leaderboard.

2:12am--Ramdin represents Team PS

All the weight sits on Victor Ramdin's shoulders right now. He's the last Team PokerStars Pro remaining in this event. No pressure, though, Victor.

And just as several of his fellow Team PS Pros exited, Ramdin went on a run. It never hurts when Ramdin has aces in his hand and head27 has kings. That helped him win a 130K pot.

Several hands later, Ramdin had kings in his virtual hand and eventually made a full house with it. He's now up to almost 200K and is in fourth place on the leaderboard with only 28 players remaining.

2:08am--No second WCOOP title tonight for copi

It was a valiant effort, but it wasn't in the cards tonight. As the 2007 Event #7 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo champion, winning this event would have been extra sweet. But it wasn't meant to be, as he left the field in 31st place, settling for a cash of $1,550 for his performance.

But with other Omaha events still left in this 2008 WCOOP series, there is still time to see copi in action once again.

2:02am--Cordelia moved into top spot; horryclutch eliminated

Cordelia just became one of the players to beat in the tournament with one hand. In this one hand, Cordelia just so happened to flop a full house and later hit a seven-low on the river.

Holding 7d-7c-Ah-2c, Cordelia called horryclutch's 2,500 raise to 3,750. So did NAVARONE. Cordelia must have loved the 7h-6d-6c flop. horrclutch couldn't have been feeling too bad either with As-9h-8s-3h.
When Cordelia bet 5K, horryclutch called. So did NAVARONE with 5c-3s-9c-Ac. Horryclutch went all-in when the 8h on the turn gave him two pair and eight low. Cordelia went all-in with 102,987, and NAVARONE called. The 4c river gave the entire pot, and the chip lead, to Cordelia.

horryclutch went out in 32nd place for $1,550 and his fifth WCOOP cash this year.

1:58am--Gomes gone in 33rd place

It happened just that fast. After doubling up only a few hands ago, Allingomes tried that all-in move again. He raised preflop to find two callers in BigRiskky and BUCKIZ6. After the flop showed Js-As-7h, BUCKIZ6 checked, Allingomes bet 11,999, BigRiskky got out of the way, and BUCKIZ6 raised it up. Allingomes called all-in with 4c-3c-Kh-2d, and BUCKIZ6 turned over Ad-7d-6c-5h. The turn and river were 4s and 3h, respectively, and it was over for Gomes. BUCKIZ6 scooped the pot with a straight for the hi and 6-5-4-3-A for the lo.

Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes made a fantastic showing in Event #22 but was forced to leave in 33rd place with a payout of $1,550.

1:51am--Allingomes lives up to his name

His chip stack was at a critical stage. With less than 20,000, Alexandre Gomes figure it was time to make something happen.

Londolozi raised the hand preflop, so Allingomes reraised, and BigRiskky came over with another reraise that was called by both other players. The flop came Qd-Th-4s, and Allingomes led out with a 2,500 bet. BigRiskky raised it up, causing Londolozi to fold his way out of the hand. Allingomes and BigRiskky raised it until betting was capped with Allingomes all-in when it was done. Allingomes showed 2h-9h-Ad-Kc, and BigRiskky had 4h-5c-Ac-3d. The turn and river were Ks and Jd in that order, and with no qualifying lo, Allingomes took the pot with a straight for the hi hand.

Gomes stayed alive and had 46,586 to play with going forward.

1:42am--Horryclutch living up to his name

Robert Horry is one of the clutchest NBA players we've ever seen. horryclutch, named after the perennial NBA champion, might be one the clutchest WCOOP players we have ever seen.

horryclutch is still hanging around this tournament even though his chip stack isn't that plentiful right now. Still, horryclutch has already earned his fifth WCOOP cash this year by making it to the final 38 players. He's also guaranteed at least another $1,333.00 for his efforts tonight.

1:39am--Getting to know Victor

Do you find yourself wanting to know about Victor Ramdin, one of the last two remaining Team PokerStars Pros in the field tonight? We thought so. PokerStars.tv caught up with the poker pro to let him talk about what makes him tick...in his own words.

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin on PokerStars.tv

1:32am--A mini-break leads players to Level 33

Level 33
Blinds: 2,500/5,000
Average chip count: 77,500
Players remaining: 40
First prize: $55,800

Top ten chip counts:

Mr_win 223,790
onadraw2 175,439
iamaction 145,748
NAVAROE 141,961
grindnitout 140,877
head27 135,308
lovesimi 128,350
a_zuzolo 117,088
desgrippes 106,501
PieOhMy 105,755

Team PokerStars Pros Remaining:

Victor Ramdin 53,798 (28th place)
Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes 33,918 (31st place)

1:20am--Dario down and out

The downfall of Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has come to an end. Over the past few levels, he had fallen from the top ten on the leaderboard to a less-than-comfortable position with a below average stack of chips.

With only 19,574, Dario raised preflop and was called by chuiwon to see the 3d-7c-Qd on the flop. That prompted Dario to bet 7,500, but chuiwon reraised all-in. Dario called all-in with Ah-3s-8h-5d, and chuiwon showed As-Jd-Qh-6s. The turn and river were the Qs and 6c, and though chuiwon won the hi with a full house, Dario was able to take the lo with 7-6-5-3-A.

But the 20,324 Dario received from the last hand was not satisfactory. Very shortly thereafter, he went along to see a flop of Kc-Ac-Qs with Mr_win. Dario immediately pushed all-in with 3h-2h-Jc-2s, and Mr_win called with 2c-Tc-6h-4c. The turn and river were Kd and 4s, and Mr_win took the hi with the better two pair. There was no qualifying lo, so all of Dario's chips went away.

Dario Minieri finished the tournament in 45th place with $1,178 to show for it.

1:15am--Ramdin straight from the Borg

One of the countless benefits of PokerStars and WCOOP is that you can play from anywhere. You can even play while playing in another tournament.

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin has been playing WCOOP events the past few days from the Borgata in Atlantic City. The WPT Borgata Open is being played in A.C., and Ramdin is currently holed up in a Borgata room (or maybe the lobby) playing this event. He has 60,000 remaining in this event.

1:09am--Benba can do it all

Benba isn't just a no-limit hold'em player after all. Don't slap a label on Benba just because he finished third in the heads-up NLHE Event #15. Benba earned $33,792 for that effort.

This time Benba made a money run in Event #22. He just didn't quite make it as far. Benba was out in 50th-place in this one, earning $1,085.00, but proving he has plenty of versatility.

1:06am--Leaping through payout levels

Maybe leaping is too strong of a term... The field not thinning at the fastest pace ever, so maybe they're skipping -slowly - through payout levels. Regardless, the final 48 players have reached the $1,178 stage of the game.

12:59am--Money misses the big money

Chris Moneymaker.jpgTeam PokerStars Pro Chris "Money 800" Moneymaker was just bounced from the event in 58th place. He earned $1,023.00 for the finish.

It was a rapid decline for the former WSOP Main Event winner. In fact, it took just two hands to lose 70K. On the first of the two dreaded hands, Moneymaker had As-2h-Jd-4c with a board of 3s-Th-Ad-Td-3h. It looked good on the flop when he had a pair of aces, wheel draw and the four lowest cards. But the turn and river didn't help. They did help grindnitout, who had Ah-Ac-4h-8h, to win the entire 78,338-chip pot.

The very next hand Money800 went broke with Ac-Kh-5h-3h in a three-way pot with NAVARONE and Andrey III. NAVARONE won the entire pot when his queens helped make two pair. Nobody had a low, eliminating Moneymaker and Andrew III.

12:57am--Gomes gets new neighbor

When BigRiskky's table broke, he was reassigned to Table 47, just to the left of Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes.

12:52am--BigRiskky chipping back up for comfort

Anyone who has watched this professional play Omaha knows that he is quite aware of the ins and outs of the game. And two WSOP bracelets confirm that he can handle an Omaha tournament with the best of them.

BigRiskky has been hanging tough in this WCOOP event with a not-so-impressive stack. But just as he gets low, he gets involved and chips back up. A key pot that helped him stay alive recently was one involving opponent ponyboyscott. The two players saw a flop of 2c-Td-Jh, and ponyboyscott led the betting that resulted in a call from BigRiskky. Both checked the 5d on the turn, and when the river brought a 3s, BigRiskky bet 3,200 and ponybotscott check-called. BigRiskky showed 2h-Ac-9s-5h to grab the hi with a strang and the lo with 5-4-3-2-A. ponyboyscott mucked his hand, and BigRiskky picked a much-needed 21,600 in chips.

12:44am--Goral = gone

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki
was just eliminated in 70th place and earned $899 for his performance.

Goral was the short stack and got his remaining 4,064 chips into a three-way pot with Sdouble and lovesimi. Sdouble had 2h-8d-Ad-Tc and lovesimi Ac-5h-2d-3c. The board came 9d-7h-5s-6h-3h and Sdouble won the high with a straight to the ten and split the other half with a six low. Goral mucked and was out of the tournament.

Still, at least Goral was able to pick up his second WCOOP cash this year, the other being an in-the-money finish in Event #4, 2-7 Triple Draw.

12:27am--A short break, insert elevator music here

Level 29
Blinds: 1,600/3,200
Average chip count: 40,789
Players remaining: 76
First prize: $55,800

Top ten chip counts:

iamaction 189,689
onadraw2 144,055
tmt326 122,990
head27 110,193
jamie2000 98,610
PieOhMy 89,191
SlpyWhnWett 85,072
Mr_win 80,745
Slegga_4 79,997

Team PokerStars Pros Remaining:

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 74,825
Dario "DarioMinieri" Minieri 61,153
Victor Ramdin 47,352
Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes - 40,457
Marcin "Goral" Horecki - 15,264

12:21am--Allin vs. Money
Look who just so happens to be sitting at the same table right now - two Team PokerStars Team pros. Chris "Money800" Moneymaker and Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes are facing off on Table 11.

Moneymaker has the advantage right now, leading the table with close to 75K. Gomes has 40K. It's not going to be easy for the other players at the table, especially Andrey III with a short stack of 4,200. Crispy86 (56,000) and tkd_1980 (36,000) are also stuck at the tough table.

12:18am--Chipleader takes seat to left of Dario

iamaction, who recently took over the chip lead and still sits approximately 50,000 chips above the nearest competitor on the leaderboard, was just reseated on Table 41...just to the left of PokerStars' own Dario Minieri. The two have refrained from tangling in the first few hands, but it may not be long. Dario is known for his aggressiveness and won't easily back down from the challenge.

12:10am--Allingomes goes ... all-in, almost every hand

With the bubble having already burst, Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes has picked up his aggressiveness. Not sure if it's just the circumstances or the hands.

Regardless, Gomes has just been all-in three times in a five-minute stretch. One one hand, Gomes was saved by runner-runner low cards that gave him a low. He was dominated with Td-Kd-2s-4h. With the board showing 3h-Jd-Kh, tkd_1980 flipped over 3c-Ah-Jh-Js for trip jacks. Thankfully for him, the 6c and 8c came on the turn and river to keep Gomes alive.

Gomes, however, had just 11K before doubling up with a pair of aces against a player who couldn't make his low.

12:06am--Goral makes small comeback

Marcin "Goral" Horecki had been slowly chipped down over the past few levels to sit with less than 10,000 at the beginning of this level. However, not one to give up the potential to earn this coveted WCOOP title, he just tried his luck with an opponent who was all-in for less than the amount of Goral's stack.

bakedzito moved all-in preflop with 9s-3h-8d-As, and Goral called with 2c-Ac-Jd-Qd. The board gave them Ah-5h-8h-4s-Jh to work with, and Goral had a higher two pair for the hi with aces and jacks, and the better lo with 8-5-4-2-A. Goral scooped the pot to stay healthy with the opportunity to strike again.

11:59pm--Boosted J goes boom, remaining players in the money

That fifth WCOOP cash just wasn't meant to be for Boosted J, who became the bubble boy when he was bounced in 91st place.

No longer hand-for-hand, the play, and inevitable flurry of eliminations, can commence. The remaining 90 players are in the money, and the first payout level is $806.00 for 85th through 90th place finishers.

11:58pm--Play slows (obviously) during hand-for-hand play

With the elimination of madiso in 92nd place, the tournament went into hand-for-hand mode to determine the money bubble finisher in 91st.

11:52am--Allingomes loses 15K to quads

Alexandre Gomes lost 15K in chips when tdk_1980 hit quad sevens. Gomes raised pre- and post-flop. tdk_1980, though, took command post-flop, when his 7c-7h-4c-4s looked awfully good with a 7d-5h-5c board. Gomes never had a chance and eventually mucked his hand, but not before dropping to around 25,000.

11:43pm--iamaction flies into first place

As we approach the money bubble, a new name soared into the top spot on the leaderboard. iamaction evidently does like action and has had enough of it to fly past the field and into #1, sitting with a more than 50,000 chip advantage over the nearest competitor.

11:38pm--Boosted J questionable for cash No. 5

Boosted J already has four WCOOP cashes. He's on the verge of a fifth.

But this one might not happen. Boosted J is one of the shortest stacks remaining with just 3,343 chips. There are currently 95 players. Boosted J is ranked 93rd. The top 90 get in the money.

11:32pm--Bubble coming soon to a table near you

Pretty soon, everyone is going to be a winner. In the meantime, those that are among the next 12 eliminated will be a little extra disappointed knowing they just missed finishing in the money.

There are currently 102 players remaining. The final 90 finish in the money.

Bill Chen.jpg11:15pm--Bill Chen got a longer break than anyone else

Among the many players who couldn't find their way into the money, or the last break, was Team PokerStars Pro member Bill Chen. Chen was at 9,294 in chips entering his last hand, when he want all-in against "emptyseat88" after a 9d-Jd-Qh flop. Chen showed Ah-4d-Th-Js to emptyseat88's 7d-8c-Qs-Jh, but Chen couldn't complete his draw when the turn and river came 5c-4c. It was a 118th-place finish...
28 spots short of the money.

11:10pm--A 15-minute break for players to breathe

Level 25
Blinds: 1,000/2,000
Average chip count: 28,440
Players remaining: 109
First prize: $55,800

Top ten chip counts:

PieOhMy 107,508
Team PokerStars Pro Dario "Dariominieri" Minieri 105,128
head27 73,963
tmt326 70,829
SplyWhnWett 70,829
copi 67,880
Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 58,357
desgrippes 58,328
Slegga_4 57,847
Tulkaz 53,512

Other Team PokerStars Pros Remaining:

Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes - 45,412
Marcin "Goral" Horecki - 11,890
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker - 30,737
Victor Ramdin - 27,411

10:52pm-- The Power of Aggression

Dario Minieri continues to dominate the action over at Table 41, which includes three extremely short stacks, one of whom is Omaha specialist "HOSSSE_U".

With the bubble closing in, Dario's been on the attack, and recently edged above 80,000 for a moment, good for second place.

10:45pm-- Last change before the break

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker with 37,000 in chips has his hands full with 2007 WCOOP O8 champ copi who has nearly 70,000 on his right.

Dario Minieri continues to drive his chip stack northwards and currently is 2nd in chips with 77,000.

The last change before the dinner break of 15 minutes to PLO8 just took place as 123 players remain with blinds at 200/400.

10:40pm-- Horecki Hanging On

All in for his last 2,315 in a hand of limit Omaha with blinds of 400/800, Marcin "Goral" Horecki survived a check-down by two opponents to scoop a pot when a river three paired the board and gave him trip threes. He jumped to 8,000 with the hand but is still in extreme danger.

10:34pm-- Two-day Event #20 hits the final table with five remaining

If you're looking for some final table action, as tournament is probably 6-7 hours away from the final six, head over to the live blog for Event #20's NLHE $1,050 buy-in (click here for the live blog).

You can also watch it live on PokerStars.TV with commentary here.

The winner of that event will walk away tonight with $486,045.00, just enough to buy-in for the remaining WCOOP events with enough left over for a happy meal from McDonald's.

10:28pm-- Chipping Up Nicely

Back in the top ten after a nice level of fixed-limit Omaha is Brazilian star and Team PokerStars Pro member Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes.

Without taking down any huge pots, Gomes nonetheless added to his stack in a steady manner. He's topped 60,000 as we move back to PLO8.

10:23pm-- The Arc of Chen

Bill Chen's quiet rise through the pack has hit a stumbling block in the last couple of levels.

Chen had taken down a couple of nice pots late in the last hour to temporarily move over 20,000, but has hit a rougher stretch in the latest limit level. He's down to 9,000 and looking to make a run.

10:20pm-- Horecki Struggling

Another Team PokerStars Pro who's made it deep but has hit a sticky patch is Marcin "Goral" Horecki. He's just above 6,000 at last check, down significantly from his high point when he battled with Humberto Brenes at an earlier table.

10:15pm-- Moneymaker taking names and scoops

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker isn't resting on his big final table from Event #5 final table (read the final table write up here) which he banked $139,635.00, tonight he has been steadly gaining chips from small pots as we just jumped back into the PLO8 level with blinds at 150/300.

Moneymaker is currently stacked 43,487 chips in 12th place.

10:10pm-- Defending champ?

There was no mixed O8 tourney in the WCOOP last year, but copi did win the $530 Limit O8 event. Now as the chip leader and first player to 70,000 chips, he is looking for repeat the feat this year and add a second WCOOP bracelet to his wrist.

10:00pm-- Hour six chip counts, big names up top with WCOOP champ copi, WSOP champ BigRiskky, and Team Poker Stars Pro (and WSOP bracelet holder) Dario Minieri

Level 21
Blinds 300/600 (Limit Hi/Lo)
Average Chip Count: 20,529
Players Remaining: 151 (61 eliminations to the money)

1. PieOhMy 68,156
2. copi 62,022
3. DarioMinieri 54,940
4. BigRiskky 53,981
5. horryclutch 52,865
6. jamie2000 52,230
7. jimmygas 49,555
8. Allingomes 49,006
9. desgrippes 43,592
10. SlpyWhnWett 42,732

Team PokerStars Pros

Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes - 49,006
Bill Chen - 13,644
Dario Minieri - 54,940
Marcin "Goral" Horecki - 12,365
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker - 30,737
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose - 9,310
Victor Ramdin - 26,974

Eliminated this past hour:
Steve "stevejpa" John-Paul Ambrose (166th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (171st)
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein (190th)
Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown (204th)
Gavin Griffin (208th)
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer (221st)

9:46pm-- Big Riskky with a big stack

With two WSOP bracelets in Omaha (Pot Limit High and Limit Hi/Lo) Scott "Big Riskky" Clements is slowly climbing to the top of the leaderboard, currently sitting on 36,695 chips as we near the break for hour six.

The switch to PLO8 and 125/250 blinds will carry until the break.

9:39pm-- Minieri Time

The ever-active Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has found a table (Table #41) where he's able to mix it up and gain some ground.

The fixed-limit blinds have reached the serious 500/1000 stage, and Minieri has been banging away to claim pots of 8,500, 7,750, 14,366 -- and a scalp, on that one -- and continues climbing the ranks. He's well over 30,000 and challenging the top ten.

9:35pm-- Another Team PokerStars Pro victim of the chip leader devinr12, Greenstein out

In back to back Limit hands, Cordelia and devinr12 managed to squeeze Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein of his remaining 6380 in chips.

devinr12 has now cracked the 60,000 chip mark, while previously short-stacked Cordelia has chipped up to 26,542 as the blinds have moved up to 250/500 for this limit round.

9:30pm-- Checking in with Dario and Vanessa

The crush of name players in today's event has kept us from frequent updates on a couple of big-name players, big-namely Team PokerStars Pros Dario "dariominieri" Minieri and Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso.

Both are quite healthy and will receive increased attention from here on out. Minieri recently took down a big pot to move over 28,000, while Rousso is at 17,300.

9:26pm-- Chip leader meets Team PokerStars Pros Griffin and Greenstein up close, Griffin out

Team PokerStars Pros Gavin Griffin and Barry Greenstein will have a lot of chips at their table, but currently holding them is current chip leader devinr12 who just took Griffin's remaining 12,742 chips in this hand. After calling limping and calling devinr12's 377 chip raise the flop came down 6d-4d-Qc

Griffin checked while devinr12 lead out for 1000, which was met by a pot sized check-raise by Griffin and just as quickly devinr12 popped it back to put Griffin all-in:

GavinGriffin: Qd-6s-Ac-3d
devinr12: 9d-Ad-4h-5d

Griffin with a lead holding top two pair, better low draw, but smaller flush draw which the Kd filled on the turn. Four outs to the high did not hit with the 4s on the river as devinr12's nut flush took the 25,784 chip pot and eliminated Griffin in 208th.

9:20pm-- "Drawing Dead"

That's how Greg "Fossilman" Raymer's run in WCOOP Event #22 came to an end. Boosted J claimed FossilMan's scalp during a limit Omaha hand, and here's the action from the table:

9:12pm-- Grinder A Goner

The three-way battle between Victor Ramdin, Marcin "Goral" Horecki and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi fizzled a bit before things got really interesting.

First, Horecki was dispatched to another table, and then Mizrachi suffered several small hits before being dispatched by Ramdin in a limit Omaha hand. Here's how it played out:

9:06pm-- devinr12 and jamie2000 hording the chips

The top two chip stacks devinr12 and jamie2000 are sitting on 57,938 and 56,280 chips respectively and have a sizable lead over the field, as well as over four times the average stack stack (currently 13,850).

More chips mean more chances to gamble with any four cards, we'll see if they hold on to them over the next 10 hours to the final table.

9:00pm-- A Table Primed for All-Ins

Entering Hour 5, Brazilian star Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes takes a deep stack of over 30,000 to Table 11.

But danger lurks here, as three other players, "chris.pec", "SAspeedoSA" and "grindnitout" (who already bounced Humberto Brenes) are also over 20,000. A few big collisions here could produce a chip leader to contend with as the blinds at 200/400 currently.

8:56pm-- Hour five chip counts and Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes cracks the top ten

Level 17
Blinds 200/400 (Limit Hi/Lo)
Average Chip Count: 13,025
Players Remaining: 238 (90 players make the money)
First Prize: $55,800.00

1. jamie2000 46,403
2. devinr12 40,836
3. PieOhMy 37,016
4. SlpyWhnWett 36,819
5. WiLDmAn75 34,220
6. Slegga_4 32,655
7. onadraw2 30,616
8. Allingomes 30,261
9. ROXY24 28,894
10. finsfan7 28,017

Team PokerStars Pros

Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes - 30,261
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein - 5,546
Bill Chen - 10,378
Chad Brown - 18,740
Dario Minieri - 19,038
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer - 2,901
Gavin Griffin - 17,047
Marcin "Goral" Horecki - 12,596
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso - 20,491
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker - 19,763
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose - 9,310
Victor Ramdin - 19,046

Team PokerStars Pros Eliminated this past hour:

Tom McEvoy (251st)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes (293rd)
John Duthie (304th)
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson (348th)

8:51pm-- FossilMan Dinged

One player who looked primed for a run early but is now in trouble is Greg "FossilMan" Raymer on Table 63. Raymer had held steady over 6,000 for much of the past two hours, but recently dropped a decent limit pot to "titko23" to drop to just over 5,000.

Since then the blinds have been eating at Raymer's remaining chips -- he's reached the break with 2,901 and needs to make a move.

8:47pm-- Didn't want to be here anyway

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown with 19,190 in chips has been moved from Chris Moneymaker's table and has landed at table 45 with ROXY24 who is holding nearly 30,000 and has position on Brown.

After reviewing the hand histories, apparently Brown took the seat vacated by fellow Team PokerStars Pro Tom Mcevoy who was short stacked with 576 chips and lost the hand against txopt.

8:42pm-- Who's NOT Famous Here?

The table with Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi just picked up another big name in Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki. Each of the three has roughly 14,000 in chips at this juncture, as do two of the other three players.

Ramdin just chopped a huge pot with one of the two, "helpslip". Stay tuned.

8:36pm-- Grif-Phoenix from the Ashes

Gavin Griffin's amazing resurgence continues over at Table 17. Griffin is up to about 18,000 after capturing a 4,800 pot from high stakes player "BuklaH", who is now in trouble.

On a five-spade board, Griffin still held two more to make a flush and take the pot.

8:30pm-- Humberto B. Bounced

And that's a wrap for Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes, at least in this WCOOP event. (He's doing well elsewhere.) Brenes was down to a paltry 72 chips -- that's right, seventy-two -- before his final hand. "grindnitout" delivered the coup de grace. We'll skip the details.

8:25pm-- Wild Times for Humberto B.

Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes chipped up in a big way on Table 14, sending "juc58" to the rail in a hand where there was no low and the need flush on the river came. In a pot worth nearly 12,000, Brenes' 7c-Kd-Tc-Ad topped juc58's Jh-Qc-Kc-Th as the board ran out 8d-Jd-Kh-3h-Td. But it would be a short-lived rise for Brenes.

After a huge, 24,984 chopped pot with Marcin "Goral" Horecki, Brenes then dropped a 20,640 pot to "grindnitout". The chips went in after a Kh-3h-2s flop, with Brenes having Js-Ah-Ks-2d bit in trouble against grindnitout's 6d-3d-7s-3c for flopped trips.

The turn and river blanked out, leaving Brenes barely over 2,000 in chips. And to make matters worse, feared online player and double WCOOP event champ in 2006 "kwob20" sat down in the seat vacated by juc58 earlier.

8:18pm--One Team Poker Pro shows the other one the door, Duthie eliminated

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown just took the last of John Duthie's depleted stack as he started the hand with only 1065 while Brown is sitting on 24,000 chips, good for a top 20 stack. Brown took the majority of Duthie chips six hands prior when Brown flipped up Ad-Ah-Ts-3c on a board of Ks-7h-Th-Kc-4s and called Duthie's 5,300 chip bet.

Duthie showed 5s-2s-8d-4c for the post oak bluff as Brown scopped the 17,950 chip pot.

8:11pm-- Quietly Chipping Up

Another Team PokerStars Pro we're keeping an eye on is Bill Chen, who's moving steadily along at Table 44.

Chen held steady for much of the first three hours but has snagged a couple of recent pots to top the 9,000 mark. He's at a table with three other stacks over 10,000 and has the chance to make a move.

8:08pm-- Out of nowhere, here comes the WSOP,WPT, EPT champ Gavin Griffin

You just can't keep a good champion down. Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin recently went from edging toward the rail to doubling up again, this time to roughly 11,000. It's been a wonderful Hour 4 so far for Griffin.

8:04pm-- The 2007 WCOOP Limit O8 champ makes his presence known

Showing his Supernova stars out on a Table 62 is copi who took down WCOOP Event #8 last year for $87,882. Sitting on a top 30 chip stack and familiar with both brands of O8 there may be another star going deep tonight in this packed field.

Check out the final table report from his run last year here.

7:58pm-- A Healthy Horecki

Marcin "Goral" Horecki has had plenty to battle with today, including fellow Team PokerStars Pro member Humberto Brenes to his immediate left. Horecki recently captured a nice pot of 6,120 to jump over the 9,000 mark. In the hand against "jotaele1", a chat-heavy sequence left jotaele1 the poorer.

"Sick hand" he said, after the river 7s completed a Js-Td-Kd-3s-7s board.

"I call I think" he added, committing another 2,040 to the pot.

Horecki showed 7c-Ks-3h-As for the runner-runner nut flush.

7:50pm-- Chip counts at the end of hour three

Level 13
Blinds: 100/200 (Limit Hi/Lo)
Average Chip Count: 8,781
Players Remaining: 353 (90 places paid)
First Prize: $55,800.00

1. devinr12 28,696
2. SAspeedoSA 27,921
3. jamie2000 26,982
4. SlpyWhnWett 25,069
5. PieOhMy 24.213
6. DrParkinson 23,905
7. NAVARONE 22,352
8. dinho_style 21,861
9. onehandturks 21,761
10. mx4ever 21,677

Team PokerStars Pros

Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes - 13,175
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein - 3,468
Bill Chen - 9,466
Chad Brown - 18,200
Dario Minieri - 5,151
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer - 12,426
Gavin Griffin - 4,922
Marcin "Goral" Horecki - 9,651
Humberto Brenes - 7,665
John Duthie - 8,565
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso - 6,916
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson - 1,858
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker - 18,246
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose - 9,310
Tom McEvoy - 7,016
Victor Ramdin - 9,330

Team PokerStars Eliminated this past hour:

Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan (374th)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (384th)

7:45pm--I Got "KhaN"-dy

So might well-known online player "Squirrely1" have sung after bouncing Team PokerStars Por Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan from today's proceedings. Here's how Squirrelly collected Khan's last 1900 in chips:

7:44pm-- Excellent value bet sir, Chad Brown lures his man in for a big pot

Huge chips collided here as Chad Brown started with 10,420, John Duthie 14,745, and Lystig 16,577 and ended well for Team PokerStars Pro Brown.

In Level 12 with blinds at 40/80 during the PLO8 section, Brown and Lystig limped from early position Duthie called from the small blind. Flop came down: 2h-Ts-7h, and got a leading bet from Duthie for 320 which was called by Brown and Lystig. A 9h on the turn filled a flush draw and Duthie represented it with a 1280 bet and again both Brown and Lystig called.

The Qh on the river and for Duthie the gig was up as he checked and Brown lead out for a min bet of 80 chips. The value bet worked because Lystig popped it to 2400 and Duthie quickly folded. Brown then re-raised to 4880 and got the call showing down Ah-6h-3s-8s for the nut flush and Lystig mucked shipping the 14,880 chip pot to Brown.

7:34pm-- Griffin's Survival Act

Gavin Griffin has been on the ropes several times in the last half hour, but has surged back from the brink for the moment.

Following a rivered king in a limit hand where neither player had managed to pair the board or make a low, Griffin jumped up to nearly 6,000 before giving a few chips back in a following hand. He's still got life, though.

7:29pm-- Fading to Gray

It's been a nothing kind of day for Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, whose day at Table 6 seems to have been plagued by disconnects and a number of hands that ran dry on the way to the river. Slipping ever lower, Khan was on 520 well into the current limit round, but needs a major turnaround to prevent a near-future exit.

7:24pm-- Andy McLEOD likes the Omaha

The 2008 WCOOP Event #16 champ is currently out on Table 48 playing table captain with his 14,700 chip stack looking to take down another Omaha tourney in this series. Look for Andy's road to victory in the PokerStarsBlog live blog of Event #16 here.

7:19pm-- Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money

Over at Table 72, Chris "Money800" Moneymaker and Steve "stevejpa" John-Paul Ambrose have reeled in early frontrunner "A_Ivanovich," though this table has healthy chip stacks all around. Moneymaker has topped 17,000 here, while Ambrose is over 9,000.

7:15pm-- Fossilman to 10K

The expected collision between stacks at Table 63 occurred soon after our last check on the action, and the collision featured Greg "FossilMan" Raymer. Sent to the virtual rail in a PLO hand was "SiVTEC," whose 3s-Qs-2d-4d made two pairs on a Qc-4c-Th-Kc-5c board, but fell well short of Raymer's powerful As-8c-Ac-3c, which connected for an A-high flush. Raymer's at 10,155.

7:08pm-- "Allingomes" Moving Up

Except in this case, it wasn't an all-in for Team PokerStars Pro member Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes, who sent "StorPike" to the rail in a PLO8 hand. StorPike flopped a set of eights but was run down by Gomes' Q-high straight in a hand with no low. Gomes was over 16,000 at last count.

6:58pm-- Tight Times at the Fossil Inn

Greg "FossilMan" Raymer is hanging steady at Table 63, which to our knowledge features the same six players it started with, including well known online player "Boosted J". Boosted J is over 10,000 while Raymer is hanging tough with 6,600, but collectively, the six players here are losing ground to the pack. Expect a showdown soon.

6:52pm-- "The Grinder" not playing rags and scoops

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi has moved north of 10,000 in chips, a large chunk of the climb at the expense of "OnlyPlayRagz", who caught the worst of both halves of a PLO8 pot against Mizrachi.

OnlyPlayragz played Q-Q-5-2 against Mizrachi's 5s-Ac-3d-Jd, but the 9c-3c-2d-7d-8d board gave Mizrachi a 7-5-3-2-A low and a jack-high flush for hi, and the scoop.

6:45pm-- If having two Team PokerStars Pros at the same 6-max table isn't enough...

... lets throw in a Sunday Million winner as well. Soren Kongsgaard recently took down the Sunday Million on June 8th for $158,554.40 and as you read his winner's interview from the PokerStarsBlog his success online in June wasn't his first. Nor will it be his last.

Thumbnail image for soren_kongsgaard.jpg

Soren Kongsgaard

6:40pm-- Hour two ends with jamie2000 in the lead slightly over oerockets

Level 9
Blinds 60/120 (Limit Hi/Lo)
Average Chip Count: 6,431
Players Remaining: 482 (372 until the money)
First Prize: $55,800.00

1. jamie2000 21,392
2. oerockets 21,175
3. PieOhMy 19,779
4. PitBrett 18,605
5. NAVARONE 18,492
6. bakedzito 18,222
7. bigjoe2003 16,359
8. 55lucky55 16,292
9. NoraFlum 15,473
10. SAspeedoSA 15,169

Team PokerStars Pros

Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes - 14,444
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein - 6,550
Bill Chen - 4,831
Chad Brown - 5,845
Dario Minieri - 3,428
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - 10,133
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer - 6,440
Gavin Griffin - 2,243
Marcin "Goral" Horecki - 5,526
Humberto Brenes - 6,525
John Duthie - 14,810
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso - 8,598
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson - 2,656
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker - 9,062
Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan - 4,840
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose - 7,857
Tom McEvoy - 7,789
Victor Ramdin - 6,090

Among players who have been eliminated: Andre "aakkari" Akkari, "Canuck," Katja Thater, Alex Kravchenko, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier

6:26pm-- Duthie doing well early

John Duthie who went into the break in 9th place has continued to hover around the top ten throughout the last few levels as we move back into PLO8 with blinds at 25/50.

He is currently stacked at 14,035 in seventh place as we just passed our 100th elimination of the tourney.

6:23pm-- I thought this was Omaha, land of the gambOOOOOOOl and smack talk

Taking the calmness of a backroom Razz game, the chat boxes have been nearly silent on the tables we are covering today.

6:19pm-- As Previously Mentioned...

Never count out Team PokerStars Pro Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes. Despite getting off to a slow start at a table that also features fellow Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki, Brenes has rebounded nicely and currently sits on 6,550. Gorecki has plenty of life, too, stacked at 4,025 with blinds currently at 100/200 during the Limit level.

6:16pm-- A Quiet Start for "barryg1"

We've been monitoring the action at Barry "barryg1" Greenstein's Table 84 since the early going, which also includes a tough player in "Rabscuttle", one of the top cashers in this year's WCOOP. It's been "steady as she goes" so far for Greenstein, who has largely avoided big confrontations and has chipped up just slightly to 5,800 at the moment.

6:14pm-- TwinMSU doubles up off Team PokerStars Pro

Alex Kravchenko has been eliminated during the PLO8 level by TwinMSU after a limp and call by Kravchenko in the small blind. The flop came Jd-Kd-4h which both players got very excited about and traded pot sized bets until their chips went into the middle:

Kravchenko: 2c-Th-Kh-Js
TwinMSU: 6c-4d-4s-3c

TwinMSU was ahead with the bottom set versus Kravchenko's top two pair. The Td on the gave Alex a couple more outs for a higher boat, but the 5c on the river ended the Team PokerStars Pro's today in 542nd.

6:08pm-- Annette_15 sent to time out by grounded

It's a short day for "Annette_15" at Table 23, who also went out late in Hour 1. Annette_15's last 835 chips went in during PLO8, but those hopes were grounded by "grounded", who used trip fives on a 5c-Qs-9s-4d-5h, no-low board to end Annette_15's day.

6:05pm-- Victor vs. the Grinder

Another battle of big names is unfolding at Table 65, where Victor Ramdin and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi have both chipped up to about 7,500 early in the second hour of play. With four healthy stacks at this table, one or both of the stars has a chance to make a good jump in the early standings. We'll be watching...

6:01pm-- An "Adios" for Akkari

One of the late eliminations in the first hour of play was emerging Brazilian star and Team PokerStars Pro member Andre "aakkari" Akkari. Here's how Akkari's day ended:

5:54pm-- Double His Money

Just before the break, Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker doubled up in a big PLO8 hand against "thedrez" at Table 72. The chips went in after a 8h-4d-Qc flop, and Moneymaker showed Qd-8s-As-3s for two pair and a draw to the second-best low, while thedrez showed Jd-Th-7h-9s for a wrap draw to the straight. That big draw missed, however, when the turn and river came 3c-4h.

Moneymaker over 8,500 at the first break.

5:45pm-- No gamble neccessary

Things staying the same through the limit round with blinds at 40/80 and players are trolling for easy chips in the early goings.

Only four players have been eliminated in this round as we'll move back to Pot Limit with 20/40 blinds next.

5:35pm-- First break chip counts

Level 5
Blinds: 40/80 (Limit Omaha hi/lo)
Average Chip Count: 5,308
Players Remaining: 584
First Place: $55,800.00

Top Ten:

1. SamENole 14,018
2. oerockets 13,805
3. SlpyWhnWett 13,175
4. A_Ivanovich 12,752
5. The Grinder 12,580
6. NAVARONE 12,050
7. NoraFlum 11,663
8. a_zuzolo 11,500
9. John Duthie 11,075
10. ely_cash41 10,626

Team PokerStars Pro in top 100:

John Duthie 11,075 (9th)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 8,621 (30th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 7,956 (49th)

5:28pm-- Griffin Sliding

Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin's day on Table 17 started out promising but has taken a decided turn for the worse. Up over 5,500 early, Griffin has taken a couple of hits in the last two levels to drop all the way down to 1,400. The greatest damage occurred when "bigjoe2003" made a full house, tens over three, on a Th-Td-7s-3d-3s board. That pot was for more than 5,000 and has Griffin in trouble.

5:23pm-- Canuck sent back up north


That's what John Duthie said after eliminating "Canuck" at Table 72, during PLO8. Duthie and Canuck got all the chips in after a 9c-5s-Kd flop, with Duthie riding pocket aces and Canuck having Qs-Kh-Jh-9s for two pair and a gutshot draw. The 3s turn gave Duthie a shot at a low and half the 8,000-plus pot, but the river was cruel to Canuck -- a 5h that paired the board, gave Duthie the pot on the counterfeited two pair of Canuck, and ended Canuck's day.

No rest for the "lucky" Duthie though, as Team PokerStars Pro Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown stepped into Canuck's vacated seat.

5:18pm-- Looking for revenge?

Out on table 84 you'll find a couple of players who tangled with each other in an earlier WCOOP event. Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein and Rabscuttle (who has cashed 6 times during the 2008 WCOOP) battled into the early morning on Saturday during the Event #18 H.O.R.S.E. tourney as Rabscuttle knocked Greenstein out on the final table bubble.

5:15pm-- More Collisions

European Poker Tour honcho, and Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie and former WSOP Main Event winner Chris "Money800" Moneymaker found themselves battling each other. That table was one of the first to break, but both players ran into other notables at their new digs: Duthie found 2002 WCOOP PLO8 winner "Canuck" waiting two seats to his left at Table 34, while Moneymaker finds himself between Steve "stevejpa" John-Paul Ambrose and a deep-stacked "A_Ivanovich" (12,827 in chips) at Table 72.

Duthie has topped 6,000 while Moneymaker is at 4,500 in the early action.

5:10pm-- Lock it up, 620 players (now 609) are playing for $55,800.00

After once again smashing its guarantee, today's WCOOP Event #22 prize pool is set at $310,000 with first place breaking off $55,800.00 of that.

5:05pm-- Online Buzzsaw... Blade Sharpening Needed?

One table no one would volunteer to sit at is Table #23, which features both "Annette_15" and "THE__D__RY". Both stars, however, have stumbled early, with THE__D__RY at 4,405 and Annette_15 all the way down to 3,200. The early chip collector at this tough table is "SlpyWhnWett", who has jumped past 9,000 as Level 3 begins.

5:00pm-- And back to Limit with blinds going up

Limit Hi/Lo for this round, blinds sitting at 30/60 with 10 causalities already.

4:57pm-- Tough table draw for The Omaholic

He is joined by gank on his right who owns an Omaha Hi/Lo WSOP bracelet, nearly made a WCOOP final table back in 2004, and has already nearly doubled up in the tournament on this hand:

4:50pm-- Team PokerStars Pro Collision on Table 14

One table we'll keep an eye on early is Table 14, where Marcin "Goral" Horecki and Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes are doing battle. Early on the two have avoided tangling with each other, though "The Shark" (Brenes) dropped a sizeable early pot to "juc58" to dip below 4,000. It's still early of course, for the constant presence of Brenes is often among the WCOOP tournament's leaders.

4:46pm-- Now we start the Pot Limit portion

With sizable starting stacks to the size of the blinds, I wasn't expecting to report an elimination but cobra60, d0r1t0s, and partymann proved me wrong as they tie for the first players out of the tournament today. Registration is still open. prize pool to be announced after the PLO8 level is done.

4:43pm-- Raymer Rises Early

Greg "Fossilman" Raymer has made an early jump from the gate, winning four of the first seven pots at his table to jump from his starting stack of 5,000 to 5,570.

The largest of the four came against Browntown19 at a table where two of the players are sitting out at the start. The betting was capped preflop and the flop came [Ah Qh 2d]; Raymer bet out, was raised by... browntown19, and three-bet, with Browntown19 calling. Raymer check-called when Browntown19 bet out on the 5♥ turn, then check-called Browntown19 again on the 3♦ river. Browntown19 opened [Jh Qd 8d Ac] for two pair, but Raymer showed [7c Ts As Ad] for trip aces and a 7-5-3-2-A low to scoop the 940 pot.

4:40pm-- What's in a name?

We are joined today by omaha kid, plo8, and The Omaholic... take a wild guess why they're in the field.

Everyone will start today with 5,000 chips for their $530 buy-in to this Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo (Limit and Pot Limit) tournament. Blinds beginning at 20/40 for the limit portion then roll back to 10/20 for the Pot Limit level.

4:33pm-- Team PokerStars Pros in the field today

Here's the list of Team PokerStars Pros receiving 5,000 chips to start off the event today. Alex Kravchenko and Barry Greenstein both have WSOP bracelets playing Omaha, here's everyone's chance to earn their own bracelet today.

Andre "aakkari" Akkari
Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein
Bill Chen
Canuck (2002 WCOOP PLO8 winner)
Chad Brown
Dario Minieri
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer
Gavin Griffin
Marcin "Goral" Horecki
Humberto Brenes
John Duthie
Katja Thater
Alex Kravchenko
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier
Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose
Tom McEvoy
Victor Ramdin

WCOOP Event #22 Omaha-8 Mixed begins at 4:30pm ET

WCOOP Event #22 Omaha 8/better Mixed begins at 4:30pm with a $200,000 guarantee. Join us here for all the action when it begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP