WCOOP Event #23 NLHE Rebuy live blog

Live blog coverage of WCOOP Event #23 $530 NLHE (1 rebuy, 1 add-on) brought to you by bloggers Johnny Kampis, Jason Kirk, Jen Newell, and Jordan Raanan.

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8:24am--The final hand

This is how ddrufnek finished off luckyuli for a victory in WCOOP Event #23.

8:22am--ddrufnek finally claims victory, luckyuli settles for second place

Once the second and final deal was reached, it took only several hands to decide the match. Both players seemed to want it over luckyuli wasn't deeply concerned - as evidenced by the chat - with the bracelet.

ddrufnek raised the tournament's final pot to 400,000, and luckyuli reraised all-in for 3,752,272. ddrufnek called and showed Ah-7s. luckyuli had Ks-Jc. The board came 4h-4s-Qd-As-Js and the match was over.

ddrufnek finally won Event #23. Along with the title came $194,902 and the WCOOP bracelet.

luckyuli took second place with $184,902.

8:17am--ddrufnek wins Event #23

It didn't take long after the second deal for ddrufnek to close out the victory and earn the bracelet.

8:15am--Deal number two?

Yes, another deal has been struck. Quite possibly, the players were under the impression that they could stop play, split the remaining money and award the bracelet to one of them (ddrufnek, it was agreed between the two). The administrator informed them that they must play on and set aside $10,000 for the winner, who will also receive the bracelet. This is the latest payout agreement:

1st place: $194,902 and WCOOP bracelet
2nd place: $184,902

And play then resumed...

8:05am--Another deal in the works

The two remaining players are now looking to amend the previous deal. It doesn't look like it's going to happen though since the rule is that there must be at least $10K set aside for the winner.

8:02am--Heads-up players take a break

Level 31
Blinds: 50,000/100,000, ante 10,000
Average chip count: 7,748,000
Players remaining: 2
First prize: $210,000
Second prize: $169,804

Player chip counts:

ddrufnek 7,913,728
luckyuli 7,582,272

7:53am--ddrufnek makes a stellar comeback to even it up

ddrufnek had chipped away at luckyuli to put the chip lead within reach once again. ddrufnek raised to 240,000, luckyuli reraised it to 880,000, and ddrufnek called. The flop came Tc-Jc-Qd and luckyuli pushed all-in. ddrufnek called all-in with Qc-9h for top pair. luckyuli showed pocket fives. The turn and river were the 4d and 9c, and ddrufnek won the 11,896,864 pot with two pair.

Yet as this is being typed, the two remaining players are relatively even in chips.

7:38am--ddrufnek desperate for double-up, gets it

At a point of desperation, with little more than 1.5 million chips to the nearly 14 million of luckyuli, ddfuknek pushed all-in with A-K and luckyuli called with A-8. A king on the flop was all it took, and ddrufnek doubled to stay alive a bit longer.

7:31am--Heads-up is a challenge

ddrufnek came into heads-up play with a distinct chip advantage over luckyuli. Despite it seeming like a shoe-in for ddrufnek to win handily, luckyuli has put up quite the fight. luckyuli now has nearly a 3/1 chip lead over ddrufnek.

There is a significant difference between first and second place money that was agreed upon in the deal. First place receives $210,000 and the bracelet, while second place receives $169,804, more than $40,000 less.

7:22am--imeasy2read eliminated in third place

Within a few minutes of the last elimination, the next shortest stack moved. imeasy2read began with a raise to 140,000, which was called by ddrufnek. But luckyuli came over the top with a reraise to 600,000.

imeasy2read pushed all-in for more than 1.6 million, ddrufnek got out of the way, and luckyuli called. imeasy2read showed pocket fives, and luckyuli had Ac-Ks. The board came 8h-Ts-Th-8c-3h and the two pair on the board were good. luckyuli had the better kicker with the ace, so imeasy2read was out in third place with $169,804 for the performance.

7:18am--ddrufnek on an incredible run

Players have been chatty since the deal was reached. ddrufnek confessed the following in the chat box:

ddrufnek: let me tell you guys something at about 10 pm last night I only had $8,960 in chips.
ddrufnek: & I was stalling to just get into the money. Incredible run

It has been a great run for ddrufnek, as he sits in the lead at the three-handed final table and could very well win a WCOOP event, bracelet and the $210,000 prize.

7:13am--ILAN17 eliminated in 4th place

It wasn't long after the deal was reached that the first of the final four was ousted. After ddrufnek raised in the small blind to 240,000, ILAN17 pushed all-in from the big blind with Kc-Qd. ddrufnek called and showed Js-9s. The board ran out 5c-Ac-9d-9c-3s, and trip nines were good for the pot worth more than five million chips.

ILAN17 took a fourth-place finish with the agreed-upon $169,804 payout.

7:02am--Part of the deal, a five-minute break

The players have also agreed to take a five-minute break before resuming play. When they return, chip counts will be as follows:

ddrufnek 5,938,970
luckyuli 4,545,526
ILAN17 2,655,138
imeasy2read 2,356,366

6:58am--We have a deal!

After a lengthy discussion amongst the remaining players, some of them possibly not having made a deal before, there is unanimous agreement. The payouts will be as follows:

1st place: $210,000 and the WCOOP bracelet
2nd-4th place: $169,804.00.

6:50am--Talks of deal in process

The players are in the midst of talking about a deal. More details to follow.

6:44am--MPetes runs into aces, forced out in fifth place

MPetes had over two million chips when he ran into a hand bigger than his AK. luckyuli had aces on this hand to take MPetes' 2,051,211 chips.

Just like that, MPetes was out in fifth place and took $76,650 with him.

luckyuli was all of a sudden in much better shape at the final table with 4,671,526 chips.

6:40am--dinkel eliminated in 6th place

With just over one million in chips, dinkel was the aggressor in the hand. dinkel raised to 165,000 and, when luckyuli reraised to 420,000, dinkel reraised all-in for 1,087,395. luckyuli called with As-Ks, and dinkel showed Ad-Ts. The board came Js-Ah-2c-8d-9c, and luckyuli's aces with the king kicker took it down.

dinkel left the tournament in 6th place with $62,050 in pocket change.

6:33am--A break takes players into Level 29

Level 29
Blinds: 30,000/60,000, ante 6,000
Average chip count: 2,582,666
Players remaining: 6
First prize: $263,384

Remaining player chip counts:

ddrufnek 4,918,970
imeasy2read 3,224,366
ILAN17 2,789,138
MPetes 2,063,211
luckyuli 1,400,920
dinkel 1,099,395

6:24am--Is a deal coming?

Surprise, surprise. ILAN17 wants to at least look at the numbers for a possible deal. He offered the suggestion to the other five remaining players. "look at numbers guys?" he wrote.

Nobody responded. For now, they play on. But as long as ILAN17 stays at the table, a deal is definitely a possibility.

6:18am--MaxHam eliminated in seventh place

The only player with less than one million in chips was MaxHam. Put that with MaxHam being in the big blind and it looked like a recipe for action.

ILAN17 began by raising to 129,999 and imeasy2read called in the small blind. MaxHam reraised all-in for 756,475, which prompted a fold from ILAN17 and a call from imeasy2read. MaxHam showed pocket sixes. imeasy2read had Ks-Qh. Off to the races and the board came Kd-3h-8c-7d-9c, and the very first card out gave it to imeasy2read. MaxHam was eliminated in 7th with $47,450.

6:14am--1bigbluffer1 goes out in eighth

1bigbluffer1 open-shoved his remaining 829,489 chips with pocket tens and came up short against ddrufnek's Ac-Ks to finish in eighth place. 1bigbluffer1 earned $32,850 for the 15 1/2 hours of play.

The blinds were up to 25K/50K with a 5K ante on 1bigbluffer1's final hand. Being one of the table's shortstacks, 1bigbluffer1 decided to put it all-in. ddrufnek took a commanding advantage on the flop and eliminated 1bigbluffer1 when the board came out 5h-2s-Kc-Qs-Jh.

6:10am--MT456 eliminated in ninth place

MT456 was the short stack at the final table and finally moved it all-in pre-flop with 7h-6s. ddrufnek called from the big blind with Ts-Td, and MT456 would need a lot of help to improve. The board didn't give it; it produced Kd-Qh-3c-5d-8h to send MT456 to the rail.

MT456 finished in ninth place with $20,440 to show for it.

6:02am--imeasy2read improves condition

imeasy2read doubled against chipleader ddrufnek when pocket fives held against AQo. imeasy2read now has 2,320,892 chips, second behind ddrufnek, who came back to the pack with the defeat. The final table moves on still with nine players alive.

5:54am--We have a final table!

With the end of hand-for-hand play, all of the players quite possibly did a little dance in their seats. And ILAN17 has magically appeared again, no longer disconnected. The chip counts of the final nine players are as follows:

Seat 1: luckyuli (2415421 in chips)
Seat 2: 1bigbluffer1 (1041489 in chips)
Seat 3: imeasy2read (1052446 in chips)
Seat 4: MaxHam (772475 in chips)
Seat 5: MT456 (755921 in chips)
Seat 6: dinkel (2374395 in chips)
Seat 7: MPetes (2209210 in chips)
Seat 8: ddrufnek (3121506 in chips)
Seat 9: ILAN17 (1753137 in chips)


5:54am--smellmuth runs into set, out in 10th

With the blinds getting large at 20K/40K with a 4K ante, smellmuth raised 46,225 to 86,225. dinkel made the call with pocket threes and struck gold when the flop came 6s-Qs-3s. smellmuth was holding Jh-Qh. smellmuth bet 125K and dinkel pushed all-in. smellmuth called his remaining 765,839.

The 4h and 7h on the turn and river didn't change anything and smellmuth was out, finishing in 10th place, just shy of making the final table. smellmuth was forced to settle for a $13,870.00 payout.

5:50am--Frustrations continue

At Table 78, ILAN17 remains disconnected but receives 15 seconds to act during every hand. Players continue to get frustrated. The following is just one small segment of the ongoing chat box conversation at Table 5.

ddrufnek: is this a tactic to ensure he makes the final table?
smellmuth: stars rep: can he be sat out plz this is ridiculous
ddrufnek: he has almost 2 million & at this rate he will ensure he makes the final table

ddrufnek: @ the next level it will take 17 rounds to blind him out
imeasy2read: lol 2 hour bubblements

In the meantime, it should be noted that the difference between tenth place and ninth place is significant. Tenth place will receive $13,870, but ninth place will be awarded $20,440.

5:41am--ILAN17 disconnect delaying play

It seems that ILAN17 has had some disconnection problems, except that would be an understatement. During the last several hands, ILAN17 showed as disconnected, the time clock was stopped to activate an extra time bank, and everyone had to wait...and wait.

Since this has been happening during the already stressful hand-for-hand play to determine the nine finalists here, it has become frustrating to players at both tables. We are not sure how many chances ILAN17 will receive to reconnect, but the delay is getting tedious. Ask the players.

5:33am--1bigbluffer1's miracle
It looked like 1bigbluffer1 was going to miss the final table until this:

Just like that 1bigbluffer1 had 1.5 million chips. MPetes, meanwhile, took a hit and was also in that same range.

5:26am--dinkel survives with clutch double

Still in hand-to-hand play, dinkel put himself at risk when he pushed from the button with A-To. ddrufnek called from the small blind with K-To and the board produced a bunch of blanks. dinkel stayed alive and now has 1,410,00 after doubling up. Hand-for-hand play continues.

5:20am--A short break during hand-for-hand

Level 27
Blinds: 20,000/40,000, ante 4,000
Average chip count: 1,549,600
Players remaining: 10
First prize: $263,384

Remaining player chip counts:

ddrufnek 2,670,559
MPetes 2,410,899
luckyuli 2,180,422
ILAN17 2,013,135
imeasy2read 1,297,446
dinkel 918,053
MT456 795,922
1bigbluffer1 774,800
smellmuth 762,288
MaxHam 672,476

5:10am--Final table awaits, hand-to-hand play in effect

With ten players remaining, we need just one more elimination to have a final table. Currently, we're in hand-to-hand play. ddrufnek is the chipleader with 3.7 million chips. Nobody else even has three million. MT456 has the smallest stack with just 375K.

5:02am--mindgamer eliminated in 11th place

Quicker than expected and in a monstrous hand, the 11th place finisher has been determined.

MPetes got involved with a raise to 72,000, and mindgamer called to see 8s-3c-6s come on the flop. MPetes bet 125,000, but mindgamer raised it to 375,000, prompting MPetes to reraise all-in for 1,931,281. mindgamer called all-in with Ks-Js, showing the flush draw. MPetes turned over Ad-As for the pair. The turn and river came 2d and Jd - no spades - and mindgamer was out in a stunning 11th place with $13,870 to show for it.

4:57am-thechemist83 finishes 12th

the chemist83 had the fewest chips of anyone remaining when he pushed all-in with pocket threes and was knocked out in 11th place. thechemist83 earned $13,870 for the effort.

With just 272,000 chips left, thechemist83 decided to call MaxHam's all-in raise from late position pre-flop.
MaxHam showed As-Kc. When the flop showed 10c-8c-8h it looked pretty good for thechemist83. But the Qd turn and Jc river gave MaxHam the straight and sent the chemist83 to the rail

4:53am--Break-Necks eliminated in 13th place

The next to go was another who made a great run in this tournament but was stopped in 13th place.

Break-Necks didn't hesitate to move all-in for his last 214,413 chips with Ah-Kd, but ILAN17 called with As-Jd. The board came 6h-6s-Js-9s-3s, and the pair of jacks wasn't good enough; it just had to be a flush to take out Break-Necks.

Break-Necks had a 17th-place finish only days ago in the Event #15 NLHE tournament and outdid himself tonight with a 13th-place finish, this one worth $10,950.

4:50am--marzello eliminated in 14th place

The once-breakaway chipleader has been eliminated. NLHE can be a brutal game.

marzello had been chipped away, and ILAN17 doubling through marzello didn't help the situation. So the hand came where marzello made the initial raise and mindgamer came over the top all-in from the big blind. marzello called all-in with Ks-Qh and mindgamer showed Ac-4h. The cards came 6h-7d-7s-4c-8s and mindgamer took it. marzello took 14th place and the $10,950 that came with it.

4:47am--Four hands, one million chips and ElkY's out in 15h place

Four hands. That's how quick it can all end. That's how long it took Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier to lose one million chips and have his tournament end.

After chipleader ddrufnek hit a third seven on the turn to win a pot of 1.6 million in a hand involving ElkY, the final Team PokerStars Pro left in the tournament was shortstacked. ElkY had just 417,905 remaining on his final hand.

ElkY got it all-in pre-flop with pocket nines. He was in trouble though when he ran into dinkel's pocket kings. The board came 5s-6c-4c-7h and ElkY had was looking for an eight. The Qd on the river however ended his tournament run.

ElkY finished in 15th place and earned $10,950.

4:40am--The name of the game is doubling up?

The all-ins have been many. Here was the progression that put ILAN17 at risk, then up over one million in chips.

1. marzello doubled through ILAN17, making the latter the shortest stack in the tournament with less than 200,000.
2. ILAN17 doubled through mindgamer to stay alive and sit near 400,000.
3. ILAN17 doubled through Break-Necks to climb to over one million.

One of these times, the short-stack will be eliminated; we just haven't seen it lately.

4:33am--koolkeith13 eliminated in 16th place

The action at Table 78 has increased ten-fold. And from it comes an elimination.

luckyuli led out with a raise to 60,000 and koolkeith13 reraised all-in with his last 397,914. luckyuli called with Kd-Jh. koolkeith13 showed pocket fours. The board ran out 9h-Th-Jd-5s-Td, and luckyuli took the pot to eliminate koolkeith13 in 16th place with $8,030 for the effort.

4:28am--Speaking too soon from Table 78

Never mind. Sizable pot just went down.

Break-Necks began the hand with a raise to 50,000 and marzello reraised all-in. Break-Necks called all-in with pocket nines. marzello showed A-K. The board came 8-J-T-5-8, and Break-Necks doubled up and won the 1,312,596 pot.

marzello, who held the chip lead in this tournament for so long, is now the shortest stack remaining with less than 250,000.

4:24am--Little action from Table 78

Since the break, there has been little action on Table 78. Though ILAN17 did move all-in once with no callers, other players have been reluctant to bet big or call big. The largest pot in the last ten minutes came from a pre-flop reraising contest between marzello and mindgamer. After the flop of 6d-8d-Tc, mindgamer bet and marzello folded. The 366,000 pot went to mindgamer.

4:18am--Back in business

The break is over and the players are back sitting at the table battling for big money. The winner of this tournament gets $263,384.

It might be late in some place (the United States), early in other (Europe). Regardless, most of the players are admittedly tired. They still need to muster the utmost concentration with so much at stake in the next few hours.

4:03am--Two tables take 15-minutes off

Level 25
Blinds: 10,000/20,000, ante 2,00
Average chip count: 968,500
Players remaining: 16
First prize: $263,384

Remaining player chip counts:

ddrufnek 2,012,072
dinkel 1,729,671
MPetes 1,609,281
mindgamer 1,464,732
luckyuli 1,192,509
Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 1,043,905
Break-Necks 954,298
smellmuth 927,513
marzello 854,266
1bigbluffer1 758,800
imeasy2read 634,723
MT456 626,480
thechemist83 600,200
koolkeith13 389,914
ILAN17 385,898
MaxHam 311,738

3:59am--GPSMAN finishes 17th

GPSMAN had just 56,929 when he pushed all-in with the blinds at 8K/16K and a 1,600 ante. ddrufnek called from the small blind with Ac-5h. GPSMAN flopped over Ad-Kh. The flop came 8s-5d-6h-8c-3d and GPSMAN lost to ddrufnek's pair of fives.

GPSMAN took home $8,030.00 for the 17th-place finish.

3:56am--eBo226 eliminated in 18th place

Once the final two tables were set, eBo226 was the short stack at Table 78. eBo266 started out raising from the small blind, but MPetes reraised from the big blind all-in. eBo226 called all-in with Kh-Js, but MPetes showed Ad-8c. The board ran out 3d-7h-7s-Ah-3h and it was all over for eBo226. The 18th place finish was worth $8,030.

3:55am--Two to go, tables that is

We are down to 18 players, two tables in the tournament. With PlzBelieveMe being knocked out in 19th place, the prize now rises to $8,030 for those that finish 16th-18th. After that, the money gets into five figures.

3:52am--Get back here!

dinkel's opponents were none too happy that he was so far in front of them on the leaderboard. One player put a halt to the chip-accumulating madness.

dinkel came in aggressively, as has been the trend, raising to 45,000 from the small blind, but smellmuth raised it up to 115,000 from the big blind. dinkel reraised to 245,000, but when smellmuth came back with an all-in reraise to 805,213, dinkel backed down and folded. smellmuth took 501,200 from the pot and brought dinkel down from the two million chip mark.

3:44am--Yo Burger, from top ten to 22nd

The fall from the top is tough. For Yo Burger, much of it happened gradually over the past few levels, but there were two specific hands that led him right to the rail.

First, with 401,080, Yo Burger had a little play left. But when smellmuth made the initial raise to 36,225, Yo Burger immediately raised all-in. smellmuth called and was covered, so 27,036 went back to Yo Burger. smellmuth had As-Kd, and Yo Burger was not happy to show the Ac-Qc. The board brought a king for smellmuth and nothing for Yo Burger, who was left crippled after that hand.

Yo Burger tossed those last chips into the next pot pre-flop, and dinkel and smellmuth both called. When the flop came 8s-Ts-9h, dinkel bet and smellmuth got out. dinkel showed Qs-Jd for the flopped straight. Yo Burger had nothing with Kh-3h. The turn and river were 2s and Ah, and Yo Burger was gone from the tournament in 22nd place for a $5,402 cash.

3:37am--ILAN17 doubles to 600K

ILAN17 finally is out of trouble thanks to well-timed pocket aces. After being short on chips for quite some time, ILAN17 used his pocket aces to double against ddrufnek, who had KJo. The board came 6c-2h-4d-Js-3h. ILAN now has 600,000 chips.

3:31am--FlushPiano, Aspirin1 exit quietly

There was a time when FlushPiano and Aspirin1 were near the top of the leaderboard. It definitely wasn't without any benefits.

Both players just recently exited the tournament after around 13 hours. Aspirin1 finished 23rd, FlushPiano 26th. Both players earned $5,402.00 for their effort.

3:23am--dinkel soars above 1.5 million chips

Maybe a good run of cards, maybe a chip stack that intimidates... Whatever is going on behind the computer of dinkel, it is working.

After the previously noted pots that put dinkel over the one million chip mark, he has worked that - in the course of little more than 20 minutes - to a stack of more than 1.5 million. Though mindgamer and marzello are in hot pursuit of that first place position, but if dinkel keeps soaring, he might hold a comfortable lead for awhile.

3:12am--MPetes doubles to respectability

MPetes had just 260,912 chips when this hand started.

MPetes had 575,779 chips when the hand was over after hitting the flush. MPetes is now close to average in chips.

3:09am--dinkel not dinking around

Dropping down to near 500,000 in chips was not going to work for dinkel, who had been up near the top of the leaderboard for a number of levels. There was a solution.

First, dinkel took on imeasy2read, one of the players who was frequenting the top ten. With betting after every street and the board showing 5d-3c-6c-3h-5s, dinkel won the pot with pocket jacks and collected the 596,000 pot.

Second, dinkel finally tangled in a big pot with FlushPiano. By betting big after the river with a Q-Q-K-3-6 board, dinkel was able to take the 470,800 pot to put him over the one million chip mark.

3:04am--Analyzing ElkY's play

Since the action on Table 2 isn't exactly scintillating right now, the talk between some railbirds and players at the table was about ElkY's heads-up match with stevebets in final of Event #19. The railbirds approved with ElkY's overall play, even though he came up just short.

Whew. Surely ElkY needed the approval of some railbirds in order to move on from the finals defeat.

2:56am--Play has slowed, so let's add a break

Level 23
Blinds: 6,000/12,000, ante 1,200
Average chip count: 534,344
Players remaining: 29
First prize: $263,384

Top ten chip counts:

marzello 1,175,290
dinkel 1,150,684
MT456 821,581
1bigbluffer1 792,800
Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 779,055
Break-Necks 740,488
ddrufnek 724,784
Yo Burger 720,852
Asprin1 719,703
mindgamer 649,332

2:47am--Three in 30 minutes

How slow is play right now with 29 players remaining? So slow that has been only three bustouts in the last 30 minutes. Here were the eliminated players during the last 30 minutes:

30. Dolcetrix
31. PiensiFisu
32. caprioli

All three players earned $3,796.00.

2:42am--MPetes on a roller coaster

It wasn't long ago that MPetes was pushing all-in in the hopes of a double-up to stay alive. But over time, MPetes chipped up to over 600,000, though that would turn out to be short-lived.

1bigbluffer1 and MPetes battled and got all of 1bigbluffer's money into the pot before the flop. 1bigbluffer held A-K and MPetes pocket kings. The board came 6-J-J-T-Q, and it was a runner-runner straight for 1bigbluffer1 to take the 770,800 pot and sit fairly comfortably with only four tables left.

MPetes is back to figuring out what to do with the below-average chip stack.

2:33am--Testing the patience

Sit back, relax and be patient. That is the name of the game right now.

With so many chips from the re-buy and add-on and with the blinds still at a manageable level, the players are not pressed to make a move. Average chip stack is close to 500K, and blinds are at 6k/12K with 1.2K antes.

The 29 remaining players are waiting patiently for an opportunity to play a big hand. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

2:25am--Here comes the herd

marzello better watch out. It's just not possible to go through an entire NLHE tournament like this and not suffer any setbacks.

marzello has already come back to the pack, albeit just a little bit. Right now, he dropped back under 100K. He has 990K. But while marzello hasn't really lost many chips, the rest of the field is gaining. Yo Burger is now at 874K and dinkel is a tad under 800K. mindgamer and ElkY have also moved into the mid-700K range.

Watch out marzello! They're coming after you.

2:18am--They're outta here

Some recent bustouts to collect $3,796.00:

33. HittinChills
34. Adgee
35. Himclip85
36. D1rtyR1v3r

2:14am--FlushPiano back near the top

FlushPiano has been on a slow but steady course back into the top five. With only four tables remaining, FlushPiano is back up over the 700,000 chip mark. And just as the momentum got going, he was reseated at dinkel's table. The two have stayed away from each other thus far, but both are certainly looking at the same goals - final table and first place.

2:04am--YanniYankiev finished in 42nd place

YanniYankiev had been struggling over the past hour to regain the chip stack he once had. Sitting near the bottom of the leaderboard with just over 100,000 in chips, he pushed with Ks-Qs but was called by MPetes with As-Qc. The five cards that came were Kh-5d-7c-Ac-2c, and the turn card ended the night for YanniYankiev.

After making the final table of Event #17, YanniYankiev will have to look for his second WCOOP in the coming days. Tonight, he settled for a 42nd-place finish and $3,212.00 for good measure.

1:58am--ElkY at home in 14th place

It seems like every time we look at the leaderboard, ElkY hasn't moved. Not a bit. He seems mired in 14th place, which probably isn't a bad thing. He's comfortable enough in chips where there is no need to press and no need to try and overplay hands and push other players around. ElkY is healthy with 420K and in 14th place out of the remaining 40 players.

1:51am--Heading into Level 21

Level 21
Blinds: 4,000/8,000, ante 800
Average chip count: 344,355
Players remaining: 45
First prize: $263,384

Top ten chip counts:

marzello 1,030,158
dinkel 765,842
Asprin1 700,958
imeasy2read 658,262
GPSMAN 655,854
PlzBelieveMe 599,236
Break-Necks 597,818
MT456 530,810
Yo Burger 521,050
eBo226 470,958

Team PokerStars Pro Remaining:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 439,064 (11th place)

1:44am--We've got George Bush at the tables

Take a look at the avatars on Table 78 and there is a familiar face at the table. Sitting at a table with Lawrence Taylor, two good-looking females and an ape is current President George Bush, serving as the avatar for PlzBelieveMe. Wouldn't you know it, PlzBelieveMe is a survivor, having navigated through a difficult field to be among the final 45 players. PlzBelieveMe has just under 600K and is currently in sixth place.

1:40am--Five tables, 45 players remain

Play has slowed tremendously as payout levels increase. For your informational pleasure, here are the payouts for the remaining players:

37th-45th place: $3,212
28th-36th place: $3,796
19th-27th place: $5,402
16th-18th place: $8,030
13th-15th place: $10,950
10th-12th place: $13,870
9th place: $20,440
8th place: $32,850
7th place: $47,450
6th place: $62,050
5th place: $76,650
4th place: $109,500
3rd place: $146,000
2nd place: $190,530
1st place: $263,384

1:29am--The million chip marzello

marzello just became the first player to cross the one-million chip mark. marzello has just continued his ascension now for about three hours. He has been in the lead pretty much that entire time. Unless something changes, marzello is going to be difficult to slow down.

GPSMAN is second with just over 700K.

1:17am--Here we come $3K

With 47 players remaining, we're getting close to the $3K range. Once the tournament gets dow to 45 players, everybody will be guaranteed at least $3,212.00. The next two players out will get $2,920.00.

1:10am--ElkY knows a little something about going deep in tournaments

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier is actively seeking another WCOOP final table. Currently just outside the top ten with only six tables running, that seems like a reasonable goal.

Just two nights ago, ElkY made the final table of Event #19, the $25,500 NLHE Heads-Up tournament. He finished second, but all of the table action can be seen with in-depth analysis right here in the highlights reel:

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 19 - $25,500 NLHE Heads-Up on PokerStars.tv

12:57am--YanniYankiev on the rise

As the field approaches 50 remaining players, one player right in the middle is a familiar name to WCOOP watchers.

Just this weekend, YanniYankiev made the final table of the WCOOP Pot-Limit Hold'Em event (#17) and finished in second place for a $60,000 score. He also has a cash in Event #20, but it's a pretty sure thing that he is looking for the ultimate cash here tonight - the elusive WCOOP win.

YanniYankiev is currently in 25th place with 243,204 chips.

12:50am--The cards are good for marzello

marzello has been at or near the top of the leaderboard for quite some time now. But it's only getting better lately.

marzello is leading the tournament with over 700K in chips. His stack grew to that level courtesy of a hand that eliminated Binkament in unlucky fashion. All Binkament's remaining 77,934 chips went in pre-flop with pocket kings. marzello had pocket queens.

But when things are going well, they are going well. the board came 5d-6d-5s-As and, you guessed it, the Qs. marzello continued to roll despite being dominated.

12:44am--Let's break before Level 19, shall we?

Level 19
Blinds: 3,000/6,000, ante 600
Average chip count: 249,935
Players remaining: 62
First prize: $263,384

Top ten chip counts:

marzello 721,879
schmejkal 623,770
dinkel 548,173
PlzBelieveMe 512,536
MT456 496,924
thechemist83 451,804
ryanbluf 447,548
mindgamer 446,798
D1rtyR1v3r 436,975
luckyuli 427,872

Team PokerStars Pro Remaining:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 421,809 (11th place)

12:40am--Timex ticks no more

Mike "Timex" McDonald was in the big blind. Enough said. Beautiful Man raised to 12,777 and Dolcetrix raised all-in for 144,731. Timex called all-in with pocket nines, Beautiful Man folded, and Dolcetrix showed pocket queens. The board was useless to Timex when it brought 3h-Jh-6d-8h-2d. He finished the tournament in 68th place for a $2,628.00 payday.

12:35am--Can anyone stop ElkY?

Right now, it doesn't look like. It seems like everytime ElkY is involved in a hand, it's with a big hand. And it's a significant win. Check out the latest victory, this one worth 394,572 chips.

12:29am--Timex takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

Too much of an obvious reference for the middle-aged crowd, but possibly too obscure for the younger crowd. We had to use it anyway...

Timex took a rather sizable hit to his impressive stack recently when he lost a 272,500 chip pot to GPSMAN. Timex never showed his hand, but the board read 8h-5d-5s-2d-8d and GPSMAN showed Ah-5h for the full house.

Mike "Timex" McDonald now sits with little more than 55,000, and the aggressive young pro will likely move with that stack very soon.

12:26pm--Eight is great

The field is slimming rapidly and there are just 68 players remaining. That means right now there are only eight tables left. Soon enough there will only be one, and eventually only one player collecting the $263,384 first-place prize.

12:18am--Goral gone from this event, but...

One of two remaining Team PokerStars Pros left in the field is no longer. Marcin "Goral" Horecki made a valiant stand with the last of his chips. For most of the past two levels, he has been below 100,000 in chips, which is well below the average at this point in the tournament.

With 68,862 left, he watched as ztesch raised to 13,000 and it was folded around to him. Goral then raised all-in with As-8d, and ztesch called with a dominating Ac-Kc. The board came 8s-2c-Kh-Td-4c, and that was it for Goral, who left this event in 76th place.

However, Goral was quiet about one thing - pulling double duty in WCOOP events tonight. At this point, he is still alive on the last four tables of the 2-7 Single Draw event, picking up, at minimum, his second cash in one night. Check out the live blog here to follow Goral's progress.

12:09am--Team PS down to ElkY, Goral

In the last two hours there have been numerous Team PokerStars Pros sent to the rail. From Chris Monemaker to Greg Raymer to Humberto Brenes to Katja Thater, they are all almost out of this tournament.

But there are still two Team PokerStars Pros still playing -- Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Marcin "Goral" Horecki. ElkY currently sits 17th with 258,273 chips while Goral is near the bottom of the leaderboard with 68,862.

12:03am--Raymer relegated to rail

greg_raymer.jpgIt only took one hand for Team PokerStars Pro Greg "FossilMan" Raymer to go from a near-average stack to, well, no stack.

Pre-flop action found D1rtyR1v3r raising to 10,250 and Raymer pushing it to 30,000. D1rtyR1v3r then pushed all-in with Ks-Kc and Raymer called all-in with Ac-Kh. Raymer was covered and quite possibly cringed when the board ran out Jh-9s-8s-7c-6h. There was nothing there for Raymer and he was forced to settle for an 89th-place finish in tonight's event.

After the elimination, Raymer typed in the chat box, "hate the old cold deck" and "cya all tomorrow."

11:55pm--bbbbb33 cashes in

If you've been paying close attention to WCOOP action, bbbbb33 should be a familiar name. With cashes in Events #23 and 24 tonight, bbbbb33 now has six WCOOP cashes.

bbbb33 just went out in 102nd place here in this NLHE event, but is still alive in Event #24. He's currently sitting 11th in that tournament. bbbbb33 will only add to the $2,336.00 he collected from Event #23. Not a bad day.

11:47pm--ElkY continues to rise

It was only a couple hours ago that Bernard "ElkY" Grospellier was extremely low on chips. Since then it has been a steady climb near the top of the leaderboard. Currently, ElkY has 227,810 chips and sits in 17th place. Look out field, we have already seen the kind of threat ElkY can be in WCOOP action.

ElkY already has two big WCOOP cashes, one for $320K in heads-up action during Event #19.

11:39pm--And now we pause for a short break prior to Level 17

Level 17
Blinds: 2,000/4,000, ante 400
Average chip count: 149,000
Players remaining: 104
First prize: $263,384

Top ten chip counts:

marzello 581,764
ILAN17 533,774
dinkel 450,477
MPetes 412,045
FlushPiano 347,975
Beautiful Man 329,156
ryanbluf 325,323
scarface_79 304,741
pokerjamers 297,611
schmejkal 290,807

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 177,663 (28th place)
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer 143,198 (45th place)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 106,886 (65th place)

11:28pm--Top twenty for Timex

Mike "Timex" McDonald is looking strong in tonight's NLHE event. With just over 100 players left, he just put himself in the top 20 on that leaderboard.

With some significant betting between Timex and rikimarux before the Ac-Qd-2s-6d board, that turn card prompted Timex to push all-in. rikimarux finally folded. The 204,200 pot went to Timex, catapulting him to a solid position at a critical point in the tournament.

11:28pm--Raymer discusses WCOOP

With Team PokerStars Pro Greg "FossilMan" Raymer still in the hunt for a WCOOP bracelet in tonight's tournament, he sat down with PokerStars.tv to discuss what it means to win one of those coveted bracelets. Check out the video here:

Watch Greg Raymer On The WCOOP on PokerStars.tv

11:18pm--shaniac shown the payout window

Shane "shaniac" Schleger has left the building...err, the online tournament. After having been in the 22nd spot on the leaderboard only a few levels ago, the poker pro had been reduced to less than 40,000 in chips. Seemingly patient and looking for a spot to move, he found it.

1bigbluffer1 made the initial raise to 11,111, and shaniac immediately bumped it up to put himself all-in for 37,021. 1bigbluffer1 called with Qd-Qh. shaniac's Jc-Jd suddenly didn't look so good. The board ran out 8s-2d-4s-2h-3d and 1bigbluffer1 took the pot. shaniac claimed 131st place for a $2,190.00 payout.

11:14pm--Only the best for ElkY

It seems like every time we check in on Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier, he has a premium hand. And we're not even talking about pocket queens or AK. We're talking about kings or aces. This time ElkY won 55K with pocket aces to increase his total to 176,673 chips. He's now 23rd out of the remaining 123 players.

11:08pm--Humberto finally falls

humberto-brenes.jpgIt's been quite a while since Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes had some chips to work with. He had been floating around the 20-30K mark for the last level or so. Finally, Brenes fell victim to the handicap. He finished the tournament in 140th place.

Brenes still earned $2,190.00 and his third WCOOP cash in the last four days.

11:00pm--The international Top 10

No-Limit Hold'Em is popular around the globe. Want some evidence?

Check Event #23's leaderboard. The top 10 is filled with almost all non-Americans.First place right now is FlushPiano, from Moscow. Second place is TicociT, from Tillburg. Third place is marzello from Charrua (South America). The seventh-place player, niccc, is even from Beirut. That really shows the amazing scope of a PokerStars' field.

10:55pm--Is it snowing? No, just a flurry of bustouts

As usual, once the money bubble bursts, there have been numerous eliminations. We are averaging more than two players per minute and the field has already thinned to 145 players...and falling.

10:50pm--RaiNKhAN is tonight's bubble player

Sure, he was short-stacked and hand-for-hand had just begun to determine the final 171 players who would finish this tournament in the money. He just picked the wrong time to move all-in.

With only 23,266 in chips, Hevad "RaiNKhAN" pushed all-in from late position. kindguey called from the big blind. RaiNKhAN showed 8c-7s, but kingduey dominated with As-Kh. The flop was 3d-Ad-6s, but the turn gave RaiNKhAN hope with the 9h for the open-ended straight draw. The river was not so kind, though; the Ac gave kingduey trip aces and all of RaiNKhAN's chips.

Team PokerStars Pro Hevad Khan was not only eliminated, but it just happened to be in 172 place - the money bubble.

10:44pm--MyRabbiFoo not so lucky, eliminated by FossilMan

Greg "FossilMan" Raymer is chipping up nicely in Level 15, recently jumping into the top 20, courtesy of MyRabbiFoo.

MyRabbiFoo pushed all-in over the top of a FossilMan reraise, and FossilMan called with pocket threes. MyRabbiFoo clearly had the edge with pocket kings and looked to double through the Team PokerStars Pro. However, the 7h-3d-8h-4d-5d board gave FossilMan the trips to eliminate the unlucky MyRabbiFoo.

10:40pm--bdubs3737 out a tad too early

After a very solid 45th-place finish in NLHE Event #20 and several other WCOOP cashes, bdubs3737 went out here in 180th place, just missing the money.

10:33pm--A five-minute break - hurry back!

Level 15
Blinds: 1,000/2,000, ante 200
Average chip count: 86,569
Players remaining: 179
First prize: $263,384

Top ten chip counts:

raidalot 282,622
FlushPiano 276,539
mrAndreeew 265,823
Beautiful Man 259,115
TicociT 209,147
Himclip85 202,221
maxmoney 194,443
Claret1 181,080
pokerjamers 177,223
Sh00ter 177,115

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

Greg "FossilMan" Raymer 119,583 (41st place)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 115,769 (44th place)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 106,222 (52nd place)

10:28pm--PearlJammer misses cut

PearlJammer was unable to add to his string of WCOOP cashes here in Event #23. But he didn't miss by much. The dangerous player just went out in 187th place. PearlJammer entered today tied for the WCOOP lead with seven cashes.

PearlJammer is on the verge of cashing in Event #24 -- 2-7 Single Draw.

10:22pm--Only ten more to go until cash

We have just 181 players remaining in this event. The final 171 earn some money for their effort. See who comes up just short. Somebody has to.

Those that finish 127th-171st earn $2,190.00. Those that finish 172nd-181st --- $0.00. A pretty big difference.

10:17pm--Dario doomed

It was a quick fall from the top 40 on the leaderboard to the rail for Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri. Most of the downfall was due to a failed bluff attempt in one key hand.

Minieri raised to 4,000 and was called by PieniFisu. The flop came 8c-6c-Jc, and Minieri led out with an 8,000 bet, which was again called by PieniFisu. The turn of 9d brought another bet from Minieri and call from his opponent. The 4c on the river did the same, and PieniFisu's call on the end was an all-in one, leaving Minieri with only 2,068 returned to him. Minieri showed Kd-Qh for nothing but king high; PieniFisu showed Tc-Ts for the flush. Minieri was crippled.

On the next hand, Minieri pushed all-in. Two players - GARDO and backrhodes - called. After the flop of 3s-9c-4h, backrhodes bet 9,500, causing GARDO to fold. backrhodes then turned up Kc-4c for middle pair and Minieri showed As-3c for bottom pair. The turn and river came 7c and 6c, running clubs to give backrhodes the flush.

Dario Minieri left the field today outside of the money.

10:11pm--ElkY's in with the kings

Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier just went over 100K when his pocket kings locked horns with geirto's pocket queens. geirto's entire 55K stack went over to ElkY, who is now sitting pretty with 127K. Average is 85,500.

geirto exits unable to match last night's effort, when he finished ninth in the Mixed Omaha Event #22.

10:08pm--Moneymaker not making money today

Having struggled a bit in the last few levels of this tournament, Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker sat with 30,575 in chips - not crucially short, but well below average.

iplaypokeher made an initial raise to 3,800, and Moneymaker raised all-in from the small blind. iplaypokeher called the additional 26,625 with pocket nines. Moneymaker showed Ad-Qh. The board came 7h-4s-Jc-6d-Ts and the pocket pair held up for iplaypokeher. Chris "Money800" Moneymaker couldn't add another WCOOP cash to his list today, finishing out of the money in this event.

10:04pm--The money is coming

We're getting pretty close to the money. There are now 204 players remaining in the tournament and 171 cash. Among those that just missed the cut were Team PS Pros Dario Minieri and Chris Moneymaker. More on their departures in a moment.

9:58pm--Thater is through

Her stack was short. The stellar cards were not falling her way. The result is that Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater was eliminated from today's event.

With blinds and antes doing some damage, Thater had been reduced to a stack of 5,364, when she pushed all-in looking for action. No callers, but the blinds and antes helped rebuild a tad. Several hands later, she pushed again from the small blind with Ad-Kh. Aspirin1 called with pocket fours, and the board ran out Jh-3d-9d-7c-8c. The fours held up for Aspirin1, who collected the pot and sent Thater to the rail.

9:50pm--A lot of teams represented

It's a probably a pretty safe assumption that most male poker players are also sports fans. That is evident at many of the tables. ztesch, for example, has a picture of Chicago Bears returner Devin Hester. Right next to him, bbbbb33 has a picture of former Philadelphia Phillie Steve Jeltz. At another table, koolkeith13 has former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor as his avatar. The bottom line is that sports and poker often entwine.

9:42pm--Not a good spot for ElkY

Betrand "ElkY" Gospellier probably would rather have someone else sitting to his left as he sits with a shortstack. stationed directly to ELkY's left is none other than Humberto Brenes.

Still, ElkY doesn't appear intimidated. When the player to his right, Supa4real just reraised to 9,600 with the blinds at 600/1,200, ElkY came over the top for his remaining 33,694. Supa4real called with AKo and ElkY flipped over pocket kings. The kings held up and ElkY doubled to 73,063. He is now above average in chips.

9:36pm--Andy McLEOD takes top spot on leaderboard

Only a few hands into Level 13, Andy McLEOD leapt right into the top spot on the leaderboard, as if he'd been there before...

Come to think of it, he has been in that top spot and taken it all the way to victory; he won 2008 WCOOP Event #16 (PLO) less than a week ago. Combine that with two other cashes in this WCOOP, including a final table seventh-place finish in Event #21 (7-Card Stud), and we can conclude that he is comfortable in these tournaments, to say the least.

Take a look at the hand he won to eliminate a player and take that top spot.

9:32pm--Khan adds 20K

One of the remaining Team PokerStars Pros, Hevad Khan, just added to his stack when the short player to his left, TiltMeBig, put his final 9,841 in the pot pre-flop with Kh-Qd vs. Khan's Ac-Tc. A ten on the flop gave Khan the lead, which he held. He now has 43,566, still below the 60K average.

9:25pm--Back in action

We're back from the break and there are Team PokerStars pros everywhere. There are also countless players who have fared very well so far in WCOOP action. We have past tournament winners, players with multiple cashes and final tables and winners from past years. The field is stacked. It's not going to be easy to navigate.

9:12pm--A 15-minute break, grab a snack

Level 13
Blinds: 600/1,200, ante 125
Average chip count:
Players remaining:
First prize: $263,384

Top ten chip counts:

Himclip85 193,646
Andy McLEOD 188,974
Claret1 177,186
FU_15 167,560
marzello 157,808
Yo Burger 152,696
raidalot 152,118
hoodini10 151,547
Hoppeko 148,038
tpir090036 142,896

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

Marcin "Goral" Horecki 128,868 (16th place)
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer 117,641 (22nd place)
Dario "DarioMinieri" Minieri 96,785 (40th place)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 77,929 (75th place)

8:51pm - Down to the final 300

Team PokerStars pros John Duthie was put out in 332nd place and Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier in 300th.

8:46pm - The Alan Parson project: double up!

Huxfluxen opened the betting from the cutoff for 2,500, and Chris Moneymaker raised to 7,000 from the small blind. Alan Parson then shoved all-in for 23,744, putting huxfluxen to the decision. He thought for a bit but eventually folded, leaving Moneymaker to make the call.

Moneymaker: Tc-Th
Alan Parson: Ac-Kc

The ace on the flop was all Parson needed to more than double up to 50,888. Moneymaker, meanwhile, was down to 39.974.

8:42pm - Horecki hour

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki recently won a dandy. Sitting with 61,225 he re-raised a 1,875 raise preflop from nutsinho to 6,535 out of the small blind. nutsinho responded by four betting to 14,275 and Horecki called.

The flop brought the 3c-5d-4c and Horecki led out for 20K. nutsinho put all of his chips in with Ah-Jc and Horecki called with 7c-8c. The turn brought rain in the form of the 9c and nutsinho's higher flush draw did not come with the Kh river. Horecki held 121,518 chips after the hand, which put him in the top 15.

8:40 pm - Khan drops a bit

Hevad Khan opened for 2,650 when the action folded to him on the button, and JoseGuti shoved all-in from the big blind for 13,173. Khan snap-called with Ah-8c, and JoseGuti showed Qd-Qs; Khan was left with 24,675 after the board ran out 9c-9s-2d-2s-Tc.

8:35pm - ElkY gets outraised

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier is now down to just over 29K. In this hand, he lost nearly half his chips to brainwash, a PokerStars GoldStar player, in a battle of aggression:

8:30pm - Moneymaker gets another boost - or two

Chris Moneymaker just caught a lucky break to bust a short stack at his table. He opened the pot for 2,400 in the hijack and uhadmoney shoved for 7,277. The other players cleared out and Moneymaker made the call with 11,552 already in the pot.

Moneymaker: Qc-5c
uhadmoney: Ac-Jd

The board came down Qd-6s-5d-Jh-Kd, sending uhadmoney to the rail.

On the next hand, Moneymaker would pull in another nice pot. liggy opened for 2,400 in middle position and Moneymaker called from the hijack. Xaston called in the big blind and the three saw a flop of Jd-2d-2s. Xaston checked to liggy, who bet 5,600; Moneymaker called and Xaston folded.

The two checked the hand down when the turn and river came 7d-Kh, and Moneymaker's Ah-Jh won against liggy's Ac-Qc, sending the 19,400 pot to the former world champ. He's now back to 58,698.

8:28pm - 360 players remain

Recent knockouts include Big Riskky in 428th.

8:20 pm - Moving (back) up

Chris Moneymaker's table broke a little while ago, and since arriving at Table 141 he's picked up a few thousand. Most recently his K-T held up on a Qc-Td-6s-5h-9h board to grab a 10k pot. He's now up to 38,296.

8:16pm - Khan doubles


Hevad Khan is back on solid footing again after claiming four of the last eight pots. The last one was the big one.

Khan opened for 2,100 under th gun and JoseGuti called from middle position. The flop came 9h-5s-4h, and Khan led out for 5,500. JoseGuti called and the turn came the 2s. Khan again led out, this time for 8,750, and this time JoseGuti raised him all-in for his last 6,768. Khan called with Qd-Qs, which held against his opponent's Td-9d to boost him to 48,111.

8:13pm - Turning it on

Chris Moneymaker has really ramped up the aggression since losing that huge pot to GPSMAN earlier. He's taken five of the last eight pots down, including one a minute ago where shoved over the top of an under-the-gun raise to 2,000 and a call. During that stertch he's shown his hand twice, and it was A-K both times.

He's now back up to 33,196, just a few thousand below average.

8:09pm--Chip counts at the fifth break

Level 11
Blinds 400/800 75 ante
Average chip count: 37,520
Players remaining: 413
First prize: $263,384

Top ten players:

1. Himclip85 153,390
2. FU_15 122,242
3. shaniac 111,264
4. BREAKURFACE 110,676
5. NemoStars22 107,322
6. dinkel 102,239
7. Roothlus 101,923
8. allinsteve 101,000
9. D1rtyR1v3r 100,474
10. MPetes 99,934

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Dario Minieri 91,611 (17th place)
John Duthie 77,906 (33rd)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 71,711 (40th)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 64,950 (55th)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 56,094 (77th)

7:59pm - Ouch

GPSMAN limped under the gun for 600 and Chris Moneymaker made the bet 3,434 from middle position. The rest of the field once again got out of the way, and GPSMAN called. He then checked on the 9c-7c-5d flop, prompting a bet of 9,000 from Moneymaker. GPSMAN then shoved for 39,921, getting the call from Moneymaker.

Moneymaker: Kd-Kh
GPSMAN: 9d-9s

The board ran out Td-Ac and the 88,060 pot went to GPSMAN. Moneymaker, meanwhile, was left with 23,403.

7:57pm - Akkari all out

Down to around 18K, Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari re-raised a 1,500 bet from yuanyuan to 6,500 preflop and yuanyuan called to see the flop heads-up. After the flop came 4h-7d-4s, yuanyuan put Akkari all-in for his last 8K. Akkari called with Tc-Jc and yuanyuan was ahead with 9c-9s. No help came on the Ad-3s turn-river and Akkari was out in 466th place. Meanwhile, yuanyuan moved up to 40,163.

7:52pm - That move doesn't work on him

GPSMAN limped in from second position and Chris Moneymaker raised to 2,434, clearing everyone else out of the pot. GPSMAN called to see a flop of Ks-Th-9d, and he promptly shoved for 37,187. Moneymaker thought for a bit before mucking and typing this into the chat box:

Money800: ak
Money800: you can have it

We have to wonder how much the lack of a time bank behind Moneymaker is contributing to the moves his opponents are making right now.

7:49pm - Moneymaker rebounds

After such a long time with no activity, Chris Moneymaker just woke up in a big way.

MiniTilt opened for 1,800 in middle position and the action folded around to Moneymaker in the big blind. He shoved for 42,273 almost instantaneously, putting the decision back to MiniTilt for his last 24,969. After letting most of his time run down, MiniTilt called with Ah-Qh - only to find himself behind Moneymaker's As-Kd.

The board never brought any help, bouncing MiniTilt and boosting Moneymaker back up to 69,792.

7:46pm - Say hello to Khan

In addition to our other pros players, we've got our eyes on Hevad "RaiNKhaN" at the moment. He's sitting on a stack of 22,668 after taking down the blinds and antes twice in the last orbit. That's about 11k under the average right now.

7:41pm - Nine events left


There's still another week to ago in the 2008 WCOOP, with nine events left that culminate in the $5,200 NLHE Main Event on Sunday. For the rest of the WCOOP schedule and results of past events, go here.

7:33pm - Someone wake these guys up

We've had our eyes on Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken since his teammate Victor Ramdin busted out, but he's been in folding mode ever since we pulled up his table. Also quiet lately has been Chris Moneymaker. He's now on 47,073, while Boeken has 22,098.

7:27pm - Less than 500 players remain

Still more than 300 eliminations to go until the money is reached.

7:18pm - End of the road for Ramdin

Victor Ramdin opened the pot for 1,200 in second position and found himself facing a re-raise to 3,600 from Gorrioncillo immediately behind him. Ramdin shoved for 13,800 when the action returned to him and Gorrioncillo made the call, giving Ramdin a rebate of 593.

Ramdin: Kh-Kd
Gorrioncillo: Ah-Kc

An ace on the flop was all it took to cripple Ramdin, and he was eliminated in 564th place two hands later in the big blind with 9d-6h against TheChosenWun's Jc-7c.

7:13pm - No time bank?

Chris Moneymaker had been sitting out since timing out during the first hand of this level - a move which depleted his time bank. He came back just in time to play a hand on the button where three players had limped for 1,000 ahead of him. Moneymaker raised to 4,800 and only GPSMAN called from the hijack.

The flop came Qd-8d-8s and GPSMAN checked. Moneymaker bet 8,800 and GPSMAN check-raised all-in for a total of 23,721. Faced with that bet, his time bank suddenly became an issue.

Money800: oh my god\
Money800: no time bank
Money800: jj
Money800: maybe a good thing

He let the hand go and is now sitting on 53,299.

7:08pm - Ramdin doubles up

Victor Ramdin had been tumbling for a while, falling to just 5,575, when he found himself in the small blind facing a raise to 1,200 from PeepOnTheSly. Ramdin shoved all-in and, after some thought, PeepOnTheSly called with Kc-Td. That was behind Ramdin's Ad-Jd, and it stayed there after the board came down As-6s-2c-3c-2h.

7:03pm - As we gather for the fifth hour...

...let us remember our dear departed friends Gavin Griffin in 661st place and Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose in 593rd. May their stacks rest in peace (and win someone else bundles of money).

6:59pm - Chip counts at the fourth break

Level 9
Blinds 200/400 50 ante
Average chip count: 26,264
Players remaining: 590
First prize: $263,384

Top ten players:

1. FU_15 110,055
2. rubenrtv 94,169
3. smellmuth 89,015
5. espartaco60 82,412
6. Johnster 80,772
7. BigRiskky 79,758
8. SHIP_IT.NET 79,322
9. maxmoney 79,101
10. sweetluvin7 78,844

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 67,749 (13th place)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 47,258 (60th)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 45,815 (66th)

6:49pm - Moneymaker cracks the Top 10

Chris Moneymaker just got moved to Table 86, and it didn't take him long to get in the action.

Moneymaker opened the betting for 900 in middle position, getting a call only from MiniTilt in the cutoff. Moneymaker led out for 1,800 on the 9s-4c-4h flop and got a call. Both players checked the Jc on the turn before Moneymaker bet 9,000 on the Js river.

MiniTilt went into the time bank for almost a minute before calling, only to see Moneymaker turn up Qs-Jh for runner-runner trips. The former world champion dragged the 24,075 pot, putting him up to 70,450 and in the top 10 chip counts.

6:46pm - Crunch time for Ramdin

At this point in the tournament, anyone under 10k can drop a significant portion of their stack with just a few preflop calls and continuation bets that don't work out. That's been the pattern for Victor Ramdin the last fifteen minutes or so - he's now down to 7,850 and will be looking to double up pretty soon.

6:43pm - Covering the world of WCOOP

For coverage of the other event today -- $530 NL 2-7 Single Draw -- slide over here.

6:39pm - Moneymaker grabs another big pot

The action before the flop folded around to Chris Moneymaker in the cutoff, where he raised to 900. Comandr_Cool re-raised to 3,150, which only Moneymaker called.

The flop came down 7s-4s-3s with 6,975 in the pot. Moneymaker checked and then called a bet of 4,650. Both players then checked the Th turn, bringing the 2d on the river. This time it was the former world champ who led out for 8,100. He got the call and showed Ah-5s for the wheel, good enough to claim the 32,475 pot and boost his stack to 56,725.

6:36pm - Victor feels the pain

Victor Ramdin has a stack worth less than his original buy-in and add-on now, all thank to domination at the hands of tpir90036.

tpir90036 opened for 900 in second position and Ramdin called in the cutoff to see a flop of Qs-Td-2d. tpir90036 checked, allowing Ramdin to bet 1,200 before raising to 3,300. Ramdin called that bet and the turn brought the 9s. tpir90036 shoved almost immediately, and after about 10 seconds Ramdin made the call.

It was Kh-Qh for Ramdin and Ad-Qc for tpir90036. The Qd was no help to the Team PokerStars Pro, and he found himself down to 9,775. tpir90036, meanwhile, stacked up to 27,365.

6:32pm - Barry bounced

Barry Greenstein had managed to build his stack back up to 26,522 when the following hand occurred. He raised to 900 preflop and JP OSU re-raised to 3,925. Greenstein called and they saw the flop heads-up.

That flop was 9d-8d-6d. Greenstein checked, JP OSU bet 4,325, Greenstein check-raised to 15K and JP OSU put him all-in. Greenstein called, showing the Jd-Jh, but was in terrible shape against Ad-As. The board finished off with 6h-2h and barryg1 was gone in 665th place. Meanwhile, JP OSU was up to 57,673.

6:28pm - Less than 700 players left

Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy (out in 746th place) is among those with a toe tag in this event. Other notables out recently include sheets in 850th, BeLOWaBOVe in 819th, Nordberg in 802nd, AJunglen7 in 749th and emptyseat88 in 696th.

6:23pm - Ramdin drops a bit

Victor Ramdin got involved in a five-way pot and it ended up costing him almost a third of his stack.

-#1Lotery opened for 750 under the gun and got calls from Chong94 in second position, TheChosenWun on the button, Ramdin in the small blind, and Gorrioncillo in the big blind. The action checked to -#1Lottery on the 8s-7d-4s flop and he bet 3,000. That's where things got a little crazy.

Chong94 moved all-in for 6,602, building the pot to 13,577. TheChosenWun got out of the way, but Ramdin raised to 14,750. Gorrioncillo then called all-in for 12,101, leaving -#1Lottery with the decision. He quickly got out of the way and the three remaining players showed their hands:

Ramdin 9c-9d
Gorrioncillo Ks-2s
Chong94 Ac-Ah

The turn was the 8d, helping nobody, and the river was the Kh. That shipped the main pot of 26,775 to Chong94 and the side pot of 10,995 to Gorrioncillo. Ramdin, meanwhile, was left with 24,825.

6:21pm - ElkY makes his move

Team PokerStars Pro Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier has moved into the top 20 thanks to this hand:

6:14pm - Andre Akkari hanging around

We haven't talked about him much, but Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari is doing OK for himself with about an average stack.

With 18,220, Akkari raised to 650 and lahshmi2005 re-raised to 1,850 from the button. Akkari called. The flop brought the 2d-3h-7s and Akkari checked. lahshmi2005 bet 2,700, Akkari check-raised to 7,550 and lahshmi2005 folded. After this hand, Akkari was up to 23,370.

6:03pm - Big double for Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker just doubled his stack - and all the action was preflop.

devinr12, stacked at over 41k, opened for 750 on the button. KAG1 folded in the small blind, but Moneymaker popped it to 3,250 from the big blind. devinr12 asked for time, but he didn't need much of it to make an all-in bet. Moneymaker quickly called his entire 22,325 stack off and showed Kc-Kd to his opponent's Qc-Qh.

The flop came down Ac-8h-5h, but the turn brought the Jh to give devinr12 a flush draw with one card to come. The 2d fell on the river, though, shipping a 45,000 pot to Moneymaker and dropping devinr12 to 19,343.

5:54pm--Chip counts at the third break

Level 7
Blinds 125/250 25 ante
Average chip count: 19,615
Players remaining: 790
First prize: $263,384

Top ten players:

1. FU_15 101,889
2. TicociT 81,452
3. NoraFlum 63,496
4. Binkament 57,452
5. acehighdro 57,410
6. j_t_s80 55,323
7. shiptosails 52,826
8. Jin_ 51,035
9. maxmoney 50,012
10. iplaypokeher 49,303

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes 42,690 (27th place)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 35,360 (71st)
Victor Ramdin 33,476 (85th)

5:46pm - FU_15 is a beast

Truthfully, as far as we know, FU_15 could in actuality be a beauty, but we do know he's got a whale of a stack. He just tangled with Vzryv_Mozga again, finishing his foe off. The two players got the rest of Vzryv_Mozga's 9K stack all-in on a flop of Js-4c-9s. FU_15 had flopped top pair with Jc-Tc to best the 7c-7d of Vzryv_Mozga. The turn and river bricked off with 8d-2c and FU_15 was up to 102,389 after the hand.

5:42pm - Making money

One way to get ahead is to let your opponents do the betting for you when you have a decent hand. That's what Chris Moneymaker just did to get himself over 23K.

Moneymaker limped in under the gun for 200, calling imeasytoread's cutoff raise to 800 to see a flop of Ad-Qd-2h. Moneymaker then check-called bets of 1,000 (flop), 2,000 (5c turn), and 4,000 (5h river) to take down a pot worth 15,900 with As-Ts, topping his opponent's 9d-9s.

That's got Moneymaker up to 23,050, his high point in this event.

5:38pm - FU_15 jumps out to big lead

Already ahead with 67,650, FU_15 (we don't know who he is, but his avatar is a photo of Kido Pham...) just got himself another chunk of chips. Vzryv_Mozga opened for 600 and FU_15 re-raised to 1,800 and the two saw the flop heads-up.

That flop was Td-Ah-As and Vzryv_Mozga check-called a 3,400 bet. He checked again on the turn (the 6d), but check-raised to 14,400 after FU_15 bet 7,200. FU_15 called that raise and the river brought the 3c. This time Vzryv_Mozga check-called a 3,200 bet from FU_15 and mucked when FU_15 showed Ad-Qc for trips. FU_15 was up to 90,750 after the hand, giving this player a 30K chip lead on the field.

5:31pm - Ramdin's path

Victor Ramdin has been trending downward since jumping to almost 40k earlier, dropping as low as 29,376. That's where he was a moment ago when he took down a 10,000 pot in a blind-vs.-blind situation with a re-re-raise on the turn against Gorrioncillo, with the board reading 8h-6h-6d-Qh.

Of course, true to his style, Ramdin gave back about 3k of his winnings on the very next hand, taking him back down to 31,976. One thing's for sure: Ramdin understands the old poker maxim "you have to give action to get action."

5:26pm - Moneymaker claims one

Chris Moneymaker had been quiet for quite some time. When he woke up to play a hand, his timing ended up being pretty good.

Moneymaker opened for 600 in the cutoff and got calls from Comandr_Cool on the button and dazzy2004 in the big blind. Moneymaker bet 1,000 on the Qh-Jc-8h flop, driving off Comandr_Cool, but after a bit of thought dazzy2004 check-raised to 2,885. Moneymaker went into his time bank before eventually deciding to call, leaving himself 6,215 behind.

dazzy2004 led out for 3,725 when the Kc came on the turn, and Moneymaker instantly shoved all-in. dazzy2004 took his time but eventually got out of the way, shipping the 15,120 pot over to the former WSOP Main Event champion. He now has a stack of 17,610.

5:23pm - Down to 875

Players, that is. Count Team PokerStars pros Bill Chen (997th) and Lee Nelson (952nd) among the departed, along with mig.com in 995th.

5:20pm - Barry's rebate

Barry Greenstein got many of his chips back after this hand, when he battled Phwap one more time. This hand moved him up to 19,528. After it was over, Greenstein typed in the chat box, simply, "rebate".

5:15pm - Greenstein keeps losing the greenbacks

Barry Greenstein raised to 450 from UTG + 1 and Phwap called from the small blind. The flop of Jd-2s-7s started a raising war that resulted in Phwap getting all-in for his 22K stack. Greenstein held Ks-Kd while Phwap had flopped a set with 7h-7d. The turn and river came 8s-3h and Greenstein was down to 8,864. Phwap was up to 39,504.

5:11 pm - Ramdin rolling

Another pot, another big jump for Victor Ramdin.

PeepOnTheSly opened for 450 in middle position and Ramdin called in the hijack. Gorrioncillo called as well in the cutoff, building the pot to 1,575 before the Kd-Td-2h flop ever came down. PeepOnTheSly checked to Ramdin, who bet 1,050; that scared off Gorrioncillo, but PeepOnTheSly came along.

PeeopOnTheSly decided to check-call 3,150 on the 4s turn and 6,000 on the 3s river, but he mucked when Ramdin turned up Ks-Qh for a pair of kings. That 21,975 pot was good enough to boost Ramdin to 39,826.

5:06pm - BOOM!

Victor Ramdin finally has a few chips to work with.

He opened for 450 in the hijack and called another 1,000 when SHIPP ITT raised from the small blind, building the pot to 3,050. SHIPP ITT led out for 2,150 on the 8c-7h-2h flop ad Ramdin flat-called, making the pot worth 7,350. Both players then checked when the Jh came on the turn.

When the Jc hit the river, SHIPP ITT bet 5,000. Ramdin shoved for a total of 11,915 and got the call he wanted - he flipped up Kh-Qh, cracking SHIPP ITT's Ad-Ah and claiming a super-sized pot worth 31,180.

5:02pm - Greenstein loses nearly half his stack

Luckily for the Team PokerStars pro, Barry "barryg1" Greenstein held an impressive 41K stack when this hand occurred. imeasy2read opened for 150, Greenstein called and BirdBoy100 raised to 2K from the small blind. imeasy2read folded and Greenstein called.

The flop came 6h-Kc-9h and BirdBoy100 led out for 2,050. Greenstein responded with a raise to 11,250 and BirdBoy100 pushed all-in for 13,453 total. Greenstein held Ah-Jh for a flush draw and was in bad shape against the Kh-Ks of BirdBoy100 that gave him a set. The 9s came on the river, ending Greenstein's chances. He fell to 25,841 while BirdBoy100 now has 31,506.

4:55pm - Ramdin down, up again

PeepOnTheSly has gotten hte best of Victor Ramdin a handful of times already today, and he just did it again. He opened for 450 in middle position and Ramdin re-raised to 1,650 in the cutoff. PeepOnTheSly called to build a pot of 3,525, and we went heads-up to the 9d-7c-5s flop, which both players checked.

They again both checked on the 5h turn, and when the 6d came on the river PeepOnTheSly finally led out for 2,100. Ramdin thought for a while before making the call, but he mucked his hand when PeepOnTheSly showed J-J for the win - and a pot worth 7,725.

Ramdin was down to 7,720, but three hands later he would double that. Ramdin raised the minimum in early position and his only caller was papychulo777 in the big blind. papychulo777 check-called a 600 bet from Ramdin on the Jc-4c-3d flop, bringing the 7c on the turn.

papychulo777 again checked, and Ramdin bet 900, leaving himself 5,770 behind.papychulo777 thought for a bit before check-raising to 2,250, putting the decision back to Ramdin. He waited and then shoved all-in, getting a fast call from papychulo777, who held 6d-5h for the straight. Ramdin also had 6-5, but both his were clubs for the flush. Just like that, he was back to 15,215.

4:50pm - Squeezing the life out of him?

With several players in the pot for a raise, Daniel Negreanu tried the squeeze play for his entire stack. See how that turned out:

4:43pm - Chip counts at the second break

Level 5
Blinds 75/150
Average chip count: 15,925
Players remaining: 973
First prize: $263,384

Top ten players:

1. Alan Parson 40,417
2. kabutze 40,020
3. Binkament 39,620
4. CASINOICE 39,310
5. NemoStars22 38,917
6. Mrazeg 37,635
7. Mescalin8 35,980
8. SobraBoY 35,295
9. mohamar 34,750
10. Team PS Pro Barry "barryg1" Greenstein 34,532

Other team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Marcin "Goral" Horecki 33,560 (17th place)
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken 27,062 (68th)
Dario Minieri 24,847 (97th)

4:37pm - The Victor we know and love

After watching him sit back for the first hour, we're finally seeing the Victor Ramdin we expected. He dropped that big pot to PeepOnTheSly but stormed back to win three of the next six pots.

He took down the first, worth 2,800, with a 7,070 all-in bet on the river with 2,800 in the pot and a board reading Tc-8d-4s-Kh-7s. The second, worth 2,250, he claimed by raising PeepOnTheSly's 600 bet into a 1,050 pot on a Kh-5d-2c board. Finally there was the third, which he took with a bet of 1,100 into 2,150 on a board of As-8c-2h-9h-Kd.

These are the sorts of swings we're used to seeing from Ramdin, who's never afraid to gamble it up in pursuit of a big stack. He's now up to 11,470.

4:35pm--How do you like that Mr. Negreanu?

Daniel Negreanu got the tables turned on him somewhat when it was he who faced a large bet on the river. See how that hand played out here:

Negreanu is now sitting on a stack of 14,900.

4:29pm - Victor drops a big pot

papychulo777 opened the betting for 300 in middle position and was re-raised to 1,200 by PeepOnTheSly in the hijack. Victor Ramdin called on the button, and papychulo777 came along as well to see the flop come down 5c-4d-2h.

All three players checked and the turn was the 9h. The action checked to Ramdin, who bet 2,100 into 3,750. papychulo777 folded, but PeepOnTheSly made the call, building the pot further to 7,950. PeepOnTheSly would check-call another 4,100 from Ramdin on the river, taking the pot down when his As-Kd topped Ramdin's Ah-Qh.

Ramdin is now sitting on a stack of 8,370.

4:25pm - Ramdin on the rise

Victor Ramdin limped in under the gun for 100 and PokerSavage1 raised to 450 from the hijack, TheChosenWun called from the big blind and Ramdin called as well, building the pot up to 1,400. The flop came down Jc-5h-3h and all three players checked.

The ChosenWun checked the Kd on the turn, and Ramdin led out for 900. PokerSavage1 raised to 2,400, scaring away TheChosenWun, but he didn't have a call in him when Ramdin shoved for a total of 12,170. That pot boosts Ramdin's stack to 15,970.

4:24pm--Less than 1,000 players remain

Eliminations are still fairly slow as players still have a ton of play with 50/100 blinds and average stacks greater than 15,000. Among the recent bustouts are Team PokerStars pros Raymond Rahme in 1,107th, Luca Pagano in 1,056th and Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes in 1,006th.

4:20pm - Moneymaker takes a hit

KAG1 opened the betting in middle position for 300 and Chris Moneymaker made the call in the hijack, bringing a flop of Qs-9h-5s. KAG1 led out for 300 into 750, eliciting a raise to 1,000 from Moneymaker. KAG1 made the call and the turn was the Ac, which both players checked. KAG1 bet 1,500 on the river and got the call he wanted, showing down Qc-Qd to take down the 5,750 pot.

That drops Moneymaker to 11,625.

4:09pm - He's a Moneymaker

The action began with vinnybstgk opening for 150 in second position; devinr12 called in the hijack and Chris Moneymaker raised to 550 on the button. Both his opponents called to see the flop come down 6h-4s-4c. They both checked to Moneymaker, who bet 1,350 - apparently just enough to take down the pot.

Thanks to that 30 seconds of work, Moneymaker is now back up to 15,900.

4:05pm--Brown flushed away

Chad Brown was sitting at just over 14K when he limped for 50. RunThisTable raised to 250 and got three callers, including Brown. The flop brought Qh-8c-4d and all players checked. Brown led out for 500 after the Qc hit the turn and only puntobanco called.

The river was the action inducing 3c. puntobanco opened for 1,700, Brown raised to 6,700 and puntobanco shoved all-in for 12,312. Brown called with the Kc-9c for a flush, but puntobanco had hit a full house on the river with 3s-3d. Brown was eliminated in 1,057th place while puntobanco ended the hand with a hefty 26,699.

4:00pm - Another dip for Victor

Things aren't really going Victor Ramdin's way today. He just lost a 3,225 pot with T-T against -#1Lottery-'s 6-6 when his opponent flopped a set, taking him down to 12,670. Luckily for Ramdin there's plenty of play in today's structure.

3:55pm - Great call by PokerSavage1

Over on Table 43, where Victor Ramdin is playing today, we just saw PokerSavage1 use up an awful lot of time before making a great call.

The action began with shaamo opening the pot in middle position for 175. PokerSavage1 re-raised to 575 immediately behind him, getting calls from PeepOnTheSly on the button, TheChosenWun in the small blind, and shaamo.

When the flop came 9s-9d-7c, action checked to shaamo and he bet 950. PokerSavage1 raised to 2,450, leaving himself 12,790 behind and clearing out the other two opponents; however, he drew an all-in bet of 9,570 from shaamo. If PokerSavage1 made the call and was wrong, he would be left with under 6,000.

PokerSavage 1 let his allotted time run down before asking for his time bank. Over 80 seconds would elapse before he finally made the call, showing Kc-Kd to shaamo's Ad-Qs. The deck rewarded PokerSavage1's call by not putting an ace on the board, sending shaamo to the rail and boosting PokerSavage1 to 27,160.

3:46pm - This game is easy

Sometimes you give up on a hand and win it anyway. That's what just happened to Chris Moneymaker. He limped in early position, 0oh$$No limped on the button, gangster2222 called in the small blind, and devinr12 checked his big blind.

All four players checked the 8c-7h-6c flop, and when the action checked to Moneymaker on the 7d turn he bet 400 into 900. Only gangster2222 called, and the two of them checked down the Jd on the river. Moneymaker flipped up the Ac-5c and found he was good against gangster2222's Kc-Qc for the 1,700 pot.

3:42pm--Prize pool today is $1.46 million

We told you it was going to be a big one. We ended up with 1,159 players, 807 rebuys and 954 add-ons, creating a prize pool of $1.46 million. The winner will receive $263,384 and 171st will get $2,190.

3:39pm--Chip counts at the first break

Level 3
Blinds 25/50
Average chip count: 14,203
Players remaining: 1,093
First prize: $263,384

Top ten players:

1. bbbbb33 28,490
3. VARICO 27,140
4. vishnu24 26,349
5. dazzy2004 26,236
6. Team PS Pro Noah "Exclusive "Boeken 26,162
7. CHEVALLEMY 25,300
8. NemoStars22 25,102
9. NoraFlum 24,975
10. Stammdogg 24,145

Other team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu 23,650 (13th place)
Dario Minieri 20,560 (59th)
Gavin Griffin 20,110 (66th)

3:28pm--Negreanu clubbing his opponent on the head

A four flush board certainly gives an aggressive player an opportunity to put his foe to a tough decision. Watching this hand play out, do you think he had it?

3:22pm - Double-up for Ramdin

Victor Ramdin just doubled his stack at an opportune time. He opened for 90 and got calls from -#1Lottery- in the hijack and tpir90036 in the small blind. When tpir90036 checked the Jh-Ts-2h flop, Ramdin bet 210 into 300. Thatcleared out -#1Lottery-, but tpir90036 check-raised to 690. Ramdin then shoved for 1,795 and got the call.

Ramdin showed Kc-Js to tpir90036's Kh-9h and dodged hearts and queens for the rest of the hand to build himself back up to 3,890.

3:19pm - Up and down

Chris Moneymaker finally grabbed another pot a few minutes ago, turning two pair with K-Q to claim a multi-way pot worth 890. Then he gave back the bulk of his take from that pot in the next one. First he limped in for 30; then, after a raise behind him to 135, a call, and a re-raise to 450 from the big blind, Moneymaker flat-called only to fold to a continuation bet on the jack-high flop.

Moneymaker now sits on a stack of 6,535.

3:15pm--Eliminations are so far few

Since players have multiple chances to come back from dropped pots in this event we haven't seen many bustouts yet. So far, only 40 players are gone. Among them are Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso and Sowerss.

3:07pm - Hmmmmmm

It's been more than 10 minutes since either Chris Moneymaker or Victor Ramdin has played a hand past the flop. That's not entirely out of the ordinary for Moneymaker, but we're really used to seeing Ramdin mix it up. What's gotten into him today?

3:01pm--KidPoker quick out of the gate

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu, as he often does in rebuy events, is starting out fast today. He's already up slightly above 14,000 and near the top 10 on the leaderboard. We'll keep close tabs on him.

2:57pm - A little bit lower

Victor Ramdin is down to 2,080 after check-calling three bets from PeepOnTheSly worth 720 on a board of Kc-9c-5s-6d-Ah. The bad news was that PeepOnTheSly held 6h-6s, for the turned set.

2:55pm - First downswing of the day

Victor Ramdin's stack rarely stays in one place for very long. It just took its first downswing of the day on a hand where Ramdin limped in under the gun. Gorrioncillo raised to 100 behind him, and after papychulo777 called on the button, Ramdin did the same to leave him out of position the rest of the way.

Ramdin checked the flop of 7d-4h-2c; Gorrioncillo bet 260, getting calls from papychulo777 and Ramdin. The turn brought the 4s, and action checked to papychulo777, who bet 680 into 1,110. Ramdin thought fr a while before calling, and Gorrioncillo folded.

On the 2s river, Ramdin led out for 620 into 2,470. papychulo thought for about ten seconds before moving all-in for 2,840. Ramdin took a while before folding, leaving himself with 2,800.

2:51pm--Smack talking at Table 121

RunThisTable plans to try to live up to his name. After Chad Brown raised to 40 on the button, RunThis Table re-raised to 150 from the small blind and typed:

"chad i'll lend you $500 if you want cause i'm gonna win all of your chips anyway"

Brown typed "very kind of you" as he called the raise.

"i'm a kind guy" RunThisTable responded.

After a flop of Ad-Tc-3c, both players checked. When the As hit the turn, RunThisTable led out for $215 and Brown mini-raised to $430. RunThisTable called.

The river brought the 3h and RunThisTable opened for $885. Brown thought and called. RunThisTable showed Ah-Js for a full house and Brown mucked. After the hand, RunThisTable was up to 9,935 while Brown fell to 2,393.

2:47pm--Can't go crazy today (except in the size of the prize pool)

With the stipulation today that players can only rebuy once and add-on once you won't see too much crazy play in the first hour today. What you will see is one gigantic prize pool. So far, we have 1,123 entries and 626 rebuys, creating a prize pool just north of $875,000. It will only get a lot bigger from here, well above $1 million most likely.

2:45pm - Moneymaker down a bit

Chris Moneymaker's sitting just a touch under 7k now thanks to a blind-vs.-blind hand.

The action folded to moneymaker in the small blind and he limped in before calling a raise to 70 by Comandr_Cool. Moneymaker then check-called bets of 110 (flop), 310 (turn), and 680 (river) with a board of Js-6h-5h-Ts-5c. We'll never know what he had, though, because he mucked as soon as Comandr_Cool showed his pocket kings.

2:40pm - Good timing, Victor

When he did decide to play, things worked out well for Victor Ramdin. tpir90036 opened in the cutoff for 60 and Ramdin was the only caller in the big blind. Both players checked the Jd-6s-3h flop, and the turn came the 6d.

This time Ramdin led for 120 and got the call; when the 4s came on the river, he bet 480 and again got a call. Flipping up 6c-4c, he dragged the 1,330 pot with a full house.

2:35pm - You won't see this too often

We're five minutes in and Victor Ramdin, the Team PokerStars Pro well known for his freewheeling style, hasn't played a hand yet. Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen.

2:32pm - Make money money money

Chris Moneymaker opted to take his rebuy immediately today - and to take the first pot, as well. On the button he re-raised gangster2222's opening bet of 60 to 180, getting the call and then firing the pot on the king-high flop. That was good enough to take it down.

Added to the next pot, worth 210, that puts Moneymaker on 8,360 in the early going.

2:30pm--Away we go

Event #23 is now off and running with 1,036 players and counting. This is going to be a big one -- the guarantee is $500,000, but you can be sure the prize pool will well exceed that -- so get in; you've still got the next 30 minutes.

WCOOP Event #23 to begin at 2:30pm ET

The 23rd event of the 2008 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker begins at 2:30pm ET. The $530 NLHE event will allow for one rebuy and one add-on. Players are guaranteed a $500,000 prize pool.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP