WCOOP Event 24: stevejpa has found a new game

by Steve Paul-Ambrose

The No Limit 2-7 drew one of the smallest field of WCOOP so far (as well as the first overlay) and not surprisingly one of the toughest. The field was full of recognizable names, some with 2-7 experience, some without. I recognized nearly everyone at my starting table, though we quickly found out that most of us had never played a hand of the game.

That said, I can safely say that I'll be looking to play a lot more NL 2-7 in the future. It's a fast paced game that encourages a lot of aggression and bluffing, both pre and post draw. My tournament never quite got off the ground. I hovered between 5000 and 7000 before finally hitting a little rush and getting to 17000. Unfortunately, I immediately lost several pots and ended up busting when I drew to 2345 after moving in predraw and came up with a straight.

Other Team Pokerstars Pros Bill Chen and Gavin Griffin narrowly missed the final table. Heads up came down to luvgamble and Mike "Sirwatts" Watson, recent WPT Bellagio Cup winner and fellow graduate of the University of Waterloo. The match was back and forth, with luvgamble eventually winning $42,000 and the WCOOP bracelet after nearly 13 hours of play.

Congrats to luvgamble, Mike, and all other final table participants!

Steve Paul-Ambrose is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

Brad Willis
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