WCOOP Event #27 NLHE Triple Shootout live blog

Live blog coverage of WCOOP Event #27 $530 No-Limit Hold'em Triple Shootout is brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Johnny Kampis, Jennifer Newell, and Jordan Raanan.

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6:22am--TheActionKid wins, SgtKyle finished in second place

Once TheActionKid took over the chip lead, he was determined to claim the victory. With SgtKyle only having 11,291 in his possession, he imped into the pot, but TheActionKid raised all-in. SgtKyle called all-in with As-Jd, but TheActionKid showed pocket eights.

Board: 8h-Ad-Qh-Qd...wait for it...8c

TheActionKid won with quads! What a way to do it. It just looks so good.

SgtKyle finished in second place and took home a $51,030 prize. TheActionKid won the WCOOP title, bracelet and $76,545 first place prize money.

6:18am--TheActionKid ends Event #27 with quads

The ActionKid just finished off SgtKyle in heads-up play with quads to win Event #27 No-Limit Hold'em Triple Shootout.

6:17am--A short break

The break served as nothing more than a pitstop. The players waived the final few minutes and returned to play.

6:14am--Heads-up heads to short break

Round 3
Level 9
Blinds 200/400, ante 50
Average chip count: 22,500
Players remaining: 2
First prize: $76,545.00
Second prize: $51,030

Remaining player chip counts:

TheActionKid 36,134
SgtKyle 8,866

6:09am--TheActionKid gets action, takes lead

TheActionKid never gave up during this heads-up match. And once he climbed above the 15,000 mark, it looked like there was a chance. Sure was.

TheActionKid came out raising the hand, and SgtKyle called to see the 5c-6c-Kh flop. TheActionKid bet 975, SgtKlye check-raised to 2,465 and TheActionKid pushed all-in for 17,067 with Ks-9h for top pair. SgtKyle called with 7c-4c and the straight flush draw. The turn and river came Ad and 9s and TheActionKid dodged everything and doubled through SgtKyle with two pair.

The new chipleader, by quite the large margin, is now TheActionKid.

6:02am--Deal not in the works

It's as if SgtKyle and TheActionKid never even thought of making a deal. And maybe they didn't. Considering the final two players didn't say a single word about making a deal, it's safe to say a deal isn't going to happen.

5:57am--Rip_Cheese crippled, then eliminated in third place

It was a sick hand that crippled Rip_Cheese. He moved all-in preflop with Qc-Ts and TheActionKid called all-in with Kd-Td. The board was 8h-8c-9d-Qd-4d - the two pair of Rip_Cheese was trumped by the runner-runner flush.

Rip_Cheese was left with less than 2,500 in chips. When SgtKyle raised all-in moments later, Rip_Cheese called all-in with Kd-9c. SgtKyle showed Qc-5h. The cards were dealt 7c-Qh-Tc-4d-2h and the pair of queens was good for SgtKyle to take the pot.

Rip_Cheese was sent to the rail in third place with $36,450.

5:55am--Rip_Cheese is out, heads-up underway

Now that Rip_Cheese has been eliminated, SgtKyle and TheActionKid are mired in heads-up play. Here is how the two remaining players stood entering the action:

SgtKyle 33,958
TheActionKid 11,042

It's Chicago (The ActionKid) vs. Maryland (SgtKyle).

5:50am--porcelet still playing...in Event 28

Amazing feat. porcelet finished this tournament in seventh place a few hours ago, but little did we know that porcelet was doing well - thriving - in Event #28. porcelet has just made it to the final table of the Limit Omaha 8/b tournament. That is two final tables in the same night!

Congratulations to porcelet for the accomplishment. To keep an eye on this player still going for his first 2008 WCOOP title, visit the Event #28's live blog.

5:43am--Plenty of all-ins, no knockouts

With Rip_Cheese and TheActionKid both hovering around $7K, they have not been shy to push their stack in the middle. They have avoided calls however, Sooner or later though if they keep it up we should have some all-in action.

5:36am--No mention of a deal

Three-handed play has gone on without a mention of a deal. It doesn't appear that any of the three players are interested at this juncture. Maybe that will change when they go heads-up, but for now, it's all about playing poker.

5:29am--The almighty dollar...and WCOOP title

At this point in the game, there is a lot at stake. Not only are the money differences between third, second, and first very significant, but there is a WCOOP title - and bracelet - on the line. To many poker players, the title is just as, if not more, important than the title. But just for kicks, let's look at the payouts for the top three spots:

3rd place: $36,450
2nd place: $51,030
1st place: $76,545

5:18am--Rip_Cheese doubles through chipleader

It didn't look like Rip_Cheese was going to catch a break, and with the way SgtKyle had been running, the odds weren't in Rip_Cheese's favor.

SgtKyle made the initial raise - shocker - and Rip_Cheese reraised all-in for his last 5,676 with Kh-Kd. SgtKyle called with 9d-9h and the flop came down Ad-9c-2d-Qd-6d. We imagine Rip_Cheese breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he hit the diamond flush and collected the 11,677 pot to stay in the game.

5:12am--Final three take five

Round 3
Level 7
Blinds 125/250
Average chip count: 15,000
Players remaining: 3
First prize: $76,545.00

Remaining player chip counts:

SgtKyle 26,753
TheActionKid 11,972
Rip_Cheese 6,275

5:06am--Jorj95 out in fourth place

The floodgates must have opened. After a long period without a bust there were two in two hands. On the very next hand after ElkY was eliminated, Jorgj95 decided to make his move. He pushed his final 2,938 chips into the pot from the small blind with 4c-5c. TheActionKid called from the big blind with pocket sixes.

The board came out 2c-th-Qd-Ad-2h and Jorj95 was out in fourth place with a $27,337.50 reward for his 14 1/2 hours of play.

5:02am--ElkY eliminated in fifth place

The last Team PokerStars Pro standing fought the good fight. He not only survived the two rounds to get to the final table but managed to hang on through the grueling hours of final table action.

Toward the end, ElkY struggled with the short stack. His final hand started like many did, with SgtKyle raising. So ElkY reraised from the big blind all-in for 4,604. SgtKyle called and showed Kc-Jh, and ElkY looked good with Ad-Qs. But the board came Ah-6h-Qh-6d-9h and SgtKyle had the heart in his hand to make the flush. ElkY's two pair were no good.

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier accepted fifth place and the $20,047.50 reward for his efforts.

4:56am--lipster99 finally succumbs, takes sixth place

We've seen all-in moves over the past hour but no calls. So when lipster99 moved all-in preflop from the small blind after a SgtKyle raise, the fact that SgtKyle called almost knocked us out of our chairs. lipster99 was all-in for the last 3,143 of his stack with pocket nines. SgtKyle turned over pocket sevens.

The board ran out Qh-7c-Js-8h-2c and SgtKyle caught his card to eliminate lipster99 in sixth place. lipster99 was awarded $14,580 for the finish.

4:50am--Does ElkY ever sleep?

When ElkY cashes in a WCOOP event, it's not a 100th-place finish. It's Top 15. This is actually ElkY's fifth Top 15 finish this year. What does that mean, beside that ElkY's bank account is growing? It means that ElkY must never sleep. Right now this event has already lasted over 14 hours. Friday's first event, the $530 NLH re-buy tournament, begins in just nine hours. And who knows how much long they will be at this final table.

It doesn't matter though. Sleep is overrated anyway.

4:46am--No cards for ElkY?

Maybe the last remaining Team PokerStars Pro has been trying to make moves with bad cards, but almost every time he has made a move, someone reraised and he folded. And with that run over the past twenty hands or so, ElkY has found himself with the lowest chip stack at the table, just over 4,000.

4:27am--Hitting the three-hour mark with six players remaining

Obviously, our six finalists did not heed our break advice about brushing up on the "no-limit" portion of this NLHE game. Small-ball poker is the preferred method here, and chips are not changing hands with any significance.

Moving into our third hour of six-handed play, SgtKyle still sits out front with nearly 13,000 in chips, but none of the other players are severely short-stacked and forced into action.

4:22am--Three hours, only two eliminations

It's been almost three hours since the first final table player, tictac was eliminated. Since thed, only WiscoMurray and porcelet were knocked out of the tournament. This seems like a rather careful final six.

4:13am--SgtKyle climbs

On the third hand after the last break, SgtKyle showed what his already large chip stack could do. By betting strong after the board ran out Ts-Ah-7s-7h-5c, Jorj95 was forced out and folded the 2,643 pot to SgtKyle, who then shot up above the 14,000 chip mark.

4:08am--Back in action

Despite most of the players wanting to cut the break short, it didn't happen. TheActionKid needed the time to do something -- eat, shower, go to the bathrooom, who knows. Regardless, we play on for the bracelet and some nice first-place money.

3:55am--Players take a break to reflect on what the term all-in means

It has been awhile since the all-in move was used. This is still No-Limit Hold'em. Just sayin'.

Round 3
Level 5
Blinds 75/150
Average chip count: 7,500
Players remaining: 6
First prize: $76,545.00

Remaining player chip counts:

SgtKyle 12,564
TheActionKid 8,866
ElkY 7,833
Jorj95 5,684
Rip_Cheese 5,651
lipster99 4,402

3:42am--SgtKyle adds a little distance

At the beginning of the hand, all of the chip counts were relatively in the same range. The lowest was 5,757, and the highest count was 9,012 with the others in the middle. Action had slowed with no significant pots that changed the dynamic of the table.

Until SgtKyle and ElkY began to tangle.

In one key hand, ElkY started the action with a raise, which was called by lipster99, SgtKyle, and Rip_Cheese. When the flop came 7c-Qd-2h, ElkY led the betting with 666, and the other players folded when SgtKyle raised it to 1,475. ElkY called and, when the turn brought a 3h, SgtKyle bet 2,355, causing ElkY to fold. The 4,410 put SgtKyle out in front of the six-pack.

3:30am--Checking in with Event #28

This NLHE tournament isn't the only WCOOP event in action right now. Event #29, Omaha High-Low, is still far from completed. Follow the action all morning, night or afternoon with the live blog.

3:19am--lipster99's unusual hesitation move

lipster99 just won a nice pot from ElkY with a king-high flush with the board showing 2d-5h-Jd-9h-4d. But lipster99, holding Kd-Qd, took an awfully long time to call ElkY's river bet of 1,155. The move amused the rest of the table.

TheActionKid: was that a slowroll?
ElkY: lol
ElkY: hahaha
Rip_Cheese: lol
TheActionKid: or internet problem?

Regardless, lipster99 now has 6,847 chips while ElkY has 6,386.

3:12am--porcelet eliminated in seventh place

It was a few hands before that porcelet had been relegated to an extreme short stack, in relation to the other players at the table. During pre-flop betting, ElkY raised it, porcelet reraised it, and TheActionKid pushed all-in. The others folded to the all-in and porcelet was left with only 1,289.

The final hand for porcelet began with a limp from lipster99. porcelet raised all-in with pocket sixes, and lipster99 called with As-Kc. The board ran out Kd-Qs-8h-2s-Td and it was all over for porcelet, who left in seventh place with $10,206.

3:12am--SgtKyle Leading by example

SgtKyle is still atop the leaderboard with slightly more than 10K despite being relatively quiet for quite some time. SgtKyle has been laying low, winning some smalll pots here and there to maintain his lead. Really, there is no need to get overagressive. SgtKyle is, after all, winning right now even with his recent inactivity.

3:05am--WiscoMurray eliminated in eighth place

It had been more than an hour and a half since the first elimination from the final table of Event #27. And after a valiant effort, WiscoMurry broke the silence.

ElkY made the initial raise to 266 and WiscoMurray called to see the flop of Jc-8c-6c. ElkY bet 456 and WiscoMurray check-raised all-in for his final 2,833 with As-Jh for top pair. ElkY called with 6h-6s and trips. The 4h came on the turn and the Js fell on the river to make the elimination hurt a little more with a full house.

WiscoMurray took eighth place and the $6,561 that would be awarded to him.

3:00am--ElkY gives WiscoMurray the boot in eighth place

ElkY hit a set and subsequently a full house to eliminate WiscoMurray in eighth place on this hand. WiscoMurray ended with trip jacks, but it wasn't good enough.

WiscoMurray lost his remaining 3,099 chips on his final hand of the tournament to earn $6,561.00.

2:54am--Rip_Cheese vs. ElkY a blinding battle

Rip_Cheese is seated directly to the left of ElkY as both players have solid chip stacks. Both are also playing very aggressively with their blinds.

It seems that whenever their turns come on the blinds, the two players are doing battle. Not big battles, but little fights for extra chips. A lot of raising and reraising. Neither player appears willing to give up their blinds so easily.

2:49am--Another break at the final table with eight

Round 3
Level 4
Blinds 50/100
Average chip count: 5,625
Players remaining: 8
First prize: $76,545.00

Remaining player chip counts:

SgtKyle 10,847
porcelet 3,122
ElkY 7,356
lipster99 3,863
TheActionKid 4,900
Jorj95 4,106
Rip_Cheese 8,092
WiscoMurray 2,699

2:46am--The streak is over -- lipster99 wins a pot

it took 30 hands but lipster99 finally won a pot. Sure it wasn't a big pot, but it was a win. Any win after 30 hands of indifference is significant.

The streak-buster came when lipster99 raised from middle position and everyone folded. At just under 4K in chips, still no need for lipster99 to panic.

2:42am--From top two to bottom two

Thus far, porcelet has taken a marked fall from grace at this final table. After the few hands reported earlier, porcelet tried to make a comeback, possibly with a bit of revenge mixed in, by taking a 1,275 pot from Rip_Cheese. But the wind shifted for porcelet again.

WiscoMurry took a 1,333 pot from the struggling porcelet. Then Rip_Cheese grabbed a 2,425 pot with A-K on a 9-K-J-9-4 board when porcelet simply mucked the losing hand in the end.

porcelet now sits on the low end of the leaderboard with WiscoMurray, falling further as this is typed.

2:34am--lipster99 remaining quiet

The streak is at 20 right now. It's been 20 hands since lipster99 has won a pot. Not a single walk or steal of the blinds. Nothing.

lipster99 was just involved in a hand won by Rip_Cheese, but folded to a river bet. Good thing considering Rip_Cheese flipped over AK for top pair, top kicker. The streak goes on for lipster99.

Still, lipster99 is in decent shape with 4,200 chips.

2:28am--Proceed with caution

Even while chips are shifting from player to player, there definitely is caution being asserted. Nobody wants to overcommit and push their hands too hard just yet. The money difference is just too big for anyone to risk it all on one hand, unless of course they have the absolute nuts.

2:22am--porcelet takes hits

Over the course of only a few hands, porcelet has been knocked from a comfortable position on the final table leaderboard.

In the first significant pot, porcelet and SgtKyle saw a flop of 5s-2d-Ac. More betting led to the 3h on the turn, which was checked by both. But after the river of 7s, porcelet bet 1,111, SgtKyle raised to 2,455, and porcelet folded, giving the 3,667 pot to SgtKyle.

In the second, three players - Rip_Cheese, Jorj95, and porcelet - went to the flop that came 2c-4d-Kd. porcelet led the betting, Rip_Cheese called, and Jorj95 got out of the way. After the 9h on the turn, porcelet bet 1,555, and Rip_Cheese pushed all-in for 2,370 with pocket fours. porcelet called with Ah-Ks, and the 6h on the river allowed Rip_Cheese to double through porcelet.

2:16am--ElkY gaining on chipleaders
elky.jpgUntil now, Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier has seemed content to take a pot here or there, chipping up slowly to stay above average. But over the last few rounds, the experienced online pro has become a bit more aggressive.

With a sizable pot worth 1,635 that went his way when he made his flush against WiscoMurray, ElkY climbed a bit closer to the two chipleaders. And with several other smaller pots since, he has climbed over the 7,000 mark, putting him firmly in third place at this table.


Here are the payouts as long as there is no final table deal:

1. $76,545.00
2. $51,030.00
3. $36,450.00
4. $27,337.50
5. $20,047.50
6. $14,580.00
7. $10,206.00
8. $6,561.00
9. $3,645.00

2:08am--Chip leaders

Two players have dominated this final table since it began - SgtKyle and porcelet. A little look into their past PokerStars accomplishments doesn't find them in similar positions.

SgtKyle looks to have more than $27,000 in PokerStars winnings, including an eighth-place finish in Event #4 of this 2008 WCOOP, the 2-7 Triple Draw tournament.

porcelet, on the other hand, comes up blank. There are no PokerStars winnings on record for this player, and, suddenly, porcelet is guaranteed a minimum payout of $6,561 tonight.

1:57am--Watch ElkY at the final table -- now and then

This isn't the first final table for ElkY in this year's WCOOP. You can watch final table highlights, including ElkY in Event 19 from all the previous WCOOP events at pokerstars.tv. This final table is coming soon too -- after it plays out.

1:50am--porcelet on the rise

porcelet added to the chip stack by winning a nice pot with pocket jacks. WiscoMurray was involved in the pot that ended up being worth a little more than 800 chips. porcelet now has over 8K while Wisco Murray is around 3K. SgtKyle is still the leader with 9,500.

1:46am--A quick break for the finalists

Round 3
Level 1
Blinds 10/20
Average chip count: 5,625
Players remaining: 8
First prize: $76,545.00

Remaining player chip counts:

SgtKyle 9,840
porcelet 7,665
ElkY 5,060
lipster99 4,900
TheActionKid 4,900
Jorj95 4,740
Rip_Cheese 4,190
WiscoMurray 3,705

1:30am--tictac finishes in ninth place

As a result of the first significant hand of the final table, there has been an elimination. No time wasted here!

tictac limped in, as did SgtKyle in the small blind, and Rip_Cheese checked his option. The three players saw the 4h-2c-6h on the flop, and SgtKyle led out with a bet of 60. Rip_Cheese folded and tictac called. The 5d on the turn brought a bet from SgtKyle and call from tictac. But it was the 6c on the river that spurred more action.

SgtKyle bet 375, tictac raised to 840, SgtKyle reraised all-in, and tictac called all-in; tictac was covered by 30 chips.

SgtKyle showed 6d-4c for sixes full of fours, which was one better than tictac's 4s-4d and fours full of sixes. Full house trumps full house, and tictac took an early leave of the table. He finished in ninth place with $3,645.00.

1:25am--Finally the final table

Seat 1: lipster99 5,000
Seat 2 Jorj95 5,000
Seat 3: tictac 5,000
Seat 4: porcelet 5,000
Seat 5: TheActionKid 5,000
Seat 6: WiscoMurray 5,000
Seat 7: SgtKyle 5,000
Seat 8: Rip_Cheese 5,000
Seat 9: ElkY 5,000

1:18am--lipster99 becomes last qualifier for final table

The match between lipster99 and jimbomber was a great one. No matter jimbomber's deficit, he chipped away over and over to stay in the game. Two big pots decided the match ultimately.

First, lipster99 collected a 34,370 pot from jimbomber with 7-5 on a 7-J-5-9-3 board. jimbomber had A-J and wasn't able to put his opponent on two pair. lipster99 doubled through jimbomber to regain the lead.

Then, after an initial raise from jimbomber, lipster99 pushed all-in with Ac-3c, and jimbomber called all-in with Ks-Ts. The board fell 5c-Kc-5s-8c-4c and jimbomber was flushed out.

lipster99 was victorious and claimed the last available seat at the final table.

1:11am--WiscoMurray advances to finals

It happened quickly. WiscoMurray dominated heads-up play.

On the final hand, anguila raised and WiscoMurray called to see a flop of Kd-5h-8d. anguila bet and WiscoMurray check-called. More betting after the Qd on the turn led to the river showing 9s. WiscoMurray shoved all-in with Ad-Jd for the flush, and anguila called with 8s-5c and two pair that wasn't good enough.

WiscoMurray moved on to secure a seat at the final table.

1:07am--Table 6 down to two

It was mikef777 and anguila going to the flop, which came 4-5-6. mikef777 was all-in post-flop with Q-6 for top pair, and anguila was along with A-K. The turn was a four, but the river was a king to give anguila top two pair and send mikef777 out of the tournament.

Heads-up action began with:

anguila 32,511
WiscoMurray 12,489

But in the first hand of the duel, WiscoMurray was able to double through anguila with Q-8 vs. 7-3 with a 8-8-3-T-A board. WiscoMurray gave himself a fighting chance in the heads-up battle.

1:04am--SgtKyle advances to final table

Mttjn hit a gold run of cards and SgtKyle took over in heads-up play to earn one of the final few seats at the final table.

SgtKyle had a greater than 4/1 chip lead entering the final hand. Mttjn reraised all-in pre-flop with Kc-7c and was called by SgtKyle's As-Jd. The board came Jh-7d-9h-Qd-8h and SgtKyle was on his way to the final table.

Mttjn settled for $1,640.25.

12:55am--Table 1 reaches heads-up

Coming back from the last break, ViP_MoDee was staring at a short stack and Ks-Js, so he moved all-in from the small blind. lipster99 called from the big blind with Ad-Jd. The board ran out As-6d-5h-7s-Kd and ViP_MoDee was eliminated.

With that, the final two players began heads-up action with the following chip counts:

jimbomber 31,460
lipster99 13,540

12:47am--Jorj95 rides aces to final table

Just after the break, Jorj95 became the latest player to make the final table. He was on the verge of advancing against Premier when he found pocket aces. Premier was willing to play his remaining 2,574 chips with Jc-Qc. The board came 6c-Jd-As-Js-Td and Premier had trip jacks, but it wasn't enough against Jorj95' full house, aces over jacks.

That left just three open spots at the final table.

12:39am--A short break for the four tables still running

Round 2
Level 8
Blinds 150/300 ante 25
Average chip count: 27,000
Players remaining: 15
First prize: $76,545.00

Table 1:
lipster99 9,530
jimbomber 29,690
ViP_MoDee 5,780

Table 2:
Jorj95 36,251
Premier 8,749

Table 6:
WiscoMurray 9,716
anguila 20,723
mikef777 14,561

Table 7:
SgtKyle 14,484
Mttjn 30,516

12:27am--TheActionKid outlasts ACESEDAI

ACESEDAI had a huge 3/1 chip lead entering heads-up play but TheActionKid battled and eventually prevailed.

ACESEDAI, who was down to 18,414 chips for the final hand, raised to 750 pre-flop with Jh-9c. TheActionKid called with Td-Qd. The flop came Ts-5c-Qc and TheActionKid had flopped two pair and checked. ACESEDAI aggressively bet and TheActionKid raised all-in. ACESEDAI was committed and called with an open-ended straight draw. But the 6s-5s didn't help and TheActionKid booked a seat at the final table.

12:19am--tictac books a final-table seat

tictac will be sitting at the final table of Event #27 after defeating Fischer80.

tictac got all the chips in after the turn when he hit a better two pair. Fischer80 entered the final hand of his heads-up action against tictac with 19,402 chips and raised pre-flop with 3s-5s. tictac called with 10d-5c. The flop came 3c-5d-Ad and Fischer80 had two pair. Fischer80 bet 1,250 and tictac called. The Tc on the turn changed everything. Fischer80 bet, tictac raised and Fischer reraised all-in.

tictac is still in the running for the $76,545.00 first-place prize.

12:16am--porcelet moves on to finals

Despite a stellar comeback from deerchaser21 in a straight-over-straight battle, it was porcelet who chipped back up to the lead. Finally, deerchaser21 made another attempt to come back with 8c-6s on a 3c-4s-7s board, but porcelet called the all-in with pocket queens. The Jh-3d finished the board and didn't complete the draw of deerchaser21.

porcelet became the third player to secure a seat at the final table of this tournament.

12:12am--Rip_Cheese tears up table, heads to final round

IFiNishfish did the best he could with a short stack. Never being able to gain much ground on chipleader Rip_Cheese was a problem and led to the deciding hand.

Rip_Cheese started off by raising to 600, and IFiNishfish called to see the flop come down 5s-4c-5d. Rip_Chesese bet 657 and IFiNishfish check-raised all-in for 8,106 with Kh-4h for two pair. Rip_Cheese called with 5h-4d, though, and showed the full house. The turn and river were 9s and Ts - irrelevant - and IFiNishfish was out with his seventh cash in this 2008 WCOOP.

Rip_Cheese moves on to the final round, where he waits with ElkY.

12:08am--ACESEDAI's big heads-up lead

About 10 minutes ago, ACESEDAI entered heads-up action with a significant advantage over The ActionKid at Table 5.

TheActionKid 11,308

Now the two are pretty much even on chips and it's anyone's seat at the final table.

12:05am--Table 7 down to two

The elimination of lozzz at Table 7 has resulted in only two players standing:

SgtKlye 28,427
mttjn 16,573

12:03pm--Table 8 heads-up

Rip_Cheese, who has been the chipleader at Table 8 for as long as we can remember (short-term memory), just eliminated elmdopp with pocket queens over the Big Slick of elmdopp. The board didn't help the all-in player and the two remaining players heads-up are:

Rip_Cheese 39,559
IFiNishfish 5,441

12:00am--Premier in the midst of epic comeback

Jorj95 entered heads-up play at Table 2 with 41,797 chips. Premier had just 3,203. Now, however, Premier has battled his way back to even with numerous double-up, including one where he had pocket kings to Jorj95's pocket jacks.

11:58pm--Straight up changes on Table 4

One serious hand was all it took to turn things around on Table 4. It was the battle of the straights, and here is how it worked out:

11:53pm--Table 4 players heads-up

When porcelet eliminated midastruck from Table 4 action, it was down to the two finalists. One will take home $1,640.25 and be able to make plans for the evening. The winner, however, will be guaranteed at least $3,645 for making the final table and be able to compete for the $76,545 grand prize.

The two fighting it out are:

porcelet 28,266
deerchaser21 16,734

11:48pm--Predictions change, Table 6 likely to be the last one running

Oh yes. Table 6. With one table completed and the others playing out with 2, 3 or 4 players each, Table 6 is bound and determined to be the last one running in this round with seven - count 'em, seven - players still seated. BobbyFi is the chipleader with nearly 14,000 and anguila has a little more than 10,500, but the rest of the players remain under 5,000.

11:43pm--Three left at Table 2

The early seats at Table 2 fared a lot better than the later seats. vovtroy in the one seat, Jorj95 in the two seat and Premier in the four seat are the only ones left at the table. One of them will earn a spot at the final table.

11:38pm--Moneymaker loses grip, misses final table

Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker was eliminated just before the break when his pocket fives ran into Fischer80's pocket sevens. Moneymaker actually hit a five on the river, but the board showed all clubs (Ac-8c-Kc-3c-5c) and Fischer80 had the seven of clubs in his hand for the higher flush.

Money800 could never build his chip stack. He was constantly stuck around the 3,290 he had entering his final hand of the tournament.

Fischer80 is one of four players remaining at Table 3. AmazingErvin (7,770), tictac (15,750) and clarkatroid (11,898) are still playing for final-table spot.

11:32pm--ElkY is first to advance to final table

As noted before, ElkY went into his heads-up match with usourcek as the underdog. But he was a man on a mission. Slowly but surely, ElkY put the pressure on his opponent and took pot after substantial pot to move into the chip lead.

When the final hand came down, ElkY started it with 34,212 in chips as opposed to the 10,788 of usourcek. usourcek made an initial raise that was called by ElkY to see the flop of 4c-6d-9c. ElkY checked it, usourcek bet 650, ElkY raised it to 2,200, and usourcek pushed all-in with 8s-8h. ElkY called with Kc-9h, and the Ad and 4h that came on the board assured ElkY of the win.

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier is the first player to take his seat at the final table of this NLHE Triple Shootout. He can now get a snack, relax, and wait to see who his opponents will be.

11:30pm-Breaking before some more finalists

Round 2
Level 5
Blinds 125/250
Average chip count: 11,911
Players remaining: 34
First prize: $76,545.00

Team PokerStars Pros chip counts:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier -- Advanced to Final Table

11:22pm--ElkY heads-up with usourcek

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier made sure that he was heads-up with his table's chipleader usourcek. He eliminated jakz101, who went all-in with Qd-9c after the Qc-7s-7c flop. ElkY called with 8h-7h and won with the trips.

Going into heads-up play, the chip counts were:

usourcek 28,908
ElkY 16,092

11:09pm--ACESEDAI cracks aces, takes commanding lead

PlayaPlz was sent to the rail in disappointing fashion. ACESEDAI, who started the raising pre-flop and then was the one to push all-in post-flop, needed a miracle river to domiante Table 5 with just steph0817 and TheActionKid left.

11:05pm--Table 7 down to three

ElkY's table isn't the only one having been reduced to three players. Table 7 finds lozzz, Mttjn, and SgtKyle battling it out for that one coveted seat at the final table. Currently, lozzz is in the lead with nearly 20,000 in chips.

11:03pm--Hanging with Money

Chris Moneymaker has never really gotten going at Table 3. Yet, he's still around.

Money800 has hung around the 3-4K chip mark for quite some time. Right now, he's at 3,385, easily the shortest stack of the five players remaining at that table. AmazingErvin, once the overwhelming chip leader there, is now well behind tictac and his 18,111 chips for the lead.

10:59pm--ElkY has 1/3 chance of making the final table

Where did they go? Six players have been eliminated from ElkY's table, leaving him with two other players to battle with for the seat at the final table.

It was at ElkY's hands that MAVKIS was eliminated, and going into three-handed action, the chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: jakz101 4,460
Seat 6: ElkY 13,872
Seat 9: usourcek 26,668

10:49pm--Alex Kravchenko eliminated

On the slowest table to eliminate players this round, Alex Kravchenko was the second to go.

He had been crippled to only 1,267 chips going into the deciding hand. Pushing all-in pre-flop with pocket kings probably seemed like a good idea at the time, especially when the caller was ViP_MoDee with pocket sevens. But the board came 8h-2d-Jh...drumroll...7s to give ViP_MoDee trips. The 4h on the river did nothing but officially send Kravchenko away.

Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko has been eliminated, leaving with an extra $1,640.25 in his virtual pocket.

10:46pm--ElkY running over Table 9

It has been a steady climb for the Team PokerStars Pro. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier has been working his table consistently.

First, he took down a 3,550 pot with pocket queens that turned into a diamond flush on the board, causing opponent justdec to muck and give up the hand. Second, ElkY collected a 5,750 pot with pocket nines versus the A-J of MAVKIS.

10:41pm-There are 54 still at the tables

Still have 54 players remaining in this event. They will play until the field is whittled down to nine. Amazingly, Table 1 had eight players left.

10:35pm--Table 1 finally lost first player

Coming back from the break, Table 1 was the only one remaining with all nine players still seated. Bonsy was the first one to risk it all and be ousted, as his two pair couldn't match the full house of ViP_MoDee. Eight players play on...

Any bets on this being the last table playing in this round?

10:30pm--Even without AJKHoosier1, five are alive at Table 5

It was inevitable with AJKHoosier1 stationed to the left of ACESEDAI that they would clash. And they eventually did, with AJKHoosier1 coming out on the short end of the stick.

During the hand for AJKHoosier1's final 3,626 chips, ACESEDAI had As-Qs. AJKHoosier1 had pocket jacks. The board came Qc-Kd-5c-2c-4h and AJKHoosier1 was out.

10:24pm--A 5-minute break from the tension

Round 2
Level 4
Blinds 50/100
Average chip count: 6864
Players remaining: 59
First prize: $76,545.00

Team PokerStars Pros chip counts:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 11,140
Alex Kravchenko 4,307
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 4,430

10:13pm--Table 2 players going fast, in royal fashion

It was one of those painful eliminations. Even if you're not the one going busto on the hand, you probably have some inkling of what it feels like.

The board was Ts-7c-Js-Ac-Ah. TheChosenWun pushed all-in after the river with Td-Tc for the full house, tens full of aces. Premier called with As-Th for higher full house, aces full of tens. Ouch.

With that, the table now has only five players remaining.

10:13pm--He sure is Amazing

If Chris Moneymaker pr anyone else at Table 3 wants to make it to the next round, AmazingErvin must be reckoned with. Right now, AmazingErvin has 17,159 chips, more than twice as many as anyone else at the table. Moneymaker is in the middle of the pack with just under 5K.

10:10pm--Table 2 also reduced to six

Table 2 has picked up the pace, currently sitting with only six remaining players. vovtroy has a significant lead over his opponents there with over 13,500 in chips, but Jorj95 is also looking solid with over 10,000.

10:03pm--Big stack vs. small stack, Table 4 down to six players

One of the big stacks, deerchaser21, recently eliminated MidnightTokr a few hands ago. deerchaser21 is now just a bit ahead of porcelet, but both have well over 10,000 in chips and are dominating Table 4. That table is now the only one having been reduced to six players thus far.

9:56pm--WCOOP experience at Table 8

Two players looked familiar at Table 8... Oh yeah! They're both having a great 2008 WCOOP series so far.

QuasiFiction, who is currently the short stack at his table, finished second in Event #20 (NLHE) and 22nd in Event #17 (PLHE), and is guaranteed his third cash here.

IFiNishfish finished fourth in Event #15 (NLHE Heads-Up) and 35th in Event #25 (PLO). In addition, he has cashes in Events 1, 9, 16, and 26. Tonight's cash gives him seven in the 2008 WCOOP series.

However, both are likely looking for more than a cash here. The final table is on the list of things-to-do.

9:50pm--rkruok out but with another cash

rkruok was one of the players eliminated early in this round, but not before picking up another WCOOP cash. rkruok came into today with six WCOOP cashes. Despite playing in Event #28 as well, rkruok couldn't earn a cash in that one. For the day, he'll have to settle for one and a total of seven.

9:44pm--Nine down, a lot more to go

This round began with 81 players, all who made the money. It's now down to 72. We need to get to nine (one winner at each table) before heading to the next round of the tournament. All the players eliminated now until the final table earn $1,640.25.

9:39pm--Moneymaker gets his full concentration

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker can now place his full concentration on Event #27 after he was just knocked out of the Omaha H/L Event #28. Want to see all the detals of his bustout? Check the Event #28 blog.

Moneymaker currently has around 4,000 chips at Table 3 of this shootout NLHE event.

9:35pm--ElkY eliminates player at Table 9

ElkY came back from the extended break with a readiness to play. Evidently, the average chip stack of 3,795 wasn't sufficient. He raised preflop to 90, and T_Mac called to see a Tc-8c-Ad flop.

ElkY led out with a 120 bet, T_Mac check-raised to 420, and ElkY called. The turn of a 6c prompted a bet from T_Mac, raise from ElkY, and an all-in move from T_Mac with Ah-Ts. The two pair would have been good, except ElkY called with Kc-Qc for the flush. The river was an irrelevant 2d and T_Mac was sent away with the $1,640.25 for making it this far.

9:32pm--ACESEDAI standing strong

ACESEDAI is the top dog right now at Table 5 with over 10,000 chips. Nobody else is even at 7K. Even more beneficial to ACESEDAI is that to his left is the short stack, AJKHoosier1, with 2,600 chips. As if ACESEDAI, a PokerStars SuperNova elite player, needs the help.

9:25pm--Table 4 on the fast track

Upon returning from the break, it seems that Table 4 is the one with the most action - or the unluckiest players. With two players having been eliminated and two sitting with chip stacks over 10,000, there is potential to see more play at this table. Whether that is in the form of players doubling through the big stacks or the big stacks eliminating the others remains to be seen.

9:22pm--No shifting gears

Unlike in most other formats, when players loosen significantly after the bubble bursts, nothing changes in the shootout. Players just go about their business the same way they did the previous round. Very little changes.

9:12pm--The remaining Team PS Pros

Team PokerStars Pros chip counts:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 3,795
Alex Kravchenko 4,465
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 4,790

9:04pm--Tournament update at the sixth break

Round 2: Level 3
Blinds 25/50
Average chip count: 5,259
Players remaining: 77
First prize: $76,545

8:47pm -- And the second round Gigli award goes to...

...HopeUfold. Apparently, his foes did not fold and this player was the first one eliminated in the second round.

8:46pm -- Update on the other two PS pros

So far, Chris "Money800" Moneymaker is treading water at 5,150 while Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier isn't faring much worse with a stack of 4,690.

8:35pm - Back to small pots

Things get going on Alex Kravchenko's table. The Team PokerStars Pro took down an early pot in level one from the cut off. Kravchenko raised to 50 getting one caller in TwinMSU. They saw a flop of 8c-9s-3h before TwinMSU checked. Again Kravchenko bet and was called. The turn came the Td and things followed the same pattern - TwinMSU checked before Kravchenko bet, getting the call. It happened again on the river, a 2d. Check, bet, only this time TwinMSU mucked. A quick start for the Team PokerStars Pro, up to a modest 5,200.

8:25pm -- We're off

The second round of the Triple Shootout no-limit hold'em is finally underway. Nine tables remain, the winner of each advancing into the final. Players are back to 5,000 chips and start again with blinds at the 10/20 level.

8:24pm - Finally!

The first round is finally over. See how it happened:

8:21pm -- Down to just two players left on the table watched around the world

8:17pm - Time for the doomswitch

Bavoulis just won an all-in with A-T vs. the K-Q of clarkatroid at Table 24 so we are still left with three players. Said one railbird:

kibbleNbeats [observer]: p stars needs to throw the cooler switch

8:16pm -- Tension rising on the rail...

VWEdonk [observer]: prop bet it doesn't go on forever?
2looseforU [observer]: how long has this (edit) been going?
VWEdonk [observer]: Anyone?
Artanis11 [observer]: 5 hrs 43 min
Artanis11 [observer]: cmon
Artanis11 [observer]: DO IT FOR THE RAIL
Artanis11 [observer]: you know you love us

8.13pm -- A reminder of the payouts

1st $76,545
2nd $51,030
3rd $36,450
4th $27,337.50
5th $20,047.50
6th $14,580
7th $10,206
8th $6,561
9th $3,645
10th to 81st $1,640.25

8:07pm -- One table remains

Amazingly, that table has three players on it. Bavoulis, clarkatroid and Highpothead are battling it out for the last seat in the second round.

Meanwhile, the railbirds want this match to end so they can continue play. Said one commenter:

LoAlexandria [observer]: if skill cant end this, luck will!

8:04pm -- Patience everyone, patience

Back from the break and just one table, number 24, remains. Three-handed, with a mighty crowd of railbirds giving gentle nudges of speedy encouragement. As soon as this table has a winner the second round will begin.

7:59pm--Tournament update at the fifth break

Level 11
Blinds 400/800 75 ante
Average chip count: 43,392
Players remaining: 84
First prize: $76,545

7:46pm -- Prop bet: break or second round?

We are now four tables away from the second round and 10 minutes from the break. Any bets on which comes first?

7.39pm -- To eat, or not to eat

It's three-handed on the most heavily populated table still playing. That's where the focus is, on table 24's clarkatroid, Highpothead and Bavoulis who are each evenly stacked. The remaining tournament players must wait until the last winner is declared before leaping straight into round two. Is there time for a bathroom break or to make food? Now might be the time to find out.


7:32pm -- Five tables remain

Players on table 24, where three players battle on, bring up a valuable point. The worst thing about winning that table is that they go straight into the next round, starting almost immediately. That could last several more hours.

7:30pm -- ElkY has another win in his sights

One of the Team PokerStars Pros still in contention in the shootout event is Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. The Frenchman is a former gamer who spent many years based in South Korea as a professional Starcraft player before switching to poker. One of the highlights of his poker career so far undoubtedly came last January when he won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure...

Watch ELKY's PCA Win 2008 on PokerStars.tv

7:25pm - More WCOOP action over the weekend

There's still a handful of events yet to be played in the 2008 edition of the World Championship of Online Poker. For the rest of the schedule, go here //www.pokerstars.com/wcoop/

7.13pm - Close table 20

Chris Moneymaker sweeps through to the second round, sealing the deal by moving all in with a flush draw against spenderman3's pair of sixes. Moneymaker made the flush on the turn to advance.

7:10pm -- Moneymaker on the brink

7:07pm -- We have 70 winners

Which means 11 tables are still fielding participants, including Table 27, which still has four players left.

7:02pm -- Getting there

There may be more people railing Chris Moneymaker right now than there are left playing. It's 30K versus 15K right now with Moneymaker holding the advantage over spencerman3 on table 20, one of 13 tables still playing.

6:53pm--Tournament update at the fourth break

Level 9
Blinds 200/400
Average chip count: 34,386
Players remaining: 106
First prize: $76,545

6:43pm -- Wake up Table 27

Most tables now either have winners or two players playing heads-up for the win. Meanwhile, Table 27 still has five players left, with stacks ranging in size from 12,141 to 5,715.

So challopin, HooBangin, ilikedirt411, jhub3000 and Tmay420, get raising!

6:40pm - Breaking the deadlock

Chris Moneymaker just tipped the balance in his favour on table 20 where he plays heads up for a place in the second round...

6:35pm - All over for Humberto

A few hands later Brenes pushed the rest of his stack in with Ah-Kc and was in good shape against the Ks-Jh of IFiNishfish until the board ran out 7h-3d-Qc-9h-Js.

6:34pm -- Oh no, Humberto!

Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes lost most of his stack by going over the top of DaMethod's raise and then calling a big re-raise hoping DaMethod held a hand like A-K. Here is how that turned out:

6.30pm - Moneymaker on verge of more money

All the while Chris Money800 Moneymaker has progressed to the heads-up stage of his first round on table 20. The former world champion plays spencerman3 with the chips all square.

6:23pm - Humberto up to 22K

Humberto Brenes won one big pot with trip deuces and another when IFiNishfish folded on the river and is up to 21,750, giving him almost half the chips on the table with three players still remaining.

6:21pm - Down to 140

Among the players who have recently received their walking papers are Team PokerStars members John Duthie, Lee Nelson and Victor Ramdin and other notables VietCutie and mig.com.

6:15pm -- Ramdin out, Kravchenko in

Pair of deuces to a King high flush put an end to Victor Ramdin's chances. Crippled in the heads up against shep2k, Victor moved in on a 2d-Ts-9s flop only for his opponent to make a flush on the river.

_MG_1554_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko

It was better news for Alex Kravchenko though. He's through to the next round, this time the Team PokerStars Pro had the king high flush, enough to eliminate second place mig.com with two pair, kings and nines.

6:10pm -- Welcome to the second round ElkY

vienigae doubled up to make the heads-up match with Bertrand Grospellier interesting, but the Team PokerStars pro finished vienigae off in this hand:

6:07pm - Humberto in a dogfight

Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes is in a fairly even three-way fight for Table 66. He now has 14,300 chips versus the 11,185 of DaMethod and 19,515 of IFiNishfish.

5:59pm - 65 tables left

We've had 16 table winners so far, with 65 left to be determined.

ElkY had 39K after the hand and vienigae 6K

5:58pm - ElkY heads-up for the first table

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier just knocked out Empire2000 in third when the a hand found the last of Empire2000's 3,690 stack all-in pre-flop. The hands were

ElkY: 9h-9c
Empire2000: Ad-3d

The board ran out 6c-Js-Qh-8h-3h and ElkY and vienigae are now heads-up for the table win.

5:55pm -- Kravchenko looks set for next round

Over on table five sits Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko who currently dominates his table with three players remaining. With blinds in level seven at 125/250with a 25 ante, Kravchenko raised to 699 pre-flop which was re-raised by Galwatron to 1,250. As everyone else departs form the hand Kravchenko lays down the law, raising again to 3,500. It's called.

After all of this there's still a flop to come. Td-Jd-4s.

Kravchenko made it 3,199 and again the re-raising would follow. Galwatron moved all-in, 8,540 in total which Kravchenko eventually called.

An Ad on the turn, 8h on the river.

Kravchenko showed pocket tens for a set whilst Galwatron's tournament came to an end when he turned over Ah-Qd for top pair. A huge lead now for the Russian.

5:47pm--Tournament update at the third break

Level 7
Blinds 125/250
Average chip count: 17,032
Players remaining: 214
First prize: $76,545

Team PokerStars Pro chip counts:
ElkY 34,148
Humberto Brenes 13,000
Alex Kravchenko 14,290
Lee Nelson 16,998
Victor Ramdin 19,470

5:40pm - ElkY takes control

To win your table you must win the big coin flips. Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier just won a big one.

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

metmaster2 got the rest of his 6,400 stack all-in against Grospellier pre-flop with Qh-Qc versus ElkY's Ah-Kh. The board ran out 6c-8h-4d-9c-Kc, providing a very kind river for ElkY. He is now up to 21,257, holding nearly half of the chips on his table.

5:40pm - Deuce on the turn and Duthie's hopes collapse

Utter carnage on what was once a table dominated by Team PokerStars Pros and EPT winners. First Ruthenberg and now Duthie. A tragic swan dive from chip lead to nothing, or next to nothing, played out in vivid Technicolor...

5:32pm -- But wait...

Sebastian "tektloss47" Ruthenberg, is out.

5:31pm -- The fight back starts here!

Left with 75 Sebastian Ruthenberg moves all-in only to double up.

5:30pm -- Ruthenberg gets in deep

A hand you could only really describe as "one hell of a pot".

5:27pm - Down to 300

Among the recent exits were Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano and emptyseat88.

5:21pm - Hit the road McEvoy

Tom McEvoy, the 1983 WSOP champ, will have to put on his cowboy hat and ride off to the next town (or perhaps next WCOOP event).

Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy

On McEvoy's final hand, tictac raised the 200 big blind to 400, honkyrounder made it 1K from the small blind and McEvoy pushed all-in for 2,490 in the big blind.

tictac folded and honky rounder made the call with 5h-5d. McEvoy held As-Jc and couldn't win the flip when the board ran out 6h-3h-4h-9c-8s.

5.08pm -- Luck box on a roll

Sebastian "tektloss47" Ruthenberg describes himself as a luck box. See for yourself as he heads north in the chip counts...

5.10pm -- Ramdin back in the game...

So much for slipping back. Team PokerStars Pro Ramdin hoists himself back up by the bootstraps...

5:06pm - Less than 400 players still playing

Among the recent carnage was Team PokerStars pros Dario Minieri, Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan and Bill Chen and other notables Roothlus, sheets, jacksup and BeLOWaBOVe.

5:03pm -- Congratulations ChrisX!

You are the first contestant on Movin' On to the Second Round! Only 80 tables to go...

5.01pm -- Ramdin drops back a little at the top of the hour

A costly hand for Victor Ramdin who slips back a few grand in a hand against stpauli111, who took another pot worth 3,000 shortly afterwards...

4.55pm -- Inter EPT rivalry

A re-raise that you could almost hear make a thump as it hit the table, just advanced tektloss47's tournament once more. This time it was a case of the EPT winner against the EPT founder.

Ruthenberg raised pre-flop which John Duthie then re-raised, making it 1,350 to play. Showing no signs of wanting to mess about Ruthenberg immediately re-re-raised all-in, 6,170 in total. Duthie thought for a few flashes of his avatar before folding.

EPT winner up to 7,500 now, whilst the EPT founder slips back slightly to 6,000.

4.50pm - Breakthrough for the German

Sebastian "tektloss47" Ruthenberg breaks the 5K barrier for the first time all day, calling all the way to the turn on a board of 2c-Th-8c-4c before betting big and forcing out the competition. He now has more than 6,000.

4:41pm--Tournament update at the second break

Level 5
Blinds 75/150
Average chip count: 7,546
Players remaining: 483
First prize: $76,545

Team PokerStars Pro chip counts:

Bill Chen 1,435
Dario Minieri 12,345
ElkY 8,945
Humberto Brenes 14,565
John Duthie 7,590
Alex Kravchenko 5,155
Lee Nelson 7,660
Luca Pagano 7,361
RaiNKHaN 3,595
Tom McEvoy 3,515
Victor Ramdin 19,653

4:37pm - Less than 500 players remain

Among the recent spate of first round exits include Team PokerStars pros Katja Thater and Greg "FossilMan" Raymer and notables such as BigRiskky, westmenloAA and PearlJammer.

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater - OUT

4.33pm -- Two hours in

Four players left on Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin's table and the Bronx man has the chip lead with more than 20,000. There are also four on Dario Minieri's table where the Italian has a little more than 11,000. Compared to other tables those two are fairly advanced in terms of eliminations.

4:32pm - Between three and nine

That's the number of players remaining at each table at the moment. Depending on the styles of the players and the run of the deck some tables will flow much quicker than others. Regardless of how each table flows it's going to be a long time before we are down to 81 players and ready to start the second round.

4:29pm - Not Stevie's day

Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose could never build a stack. Down to 2,600, he re-raised pre-flop to 1,300 from the big blind after lipster99 had made it 300. lipster99 responded by putting Paul-Ambrose all-in. The team PokerStars pro made the call with Ts-Js and was up against the As-Kc of lipster99.

The board ran out Ks-8s-5c-9h to tantalize our guy, but the river was a thudding 10d to knock stevejpa out of the first round.

lipster99 was up to 10,210 after the hand.

4:25pm - A little high-low action?

The second WCOOP event of the day -- $530 Omaha Hi/Lo -- begins in 10 minutes. This tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $400,000 so go get you some.

4.20pm -- Chances turn to dust for THE_D_RY

Ah-Qh no good for Danny "THE_D_RY" Ryan who busts out in eighth place on his table...

Danny THE_D_RY Ryan, OUT

4.12pm - Another Team PokerStars Pro gone

Another Team PokerStars Pro has busted. Finishing ninth on her table was Katja Thater, who busted with blinds at 50/100 in level four, her big slick only good for ace-high against the pocket kings of THEDUTCH4141.

4:07pm - Viva la Humberto!

We are now watching Team PokerStars Pro Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes. He is off to a fast start with 13,865 chips to lead his table.

4.05pm -- Ugly river for Andre Akkari

Team PokerStars Pro Andre "akkari" Akkari was sitting with a decent stack and got his money in good, but we know how brutal those rivers can be. Here is the hand that busted him in the first round:

3:57pm - LadyMaverick out

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso had already lost half her stack (down to 2,430) when she called vienigae down on three streets on a Th-8c-4h-Jd-Tc board and he showed Qs-9c for a straight. Rousso mucked and was left with 445.

She pushed that in with Ac-8d, but ran into the Ah-Qd of jurzak. Rousso found no help and is out in the first round.

_MG_1558_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso

3.52pm - Chad Brown out

After losing out in the hand against John Duthie, Chad Brown was left hovering close to the felt, and was soon sent to the rail...

3.45pm -- Duthie picks up where he left off

A bigger than average pot broke out on John Duthie's table, which if you remember also features Chad Brown and Sebastian Ruthenberg. With blinds at 25/50 Duthie raised from middle position to 150 called by PinchMaster in the small blind. Chad Brown in the big blind also called.

The flop came 7c-Qs-Td and all three players checked to the turn card, 7s. PinchMaster checked and Brown made it 100 to go. Duthie called, followed by PinchMaster, for a river card Qd. PinchMaster checked again with Brown setting the pace once more, making it 200 this time.

Duthie pressed on though, re-raising 800 to make it an even 1,000. Whilst PinchMaster folded, Brown called, never revealing his hand though, mucking when his fellow Team PokerStars Pro turned over Qc-Ks for a full house queens over sevens.

Duthie up to more than 8,000 now.

3:44pm - ElkY starting strong

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier just took down a 2,200 pot uncontested on the turn to move up to 10,800 -- double what he started with.

Now if he can just turn that 10,800 into 45,000 he will move on to the next round.

3:35pm--Tournament update at the first break

Level 3
Blinds 25/50
Average chip count: 5,514
Players remaining: 661
First prize: $76,545

Gavin Griffin (680th)
55lucky55 (684th)
NoMercy (712th)
Ray Rahme (719th)

3:31pm - First break time

As we reach the first break we've lost about 70 players, among them Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin, apestyles and ackbleh. Over on Danny Ryan's table things are pretty even.

THE__D__RY: wow
THE__D__RY: 1 hour played and short stack at table has lost less than 800 chips

He was refering to himself, sitting with 4,285 at the break.

3.16pm -- Some cheek to John Duthie from the rail...

Gioforce1 [observer]: john is there a bounty on you
Gioforce1 [observer]: say free ept ticket ?

3.15pm - Duthie flashes his pocket sevens

He may not be able to play in EPT events, having been the person who created them, but he can still play a bit. Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie, up to 6,500 courtesy of a few hands, one of which looked like this...

3:12pm - Raising into quads is a real bankroll buster

At Team PokerStars Pro Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose's table, several players limped and saw a flop of 7c-4s-5c. misjamine opened for 60, choffray called and sheets made it 210. The other two called.

The turn brought the 7h and the players checked to sheets, who bet 240. misjamine raised all-in to 1,025 and choffray folded. sheets instantly called with the other two 7s and misjamine was drawing dead with Ac-3c. After the hand, sheets was up to 7,490 and one elimination closer to winning the table. Paul-Ambrose has a stack of 4,065.

3.05pm - Ian J ruining taktloss47 plans for poker domination

Ian J has been the player inching away from the others, winning pots early on to give him a 2K advantage from where we kicked off. Into level two, with blinds at 15/30, it was a cut off, button battle between Ian J and taktloss47. It was Ian J raising first followed by a Ruthenberg re-raise to 270 total. Ian J called.

The flop came 7s-9h-8h which both players checked to see the Ac on the turn. Again Ian J checked leaving Ruthenberg to make it 285. It was called, taking the hand to the river, a 5s. Again both players checked. Ian J showed Ah-Kd for top pair whilst Ruthenberg mucked his hand. Another big pot, this one worth 1,155 and again it goes to Ian J.

2:56pm - Isabelle's foes have no mercy for her

First Isabelle Mercier's queens ran into DragDrake's kings, taking all but 1K of her stack when the two got it all-in on a low board.

Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier

Then her nines ran into the aces of ezy-ezy777 when the two got it all-in pre-flop. NoMercy was left with $60 when she had her opponent slightly covered.

ezy-ezy777 finished her off two hands later when his Ah-Th held up against her Ks-Js.

2.54pm - Another player to fear at table Duthie

Table Duthie, also known as table 48, features one of the hottest talents in the game right now in the shape of Sebastian "taktloss47" Ruthenberg, fresh from winning the opening EPT event in Barcelona and a first prize of €1,361,100. That win followed his bracelet win at the World Series this year in the seven card stud hi/lo event.

_MG_0490_Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars sponsored player and recent EPT Barcelona winner Sebastian Ruthenberg

2:50pm - I have the aces! Wait, you mean you really have the aces?

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme played this hand aggressively, representing the hand his opponent had:

2.48pm -- Don't doubt Duthie

It may be early but there's no harm setting a standard for yourself. Five pots won by Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie for a modest 250 over his original five grand. It is overshadowed though slightly by a pot raked in by Ian J at the same table; a haul worth 4840, eliminating a player. Down to eight on table 48.

2.38pm -- Table line-ups

Some interesting clashes already regarding the draw. Team PokerStars Pros John Duthie and Chad Brown face off against each other, as do ElkY and Lady Maverick. Katja Thater finds Danny Ryan, the EPT PokerStars qualifier of the year award winner on her table.

2:31pm - 729 playing today

Today's $530 NLHE Triple Shootout is full with 729 players. The winner of the event will receive $76,545 out of the $364,500 prize pool. All players winning their first table are guaranteed $1,640.25. Things start with each player sitting down with 5,000 chips with blinds at 10/20.

2.25pm -- Triple shoot out just minutes away

We're about to get going in the $530 no-limit hold'em triple shootout, a unique sit-and-go based event that should make for a frenetic and curious next few hours. There were 729 places available for this one and currently all 729 are filled, their occupants running mouse icons over raise buttons from all over the world around about now.

On offer tonight is nice looking prize pool of $364,500. A share of that comes after winning just three sit-and-go's. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, perhaps a little less so when you consider that each table of nine is chock full with some of the best players anywhere online.

So let's begin.

WCOOP Event #27 begins at 2:30pm ET

The 2008 WCOOP Event #27 $530 No-Limit Hold'em Triple Shootout will begin at 2:30pm ET. Join us here for all the action when it begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP