WCOOP Event #27: TheActionKid experiences perfect ending in triple shootout

The WCOOP has a little something for everybody. There is Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Triple Draw and HORSE. Plus, different variations of each. It's a smorgasbord of poker designed by PokerStars to accommodate just about everyone and anyone.

With Hold'em there has been six-max, four-max, heads-up, pot-limit, re-buy and mixed. Event #27 provided something a little bit different. The $530 NLHE Triple Shootout had a little different twist from the previous WCOOP events. It was like playing three straight single-table tournaments in each of which finishing second place meant you were finished.

TheActionKid didn't have to worry about second place. He conquered all three of the tables he encountered in just about 16 grueling hours, outlasting all of the 729 players that entered the tournament. TheActionKid took home $76,545 of the $364,500 prize pool. SgtKyle earned $51,030 for second place.

Sitting with TheActionKid and SgtKyle at the final table was someone who knows something about big cashes. Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier finished fifth for his fifth Top 15 WCOOP performance. This effort earned ElkY $20,047.50. Add that to the $320K he pocketed for a second-place finish in Event #19, the $14,561 he received for 14th place in Event #20, the $10,950 for 15th place in Event #23 and the $8,070 for 12th place in Event #25, and it's been a profitable couple weeks for ElkY.

Here was the tough competition he faced at the final table

Seat 1: lipster99 5,000
Seat 2 Jorj95 5,000
Seat 3: tictac 5,000
Seat 4: porcelet 5,000
Seat 5: TheActionKid 5,000
Seat 6: WiscoMurray 5,000
Seat 7: SgtKyle 5,000
Seat 8: Rip_Cheese 5,000
Seat 9: ElkY 5,000

It didn't take long for the first player to get eliminated. tictac exited despite getting his money in with the best hand. Sitting with a set of fours, tictac had it all-in against SgtKyle's two pair of sixes and fours. But a six on the river gave SgtKyle the better full house and sent tictac to the rail in a disappointing manner.

The quick bustout was not accurate foreshadowing as cautious play dominated the action for the next few hours. In fact, it took close to 90 minutes before the next player was eliminated.

WiscoMurray finally left the tournament when he hit top pair with top kicker on the flop, only to run into ElkY's set of sixes. ElkY actually later hit a full house and beat WiscoMurray's trip jacks to leave seven players in the tournament.

porcelet went out minutes later when his smaller stack forced an all-in push with pocket sixes against a middle position limp from lipster99. But lipster99 was waiting with ace-king and hit a king on the flop to knock out porcelet, who also made the final table of Event #28 to complete a rare daily double.

After porcelet was out, nobody wanted to leave. And nobody did leave for close to another two hours. The final six played for 110 minutes without a single player getting eliminated. There weren't even many all-ins during that time as the players exhibited extreme caution.

But once lipster99 was eliminated, wouldn't you know it, ElkY was gone several hands later. Jorj95 was out the very next hand after ElkY.

lipster99 had all his chips in pre-flop against SgtKyle's pocket sevens, but when a seven came on the flop, lipster99 was headed for the rail. ElkY had Ad-Qs vs. SgtKyle's Kc-Jh. ElkY hit two pair but the board came four hearts, allowing SgtKyle to win with the nut flush.

Even more than ever, it appeared SgtKyle was going to run over the entire final table. Right from the start, when he hit a huge hand and eliminated tictac, SgtKyle had control of the action and was the chipleader. That never changed until heads-up play.

TheActionKid improved his position by knocking out Jorj95 with pocket sixes against 4c-5c. Jorj95 was caught making a move from the small blind. TheActionKid pounced and began his ascent.

First, there was this roller-coaster hand with Rip_Cheese that was filled with up and downs.

Rip_Cheese was crippled by that and taken out moments later by SgtKyle, setting the stage for heads-up play with SgtKyle holding a significant chip advantage.

Chips going into heads-up play:

SgtKyle 33,708
TheActionKid 11,202

It didn't take long though for TheActionKid to erase the deficit. The big hand came when TheActionKid had top pair and SgtKyle had a straight flush draw. SgtKyle couldn't hit the flush or straight and the tide had turned.

Before you knew it, TheActionKid had the significant chip lead before ending the tournament with quad eights. Very apropros. And Pretty.

WCOOP Event #27 was a challenging, beautiful tournament for TheActionKid, capped off by a very beautiful hand and result.

WCOOP Event #27: $530 No-Limit Hold 'Em Triple Shootout:

1. TheActionKid $76,545.00
2. SgtKyle $51,030.00
3. Rip_Cheese $36,450.00
4. Jorj95 $27,337.50
5. ElkY $20,047.50
6. lipster99 $14,580.00
7. porcelet $10,206.00
8. WiscoMurray $6,561.00
9. tictac $3,645.00

If you missed any of Event #27's action check out the live blog, which takes you from the first hand to the final bustout. For full final table analysis go to PokerStars.tv. Any additional information go to the WCOOP homepage.

Jordan Raanan
@PokerStars in WCOOP