WCOOP Event 29 NLHE w/ Rebuys Live Blog

Live blog coverage of WCOOP Event #29 $530 NLHE with rebuys is brought to you by Johnny Kampis, April Kyle, Jennifer Newell, and Jordan Raanan.

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6:43am--PiKappRaider wins Event #29, AceOfSpade11 finishes second

PiKappRaider never let up on his opponent, putting the pressure on nearly every hand with raises and reraises. AceOfSpade11 was never willing to put his tournament life on the line...until the last hand.

AceOfSpade11 had been whittled down to only 1,693,522 in chips and made an initial raise to 120,000. PiKappRaider simply called to see the flop of Jd-7c-9s. AceOfSpade11 bet 180,000, and PiKappRaider had his opponent right where he wanted him. He check-raised to 480,000, and AceOfSpade11 took the bait and pushed all-in. PiKappRaider called and showed Js-9h for two pair, and AceOfSpade11 showed Jh-Th for that single pair of jacks.

The turn and the river were the 5s and As, and that only assured AceOfSpade11 the second place finish, which was good for $157,562.51.

PiKappRaider won the tournament, for which he received $211,133.76 and the WCOOP bracelet. Congratulations!

6:34am--PiKappRaider increases lead

The chipleader going into heads-up has not let up, only further chipping away at AceOfSpade11. At the first break during heads-up play, the chip counts were as follows:

PiKappRaider 10,506,478
AceOfSpade11 2,209,522

Going into level 29, the blinds would be at 30,000/60,000 with a 6,000 ante. Play on...

On a side note, despite these two players being the ones who had been willing to deal during three-handed action, there has been not a peep of deal-making during heads-up play thus far.

6:27am--Heads-up begins

With the elimination of DuckU in third place, it was down to the two finalists who had the following chip counts:

PiKappRaider 8,456,478
AceOfSpade11 4,259,522

AceOfSpade11 would have some definite ground to make up with the 2/1 deficit, but stranger things have happened at final tables.

6:26am--DuckU out in third place

The action was fast and furious as all three players were involved in pre-flop action. AceOfSpade11 started by raising with 25K/50K blinds to 125,555. DuckU followed by pushing it to 450K and PiKappRaider made it 744,445. AceOfSpade11 folded, and DuckU pushed all-in for 1,194,283. PiKapRaider called with pocket eights. DuckU had pocket fives.

The flop came Ad-6s-3c-Ks-Ts and DuckU was out in third place with a $119,747.51 consolation prize.

6:17am--Slow and steady

The game has slowed down a little bit here as they play three-handed for a lot of money. Regardless, all three players will pocket over $100K. Not bad for a day's worth of work.

6:09am--PiKappRaider extends lead

When they were discussing a deal, DuckU wanted second-place money even though he had the fewest chips by a slim margin. Well, now he has the least amount of chips by a decent margin, and PiKappRaider is to blame. PiKappRaider took a pot of over three million chips from DuckU when he flopped the nut flush. DuckU had top pair.

PiKappRaider now has close to seven million chips, AceOfSpade11 is at around 3.5 million, and DuckU at 2.4 million.

5:57am--Talkin' it out but to no avail

The final three players asked for a pause in the tournament to discuss a potential deal. The administrator came back with the following numbers based on current chip counts, with the caveat that there be an extra $8,000 left out for the eventual winner:

PiKappRaider $169,605.65
AceofSpade11 $158,708,45
DuckU: $152,109,68

DuckU immediately asked to be given second place money, and as the players were trying to figure out where that extra $5K would come from, the discussions became somewhat tense when AceOfSpade11 - a French player - was not understanding some of the suggestions. Eventually, they all agreed to disagree and play on for now.

5:45am--isuckoutonu out in fourth place

isuckoutonu was the short stack at the final table with four players left and tried to make something happen with his remaining 803,737 chips. With Ah-Qh, it looked like a good spot despite a raise and a caller already in the pot. So isuckoutonu pushed all-in.

AceOfSpade11 folded, and DuckU called. DuckU had the Ad-Ks. The board came 3h-7c-2d-6c-Ac and it was over for isuckoutonu with a fourth-place finish. He collected $81,932.51 for the tremendous effort.

5:33am--grunter321 finished in fifth place

grunter321 was ready to move with pocket jacks and put all 588,961 chips in the pot as the first player to act. AceOfSpade11 reraised to isolate, and everyone else did fold. AceOfSpade11 turned over pocket kings, and the board ran out Tc-3d-2h-8d-Qh. That was all she wrote for grunter321, who finished in fifth place with a $56,722,51 payout.

5:28am--DuckU's need for speed

DuckU's got plans. He can't sit around all day and play. DuckU explained earlier in the tournament he is going to the Oregon-Boise State college football game today. The game starts at 3:30.

But first, there is some tailgating to do. DuckU apparently isn't going to get much, if any, sleep, depending on what time this tournament ends or how far he goes at this final table.

DuckU is from Portland, Oregon. His name most likely is a play on words with Oregon. The University of Oregon's nickname is the Ducks.

5:25am--DuckU's other final table

This is not DuckU's first final table of the 2008 WCOOP; it was Event #5, the $10,000 High Roller NLHE tournament where DuckU finished in second place. To take a look at that final table, along with some in-depth analysis, check out the highlight reel below:

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 5 - $10,300 NL Hold'em on PokerStars.tv

5:16am--A break from the final table

Level 27
Blinds 20,000/40,000, ante 4,000
Average chip count: 2,543,200
Players remaining: 5
First prize: $211,133.76

Remaining player chip counts:

PiKappRaider 3,929,814
AceOfSpade11 2,475,354
DuckU 2,062,119
isuckoutonu 1,195,738
grunter321 1,052,975

5:08am--Roothlus finishes in sixth place

It ended so abruptly for Roothlus after playing for 14 ½ hours. He looked down and saw Jd-Js in his hands and must have thought it was a good hand. Usually it is. But not this time. Not when his opponent, PiKappRaider had the Qc-Qs in his hand.

The action began with Roothlus UGT+1 raising to 78,750. PiKappRaider reraised to 391,500, and Roothlus came over the top all-in for his remaining 1,715,208. PiKappRaider made the call and won the pot when the board came out 7d-As-3d-4c-Ks.

Roothlus left with $37,815.01 for sixth place.

5:00am--The six finalists have been seated

With the elimination of THAY3R, the final six players have been seated at one table with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: grunter321 1,247,525
Seat 2: AceofSpade11 3,212,254
Seat 3: DuckU 3,000,127
Seat 4: PiKappRaider 2,442,144
Seat 5: isuckoutonu 1,305,742
Seat 6: Roothlus 1,508,208

PS Screen Shot.JPG

4:58am--THAY3R out in seventh place

THAY3R was the shortstack as they battled for seats at the final table. Eventually, he was forced to make a move, in which he incidentally came up short. After PiKappRaider raised, THAY3R moved all-in for his remaining 671,173 chips.

THAY3R had Ac-Qh and PiKappRaider had Kd-Kh. The ace actually came on the flop of 5h-Ah-4c. The turn then produced the 2s and the river eliminated THAY3R when it came the Ks.

THAY3R finished in seventh place and earned $22,689.01 for the effort.

4:44am--It's time for hand-for-hand play

It's that time of the tournament -- hand-for-hand play. With just seven players remaining in this event, they are playing for a spot at the final table. One player will not make it.

The short stacks right now is THAY3R with just under one million chips.

4:43am--Darinox departed in eighth place

After hanging on near/at the bottom of the leaderboard for awhile, it was time to make an attempt. Darinox pushed all-in preflop with Td-9h, but he was called by DuckU and his pocket eights. The flop of 4c-4s-Ks didn't do much, but the Ts on the turn gave Darinox hope. But that was flushed away when the 5s came on the river to give DuckU the flush and the win.

Darinox took eighth place and the $22,689.01 that came with it.

4:41am--Talent06 out in ninth place

Talent06 was the one that led out with a raise to begin the action, and AceofSpade11 raised it up to 144,444. Talent06 reraised all-in with Ah-Js, and AceOfSpade11 called with As-Kc. The board gave AceofSpade11 the desired outcome with 4h-5h-Kd-5s-4s, and Talent06 was knocked out of this event in ninth place with $22,689.01.

4:38am--PickyTooth has a short reprieve, finishes 10th

Several minutes prior, PickyTooth had received a dream flop that kept him in the game. But the reprieve didn't last long. Before he ever had time to rebuild his empire, PickyTooth was knocked out in 10th place and left with $15,882.31.

The final hand for PickyTooth came with the blinds at 10K/20K with a 2K ante. There was no pre-flop action as PickyTooth called from the small blind and DuckU checked. The flop came out 8s-6d-3d, and DuckU bet 25K, PickyTooth raised to 80K, and DuckU called. The turn came the 7c and PickyTooth bet 140K and DuckU pushed him all-in. PickyTooth called with 6h-8h for two pair. DuckU had the 4c-5c for a straight. The 10h couldn't save PickyTooth, and his tournament was over. DuckU added to his chip stack and now has 1.6 million.

4:33am--Adamkosh kiboshed in 11th place

grunter321 started the hand by raising to 54,250, and Adamkosh reraised all-in for his last 445,606. It was then isuckoutonu who reraised all-in to isolate, which worked because grunter321 folded. Adamkosh showed pocket sevens, but isuckoutonu showed pocket kings. The board ran out Ac-4h-3s-Td-2h, and Adamkosh was gone from the tournament in 11th place with $15,882,31 in winnings.

4:26AM--PickyTooth still alive, doubles

PickyTooth needed some good cards to stay alive. And he got them.

Facing an all-in for his remaining 284,086, PickyTooth's Ac-10d went up against Adamkosh's pocket jacks. PickyTooth got the flop he needed: Th-8s-Tc. The turn was the 3d and the river a 9d. PickyTooth had life, but Adamkosh was left with 473,606 chips and wouldn't have long to survive.

PickyTooth had 604,172 after the double-up.

4:16AM--PiKappRaider and Roothlus make peace

Earlier, PiKappRaider and Roothlus were at each other's throats in the chat. PiKappRaider wasn't happy with several calls by Roothlus on what turned out to be a big hand for Roothlus. Now, they're cool.

PiKappRaider offered an apology and good luck to his opponent during the break. He said he was "tilting real hard." Roothlus accepted and offered his opponent the best of luck as well.

4:00am--Final 11 players take 15 minutes

And when they return, the tournament information and chip counts will be as follows:

Level 25
Blinds 10,000/20,000, ante 2,000
Average chip count: 1,156,000
Players remaining: 11
First prize: $211,133.76

Remaining player chip counts:

grunter321 2,120,780
PiKappRaider 2,097,138
AceOfSpade11 2,074,547
Roothlus 1,478,300
THAY3R 1,405,428
isuckoutonu 815,332
Talent06 672,203
Darinox 570,242
Adamkosh 503,696
PickyTooth 492,086
DuckU 486,248

3:54am--Darinox not going easily

Darinox has been at the bottom of the leaderboard now for quite some time. A couple hours, actually. Still, though, he's not dying easily.

This is Darinox's sixth WCOOP cash this year. His first win will be difficult to achieve here tonight, though, as only DuckU has fewer chips right now. Darinox has 572,464 while the average is 1,156,000.

3:47am--Double-up madness

Sometimes, the short stacks have luck on their side.

PickyTooth doubled through Adamkosh with A-8 against the Q-8 of Adamkosh. An 8 came on the flop and the turn, and the ace kicker gave those trips to PickyTooth.

grunter123 doubled through isuckoutonu with a standard race, in which grunter123's pocket tens held up against the A-K of isuckoutonu.

isuckoutonu wasn't finished, though. This time, isuckoutonu took As-Kd into battle with the pocket nines of PickyTooth. The board came Qd-Ad-Jh-9d-8d, and that last diamond gave isuckoutonu the amazing flush and the double-up.

3:42am--rdcrsn out in 12th place

rdcrsn like his hand. Like it so much he four-bet all-in and out of the tournament. rdcrsn had Ah-Jd. But the player to his right, PickyTooth had As-Kh.

When no jack came on the board, rdcrsn was out in 12th place and left with $15,882.31.

3:34am--A Roothlus leader

Roothlus just jumped into the chip lead when he hit runner-runner flush against PiKappaRaider on this hand:

PiKappRaider didn't approve of Roothlus' play, criticizing him when the hand was over. Nothing new, more bickering at the tables.

3:27am--TheActionKid out of action and out of tournament in 13th place

Coming off a victory in Event #27 the night before, TheActionKid made a spectacular run in this tournament.

However, the short-stacked player wasn't meant to make another final table. He raised it up pre-flop, and when Talent06 came over the top all-in, TheActionKid called all-in for his last 283,785. Talent06 had only 9d-5s, and TheActionKid looked good with Ah-Ks. But the board ran out Qc-9h-Qh-3d-8s, and Talent06 won with two pair.

TheActionKid had a very respectable finish in this tournament in 13th place for a $10,714.26 payout.

3:22am--The griping game

There is a lot of chat going on at the tables. Actually, a lot of griping between players. At one table grunter321 and isuckoutonu have engaged in bitter dialogue. isuckoutonu was getting upset with all grunter321's pre-flop three-bets. grunter321 suggested he come back with a four-bet.

Keep it friendly now, players.

3:15am--markkx out in 14th place

What can you do when you're short-stacked and the chip leader looks you down? markxx decided to just go for it.

The hand started with markkx limping in along with Roothlus and DuckU, and THAY3R checking his option. The flop came 3s-3d-Td, and it was markkx who bet 20,000. Roothlus and DuckU got out of the way, and THAY3R raised to 65,000. markkx called, and the turn came 7d. THAY3R bet 100,000, and markkx called. Upon seeing the river of 6d, THAY3R bet 152,000, and markkx called all-in. THAY3R showed Th-3c for the full house, which trumped the Ac-Ad of markkx.

markkx took a tough beat and left in 14th place with $10,714.26.

3:09am--ElkY makes top 15, then busts

Well, Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier made the top 15 for the sixth time in a WCOOP event this year. Barely.

ElkY was just knocked out in 15th place by Adamkosh. ElkY started the raising to 29,876, Adamkosh reraised to 89,999, and ElkY pushed all-in for 214,997. Adamkosh called with Td-Jd. ElkY showed As-Qs.
The board came 5s-2d-2s, giving ElkY the nut flush draw. But the Jc on the turn was a killer. The 4c on the river sent ElkY home once again without a victory. It was an earlier hand against TheActionKid, though, that really hurt the Team PS pro. This was just the dagger.

The 15th place finish for Grospellier was worth $10,714.26.

3:10am--BKiCe crushed in 16th place

After holding up the chip lead for quite awhile, there has been a decline for BKiCe over the past few levels. Finally, it was time to push.

BKiCe started with a raise to 29,876, but Adamkosh reraised him to 89,999. BKiCe came over the top all-in for his last 317,776 with pocket eights, and Adamkosh called with Ad-Qc. The board came 2h-6c-Qs-Qd-4c, and it was trip queens for Adamkosh and elimination for BKiCe. He took 16th place and the $10,714.26 that came with it.

3:05am--THAY3R claims the lead

A small pot here, a small pot there, and THAY3R has claimed the chip lead. He is a few chips ahead of the player sitting to his right, DuckU. That is a lot of chips in a small corner of the table.

2:58am--TheActionKid doubles against ElkY

On the first hand back from the break, TheActionKid reraised, and ElkY came over the top all-in. TheActionKid called with pocket kings. ElkY showed As-Js. The flop came Ks-8c-2c, and TheActionKid had a set of kings. The 2d-8s finished off the board, and TheActionKid was at 726,098, while ElkY was down to 331,819.

What a comeback from TheActionKid.

2:54am--Three tables take five

Level 23
Blinds 6,000/12,000, ante 1,200
Average chip count: 794,750
Players remaining: 16
First prize: $211,133.76

Remaining player chip counts:

PiKappRaider 1,657,952
THAY3R 1,325,017
DuckU 1,294,598
Talent06 1,169,603
AceOfSpade11 1,121,671
isuckoutonu 838,218
Roothlus 802,014
PickyTooth 687,239
rdcrsn 685,623
Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 677,530
Adamkosh 673,940
grunter321 437,866
Darinox 407,864
TheActionKid 354,711
markkx 298,860
BKiCe 294,294

2:46am--TheActionKid still clinging

Once the smallest stack in the tournament and in grave danger, TheActionKid is still around an hour later. He currently has 358,711 chips as he attempts to make a final table for the second straight day.

2:39am--Roothlus doubles thanks to river

Roothlus was at 373,257 chips when he reraised all-in with As-Js. markkx had Qs-Qd. Roothlus was saved when the board came 5h-9s-2c-3d-Ah. Surely he's thankful for the river.

2:34am--Draeger dragged away in 17th place

It was a back-and-forth battle between Draeger and Roothlus. Draeger got the first one, but Roothlus got the last laugh.

In the first hand of the two, Roothlus came out raising, and Draeger pushed all-in with Q-7. Roothlus called with A-9, but a queen came on the flop, and Draeger doubled up, leaving Roothlus with only 109,085.

The two tangled on the next hand, this time with Roothlus pushing all-in right away with K-9. Draeger pushed all-in as well with A-8, and markkx called everyone with pocket jacks. The board came 5-4-K-2-T, and Roothlus and his kings collected the main pot, with markkx taking the side pot. That left Draeger eliminated in 17th place with $10,714.26.

2:28am--YRWTHMELTHR leaves in 18th place

YRWTHMELTHR reraised PiKappRaider all-in from the big blind with Ac-Qs. PiKappraider made the call with pocket eights and won 418,340 when the board came out 5s-6c-Tc-6d-7d.

YRWTHMELTHR was knocked out and finished in 18th place, taking $10,714.26.

2:24am--DuckU being put to the test

The big stacks have to decide how much they want to gamble at this point. Take out the short stacks? Protect one's own big stack?

DuckU was challenged by YRWTHMELTHR, who pushed all-in. DuckU took the time to think about it and finally folded, commenting, "so close."

The very next hand, it was Draeger who pushed all-in for 77,296. DuckU called that one with Qd-Jh, but Draeger showed Ah-Kh. The flop was blank but the queen on the turn was good for DuckU, except that the ace on the river was better for Draeger, who doubled up.

DuckU still has over 1.1 million in chips.

2:17am--ElkY getting close to No. 6

Team PokerStars Pro Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier is on the verge of something special. As if what he has already accomplished isn't special. ElkY is three eliminations away from his sixth WCOOP top-15 finish. Of course, with that accomplishment also comes a boatload of prize money.

2:10am--Monster pot for THAY3R

It was risky. THAY3R made the initial raise to 21,000, and chapmoney raised to 96,000 from the small blind. THAY3R pushed all-in for 485,245 with Ac-Kc, and chapmoney called all-in with pocket sixes. If THAY3R lost, he would've had only 37,273 behind. But there wasn't much suspense, as the ace and king came on the flop. No sixes hit, and THAY3R eliminated chapmoney and soared to nearly 950,000 chips.

2:04am--mcstuntz goes out with the ladies

mcstuntz had over 400K when he just ran into PiKappRaider's pocket aces. They pushed and pushed and pushed pre-flop until it was all-in for a pot of 827,848. mcstuntz had pocket queens and left in 23rd place.

1:57am--Time to look at payouts

With 24 players remaining on four tables, it's time to see what they're looking at in the way of payouts:

19th-24th place: $8,067.21
13th-18th place: $10,714.26
10th-12th place: $15,992,31
7th-9th place: $22,689.01
6th place: $37,815.01
5th place: $56,722.51
4th place: $81,932.51
3rd place: $119,747.51
2nd place: $157,562.51
1st place: $211,133.76

1:52am--A double for BKiCe

A few hands before the break, BKiCe saw the opportunity he was looking for to get back in the game. Having fallen out of the top ten, he needed some momentum.

BKiCe started with a raise, Adamkosh reraised, and BKiCe called to see the flop come down 3s-Qs-4s. Adamkosh was the first to act with a bet, and BKiCe raised all-in for 249,117 more. Adamkosh called with Kc-Kd. BKiCe showed Ac-As for the better pocket pair and flush flush draw. The turn and river were 7h and Jc, and the aces held up to give BKiCe the double-up.

1:48am--Five-minute break after 11 hours...

Level 21
Blinds 4,000/8,000, ante 800
Average chip count: 529,833
Players remaining: 24
First prize: $211,133.76

Top ten chip counts:

PickyTooth 1,114,101
Talent06 1,086,881
skilled_sox 1,017,130
DuckU 858,719
AceOfSpade11 850,095
Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 833,647
BKiCe 581,042
chapmoney 574,132
THAY3R 540,136

1:37am--TheActionKid's latest timely run

Last time we checked, Event #27 winner TheActionKid had the fewest chips of anyone remaining with under 100K. Now, he's already up to 372,128.

His first big move came from the big blind, when he found A-K vs. Q-J from the small blind. Wouldn't you know it, two kings came on the flop.

Several hands later, TheActionKid had pocket queens and the flop came out 9-9-J. DuckU just so happened to have K-J. It wasn't good enough.

TheActionKid was on a roll and up to 375K. DuckU, meanwhile, fell out of the chip lead.

1:29am--DuckU flies into the lead

DuckU just jumped to the top of the leaderboard and became the first player over one million chips. His latest big win came with pocket queens against FU_15's Ad-9d. The board came 9c-8d-7c-8s-6h. There were bets on every street, with the all-in coming after the turn card. The pot was worth 452,054.

1:25am--BKiCe melting?

The former chipleader has stayed aggressive and wasted no time doing so upon being moved to Table 95. But perhaps BKiCe underestimated the player to his left. Adamkosh and BKiCe tangled in a hand that showed 4s-5d-Ac-3h-7s on the board, and BKiCe mucked when Adamkosh showed his pocket deuces that made a straight. The 494,220 pot went to Adamkosh, and BKiCe was knocked handily out of the top ten.

1:14am--Last but not least ... TheActionKid

With just 91,007, TheActionKid has the fewest chips of the remaining 34 players. But that doesn't mean the WCOOP Event 27 champ has no chance. All it takes is one, two, maybe four doubles, and he's right back in it.

1:08am--ElkY runs so good

Is it a surprise that ElkY keeps winning big hands? Not really. It's become the norm during WCOOP events. Check out the latest double-up for ElkY against PiKappRaider's healthy stack:

1:05am--Out go familiar names

Check out the last three players eliminated:

37. plattsburgh
38. shaniac
39. AJKHoosier1

Just moments after AJKHoosier1 was sent to the rail, plattsburgh followed suit at the same table. shaniac then called all-in from the small blind with Ah-Qc and 122,559 chips. It looked good when the raiser, TBFB, showed Qs-Th.

That was until this board: Ac-5c-Kd ... Tc-Ts . Ouch. With that shaniac was gone. All three recent eliminated players pocketed $4,537.81.

1:01am--Railing Roothlus

The railbirds are out tonight! And many of them are at Table 114 chatting it up and supporting Roothlus. Among the recent chatterboxes are westmenloAA, daut44, and the recently-eliminated AJKHoosier1.

And with that support, Roothlus just moved up the leaderboard to 12th position with a pot worth nearly 200,000.

12:52am--AJKHoosier1 gets knocked out

AJKHoosier1 was hanging around with a chip stack of under 100K when he pushed it all-in after a PickyTooth raise. But WestMenlo92, from the big blind, reraised and forced PickyTooth out of the hand.

WestMenlo92 had pocket aces, and AJKHoosier1 had pocket fours. Nothing came on the board to save AJKHoosier1, who went out in 39th place to earn $4,537.81.

12:43am--Take five!

Level 19
Blinds 3,000/6,000, ante 600
Average chip count: 302,761
Players remaining: 42
First prize: $211,133.76

Top ten chip counts:

BKiCe 797,980
PiKappRaider 770,626
Darinox 648,889
PickyTooth 595,789
Draeger 515,848
Iftarii 444,767
markkx 432,052
Arzzt 372,635
wyven 369,063

Team PokerStars Pros Remaining:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 276,833 (21st place)

12:34am--Shaniac, ElkY momentary neighbors

For a few hands, while there was an empty seat, shaniac and ElkY were seated next to each other. They didn't get a chance to tangle directly in that time.

Now, seated between the two, is the big stack of PiKappRaider, who has close to 800K. shaniac has 142K, and elkY 243K. Average chip stack is 302K.

12:30am--plattsburgh's quick fall

Just as we finished lauding plattsburgh's rise, he lost a 613,732 chip pot.

PickyTooth called the original 14,000 raise, and plattsburgh reraised to 49,750. The other player got out of the way, and PickyTooth moved all-in for 294,616. After taking some time to think, plattsburgh called with Ad-Qh. PickyTooth had Ah-Kd. When a king came on the flop, plattsburgh was in trouble.

PickyTooth is now in the top five with over 600K, and plattsburgh has around 250K.

12:26am--BKiCe doubles Darinox, still barely hanging on to lead

All of Darinox's chips went in after the turn when the board read Jc-6c-8c-Js with Jd-8d. BKiCe called with pocket eights. The river was a 3s, and full house versus full house gave Darinox the 726,380 pot. BKiCe still had over 750,000 when the hand was complete, but his lock on the chip lead has slipped, and he is now within a reasonable distance of his competitors in the top ten.

12:22am--plattsburgh on the rise

Despite that mini-setback moments ago to AJKHoosier1, plattsburgh has continued to roll. He now has 540K and is in the top five.

It's bee a nice steady climb for plattsburgh, who has been using the big stack to push around his opponents.

12:16am--BKiCe hits million chip mark

Using the momentum from his rise to the top of the leaderboard, BKiCe has continued to put space between himself and the rest of the field. Even with THAY3R having been moved to his table recently and Darinox doing well a 300-something thousand stack, BKiCe is running it over. With more than one million chips, he has nearly 400,000 more than the PiKappRaider in the second spot on the board.

12:10am--AJKHoosier1 doubles against Plattsburgh

AJKHoosier1 was severely handicapped and forced to push with K-J. Plattsburgh to his right made the call with pocket three and the race was on. AJKHoosier1 won when he hit a king on the flop to double to 162,212 chips, though still well below the average of 275K.

12:03am--TheActionKid back for more

This tournament started less than six hours after TheActionKid won Event #27 and pocketed $76,545.00. Yet, he was still here to play.

The WCOOP champion is still in it, too. He's already played 9 ½ hours. How is TheActionKid holding up? He has 126,489 chips and is among the final 50 players.

11:57pm--ilushan's roller coaster ride ends

All those pocket pairs and ups and downs finally caught up to ilushan. With barely any chips left after losing with all those pocket pairs, ilushan was taken out by plattsburgh with 7s-Td. plattsburgh had As-4s and hit an ace on the river.

ilushan exited in 58th place and earned $3,592.42.

11:54pm--Welcome to the top ten, Roothlus

Roothlus had been patient long enough. He made an initial raise to 9,875, which was called by 300CE-24 to see a flop of 4h-3h-Td. Roothlus bet 16,500, and 300CE-24 check-raised to 96,000. Roothlus came over the top with his last 185,709 all-in holding Ah-Th - top pair and a flush draw. But 300CE-24 turned over pocket threes for the set. The Jc on the turn didn't help Roothlus, but the 8h on the river gave him that flush and the 397,168 pot.

And it gave him a virtual seat in the top ten.

11:43pm--BKiCe's quick rise to power

Just before the last break, BKiCe rose from somewhere in the top ten to the top position on the leaderboard with one hand.

The hand started harmlessly enough. BKiCe raised to 8,075, plastikcards reraised to 28,980, and BKiCe called. After the flop came Js-9s-6d, that's when it got crazy. plastikcards bet 43,000, BKiCe raised to 107,890, plastikcards raised all-in for 365,885, and BKiCe called all-in for his last 241,242.

BKiCe: As-Ks
plastikcards: Ah-Ad

The turn brought the 3s to complete BKiCe's flush, and the 6h on the river was meaningless. BKiCe won the 759,524 pot and became the far-and-away chipleader.


Level 17
Blinds 2,000/4,000, ante 400
Average chip count: 195,630
Players remaining: 65
First prize: $211,133.76

Top ten chip counts:

BKiCe 759,524
Iftarii 422,256
markkx 403,159
Arzzt 367,085
jusgivithere 349,288
FU_15 346,909
markysals11 345,950
PiKappRaider 332,090
Talent06 328,086
T_Mac 311,842

Team PokerStars Pros Remaining:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 251,765 (18th place)

11:25pm--AJKHoosier1 waits for it...and strikes

Down to less than 30,000 in chips earlier in this level, AJKHoosier1 waited for the right time to move, and it worked. Having chipped up to just over 60,000, T-Sport came in for a raise, and AJHoosier1 pushed all-in from the big blind. T-Sport called with Ad-Kh, and AJKHoosier1 showed pocket eights. The pair held up, and he collected 123,040 from the pot.

A few hands later, AJKHoosier1 did the same thing against KVGalen by pushing all-in preflop. This time, AJKHoosier1 has Ad-7h, and KVGalen showed Kc-Jh. The board helped AJKHoosier1 with a seven on the river, though his ace kicker would have done it with a pair of sixes on the board. He won 228,970 from that double-up.

The hands put him in the top thirty, and while there is still work to do, AJKHoosier1 seems ready.

11:20pm--Aces every hand

What is currently going on at table 118 is very unusual. Crazy. Sick actually.

It seems like every other hand, someone has aces. Yes, this is the same table where aces matched against kings one hand and then jacks several hands later. ilushan was on the losing end of both.

Well, the same thing just happened, except this time ilushan was on the winning side of one of the hands. ilushan used pocket aces to double to 125K against TBFB's pocket jacks.

Several hands later, guess what reared its ugly head once more - pocket aces. This time ElkY had them and won another hand, increasing his chip stack to around 165k.

Aces certainly are wild at Table 118.

11:18pm--nitbuster busted

Too low of a chip stack for comfort, most likely. nitbuster went into the hand with 51,800 and got it all-in in a raising battle with T_Mac pre-flop. nitbuster showed Ad-Jd, and T_Mac showed Kc-Qd. The board was not so kind to nitbuster when it brought a queen on the flop. The jack on the turn was inconsequential, and nitbuster was sent out in 79th place with $3,088.22.

11:14pm--THAY3R hits top ten

THAY3R just moved into the top ten when he won a pot worth 274,896 chips that knocked out Dolcetrix. THAY3R had pocket kings. Dolcetrix had pocket jacks.

When the board came Td-3h-Ac-Qc-Jc at first glance it appeared Dolcetrix had his a set of jacks on the river. Not so fast! That jack gave THAY3R the straight, the huge pot and a spot in the top ten.

11:10pm--ElkY's set is worth nothing

Hey, you can' win them all, ElkY.

Team PokerStars Pro Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier just took a 75K hit when his set of tens were trumped by a straight. The flop looked good for ElkY when it came out Jd-Th-8d. But grunter321 was holding the Qd-Kh. He hit the 9c on the turn for the straight and doubled-up through ElkY.

No need to worry, ElkY is still in fine shape with 120,000 chips.

11:07pm--Sometimes, risks don't work out as planned

It seems that BigRiskky picked the wrong time to move with a teeny-tiny pair. In pre-flop action, markkx raised to 7,500, and BigRiskky raised all-in for his last 59,025 with pocket deuces. Markkx called with jacks. The board? 6c-5d-7c-Ah-9c. No amount of yelling, "duuuuece!" was going to make it happen, and Scott "BigRiskky" was out in 89th place with an extra $2,962.17 in his account.

10:56pm--michaelsc in the lead

Remember michaelsc, the player who won the huge hand and eliminated shaundeeb?

Well, michaelsc is now the chipleader with just over 400K in chips. The lead, however, might not last long. There is a logjam right behind him as 91 players remain in the tournament.

10:50pm--ilushan's kings lose to aces

ElkY just sat back for a few minutes and watched as the rest of his table got into the action. MAVKIS was eliminated while tpir90036 almost tripled to 144,897.

ElkY got into the action several hands later when he found pocket aces. ilushan again was on the losing end with pocket jacks. Double cooler.

ElkY is now over 200K while ilushan is hurting with 57K.

10:42pm--BigRiskky, meet AJKHoosier1

With less than 100 players remaining, it is not unlikely that the notables left in the field will find themselves sharing tables. BigRiskky was just moved to AJKHooser1's table, two seats to his left, though they are both maintaining below-average chip stacks and haven't seemed to want to tangle with each other as of yet.

10:31pm--Give them a break!

Sure, but just five minutes...

Level 15
Blinds 1,000/2,000, ante 200
Average chip count: 114,558
Players remaining: 111
First prize: $211,133.76

Top ten chip counts:

michaelsc 391,888
PiMaster 338,639
freeroll55 303,421
PapaHarkin 281,582
markysals11 280,985
jusgivithere 274,516
GeoffRas22 246,053
Talent06 244,741
Cap'nJackpot 232,375
Iftarii 220,480

Team PokerStars Pros Remaining:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 152,544 (31st place)

10:26pm--shaniac heads to the break happy

On the hand right before the break, shaniac doubled to 210,170. There was seemingly endless back and forth raising between MAVKIS and shaniac preflop before all the chips eventually were in the middle. Shaniac flipped over pocket aces and MAVKIS had pocket jacks. Shaniac went to the break happy, MAVKIS with only 53,042 left.

10:18pm--Again, ElkY represents Team PokerStarselky.jpg

There is one Team PokerStars Pro left in this WCOOP event. Guess who? ElkY!

Once again, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier is the last Team PS Pro standing. It seems that is the case in every tournament - at least every tournament that ElkY cashes. Because when ElkY cashes, he cashes big. He doesn't like to settle for 100th place or anything. All five of ElkY's cashes have been top 15 finishes.

ElkY had already pocketed $373,629.20 entering today.

10:10pm--BigRiskky risks it all and doubles up

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements is no stranger to risk-taking. (Thus, the nickname?) grunter321 came in raising preflop, prompting an all-in reraise from BigRiskky for his last 32,916 chips. grunter321 flipped kings, and BigRiskky was the underdog with his pocket nines. grunter321 commented, "thk christ for that." But the board came down 9s-7c-8c-Td-Ad, and BigRiskky's attempt paid off.

10:04pm--Exclusive-ly out

Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken made his move right after the bubble burst. He pushed his remaining 19,738 chips into the pot pre-flop with Ks-Jd and ran into LockdownTex's pocket eights.

LockdownTex hit an eight on the flop to squash any of Exclusive's hope. Boeken finished 125th and collected $2,205.87.

10:03pm--Kaboom! Taknapotin bursts the bubble

They're in the money...well, except for Taknapotin, who was the unfortunate bubble player. But that made way for tiffaniejoy to cash in 132nd place for $2,205.87 and everyone else to feel secure that they will not walk away completely empty-handed tonight. And everyone is just a few steps closer to the $211,133,76 first prize. Sweet!

9:58pm--ElkY builds near the bubble

Don't think ElkY doesn't realize the bubble is near. This is one of his favorite times in tournaments. This is where ElkY uses his aggression to gain chips.

And that is exactly what he is doing right now. ElkY has slowly built his chip stack to 145K. He even just pushed all-in on a pre-flop rereaise. "every time," MAVKIS wrote. That's when ElkY flipped over T-9o. "too good," MAVKIS replied.

9:50pm--shaundeeb busts out

shaundeeb had plenty of chips and looked like he was easily going to make the money, if not a far run in this event. But then he ran into a tough hand where he hit top two pair on the flop against his opponent's set. The final result was shaundeeb losing all 109,933 of his chips to michaelsc.

michaelsc had pocket deuces, and shaundeeb had Ah-Jh. It was a three-way pot pre-flop with both players calling tibster's raise. When the flop came Ac-2s-Js, the betting ensued. Tibster checked, shaundeeb bet 8,000, michaelsc raised to 22,800, shaundeeb reraised to 49,500, and michaelsc pushed all-in. shaundeeb called, and it was over after the 7c-9s filled out the board.

shaundeeb finished 148th. There are 132 players that will finish in the money.

9:38am--Gavin Griffin gone

It didn't take long after the break for Gavin to push with his just-below-average chip stack.

Gavin made an initial raise preflop to 3,200, which was called by wyven and nitbuster. The 6s-3h-5d flop prompted a bet of 9,500 from Gavin and a call by wyven. nitbuster, on the other hand, check-raised to 25,200, and Gavin came over the top with an all-in move holding Ah-6h. wyven folded, and nitbuster called with 5c-5s. Those trips belonging to nitbuster then turned into a full house when jacks came on the turn and river.

Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin has left the field in 164th place.

9:35pm--Familiar names everywhere

As the bubble approaches, the field is stacked. At one table, there is Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, sitting next to bbbbb33 (who has seven cashes entering today) and well-know online pro plattsburgh.

Look around the other tables and there are recognizable names everywhere. Last night's winner TheActionKid is still in it. So is Team PokerStars Pro ElkY, AJKHoosier1, nitbuster, shaundeeb and so many others.

From WCOOP winners to final tablists, the field is still loaded.

9:28pm--Level of the money bubble

With 34 players to go until the survivors are in the money, things should tighten up during this level as players try to recoup some of the money they likely invested in rebuys today.

9:15pm - Chip counts at the sixth break

Level 13
Blinds 600/1200 ante 125
Average Chip Count: 76,602
Players Remaining: 166
First Prize: $211,133

1. TBFB 273,306
2. PiMaster 252,632
3. capinhabr 229,021
4. freeroll55 226,812
5. rdcrsn 212,076
6. Cap'nJackpot 201,273
7. PapaHarkin 200,194
8. michaelsc 197,514
9. markysals11 193,085
10. Skammes 188,625

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 80,780 (53rd)
Gavin Griffin 55,482 (94th)

9:02pm - Big hand for TheActionKid

Winning last night's Event #27 doesn't appear to have slowed him down any. TheActionKid looks to be in good shape and spirits to make a run for the final table in tonight's event, having just taken a 59,100 pot off of MAVKIS with Ah-8c.

TheActionKid paired the Ace on the flop and bet out 3,250; then paired the 8 on the turn and bet out 7,750 and got called. On the river was a harmless deuce; there he bet out 15, 750 and MAVKIS called one last time.

TheActionKid showed his winning hand, took the pot and moved up the leaderboard to 71st place.

9:01pm - The cooler gets Hachem

PiMaster and Joe Hachem got into a blind versus blind confrontation with a series of raises that eventually put the 2005 WSOP champ all-in. When the hands were turned over it was no surprise:

Hachem was eliminated in 180th place while PiMaster took the chiplead with 257,832 chips.

8:45pm - ElkY stumbles

After losing a 67,812 pot to tpir90036 when ElkY's pocket Kings fell to tpir90036' rivered Queen-high straight, ElkY is now down to less than 80,000.

In the hand, ElkY had raised the 500/1000 blinds to 2,456 pre-flop and tpir90036 had re-raised to 7,000. ElkY called, and the flop was no doubt concerning for him - Jd-8d-Ac. ElkY checked to tpir90036 who bet out 10,000 and ElkY then called. The turn brought the 5c where both checked. The river brought tpir90036 the card he needed - 9c - and when ElkY checked to him again he bet all-in for his last 15,856. ElkY called and shipped the pot away.

8:44pm - Down to 200

Getting ever so closer to the money and all of the work will be worth it. Notables gone in the 200s include PearlJammer in 287th, westmenloAA in 258th, Boosted J in 244th, Andy McLEOD n 221st and apestyles in 202nd.

8:37pm - Bullying Griffin

Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin had been doing very well in the last couple of hours, pushing his stack more than 90K at one point.

In a recent hand, Griffin raised to 2K and wyvern made it 5,500 on th button. Griffin called and the two saw a flop of Jd-8c-3s. Griffin check-called a 7K bet. The turn brought the 3c and Griffin again check-called -- this time the bet was 14K. The river brought the Kh and again Griffin checked. This time wyvern pushed all-in for 33,468. Griffin thought a long time and folded.

After the hand, wyvern was up to 88,118 while Griffin dropped to 55,562.

8:22pm - Lady Maverick eliminated

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso has been eliminated from today's event in 231st place.

After calling a min raise from the small blind with Ah-4h, she got all of her 27,453 stack in on the 4d-Qd-Ac flop after Donkaroo22 pushed their 59,026 stack in. Donkaroo22 was chasing a flush draw with Kd-2d.

Things looked good for Rousso with the Jh on the turn but Donkaroo22 caught the flush on the river with the Td.

8:11 - The ride is over

Dario Minieri's roller coaster just ended.

Right before the break, his stack took another hit that left him crippled with 25,791. Minieri raised pre-flop to 2,400 and PapaHarkin re-raised to 8,100 and Minieri called. On the flop of 8d-9c-3s PapaHarkin led out with a 12,587 bet which Minieri called.

The Js on the turn gave them both pause and they checked. 4s on the river prompted PapaHarkin to bet again, this time 16,750 which Minieri again called. At showdown PapaHarkin revealed pocket 10s while Minieri mucked his hand.

The final blow for Minieri would come again at the hands of PapaHarkin. With Minieri in the small blind PapaHarkin would raise to 2,400. Minieri called, and it would be just the two of them seeing the flop of 3c-2d-4c.

Minieri took the lead betting out 4,000. PapaHarkin put the pressure on, raising him back to 14,000. Minieri raised all-in for his last 38,591 chips. Harkin called, showing his pocket 7s. Minieri flipped his 7h-4h for a pair of 4s off the flop.

PapaHarkin improved his hand with the Kc on the turn and Ac on the river, making an Ace high flush. Minieri would get nothing but an exit in 251st place.

8:04pm - Chip counts at the fifth break

Level 11
Blinds 400/800   ante 75
Average Chip Count: 49,671
Players Remaining: 256
First Prize: $211,133

Top ten in chips:
1. PiMaster                      164,969
2. MAVKIS                    157,731
3. Freeroll55                    150,147
4. Tictac                          140,207
5. Cap'nJackpot              127,851
6. PiKappRaider             127,786
7. Markysals11                124,021
8. PapaHarkin                 123,031
9. Ztesch                         122,454
10. Brainwash                   121,005

Team PokerStars pros in the top 100:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 104,996 (17th)
Joe Hachem 89,205 (28th)
Gavin Griffin 79,487 (43rd)
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken 57,199 (82nd)

8:00pm - Dario down

Having enjoyed positions near the top of the leaderboard for much of today, it would appear the stress of having his chip stack knocked around a bit may have gotten to Dario Minieri. He was seen making a plea to his table -

Dariominieri: can u plz guys stop reraising me or i will tilt

In their defense, it looked as if those reraises were due to legitimately better hands. Dario later commented "lol. this is sick" as another big pot sailed away.

He certaintly knows how to make a comeback though. Take a look at the hand that shot him back to the top, winning him a 103,066 pot:

He wasn't there for long though, just 4 hands.

On the 5th:

Dario still has over 60,000 in his stack, giving him plenty of room for the levels ahead. But he's had one heck of ride for the last hour and keeping off tilt may be his biggest challenge yet.

7:58pm - River unkind to Akkari

He had hoped to double up on this hand, but instead found himself out in 272nd place. Here is the hand that did in Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari:

7:47pm - Hachem hacks 'em

We haven't written much about out guy Joe, so let's catch up. Starting this hand with 49,536, Hachem called a 1,625 raise from ASPoker8 preflop on the button. Both players checked the Jc-Jh-3d flop. They were saving the fireworks for the turn.

After the Ks hit as the fourth board card, ASPoker8 led out for 3,100, Hachem raised to 13,200 and ASPoker8 pushed all-in for 28K. Hachem called and showed 3s-3h for the full house. Any guesses on ASPoker8's hand? Yep, trip jacks with Jd-9s. The river 7c did not give ASPoker8 a higher full house and Hachem was up to 84,665.

7:42pm -- Less than 300 left

Notables eliminated recently include Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier in 375th, emptyseat88 in 356th and The Grinder in 322nd.

7:37pm - ElkY moving fast

He's just been reseated at table #118 with TheActionKid, a familiar face from last night's event #27 (and our eventual winner) and ElkY has been wasting no time adding to his chip stack once he got there. Take a look at a recent hand that resulted in a 19,356 pot for him.

ElkY has now passed the 100,000 mark after calling an all-in from gregior with pocket Queens. gregior held As-7h and did not improve, and ElkY took down a 57,074 pot and skyrocketed to 9th place.

7:33pm - Brown busted

In a battle of the blinds, markkx made it 1,200 from the small blind and Brown, down to 8,311 in the big blind, pushed all-in. markkx called instantly with Jh-Jd while Brown held Qh-Js. The board brought no help and Brown was out in 311th place. marrkx now has a healthy stack of 65,405.

7:29pm - Kenny Raps about odds

If one thing is for certain, it's that Kenny Rap didn't get to be successful in online poker by being timid. Seems paying close attention to the needs of his bladder and the odds of the cards he's holding have also served him well...

After raising Lillafisen in the big blind to 1,200, Lillafisen responsed by raising back all-in to 12,841. With much thought Kenny Rap decided to fold, then announced in the chat his hand:

Kenny Rap said, "a"
Kenny Rap said, "q"

His ever supportive pals chimed in, and the following chat ensued:
Timewalker [observer]: HUGE LD
Kenny Rap: yea
Kenny Rap: didnt see him doing it with AJ tho
Timewalker [observer]: u had the chips to risk it
Kenny Rap: perhaps
Kenny Rap: had to pee also
Kenny Rap: never race well when have to pee
Timewalker [observer]: LOL
KEBRY [observer]: lol
Timewalker [observer]: what impact u think it has on the deck ???

We're still waiting on the answer to that one; in the meantime we're going to take Kenny Rap's word for it.

7:24pm - Brown drops down

Chad Brown and Skammers got all of Skammer's 33,508 stack in preflop in a race -- Td-Tc for Brown and Ac-Ks for Skammers. The board was sweet for Skammers when it came Kh-As-6h-Ad-9c to give him the 68,216 pot. Chad Brown finished the hand with 24,621 and has since lost nearly half of that.

7:18pm - How quickly they fall

Did we put a curse on Chris Moneymaker? As soon as we started tracking him after he cracked the top 100, he lost that aforementioned pot, then he lost another 10K, and then this hand happened:

Money800 finished the event in 340th place.

7:08pm - Catching up with Money800

Team PokerStars pro and 2003 WSOP champ Chris "Money800" Moneymaker jumped into the top 100 recently with 46,734 chips, but he just lost some of those.

He raised to 1K from the button and geoas2003 called in the big blind. Both checked the Kh-Jd-Kd flop and geoas2003 checked when the 2c hit the turn. Moneymaker bet 1,200 and geoas2003 check-raised to 3,600, which Moneymaker called. The river was the 3c and geoas2003 led out for 6,800 and Moneymaker made the call. geoas2003 showed 2d-2s for the full house and Moneymaker mucked. After this hand, Money800 dropped to 35,534 while geoas2003 moved up to 38,015.

7:00pm - Chip counts at the fourth break

Level 9
Blinds 200/400 50 ante
Average Chip Count: 34,934
Players Remaining: 364
First Prize: $211,133

1. FU_15             132,287
2. freeroll55         113,053
3. gp333              105,378
4. Dariominieri (TeamPS Pro)     95,358
5. brainwash        93,428
6. DBL_J_22      88,008
7. ztesch              87,163
8. karaspapa        85,731
9. JBlaze20          85,708
10. PiMaster          84,851

Other Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 63,038 (27th)
Joe Hachem 59,486 (32nd)
Chad Brown 58,429 (34th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 54,204 (49th)
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken 53,565 (52nd)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 46,734 (83rd)

6:55pm - Coren's luck runs out

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren finally couldn't win an all-in with her stack on the line. Here is the hand that knocked her out in 365th:

6:47pm - Griffin takes a hit

Gavin Griffin just saw his stack chopped in half after he called an all-in from PreshaDrop with a high card and a flush draw.

Griffin had raised pre-flop with As-4s and PreshaDrop had called with suited connectors, 7d-6d. The 5s-8h-7s flop was appealing to both, as it gave Griffin flush possibilities and PreshaDrop a pair and open-ended straight draw.

When Griffin bet out 1,300 PreshaDrop raised him back to 3,900. Griffin raised back then to 11,500. PreshaDrop thought for a moment and raised back for the remainder of their stack, to 21,734. Griffin called, taking his chances on a flush draw or ace. Neither came and his stack was reduced to 23,186.

6:42pm - Down to less than 400

Major stack erosion has happened to a number of players since our last update. Among those now gone are Team PokerStars pros Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan in 461st place, Alex Kravchenko in 456th, Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes in 435th and Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose in 400th.

6:39pm - Freewheeling freeroller

We have a 100K man -- well, a 132K man, actually -- and his screename is freeroll55. Our chipleader has a stack of 132,468, giving him 40K clearance on the field.

6:30pm - Big hand for Betrand

Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier just took down a 39,724 pot and eliminated iLLNuGWichee from today's event.

iLLNuGWichee pushed all-in pre-flop with pocket queens and ElkY called with Ac-Kd. ElkY paired the king on the turn and iLLNuGWichee got no help from the river.

With that hand ElkY nearly doubled his stack, now sitting at 50th place on the leaderboard with over 51,000 in chips.

6:26pm - Coren hangs on

But for how much longer?

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren has managed to double up twice against ragen70, first with 8-8 versus A-4 and secondly with K-J versus 6-6. She is now up to 8,900 and trying to double up again.

6:17pm - Gamble, gamble, fold

Vicky Coren has been battling a short stack all day. Recently she raised to 700 and BigRed000 made it 2K on the button. Coren typed, "well i came here to gamble" before calling, leaving herself with 2,300.

After the Qs-Kd-Qc flop, Coren checked and BigRed0000 put her all-in. Coren typed "until the flop lol" as she folded.

6:12pm - This is a bad hand, you say?

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso has been climbing the leaderboard, sitting in 75th place now with just over 40,000 in her stack.

A recent hand at her table may not have been the best representation of her poker skills, but hey, sometimes it takes a pro to make this stuff look good.

Rousso had the big blind and saw the As-8d-9s flop along with Stammdogg who had the small blind. Both checked. The turn was the 3d. Again they checked. On the river the Qd hit. Again, check-check.

At showdown Stammdogg flipped over 5s-6d for high card Ace. LadyMaverick flipped 7h-2s for high card Ace... with the better kicker. The 625 pot was all hers.

LadyMaverick said, "lol easy game"
LadyMaverick said, ":P "
BillMueller [observer]: what ownage I am witnessing

6:04pm - Luca Pagano's elimination

Having been on a bit of a roller-coaster with his stack today, Luca Pagano found himself in the uncomfortable position of being the short stack at a table full of monsters.

In the small blind and facing a raise from Lillafisen to 750 Pagano decided now was the time to push it all-in and did so, raising to 5,091 with his pocket 8s. Having pocket Aces, Lillafisen naturally decided that it was a great time to call.

Pagano caught an eight to make trips, but Lillafisen caught an ace on the flop to make trips of his own. The hand just refused to go Pagano's way and he was out in 521st place.

6:03pm - Less than 500 left

Team PokerStars pros knocked out include Bill Chen in 647th, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer in 624th, Lee Nelson in 575th, Luca Pagano in 521st, Katja Thater in 514th and Humberto Brenes in 496th.

Other eliminations include Sowerss in 691st, mig.com in 611th and BeLOWaBOVe in 597th.

5:54pm - Chip counts at the third break

Level 7
Blinds 125/250 ante 25
Average Chip Count: 24,360
Players Remaining: 522
First Prize: $211,133

1. ztesch 90,783
2. plattsburgh 73,691
3. Dariominieri (Team PS Pro) 72,935
4. Darinox 69,620
5. LosChief 68,813
6. Choron 65,258
7. gp333 64,385
8. JBlaze20 63,009
9. brainwash 62,920
10. PiMaster 62,595

Other Team PokerStars pros in the Top 100:

Gavin Griffin 54,183 (26th)
Chad Brown 53,165 (28th)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 46,802 (44th)
Joe Hachem 41,520 (65th)

5:32pm - Wanna go all-in against Chad Brown?

Good luck.

SJMags tried it with Qs-9h, pushing the last 6,342 of his stack in on the turn as he looked at a 3c-7s-9s-3h board. Brown called with pocket Jacks. The river was the Kc and SJMags went to the rail while Brown collected the 15,084 pot.

LOS NUDOS had no choice but to try it after Brown decimated his stack playing 6h-9h and turned an Ace-high flush. Brown had called him all the way to the river, then raising to get all but 572 of his stack from the hand. He took over 19,000 in chips from that pot. LOS NUDOS was on the small blind in the next hand, with Kc-5d. Brown was UTG with Ac-8d. He raised, of course. LOS NUDOS had to call, putting his tournament life on the line. Koolkeith13 and Luca Pagano called too, but folded after Brown made a 1,000 bet on the 3d-9s-8s flop. LOS NUDOS never got any help from the turn or river. Out he went.

Chad Brown has quickly collected over 50,000 in chips without warning. We've seen him do this before in other WCOOP events, and he's proven himself a serious threat. He looks to be on pace to be so again today.

5:26pm - The ladies like Akkari

Andre Akkari now has a nice workable stack after winning a big pot with pocket queens:

5:19pm - Brown back up

Chad Brown has been on a rush, winning five hands in a row for a takedown of 39,286 chips total... and he just knocked his nemesis fateileoni out of the tournament.

Check out one of the back-to-back Brown hands; this one look place between Brown and another member of Team PokerStars Pro, Luca Pagano:

The elimination of fateileoni was less dramatic. Short-stacked and in the small blind he had no choice but to push all-in pre-flop after Brown raised it up to 400. Brown called the remaining 648 and both flipped up their cards - Ac-4s for fateileoni and 8s-6s for Brown. Brown paired his 8 on the flop and fateileoni never caught.

5:11pm - The house of Griffin

Gavin Griffin is holding his 12th place spot on the leaderboard steady, thanks to a run of good cards and big hands like the one he just had over at table 42.

In the small blind with Td-9c he limped in to the 9d-9h-Kd flop along with two others. First to act he checked the board and both checked behind him. When the Th hit the turn he decided slow playing would get him nowhere with that crowd and bet out 300, losing one player and getting one caller.

The payoff came for him when the Qs hit on the river. There he bet out 950 and got a raise to 1,900 from jarbot, the remaining opponent in the hand. Griffin raised him back to 3,500 and jarbot called, building the pot to 8,050 which shipped Griffin's way at showdown.

5:07pm - Victor not victorious

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin was down to 9,455 when he re-raised preflop to 1,350 out of the small blind after westmenloAA had raised to 450 from the cutoff.

The two saw the flop of Kc-2c-8h heads-up and Ramdin led out for 1,050. westmenloAA raised to 3,300 and Ramdin pushed all-in.

The hands were

Ramdin: Ac-4c

westmenloAA Ks-Qd

The turn teased Ramdin with the Ad and he looked in great shape until westmenloAA double paired on the Qs river.

Ramdin finished in 629th place while westmenloAA was up to 62,691 after the hand.

5:03pm -- Boosted J gets the best of Akkari again

Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari is down to around 11K following this hand:

4:52 - Deposits now being accepted

Chad Brown and fateileoni are at it again, but the results are swinging a different way this time.

On a recent hand, pokie75 started things with a raise from under the gun to 450, getting a call from fateileoni which Brown then popped back to 1,500. All folded except for his good pal fateileoni.

On the 7h-4c-8c flop fateileoni checked to Brown, who bet 1,950 to him. Fateileoni called and they saw the Js on the turn where both slowed down and checked. Another Jc on the river again prompted a check from both.

At showdown fateileoni flipped his baby pocket pair - 3s - for two pair, Jacks and Threes. Brown mucked his hand and deposited the 7,575 pot with fateileoni.

4:44pm - Chip counts at the second break

Level 5
Blinds 75/150
Average Chip Count: 18,979
Players Remaining: 670
First Prize: $211,133

1. brainwash 79,310
2. FU_15 75,110
3. skat tilt 58,665
4. devinr12 58,520
5. pespepusa 56,580
6. JBlaze20 53,969
7. westmenloAA 53,624
8. gipsy74 53,164
9. GavinGriffin (Team PS Pro) 52,703
10. Iftarii 50,580

Other Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 44,534 (19th)
Dario Minieri 28,360 (93rd)

4:34pm - Ray Rahme goes bust

The Team PokerStars pro never had much of a stack and he finally pushed his 1,625 all-in under the gun with 7s-6s. All_in_at420 called from the button with 9h-9c. The flop was merely a tease when it came 7h-4h-6c because the 4c came on the turn to counterfeit Rahme's two pair. The river 2c put him out in 684th place.

4:26pm - Griffin on the rise

Gavin Griffin is quickly moving up the leaderboard thanks to a well-timed case of Aces versus Kings.
With ADZ124, ACESEDAI, and jarbot both raising pre-flop, Griffin likely couldn't believe his luck yet no doubt was a little leery of what might lay ahead for his big hand. When the dust finally settled, it was ACESEDAI who had put in the final raise - to 600 - and Griffin, ADZ124, and jarbot all called.

On the 9s-7d-Js flop Griffin checked the action to ADZ124 who bet his stack of 7,675. Jarbot decided things had gotten out of hand and folded. ACESDAI raised for his stack to 23,620. Griffin called for what remained of his stack; 18,339.

With the three all-in it was revealed that Griffin had the current winner - pocket Aces versus ACESEDAI's pocket Kings and ADZ124's Td-9d for a pair of 9s off the flop. All that was left for Griffin was to dodge those outs...

And dodge them he did, with a 2d on the turn and a 7s on the river, with Griffin collecting a total 46,803 pot.
Griffin is currently sitting at #6 on the leaderboard with over 50,000 in chips.

4:25pm - The 700 club

We have 700 players remaining. Among those eliminated were Team PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy in 817th, micon in 768th, sheets in 742nd and ch0ppy in 701st.

4:18pm - More WCOOP action around the corner

Event #30 $1,050 Pot-Limit Omaha begins at 4:30 EST. The tournament has a $500,000 guarantee prize pool, but you can be sure it will well exceed that as we already have 600 entrants. Don't miss out!

4:15pm - Help from The Mouth?

Boosted J, who is currently in London for WSOP Europe, just had this exchange with a fellow player at the table:

Bwd26: i wish you gl, you don't respond? allright

Boosted J: i said ty

Boosted J: sorry im in the room with matusow hes yelling

4:11pm - There's also these really cool patches

ElkY just hit quads on his table, taking in a 10,063 pot when his opponent DoggyDoo check-called him all the way down on a 9d-9s-5h-3d-7d board.

After the hand the railbirds perked up, marveling at how he does it and complementing his poker skills. One observer wondered if perhaps the cards weren't a perk of being a member of Team PokerStars pro...

black666 [observer]: quads? that's all you get as a team ps pro?

ElkY currently sits with just over 46,000 in his stack and in 11th place.

4:05pm - Coren takes a hit

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren is sitting just above 10K after this hand:

After it was over, she typed to AaronBeen, "trips again huh...u r my nemesis"

3:55pm - A Boosted J update

He managed to win a couple of all-ins just before the break, and having added-on, has a healthy stack of 31,024.

He's been sitting out since the break. (In the second hour he rested?) Meanwhile, Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari is at 22,190 one to Boosted J's left and looking to move up the leaderboard.

3:43pm - Prize pool is $1.26 million

We had 852 entrants who made 1,011 rebuys and 658 add-ons.

First place will receive $211,133.76 and 132nd will get $2,205.87

3:35pm--Chip counts at the first break

Level 3
Blinds 25/50
Average Chip Count: 16,282
Players Remaining: 780
First Prize: $211,133

1. brainwash 75,785
2. pespepusa 50,680
3. skat tilt 50,520
4. gp333 45,555
5. iftarli 44,430
6. JBlaze20 41,344
7. Markkx 38,669
8. Amrasaralond 35,969
9. Oldschool043 35,160
10. BKiCe 34,485

Team PokerStars Pros in Top 100:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 31,520 (20th)
Andre "aakkari" Akkari 24,790 (66th)

3:30pm -- If someone hits a set, we have a problem

How anti-climatic.

After Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier raised his small blind, iLLNuGWichee came over the top all-in for his 4,375 stack. The big blind folded and ElkY called, both players flipped over their cards and revealed... pocket Jacks.

For both of them. There would be no double-up for iLLNuGWichee this hand, instead he'd split the pot with ElkY and try again later.

3:24pm - The Maverick

Boosted J, who has a photo of Republican presidential nominee John McCain as his avatar, is certainly slinging his chips into the pot.

Here's three recent hands:

1) Boosted J shoved all-in for 8,183 with Qh-Kc and skammes called on the button with 5d-5c. The fives held and Boosted J was down to 1,523.

2) Having rebought, Boosted J shipped his 5,523 stack into the middle and markky called from the small blind with As-Th. Boosted J held Qh-2h and loved the board of 8h-2d-3h-2s-Qc that moved him up to 11,076.

3) Two hands later, markkx limped from the cutoff and called the all-in bet of Boosted J from the small blind. This time Boosted J had Kd-9d and markkx held As-Jd. The flop came jack high and markkx's hand held. Boosted J was down to 4,465.

Whoever finishes this table with the most chips at the break ought to be the chipleader.

3:10pm - Registration closed with 852 players

How much money those players sink into the tournament is still to be determined. So far, we've got about 820 rebuys and a $835,000 prize pool.

3:00pm - Akkari strikes back

Only a few hands after losing his chips to Boosted J, Andre Akkari got them back, and like Boosted J before had to come from behind to do it.

Boosted J shoved his 16,605 stack in from the cutoff and Akkari called on the button. The blinds folded and the hands were As-Kc for Boosted J and Ah-Td for Akkari.

The board came 7d-7h-Th-Qd-8s and Akkari was up to 16,010 while Boosted J fell back down to 8,615.

2:56pm - First Bank of fateileoni

A good bank, though it would appear though that only Chad Brown is able to make a withdrawal.

These two have tangled again, this time with fateileoni in the small blind and Brown in the big blind. Luca Pagano raised from UTG+2 to 60 and got a call from fateileoni. Brown then popped it back to 100 and Pagano called. Fateileoni raised it back to Brown, increasing the bet to 530. Brown responded by raising him all-in with Brown's stack at 7,680. Pagano stepped out at this point and fateileoni called, flipping over pocket 4s. Brown had Queens which held up once again through an all-in with fateileoni and he raked in a 7,680 pot putting him up to 11,570.

Fateileoni took the rebuy for another 8,000 in chips and will no doubt try to avoid Brown in the future.

2:54pm - Boosted J shoves and gets a nice boost

With the action folded to his small blind, Boosted J shoved all-in for 8,325 against the 20 big blind of Team PokerStars Pro Andre "akkari" Akkari.

Akkari made the call with Ad-Tc and was ahead of the Qh-9s of Boosted J. However, the board ran out Kc-3s-5c-9c-Qs to give the 16,605 pot to Boosted J. Akkari then did a double rebuy, getting 8,000 chips for $1,000.

2:47pm - It's going to be a big one!

That $400,000 guarantee is well in the rear-view mirror. With 820 entries and nearly 600 rebuys the prize pool has already swelled to more than $700,000. It will only get much bigger in the next 45 minutes.

2:43pm - Brown doubles-up early

As we've seen in earlier re-buy events, players today will be taking chances and pushing with almost anything in order to build a big stack for later rounds.

Chad Brown has successfully employed this strategy, pushing pre-flop with Qh-9h and getting a call from fateileoni with Ad-Jd. Brown paired his Queen on the flop and dodged fateileoni's outs, giving him a double up to 7,770.

2:34pm -- And we're off!

Today's event has begun with 797 players taking their seats as the action kicks off. Registration is still open for this $400,000 guaranteed prize pool so it's not too late for you to get in the game.

WCOOP Event #29 to begin soon

WCOOP Event #29, $540 NLHE with rebuys, begins at 2:30pm ET. Join us here for all the action when it begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP