WCOOP Event #3 Limit Hold'em live blog

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8:23am--cwp394's triumphant turn

Here is how WCOOP Limit Hold'em Event #3 ended early Sunday morning:

8:20am--It's over: cwp394 wins WCOOP Event #3
The limit hold'em tournament has an end and will not continue on forever! It took a suckout to end it but cwp394 is the champion nonetheless.

#1PEN was down to 477,484 chips to start the final hand, as compared to the 6,296,516 of his opponent. cwp394 raised it up from the small blind to 140,000, and #1PEN pumped it to 210,000, which prompted another bet from cwp394 and a call from #1PEN.

The flop showed itself magically as 6d-4h-8h, and #1PEN began the betting, cwp394 raised, #1PEN pushed all-in, and cwp394 called. As cwp394 called out repeatedly for a "T" in the chat box, he got his wish when a Ts came on the turn. The 4s on the river completed the hand. The Kd-Jc was no good compared to the Jd-Tc of his opponent.

#1PEN finished the tournament in second place for a very respectable $54,192.00 cash.

cwp394 wins WCOOP Event #3, the bracelet, and the $73,385 first prize!

8:12am--Chatty twosome not talking about chop
cwp394 and #1PEN were doing plenty of chatting during heads-up play, but not another word about a chop. Both players seemed intent to play the event out to the end. cwp394 is up to 5.5 million chips right now and remains in command. #1PEN, though, is still battling.

8:07am--Heads-up chip count

Heads-up action began with the following chip counts:

Seat 4: #1PEN (1632484 in chips)
Seat 6: cwp394 (5141516 in chips)

cwp394 continued to put the pressure on short-stacked #1PEN, though the latter did come through with some aggressive betting to take enough pots to stay alive.

it was either player's game entering heads-up play, although cwp394 did have an advantage.

7:58--Only two left after Teacher G's elimination

With barely over one big blind left behind him, Teacher G actually looked pretty good sporting As-4s against cwp394's 10c-3c. Teacher G looked even better with all his chips in the pot and a flop of Ks-4h-5d. A double-up seemed inevitable at this point.

But we've seen much crazier stuff during this tournament alone. Seeing the 3h on the turn and the 10h on the river wasn't that big a surprise, Teacher G almost seemed to know it was coming. Regardless, he was eliminated in third place and took home a prize of 38,927.92.

7:45--Players yawning (just guessing, of course)

It is likely that one of the three remaining players will randomly type in the chat box about being tired. Going into the eighteenth hour of play, most human beings with normal sleep clocks in their bodies would be exhausted.

Yet, they play on... cwp394 seems to be running away with the chip lead during three-handed action, growing steadily and sitting near the 4.5 million mark now. #1PEN, ironically the player who was leading for awhile and objected to talks of a chop, is in the low chip spot, sitting under 1 million in chips. Teacher G is hanging on to second position.

What it will take to initiate another attempt at deal talks isn't know. But you can bet that some people would love to be typing their ideas in the chat box right now.

7:40--Resilient PEN

For a moment, #1PEN, who dominated the final table early on, was crushed, left with just mover two big blinds following a crushing loss to Teacher G. But three straight double-ups just in the nick of time have #1PEN back over 1 million chips. The highlight was his pocket fives against Teacher G's pocket twos. Talk about resiliency.

7:33am--cwp394 seizes control

cwp394 is over 4 million chips and has complete command of the final table with three players left. #1PEN has around 1.5 million and Teacher G around 1 million. It's been a steady ascent for cwp394, who was winning hand after hand. One significant victory, however, came with K-4, apparently a favorite of cwp394. "That hand is legendary," he wrote. "Nuts, Nuts, Nuts."

7:25am--PokerStars.tv's daily highlights

In case you missed something or want to see it again, go to PokerStars.tv for daily WCOOP final table highlights and analysis.

7:21am--Level 31

Blinds 60,000/120,000
Average chip count: 2,258,000
Players remaining 3

Chip counts:
1. cwp394 3,067,382
2. #1PEN 2,688,742
3. Teacher G 1,017,876

7:16am--Deal? No deal

Chip leader cwp394 threw out the idea of a deal, and though Teacher G was open for discussion, #1PE wanted to play it out. That was that, end of discussion, c'est la vie. Play it out, they shall. Or maybe the third time will be a charm.

7:09am--bdbeatslayer out in fourth

bdbeatslayer admittedly didn't want to play in this event and isn't very good at limit hold 'em. Still, he lasted long enough to finish fourth, win $26,192.80 and get in a lot of trash talk in the chat box.

bdbeatslayer slowly lost his chips and was the low man at the table when he was dealt Kh-7h. cwp394 called the 50,000 pre-flop raise with 7d-8d. bdbeatslayer was actually in good shape, until this flop:
7c-8s-2s. It was top pair with king kicker for bdbeatslayer and two pair for cwp394. All bdbeatslayer's chips went in the middle.

The 3d came on the turn and 9d on the river, ending the long run for bdbeatslayer, who spent a good amount of time near the top of the leaderboard.

7:05am--All even for final four

Just momemts ago, the four remaining players were all pretty much even with chips at around 1.5 million. So after 16 hours and 30 minutes, there are four players remaining with about the same number of chips. Anyone can win this one.

6:58am--edwinv070 eliminated in fifth place

edwinv070 doubled through cwp394 to get close to 300,000 again, but the blinds were coming around quickly in five-handed action. After folding through the blinds to get down to 52,632, that amount finally went in pre-flop, and everyone else simply called for a family pot. The flop brought 9d-2h-Jc, and the four checked around. But after the 9s on the turn and a bet from #1PEN, the others folded.

The river came an 8s, and #1PEN collected with Kd-9h for three of a kind. edwinv070 showed Ad-Qh before leaving the table in fifth place with $21,676.80.

6:50am--skizer out, bdbeatslayer grabs chip lead

skizer goes out in sixth place after losing a three-way pot with bdbeatslayer and #1PEN, the two big stacks. Here is how it went down. Take into account that skizer had 169,774 chips while the other two players were well over 1 million.

bdbeatslayer jumped over the two-million chip mark with the win while #1PEN fell slightly under two million. skizer pocketed $17,168.80 for the final table run.

6:44am--#1PEN still in command

With six players remaining, #1PEN appears in charge of the table with close to 2.5 million chips. Bdbeatslayer and Teacher G are the only other two over 1 million right now, and not by much. cwp394 and skizer are pretty severely short on chips and will be forced to make a move soon.

6:40am--Preliminary talks for a deal

There was some talk by the remaining players -- there are currently six left -- about striking a monetary final table deal. Several jokes ensued after the idea was proposed, so it doesn't look like there will be any deal soon. It could, however, be a precursor for something in the future.

6:30am--Perumov eliminated in seventh place

Perumov had been flirting with elimination for quite some time, especially at the final table. And then it happened. With only 146,768 remaining in his pile o'chips, Teacher G was the first to come in with a raise, but Perumov made a move with a reraise. Teacher G popped it again, enough to put the short stack all-in, and Perumov called for the last 26,768 chips.

Teacher G had Ac-Qd, and Perumov showed Ah-Kh, But the underdog hit the flop. The entire board ran out Qs-Jh-4d-3c-4h, and it was over for Perumov. Hanging on as long as possible, it was time to go in seventh place with an extra $12,644.80 for the work.

6:23am--Talkative final table

There is a lot of talk taking place in the chat box of the limit hold 'em final table. Much of the talk is coming from bdbeatslayer. The amazing part is bdbeatslayer constantly noted he's a bad limit hold 'em player. He also wrote, "I only agreed to play because my girlfriend agreed to swap 10 percent." Nice. So he didn't want to play and isn't any good at limit hold 'em, yet he's outlasted thousands and in the running for a first-place prize of $73,385.00.

6:13am--Level 29 after the break

Blinds 40,000/80,000
Average chip stack: 967,714
Players remaining: 7

Chip counts:
1. cwp394 2,125,964
2. #1PEN 1,571,204
3. edwinv070 1,126,316
4. Bdbeatslayer 973,050
5. skizer 434,872
6. Teacher G 335,826
7. Perumov 206,768

6:05am--BadcardsAA eliminated in eighth place

Wondering if BadcardsAA got bad cards in the last few levels? The one-time chip leader and member of the top-ten society for many of the latter hours of the tournament, BadcardsAA fell victim to the latest chip leader, #1PEN.

On the fatal hand, #1PEN was in the small blind and bumped it to 60,000. BadcardsAA in the big blind made it 90,000 to go as cwp394 typed "sigh" in the chat box, presumably because of the slow-moving action inherent in limit games. #1PEN capped the betting at 120,000, and BadcardsAA called.

The flop came 3h-6c-9d, and #1PEN bet out, BadcardsAA raised, #1PEN pushed it again, and BadcardsAA called all-in for the final 8,044. The turn and river came 9h and Kc in that order, and #1PEN won the hand with two pair, kings and nines. BadcardsAA was taken out by the river and settled for eighth place and a $8,128,80 payday.

5:52--lucky_aces08 finishes ninth
Shortstacked with 274,374 chips, this is how lucky_aces was eliminated by Perumov.

lucky_aces08 won $5,012.76 for the ninth-place finish.

5:45am--WCOOP Event #3 final table set

PS Screen Shot.JPG

A limit hold'em tournament can be a long one, for the players as well as the fans (and bloggers). Finally, fifteen hours after the tournament began, we reached the final table of nine. Payouts for the remainder of the players are as follows:

9th - $5,012.80
8th - $8,128.80
7th - $12,644.80
6th - $17,160.80
5th - $21,676.80
4th - $26,192.80
3rd - $38,927.92
2nd - $54,192.00
1st - $73,385.00

5:35am--pfkaok eliminated in 10th place

pfkaok was down to 190,742 and had the shortest stack of the remaining 11 players by several hundred thousand chips. When the big blind came around, pfkaok called a raise and saw a flop of Kc-3s-3d with #1PEN, who bet. fpkaok folded and was down to 158,742 until the small blind took another 8,000 from that stack.

As the blinds approached again, pfkaok took some chips in the big blind to jump back over 200,000, then waited...and waited... Nim77 bet out after a Ah-8c-5s flop, pfkaok raised, and Nim77 called. After the 10h on the turn, more betting ensued, and the same when the Qd came on the flop. pfkaok showed Jd-9c to take down the pot and sit atop 350,000 in chips.

By the beginning of level 27, however, pfkaok had been reduced to just over 150,000 again, and that number was reduced to 100,742 when the blinds passed. Though quite a bit of action happened after, as in two double-ups and a very up-and-down level, it came down to one hand. pfkaok posted the small blind and limped, but #1PEN in the big blind pushed it up to 60,000.

pfkaok raised all-in with Kd-5d, and #1PEN called with Ac-9c. The board came down 7c-4h-Ah-9s-As, and it was a full house for the chip leader. After a tough fight, pfkaok was gone in 10th place with $3,612,80.

5:26am--PokerStars.tv covers WCOOP action

Don't miss our daily final table highlights show on PokerStars.tv featuring cards-up action and analysis, every day during the WCOOP.

5:18am--Nim77 eliminated in 11th place

Nim77 had been one of the short stacks for several levels and moved all-in with Ac-Kh against the pocket tens of #1PEN. The flop of Kd-8h-3s looked good for Nim77, but in this game, two pair don't beat trips. The Td on the turn and As on the river ended Nim77's tournament.

At this point, not many players are beating #1PEN, who remains the leader with over 1 million chips. Nim77 took 11th place and $3,612.80 for the work.

5:12am--Coming soon: Final table

It's been a little while since the last elimination, but the final table is still near. There are currently 11 players left, with at least two extremely short on chips. The final two places before the final table will earn $3,612.80 per player. Ninth place gets $5,012.76. So there is quite a difference if you're eliminated before right before the final table. Maybe that is why there hasn't been an elimination in almost an hour.

5:05am--Another level of limit hold'em

Level 27
Blinds: 20,000/40,000
Average chip count: 615,818
Players remaining: 11
Remaining player chip counts:
Players remaining: 11

Remaining player chip counts:
1. #1PE 1,039,601
2. edwinv070 867,800
3. Bdbeatslater 773,050
4. cwp394 647,486
5. skizer 637,436
6. lucky_aces08 632,004
7. Teacher G 620,826
8. Perumov 481,197
9. BadcardsAA 466,522
10. Nim77 457,336
11. pfkaok 150,742

4:42am--Splitting it up at Table 233

Twice in the last hour there was an unusual split pot at Table 233. The first happened with pocket tens, with two players holding the same hand. it happened again not long after with pocket eights. What are the chances of that happening? Not good. Happening twice in 10 minutes? Extremely rare. Even more amazing is that bdbeatslayer was involved in both hands.

4:30am--Aggression at the table

Aggression is the word at the tables. As the money jumps loom and the final table is just around the corner, players work their stacks to the best of their abilities.

#1PEN came through with shining colors and was the first player to cross the 1 million chip threshold. Nearly 200K more than his/her nearest competitor, #1PEN looks like one of the big forces to be reckoned with.

There is also a battle in full swing between pfkaok and edwinv070. The latter was attacking pfkaok when that player's stack was short, but pfkaok began to fight back and take numerous pots from edwinv070. Tension is growing.

4:22am--rkruok eliminated in 12th place

With just 81,272 chips, rkruok was destined to get every last one in the pot when dealt pocket fours in late position. cwp394 was a willing playing partner on the button. After rkruok raised to 24,000, cwp394 pushed to 36,000. With rkuok so low on chips the flop of 2h-5c-2d was perfect to get it all-in. cwp394 called with As-Jd. When the Js came on the turn and the 5s on the river, it was over for rkuok. Still, the consolation prize for 12th place was $3,612.80.

4:16am--54395 lands in 13th place

Pocket 10s wasn't enough to keep 53495 in WCOOP Event #3. bdbeatslayer was on way too big a roll.

53495 earned $2,709.60 for 13th place.

4:12am--ggbud eliminated in 14th place

It all started when ggbud was crippled... ggbud, #1PEN, and lucky_aces08 got involved before the flop of 10s-Qc-5c. The turn of a 5d brought more betting, and an 8s on the river gave it to #1PEN with As-Qh. ggbud mucked and was left with only 44,278 after #1PEN.

On the very next hand, it was the confident-with-more-chips pfkaok who wanted to tangle with the very short ggbud. After a flop of 2c-7s-Qd, ggbud was all-in with Ah-9c, and pfkaok showed Ks-10h. The turn and river came 3s and Tc respectively, and ggbud's ace high wasn't as good as pfkaok's pair of tens. ggbud was eliminated in 14th place with $2,709.60 to show for it.

3:55am--#1PEN in lead at break

Blinds 12,000/24,000
Average chip count: 483,857
Players remaining: 14
First prize: $73,385

All remaining chip counts:
1. #1PEN 920,601
2. Bdbeatslater 880,268
3. BadcardsAA 812,522
4. lucky_aces08 726,004
5. edwinv070 591,800
6. Perumov 539,197
7. Nim77 528,336
8. skizer 497,436
9. Teacher G 316,549
10. cwp394 234,214
11. rkruok 228,136
12. ggbud 176,278
13. 53495 176,195
14. pfkaok 146,464

3:48am--wineguytx's run ends with 15th-place finish

After spending so much time near the top of the leaderboard, wineguytx was eliminated in 15th place and pocketed $2,709.60. Short on chips and in the big blind, wineguytx was willing to get it all-in with top pair. But it still wasn't good enough. Here's how the hand went down:

3:45am--KorotkoV eliminated in 16th place

KorotkoV was next in line to go as he was one of the very short stacks. With a raise to 20,000, ggbud raised to 30,000, and KorotkoV raised 2,342 more to go all-in. ggbud called and the board came 2h-9s-6d-Jc-Qc. KorotkoV showed 9c-7c for a pair of nines, but it wasn't good enough compared to the pocket aces of ggbud. KorotkoV was awarded $1,806.40 for the effort.

The next money jump was then put into effect, as 13th-15th place finishers were looking at a $2,709.60 payout.

3:37am--madmags4 eliminated in 17th place

madmags4 doubled through KorotkoV, but was then crippled with A-K against the pocket sevens of Nim77. On the very next hand, her last 4,206 went into the pot in the small blind, and lucky_aces08 and edwinv070 were left fighting for a sizable side pot. Edwinv070 led with the betting after the 6s-Jh-9h flop and the 5s turn, though both players checked on the Th river. lucky_aces08 showed As-Jd to take the pot with a pair of jacks, and edwinv070 mucked, as did madmags4, who left in 17th place with $1,806.40.

3:28am--Mr_Petraglia out in 18th place
Mr_Petraglia was hanging on by a thread with 10,754, folding blinds to get to that extreme short stack. With blinds at 10,000/20,000, he simply had to make a stand before the blinds came around again. When the big blind hit him again, he had only 754 behind, and was put all-in by madmags4 and ggbud.

The board came 5s-7c-2d-5c-10s, ggbud had folded after the turn to a bet by madmags4, and the two final players' hands were turned up. Mr_Petraglia showed Js-8s for a pair of fives on the board, and madmags4 showed As-Jc for the better kicker. Mr_Petraglia left in 18th place with $1,806.40.

3:22am--It's time for a money jump
The money structure for these tournaments are such that the final two tables are really well compensated. While 19th place earned $948.36, 18th place almost makes double that. Whoever finishes 16th-18th makes $1,806.40. That's quite a big difference. It's also a lot different if you win and get that $73,385 for first place.

3:15--Down to two tables

AragornX151 was taken out by #1Pen in 21st place and VI Prince exited in 20th place. scags23 went out in 19th. All received $948.36.

3:02am--We're down to 21

Mekong~x ($948.36) finished in 24th place after his Queens and sevens were beat by Bdbeatslayer's aces and sevens.

relaxdback39 ($948.36) came in 23rd when he had nines and deuces, but edwinv070 had jacks and deuces on a 2-5-4-2-J board.

Segens ($948.36) went out at the hands of #1PEN who had three fours to send Segens to the rail.

2:57am--Robertoo takes 26th, CoolHandDC 25th
The busts are coming fast and furious right after the break. Robertooo went out in 26th place and earned $948.36 for his efforts. It ended like this: Robertooo's Q-T was no match for madmags4's K-Q, especially when the board came 4-T-K-6-K.

CoolHandDC also pocked $948.36 for his efforts. But his exit must have been hard to swallow. CoolHandDC's Ace high hand couldn't stand up to Mr_Petraglia's two pair. CoolHandDC was coolered.

2:52am--Bloodchild finished 27th
Bloodchild was eliminated in 27th place to collect $948.36. Shortstacked he was all-in with 8-6 versus the Q-4 of #1PEN. The board came 2-2-7-3-Q, and #1PEN's two pair won it.

2:47am--New level info and teeny-tiny 5-minute break

Level 22
Blinds 8,000/16,000
Average chip count: 270,960
Players remaining: 25

Top ten chip counts:
1. BadcardsAA 754,996
2. edwinv070 601,600
3. #1PEN 468,395
4. lucky_aces08 446,798
5. Perumov 397,197
6. wineguytx 398,834
7. Bdbeatslayer 383,770
8. cwp394 367,474
9. Segens 319,493
10. Num77 296,336

2:43am--Pay goes up, number of players still in goes down

As the remaining players get reseated and comfortable at the last three tables of the tournament, let's look at the players who received $858.04 for their finishes tonight:

28th - dneedle1
29th - Entrophy xx
30th - dragon8lady
31st - scrapper41
32nd - villi t
34th - Bolikk
35th - audifan
36th - BRGSD1

Congratulations to the above-listed finishers, and best of luck to the remaining players. We're watching you...

232am--BadcardsAA running over everyone
Leader BadcardsAA is still dominating. He just won three of the last four hands at his table, using a massive chip stack to push around opponents. BadcardsAA became the first player to top 700,000 chips in the process. Just as a point of reference, average is around 240,000.

2:23am--ACESEDAI quickly eliminated

Just like that it could happen. In a matter of about 10 minutes, ACESEDAI went from the top of the leaderboard to out of the tournament. One bad beat started the downward spiral. That's poker. It can happen in limit almost as quickly as no-limit. Here was the final dagger for ACESEDAI.

ACESEDAI finished in 33rd place and pocketed $858.04.

2:12am--BadcardsAA enters Level 22 in command

Level 22
Blinds 6,000/12,000
Average chip count: 199,235
Players remaining: 34
First prize: $73,385

Top three chip counts:
1. BadcardsAA 549,496
2. wineguytx 501,834
3. Mekong~x 409,208

2:04am--ACESEDAI takes a bad beat

Here's the hand that knocked ACESEDAI from third place.

1:56am--Three familiar names at the top

They're not big-name pros or anything of the sort. But for right now, wineguytx, BadcardsAA and ACESEDAI are the big shots of WCOOP Event #3. They have all been hovering near the top of the leaderboard now for several hours.

BadcardsAA just launched himself over the 500,000-chip barrier, the first player to reach the half-million mark. wineguytx is not far behind with 476,834. While ACESADAI just dropped to 14th after losing 87,500 chips in a hand when his QQ was cracked on the river, he's still in decent shape and above average in chips.

1:45am--Level 21 ensues, guaranteed to be many more

Level 21
Blinds 5,000/10,000
Average chip count: 178,263
Players remaining: 38
First prize: $73,385

Top ten chip counts:

1. BadcardsAA 421,996
2. edwinv070 403,100
3. Mr_Petraglia 336,363
4. ACESEDAI 336,136
5. Nim77 313,336
6. wineguytx 305,098
7. bdbeatslayer 281,792
8. VI Prince 280,890
9. rkruok 258,368
10. relaxdback 39 223,700

1:40am--Steve Paul-Ambrose eliminated in 39th place

And the roller coaster has come to a stop. For awhile, despite stevejpa's attempts to do something drastic with his chip stack, his chat said it all, "i can't lose." But the frustration clearly began to set in, and he decided to make a move with the following hand, causing him to leave the tournament in 39th place with $812.88 in prize money.

Ultimately, Steve played in two WCOOP events today and cashed in both. Most players would think that was a damn good day in the online poker business. Congrats, Steve.

1:28am--WCOOP just getting started

This is just the beginning. WCOOP events will be running for the next three weeks. No matter your game, WCOOP basically has it. There will even be another limit event later this month. Event # 31 on Saturday, Sept. 20 is a $500,000 guaranteed Limit 6-max Hold'em event with a $1,050 buy-in. Check out PokerStars' WCOOP page for a full schedule of WCOOP events.

1:20am--Ian J eliminated

After so many levels near the top of the leaderboard, one of the dominating players early on has been taken out. Ian J lost chips consistently during the last level and couldn't seem to find any spots to get them back. Finally, with only 8,203 left in his arsenal, he raised pre-flop, was reraised by chipleader BadcardsAA, and Ian J called all-in with A-4. BadcardsAA had A-K, and the board didn't bring the needed 4. Ian J went from cruising toward the final few tables to the rail in only a few levels. Even still, he finished 52nd for $767.72 in prize money.

1:17am--Ghost-ridin' the rail

Steve Paul-Ambrose has fans. And friends. And they're all on the virtual rail at Table 88 to support their guy as he fights to stay alive in this event. Some of those friends chiming in with a "n 1" when he wins a pot are SCTrojans, SirWatts, and Sir Bob Orr. Steve even commented in the chat box, "pretty sick rail."

He also gave some indication of his rough ride in this event. After winning a small pot and receiving congratulations from a friend, he typed, "ty" followed by "was secretly hoping to just end the misery" and "10 hours of limit holdem has broken my spirit."

But with the encouragement of the rail, he fights on.

1:12am--The final 50

We're down to 50 players and relaxdback39 still leads the way. The prize money, however, doesn't get significantly larger until they cut to at least 27, the final three tables.

1:00--Nobody is steadier than wineguytx

The natural fluctuation of a poker tournament sends most players flying up and down the leaderboard. wineguytx, however, has remained near or in the top ten for quite a while. There's something to be said for consistency, so wineguytx--even though he is not currently in the lead-- has to be considered one of the favorites to win right now. With 202,197 chips, wineguytx is in eighth place. But the rest of the field better watch out, he's been one of the steadiest player up to this point.

12:52am--stevejpa doubled to stay alive

It was tense. Steve Paul-Ambrose has experienced a roller coaster of a ride during this tournament, others - like observers in the chat box - can't help but notice. But he got his money in good. After a raised pot and a flop of As-8c-3h, AragornX151 bet out, ninchen85 doubled that, and Steve popped it again. The initial bettor folded, but ninchen85 raised again.

With betting capped, Steve called. The turn of Js prompted more betting, ending with Steve all-in. The 3s on the river was good for Steve's Ad-8d versus the Ah-Kh of his opponent for a double-up.

Three hands later, Steve took a 78,000 pot from rkruok with trip eights. Though he has stayed on that roller coaster, going back and forth over the 100,000 mark, Steve Paul-Ambrose is one determined last-PokerStars-Pro-standing.

12:42am--relaxdback39 the first to 300,000
With just 55 of the 2258 players that started WCOOP Event #3, we finally had a player reach 300,000 chips. relaxdback39 set the standard and continues to add to his stack. With almost three times the average right now, relaxdback39 is in good shape and should be left standing for the final few tables barring a major meltdown.

12:35am--Chip counts entering Level 19

Level 19
Blinds 3,000/6,000
Average chip count: 104,215
Players remaining: 65
First place: $73,385

Top ten chip counts:
1. relaxdback39 284,201
2. 53495 259,211
3. edwinv070 253,600
4. fivestars555 253,552
5. BadcardsAA 245,293
6. Bloodchild 213,312
7. ACESEDAI 199,854
8. VI Prince 187,401
9. scrapper41 180,346
10. wineguytx 179,797

12:32am-- MattSuspect is eliminated
It's over for MattSuspect. He was eliminated in 66th place to collect $722.56. Here is how it ended. ACESEDAI sent the shortstacked MattSuspect to the rail. MattSuspect had just 14,258 chips with the blinds at $2,500/$5,000.

12:20am--Ambrose took big pot to keep kickin'

Steve Paul-Ambrose has been struggling during the past few levels but got too low for comfort a short time ago. With 64,680 in chips, he went into the following hand to fight for a much-needed 36,250 chip pot.

12:12am--What a difference one year can make

There are skilled players everywhere on PokerStars. And you know they all come out for WCOOP events. That's part of the reason it's so hard to duplicate past success in WCOOP events. The large, competitive fields are difficult to extremely difficult to navigate. How difficult? Let's look at how last year's final table in the $215 limit hold'em tournament did this year.

This year - Last year - Player
318 - 1 - Cardinal7
524 - 2 - TheMasterJ33
1132 - 3 - PapaPapsilon
1323 - 4 - superbrono
N/A - 5 - lilholdem954
430 - 6 - Itchy
549 - 7 - 011180
N/A - 8 - cfinnn
N/A - 9 - Nirvana76

12:00am--Up to Level 18

Level 18
Blinds 2,500/5,000
Average chip count: 84,675
Players remaining: 80
First place: $73,385
Chip leader: ACESEDAI 226,326

11:52pm--ACESEDAI thinks it through
Sometimes, it just takes a few minutes to clear one's head by writing about a few hands, evaluate progress or lack thereof and think things through. Having a blog or some type of journal helps.

A few hours ago, when ACESADAI slipped and lost a good deal of chips, he wrote, "Then I had an equally quick melt down. I started making a bunch of second best hands. If it was no limit I would have gone broke three times at least in the past two hours." Then he discussed his double-up and positive outlook for the rest of the tournament. "Also, I made the money in the $162 second chance and then quickly went broke. My finish in 26th of 144 paid $216 which is only a profit of $54. Not too exciting, but cashes are always good for morale!"

And with that, ACESEDAI has picked up the pace tremendously. With some solid aggression, he has catapulted his chip stack past the 200,000 mark and is in a tight race for the top spot with BadcardsAA. That's a long way from near-extinction in only a few hours.

11:40pm--Big boys battle

Two of the tournament's biggest chips stacks, BadcardsAA and KorotkoV, are stationed right next to each other. And wouldn't you know it, they are going head to head in a fight for the lead. KorotkoV's place atop the leaderboard didn't last long. BadcardsAA reclaimed the lead with a 31,000 chip pot against KorotkoV. BadcardsAA had QJs and a flush draw after a flop of 5h-6d-10d. But when the 2h came on the turn, Badcards needed the Qh on the river to snatch the pot from the previous leader. BadcardsAA has since added to his chip stack and became the first player over 200,000 chips.

11:32pm--How KorotkoV claimed the lead

To get this deep in a tournament you must be a quality player. But even the best players need some help sometimes. This was one of the big hands that helped vault KorotkoV into the chip lead.

11:26pm--Breaking with a new leader

Level 17
Blinds 2,000/4,000
Average chip count: 73,630
Players remaining: 92
First prize: $73,385
1. KorotkoV 196,880
2. BadcardsAA 181,043
3. edwinv070 154,850
4. VI Prince 148,777
5. Jad-D.81 147,269
6. ACESEDAI 147,067
7. Mekong~x 133,344
8. The Cooker 132,369
9. wineguytx 131,297
10. Ian J 127,790

stevejpa 100,635
Kongsgaard 95,083
MattSuspect 94,508

11:15pm--Micon never wins
Pro poker player Bryan Micon was holding steady in the money with less than 10,000 in chips for a short time at Table 233. That was until one of the larger stacks in this tournament, MattSuspect, was seated to his right. They greeted each other in the chat box as if they were familiar, and it was only a few hands later that familiarity stepped aside for the game.

Micon had only 6,924 in chips and posted the 1,800 big blind. The action folded around to MattSuspect, he min-raised and Micon reraised to 5,400. MattSuspect popped it again to put Micon all-in, and Micon called. MattSuspect showed 9c-9h, and Micon was probably not happy to show 9d-8c. The board came down Kh-5s-Qs-Jh-Jc, and Micon's tournament was over. He took $632,24 for 112th place.

11:10--Other action

Online poker players can do more than just play online poker. They can also watch (and maybe even place some wagers on) college football games during WCOOP events. Several players at one table were even talking about the Miami-Florida game that just ended, with one player upset with a late-game field goal that admittedly cost him the cover. We guess playing for $73,350 isn't enough for some poker players.

11:02--Multitasking with Stevejpa

Steve Paul-Ambrose is a busy online poker player today, which may not be any different than a normal day for him. But today, we're tracking him in two WCOOP events -- #3 and 4. And his multi-tasking seems to be paying off. He just cashed in 59th place in the WCOOP Event #4 $215 2-7 Triple Draw for a $440.40. At the same time, he is holding strong in this limit hold'em tournament while chatting with fellow players and observers. Though he is no longer in the top ten - he's somewhere in the 50th place range right now -- he's still in it to win it. He's already guaranteed a $677.40 payout in this event, but that's if he implodes right now. He is nowhere near giving up on making the final table tonight.

10:55pm--Next level, BadcardsAA in the lead

The blinds are getting bigger and so are the stakes with only 112 players left. The next jump in money comes at 90th.

Level 16
Blinds 1800/3600
Average chip stack 60,482
Players 112
First prize $73,385

Leader: BadcardsAA with 170,684 chips

10:42pm--WCOOP Event #4 moving briskly

WCOOP Event #4 2-7 Triple Draw is down to 10 tables. Check the PokerStars blog for more information on who is still playing.

10:35pm--Don't fall asleep, there is still plenty of play left

Right now, the players have already been playing for eight hours and five minutes. But they are nowhere near done if they want to rake in that nice first-place prize.

For some, it may be the middle of the night, others early in the morning. One player, hijodeganas, said in conversation that he's "too sleepy, still trying to figure it out." That can't be a good sign. You don't want to be too sleepy when so much money is at stake. We'd hate to see how good hijodeganas could be if he wasn't tired. He's already one of 121 players remaining in WCOOP Event #3.

10:23pm--Five-minute break and a new level upon return

Level 15
Blinds 1,600/3,200
Average chip count: 50,552
Players remaining: 134
First prize: $73,385

Top ten chip counts:
Mekong~x 140,718
wineguytx 133,297
Ian J 130,854
53495 114,321
Snooze7am 101,809
ChrisQB8 98,363
ruvydog1 97,700
stevejpa 96,455
Mohilini 94,056
cwp394 93,306

10:15pm--Fight for the chip lead

wineguytx has competition. Ian J took the chip lead from wineguytx by winning several pots, most notably one in which his pocket nines beat DalconOpeaN's A-Q suited. The A-Q didn't look so appealing when the board showed 2-5-J-9-K with no flush draw, but trip nines looked good to Ian J and got him the 25,900 pot. He now sits with over 120,000 in chips.

Moments later, another soul has come in to the fray. Mekong~x had been looking strong, but when his 3-5 found two pair on the flop, he ended up eliminating a player and taking a 45,824 pot. Subsequent pots have netted him another 14,000, and the rest of the table can't help but watch out for the aggressive Mekong~x, the new chip leader.

10:03pm--ACESEDAI climbs

Looking for a much-needed double-up, ACESEDAI took his pocket eights into battle, and this is what happened:

9:55pm--Spotlight on the notables

MattSuspect fell from the top ten slowly but surely, and there are now with 14 players ahead of him. Steve Paul-Ambrose also fell out of the top ten when his pocket jacks fell victim when k8989t's K-9 found a king on the river. That was for a pot worth more than 13,000, but Paul-Ambrose wasted no time getting it back with a 19,200 pot three hands later. And just like that, he was back in the number eight spot.

ACEDESAI dropped significantly to just over 25K and out of the top 100 remaining players. He seems to be staying out of the fray and waiting for opportune times to move, but it can't help that Paul-Ambrose is on his left.

Other notables discovered in the field:
Konsgaard - currently in 62nd chip position
THAY3R - hanging on but not in the top 100
SirWatts, otherwise known as Mike Watson and a recent WPT champion, finished in 195th. This wasn't exactly WPT final table money, but he took home $496.76 for his WCOOP finish.

9:50pm--The champ is here

In case you missed it, Edward Sabat won the APPT Macau event earlier today. Check out www.pokerstars.tv for more on Edward's victory.

9:40pm--Hurdling through the money jumps

This is typically the portion of the tournament where players exit quickly. Short stacks know that it is critical to take some chances and start moving up the leader board. And big stacks know the importance of distancing themselves from the herd to create some breathing room.

Currently, we're in the fourth payout level. Players eliminated now are receiving $496.76, more than double their buy-in. As we type, the next jump will occur and players busting from the 145th-180th positions will receive $541.92. However, for most tournament players, that is certainly not good enough when the first place prize of $73,385 looms. wineguytx has put himself ahead of the just-over-200 remaining players, but as is customary, this is early in the time it will take to play this event out. It's still anyone's game.

9:30pm- Not for long: wineguytx drops below 100,000

Well, we're back in business and quickly the leader, wineguytx, dropped under the 100,000 mark. In the big blind with Q8o, wineguytx lost 24,000 chips to the small blind Demongr, who had JJ. Still, wineguytx was in the lead, and he didn't stay under 100,000 for long. Two hands later, wineguytx won 24,000 by hitting two pair of kings and jacks, stretching the overall lead to over 15,000 chips.

9:08pm--Chip counts at the six-hour mark

Level 13
Blinds 1,200/2,400
Average chip count: 30,106
Players remaining: 225
First prize: $73,385

Top ten in chips:

1. wineguytx 101,420
2. scags23 84,692
3. fivestars555 84,110
4. MattSuspect 81,525
5. The Cooker (..) 80,297
6. juhajuha 80,095
7. 53495 79,689
8. Mekong-x 77,352
9. dominos1 70,461
10. fairbanka 68,905

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 63,903 (16th)

9:02pm--Six figure mark cracked

Wineguytx is our first player over 100,000. He leads the remaining 200 runners with 102,900 in chips.

8:59pm- Keeping up with ACESEDAI

As we mentioned earlier, ACESEDAI is on pace for making it to the Supernova Elite level of the PokerStars VIP Club this year. At the time of our first post, ACESEDAI was also on pace to make the money in Event #3 of WCOOP.

He wrote recently, "I am still doing really well. Right now average is just over 20,000. I was up to 40,000 and then fell back to about 17,000. But after snapping off a major bluff, and hitting more than one very favorable turn card I turboed all the way up to 50,000 chips which has me in 19th place."

He is now sitting in 6th place an holding 75,000 chips at the 1,000/2,000 level.

8:57pm--Steve Paul-Ambrose moving up

The Team PokerStars pro is doing quite well after this hand: Ambrose raised to 4,000 preflop and ThugLiiiife called. The flop came Ah-2c-6s, Ambrose bet out and Thugliiiife called. After the turn followed with the 4c, Ambrose bet and Thugliiiife raised. Amborse just called and the two players saw a river of 6s. Ambrose check called and showed Ad-Js, which was good over his opponent's Ac-7c. Ambrose is now up to 58,903, which puts him in 19th place.

8:45pm- Goodbye, Gavin

If Gavin Griffin had plans for a night on the town tonight, there is nothing standing in his way now. He's busted out of Events 3 and 4 back to back. Griffin finished in 280th pace in Event #3 for $406.

8:44pm--Sometime math is hard for even the geniuses...

Team PokerStars Pro Bill Chen just lost a race to the superhot The Cooker and is out in 291st place for $361. After the hand The Cooker was up to 87K. Here is how the hand went down:

8:39pm--A notables update

Among the notable pros in today's field, Scott "Big Riskky" Clements finished in 402nd place, Jon "PearlJammer" Turner just busted in 306th and Bryan "micon" Micon has a healthy stack of 22,110.

8:36pm-Some Suspect play at table 218

Well, look here! Look who is in the top ten in chips. We met MattSuspect back in May of 2007 when he won more thsn $200,000 in the PokerStars Sunday Million. At the time, he told us:

I am 29, live in Manhattan, and am a former Wall Street executive. I quit last May to play poker more and to start my own Independent Artist Marketing Company. I started playing poker on the Internet in 2004 and had some prior experience with live small stakes limit. Then I grinded up and started playing mid-high limit. Last Summer, I caught the tournament bug and began to learn tournament poker.

Now, he's up to 74,000 in chips, around three times the tournament average. For more, visit our MattSuspect profile.

8:34pm--The bubble just burst

All remaining players are guaranteed $361, but most will have their eye on the first-place prize of $73,385.

8:20pm--334 players remain

Only 10 until the money bubble bursts. Player fivestars555 is still the leader with 91,110.

8:15pm- So long, Ylon

Looks like we're going to have to wait to see Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz at a final table. He just busted in 351st place on the following hand. At least we're sure to see him at the WSOP final table in December.

8:07pm--Small world much?

At any given time, people at PokerStars' tables could be playing at a full table and not be within 2,000 miles of each other. At Ylon Schwartz' table, he and another player could be sharing a beer in under one minute. Both guys are from Brooklyn.

AragornX151: TenthPlanet, 15th and 5th in Park Slope here
TenthPlanet: serious?
AragornX151: yup
TenthPlanet: lol
TenthPlanet: we live a block apart
AragornX151: gtfo
AragornX151: where?
TenthPlanet: lol
AragornX151: drinks at commonwealth if we go 1-2?
AragornX151: lol
TenthPlanet: meet at bar four

8:04pm--Chip counts at the five-hour mark

Level 11
Blinds 800/1,600
Average chip count: 18,816
Players remaining: 360
First prize: $73,385

Top ten in chips:

1. fivestars555 83,240
2. Perumov 61,324
3. Mekong-x 58,527
4. juhajuha 55,095
5. The Cooker (..) 54,364
6. 53495 50,464
7. berdyfish 49,592
8. zzzzzzz_fred 48,165
9. Ian J 45,862
10. mr_miserable 45,099

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 27,488 (81st)
Bill Chen 24,175 (98th)

7:50pm--TenthPlanet under 10K

After jumping up over the 40,000 chip mark in early action, the last hour has been pretty terrible for Ylon "Tenth Planet" Schwartz. At this moment, he has 7,000 chips and it looking for an opprtunity.

7:45pm--Team PokerStars representing

The three remaining members of Team PokerStars are faring well. Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose is in 23rd place with 36,188 in chips, while Bill Chen is in 82nd place with 25,075. Gavin Griffin isn't far behind with 20,622.

7:32pm--Less than 420 players remain

Only 100 more eiminations until we reach the money. The minimum players surviving the bubble can make is $361.

7:21pm--Yoga vs Voodoo

When Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz took a break from the WSOP final table in July, he said he planned to do some yoga and meditation to calm down for a while. In event #3, Schwartz has just been confronted with another player who may make the relaxation a lot tougher. Mike "V00D00CHILE" Foley is at Schwartz's new table. Foley, seen in the center of the photo below, came in runner-up in the Sunday Million last spring for $147,816.

7:19pm--Five stars? Heck, he's an entire galaxy

Player fivestars555 has jumped out to a huge lead on Table 22. He now has 66,440 in chips, more than 20,000 more than any other player.

7:11pm--Harry Potter and the Dealer's Turn

Our very own scarf-wearing poker prodigy just finished in 507th place. Here is how Team PokerStars Pro Dario Mineri's bust out hand went:

7:01pm- Griffin, Phoenix, we're lost

We get sort of mixed up with our imaginary animals sometimes. We always thought it was a Phoenix that rose from its own ashes. In this case, however, it's a griffin. Or to be more precise, a Gavin Griffin. Once down to 1,000 chips, Griffin spent the last hour building his stack back over the 11,000 mark and near the chip average. We're fairly certain there was an imaginary animal that taught a lesson about never giving up, but at this hour, we'll just look to Gavin Griffin for all our inspiration. Any many who can wear pink hair and still be cool is inspirational enough in our book.

6:55pm--Chip counts at the four-hour mark

Level 9
Blinds 500/1,000
Average chip count: 11,989
Players remaining: 565
First prize: $73,385

Top ten in chips:

1. 53495 49,669
2. Theaetetus 39,960
3. TenthPlanet 38,951
4. golds333 37,075
5. rakeboy 36,939
6. mr_miserable 36,176
7. gabou1998 35,306
8. gowang 33,810
9. Mekong-x 33,796
10. Panterinho 33,728

6:48pm--Andre Akkari gone in 585th place

Team Poker Stars Pro Andre "aakkari" was the latest LHE victim. Starting his final hand with 5,380, Akkari raised preflop to 800 and zzzzzzz_fred called. After a flop of 5h-2c-9d, zzzzzzz_fred check raised and Akkari three bet. The turn 8h went bet and call. After a river of 8c, zzzzzzz_fred bet, Akkari, raised, zzzzzzz_fred re-raised and Akkari pushed all in. Zzzzzzz_fred held 7s-8d to hit trips on the river to crack Akkari's Ts-Th.

6:36pm-Ylon and winding road to final table

(Sorry, that joke was left over from the WSOP and we had to get it out sometime...). Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz has maintained a hold on the chip lead due in large part to to huge pots he just raked. One was with aces. Here's the other.

6:32pm--Luca Pagano knocked out

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano just finished in 719th place after he got nearly all in preflop with Ad-6d for four bets, but found himself up against the Ac-Qc of edwin070 after the two finished the betting on a 8c-3c-4d flop. The Italian couldn't hit one of his two outs as the board bricked off with 8s-7s.

6:26pm--More notable eliminations

More Team PokerStars pros who have been knocked out include Alex Kravchenko in 2,007th place and Marcin "Goral" Horecki in 966th.

6:10pm--On pace with ACESEDAI

ACESEDAI has one of those names and player icons you just don't forget. We've been watching the marathon 10-20 limit player for a long time on PokerStars. On pace to make it to Supernova Elite this year, the man also known as Dave estimates he's played more than two million hands of hold'em in his career. He is not a guy to mess with in the limit version of the game.

"After an hour of play I've been dealt 63 hands and I've won 11 pots. I've got my starting stack of 3,000 up to 5,150 and I'm feeling good about my chances," he wrote earlier today on his blog.

At this hour, he has more than double the average stack and sit ins 31st place.

"I've been playing well, but I have to say that I've been getting great cards," he admitted, "I've had AA three times and KK twice. More importantly I've been making all of my draws. I've made at least three straights and two flushes and have gotten paid off to the river on all of them."

He is in the event on a $55 satellite.

5:56pm--Now in the three figure mark

The event is now down to less than 1,000 players. We're still a long way from the money, though, as only 324 of the 970 players left will get paid.

5:53pm--John Duthie eliminated

The Team PokerStars pro probably liked the flop of Kc-Kh-3c after getting most of his chips in preflop with Jc-Jd just before the break, but vittz hit the 6d on the river to make a full house with 6s-6h and eliminate Duthie in 1,052nd place.

5:52pm--Chip counts at the three-hour mark

Level 7
Blinds 300/600
Average chip count: 6,647
Players remaining: 1,019
First prize: $73,385

Top ten in chips:

1. Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz 30,825
2. Bando77 25,533
3. k.dolson 25,160
4. Calroos 22,410
5. kappa76 20,707
6. Scorciato 20,313
7. krunt 19,980
8. gabo_1998 19,615
9. Mekong-x 19,133
10. JokerTor 18,460

Other Team PokerStars pros in top 100:
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 12,308 (86th)

5:48pm- Get a haircut, boy!

As Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz went to break with the chip lead, a railbird encouraged him to get a haircut. Ylon's response?


For more on Ylon's plans for the time between now and the WSOP final table, check out the interview he did with us in July.

Watch WSOP 08: Ylon Schwartz WSOP Finalist on PokerStars.tv

5:37pm--Eddie Vedder would be proud

Jon "PearlJammer" Turner is moving up the leaderboard. He just won a big pot to climb up to 12,500 and vault into the top 100. Turner and player ThaMix capped it preflop for 800 each. After a flop of 6d-As-4s, ThaMix bet and Turner called. The two got four bets in on the turn after the Kc hit. The river was the 9h and Turner bet, ThaMix raised and Turner re-raised. PearlJammer showed Kd-Ks for a set of kings and ThaMix mucked.

5:41- Triple crown winner needs some help

Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin may be the only person ever to win an WSOP, EPT, and WPT event, but he's having a tough ride today. With just a couple of minute until the next break, Griffin has just a little more than 1,000 chips aka one more hand played to showdown.

5:35pm--Math is hard...unless you're...

Team PokerStars Pro Bill Chen who just won a nice pot to nearly double up to 8,300 to put himself in the running. Here is how it played out:

5:23pm--Long live the dolphins

The shark, Humberto Brenes, has been booted from this ocean in 1,215th place. He got all but 20 of his 820 chips in preflop for four bets with steefke with Kh-Qh. Unfortunately for the Team PokerStars pro, steefke held Kc-As. The board ran out Kd-8h-6c-3s-Ac and Brenes was eliminated.

5:22pm--2008 WSOP Final Table Player leads WCOOP Event #3

If you look right now, you will see the screen name TenthPlanet at the top of our WCOOP Event #3 leaderboard. If you don't recognize the name, let us refresh your memory.

TenthPlanet = Ylon Schwartz

Need a little more help? Let us take you back to our World Series coverage from this year.

A native New Yorker -- born in Manhattan and now living in Brooklyn -- Ylon Schwartz is a chess whizz and a poker player with 11 previous cashes in World Series events dating back to 2005. He's equally at home playing chess in the super-competitive games in New York's Washington Square Park, idling the time in Golden Nugget low limit ring games or tearing up the major poker tournaments in the east coast casinos of Atlantic City and Foxwoods. You can find him playing as TenthPlanet on PokerStars.

Yep. He's one of PokerStars' six million dollar men and he's leading today's WCOOP Event #3.

How does he do it? Well this kind of thing helps.

5:15pm--How many draws can one man take?

Well, in Event #4, the number is three, The $215 2-7 Triple Draw event has been underway for nearly an hour. We're live blogging all the action over on the WCOOP Event #4 Live Blog

5:10pm--Other Team PokerStars eliminations

Here's an update on other Team PokerStars pros who have busted in today's LHE event:

Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes, 2,159th place; Katja Thater, 1,684th; Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier. 1,768th; Lee Nelson, 1,795th; Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso, 1,480th; and Victor Ramdin, 1,413rd.

5:02pm-You know this cutie?

Here at the PokerStars Blog, we do our best to help players maintain their privacy as long as they want it. That means, unless the are known very well by their screen name, we don't mention their real names without permission. Occasionally we run across a name who we think would be okay to mention, but aren't quite sure. In this case, we're going to side with caution and just say, "Hey, somebody named VietCutie has more than double the average chips." Discuss among yourselves.

4:52pm--Chad Brown can't crack aces

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown got the rest of his short stack in the pot with a flush draw, but couldn't out draw aces. He finished in 1,562nd place after this hand:

4:47pm--Update on some other notable pros

Among the non-Team PokerStars poker professionals in the field, Scott "BigRiskky" Clements is hanging in with 3,110 chips while Jon "PearlJammer" Turner is doing quite well with 5,680. Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul was an early departer in 2,190th place

4:36pm--Chip counts at the two-hour mark

Level 5
Blinds 150/300
Average chip count: 4,120
Players remaining: 1,644
First prize: $73,385

Top ten in chips:

1. ladysniper 13,330
2. kappa76 12,920
3. Calroos 12,510
4. miw700 12,080
5. MackDubbs19 11,940
6. sodyssey 11,860
7. 53495 11,665
8. sandmanX 11,420
9. rowang 11,320
10. Nim77 11,300

4:35pm--In other news...

While we're watching some of the best online poker on the planet, the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour has crowned a new champion. Eddie Sabat has just won the APPT event in Macau for $453,851. For more, visit the APPT Macau final table report.

Eddie Sabat

4:29pm--You can't kill Kenny

In the top ten chip leaders right now is none other than Kenny Rap, a well-known online player with a pretty decent history in WCOOP. Last year Kenny Rap took seventh place in Event #14 for $69,825. Fore more on his performance there, check out the 2007 WCOOP Event #14 final table report.

4:27pm--ElkY drops out

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier was another player battling a short stack in today's event. After he got 400 of his 760 remaining chips into the pot preflop with terrellk and amat77777, ElkY and his opponents saw a flop of 4h-Kd-Qc. Terrellk led out, ElkY raised, amat77777 three bet and terrellk four bet. ElkY called all in. The other two players bet and called after the turn 5d and river 8d and terrellk turned over Kh-Kc for a set of kings. The other two players mucked. Grospellier finished in 1,823th place.

4:18pm--Former WSOP champ out

Tom McEvoy, the 1983 WSOP champion, battled a short stack most of the day. He made his final stand by raising under the gun for 200 of his 300 chips. The_main three bet and RonneyMU08 four bet it. McEvoy called off his last 100.

After a flop of Ac-Qd-5c, both the_main and RooneyMU08 checked. The turn brought the 2c and the_main check called. The river 6c prompted another check call. The_main held 9d-9c for the four flush, but he couldn't match the four flush of RooneyMU08 with his 10d-10c. McEvoy mucked and finished in 1,838th place.

4:07pm--John Duthie has deep pockets

Apparently unimpressed with his opponent, player Little Kraut asked John Duthie, "Why are you on Team PokerStars?"

Duthie's response? "Bribery."

For those who don't know, Duthie is the creator of the European Poker Tour and no slouch at the poker table. He was first poker player in the world to win $1,000,000 in a televised poker event.

For a better look at one of the nicest guys in poker, check out the interview with Duthie.

Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie on PokerStars.tv

4:03pm--Tuan Lam makes last stand with hammer

His wild and aggressive style in today's limit event worked early, but Team PokerStars pro Tuan Lam finally went down swinging with the infamous poker hammer. Here is how it played out as Lam finished in 1,994th place:

3:56pm- MyRabbiFoo knows his limit

Earlier today we mentioned MyRabbiFoo's straight flush and early jump into the top 100 players. If you've been around the WCOOP scene for any amount of time, you know MyRabbiFoo has had no small amount of success in the tournament series. In 2006, MyRabbiFoo made the final table of the first big buy-in HORSE event online. That year, Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown won the event. MyRabbiFoo finished in fourth place for more than $70,000. As of this moment, he has 7,500 chips, good for 2x the average stack.

3:52pm--Tuan Lam dropping

Team PokerStars Pro Tuan Lam hasn't fared well since the break, losing more than half his stack to drop down to 3,100.

3:36pm--Chip counts at the one-hour mark

Level 3
Blinds 80/160
Average chip count: 3,160
Players remaining: 2,143
First prize: $73,385

Top ten in chips:
1. chopina 8,200
2. Pastor P 8,130
3. vittz 8.035
4. TuanLam 7,970
5. Tommy2tyme 7,790
6. steefke 7.610
7. warbles 7,590
8. GRAPP 7,430
9. ItchyDiggler 7,430
10. TotoTall_Pete 7,370

Other Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 5,880 (88th)

3:30pm-Tuan Lam jumps to leader board at break

As we head to the break, a familiar name sits in fourth place.

Tuan Lam was the 2007 World Series of Poker runner-up finisher. He is also a member of Team PokerStars Pro. Before rising to fame at the World Series, Lam was primarily a short-handed limit poker player on PokerStars. No reason to believe he can't still play. At the break, Lam is just short of 8,000 chips, good for a spot in the early top ten with 2,167 players remaining.

3:26pm--Capped six handed, really?

At Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie's table, six players managed to find hands they wanted to play for four bets before the flop. Player vtttz won it with trip queens and moved up to 7,755 chips after the hand, good for second on the tournament leaderboard. Watch how the hand played out below.

3:15- Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose off and running

It was just a few years ago that an relatively unknown poker player from Canada flew down to the Bahamas and won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Humble and refusing to eschew his university studies for the life of a poker pro, Steve kept on studying until he got his degree. Now, he has a little more time for poker and has been doing pretty well for himself as a member of Team PokerStars Pro. In 2007, Steve made a final table at the World Series of Poker and the Bellagio Cup III. Today, he's in the Event #3 field and in the first hour of play has doubled his 3,000 starting stack.

3:04- But it wasn't lucky for the rabbit

MyRabbiFoo has jumped out to a big stack of about 5,800 in the first 30 minutes, putting him in the top ten in chips. In one of those big hands, MyRabbiFoo led out on a flop of 3c-Ac-5s after several players limped. Obywatel_g raised and MyRabbiFoo re-raised, which obywatel_g called. The turn brough the 5c. MyRabbiFoo bet again and obywatel_g raised again. This time MyRabbiFoo just called. Action got brisk on the river after the 7c came. MyRabbiFoo bet, obywatel_g raised, MyRabbiFoo re-raised and obywatel_g capped.

MyRabbiFoo showed 4c-6c for the rivered straight flush while obywatel_g held the Kc-Jc for the not-so-nut flush.

3:01pm--Winner will get $73,385

We have 2,258 runners today, creating a prize pool of $451,600. That's about $40,000 more than in last year's $215 Limit Hold'em WCOOP event, which drew 2,059 players.

2:53pm--Man down! Man down? Really? Man down!

Despite this being a limit hold'em event, we've already lost a player in the first 25 minutes. Unfortunately for delegator, he receives the Golden Sombrero award, or as it's known in blogger circles, the "Gigli" distinction, for Event #3. Edit: Actually, thanks to the late registration system in WCOOP, delegator was joined by several other players in the first level bustout and was officially recorded as the 2,224th finisher out of 2,252. That said, delegator was the first to appear, and we're not about to take away the Gigli disctinction.

2:46pm-Back to defend

Cardinal7, the 2007 WCOOP $215 Limit Hold'em Champion, is back this year to defend his title. Cardinal7 won $67,933.49 last year and could easily make as much today if he gets his fair share of cards.


2007 WCOOP $215 Limit Hold'em Final Table

2:38pm- Team PokerStars Pros in the field

A pretty large contingent of Team PokerStars Pros are ready for some limit action today. Among the big names we've spotted in the field so far: Bill Chen, Alex Kravechenko, Andre Akkari, ElkY, Chad Brown, Dario Minieri, Gavin Griffin, John Duthie, Katja Thater, Humberto Brenes, Isabelle Mercier, Lee Nelson, Marcin Horecki, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Luca Pagano, Tuan Lam, Vanessa Rousso, and Victor Ramdin.

2:30pm- WCOOP Event #3 underway

The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Event #3 is underway. As of the kickoff, more than 2,000 players have put up $215 for a chance at a minimum $425,000 prize pool and a coveted WCOOP bracelet. Our coverage will continue here until we have a winner.

8:48am- WCOOP Event #3 begins at 14:30 ET

It hardly seems Event #1 is over and we're already looking at Event #3. The $215 Limit Hold'em with a $300,000 guarantee tournament will kick of at 14:30 ET. Coverage can be found here when the event starts.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP