WCOOP Event #30 $1,050 PLO live blog

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7:03am--u_dirty_dog eliminated in 2nd place; salamandra24 is the champion!

After being crippled to a mere 24,484 chips, u_dirty_dog's hands remaining in this tournament seemed numbered. He doubled one time to 48,968 when his Ah-Qs-9d-8s beat out salamandra24's 8h-5c-2d-2s on a board of Kh-6c-7s-Th-5s by making a ten-high straight, but that was just a temporary stay of execution.

On the very next hand, all of the chips went in preflop again. u_dirty_dog didn't have much, 9c-4s-8s-3s. salamandra24 was in better shape with 7d-9h-9d-Ah. The flop provided mild intrigue, as it made both players a pair, Tc-Ad-4c. But neither improved from there on the Js turn or the 6c river. That meant that u_dirty_dog was eliminated in second place, winning the $110,000 agreed to in the three-way deal, and salamandra24 was the champion. salamandra24's reward was the $87,291.28 agreed to in the deal, plus an extra $10,000 and a WCOOP bracelet.

Congratulations, salamandra24!

7:02am-- The beggining of the end

"The hand"

Flush draw for u_dirty_dog vs. set for salamandra24. Watch how the five million chip pot is played out.

7:00am--u_dirty_dog fights back

All the chips were in the middle. The board showed 7c-4s-3d-Ts. salamandra24 had made two pair, tens and fours with Kc-4c-Qd-Td. u_dirty_dog had a worse two pair with 4h-6s-Qs-7d but held a spade draw. That draw came in with the 2s river, resetting the chip counts to what they were at the start of play.

6:57am--salamandra24 opens a lead

There is now a clear chip leader. salamandra24 took down a 1.7-million-chip pot that started with a raise to 48,000 preflop by salamandra24 and a reraise to 144,000 by u_dirty_dog. salamandra 24 called, then called another 272,000 on the Qs-5h-Ad flop. Both players checked the Kh that hit the turn. When the Th came on the river, u_dirty_dog fired one more time, for 455,000. salamandra24 called, having made a flush with 2d-Qh-6h-7d. That was much better than u_dirty_dog's solitary pair of nines, 9s-6c-8d-9h.

salamandra24 now has close to 4 million in chips. u_dirty_dog has about 1.6 million.

6:55am-- Aggression working early in heads up play for salamandra24

salamandra24 has jumped out to the early lead heads up lead climbing to almost four million chips to 1.5 million for u_dirty_dog without showing down any cards.

6:51am--Heads-up play begins

As we start heads-up play, the chip counts are almost identical:

salamandra24: 2,976,604
u_dirty_dog: 2,588,396

6:50am--iggymcfly eliminated in 3rd place

It only took twleve hands after play was resumed for iggymcfly to be eliminated. He lost two huge pots, both to salamandra24. In the first hand, iggymcfly raised to 56,000 from the button and salamandra24 called out of the big blind. The Qd-Ac-7d flop brought a bet of 90,000 that salamandra24 called. When the turn came 2c, iggymcfly bet 300,000 before being check-raised all in to 810,587 by salamandra24. iggymcfly called and the hands were opened:

salamandra24: 3s-3d-2s-Ad
iggymcfly: 9s-Kc-Qc-Js

The river 2h made a full house, deuces full of aces, for salamandra24 and doubled him up. He completed the elimination of iggymcfly four hands later when both were all in preflop. iggymcfly held double-suited aces, As-Ac-Qc-4s, aginst salamandra's Kh-Kd-9d-8c. A king on the flop was all she wrote for iggymcfly. As reported earlier, by virtue of the deal the players agreed to, he won $106,203.72 for third place.

You can watch the hand played out below:

6:40am--Lets make a deal!

We had an extended pause to the tournament after u_dirty_dog, the chip leader, suggested that the players take a look at the numbers for a chip-count chop. salamandra24 and iggymcfly agreed.

PokerStars support reminded the players that each was already guaranteed $74,200, and that $10,000 and the WCOOP had to be set aside, to eventually be awarded to the champion. With that caveat in place, support calculated a chop based on chip equity as follows:

u_dirty_dog $112,822.40
iggymcfly $103,381.32
salamandra24 $87,291.28.

That wasn't satisfactory to iggymcfly. He immediately started negotiating for more.

iggymcfly: 103K's a little low, i'll take 107K
iggymcfly: i think i have an edge in the remainder of the tourney though, i don't want to just chop the stacks evenly

into action. He made a "last offer" of taking only $110,000. That meant that iggymcfly's share would be $106,203.72, and salamandra24's share would remain $87,291.28. Each player quickly agreed, giving us a deal.

The tournament was subsequently resumed so that the three players could play it out for the remaining $10,000 and the WCOOP bracelet.

6:34am-- We say potato, they say french fry

Wow, in a flurry of hands after we reported their snail pace we got another elimination, potstabber10 found himself three-betting the chip leader iggymcfly from the small blind to 184,000 preflop and iggymcfly calling to see a flop of 3h-5h-4c.

potstabber10 got the rest of his 287,839 chips into the pot as iggymcfly made the call:

potstabber10: Ac-Ad-7d-Tc
iggymcfly: Qs-7h-8h-Js

Gutshot straight flush draw for iggymcfly and overpair with backdoor flush draw for potstabber10. The Kh on the turn completed the flush for iggymcfly leaving the cracked aces in potstabber10's hand worthless as a losing horse bet ticket.

The 4s on the river completed the formality as potstabber10 received $55,650 tonight in fourth place and sparked the chop talks on the next hand...

6:25am--phatman eliminated in 5th place

So much for no action. phatman and iggymcfly paid 48,000 each to see a flop of 2d-Ts-Jh. phatman bet 80,000 and was quickly raised by iggymcfly to 344,000. phatman moved in for 53,375 more and of course iggymcfly called.

iggymcfly: Tc-5c-Ac-Jc
phatman: Qs-Kd-Ah-Jd

iggymcfly had flopped top two but didn't have much in the way of a draw. phatman had top pair and a partial wrap to Broadway. None of that mattered as the turn and river were both small cards, the 5s and 7h. That left phatman standing when the music stopped. He is out in fifth place, earning $38,955 for a well-played tournament.

6:24am-- Stirring up the dust bunnies, u_dirty_dog doubles

Finally some action came out out of the gate as u_dirty_dog avoided the wrap draw of iggymcfly in this hand to ship the 2,384,946 chip pot across the table:

6:20am--A quiet start to Act III

The second fifteen-minute break always has an effect on a WCOOP tournament, but just what that effect will be differs from tournament to tournament. Tonight, it seems to have refocused the players on the fact that big money is at stake.

The first ten minutes of play have produced only one turn card, and that one after the flop was checked three ways. Even pots that were raised preflop have been taken down with a single flop bet. Nobody wants to be the one to make a mistake.

6:16am-- Still a lot of play and not much action

Even the "short stacks" of phatman and potstabber10 contain almost 40 big blinds, but iggymcfly is the man to beat still as his two million chip stack looms over the field now. Preflop raises are called but pots are given up by the continuation bet, not creating the action shown earlier.

The next elimination for fifth place is worth $38,955.00, still nary a whisper of chop talks.

6:00am--The second fifteen-minute break is here

Level 25
Blinds 8,000 / 16,000
Average Chip Count: 1,113,000
Players Remaining: 5
First Prize: $139,125

1. iggymcfly 2,118,726
2. u_dirty_dog 1,176,923
3. salamandra24 1,037,087
4. potstabber10 623,339
5. phatman 608,925

5:50am-- Sorry I Don't kiss and tell

iggymcfly and salamandra just knotted on a big 886,000 chip pot as the board read: 9h-5d-Jc-5h-2d and iggymcfly bounced on salamandra24's check with a 443,000 chip bet.

After pondering a while salamandra folded giving up the pot without exposing iggymcfly's cards.

salamandra24: i had to call u
iggymcfly: well if u had to call, u would have right?
salamandra24: aa good?

And that's where the chat went silent. iggymcfly now stacked at 1.7 million while salamandra24 still has over 1.1 million.

5:40am--u_dirty_dog does it dirty against Tmay420

Things always seem to go horribly wrong in limped pots. That was the case for Tmay420 when he checked out of the big blind after u_dirty_dog had limped in from early position. Things got crazy on the Ad-4h-9d flop. Tmay checked, then check-raised u_dirty_dog from 24,350 to 103,050. u_dirty_dog three-bet to 339,150, causing Tmay420 to call all in for less, about 292,000 total.

Tmay420 showed a great hand, Ac-8d-As-Kc for trip aces. He was way ahead of u_dirty_dog, who showed only top two with Kh-Ah-9c-7c. But the board turned ugly for Tmay420, coming running hearts Qh 7h to make a flush for u_dirty_dog without filling up Tmay420. That hand eliminated Tmay420 in fifth place. His reward was $31,535 and a bad beat story to tell for weeks.

5:35am-- DAVIDOXXX is KO'd in 7th place by iggymcfly

As the short stacks are getting beaten up by the big stacks DAVIDOXXX decided to take a stand against iggymcfly's re-raise preflop. Set of kings on the flop for iggymcfly and a nut flush draw plus gutshot for DAVIDOXXX.

Watch the remainder of the hand play out below as DAVIDOXXX takes home $24,115.00 in seventh place.:

5:30am-- Degrees of separation

salamandra24, iggymcfly, and u_dirty_dog are separating themselves from the rest of the table as Tmay420, potstabber10, phatman, and DAVIDOXXX are under 500,000 in chips while the three chip leaders enjoy their millionaire status.

5:28am--Caution still rules the day

As has been the case for the last forty minutes, the players all seem to have lost their gamble. As soon as a pot hits six figures, the remaining players in the pot slow down their betting without the nuts, cautiously checking and hoping that their hand is good.

Blinds are now up to 6,000 and 12,000, but the short stack, DAVIDOXXX, still has 316,690, which is 26 big blinds -- not deep, but also not short by most definitions.

5:24am-- Out of the doghouse, u_dirty_dog climbs above 1 million

After collecting a near 400,000 chip pot from potstabber10, u_dirty_dog has climbed above the 1 million chip mark as we're seeing move aggressive three-betting before the flop.

Still at seven players here as potstabber10 just lost another 425,000 pot to salamandra24 and slips to near 500K.

5:17am--salamandra24 makes kings work

On a flop of Qs-5s-3c, salamandra bet 40,000, then called a raise to 205,000 from DAVIDOXXX. Both players cautiously and thoughtfully checked the Qh turn and the 5c river. At showdown, DAVIDOXXX had only a busted draw with As-Kh-6s-4s.

salamandra24 shoewd Kc-Ks-4d-2d to collect the pot.

5:12am-- Nice restraint shown

In the first pot to near 300K in a while, both DAVIDOXXX and potstabber10 reached the river with the board reading: 2h-8c-6c-Jh-4c.

DAVIDOXXX lead out for 70,000 after check-calling the 45,000 chip turn bet from potstabber10. potstabber10 choose to simply call the river bet turning over Kd-7c-Kc-4d for the king high flush as DAVIDOXXX avoided potential disaster from the flat call by turning over the queen flush with 9c-Qc-Ah-Td.

290,000 chips shipped to potstabber10 as he grew to 850,000.

5:08am--Stacks are deep

Once again, the stacks are deep relative to the blinds. At earlier points of the tournament, we thought that would slow down the action. That never really happened, but back then each successive elimination wasn't worth as much money as they are now.

We'll see what happens now that we're into the big money.

5:02am-- Fear the mcfly's mcbite

iggymcfly continues to lead the tournament with seven remaining as we returned from the latest break. He was however joined by salamandra24 in the million chip club as the rest of the table hovers between 400K-800K.

Next out is scheduled to receive $24,115.00

4:55am-- Hour twelve chip counts; still flying high, iggmcfly still in the lead

Level 23
Blinds 5000/10000
Average Chip Count: 795,000
Players Remaining: 7
First Prize: $139,125.00

1. iggymcfly 1,283,646
2. salamandra24 1,087,497
3. DAVIDOXXX 921,340
4. potstabber10 688,039
5. u_dirty_dog 624,288
6. phatman 542,925
7. Tmay420 417,265

4:48am--Skjervoy hits the road

Skjervoy, short-stacked, was forced to make a move soon. He decided to raise to 28,000 and was called by DAVIDOXXX in the cutoff and potstabber10 out of the big blind. When the flop came down Qh-4d-6d, Skjervoy made a contnuation bet of 48,000, leaving 3,211 behind. DAVIDOXXX raised to 128,000, folding potstabber10 and getting himself heads-up with Skjervoy.

Both players only had top pair, but DAVIDOXXX had an ace kicker that he promptly paired on the turn to make two pairs, aces and queens. That was the winning hand when the river came 3s and didn't connect with Skjervoy's Qs-5s-8c-Th. He's out in 8th place, earning $16,695.

4:40am--It just wasn't styroben33's day

Styroben33 kept getting his chips in good and losing. It was no surprise that the same thing happened on his final hand. styroben33 moved all in for 51,647 after potstabber10 opened the pot with a raise to 20,000. potstabber10 called, and the hands were opened:

styroben33: Kc-Qh-2d-Kh
potstabber10: 8c-4c-6h-4s

styroben33 must have liked his chances but the flop was a disaster coming down 5c-7d-9d to flop a straight for potstabber10. styroben33 couldn't turn things around after the board ran out Th 7s. He is the first player eliminated from the final table, going out in ninth place and earning $10,462.20.

4:36am-- Final table time!!


(click image for full size)

Seat 1: potstabber10 (618172 in chips)
Seat 2: salamandra24 (743997 in chips)
Seat 3: styroben33 (59647 in chips)
Seat 4: iggymcfly (1420506 in chips)
Seat 5: phatman (410925 in chips)
Seat 6: Skjervøy (123211 in chips)
Seat 7: DAVIDOXXX (994129 in chips)
Seat 8: Tmay420 (447265 in chips)
Seat 9: u_dirty_dog (747148 in chips)

iggymcfly after that large pot with styroben33 is coming in as a big chips leader as he's the only one with over one million in chips. Styroben33 is still reeling from that hand and is the short stack.

4:29am--GRinDer444's set overcoated

At least GRinDer444 can say he got his chips in good. He raised all in for 84,728 on a flop of 5d-Tc-Jc after his lone opponent, salamandra24, opened for 52,000. salamandra24 made the call, showing Kd-Js-Th-6d for two pair, jacks and tens. GRinDer444 held As-Qc-5c-5h for a set of fives with a club draw, but his hand was instantly trashed by the Ts that hit the turn to make salamandra24 a full house, tens full of jacks. GRinDer444 needed a miracle five on the river and didn't get it.

The 4h sent him to the rail as the final table bubble boy, in 10th place with $7,791.

4:24am-- Back to the waiting room for dr ket, out in 11th

dr ket decided to take his battle preflop for his remaining 84,956 chip and follow a customer in potstabber10 as the two traded pot bets until a 177,912 chip pot was created.

Watch the hand play out below as the aces hold for potstabber10 and we're now on the final table bubble:

4:20am-- Huge hand for iggymcfly

Gotta gamble to win, and iggymcfly did just that as he tangled with styroben33 after a flop of 4d-5c-8c. styroben33 checked as iggymcfly bet 30,000, styroben33 then check-raised to 96,000 and the two traded raises until the 1.3 million chip pot was created.

styroben33: 6h-7s-7c-Tc
iggymcfly: 8h-4c-6s-8d

Top set for iggymcfly and the nut straight with redraw to a flush for styroben33. The excitement died on the turn for styroben33 as the 5h on the turn filled up iggymcfly and had styroben33 drawing dead.

styroben33 was crippled on the hand, is now down to 104,647.

4:16am--DAVIDOXXX flops two sets; only one needed to eliminate Sasuke234

What a flop in a hand betweetn DAVIDOXXX and Sasuke234! Both were in for 21,000 before the flop came dow 4h-2d-Js. All of the chips were quickly in the middle, with Sasuke234 turning over two pair, jacks and deuces, with Jh-9s-2h-As. He was absolutely crushed by DAVIDOXXX's Jd-Jc-2c-2s. DAVIDOXXX had flopped two different sets, both of which were case cards.

That left Sasuke234 drawing almost dead. He didn't improve with the Th on the turn or the 8c on the river and is the 12th-place finisher, earning $7,791 in prize money.

4:10am-- Who took over these seats?

The once gamble-happy final two tables have now turned the aggression dial way down as raised pots are being picked up with a continuation bet as we're still 12 minutes away from the next blind level of 4000/8000.

Maybe they finally took a look at the six-figure first place prize awaiting at the final table...

4:03am--DAVIDOXXX flushes iggymcfly on the river

The chips are flying again. iggymcfly made it 42,000 to go on a flop of 4s-7h-Qc and only DAVIDOXXX called. Both players checked the 6h turn. When the river fell 4h, iggymcfly bet 120,000 and DAVIDOXXX quickly called.

iggymcfly held two pair, sevens and sixes, with 7c-6d-9d-8h, but DAVIDOXXX made a runner-runner flush with Th-Qs-Kh-3h. A big 381,000 chip pot was shipped to him.

3:57am--salamandra24 makes top set work

Skjervoy and salamandra24 both flopped huge hands, so it's no surprise that they quickly got all of their chips in the middle on the flop.

With the board showing 5c-Jd-3s, salamandra turned over top set, 6s-Js-Jh-Qc. That hand was up against Skjervoy's 5d-6d-4h-7d, a pair of fives with a wrap straight draw. The turn 3c took all of the drama out of the hand by making a full house for salamandra24.

After the 5h came down on the river, salamandra24 doubled up to 549,168.

3:55am-- On the other side of the WCOOP tonight

Right now it will be a race to see which event finishes first tonight as Event #29's $530 NLEH with rebuys tournament is also nearing the final table with eleven players remaining.

Follow the live blogging action here as we're holding tight at 12 players remaining.

3:48am-- Hour 10 chip counts; final table looms

Level 21
Blinds 3000/6000
Average Chip Count: 463,750
Players Remaining: 12
First Prize: $139,125.00

1. iggymcfly 978,453
2. styroben33 897,500
3. u_dirty_dog 556,501
4. Skjervøy 544,780
5. Tmay420 494,528
6. phatman 472,700
7. DAVIDOXXX 422,228
8. Sasuke234 330,601
9. potstabber10 321,716
10. salamandra24 255,084
11. GRinDer444 160,953
12. dr ket 129,956

3:41am--Skjervoy pressures salamandra24 into fold

It's hard to say anymore what constitutes a big pot and what doesn't. These players seem ready to commit all of their chips at the drop of a hat, so it was somewhat unusual to see salamandra24 fold on the turn of a Tc-4h-6s-Qs board.

Skjervoy had bet 13,225 on the flop, a bet that salamandra24 raised to 26,450. Skjervoy called, then led out again on the turn for 78,850. salamandra24 went into the tank for about thirty seconds before folding.

3:38am-- Aces not golden for gaffel, out in 13th

Skjervøy lead off the betting UTG+2 to 11,325 and gaffel popped a pot sized raise to 41,175 on the button as the blinds folded and Skjervøy made the call to see a flop of Ts-Tc-5c.

Skjervøy checked as gaffel potted it for 89,850 and Skjervøy immediately check-raised putting gaffel all-in for his remaining 19,335.

Skjervøy: 9d-Th-Qh-5h
gaffel: Ad-Jd-6d-Ac

Cracked aces for gaffel and trips for Skjervøy as the turn 9s filled up Skjevøy but didn't change the outs as gaffel was down to the last two aces in the deck.

The river 2s was not one of them as gaffel's aces went down in flames but the $6,307.00 should console him a little for his 13th place finish.

3:30am--jay7777777 is the next to go

We thought jay7777777 might have fallen asleep at his keyboard, given the amount of action he had provided at Table 85 over the last hour. Down to 19,000 in chips, he finally raised from early position to 17,500. phatman called, then called again on a flop of 4c-Qs-9d after jay7777777 put the rest of his chips in. He showed only a pair of sevens, 7c-6s-As-7h, which was far behind phatman's pair of jacks and straight draw. The turn 6h didn't change things, and the river Ks only made a bigger hand for phatman, a king-high straight.

That means that jay7777777 is the 14th-place finisher, earning $6,307 for his play today.

3:27am-- Running down the list and it says to call, phatman grabs 400K pot

After calling a raise to 11,225 by Skjervøy, phatman watched the flop come out 8h-Qd-Ks and called the follow through bet of 17,225.

The turn brought a 4h and Skjervøy didn't slow down as he put out another 54,400 which was called again.

The river 2c completed no draws as phatman called a third 143,200 bullet by Skjervøy as turned over Td-6c-8c-5c for just a pair of eight as phatman's instincts were right and his flopped two pair with Ad-8d-Kh-Js was good for the 459,600 pot.

3:21am--iggymcfly can't win 'em all

The players left in the tournament certainly don't mind a little action. After three players limped in for 5,000, iggymcfly raised to 25,000. All three limpers called.

The flop came 4s-5s-Jc, bringing a pot-sized continuation bet from iggymcfly. DAVIDOXXX called that bet before styroben33 check-raised all in to 324,293. iggymcfly reraised all in himself, isolating styroben33 after DAVIDOXXX folded. styroben33 was in the lead with a flopped set of jacks, 4d-Jh-Jd-5h and had to dodge iggymcfly's overpair and flush draw, 6s-Ks-Kh-Qc. The river Ah gave iggymcfly a few more outs, but he missed them all when the river bricked out 7c.

It was a huge double up for styroben33, pushing him to more than 800,000 in chips.

3:15am--Another pot, another elimination

DCal Zone is the fifteenth-place finish in today's tournament. He was in the big blind and took a limped flop of 6s-5h-Qs against one opponent, u_dirty_dog. Both players checked the flop to the 8c turn, where Dcal Zone bet 10,000.

The players alternated raises to 32,000, then 106,000, then 317,554 by u_dirty_dog. DCal Zone called all in for 295,000 total. He held Ks-7h-9h-3c for a nine-high straight with no redraw. u_dirty_dog showed Tc-9s-7d-6h.

He also held a nine-high straight but was freerolling for a bigger straight and hit it when the Jd on the river made a queen-high straight for him.

3:09am-- Aces hold for Skjervøy against Tmay420 for a 500K pot

Up against the massive wrap straight draw that actually had Skjervøy behind after the flop, he managed to dance around all the outs in the hand below to move to over 500K:

Tmay420 was knocked down to under 200K after the hand.

3:05am--EnoBaLL eliminated in 16th place

EnoBaLL was one of the few short stacks remaining at the final two tables. He reraised styroben33 from 12,000 to 42,000, leaving himself only 11,00 behind. styroben33 three-bet to get those chips in the middle and EnoBaLL called.

styroben33: Qc-Ad-Ks-Ac
EnoBaLL: Qs-As-8c-Qd

EnoBaLL had queens and a suited ace, but he had run into aces with a suited ace and all Broadway. Predictably, with so many big cards out the board came all babies, 3c-6h-4c-4d-8h. There was no flush on board, so Styroben33's aces and fours beat out EnoBaLL's queens and fours. EnoBaLL is out in 16th place, taking home $4,823 in prize money.

3:01am--Stullenjack outkicked in a big way

The pot started out friendly enough. DAVIDOXXX made a minimum-raise to 8,000 that was called by four other players. The flop was Ah-7d-As, inducing checks from two players before Stullenjack bet 20,000. iggymcfly raised to 90,000, folding everyone else back to Stullenjack, who made the call.

Stullenjack checked the 9s turn, then called a bet of 160,000. When the river came 9d, Stullenjack led otu for 124,000, leaving himself just 3,907 behind. iggymcfly raised to put Stullenjack all in, and Stullenjack called. Stullenjack held Ac-Qc-Tc-6c for three of a king aces, but that was no match for iggymcfly's Ad-Td-7c-4c, full house aces full of sevens.

Stullenjack was eliminated in 17th place and thereby created the first player over the one-million-chip mark: iggymcfly.

2:57am-- Maybe we spoke too soon, tatta out in 18th

Six hands after u_dirty_dog doubled up big action exploded we Stullenjack raised a limp by tatta to 12,000 and was re-raised by Sasuke234 to 46,000. Both tatta and Stullenjack called to see a flop of Kh-6h-Jc.

tatta was first to act, and told the table he was all-in by pushing his remaining 40,980 in chips, Stullenjack got out of the way as Sasuke234 made the call creating a 225,960 chip pot:

tatta: Ks-Qs-9s-Jh
Sasuke234: As-7s-Ac-4s

Top two and gutter straight draw for tatta and overpair for Sasuke234. Counterfeiting 6d would hit the turn as tatta was down to 8 outs on the river for a boat or straight. The Qd didn't not fill either draw and tatta exited in 18th place.

2:52am--u_dirty_dog doubles with cowboys

We had our first big pot since the break. Four players were in for a raise to 28,000 made by DAVIDOXXX. u_dirty_dog shoved the 3c-Kh-5h flop for 115,777 and was called by styroben33. u_dirty_dog showed Kd-Ks-3d-5c for a set of kings; he was up against the Kc-Qd-Jc-4s of styroben33, top pair.

Neither player improved on the 9h turn or 6h river, but u_dirty_dog didn't need to improve. He doubled up to about 350,000 in chips.

2:48am--Finally, the pace slows

Apart from two players, everyone remaining in the tournament has at least 40 big blinds in their stacks.

The players seem to have finally realized how deep they are, and as a result play is proceeding at a more reasonable level. Since the break, The size of the pots being played after the flop has decreased dramatically.

2:38am--Stats at the break

Level 19
Blinds 2,000 / 4,000
Average Chip Count: 309,166
Players Remaining: 18
First Prize: $139,125

1. iggymcfly 822,703
2. DCal Zone 517,950
3. DAVIDOXXX 495,778
4. Tmay420 443,441
5. Sasuke234 430,758
6. styroben33 386,023
7. Stullenjack 370,817
8. phatman 326,555
9. Skjervoy 313,868
10. salamandra24 292,257

Team PokerStars Pro eliminated:

Isabelle "NoMercy" Mericer (29th)

2:35pm-- Where's the fire?

We're happy to report that no player has been eliminated in the last five minutes.

It's hard to believe we're already down to two tables left in this tournament. It is playing as one of the fastest WCOOP tournaments in the whole series.

Due to all of the recent eliminations, the average stack has climbed to over 100 big blinds, yet the players show no signs of slowing the pace down.

2:30am--Supra1988T's elimination collapses a table

We're down to just two remaining tables in tonight's tournament. Supra1988T was the 19th-place finisher. He was the big blind when he called a raise to 9,00 from middle-position player Stullenjack.

A raising war broke out on a flop of 2h-3c-Th, with Supra1988T calling all in for a total of 77,000 chips. He showed Kh-Qh-Qd-7c for a pair of queens and a flush draw; Stullenjack showed Ah-Qs-5h-9d for a bigger flush draw and a wheel draw. Both players missed the Js turn, but Stullenjack hit his wheel on the river with the 4c.

Supra1988T was the last player to earn $3,339 today.

Each of the remaining eighteen players is guaranteed at least $4,823.

2:28am-- Lotta outs but no love from BQNNEN, out in 20th

As reported BQNNEN was crippled in a previous hand with Tmay420 and found himself all-in pre flop against phatman for his remaining 26,221 in chips:

phatman: Qc-4d-Ah-Jh
BQNNEN: Tc-Jc-Ad-2d

A flop of Kd-Ac-9c gave BQNNEN a state-wide patch of outs for a straight, flush, two pair. But, the board ran out 4h and 5h to give phatman two pair as the draws whiffed on the turn and river. BQNNEN GOT $3,339.00 for his efforts in 20th place.

2:21am--e1mdopp can't dodge the diamonds

A four-way flop has ended the tournament for e1mdopp. DAVIDOXXX, tatta, DCal Zone and e1mdopp were all in for 6,000 preflop. The flop came down 4d-Tc-9d. e1mdopp bet pot, 27,000, perhaps hoping to take it down right there. Instead every single one of his opponents called.

The turn was the 7d. e1mdopp put his last 4,426 into the pot and was called by DAVIDOXXX and tatta before DCal Zone raised to 157,130. That folded the remaining players and left DCal Zone heads-up with e1mdopp for the main pot. Of course, DCal Zone had the nuts, having turned a diamond flush with Ad-3d-Qh-9s. e1mdopp showed 7s-Ts-6s-8d and needed a ten or a seven to stay alive.

The river was, instead, the 2s. e1mdopp was eliminated in 21st place.

2:16am-- Tmay420 doubles, BQNNEN crippled

In a 469,000 chip pot, Tmay420 just doubled up after his over pair on a board of 2c-Th-6c-3h and re-raise all-in got a call from BQNNEN as the two flipped up"

BQNNEN: Ac-5d-Kd-9c
Tmay420: Ks-Tc-Kc-As

Both had the flush draw, but BQNNEN was drawing to the nuts with a gutshot straight draw as Tmay420 lead with the pair of kings. the blank Qh on the river turned the huge 469,000 chip pot to Tmay420 and left BQNNEN with just 27,721 in chips.

2:12am-- The Moors invasion is over, Moorman1 out in 22nd

After raising preflop from UTG+2 to 10,500 and only starting the hand with 25,292 the table knew Moorman1 was playing for the rest of the chips as only potstabber10 in the big blind called.

Flop came down Ac-9h-Kd and like clockwork Moorman1's chips came out after potstabber10 decided to put him all-in:

potstabber10: Qc-Qh-Th-Ad
Moorman1: 2c-As-Js-Jh

Out kicked by a pip, Moorman1 would need a little help for two pair or the inside straight draw. 3s and 6c didn't improve the landscape and Moorman1 earned $3,339.00 in 22nd place.

2:06am--fouruhaters stewing on the rail

fouruhaters lost almost half of his 100,000-chip stack by calling off 40,000 preflop in a four-way pot, then folding on the turn after the board was checked through on the flop. The very next hand, he limped in from early position, then called a raise by DCal Zone to 13,750 that DAVIDOXXX also called. DCal Zone made it 40,000 to go on a flop of 3h-Kc-9s. fouruhaters raised all in to 45,108 and of course DCal Zone called. He was ahead with an overpair Ah-Ad-Jd-3c against fouruhaters' Ac-9h-6s-7c, middle pair of nines.

The board ran out Th-Qh to make Broadway for DCal Zone. That was overkill; fouruhaters' nines never improved. He is out in 23rd place, earning $3,339 for his play today.

2:02am-- ZORG zapped in 24th

Flush draw and gutterball straight draw versus flopped set. That was the story as ZORG got his 77,110 chips into the middle on the turn of 2d-Kc-7c-6d:

ZORG: 9c-5s-Kd-Ac
BQNNEN: 3d-4s-7d-7h

Neither of ZORG's draws would arrive on the river 6s as BQNNEN would fill up to sevens full of sixes and take the 161,720 chip pot to increase his stack to 315,821 as ZORG received $3,339.00 for 24th.

1:55am--iggymcfly dominating Table 91

iggymcfly has continued to show no fear on Table 91. atlantic17 raised from early position to 11,250, but iggymcfly simply reraised to 40,000 straight. When action folded back to atlantic17, he shipped his whole 53,000-chip stack into the middle. iggymcfly quickly called. atlantic17 had aces, Ac-Ad-Th-2h and seemed in good shape against iggymcfly's As-Qs-Tc-3c.

That changed when the flop brought two clubs, 6c-8h-Kc. iggymcfly improved to a single pair with the turn Qd, giving himself more out. He hit a club with the river 5c to make a flush and eliminate atlantic17 in 25th place.

atlantic17 walks away with $3,339 and a bad-beat story in 25th.

1:52am-- amrasaralond slayed in 26th

On the lighter side of chips, amrasaralond, got nearly all of his 57,514 chips after paying the small blind into the middle after phatman raised to 7,500 from middle position, potstabber10 called from the cutoff and amrasaralond re-raised to 32,500.

phatman called leaving 44,653 behind as potstabber10 also called to see a Ts-Qh-8d flop to which amrasaralond pushed his remaining 26,264 into the middle as phatman made the call and potstabber10 declined to stab this one and folded:

amrasaralond: Kd-Kh-4c-Jd
phatman: Js-9c-Th-Qs

Overpair and open-ended versus top two and the Qd on the turn gave phatman the boat leaving amrasaralond only two outs to a higher boat.

The 3c river did not come through and amrasaralong was out in 26th.

1:48am-- Similar to the movie, SCARFACE1 gunned down at the end in 27th

Crippled after losing everything but 12,624 chips in a 133,750 pot to Stullenjack the hand before, SCARFACE1 found himself all in after a flop of 7c-2c-Js in a three-way pot with jay7777777 and Stullenjack.

The turn Kc caused Jay7777777 to shove his remaining 9,306 into the pot which was called by Stullenjack and they turned over:

Stullenjack: Ks-Jh-Jd-5c
jay7777777: As-9c-Ac-Td
SCARFACE1: Ah Qs Kd 7h

Nut flush for jay7777777 would hold on the river Ts and SCARFACE1's last breath was taken in 27th as jay7777777 improved to 57,734 with the more then double up.

1:43am--NoMercy doesn't stand back up after knock-down by Tmay420

The last remaining Team PokerStars Pro in today's field, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier, has been eliminated in 29th place. She made a preflop stand against Tmay420 with Ad-Ac-Qs-Jd. Tmay420 called with aces of his own, As-Ah-Td-9c, and took the lead by flopping a straight, 7d-6c-8d.

Mercier had diamond outs but didn't hit them on the turn Kc or the river Th. She's out.

1:39am--iggymcfly showing no fear

When a player has a big stack, he can take a few more chances than he otherwise might. iggymcfly is embodying that philosophy. He called after PearlJammer reraised GulahPapyrus from 7,500 to 26,250. With action back to GulahPapyrus, he moved all in for 103,644. PearlJammer snap-raised all in himself, to a total of 180,510. iggymcfly gave the matter about ten seconds of thought, then ALSO called for a three-way hand with two players all in.

GulahPapyrus: Qd-Ah-As-Qc
PearlJammer: Ks-6d-Ad-Ac
iggymcfly: 6h-5c-7h-5s

It was aces for both PearlJammer and GulahPapyrus, and 5-5-6-7 with hearts for iggymcfly. PearlJammer took the lead on the Kh-Kc-8c flop with three kings, but the turn was a disaster card -- the 5d to make a full house, fives full of kings, for iggymcfly. PearlJammer's ace outs were dead; he needed a six or the case king on the river to avoid elimination and didn't get it when the river fell 4c.

iggymcfly knocked both of his opponents out and moved to more than 900,000 in chips, giving him the clear chip lead.

1:37am-- She's the last one

Want to learn more about the lone remaining Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mericer? Check out the video below and other videos of Mercier in action at PokerStars.TV

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier on PokerStars.tv

1:34am-- Hour nine chip counts

Level 17
Blinds 1250/2500
Average Chip Count: 179,516
Players Remaining: 31
First Prize: $139,125.00

1. iggymcfly 614,613
2. DCal Zone 536,578
3. Skjervøy 383,620
4. Stullenjack 322,376
5. styroben33 290,924
6. BQNNEN 274,011
7. tatta 237,206
8. DAVIDOXXX 228,524
9. potstabber10 213,344
10. Sasuke234 211,383

Team PokerStars Pros remaining

Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 38,841 (29th)

1:30am--BabyGrand playing the blues

A preflop raising war between BabyGrand and Tmay420 has resulted in BabyGrand's exit from the tournament. BabyGrand's 52,340 chips wound up in Tmay420's stack after BabyGrand pushed As-9s-6h-Th hard and was called by Tmay420's Kh-Kd-6d-4s. A board of 6c-Qc-Qd-Kc-2h made kings full for Tmay420 to give him a winner.

He approached the break with roughly 157,000 in chips.

1:27am-- iggymcfly zooms into the lead, first to 600,000

With three minutes remaining in level 16 with blinds at 1000/2000 iggymcfly will take the lead into the five minute break as we have 31 players remaining and four more to the next month level.

1:25am--iggymcfly makes his presence felt

it didn't take long for iggymcfly to greet his new table. he raised to 6,000 from under the gun and was called by ChetDiMay out of the big blind. ChetDiMay checked the 8c-3d-4c flop to iggymcfly, who made it 13,000 to go. After twenty seconds, ChetDiMay check-raised to 52,000. iggymcfly came back over the top to 169,000 and ChetDiMay snap-called all in for 167,000 total.

ChetDiMay: 4h-6s-5s-8s
iggymcfly: Js-Jc-Tc-Ac

Two pair with a straight draw for ChetDiMay was up against iggymcfly's overpair and flush draw. The 3h on the turn made a better two pair for iggymcfly that held when the river bricked 5h. He eliminated ChetDiMay and simultaneously climbed to more than 600,000 in chips.

1:20am-- Ok, maybe not a good idea to return

Second hand back, Holdem_NL gets all his chips into the middle after a flop of 7c-9s-5s with similarly stacked Skjervøy:

Skjervøy: 8h-7s-6c-7d
Hold_emNL: 9c-5h-Ah-6s

Set and the nut straight flopped for Skjervøy while Hold_emNL needed a lot of help with outs to a chop or a nine to a higher boat.

The 2s and Jh on the turn and river didn't help, and Skjervøy enjoyed the 318,336 as Hold_emNL maybe should have taken a little longer to solve his disconnect problems as he's out in 37th place.

1:15am--PearlJammer takes it down on the flop

PearlJammer is up to 188,000 in chips. Sitting in the big blind, he reraised EnoBaLL from 6,000 to 24,000 before the flop. EnoBaLL called but folded after PearlJammer bet 54,00 on the 8c-Ah-Jc flop.

PearlJammer has almost effortlessly chipped up to 188,000 over the last hour, putting him near the top of the chip count.

1:10am-- Calling for Holdem_NL

Thanks to the deep stacks to small blinds Holdem_NL's apparently dead stack is getting blinded off slowly. He's currently in 15th place with 154,223 and has been sitting out for nearly the entire time since the break. Lets hope he finds a connection soon.

Edit -- of course as soon as we type this up, he comes back!

1:02am-- Thank you automatic table changer

The two top stacks of the tournament,DCal Zone and Stullenjack, are currently at Table 85 and have already managed to say hi to each other in a 125,200 chip pot that was shipped to DCal Zone pushing him to be the first person topping 500,000 chips.

12:59am--Tmay420 survives all-in to double

Tmay420 now has 102,000 in chips thanks to a double-up through e1mdopp. It was a heads-up flop of 2h-2c-3h. e1mdopp checked and called Tmay420's 7,000-chip bet. On the turn 7c, e1mdopp bet 12,200, then went deep into the tank when Tmay420 moved all in for 38,000. e1mdopp took about sixty seconds to think through he decision before calling. The hands were opened:

e1mdopp: 5c-8c-4d-5d
Tmay420: Ah-Kd-2s-jh

Tmay420 had trip deuces, but e1mdopp had a huge draw. He missed it all with the river falling Td, allowing Tmay to double up to about 102,000.

12:56am-- No second PLO bracelet for Mary 717

It was a great gamble that almost worked for Mary 717 as her 57,904 made their way into the middle preflop with GRinDer444 and flopped a mega-wrap straight draw. Watch the hand replayer for the cruel, teasing river card:

12:51pm-- Top two is good, Stullenjack recovers some chips

After losing a few big pots, Stullenjack called two pot sized bets from DAVIDOXXX on the turn and river of a board reading 7h-5c-Ts-Qh-2d.

Stullenjack turned over Tc-As-Qc-Ks for top two as DAVIDOXXX could only produce Jh-Ac-Js-Qs for top pair and the 137,700 chip pot went to Stullenjack which boosted him to 384,602 and dropped DAVIDOXXX only 53,358.

12:45am--NoMercy apparently rooting for herself

If you can't root for yourself, who can you root for? Isabelle Mercier has attracted her share of railbirds over the course of WCOOP, including a player she may have eliminated earlier today:

Phwap [observer]: no; mercy are you there
Phwap [observer]: i hope you lose all my chips to tmay
Phwap [observer]:
Phwap [observer]: gl
NoMercy: i hope i dont
Tmay420: lol thx phwap
Tmay420: PHWAP!

We'll keep an eye on Table 51 to see if / when Mercier loses her chips, and to whom.

12:42am-- Repeat performance?

lefty2506 is at Table 32 with Stullenjack and is very familiar with late WCOOP tournament play stemming from his appearance at the WCOOP Event #3 PLO 6-max tournament last year.

Certainly looking to improve on being the first to exit that final table for $5,500, he can win more tonight by simply finishing above 15th, but we doubt his eyes are set on the $6,307.00 for 13th to 15th.

12:38am--PearlJammer cruising

Another hand, another pot to PearlJammer.

This one was a three-way flop, with tatta, PearlJammer and ChetDiMay each paying 6,300 to see the flop. All three checked to the turn where, with the board showing Jd-Ks-7s-4s, tatta bet 7,200. PearlJammer took about thirty seconds to raise to 27,000. ChetDiMay quickly folded back to tatta, who considered his options before also folding.

That pot pushed PearlJammer to almost 129,000 in chips.

12:36pm-- Down to five tables

The next eight bust outs will earn $2,300.20 as 45 players remain with DCal Zone taking over the chip lead with over 400,000 in chips as Stullenjack has slipped to 315,000.

12:32pm-- Holdem_NL's name may be misleading

While it implies a liking for no limit hold em, Holdem_NL is deep in this PLO event and has a sizable cash from the 2006 $5,000 WCOOP H.O.R.S.E. tourney (which was won by Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown).

Healthy at 165,000 chips, he'll be looking to get that bracelet he nearly received two years ago.

For the final table report on his H.O.R.S.E. run, click the link here.

12:27am--Another break

Level 15
Blinds 900 / 1,800
Average Chip Count: 115,937
Players Remaining: 48
First Prize: $139,125

1. DCal Zone 394,617
2. iggymcfly 383,326
3. Stullenjack 333,102
4. tatta 197,663
5. Sasuke234 193,854
6. fouruhaters 189,542
7. salamandra24 185,569
8. BQNNEN 180,449
9. styroben33 171,649
10. Hold-emNL 166,223

Team PokerStars pros:

Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 46,641 (42nd place)

12:23pm-- Chip leader no more, Stullenjack takes a hit

Versus the nut straight, Stullenjack got stubborn in a hand against Donkaroo22 as he doubled up once again.

After a 12,200 chip bet by Donkaroo22 on a flop of 9h-Js-Ts, both Stullenjack and styroben33 called to see the Ac hit the turn.

Donkaroo22 pushed his remaining 43,916 into the middle as Stullenjack called:

Stullenjack: 8h-Jd-8s-As
Donkaroo22: Kc-6h-Qh-Jc

Nut flush draw plus top two for Stullenjack against the nut straight for Donkaroo22, and the river 5c didn't flush nor fill up Stullenjack as the 139,632 pot went to Donkaroo22 and Stullenjack still massively stacked at 337,902 but no longer the chip leader.

12:17am--PearlJammer flirting with 100k

PearlJammer keeps winning the small pots. Sitting in the big blind, he called a raise by EnoBaLL to 4,800. On the 7h-5d-As, PearlJammer checked and then called a bet of 6,500. Both players checked the 2s turn and the 8h river. PearlJamer turned over 8c-5s-4c-7c for three pair.

Of course only two counted, the eights and the sevens, but that was enough for a winner.

12:15am-- There's something about Mary (717)

The Event #7 champ is continuing a comeback and just took down a 73,534 chip pot that doubled her up off djlminha when her pair and a flush draw with 8c-Qc-6h-Ah on a board of 8d-Th-3h outdrew the overpair of djlminha with 5d Ts Kc Kd when the Qs hit the turn giving Mary two pair, and just to rub it in, the 8h on the river completed the flush draw.

djminha is now down to 46,000

12:10am--Two in a row for Tmay420

Tmay420 has doubled up to almost 60,000 in chips over the course of back-to-back hands. In the process he has eliminated mozitas from the tournament. First, Tmay420 reraised mozitas from 3,975 to 12,725 preflop. mozitas called to the As-2s-Kd but folded to Tmay420's all-in bet of almost 16,000.

The very next hand, mozitas raised again, this time to 5,600. Again Tmay420 reraised, to 18,400. mozitas called all in for 16,100 total and promptly lost the hand when the 3d-8d-4d flop fit perfectly with Tmay420's Jd-Kd-Jc-Ts for a diamond flush. mozitas was drawing dead with Ks-Qc-Jh-9d.

12:08am-- Donkaroo22 bounces on Chet for chips

Doubling up on back-to-back hands, Donkaroo22 is using ChetDiMay as a springboard back to the living after being down his last 18,249 chips. First a set of kings avoided Chet's open ender and two pair on the next hand avoided the wrap straight draw.

With those two hands Donkaroo22 hops up to 73,716 chips while ChetDiMay is still riding high near 130,000.

12:03am-- Its past midnight, do you know where your chips are going?

Another short stack went up against the chip leader, he Stullenjack open raised from the cutoff as he got calls from everyone including the big blind. Four-way action saw a flop of 3s-Ah-Tc and Natursvin decided to make his stand by potting the flop for 19,200 which was called only by Stullenjack.

The turn Qc got Natursvin's remaining 4,997 chips into the middle, again the chip leader made the call to be shown Ac-Ks-Qh-Kh from Natursvin again his 7h-6h-Jd-Ad.

Top two for Natursvin meant Stullenjack was down two outs on the river, the remaining two kings in the deck...

... one of which hit the river, and with the Kc and the broadway straight Stullenjack collected another 67,594 chip pot sending Natursvin home in 56th.

11:58pm--Mercier abandons pot on turn

It's a little up, a little down for Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier. she raised a recent pot to 5,600 preflop and was called in position by e1mdopp. Mercier tried a continuation bet of 9,600 on a flop of 8h-Qs-5h. She couldn't shake e1mdopp, so on the 3c turn she checked. e1mdopp aggressively bet 27,000 and Mercier quickly folded.

11:56pm--Another baby for PearlJammer

Small pots without showdown have turned into PearlJammer's bread and butter on Table 91. He took down another one b calling MkMadTILT's bet on the turn, then betting 8,400 on the river of a 5h-Kh-Qd-Kd-6h.

That produced another winner for PearlJammer.

11:54pm-- Jackpot on the river

In a hand with The Townhouse, the chip leader Stullenjack just eclipsed the 400,000 chip mark. Both players got all their chips in preflop. The TownHouse had 63,994 as Stullenjack covered by 297,633.

TheTownhouse: Ac-Qd-3c-Ah
Stullenjack: Js-7s-Kh-Ks

The Townhouse was ahead with his aces as the flop came out Qc-7h-6h, the turn 4s changed nothing.

But, the jackpot third 7c on the river delivered the 130,088 chip pot to Stullenjack and sent The Townhouse home in 61st place.

11:48pm-- PLO Champ gets strong

In two out of three hands for Mary 717, she has increased her stack from 21,880 to nearly 50,000.

The second big hand was taken down after a flop of 7h-7c-Tc and Mary 717 shoved all-in for 25,383 which her opponent Svend svaerd decided to duck for cover and the 27894 chips belonged to the marshmallowy peep.

11:43pm--PearlJammer chipping up with small pots

Two times in the last five minutes, PearlJammer has taken down small pots by showing down the best hand.

Both pots were in the 15,000-chip range, not very large at this point of the tournament, but with them PearlJammer has increased his chip count to about 85,000.

11:39pm-- We thought this wasn't a split game

In a hand between styroben33 and gaffel, both players managed to get all their chips into the middle preflop. styroben33 would be all-in for 52500 and gaffel covering, leaving 83,988 behind.

styroben33: Ad-Ac-6h-8d
gaffel: As-9s-Ah-Td

Both players turned over aces plus flush and straight possiblities but the Kc-5c-Tc-Qc-6s board only provided a club flush which no one with cards had.

So, they players split up the 116,900 chip pot and went back to work.

11:35pm--luvgamble can't dodge runner-runner

luvgamble, winner of Event #24 - $530 2-7 NL Draw earlier this week, has been eliminated from today's field. He min-raised to 2,800 from middle position, then called a reraise to 9,100 from the big blind, superowl99.

That left luvgamble with 2,926 chips, which he used to call all in after superowl99 bet the Tc-8d-2c flop. luvgamble hit the flop hard with Td-9c-7s-4c, and turned a straight with the Jd. But superowl99 had outs to beat him, showing Qd-Kd-7h-Ah. One of those outs came in when the river 5d filled a diamond flush. luvgamble is out in 76th place.

11:30pm--Aces hold for Mercier

The last Team PokerStars Pro in the field, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier, is doing her best to make a deep run. She reraised pot, to 41,000, after mozitas made it 4,000 to go and CalBandGreat reraised all in to 11,660. Nobody wanted to dance, leaving Mercier heads-up with CalBandGreat.

CalBandGreat: 9h-Tc-Th-Ac
Mercier: As-Ad-Jd-6d

Mercier had aces with diamonds, and they held up against CalBandGreat on a mostly harmless board of 8s-4c-8d-2c-Ks. Mercier now has more than 70,000 in chips.

11:27pm-- Not wasting time, chip leader Stullenjack takes down first pot after break

On a board of 3s-Js-Ks-4h-6s, Stullenjack collected a 14,700 chip pot from DAVIDOXXX and styroben33 after rivering the three to seven straight with Jh-Ad-5d-7h.

He is now stacked at 357,127 chips.

11:22pm-- The peep is hungry for more

Mary 717 is past the dinner break and looking for another big score in a WCOOP PLO event as she's on a shorter stack at the moment with 23,280 as we start the long night towards the final table.

Mary 717 took down Event #7 for $72,1730.20 and could almost double that for a victory tonight.

For Mary's road to her WCOOP bracelet in Event #7 check out the link to the Event #7 live blog here.

11:14pm--Chip counts at six-hour mark

Level 13
Blinds 700/1,400
Average Chip Count: 69,562
Players Remaining: 80
First Prize: $139,125

1. Stullenjack 341,327
2. DCal Zone 228,428
3. BQNNEN 189,771
4. Sembach81 181,463
5. Hold_emNL 181,023
6. salamandra24 178,556
7. fouruhaters 156,558
8. EnoBaLL 143,792
9. Moorman1 137,397
10. mozitas 134,800

Team PokerStars pros:
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 55,981 (41st place)

Eliminated since last break:
Andre "aakkari" Akkari (89th)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose (102nd)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki (104th)

11:06pm--Stullenjack knocks out Akkari, Randers, extends lead

Current chip leader Stullenjack raised to 3,600, DAVIDOXXX and Randers called behind him, and Team PS pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari called as well from the big blind. The flop came Ts-9c-2s, and Akkari immediately fired out 15,000. Stullenjack raised to 30,000. DAVIDOXXX folded, then Randers cheekily reraised to 45,000. Akkari called with his remaining 9,616, and Stullenjack also called the extra 15,000.

The turn brought the Ac, and Stullenjack checked. Randers bet his last 1,144 into the huge pot, and Stullenjack of course called.

Randers: 9s-As-Kd-4c
aakkari: Ah-Js-5s-8h
Stullenjack: 8c-6s-4s-7s

The river brought the Jd, giving Stullenjack the jack-high straight and the 131,904-chip pot and knocking out both Akkari and Randers.

Stullenjack is now way up over the 300,000 mark, more than 100K of the rest of the field.

10:58pm--Lord, I was born a gamblin' man

luvgamble has been calling a lot of bets in a lot of pots now that the bubble has come and gone, but he's not been able to gain any traction. He's now down to just 12k and could be gone any time now.

10:49pm--The parade begins

With all that nasty bubble business behind us, the short stacks left in the field have been willing to gamble it up and either chip up or bust out. A total of 13 players have done the latter so far, and two Team PokerStars Pros are among that number. Marcin "Goral" Horecki (104th) and Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose (102nd) both claimed $1,855 for their efforts.

10:39pm--Survival of the fittest; Darwinism goes out on the bubble

With Marcin "Goral" Horecki sitting across the table with just 2,588 chips left, two other players got involved in a hand that resulted in one of them becoming tonight's bubble boy.

sappy123 raised to 3,000, EnoBaLL and Darwinism called behind him, and GulahPapyrus called from the small blind as well. The flop came 3h-6d-Jd. GulahPapyrus checked, sappy123 bet 11,000, and only Darwinism called.

The turn brought the 9c, and sappy123 fired out 35,000. Darwinism had only 23,378, so to call would mean risking going out before the money. Adding to the pressure, sappy123 typed "looks like ure the bubble boy bro tough one" to give Darwinism something further to think about.

Darwinism let almost his entire time bank run down, clearly waiting to see if someone at another table -- perhaps a player with a shorter stack at the start of the hand -- had gone out. Finally it became evident that Table 82 was the last active table during hand for hand play. Darwinism made the call, turning over Ac-Ad-7d-5s, an overpair and the nut flush draw (plus a gutshot). sappy123 showed Kd-Jc-6s-3s -- he'd paired each of the board cards. The turn was the 9c and the river the 5h, sappy123's two pair held up, and Darwinism did not survive to the money.

10:30pm--A timely double

With the next two players out the last two not to get paid tonight, luvgamble picked a good time to double up. He opened for 3,000 in the cutoff and JERRRY raised to 8,499 from the small blind. luvgamble called and then called all-in for his last 14,754 when JERRRY led out on the Kc-9s-9h flop.

It was a tense situation; luvgamble held 9c-8h-7d-4c for trips, while JERRRY had a ton of outs with Ac-Qd-Jd-Tc. The board ran out 3d-As, though, and luvgamble doubled to 47,506.

10:24pm--Mercier sliding back

ChetMiDay limped in from early position and was followed in by mozitas on the button, CalBandGreat in the small blind, before Isabelle Mercier raised to 4,500 in the big blind. Only mozitas called to see the 8s-7d-7c flop, and he called when Mercier bet 10,500. She then checked the 4h turn and folded to a bet of 8,888.

With that loss, Mercier is down to 65,037.

10:20pm--He definitely luvs the gamble

It wouldn't be fair to say that luvgamble is in freefall right now, but the NL 2-7 Single Draw bracelet winner has been dropping chips a few thousand at a time for a little while now. He's down to 35,753 after playing a lot of pots over the course of the last level or so and not winning very many of them.

10:16pm--The waiting game

We're just four away from the cash bubble bursting. Team PokerStars pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki continues to hang on in last place. He's currently 112nd out of 112 players, with just 5,088 chips in his stack. He's folded the last 15 hands or so, including his blinds.

Uh oh. Those blinds are a-comin' again!

10:08pm--Raymer fossilized

Just before the last break Greg Raymer took his stand, limping in and then calling a raise to 3,600 from Svend svaerd and pulling a stop-and-go move that was poorly timed. His Js-Td-9s-7s hit nothing on the Ah-6h-6c flop, while Svend svaerd flopped a full house with As-Ac-5d-4c. Raymer finished in 118th place.

10:05pm--Chip counts at the five-hour mark

Level 11
Blinds 500/1,000
Average Chip Count: 48,391
Players Remaining: 115
First Prize: $139,125

1. potstabber10 155,253
2. Stullenjack 154,840
3. salamandra24 144,035
4. Sembach81 134,512
5. tatta 131,566
6. Hold_emNL 122,410
7. Rich_Fish 123,372
8. Skjervøy 102,876
9. theASHMAN103 102,479
10. e1mdopp 96,155

Team PokerStars pros remaining:
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 84,037 (17th place)
Andre "aakkari" Akkari 42,283 (53rd)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 37,176 (61st)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 6,588 (115th)

Eliminated since last break:
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer (118th)

10:00pm--120 remain

There are exactly 120 players left playing on 14 tables, meaning as we head into the next break we are just a dozen eliminations from the money. Those lasting into the top 108 will all be guaranteed at least $1,855.

9:55pm--Stullenjack charges into lead

We have a new chip leader -- Stullenjack -- on the strength of this huge 150,000-plus chip pot versus Try__An__Hit. When the flop came out 4c-9c-Kd, the fireworks began. See what the two hand:

9:51pm--Mercier chips back up

After a fairly long drought, Isabelle Mercier finally dragged another significant pot. She opened for 2,800 in the cutoff and her only caller was PokerVic on the button. When the flop came Td-8s-4d, Mercier bet pot for 6,800 and got a call. Both players then checked the 3d turn. When the 8h hit the river, Mercier fired pot again for 20,400 and took down the pot without a showdown.

With that win and another small pot afterward, Mercier is back up to 82,037.

9:48pm--Bracelet-winning short stack report

Our two WCOOP PLO bracelet holders on Table 59 are both still holding on the best they can. Team PokerStars Pro Greg "FossilMan" Raymer has 7,333 and Event #7 champ Mary 717 has 10,520.

9:44pm--Bad break for Rich_Fish

After heading up the leaderboard for most of the day, Rich_Fish is no longer on top.

From the hijack, he joined four others in limping in to see a flop of Ts-5d-4s. Supra1988T led out from the big blind for a pot bet of 4,000 and cleared out everyone but Rich_Fish, who raised to 16,000. Supra1988T made the call and the turn was the 2d.

Supra1988T shoved for 20,862 and got the call, showing Qs-7c-6h-3s for the straight against Rich_Fish's set of tens with Th-Td-9s-3c. The Qh on the river was no help to Rich_Fish and he dropped to 94,800 as Supra1988T dragged the 77,724 pot.

9:41pm--luvgamble grabs a nice pot

luvgamble came along from the small blind to join four of his tablemates in seeing a flop of Kc-6h-4h. He immediately led out for 1,600 into the 4,000 pot, clearing out everyone but tatta in the hijack.

tatta's call brought the Tc on the turn and this time luvgamble led out for 5,600. Again tatta called, bringing the 5d on the river. This time luvgamble checked and then called 7,200 from tatta, who, as it turned out, was betting with a lowly pair of fours. luvgamble's Kh-Jh-Td-3c was good for two pair and the 32,800 pot.

With that pot, luvgamble boards the happy train and stacks up to 78,251.

9:37pm--Aw, heck says Horecki

Team PokerStars pros Marcin "Goral" Horecki and Andre "aakkari" Akkari have been at the same table -- Table 9 -- for the last half-hour or so. Akkari has been holding steady, maintaining that same 30,000-chip stack he's had for most of the day. Things haven't gone so well for Horecki, however, particularly in the following hand.

Horecki had raised preflop to 1,800 and Alimoche called from the small blind. The flop came 4d-Qs-9d. Alimoche checked, Goral bet 3,600, and Alimoche check-raised to 15,000. Horecki then three-bet to 26,400, and Alimoche called with his remaining 8,905 chips.

Alimoche showed Kc-Kd-Jh-Td for a wrap draw plus a king-high flush draw, while Horecki turned over Ad-Jc-Jd-9c for the ace-high flush draw. The turn was the 6s and the river the 7h, and in the end Alimoche's kings beat Horecki's jacks.

That hand knocked Horecki back to 10,394, and since then he's dribbled down to just a bit more than 6,000.

9:35pm--Slip sliding away

Isabelle Mercier is down to 81,237 after jumping into second place jsut before the last break. She hasn't lost any big pots, though - all her losses have come a few thousand at a time in pots she's had to give up. No worries right now, though - she's still in the top 15 counts in the tournament.

9:28pm--Bad mojo for Raymer

If Greg Raymer is going to win this bracelet he's going to need a bit of help.

He opened for 1,500 under the gun and got calls from 3232 in middle position, Rich_Fish on the button, and Believer82 in the big blind. The flop came Ah-9d-7s and Raymer bet 4,200 into 6,300. 3232 raised to 18,900 behind him (leaving himself only 1,404 behind), clearing out the field but getting Raymer to put him all in. The two players had:

Raymer: Ac-9c-8h-5c
3232: Jc-Tc-9s-9h

Raymer's two pair never improved and 3232 grabbed the 46,908 pot, leaving Raymer with 9,533.

9:25pm--luvgamble luvs the river

luvgamble opened the pot for 1,200 in second position and his only caller was acehighdro in the hijack. luvgamble checked the Js-7d-4d flop and then called a bet of 1,800 from acehighdro to see the Kc fall on the turn. Both players then checked and the river came the 4h. luvgamble immediately led out for 4,800 and got the call, taking down a 16,500 pot when he showed a winner with Tc-8d-6d-4c.

luvgamble currently has a nice stack of 62,851, placing him 23rd out of the 146 remaining players.

9:21pm--JohnnyBax wants his old table back

When Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy was recently moved to Table 32, he had 84,272 in chips and was sitting in fifth place overall. He has now played 18 hands at his new table -- two full orbits -- and hasn't won a single one, losing about a fourth of his stack in the process.

Josephy has slipped to 66,322.

9:14pm--One table, two WCOOP bracelets

There's another new arrival at Greg Raymer's table -- and she has already has a WCOOP bracelet in PLO to her name this year. Mary 717 won Event #7 and talked to the PokerStars blog about her win recently.

With a stack of 15,370 she's shorter than her fellow WCOOP PLO bracelet winner Raymer at the moment, but still within a workable range.

9:09pm--Straight down the middle

Greg Raymer and Rich_Fish were both pretty sure they had the other one put away in this hand:

9:03pm--Not who you want to see at your table

Just three hands before the break, a new player arrived at Greg Raymer's table -- Rich_Fish, who has been the chip leader since very early on. He has a 134k stack right now, after dropping a few thousand in a pot that got Raymer back up to 32,687.

9:01pm--Chip counts at four-hour mark

Level 9
Blinds 300/600
Average Chip Count: 31,440
Players Remaining: 177
First Prize: $139,125

1. Rich_Fish 134,102
2. Team PokerStars pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 96,932
3. e1mdopp 92,119
4. potstabber10 90,360
5. JohnnyBax 84,272
6. tatta 78,473
7. Try_An_Hit 77,627
8. Roland62 76,420
9. iggymcfly 69,060
10. Stullenjack 67,961

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 40,299 (53rd place)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose (63rd)
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer 32,687 (68th)
Andre "aakkari" Akkari 28,434 (82nd)

Eliminated since last break:
Vicky Coren (185th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (245th)
Gavin Griffin (246th)
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes (261st)

8:53pm--Running good

Isabelle Mercier continues to run good on Table 51. The action folded to her in the small blind, where she raised to 1,200. RaSZi, with only 12,644 in his stack, raised to 3,600 and Mercier called.

The flop came down Ac-7d-2c and Mercier checked. RaSZi bet pot and Mercier then check-raised him all-in for his last 2,264, which he called.

Mercier: Ah-Qs-7s-7h
RaSZi: Kc-Js-Jh-Tc

Mercier turned a full house with the As and stacked up to 97,332 as RaSZi hit the rail.

8:51pm--Vicky vanquished

After being forced off of a couple of hands, Team PokerStars pro Vicky Coren had slipped back down to just 3,700. It then folded to her in middle position from where she typed "i'll try again," raising to 1,400.

Two players folded and the action was on styroben33. As he decided what to do, she typed "but just call and then let me bet the flop lol." He decided not to wait, and reraised to 3,700.

Vicky Coren said, " if you must"
Vicky Coren: calls 2300 and is all-in

Coren showed Kc-Jd-Td-3c, and styroben33 Ac-Jh-9c-3d. If they had waited until the flop, styroben33 certainly would've called anyhow, as the flop came Qs-9d-9h. The turn was the 5c and river the 3d, and Coren has been eliminated in 185th place.

styroben33: gg
Vicky Coren [observer]: a dull way of doing it but nh, gl all, night night x

8:47pm--A slip for Fossilman

While Isabelle Mercier chips up, her teammate Greg Raymer has slipped a bit. He found his way into a multi-way pot on the cheap and flopped a straight with Kh-Jc-Tc-7c on the 9h-8c-6h board, but iggymcfly turned the queen-high straight with Qc-Qh-Js-Th to tie Raymer and got his remaining 16k in the middle. The river brought the 7h to give iggymcfly a flush, dropping Raymer to 32,787.


luvgamble has been on a tear at his table over the last orbit. He's claimed five of the last six pots, with only two requiring a showdown. That's bumped his stack up to 52,172, tops at his table by more than 24k at the moment.

8:41pm--You might want to cover those, sir

Marcin "Goral" Horecki just won a 12,200 pot when MC_Ivan decided to fold on the turn. The board read 3d-8s-Kh-7d and Horecki had pushed out a bet of 10,000. As MC_Ivan thought about what to do, he typed...

MC_Ivan: K8 u have
MC_Ivan: k7 no good

After Horecki took the pot -- moving him up to 43,343 -- the Team PokerStars pro responded to MC_Ivan's uncanny read:

Goral: how come u see my cards
MC_Ivan: u dont know, everybody can?
MC_Ivan: lol
Goral: ooops

8:37pm--Mercier the wrecking ball

Isabelle Mercier just jumped up the leaderboard to 3rd place with a monster pot against one of the only players at her table who was a threat to her.

Phwap limped in from middle position and was joined by Mercier in the small blind and reddog95 in the big blind to see a flop of 9c-3c-2h. The action checked the Phwap, who bet 1,200 and only got a call from Mercier. Both players then checked the 6s on the turn.

The Ks came on the river and Mercier led out for 3,200. Phwap raised to 13,200, which prompted Mercier to raise to 34,400, leaving herself only 3,180 behind. It was a big decision for Phwap, who took a bit of time before eventually making the call. He was beside himself with regret instantly when Mercier showed Ah-Jh-3d-3s for flopped quads.

Phwap: can i fold
Phwap: i should
Phwap: nh
Phwap: nh
NoMercy: ty

Phwap was left with only 5,688, while Mercier jumped to 75,580.

8:35pm--Now if I can just quintuple up again

PS pro Vicky Coren had taken a few hits and had slipped down into the danger zone with just 1,910 chips. However just now she pushed all in with 5c-5s-3c-6s, got four callers, then ended the hand on top with a turned straight. Her stack of 9,550 still puts her well below average at the moment -- which is about 25,000 -- but at least she can live with those 200/400 blinds for now.

8:30pm--Another bracelet winner in the house

With the action a bit slow right now for Greg Raymer and Isabelle Mercier, we've added another star to our list of players to watch. luvgamble took down a bracelet earlier this week in NL 2-7 Single Draw -- read about the final table here -- and he's in the top 25 right now with a stack of 41,672. We'll see how he fares as the tournament progresses.

8:24pm--Shooting stars

We just saw three Team PokerStars pros go out in quick succession. First Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes was eliminated in 261st, then Gavin Griffin right behind him in 246th.

Then Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso called a big bet by Hold_emNL on a flop of 9s-8c-6d, committing the last of the 14,350 chips she had to start the hand. Rousso turned over Qh-9c-8s-7h for two pair, while Hold_emNL showed Jd-Ts-Tc-6c.

The turn was the 2c, but the 6h on the river gave Hold_emNL trips and sent Rousso to the rail in 245th.

8:19pm--Rich_Fish out beyond the breakers

A wide berth continues to exist between Rich_Fish at the top of the chip counts and the rest of the field. He's up to more than 127,000 now, while his nearest foes -- Randers, gp333, theASHMAN103, and peoples2 -- are all gathered in the 65,000-75,000 chip range.

8:10pm--FossilMan ready for a run?

Greg Raymer won a WCOOP bracelet in PLO last year, and it looks like he might be able to make a run at a second here tonight.

trackie1230 opened for 900 in middle position and got a call from WhooooKidd right behind him. Raymer then raised to 3,600 from the cutoff, getting a call only from WhooooKidd. Both players then checked the Qs-6s-5s flop.

When the 2h came on the turn, WhooooKidd checked and Raymer bet 3,000 into 8,550, a bet which WhooooKidd called. On the river he then check-called Raymer's bet of 13,200, which put him all in. He turned up 8c-7s-6c-6h for the flopped set of sixes, but he was outdone by Raymer's Ad-As-Tc-3s for the flopped nut flush.

Raymer now has 44,616 and is moving up the leaderboard.

8:05pm--Tight is right

ElkY's replacement to the left of Isabelle Mercier is a player named ahoraonunca. He had been sitting to Greg Raymer's right on Table 59 all day -- and never once played a hand. That's because he's been sitting out through the entire tournament. 

One of Raymer's tablemates remarked earlier that ahoraonunca had an outside chance at cashing -- and he does, given that he still has 4,155 of his 7,000 starting stack. Currently 268 players remain, with the top 108 making the money.

8:01pm--Marcin over micon

Team PokerStars pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki has now chipped up to more than 44,000 after knocking out a short-stacked micon. See how the hand played out:

7:58pm--No cash for ElkY today

ElkY has enjoyed a pretty incredible run during this WCOOP, but he won't be adding another cash to his resume today.

He opened the action just before the break by limping under the gun. ChetDiMay followed him in before Phwap raised to 800 and got calls from u_dirty_dog on the button, clarkatroid in the big blind, and ElkY.

The flop came down Jc-6c-5d and the action checked to Phwap, who bet 1,000 into 3,500. That folded everyone but ElkY, who check-raised to 6,500 to essentially move himself all-in; he bet his remaining 567 on the 5h turn and Phwap called:

ElkY: Ad-9s-8s-7d
Phwap: Ac-Qs-Td-9c

The river was the 7c, giving ElkY a straight but also giving Phwap the nut flush. ElkY finished in 320th place.

7:52pm--Chip counts at three-hour mark

Level 7
Blinds 150/300
Average Chip Count: 18,427
Players Remaining: 302
First Prize: $139,125

1. Rich_Fish 121,352
2. theASHMAN103 74,762
3. Randers 65,796
4. gp333 64,168
5. mozitas 57,348
6. sassoneyal 53,195
7. tatta 52,959
8. styroben33 52,800
9. djalminha 46,612
10. GRinDer444 46,360

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier 38,780 (22nd place)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 35,918 (28th)
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer 22,888 (84th)

Eliminated since the last break:
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (320th)
Tom McEvoy (342nd)
Lee "LeeNelsonPRO*" Nelson (384th)
Alex Kravchenko (418th)

7:46pm--Rich_Fish hooks another

Having a dude at your table with over 100,000 chips when the average stack in the tourney is just 18,000 or so can be a real pain. Even worse when the dude is running good. Just ask T-Sport:

7:43pm--Mercier on a tear

ElkY has dropped from just over 12k to 8,467 in the last hour, all of it bled away in portions of 600 or less. His fellow pro and tablemate Isabelle Mercier, however, keeps on stacking up.

ElkY opened for 600 in middle position a few minutes ago and Mercier called behind him. spaceage211 called as well from the hijack before SBRounder raised to 3,300 on the button. The action folded back to ElkY, who thought for a bit before folding. Mercier then made the call and spaceage211 folded.

With 8,100 in the pot, the flop came Kh-6d-6c. SBRounder fired out for 8,100, essentially moving all-in as he had only 255 left behind; Mercier put him in for it and he called.

Mercier: Ac-Kc-Ks-6s
SBRounder: As-Ah-Jh-4h

Mercier managed to dodge the case ace and picked up the 24,810 pot, giving her a boost up to 38,380.

7:36pm--Bobby Fi's Ac-As-x-x beats Andre A-Kc-Kd-ari

After building up to more than 30,000, Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari had held steady for the last couple of levels before getting involved with a sizable pot against BobbyFi.

A sequence of raises preflop ended with Bobby Fi all in for 11,130 against Akkari. Bobby Fi had Ac-As-Js-8h, while Akkari held Kc-Kd-9d-9s. The board came Qd-2d-6h-4s-3s, and Bobby Fi doubled up. Meanwhile Akkari slipped to 18,533 on that one.

7:29pm--Paul-Ambrose avoids PokerGodZeus' wrath

PS pro Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose just got all of his chips in the middle on a flop of 4h-Tc-Qh against an opponent with the imposing monicker of PokerGodZeus. Paul-Ambrose had Ad-Ac-Th-5d for the overpair, while PokerGodZeus had Kh-Qd-Jd-9d for a wrap draw. The turn was the Td, giving Paul-Ambrose trips, and the 7h on the river meant he took down the 18,096-chip pot.

7:21pm--Rich_Fish gets richer

Rich_Fish, our leader at the last break, just took down a huge 72,000-plus chip pot -- biggest of the tourney so far -- to become the first player to 100,000.

Four players had limped in for 150 apiece, then eitan2134 raised to 1,050. KingstonTown called, as did Rich_Fish and the other two players. So we had a pot of 5,400 and five players seeing the flop come 6d-Kh-3s. eitan2134 bet pot, KingstonTown called, then Rich_Fish repopped it to 27,000. After a couple of folds, eitan2134 called with his last 6,406, then KingstonTown raised for just 698 chips more. Rich_Fish called.

KingstonTown: Ks-7c-8s-9c (top pair)
Rich_Fish: 6c-3h-Ah-7s (bottom two pair)
eitan2134: Ac-4s-Ad-5c (overpair and open-ended straight draw)

The turn brought the 3d, giving Rich_Fish the boat. The river was the 7h, and he won the pot, knocking out the other two. Rich_Fish now sits atop the leaderboard with 103,477, a good 30K ahead of his nearest competitor.

7:18pm--No mercy, indeed

Isabelle Mercier just got a nice break with this hand, taking her up to 26,625:

7:13pm--Flopped set fails Nelson

Sitting on 10,283 when the hand began, PS pro Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson ended up getting all of his chips in the middle on a flop of 9c-5s-Tc while holding 9s-9d-6d-5d. He faced two opponents, however, and in PLO a set is usually in trouble when that happens.

One, BackDoorovic, had Ac-5c-x-x for the nut flush draw, while the other, SelimTheGrim, had Qs-Jc-Th-x for a straight draw. Too many outs for Nelson to dodge, ultimately. The 2h on the turn was fine, but the 8c on the river gave BackDoorovic the pot and sent Nelson home in 384th place.

7:11pm--Chatting with Mac

Anyone who has watched a WCOOP event over the last two weeks knows it's not uncommon for the players to chat with their railbirds. That's what Tom McEvoy has been doing lately as he folds.

Rachel25FL [observer]: Wow I didn't reconize Tom without his hat on!
Tom McEvoy: I gave it to the salvation army
Rachel25FL [observer]: Aww you should of ebay'ed it > :)
Rachel25FL [observer]: I read your book on Omaha Tom and later that day made a ft 100% serious... Talk about a book helping
Tom McEvoy: I am glad it was helpful--gl

7:07pm--Coren scorin'

Player osten -- down to just 2,060 -- limped for 150 from late position and Team PokerStars pro Vicky Coren raised to 500 behind him. It folded back around and osten made the call.

The flop came all babies -- 2s-6s-3d. osten checked, and Coren waited a beat before betting pot (1,225). osten thought a moment, then reraised all in for just 335 more. Coren called.

osten showed Ah-Ks-Ts-9h for the flush draw, while Coren had Ac-Js-Jc-Td for an overpair. The turn was the 8c and the river the 9h, and osten is out. Coren picked up another medium-sized pot on the next hand, and is now up to 16,935.

7:03pm--ProWatch, vol. 2

True to his reputation, Tom McEvoy has been playing pretty tight today. He hasn't been able to grab nay pots since arriving at the table, though, and has slipped to 5,310.

McEvoy's tablemate Greg Raymer is holding steady right now at 20,987, mixing it up in pots and grabbing a few before showdown here and there.

Over on table 51, both ElkY and Isabelle Mercier have been fairly quiet as of late. He holds 11,017 and she has 12,405.

6:55pm--Multi-tabling at the WCOOP

Among those Team PokerStars pros we're keeping our eyes on is Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose, who just slipped to 8,640 after tangling with the_schmenx.

Just before that hand, Paul-Ambrose was typing in the chatbox...

stevejpa: gl
stevejpa: oops, wrong window

We aren't quite sure to whom he intended the message, but we think it was probably over in Event No. 29, the $530 No-Limit Hold'em with rebuys tourney in which he was just eliminated. Follow the Event No. 29 live blog here.

6:50pm--Fossilman falters

Greg Raymer opened for 350 under the gun and immediately saw a raise to 1,275 come in behind him from Supra1988T. Svend svaerd called the raise in the hijack and Raymer called as well, bringing a flop of 9s-8s-5c that all three would check.

The turn was the 5s, and when Raymer bet 2,150 he got a fold from Supra1988T and a call from Svend svaerd.Raymer bet another 4,150 on the 4d river and Svend svaerd called almost immediately with Kd-Ks-3s-2d for the king-high flush. That beat Raymer's 9h-8d-6h-4h for two pair and grabbed the 16,650 pot.

6:42pm--Chip counts at two-hour mark

Level 5
Blinds 75/150
Average Chip Count: 12,045
Players Remaining: 462
First Prize: $139,125

1. Rich_Fish 58,655
2. Randers 56,690
3. theASHMAN103 48,360
4. amrasaralond 45,950
5. DaMurdera3 35,910
6. O.Mustang 35,790
7. liran9 34,440
8. schmeek 33,715
9. deerchaser21 33,676
10. MkMadTILT 32,970

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Andre "aakkari" Akkari 28,512 (20th place)
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer 26,987 (23rd)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki 19,659 (58th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (86th)
Vicky Coren 16,550 (91st)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose (97th)

Eliminated since the last break:
Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown (469th)
Katja Thater (477th)
Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes (530th)
Luca Pagano (539th)
Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan (561st)
Joe Hachem (572nd)
Bill Chen (594th)
Raymond Rahme (605th)

6:35pm--480 remain

We've lost a bit more than a third of the starting field, with 480 of the 742 who were here at the beginning still playing cards. There are three minutes left in Level 4.

6:26pm--Lucky river helps Roland62 nab Nelson

Team PokerStars pro Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson had built his stack to more than 20,000 before the following bit of misfortune befell him.

Roland62 had raised to 350 preflop, and three players called including Nelson. The flop came Ks-6h-9s. Roland62 bet 1,550, Nelson called, and the others got out of the way.

The turn was the 7d. This time Roland62 bet 4,650. Nelson then reraised all in for 14,397. Roland62 quickly pushed his remaining 2,840 in the middle, turning over Kd-Kc-6c-6d for top set. But Nelson had Tc-8c-7c-7s for the straight.

Those sevens in Nelson's hand also meant even fewer outs for Roland62 -- but the 6s on the river was one of them, and Roland62 took the 19,630-chip pot. A few hands later, Nelson sits on a stack of 6,707 and will have to rebuild anew.

6:18pm--One table, two champs

Greg Raymer has just been joined at his table by one of his fellow Team PokerStars Pros - not to mention he's a fellow WSOP Main Event champion. Tom McEvoy has 6,810 in his stack and sits three spots to Raymer's right.

6:10pm--Isabelle runs good

Isabelle Mercier continues to run well after dropping half her stack in the early going. She has taken down three pots in the last orbit, worth 3,080, 4,680, and 1,240. Only the biggest required a showdown, and she won the pot with Ac-As-Ah-6h. Talk about running good! She's now up to 11,335.

6:08pm--Fossilman seeking second WCOOP PLO bracelet

Team PokerStars pro Greg "Fossilman" Raymer is off to a good start today, with that last hand (see below) bringing him up into 15th place out of the 543 players still remaining in the event.

Raymer has a good track record in WCOOP events, including pot-limit Omaha events, a highlight being his having won the $320 Pot-limit Omaha with Rebuys event during the 2007 WCOOP (Event No. 6). Read about that final table here, and click below to see Raymer talk about winning that event and playing in the WCOOP.

Watch Greg Raymer On The WCOOP on PokerStars.tv

6:04pm--FossilMan grabs a big pot

It looks like Greg Raymer's luck has held up even after switching tables.

On his third hand at Table 59, Raymer limped in from second position and as followed in by Supra19881. 3232 raised to 240 from the hujack and Svend svaerd called in the cutoff. WhooooKidd called in the big blind, Raymer called as well, and Supra19881 raised to 1,480.

Everyone in the hand called and the flop came down 8d-6s-5d. The action checked to Raymer and he immediately bet pot for 7,440. That folded the action back to WhooooKidd, who dipped into his time bank for about 20 seconds before eventually folding and starting some chat in the box:

WhooooKidd: show me fossilman im foldin a monster
Svend sværd: monster bluff
WhooooKidd: 6657 i prob suck
WhooooKidd: but i can't put you on anything i beat
WhooooKidd: w/e nh
FossilMan: str8 and medium flush draw
Svend sværd: ahhh plz
FossilMan: pair the board and I'm drawing dead
FossilMan: str8 made, with T high diamonds, Svend

Raymer now has 27,067.


Table 79 has been closed, and Greg Raymer won both the first and last pots on the table.

In the last, ShiFtYFiNGeR opened for 240 in the hijack and Raymer called from the cutoff. riversidejoe bumped the bet to 1,040 from the small blind and only Raymer called. The flop came down Js-5c-2s and riversidejoe bet pot for 2,400, leaving himself just 1,977 behind; he called that off when Raymer raised behind him.

Raymer: As-Kh-Jh-Jc
riversidejoe: Ah-Kd-Ks-6h

The flopped set of jacks held up for Raymer, eliminating riversidejoe and boosting FossilMan to 21,187 as the table was closed.

5:56pm--Who wins? Look again!

Sometimes a PLO hand ends and when the chips slide toward one everyone is forced to do a double-take just to make sure who had the better hand. Team PokerStars pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso was just involved in such a hand.

On a flop of 6c-3s-8c, cardrak bet out 1,040, then Rousso quickly reraised pot to 4,160. vovtroy got out of the way, and cardrak thought a bit before reraising all in for 5,750. Rousso snap called, showing 3h-8s-Ah-3c for a set of treys. cardrak had 7h-8h-9d-Td and was hoping for a straight. He'd get it on the turn when the 9c fell.

"Pair the board!" one would imagine Rousso thinking. And the board did pair -- but the chips went the other way:


Greg Raymer is up to 14,890, thanks to one hand just before the break that saw him drag a 5,310 pot with no contest on the turn and another after the break where he flopped a set of fives to drag 1,960.

ElkY was down to 6,650 after being exceptionally quiet throughout the first hour of play. The combination of big starting stack and slow structure doesn't demand that much play from the competitors in the beginning, and it looked like ElkY was taking advantage.

Then, moments ago, the Team PokerStars Pro doubled through clarkatroid when he flopped a full house with 8c-8d-7d-4h on the button and clarkatroid flopped trip aces with As-Kc-Jc-6s in the cutoff. That pot boosted ElkY to 13,420.

Finally, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier is on 7,225; she hasn't claimed any pots since coming back from the break, but made a strong showing over the last level to get back above her starting stack after taking a hit early.

5:45pm--Rahme stymied

PS pro Raymond Rahme had taken a big hit when after having flopped a set of queens, scarface_79 chased down a flush to knock Rahme back to a bit more than 2,000.

Four hands later, online star Tmay420 bet out 1,480 on a board of Qh-Js-2s-7d, and Rahme called with his remaining chips. Tmay420 showed Qd-Jc-Ts-9s for top two plus both flush and straight draws, while Rahme had Ad-Kc-Qc-3c for a pair of queens and a gutshot to Broadway. The river was the 6s, and Rahme was eliminated.

Tmay420 currently has 9,230.

5:41pm--Akkari continues rapid rise

After a couple of players limped, dynamite1 raised to 1,240, and only Team PS pro Andre "akkari" Akkari made the call. The flop came 4c-Qd-8h. Akkari checked, dynamite1 bet the pot (2,760), Akkari reraised pot (to 11,040), and dynamite1 reraised all in for 12,440 total. Akkari called.

Akkari showed Ad-Qc-Ts-8d for top two, while dynamite1 turned over Ac-Ah-9d-9s for the overpair. The 8c came on the turn, improving Akkari's hand to a full house. And the Kh on the river sealed it, knocking out dynamite1 and pushing Akkari way up to 29,024 in chips. After nearly getting eliminated early, Akkari is now in third place overall!

5:34pm--Chip counts at one-hour mark

Level 3
Blinds 40/80
Average Chip Count: 8,961
Players Remaining: 621
First Prize: $139,125

1. Rich_Fish 43,920
2. amrasaralond 33,400
3. O.Mustang 27,510
4. smoke em 1 26,890
5. EggBall 26,835
6. Darwinism 26,260
7. e1mdopp 25,370
8. Craps4Dinner 24,594
9. juliafascher 24,160
10. The Grinder 23,690

Team PokerStars pros in Top 100:
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson 21,317 (15th place)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 16,950 (37th)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose 13,820 (84th)
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer 13,810 (85th)

Eliminations during first hour:
Victor Ramdin (671st)
Dario Minieri (691st)
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein (701st)

5:27pm--Isabelle on the move

Isabelle Mercier has now taken down five of the last seven pots at her table, jumping up to 7,340 - and she still hasn't had to show down a hand.

5:23pm--Show no mercy

Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier has taken down the last three pots on her table -- pots worth 700, 570, and 1,980 -- all without a showdown. That's got her back to 6,440, almost double what she came to the table with a little while ago.

5:20pm--Change of direction

FA_Morgoth opened for 120 in middle position and got a call from potstabber10 before Greg Raymer raised to 480. Both players called and the flop came down 9h-4c-2d. The action checked to Raymer, who bet 1,020 before FA_Morgoth check-raised to 4,530; potstabber10 got out of the way but Raymer moved all-in for another 20, which FA_Morgoth called.

Raymer: Ad-As-Qc-2s
FA_Morgoth: Kh-Kc-7c-5h

The board ran out Jd-Ah and Raymer dragged the 10,750 pot.

5:17pm--Akkari bounces back

We mentioned earlier how Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari had gotten off to a rough start, falling down to just 320 chips in the early going. A few double-ups later and Akkari is back in business with more than 12,000. Here's how he got his chips up to that level:

5:14pm--Raymer running backward

Greg "FossilMan" Raymer is down to a stack of 5,330 after two hands that didn't work out quite right. Both of them came against riversidejoe, who's sitting two spots to Raymer's left.

In the first pot, riversidejoe called a Raymer raise to 180 preflop and pot-sized bets on the Ad-Qc-2h flop and 8d turn before the two checked down the Kd river. riversidejoe showed Kh-Jh-Tc-4d for Broadway and Raymer mucked, sending the 2,340 pot to his opponent.

In the second pot, Raymer limped in and called a raise to 270 from riversidejoe to see a flop of Ad-Kd-6c. Raymer check-called a riversidejoe bet of 600; he then check-called anoher 1,830 on the 4h turn before folding to an all-in bet on the Kh river.

5:10pm--One small step...

Isabelle Mercier just picked up her first pot since moving to Table 51. It wasn't a monster, but it's a step in the right direction.

luetch1 and BKiCe limped in, ElkY called in the small blind, and Mercier checked her big blind to see a flop of As-Qs-Tc.

The action checked to BKiCe, who bet 180, folding everyone but Mercier. She called and the turn came the 9d; both players checked and the river came the Th. Mercier then led out for 420, grabbing the 600 in the middle when BKiCe folded.

5:07pm--The micon system informs early chip-grab

micon is in the house, and was just involved in a medium-sized pot with Mizuno MX20. Action began with OPETTAJA raising to 140, micon calling, then a short-stacked Mizuno MX20 reraising to 580 from the big blind. OPETTAJA called the raise, then micon reraised to 2,340. Mizuno MX20 reraised all in for just 160 more, and OPETTAJA folded.

Mizuno MX20: Ks-Kc-Th-7c
micon: Ah-Ac-9s-5d

The flop brought an ace -- 4h-As-5h, and Mizuno MX20 was pretty well sunk. The turn was the 2d and river the 3h, and Mizuno MX20 is out. micon now has 10,740.

5:03pm--Seat change for Isabelle

Table 51, where ElkY has been silent since getting his entire stack in the middle with aces early on, just got a new player: Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier. She sits down with just 3,510 of her 7k starting stack. No idea what happened to the other half of that stack, but we're in good position to see what she does with what's left.

5:01pm--742 entrants

Registration is now closed as we begin Level 2 (blinds 40/80). A total of 742 runners have come out for today's event, creating a total prize pool of $742,000. The top 108 finishers will get paid today, with first place netting a handsome $139,125.

4:56pm--Time to hit the cash games

As we edge toward the end of Level 1, we've already lost 35 of our entrants. We'll give you the numbers (entrants, prize pool) as soon as registration closes in a few minutes.

4:49pm--A developing rivalry?

Greg Raymer and OneArmReg -- off whom the Team PokerStars Pro took that first huge pot -- have faced off two more times since their initial confrontation, and OneArmReg has gotten the better end both times.

In the first pot OneArmReg's Tc-Ts-8c-7s was good for a ten-high straight on the river, winning a 1,680 pot when Raymer called 560 on the end. In the second, Raymer called modest bets on the 7s-4d-2h flop and the Ac turn before giving up on the Jh river, sending a 1,700 pot OneArmReg's way.

Given that Raymer will be in late position every time OneArmReg is in the blinds, it's won't be surprising to see these two continue to duel.

4:45pm--Back to square one

PS pro Ray Rahme had slipped to less than 4,000 in the early going, then doubled back up after pushing with As-Ah-Qh-8c on a board of 2c-Jd-4s-Kc and getting called by Hübertz who held Ac-Ts-8c-7d. That flush draw didn't come for Hübertz -- the river was the 2h -- and Rahme is back to 8,140.

4:41pm--A-A-x-x no good for aakkari

Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari was sitting on a stack of 7,750 when just a moment ago he got involved a big pot with Speck ftw. With the board showing 2d-7h-2h-3d, Akkari and his opponent got it all in with Akkari just covering Speck ftw by 320.

Akkari showed As-Ah-6h-5d, and was behind Speck's trip deuces with Ac-Ks-Jc-2s. The river was the 3s, and Speck ftw is now up to nearly 15,000.

Meanwhile, Akkari has managed to hang in there, winning a few pots to get back to 1,680.

4:37pm--Chop chop for ElkY

ElkY just got into a preflop raising war with ArcticSpider that saw the two get their entire stacks in the middle preflop - ElkY with Ah-Ad-9d-8s and ArcticSpider with Ac-As-Ts-5d.

The Qd-4s-2h flop gave both the possibility of going runner-runner for the flush, though it was ArcticSpider who picked up the draw with the Qs on the turn. But the 8d river meant a chopped pot and the two divided up the blinds as profit amongst themselves.

4:35pm--The Omaholic drinking it up early

We've seen The Omaholic in several WCOOP events this year. No surprise to see him again at this one, nor is it a surprise to see him win a big pot early on to jump ahead of the pack.

BlackSpur raised to 120, bernard-bb called, then The Omaholic raised to 440. The tabled folded back to BlackSpur who called, as did bernard-bb.

The flop came 6c-Jc-8d. BlackSpur led out for 400, bernard-bb folded, then The Omaholic popped it to 1,880. BlackSpur reshoved pot to 7,020 total, and The Omaholic called that and added his last 20 chips on top. BlackSpur called.

BlackSpur showed Ac-Ah-Ks-Th for the overpair, while The Omahaholic turned over 9h-8h-8s-5s for the flopped set of eights. The turn was the Qd and the river the 6d, giving The Omaholic the boat and an early 15,460-chip pot. Meanwhile BlackSpur, down to just 400 chips, was out within a couple of hands.

4:32pm--FossilMan jumps out of the gate

Greg Raymer has only played one hand so far, but he's already up to 11,660.

Raymer opened for 100 on the button and OneArmReg raised to 200 in the big blind. The former WSOP champ called, bringing a flop of Kh-6d-2h. OneArmReg checked and then called a pot bet of 340 from Raymer.

When the turn came the 7c, OneArmReg led out for 160 and Raymer raised the pot to 1,200. OneArmReg called and the river was the 6h. He checked and Raymer bet 2,400. After dipping into his time bank, OneArmReg found the call -- and then mucked his cards when Raymer turned up Jc-Jd-2d-2s for the full house.

4:30pm--Shuffle up and deal!

We're underway as the first hands are being dealt for Event No. 30, the $1,050 pot-limit Omaha event. We have about 680 entrants at the moment, with registration remaining open for the first level. That means we'll have a prize pool that exceeds the $500,000 guarantee by a decent margin.

Players start with 7,500 chips, with blinds of 20/40 here in Level 1.

WCOOP Event #30 to begin soon

WCOOP Event #30, $1,050 Pot-Limit Omaha, begins at 4:30pm ET. Join us here for all the action when it begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP