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7:04am - drood out in 2nd, aasezz takes it down

To win a heads-up match you have to be able to hit your opponent in quick succession, rapid-fire, without giving them a chance to catch up.

After battling it out for nearly an hour, aasezz finally caught the cards to do so and started the take down of drood a few hundred thousand chips at a time.

His biggest hit came with Ac-Ks, taking almost one million from drood who held 9d-6h and had called aasezz all the way down a 7h-8c-7s-Kc-As board. He'd then hit again on the next hand when he flopped trip 6s, taking 840,000 from the pot.

Again and again he'd strike, until finally he had worn drood down to just 175,385. aasezz, with over 4 million in his stack, had the upper hand by far, and put his opponent to the test raising him all-in pre-flop. Here's how the final hand played out:

For finishing in 2nd place drood won $80,040. For his 1st place finish aasezz wins $107,300 and the WCOOP gold.

7:00am - drood on the ropes

As the run rises, drood is stretching to make the blinds for the few hands after aasezz has taken multiple big pots from him. He's down to just under 300,000 and will have to make his all-in move soon,

6:41am - Are we forgetting something?

Our final two have been battling it out for nearly 30 minutes now, and the standard heads-up match routine has taken place - one of them has had a lead over the other (aasezz); they've both been fairly even in the chip stacks; and then the lead has switched over to the other side of the table (drood).

But still yet, we've heard nothing of that "d" word that was tossed around so often before - "deal". The difference in prize money between 1st and 2nd place is about $27,000; maybe that's enough of a difference that suddenly deal-making is no longer an occupation these two are interested in.

6:22am - No break needed, play through!

aasezz and drood have opted to skip the scheduled break and keep playing, hoping to wrap things up and settle the champ sometime soon.

Blinds are now 50K/100K

6:20am - aasezz jumps ahead

Maybe this is why he's not mentioned a deal.

While we've seen how the chip counts have swung around wildly, so far they're swinging in aasezz's favor as he's jumped to over a 3 million count.

6:16am - And then there were two

The heads-up battle begins between aasezz and drood. Chip counts for the two:

1. drood 2,670,385
2. aasezz 1,679,615

Despite having mentioned it several times when action was three-handed and being told not until heads-up, there's been no mention of a deal from aasezz since the exit of LadyMaverick...

6:14am--LadyMaverick loses edge, leaves in third place

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso had a very large chip advantage at the start of three-handed play. Yet, she was the first of the three players eliminated.

Slowly but surely the origninal shortstack, aasezz, worked his way over the one-million mark. Then drood fell into the danger zone before pulling himself back over the one-million mark. Rousso fell into danger and wasn't able to claw back.

Her attempt was severely damaged when she had pocket threes against droods Kc-Qh. The board came 2d-6h-6c-7s-Kh. drood hung around till the end with king-high to win the 480K pot and leave LadyMaverick with 263,679.

Several hands later, she was out. Rousso was eliminated when her final 71,037 went into the middle pre-flop with 2d-5h in her hands. drood had the Ac-8c and the board ran 9s-Td-2c-8s-4d. droods pair of eights knocked out Rousso in third place, her fifth WCOOP cash and best result this year. Still, however, no victory.

6:12am--LadyMaverick eliminated in third

After losing a huge hand when drood hit a king on the river, Team PokerStars Pro Venessa "LadyMaverick" is now out in third place. She will take $59,450.00 with her.

6:08am--Deal, deal deal?

aasezz asked about a deal several times. LadyMaverick respectfully denied each request. She is only willing to talk a deal if involved in heads-up play. drood also felt the same way. He said he too would do a deal in heads-up.

Now, let's see if they can get that far. LadyMaverick now has the fewest chips with just under 700K.

5:56am--All even

After aasezz just took this hand from LadyMaverick, all three players had almost identical chip stacks.

5:52am - It's a girl thing

LadyMaverick is back over the 2 million mark, thanks to a 720,000 pot that came as a result of a flopped set of Queens.

Watch how it played out:

5:51am--Back in order

Whew! It's hard to keep track of the fluctuations at this final table. But as three-way play drags on, LadyMaverick remains in the lead. drood, however, has fought back to regain second place, just barely ahead of aasezz at just over one million chips.

5:40am--Nobody will leave

aasezz was in grave danger a little while ago. Just a few hands back, drood was in jeopardy of running out of chips. But nobody is willing to leave just yet.

drood has just made a drive back over the million mark, using a hand with Kd-Jh to beat LadyMaverick's Kc-4c when a king came on the flop.

5:35am - A new champion

While we continue to play on, a champion has been decided and a bracelet awarded in the $10,300 HORSE event. DocHolatchya is the winner of Event #32 and you can naturally read all the details of how he did it right here on the Poker Stars blog.

5:33am--aasezz on fire

aasezz has consistently been winning big hands here since coming back from the break. In the last five minutes alone, aasezz had grabbed thre big pots, mostly from drood. drood is now the shortstack with 343,00. aasezz has 1.7 million and LadyMaverick 2.3 million.

5:26am--Deal? Not yet

Now that aasezz just made a nice little run to pull even on chips with drood, he inquired about a possible deal. LadyMaverick isn't quite ready for that yet.

With such a huge chip lead, Rousso might want to wait until heads-up play to strike a deal.

5:24am - Quick break, back in action

The players had a brief respite before returning to the table for some more poker. LadyMaverick had a commanding lead with 2,623,679, drood had 1,484,674 and aasezz had 241,647.

5:15am--LadyMaverick and drood flooded with cashes

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso racked up her fifth WCOOP cash in this event. But she's not the only one of the three remaining players at the final table to have some cashes.

drood finished in the money of Events #12 and 15. Event #12 was mixed hold'em and #15 was heads-up hold'em. drood finished 78th and 156th in those tournaments, respectively, pocketing just under $2,000.

That number is going to rise. Drood is already guaranteed at least $59,450.00 in this tournament.

5:10am - brendol out on bad beat

With his stack down to little more than a big blind, brendol was taking his chances when he decided to fold his hand in the cutoff and wait for the forced all-in that the next hand would bring him.

When he found that it would pit him up against LadyMaverick, him with Ks-Jc and her with Kc-6d, the decision didn't seem to be a bad one at all. Especially so with the King on the flop putting him in the lead.

The second King on the turn that gave him trips would improve his hand even more. Their tablemate drood typed "nh" in anticipation of the chips sliding brendol's way.

But then, of course, came the river. The 6h hit, giving LadyMaverick a full house, awarding her the 60,168 pot and sending brendol home in 4th place, $40,600 richer.

Ever understanding the mystic ways of poker, drood accepts his part in the loss:
drood: the pre nh
drood: always gets it

5:00am--LadyMaverick leading, brendol the shortstack

Current chip counts:

1. LadyMaverick 2,118,623

2. drood 1,229,674

3. aasezz 771,675

4. brendol 110,028

4:53am--Rousso's a two-timer

In case you were wondering, this is not the first time a female player has made a WCOOP final table. In fact, it's not the first time Team PokerStars Pro Venessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso has made a WCOOP final table.

Rousso made the final table of last year's Main Event. She finished second there. This time, Rousso surely would like the jewelry, especially since she's not going to match the $700K that came along with that effort.

4:38am - juuuiice next out from final table

With 143,151 in his stack, juuuiice was the shortest at the table, raising the big blind aasezz pre-flop with Ac-Js. aasezz called with Qh-5h, and both paired up on the 5s-Jd-3s flop.

Everything changed on the turn, when aasezz caught another 5, pulling ahead of juuuiice with trips. He continued to let juuuiice bet the hand, only raising when the Ts hit the river, when juuuiice got all of his stack in and saw his fate.

For his hard fought finish today, juuuiice takes home $29,000.

4:28am--brendol wins huge hand; Zak0707 first out from final table

Just moments earlier, brendol had expressed frustration about losing a hand to LadyMaverick with pocket queens. But he would make it all back. And more.

In the process, Zak0707 was eliminated in sixth place.

After betting was capped pre-flop at 48,000 with four players in the hand, the flop came 8h-Td-9h. that was perfect for brendol, who flopped a straight with Jd-Qs.

brendol bet 16K and LadyMaverick and drood called. the As came on the turn this time drood bet 32K. LadyMaverick called before brendol raised to 64K. drood and LadyMaverick again called.

The 7s came on the river and drood bet, LadyMaverick folded and brendol raised again to 64K. drood called and mucked.

Zak0707 also mucked and was out of the tournament. With him he took $17,400.00.

4:09am--Tournament update at the twelfth break

Level 25
Stakes 16,000/32,000
Average chip count: 725,000
Players remaining: 10
First prize: $107,300

1. drood 1,513,674
2. LadyMaverick 994,623
3. aasezz 684,524
4. brendol 669,560
5. juuuiice 335,151
6. Zak0707 152,468

Team PokerStars pros remaining:

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 994623 (2nd)


4:02am--pokie75 misses final table, finishes seventh

pokie75 was on the verge of extinction so many time. Twice, pokie75 used magical river cards to stay alive. Once he hit an eight and the other time it was an open-ended straight that was completed. Finally, though, pokie75 was eliminated, missing the final table, instead settling for seventh place and $11,890.

Pokie75's final hand came against LadyMaverick. Pokie75 raised to 24K from the small blind with Kh-Qd. LadyMaverick called with 3c-4s and, wouldn't you know it, the flop came Tc-3s-4h. LadyMaverick had hit two pair. Even the Ks on the turn wasn't enough for pokie75. The Js was his last card of the tournament.

pokie75 played for over 13 hours and came in seventh.

3:49am - Rousso eliminates L JAY and otterkopf

The Lady is not just on fire, she's torching the place.

Vanessa Rousso has eliminated back-to-back players, taking out L JAY in 9th and then soon after otterkopf in 8th.

Both L JAY and otterkopf tangled with Lady Maverick in the hand that took out L JAY, with L JAY getting all of his chips pre-flop. Rousso led the betting all the way down, with otterkopf calling her until the turn where he then folded on the 7h-8d-4d-3h board.

Rousso, who held the Ah-Kh had turned the flush and eliminated L JAY. The damage to otterkopf was done however, and his time would soon come.

They both would cap betting pre-flop; Rousso holding Ac-5s and otterkopf Ks-8c. Then on the Jh-Ts-3h flop Rousso would lead out, otterkopf having no choice but to get all his stack in with a call. The board would be no help to either one, and Rousso would win the hand and eliminate with her Ace.

3:45am--Hand-for-hand play in progress

With two eliminations coming in a matter of minutes, the final table is close to being decided. One more player will hit the rail and then the final table will be decided. Hand-for-hand play is now in progress.

pokie75 was on the verge of elimination twice but pulled magical river cards. So hand-for-hand play continues.

3:42am--LadyMaverick on fire

Vanessa Rousso was so hot that she even managed to win this hand:

This hand allowed LadyMaverick to reach 600K and take the chip lead at her table.

3:35am--Rousso on a run

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso just hit a hot streak in the nick of time. She was getting short with right around 200K in chips until she won four out of five hands.

The first came when her Jc-8c beat pokie75's Ac-Qd. She then followed that with wins with AK, AA and KTs. The cards got hot just at the right time. Rousso is now near 550K.

3:32am--Jumping money

Right now there are nine players left. The next three players out get $11,890.00. But if you can make it to the final table, sixth place earns $17,400.00. That's quite a significant difference, and most likely the reason nobody is pushing so quickly right now.

3:29am--brendol's the man

brendol continues to control the tables and now has a chip stack of 1.1 million. Meanwhile Zak0707, sitting at the same table has pretty much one million less chips. It's going to be tough for Zak0707 facing that significant a deficit.

3:23am - LadyMaverick keeping company

Looks like no matter the hour or how many hours she's been at the tables, Vanessa Rousso is always chatting away with her tablemates, either to get a feel for their dispositions or simply to keep herself going. It's a tactic she uses both when playing online and when live, as you'll see in the following video:

Watch Table Talk on PokerStars.tv

3:12am--thedonator done in 10th place

thedonator had been short on chips for quite some time. He finally relented to the pressure and exited in tenth place. He earned $7,540.00 for the effort.

Holding Ks-Jh thedonator got his chips into the middle. Sitting to his left, however, in the cutoff was brendol with pocket sixes. The board ran 5s-9h-2c-Qc-5c and the donator was out.

3:07pm - WCOOP Event #32 Final Table

While we're still waiting to see who'll be able to say they made the final table of tonight's Limit Hold'em event, over in the $10,300 HORSE WCOOP Event that's all been decided and action is well underway.

While you're giving your refresh button a work out on this page, click on over to the Event #32 live blog and catch up with all the details there.

Just promise us you'll come back. We miss you when you're gone.

2:59am--Tournament update at the eleventh break

Level 23
Stakes 10,000/20,000
Average chip count: 435,000
Players remaining: 10
First prize: $107,300

1. Juuuiice 734,001
2. Drood 612,675
3. Brendol 507,196
4. Zak0707 504,117
5. Pokie75 493,099
6. L JAY 424,296
7. Aasezz 366,130
8. Otterkopf 280,020
9. LadyMaverick 265,602
10. Thedonator 162,864

Team PokerStars pros remaining:

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 265,602 (9th)

2:46am--TSAI168 out in 11th place

It seemed like a similar story as most of the other before him. TSAI168 was down to under 50K and was pressed into making a desperation move. But TSAI168 actually had As-3s from under the gun when he was eliminated in 11th place and took home $7,540.00.

TSAI168 had a pair of three after the board came 8c-7h-3c. But juuuiice had a flush draw holding Qc-Tc. He hit it on the river. The turn was the Jh but the river was the 7c. TSAI168 had lost to a flush and his tournament was over.

2:42am - UH Big Tex eliminated in 12th place

Oh how quickly fortunes turn.

After knocking out partyboii with flopped quads, UH Big Tex is out just two places later.

First he fell victim to pokie75's pocket Queens, losing half his stack when he tried to bluff pokie75 with 8s-9s on a 4c-4s-Qs-5h-Kd board. Check that board again. There was no bluffing pokie75.

Down but not out, he'd then run in to aasezz on the very next hand who held Td-9d and flopped a pair of 9s. He'd then river a third 9 to take over 1/2 of UH Big Tex's stack again.

In just two hands, UH Big Tex was hurting, and hurting bad. He was now down to 41,752 and had no choice but to get it all-in.

On his next hand he capped betting pre-flop, and pushed on the flop with pokie75 calling. UH Big Tex held Ks-Jd and turned a King, but pokie75 held Ad-4h and had flopped an Ace. The rivered flush was just the nail in the coffin.

UH Big Tex takes home $7,540 for his finish today.

2:38am--No more Money800

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker registered his sixth WCOOP cash this year. Yet he still couldn't get his first victory. This time Moneymaker had to settle for 13th place and $5,220.00.

His final hand came when he was severely shortstacked at just 43,301 chips. Moneymaker ran into juuuiice's pocket tens and was out. He mucked with the board showing 2d-4s-7h-Jd-8s. Moneymaker had lasted 12 hours, but it wasn't long enough for a victory.

2:33am - Tonight's party over

The two had been playing back at each other for hours, and UH Big Tex promised partyboii that his time was coming soon. Doubtful though that even he had any idea the circumstances under which it would be:

For finishing today's event in 14th place partyboii received $5,220, which should allow him to throw one heck of a party.

2:22am--Displeased with 15th-place finish

Displeased's chip stack has slowly been whittled down to next to nothing. With just 41,072 chips, Displeased raised from the small blind but was met with resistance from Chris "Money800" Moneymaker in the big blind and otterkopf. When the flop came Th-Qc-9s, Displeased bet 6,000, Money800 raised to 12K, otterkopf folded and Displeased pushed all-in for his remaining 17,072. Money800 called with Kd-Qh. Displeased had Kh-7h and was in trouble. It ended with the 3s and As,

Displeased was eliminated in 15th place. With it came a $5,220.00 prize.

2:18pm - Just in case one wasn't enough

Things are moving along steadily, chips flowing back and forth, stacks growing and falling, growing and falling... it can all lull players into a bit of hypnosis, especially at this late hour.

In fact, we're not even sure anyone noticed thedonator's hand over at table 15.

Oh sure, nothing big went on pre-flop to alert anybody to a monster. TSAI168 raised from the cutoff, the small blind folded and thedonator called from the big blind.

The flop certainly hinted at flush draw possibilities, with the Th-3h-Qh laying out there. After first checking, thedonator called when TSAI168 bet. The turn made the flush known with the Kh, and again thedonator check-called.

On the river came another King, and here thedonator decided to mix it up, check-raising TSAI168, hoping held the Ah and they'd cap it. But no, TSAI168 was content to just call thedonator, curious to see what he'd been so passively playing but loved so much on that river.

What thedonator revealed was Jh-9h for a turned straight flush. Not a common sight, but not a comment from the table at all... hope everyone's still awake out there!

2:06am--GB2005 exits in 16th

In limit hold'em tournaments, when you have a short stack, you need to push with just about anything from the big blind. For GB2005, that meant Tc-6c. TSAI169 was in the pot from the small blind with pocket nines and GB2005 was out in 16th place. He collected $5,220.00 for the finish.

1:51pm - sunpharm out in 17th place

With pocket Aces sunpharm had no hesitation capping action pre-flop or getting in his last few chips on the the 6d-Td-4c flop against brendol. Unfortunately for him though brendol's pocket 9s also made a very nice straight when they caught an 8 on the turn and a 7 on the river.

Despite his connection issues that led him to struggle, sunpharm was able to come back and still finish nicely in today's event, taking home $5,220 for his finish.

1:54am--Tournament update at the tenth break

Level 21
Stakes 6,000/12,000
Average chip count: 271,875
Players remaining: 16
First prize: $107,300

1. otterkopf 533,020
2. Zak0707 513,117
3. Money800 490,229
4. LadyMaverick 447,982
5. brendol 394,196
6. drood 331,675
7. Displeased 299,413
8. UH Big Tex 296,992
9. L JAY 182,296
10. TASI168 181,615

Team PokerStars pros remaining

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 490,229 (3rd)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 447,982 (4th)

1:52am--Chips are flying

As the blinds increase and become more significant (they are currently at 5K/10K), the action becomes swifter. The chip stacks fluctuate back and forth.

Take Displeased for example. After eliminating CKOTUHA, he was over 300K. A few hands later, Displeased was under 200K.

The chips are certainly moving. The knockouts will eventually follow.

1:45am--CKOTUHA out in 18th place

CKOTUHA had just 25,269 chips remaining when he ran into Displeased. CKOTUHA was the only one left displeased after the hand.

All the money was in after the flop, when Displeased had already hit a set of eights. CKOTUHA had king-high, and it didn't get much better. Displaced hit a full house on the river and was eliminated in 18th place. He took home $5,220.00 for the solid performance.

1:37am - WCOOP champ Andy McLEOD exits in 19th

In order to get down to three table, they needed to get rid of one more player. Andy McLEOD was that guy. Andy McLEOD went out in 19th place on this big hand that was a big lift for Displeased.

Andy McLEOD was severely damaged by a pot of 102K that he lost earlier to LadyMaverick and her pocket queens. With jack-high on the board, Andy McLEOD was forced to muck.

1:32am -- Big hand for brendol

We haven't seen a lot of big pots thus far in the tournament, but just had one go down at table 15. Take a look at how it played out:

1:24am - Not enough fuel

octane190 ran out of gas in 21st place, having gotten all of his chips in pre-flop against pokie75 with Kc-9h. octane190 played the board, pairing fives, but pokie75 played it better with As-7d, rivering a diamond flush for an 18,720 pot.

1:22am--LadyMaverick making move

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso is positioning herself for a run at the final table. Rousso just won two big hands -- one against Andy McLEOD and the other against Displeased to get up near 350K. Rousso is currently in third place.

1:10am - SixZeros sails out

With only 20,000 remaining after posing the small blind, the pocket 6s he'd been dealt looked to be the hand that SixZeros would be taking a stand with. With two raises to him before the action came back around pre-flop, it became an inevitable conclusion.

He checked the Qh-5s-Qc flop, then raised the bet from UH Big Tex, pushing in his last 228 when UH Big Tex bet him back. Dismayed to see the Kings he was up against, he was devastated to see a third one hit the turn.

SixZeros finishes in 22nd place, collecting $4,060.

1:08am--tibster exits on river

tibster was very short on chips but still looked likely to double with pocket tens against Andy McLEOD's 8c-9d. The flop came Jc-8h-3h and the 2s on the turn let tibster in good shape to double to 26,272.

But then came the river. That dreaded river. That lethal river. The 9s gave Andy McLEOD two pair and the winning hand. tibster finished 24th and pocket $4,060.00.

12:58am--Displeased takes 66K pot from Andy McLEOD

Displeased is now comfortably in second place after taking a 66K pot from WCOOP champ Andy McLEOD. Displeased had pocket eights and hit a set on the flop. Before it was all done, Displeased had 426,617 chips in front of him.

12:56am - LOLtimeaments

At least at table 15, they've been able to keep their sense of humor and spirits up.

In a recent hand, sunpharm's connection dropped yet again, this time with a growing pot and action on him. Tables had also just broken and reseating was taking place, as we'd reached the 4 table mark.

Disappointed to find they weren't moving, and anxiously awaiting to see if their bets would be called, they welcomed the newest member to the table, TSAI168...

GB2005: the suspense stu
thedonator: lol
GB2005: ugh was praying we broke
GB2005: tsai- ur gonna hate this table
GB2005: sun likes to take frequent 4 min breaks
thedonator: think it pauses the whole tournament

12:44am--Tournament update at the ninth break

Level 19
Stakes 4,000/8,000
Average chip count: 174,000
Players remaining: 25
First prize: $107,300

1. Zak0707 404,367
2. L JAY 324,546
3. CKOTUHA 312,269
4. Andy McLEOD 289,729
5. LadyMaverick 280,799
6. Displeased 267,085
7. Money800 235,479
8. partyboii 229,900
9. brendol 201,000
10. UH Big Tex 197,764

Team PokerStars pros remaining:
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 280,799 (6th)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 235,479 (7th)

12:39am--Stuck at 25

It's been close to 30 minutes now that there have been 25 players remaining. One more and they are down to four tables.

But it's not so easy. Limit hold'em is a bit more subdued than no-limit.

12:37am - Action slows to a crawl

We all know the frustration of having your internet connection go on the fritz when you're in the middle of a juicy cash game or nearing the final table of a big poker tournament. But nearing the final table of a WCOOP event?

That's a torture that not only affects the player, but his tablemates who must wait for him to reconnect each time his connection goes out. Over at table 15, it's a torture they've become very familiar with.

We're unsure what circumstances surround the connection sunpharm is playing on, but unfortunately on average every few hands his connection drops. When this happens play at his table is halted and 240 seconds is added to allow him time to reconnect. The tournament clock is also stopped, meaning that these players will still get in the same number of hands as they normally would have without the blinds increasing on them. But it also means that much longer to the break, and that much longer the short stacks can possibly survive. We haven't seen the blinds increase in... well, forever!

Naturally, sunpharm is very apologetic about it all, but that's likely little consolation to his tablemates who are thinking ahead to their own planned appearances at the final table. As thedonator put it, "we might finish at noon"

We're hoping for just a little earlier than that.


ih8pp obviously wasn't impressed with the play of Team PokerStars Pros Venessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso and Chris "Money800" Moneymaker.

"U guys don't play much limit do you?" wrote ih8pp, who is seated at their table.

"None. I'm lucky," answered Rousso sarcastically.

"Me too," chimed in Moneymaker.

ih8pp is the short stack at that table with around 120K. Rousso and Moneymaker are the leaders at the table with close to 230K.

12:18am -- basebal1b, PieOhMy among recent eliminations

basebal1b was sent to the rail by TSAI168. basebal1b had Ac-8s and TSAI168 had Ad-6d. An eight and six game out on the flop, but basebal1 was still far ahead. Except there was a diamond flush draw. TSAI168 hit the Kd on the river to collevect the 68,726 pot and eliminate basebal1b.

PieOhMy, who already made a WCOOP final table, left in 32nd place. basbal1b finished 28th.

12:09am--Almost at $4K

With 26 players remaining on five tables, each play will be guaranteed over $4,000 after two more eliminations. The money jumps from 43,422.00 to $4,060.00 staring with the 24th-place finisher. At 18, it gets into the $5K range before eventually ending at over $100K for the winner. Is that enough incentive to stay alive?

12:06am - Blind battle turns ugly

With Team Angle posting the small blind of 1500 and UH Big Tex posting 3000 for the big, SixZeros swooped in with a raise, hoping to elicit a fold from both and take the pot right there.

Instead what he got was a raising war between the two, with betting capped pre-flop and Team Angle going all-in for the last 2,885 once the Ah-Th-Ac hit the flop. UH Big Tex then raised to isolate and SixZeros bowed out.

Team Angle was betting with two pair, Js-Td, but UH Big Tex had three of a kind, with As-Jh in the hole. Team Angle was eliminated from today's event in 27th place.

11:58pm--Andy McLEOD finally gets to pokie75

Somebody finally got to pokie75. Andy McLEOD was the man who did the damage.

Andy McLEOD called pokie75's pre-flop raise to 5,000 with As-3s. The flop came Ks-Td-3h and Andy McLEOD checked, pokie75 bet 2,500 and was called. The turn came the Js and the same action occurred.

When the river produced the 2s, Andy McLEOD still checked, pokie75 bet 5,000 and was re-raised to 10,000. poker75 called and mucked. Andy McLEOD had the nut flush and won the pot of 46,250 chips to move over the 200K mark.

The WCOOP champion is now in seventh place.

11:50pm--pokie75 laying low

pokie75 is still second on the leaderboard, just being Displeased. But there has not been much upward movement for poker75 lately. He has won just two of the last 22 hands at theTable 82.

The positive is that pokie75 has not really lost much either. Slow and steady there pokie75. Good philosophy.

11:49pm -- Maybe not never, but for sure not the one that counts

After enjoying a rush that looked that it could go on forever, then seeing the cards turn cold at his new table, Dustin "neverwin" Woolf has been eliminated in 33rd place. Take a look at the hand that sent him to the rail:

11:35pm--baberuth1212 won't die

For quite a while, baberuth1212 had been the short stack at Table 45 with Venessa Rousso and Chris Moneymaker. As recently as 15 minute ago, baberuth1212 was down to 7,721 chips. With a quick rush, baberuth1212 just jumped back over 100K. Talk about not wanting to die.

11:34pm -- neverwin doubles up

Those Aces that were ordered up for newhizzle showed up again for neverwin, doubling him up to 18,814 courtesy of tibster.

With that under his belt he then took all of his new stack and risked it with As-Qs on an Ks-5d-Ah-8d board. drood called with Ac-Tc and couldn't beat him.

While he's still sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard, this recent action gives him a little more breathing room.

11:26pm--Tournament update at the eight break

Level 17
Stakes 2,500/5,000
Average chip count: 111,538
Players remaining: 39
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. pokie75 278,110
2. juuuiice 234,823
3. Displeased 214,457
4. Zak0707 194,683
5. CKOTUHA 194,238
6. L JAY 194,134
7. LetsJustRun 176,531
8. fumbo420 172,805
9. LadyMaverick 165,674
10. Money800 160,979

Team PokerStars pros remaining:

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 165,674 (9th)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 160,979 (10th)

11:22pm--LadyMaverick's lucky sevens

Vanessa Rousso just took a nice 35K pot vs. Chris Moneymaker when Rousso hit her set of sevens on the river. Several hands later, Rousso won 42K with Ac-Kc. The board ran 4c-Kd-Ah-6c-8c for the nut flush. baberuth1212 was the victim on that hand, which he mucked.

baberuth1212 has just 46K left while Rousso has 142,674. She is in 13th place with 39 players left.

11:19pm - Maybe that name is table-specific

The departure of newhizzle also broke up neverwin's table, and since being reseated he's seen a dramatic change to his chip stack. He's now on life support, down to just over 14,000. Take a look at one of the hands that crippled him:

11:12pm--FossilMan comes to chat

There was a guest [Commentator] at Table 45 paying a visit to Venessa Rousso, Chris Moneymaker and the rest of the crew. FossilMan said he's getting ready to do a radio spot for PokerStars, but won't be talking limit hold'em. Instead, he'll be talking Event #32 and HORSE.

Maybe that is because FossilMan wants to forget that he was in this tournament.

He finished 534th out of 580.

10:56pm - newhizzle sent to the rail

Despite the best intentions of his friends and fans, newhizzle was unable to mount a comeback to see his way to the final table in today's event.

Down to 10,000 in chips, observer soccertease began the rally for him:

soccertease [observer]: hizzle - you're going to go on a sick run
soccertease [observer]: are you ready
soccertease [observer]: /?
newhizzle: im ready
iamhiv [observer]: here come aces
newhizzle: lol

There were Aces all right, but they ended up in neverwin's hand, winning him a 29,000 pot from basebal1b - not much help to newhizzle.

Immediately after that newhizzle picked up Qh-Tc and picked up the straight, catching the 8c on the river for a 13,576 pot from basebal1b that would buy him a little more time.

But he'd have to get it all-in again eventually, this time on a 3c-2d-8c flop with Ad-Jd facing a flush draw from juuuiice holding Kc-Jc. Juuuiice caught the flush on the river, knocking out newhizzle in 43rd place and taking down a 34,752 pot.

10:55pm--Holy SuperNova Elite

It's no surprise that many of the players left in this expensive event are PokerStars' busiest players. Right now, there are five SuperNova Elite players remaining in the tournament.

neverwin, Quaternion, drood, otterkopf and Scary_Tiger are all SuperNova Elite status. Check out just how valuable it is to become a .

10:40pm -And "never" means "often"

For Dustin "neverwin" Woolf, poker would appear to be a world of opposites. After being told that there were "neverwin haters" lurking, he announced that "in poker hate means love".

Also contrary would be his screen name, as Woolf has been tearing up his table, taking down one monster pot after another to build his stack over 135,000. After a recent win he typed:

neverwin said, "cant mess with today"
neverwin said, "this all mine baby"

10:39pm--Not Displeased

In this case, it's impossible for Displeased's name to be apropros. Not when Displeased just claimed the chip lead with slightly more than 211K.

Displeased's latest win came courtesty of the Kh-Jh. When the flop came out Th-2h-Qh, Displeased was in control against scarface_79, who reraised pre-flop and led out post-flop. When the 2d came on the turn, scarface bet another 3,600, only to get raised to 7,200 by Displeased. scarface_79 called and then check-called and mucked after the Qd river.

10:34pm--TSAI168 beats them all

Forget Chris Moneymaker, Venessa Rousso or any of the other players at Table 45. TSAI168 is now the chipleader at the table after winning this hand:

10:29pm--Everybody has a nh

Talk about cordial poker playing. The chat a most tables has almost exclusively been limited to nh, nh, nh. (That stands for nice hand in case you weren't aware.)

SuperNova Elite player Quaternion just explained it best: "I like you all," he wrote to his tablemates.

There have also been a very small number of railbirds. Maybe because it's a Saturday? Maybe it's because of the very large buy-in? Or maybe they're just waiting until they are completely inebriated and there are only a few tables left.

10:19pm--Tournament update at the seventh break

Level 15
Stakes 1,800/3,600
Average chip count: 88,775
Players remaining: 49
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. CKOTUHA 204,738
2. juuuiice 152,025
3. SixZeros 151,111
4. Displeased 150,557
5. Quaternion 150,103
6. Zak0707 140,983
7. Andy McLEOD 139,958
8. otterkopf 135,180
9. LadyMaverick 134,874
10. partyboii 134,380

Team PokerStars pros remaining:
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 134,874 (9th)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 59,279 (37th)

10:15pm--Final 50 into the $2K range

There are currently 50 of the original 580 remaining in this event. Those that are knocked out right now get $2,030.00. Already, everyone is a winner.

9:54pm - micon eliminated

After seeing having him double-up through him twice, it was somewhat expected that slammedfire was going to want to get those chips back from micon.

While they slowed down a bit with the pre-flop betting - no capping this time - when micon raised his small blind slammedfire chose to defend with a raise back which micon of course called.

The capping was saved for the Kc-6d-2s flop. The all-in, this time slammedfire's, came on the turn with the 9h, where slammedfire bet his last 59 chips. After the 2d hit the river both players showed their hands.
Pocket sevens gave slammedfire the winner and the 21,118 pot; cripping micon who held Ah-8s and was now left with just 869 in his stack.

He was able to take 2,538 from Akron_John a few hands later with Kh-9c when his all-in rivered a straight, but that only lasted him one hand, as Akron-John got those chips back on the very next one.
Akron_John raised pre-flop, and a call from micon in the small blind meant putting his entire stack up with As-Kd. It had worked so well before...

He couldn't overcome Akron_John's pocket 6s this time. A pair of 5s on the flop and a 6 on the turn gave him a full house and sent micon home in 61st place.

9:53pm--Getting Lady Maverick's full attention

Vanessa Rousso just busted out of the WCOOP #32 Horse event in 48th place. That means now her full attention can be on this Limit Hold'Em tournament. Rousso, however, was doing fine playing both events before. She's currently sitting in ninth place.

9:48pm--thedonator's always around

If you have been checking in on the WCOOP tables around this time every day, there is a good chance you've see a lot of thedonator. Why is that? Because thedonator is more like the dominator. thedonator is in solid shape in this event with 77K right now. This is his tenth WCOOP cash this year. That's right tenth!

Thedonator came into the day tied for the WCOOP lead with PearlJammer and TheTownhouse at nine WCOOP cashes.

9:39pm - micon makes it

With his stack reduced to just 7,232 micon was no doubt thrilled to find Ah-Kd UTG, and started raising. He and slammedfire capped the action pre-flop and micon got all of his stack in on flop, where Micon saw he was up against slammedfire's lesser Ace - As-Td.

Micon dodged slammedfire's outs to doubleup and took his stack to 16,564 with that hand, but with blinds at 1,400/2,800 this level a stack like that doesn't allow for much comfort.

After losing a bit to goldfishman's pocket 9s, micon was back at it again, getting his chips all-in once again with slammedfire when the two cap betting pre-flop. This time micon's Kh-8d bested slammedfire's Js-3s when neither improved on the board and micon won with high card King.

He's currently hanging on with just under 10,000 in his stack, looking again for another spot to double-up.

9:37pm--Russo into top ten with aces

Venessa "Lady Maverick" Rousso just moved into the top ten by winning a pot of 36,400 chips with pocket aces. The Team PokerStars Pro took some chips from GambleAB, JMGree and fellow Team PokerStars Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker.

Rousso now has 112K.

9:23pm--Good 'ol Andy

Look at the leaderboard and all of a sudden a very familiar name is sitting near the top. Andy McLeod, winner of PLO Event #16, just knocked out grpoker2 to win a 23K three-way pot. Andy McLeod now has 120K.

It's safe to say that Andy McLeod knows how to play. And play well.

9:08pm--Tournament update at the sixth break

Level 13
Stakes 1,400/2,800
Average chip count: 52,409
Players remaining: 83
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. SixZeros 149,819
2. Forza Parma 121,385
3. BigBobK74 109,556
4. aasezz 109,505
5. skilledyou 108,904
6. Quaternion 108,728
7. Andy McLEOD 107,790
8. newhizzle 106,968
9. octane190 106,950
10. Displeased 102,023

Team PokerStars pros remaining:

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 56,932 (35th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 55,574 (36th)

8:59pm - Hangin' Tough

As we play hand for hand on the bubble, Vanessa Rousso and Snout19 discussed more important issues:
Snout19: I just realized the New Kids on The Block are playing near me right now and Im missing it!!!

LadyMaverick: lol
LadyMaverick: i used to love them!!!
Snout19: Im gonna go see if I can still get a ticket

8.55pm -- Boeken busted

Noah Boeken is eliminated just a few places from the money...

8.50pm -- The money approaches

A big haul for THE_D_RY, big enough to see him into the money and a stack in excess of 30,000...

8:50pm - 90 players remain

That means we are only six players away from the $1,566 bubble.

8:40pm -- A Team PokerStars Pro collision

Team PokerStars Pros Chris Moneymaker and Vanessa Rousso now sit alongside each other on table 45, each with a little more than 60,000.

8:33pm - Down to 100

With 100 players left we are 16 from the money. Recent bustouts include emptyseat88 in 169th and The Grinder in 153rd.

8.25pm -- Another set wins the day for Rousso

Another big hand for Vanessa Rousso...

8:13pm - In deep

This comment can't be good for Snout19, who sits at Vanessa Rousso's table with 23,500 chips:

Snout19: i think I need 1st to break even in the WCOOP

8.10pm -- No stopping Lady Maverick

Another big pot for Vanessa Rousso, this time from the big blind. Rousso was betting all the way with Ah-9s having hit two aces on the flop. ThePolarBear followed her to the showdown and could only type "vnh" as Rousso's set of aces were good for a pot of 16,500.

8:04pm--Tournament update at the fifth break

Level 11
Stakes 1,000/2,000
Average chip count: 32,954
Players remaining: 132
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. slammedfire 121,225
2. tibster 106,515
3. LetsJustRun 100,687
4. Kenny855 90,610
5. Aguskb 78,672
6. ih8pp 77,880
7. mrblonde2020 76,265
8. CKOTUHA 65,654
9. KorotkoV 63,908
10. trainwrecks 63,340

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 42,745 (38th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 33,000 (51st)
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken 19,497 (92nd)

7.58pm -- Rousso on a roll

Lady Maverick herself Vanessa Rousso continues her quest for WCOOP glory, hoping to beat her second place finish in the main event last year. Whilst this year's big one starts tomorrow there is still this event to win, and Rousso did herself no harm in this hand...

7:46pm - The six-figure man

slammedfire has jumped out to a nearly 40K lead on the field with a stack of 131,565.

7:34pm - Moneymaker back in the hunt

After leading earlier today, Chris Moneymaker had fallen back to the pack, but he just won two big pots back-to-back to move into the top 10. Here is the first one:

Money800 followed that up by flopping top two pair with K-Q to jump up to 52K in chips.

7:30pm - WCOOP Main Event Sunday

The WCOOP concludes tomorrow with the $5,200 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event. The guaranteed prize pool is $10 million so get in if you want your piece of that pie.

7:14pm - Down to 200

Team PokerStars Pro Bill Chen left us in 269th place. Other notables out include Sowerss in 274th, PearlJammer in 241th and TenthPlanet in 237th.

7:10pm - Dario goes down

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri went from 59th in the chip count at the break to out in 217th.

The quick fall occurred after a series of hands -- missed draws, second best against big pairs -- led to Minieri pushing the rest of his 1,380 into the pot with 5d-6d. He couldn't beat the Kc-Qd of Forza Parma and was eliminated. Forza Parma is up to 34,257.

6:57pm--Tournament update at the fourth break

Level 9
Stakes 600/1,200
Average chip count: 17,975
Players remaining: 242
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. Kenny855 60,210
2. vinnybstgk 55,901
3. ih8pp 50,810
4. slammedfire 48,700
5. Quaternion 45,760
6. fumbo420 43,848
7. Darwinism 42,380
8. delegtor 41,800
9. baberuth1212 41,473
10. DrArpadElo 41,170

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Noah "Exclusive" Boeken 32,895 (24th)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 24,767 (49th)
Dario Minieri 23,280 (59th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 20,117 (87th)

6.49pm -- RandALLin still in

A big hand for RandALLin with blinds at 400/800. Playing from the small blind he raised to 800 with the action folded to him, only for vovtroy to re-raise to 1,200. RandALLin called.

The flop came 7d-3h-5d.RandALLin checked, allowing vovtroy to bet. Again RandALLin called for a turn card 4c. Another check, another bet from vovtroy, and then a re-raise to 1,600 by RandALLin. The hand had come a long way by now and the pot was a big one. Vovtroy called to see the river card 5c.

This time RandALLin led the betting, making it 800 which vovtroy called for a showdown. 6d-Kh for RandALLin, a seven-high straight, good to beat his opponent who mucked. A pot of 8,000 heading to RandALLin.

6:35pm - The 300 Club

Less than 300 players are left. Recent Team PokerStars departures include Steve "stevejpa" Pau-Ambrose in 382nd, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier in 371st, Barry "barryg1" Greenstein in 362nd, Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan in 347th, Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier in 323th and John Duthie in 302nd.

Team PokerStars Pro

Others out include SCTrojans in 321st and BigRiskky in 299th.

6:31pm -- Rousso strikes again

This time we think she meant to raise, and managed to win a nice three-way pot to move her above 19K. Here is the hand:

6:29pm - So that's how to win a pot?

Just accidentally raise and catch a flop. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso raised preflop with K-6 and outflopped cjf123's 7-7 when the flop came king high. That pot moved her up to 13,265. After the hand she typed

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso

LadyMaverick: lol misclick raise pre...
LadyMaverick: srry!

6:25pm -- Annette_320

Annette_15's tournament has ended....

6:20pm - Things turn sour fast

Not long after that nice pot for Humberto Brenes, he ran into A-A and A-Q in two separate hands in which he called down and mucked on the river. Then came this one:

Brenes finished in 345th today.

6.14pm - THE_D_RY gets his feet wet.

After a few pots without any success Danny Ryan just busted a player, and won a sizeable pot in the process...

6:07 pm - Here come the Costa Ricans!

Well at least one of them, and he's a heck of a poker player.

Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes has a workable stack after winning a big pot. He three-bet from the button pre-flop and got three callers. After a flop of 2c-8d-Tc, Chris Moneymaker led out, badbeatninja folded, alwaysnice raised and Brenes three-bet again. Moneymaker called and always nice folded.

Moneymaker then check-called the turn and river, which came Ah-Ac. Brenes showed two red jacks and Moneymaker folded. The pot boosted Brenes' stack to 10,730.

6:03pm - Less than 400 players remain

Among the departed are Team PokerStars pros Katja Thater in 467th, Ray Rahme in 460th, Marcin "Goral" Horecki in 425th and Chad Brown in 396th.

Others out are Boosted J in 444th and jerrod in 420th.

5.55pm -- Answers please

I don't know the answer, but it seems an impressive trivia question to ask. It's this: "How many times has Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker held the chip lead at some point during a WCOOP event this year?"

The answer has to be 'every day' doesn't it? We'll find out soon enough how long he'll keep it. In the meantime here's a Masterclass by the man himself...

Chris Moneymaker Masterclass on PokerStars.tv

5:50pm--Tournament update at the third break

Level 7
Stakes 300/600
Average chip count: 10,431
Players remaining: 417
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. Team PS Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 32,965
2. moosetund 30,380
3. Punting Pete 29,575
4. vinnybstgk 29,055
5. KorotkoV 28,280
6. Andy McLEOD 27,385
7. delegator 26,385
8. buck21 25,635
9. .dfm.dfm. 25,440
10. fanta23

Other Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 17,340 (49th)

5:42pm - Moneymaker on the move

Chris Moneymaker recently won a nearly 12K pot when he rivered a straight in a multi-way pot and is now nearly up to 30K. Here's the earlier hand:

5.40pm -- Down, now up

Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier was earlier struggling to keep her stack above 3,000. That's all in the past now.

5:34pm -- Just what cards does John Duthie play?

Another pot won by John Duthie without ever getting to a showdown. It's happened before and now it's happened again, not enough on its own to get excited but enough to take the Team PokerStars Pro and EPT creator to nearly 10,000.

From early position and blinds at 200/400 Duthie raised pre-flop, was re-raised by copi and called. Checking the flop of 9d-7h-9c Duthie then called copi's bet for the turn card, Ts. Again Duthie checked before re-raising copi's bet, persuading him to fold; a pot of 2,700.

5:23pm - Ramdin can't win another all-in

With a short stack Victor Ramdin had managed to win a couple of all-in situations, but with his last 530 he couldn't win a third one. He got his chips all-in with Ts-Js against the Tc-Qh of brendol. The board ran out 3h-2h-As-7c-2d and Ramdin was gone in 461st place.

5:10pm - Less than 500 players remain

Team PokerStars Pros who have been eliminated in the early going include Luca Pagano in 562nd, Andre "aakkari" Akkari in 554th, Tom McEvoy in 541st, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer in 534th and Alex Kravchenko in 531st.

_MG_1883_Neil Stoddart-2.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari - OUT

4:59pm - Ramdin doubles to survive

Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin got four bets in pre-flop with tilou4fun and the two got the rest of Ramdin's stack in on the board of 7h-Jd-Kh-Tc after the flop was checked.

Ramdin held Ah-Qd for the turned straight while tilou4fun had flopped a set with his 7s-7c. The 6c did not fill tilou4fun up and Ramdin had 2,780 after the hand.

4.53pm -- Boeken back in it

Rockets prove good for Noah Boeken who does some good to his stack, taking it back up to 6,500. He tangled from the small blind with Marcotjow, betting on the flop, turn and river to bag a 2,550 sized pot, showing his aces for a set.

Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken

4:50pm - He's money!

You may have noticed Chris Moneymaker's name near the top of the leaderboard at the last break. Money800 has been a force early in today's event. Here's one hand that helped him to his cushy 18K stack:

4:41pm--Tournament update at the second break

Level 5
Stakes 150/300
Average chip count: 7,937
Players remaining: 548
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. goleafsgoeh 18,800
2. Team PS Pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker 18,390
3. stevepinta03 18,110
4. poker2k55 16,825
5. fanta23 16,310
6. wmdbaker 15,810
7. Snout19 15,775
8. delegator 15,745
9. dehoo 15,415
10. ender555 15,370

Other Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 13,620 (38th)
Katja Thater 11,885 (80th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso 11,355 (95th)

4:38pm -- A disturbance in the force

Such is her reputation that many people fear Annette_15 from the second they see her appear at their table. Whether it's live or online, to anyone lacking in confidence, it's the poker equivalent of sitting next to Ben Obi Wan Kenobi. You'd be worried constantly about having your free will subverted or your mind read.

That's one way people see her. Others just rank her as one of the best in the business. Whatever your thoughts you can find Annette_15 is on table 88. She just took her stack to the 10K mark thanks to this pot...

4:27pm - Let your inner horse out of the stable

And mosey on over to Event #32 $10,300 HORSE. This event with a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool is about to start. It's your last chance at a WCOOP bracelet before the main event Sunday.

4.22pm -- Thater moving on up

Another nice hand for Katja Thater, now up to more than 11,000

4:15pm -- End of the road for Coren

It's all over for Vicky Coren who was never able to get a grip on this event and twist it the way she wanted it to go. Playing from the small blind, the Team PokerStars Pro was down to 840 chips when she raised pre-flop to 200. BigRiskky in the big blind made it 300 and Coren upped it to 400. The betting was capped and they saw a flop. 9d-2s-Qs.

_MG_1861_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren - OUT

"no going back now" said Coren as she bet another 100. BigRiskky made it 200, Coren 300, BigRiskky 400 and so on until the betting was capped to the turn card 8c.

"gl in the tournament" said Coren, perhaps now conceding defeat, putting her last 40 chips in. BigRiskky called and saw the river card 5d.

Coren showed Ac-9s at teh showdown, good for a par of nines, but not good enough to survive her opponent's Ah-Qd, good for a pair of queens and a pot of 1,680.

4:08pm - No luck for NoMercy

copi raised preflop and Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier re-raised from the small blind. copi called and the flop came Qc-2c-6h. Mercier bet and copi called.

That was the calm before the storm because the two combatants got four bets in on each the 7c turn and 2h river. copi showed 6c-6d for a full house and Mercier mucked.
She was down to 3,300 while copi was up to 9,700.

4pm -- Lifeline for Coren

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren hasn't had the best of days so far, gradually losing several thousand of her stack over the first levels. She just got a welcome boost thanks to this hand which keeps her in it for now...

3:49pm - Guess it's better than being a grouchy old nun

The Gigli award for first out today went to HappyOldMonk, who finished in 580th place.

3:47pm - ElkY on the move

Since the break, Bertrand Grospellier has made two flushes and had his top pair, top kicker hold up to win three nice pots and build a stack of 12,930, which puts him in the top 5.

3.40pm -- The sun always shines on TV

Talk on Katja Thater's table touched on her PokerStars TV commercial. Check it out for yourself...

Watch Katja Jog on PokerStars.tv

3:38pm--Tournament update at the first break

Level 3
Stakes 80/160
Average chip count: 7,525
Players remaining: 578
First prize: $107,300

Top ten players:

1. otterkopf 12,920
2. brendol 12,640
3. fanta23 12,480
4. boc4life 11,960
5. TSAI168 11,920
6. wmdbaker 11,750
7. luckyuli 11,625
8. dynamite1 11,565
9. Inforaquicky 11,545
10. goleafsgoeh 11,540

Team PokerStars pros in top 100:

Dario Minieri 10,770 (21st)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 10,370 (33rd)
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein 10,125 (45th)

3:29pm - Big hands at Table 15

I big four-way pot just developed between ElkY, Victor Ramdin, bendol and tilou4fun. Here's how it played out... (Ramdin said afterward that he folded queens).

3.25pm -- A four figure pot for Katja

Then another for Katja Thater. She raised to 120 from under-the-gun getting called by MagicCoin and DBL_J_22. The saw a flop of 5d-Qd-Ac. DBL led out, betting 60 which Thater raised to 120. Not to be outdone MagicCoin re-raised, 180 in total to which DBL said "ok" and promptly folded. That left just Thater to face MagicCoin down, which she did.

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater

Then came the turn card Js. Thater checked before MagicCoin bet. Again Thater made the call for the river card 6c. Just like on the turn it was check, bet call. MagicCoin showed 8d-Jd for a pair of jacks at the showdown, but Thater had that beaten, showing Ah-2h for top pair and the pot worth 1,290.

"Blast" said DBL, who presumably folded something better.

3.18pm -- Another take for Thater

Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater has started well, working her way up to a stack of more than 8,000. She just added another...

3:16pm - It's Dario's world

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has shot up the leaderboard, and is now in second place with a stack of 12,060. We'll keep an eye on the Italian poker wunderkind.

3:08pm - Prize pool is $580,000

We have 580 entrants today and 84 of them will get paid. First will receive $107,300 while 79th through 84th will get $1,566.

3:05pm - A candy bar aficionado?

At our first chip count 30 minutes into the event, kitkatts is our chipleader with 11,450.

3.02pm -- Pots keep on coming for Boeken

Another sizable pot for Exclusive Boeken playing in the big blind. He called a middle position bet by Marcotjow to 120 for a flop of Qd-8h-3c. Boeken checked to Marcotjow who bet and again Boeken called.
The turn came the Td and the pattern went on. Boeken checked and then called a bet of 120. It took them to the river card, 2s, which both players checked; Boeken taking the pot showing 8s-7s for a pair of eights.

2:56pm - Duthie active early

Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie has been involved in most of the pots at his table and has managed to build his stack up to $9,040, which for this early stage of the tournament is a monster...

2.50pm - Boeken on the up

Noah Boeken takes another pot...

2.40pm -- First pot exclusive to exclusive

Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive Boeken" has started as I expect he intends to continue, taking the first pot of the day for 340, and then another a few moments ago for 640.

2:33pm - Doubling up on PS pros

Underway in the limit hold'em. 543 players registered so far, all starting with 7,500. There are two Team PokerStars pros on Table 15 (Victor Ramdin and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier) and Table 108 (John Duthie and Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier).

2.25pm -- About to start in the limit hold'em

Strap yourself in, the $1,050 limit hold'em six-max event is about to start. No-limit can often be played at a sprint, the limit equivalent involves the same running but with one leg tied behind your neck. This will produce a winner of tactical genius many hours from now. All the action will be here as we follow their progress.

Blinds start at 40/80 with a field in excess of 450 players signed up so far. That includes an abundance of Team PokerStars Pros, details of whom we will have as we get going.

Stay tuned. We're minutes away.

WCOOP Event #31 begins at 2:30pm ET

Join us here for all the action when WCOOP Event 31, $1,050 Limit Hold'em begins.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP