WCOOP Event #32 $10,300 HORSE live blog

Live blog coverage of WCOOP Event #32 $10,300 HORSE brought to you by Jason Kirk, David Aydt, Dave Behr, and Martin Harris.

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4:42am--Team PokerStars doesn't quite get there; DocHolatchya wins Event No. 32

Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari battled, and battled, and battled some more. In the end fortune did not break his way. Down to 287,912 chips, he went all the way to sixth street with buried sevens against DocHolatchya. Akkari's last chips went in on sixth street. DocHolatchya called:

Akkari: 7c-7s / 6h-2s-Ah-Js
DocHolatchya: Ks-Ts / 9s-8d-4h-Kd

Akkari had not improved upon his sevens. DocHolatchya overtook him on sixth street, pairing kings. Akkari would need to improve on the river to prolong the match but he pulled a useless 4c to go out in second place.

Akkari earned $200,000 for a thrilling tournament. DocHolatchya earned the title "Champion of Event #32", $287,500 in prize money, and a WCOOP bracelet. Congratulations to both players!

4:36am--Akkari not dead yet

Andre Akkari has come roaring back, collecting five out of six pots without showdown to build his stack back up to about 750,000 in chips.

4:33am--Akkari crippled

Andre Akkari is clinging to life in this tournament after another brutal loss to DocHolatchya during the Stud round. DocHolatchya started with split fives and made three fives on fifth street, getting three bets in. By the river he had filled up, winning the pot and putting Akkari on the ropes with only 121,478 remaining chips.

4:32am--100 hands of heads up

We have now seen exactly 100 hands of heads up, moving through Omaha high/low, razz, and now stud. Akkari is on life support, with less than 200,000 to DocHolyatcha's 3 million.

4:31am--Akkari stuck calling the river

Another tough spot for Andre Akkari has resulted in another lost pot. Showing x-x / 5d-3c-5s-3s, he bet and was raised by DocHolatchya, whose board read x-x / Kc-9h-Ad-Kh. Akkari was stuck calling that raise and calling the river, to be certain that DocHolatchya wasn't bluffing. He wasn't; he showed Ts-Ah-Td in the hole for aces up.

4:28am--Small hits undermining Akkari's stack

The first four stud hands all went to DocHolatchya, further eroding Andre Akkari's chip stack. The first went to showdown, where DocHolatchya's split sevens, 7c-5h / 7h-Ks-8d-2h / Qd, were a surpise winner over Akkari's Kh-As / Qs-3d-Tc-9d / 6s high-card ace.

Akkari currently has about 660,000 in chips; DocHolatchya has almost four times as many.


The two remaining combatants spent the rest of the razz round passing chips back and forth but otherwise not accomplishing much. The game has now switched to Seven-Card Stud, with identical betting limits (30,000 / 60,000 ante 6,000) as were used in razz.

4:14am--Razz still right

DocHolatchya chipped up massively during the last razz round. It's no surprise that he's done so now that the game has switched to razz again. He completed on third street showing the 5d, and Andre Akkari called with the Kd. Akkari called again despite catching a brick (Tc) on fourth street against DocHolatchya's good one (Ad). DocHolatchya paired his ace on fifth against Akkari's 8d, so Akkari tried a bet to see where he was at. DocHolatchya called.

Things got interesting on sixth, with both players catching babies, 3h to Akkari and 8c to DocHolatchya. DocHolatchya raised Akkari's bet and Akkari called, then called again on the river. He couldn't beat DocHolatchya's 8-7, 7s-7d / 5d-Ad-Ac-8c / 2s. DocHolatchya moved to more than 2 million in chips with that win.

4:11am--DocHolatchya rushing to the finish?

The game was Omaha Hi/Lo, not normally a game that leads to big chip swings. But DocHolatchya was on a rush, winning nine out of twelve pots, all but one for six figures. As a result of the rush, he has taken over the chip lead from Andre Akkari, 1.7 million to 1.3 million.

4:03am--Chip counts as we begin heads up

1. Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari 2,390,478
2. DocHolatchya 734,522

4:02am--crazyjanie drowns on the river

crazyjanie had been all in one time already during the Omaha Hi/Lo round, turning a chop. She was all in again, this time for 63,000 in chips with 3h-Js-Jc-6s against DocHolatchya's 4h-9s-6c-2h. The flop 3d-7d-2d immediately made a low for DocHolatchya. The turn Jd made a seemingly unbeatable set of jacks for crazyjanie, but the river was a deadly 5c. That card made a seven-high straight for DocHolatchya and eliminated crazyjanie from the tournament in third place. What did third place pay? A whopping $150,000.

3:56am--Akkari crushing the hold'em round

As much as DocHolatchya loved razz during the last rotation, Andre Akkari loves hold'em this rotation. He raised the button and was called by crazyjanie. Akkari bet the 6d-Kc-Ts flop, the 9c turn and the Qh river with crazyjanie calling each time. Akkari turned over 9h-Jd at showdown for a rivered gutshot straight. That winning hand increased Akkari's leading chip count to 2.3 million.

3:47am--Akkari cruises into chip lead

Two hands of limit hold'em between Andre Akkari and DocHolatchya have resulted in two big pots pushed to Akkari. The first was worth 875,000 after a series of raises preflop, on the turn and on the river. With the board showing 5s-9c-8s-5d-6d, Akkari turned over 7s-7d for a nine-high straight. This seemed to put DocHolatchya slightly on tilt; the sarcasm was dripping off the screen as he typed into the chat box "you play so well".

Two hands later, Akkari got DocHolatchya again by flopping trips 4d-8s-8h with 5d-8d in his hand. DocHolatchya didn't commit as many chips to that pot; only 550,000 were shipped to Akkari.

Akkari is now the chip leader, with approximately 2 million in chips. DocHolatchya and crazyjanie are battling it out for second and third places.

3:43am--Akkari takes one off and takes one out; pycb out in 4th

The second hand of hold'em after the break produced some fireworks. Playing four-handed, Team PokerStars Pro opened with a raise to 50,000 from the button. Short-stacked pycb three-bet from the small blind, folding the big blind. With position in the hand, Akkari capped the action and pycb called.

The flop was all babies, 5d-5c-3d. pycb checked, then check-raised Akkari's 25,000-chip bet. Akkari was unfazed and three-bet, a bet pycb called. That left pycb with 34,274 chips, which he used to call all in on the As turn. That was a great turn card for Akkari, who showed Ad-Qc for top pair. He had overtaken pycb's 4h-4d, and absent a miracle card on the river, pycb would be out. He didn't get that miracle; the river was the queen of diamonds. pycb was therefore eliminated in fourth place. He won a six-figure payday for his performance today, a total of $112,500.

3:36am--Break time is here; Akkari inches into second

After playing level at around 500,000 to 600,000 chips each for a wihle, Andre Akkari has inched into second place and pycb has slipped into fourth.

Level 41
Stakes: 25,000 / 50,000 (Limit Hold'em)
Average Chip Stack: 781,250
Players Remaining: 4
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. DocHolatchya 1,433,961
2. Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari 912,454
3. crazyjanie 544,311
4. pycb 234,274

3:25am--Another pot to DocHolatchya

DocHolatchya is the far and away chip leader at this stage of the tournament, with almost a million more chips than any of his three opponents. He got a boost to his lead in Stud Hi/Lo by scooping a pot against crazyjanie. DocHolatchya led the betting all the way to the river. With a board of x-x / 5h-Kc-7c-8d / x, he bet again on the river. crazyjanie was showing x-x / 3c-8c-9c-3d / but didn't make the call. She folded, allowing DocHolatchya to scoop a pot worth 256,000 chips.

3:24am--Akkari hanging tough

Of the two dozen or so Team PokerStars pros who took their chances into today's $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. event, the last one standing is Andre "aakkari" Akkari. With four players left, DocHolatchya is currently enjoying a commanding chip lead with about half of the chips in play (about 1.5 million), with Akkari, crazyjanie, and pycb all hovering around the 500,000-chip mark.

Here's Akkari at this summer's WSOP with some thoughts about how to go about building that bankroll in Vegas:

Watch WSOP 08: Andre's Tips On Making Money In Vegas on PokerStars.tv

3:19am--pycb has chips in spades

The game was still limit Seven-Card Stud when rycb was dealt 3s-4s / 2s. He caught another spade on fourth street, the jack, and a fifth spade on sixth street (the nine). He got crazyjanie, who was in the hand with him, to pay off a bet on sixth street and a bet on seventh street, collecting 376,000 total chips from the pot.

3:15am--pycb's straight knocks pumped4good out in fifth

pumped4good was in fourth out of the fifth remaining players with 128,276, just ahead of DocHolatchya, when he got involved in the following stud hand with pycb.

pumped4good brought it in for 6,000 with the 6d showing, and pycb made it 20,000 with the Th. pumped4good then reraised, and pycb called. On fourth, pycb picked up the Ah, while pumped4good got the 2d. Both players seemed to like their draws, as the betting got capped on fourth. pumped4good would get the rest in on fifth street, and the pair's cards were turned over:

pycb: 6h-8h / Th-Ah-5s
pumped4good: Td-Tc / 6d-2d-4h

pumped4good had those tens, while pycb looked to be gunning for that heart flush. pycb would draw 9s-7d to end with a straight, while pumped4good would pick up Kh-Jc and end where he started with those tens.

pumped4good is out in fifth place, earning an even $75,000 for a long day's work.

3:07am--djk123 eliminated in 6th place

The game has finally switched to Seven-Card Stud, but that switch couldn't save djk123 from a 6th-place finish. He got all his chips in on third street and was called by crazyjanie. crazyjanie was in commanding position, with Ah-Kh / Ks against djk123's three spades, 9s-5s / Js. djk123 caught a fourth spade on fourth street, the ace of spades, but couldn't improve from there. He finished with ace-high and $59,375 in prize money.

2:59am--DocHolatchya at it again; 7CardRyon out in 7th

DocHolatchya may hope that the game never switches off of razz. He eliminated 7CardRyon in 7th place by making an eight-seven. 7CardRyon was all in on fifth street, showing 2h-7d / 6c-4c-4d. He was four to a seven, then fell victim to the dreaded brick (4d), brick (Td), brick (Kc) that makes razz so frustrating. He finished with a ten-seven, which was no atch for DocHolatchya whose board showed 8d-3h / Ad-3c-7s-6d / 3s. 7CardRyon's reward for his 7th-place finish was $46,875.

2:54am--Love that razz! gypsy74 eliminated in 8th

Only two big pots have been played since the game switched to limit razz, and both have gone to DocHolatchya. The second hand resulted in the elimination of gipsy74. gipsy74 was short on chips and decided to put them all at risk with 9d-6s / 4s. DocHolatchya started three to a wheel, 2d-5d / As and was the only player to take a shot at gipsy74.

When gipsy74's board ran out 9d-6s / 4s-6d-Ks-8h / 6h, DocHolatchya didn't need much to win the hand. He finished with an eight five, 2d-5d / As-5c-8c-4h / Ts to become the first player over one million in chips. gipsy74 finished in 8th place, which was worth $38,750 in real U.S. dollars.

2:49am--Ace support

We are now in Level 38, playing Omaha high/low. Aces, of course, are vital to O/8, and it appears as though pumped4good -- in fifth place at the moment out of the eight remaining players -- feels as though he isn't being dealt his due share.

Just now pumped4good typed in the chatbox: "are there any aces in this deck supervisor can u check."

Bryan S., PokerStars Tournament Administrator and host of tonight's final table, had a quick answer for pumped4good, exemplifying once again the rapid-fire response style of PokerStars' support.

StaffBryanS [Host]: They're counted every hand... all 57 cards are there, of course. :)

2:41am--7CardRyon's draws don't come in

Omaha is called "Oma-draw" by many poker players for good reason. The frustration of the game comes into play when the draws don't fill. 7CardRyon flopped top pair with a straight draw and a flush draw, holding Ad-5d-Jc-6c on a board of 8d-9c-Jd. He led the betting on the flop, and on the turn 4h, called each time by crazyjanie.

Both players checked the river Ts, 7CardRyon having missed all his draws. crazyjanie turned over Ac-As-Kd-2c for a pair of aces and we supposed 7CardRyon could only sigh, left with about 115,000 in chips.

2:30am--Break time again

Level 37
Stakes: 16,000 / 32,000 (Limit Omaha Hi/Lo)
Average Chip Stack: 390,625
Players Remaining: 8
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari 674,443
2. pycb 594,298
3. DocHolatchya 542,344
4. crazyjanie 446,521
5. gipsy74 349,782
6. 7CardRyon 195,306
7. puped4good 166,588
8. djk123 155,718

2:20am--Akkari finds the third snowman

Losing to a flopped set in a poker tournament is pretty psychologically damaging, but it doesn't come close to the pain of losing to a turned set. 7CardRyon three-bet Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari in limit hold'em. Akkari called, then called another bet on the 2s-Jc-7d flop. The turn was Akkari's gin card, the 8c, and he promptly raised 7CardRyon's 24,000-chip bet to 48,000. 7CardRyon called, then called again on the river 5h to see the bad news: Akkari held 8d-8h for a set of eights.

"omfg," said 7CardRyon, succinctly capturing his feelings. He's down to 100,000 in chips.

2:18am--Seven cards equals life for 7CardRyon

In the last hand of the Stud high-low round (Level 35), 7CardRyon was looking at committing the very last of his chips on seventh street versus two competitors (DocHolatchya and djk123). Holding 6h-8h / 2c-8c-3s-2h, 7CardRyon picked up another deuce on seventh to make a full house. That beat DocHolatchya's three nines (and no low), as well as whatever djk123 had (he mucked).

After putting his last chip in the middle, 7CardRyon gets to start the hold'em round with 232,653 chips. That's still 7th of 8 players, but we're guessing he'll take it.

2:11am--Half-million-chip pot to pycb and DocHolatchya

The game switch to Limit Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo, which often means chopped pots. That doesn't do much for changing the chip counts unless the pot is played four-handed to the river. djk123, pycb, DocHolatchya and gipsy74 all paid two bets on third street and one on fourth street. Everyone got a free card on fifth street, making the boards on sixth street the following:

djk123: x-x / 5d-6s-Td-Ts
pycb: x-x / 7c-5s-Js-4h
DocHolatchya: x-x / Qd-7d-Ac-2d
gipsy74: x-x / 5c-Qh-8h-Jc

DocHolatchya bet and everyone called. He bet again on the river, folding gipsy74. djk123 called before pycb raised. DocHolatchya and djk123 both called. pycb had the low with 2s, 7s and Ah in the hole for a seven-five low. DocHolatchya had the high with Ad, 6d and Th in the hole, making an ace-high diamond flush. That left djk123 without a chair or a share of the pot.

1:59am--Final table set

We're now down to the last eight. Here's the scene as the first hand of the final table was being dealt:


Here are the current chip counts as the final table begins:

1. aakkari 617,843
2. djk123 567,371
3. gipsy74 502,182
4. crazyjanie 435,921
5. DocHolatchya 373,246
6. pumped4good 235,588
7. 7CardRyon 204,951
8. pycb 187,898

1:54am--MadCaddy bubbles off the final table

A flurry of eliminations in Seven-Card Stud have set the final table. MadCaddy was the last to go after being crippled by gipsy74. MadCaddy three-bet the action on fifth street, having made a pair of queens, Jc-Qs / 7d-8s-Qc. It was an unfortunate move, as he was already behind gipsy74's two pair, 9h-4s / 4c-3d-9s. He never improved and wound up losing a 250,000-chip pot.

That hand left MadCaddy with just 11,566 chips. They all went into the middle on the next hand, where MadCaddy was up against pumped4good. MadCaddy held buried sevens, 7s-7d / 8h, against pumped4good's buried fours, 4d-4c / As. pumped4good promptly caught a second ace on fourth street and a four on sixth street to make fours full of aces. Madcaddy made two pair on sixth street with the 8d, leaving him with four outs to improve to a bigger full house on the river. It didn't happen; his river card was the 2h. That left MadCaddy without any more chips to keep playing. He was eliminated in 9th place, earning $25,000.

1:53am--Empire2000 out in 10th

Down to just 27,092, Empire2000 got it all in on third street versus Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari. Here's what they'd eventually draw:

Empire2000: 2d-Qc / Qd-Kh-8s-Kd / 9c
aakkari: Ad-2s / Ah-3c-6s-6h / 8c

Aakkari had the better two pair, and Empire2000 went out in 10th place.

1:51am--goodolehank reaches for one more double, busts instead

The law of averages finally caught up to goodolehank. Still playing limit stud, he put in two bets on third street, then called after Empire2000 made it three bets. The rest of goodolehank's chips went in on fourth street when he caught x-x / 7c-7d and was allowed to double-bet. Empire2000 called with a big draw, Qh-Kh / Th-Jc against goodolehanks' 6c-6d / 7c-7d. goodolehank never improved, but Empire2000 caught a queen on fifth street for one pair, and a jack on the river for a second pair. Both pairs were bigger than goodolehank's, and so he was sent to the rail in 11th place, winning $25,000 in the process.

1:47am--MrSmokey1's fire extinguished, out in 12th

MrSmokey1, down to just 15,812 chips, was in desperate territory in the razz round with the stakes being 10,000/20,000 with 2,000 antes. With a 4 in the door, MrSmokey1 decided it was time to go for broke, and ended up committing his stack versus Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari who was showing a five. Once all the chips went in, their hands were revealed.

MrSmokey1 held 8-J-4, well behind Akkari's 2-A-5. MrSmokey1's draw would leave him with a jack-low (J-T-8-5-4), while Akkari would make an eight (8-7-5-2-A). MrSmokey1 goes out in 12th place, earning $25,000 for his long day of work.

1:41am--Razz is a brutal game

How many times have you heard poker players say that razz is a vicious, unforgiving game? Here's an example why. MadCaddy and djk123 were both in for two bets on third street, and both caught good on fourth. MadCaddy showed 8h-Ah, and djk123 showed 8s-2s. djk123 bet after MadCaddy checked, and then MadCaddy raised, representing a smooth eight draw. djk123 called.

Both players bricked on fifth street. On sixth, MadCaddy caught the 5c against djk123's 9d. They both checked, suggesting that MadCaddy may have paired fives. On the river, djk123 bet and MadCaddy quickly called. djk123 showed 7c-Ad / 8s-2s-Jd-9d / 4h for an eight-seven that was the best hand. After starting with four strong cards, MadCaddy couldn't beat an 8-7-4 and was left with only 68,000 in chips.

1:33am--The Shark stops swimming forward

Sharks are always moving forwards. Without that forward motion, they die. Humberto Brenes stopped moving forward and now he, too, is out of life in this tournament. He was down to about 20,000 in chips and made a stand with 7d-6c / 8h in that game that poker players love to hate, razz. He was called by MadCaddy and then raised by djk123. djk123 bet fourth and was called by MadCaddy, then bet again on fifth, folding MadCaddy. He had a lock hand already by fifth street, 3c-6s / Ah-2h-4d against the 7d-6c / 8h-Qh-Th of Brenes.

Once sixth street and seventh street were both dealt, Brenes stood up from the table. He finished in 13th place, winning $18,750 in prize money.

1:27am--Another break is upon us

Level 33
Stakes: 10,000 / 20,000, ante 2,000 (Limit Razz)
Average Chip Stack: 240,384
Players Remaining: 13
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. crazyjanie 583,204
2. Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari 457,669
3. MadCaddy 410,283
4. djk123 318,023
5. pumped4good 265,022
6. pycb 201,358
7. gipsy74 187,182
8. DocHolatchya 181,246
9. Empire2000 168,172
10. 7CardRyon 155,951
11. goodolehank 144,730
12. MrSmokey1 29,812
13. Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes 22,348

1:25am--ozenc eliminated in 14th

Player ozenc had been all in a couple of times during the Omaha/8 round, but managed to escape with half-pots to survive. Finally, sitting on a stack of just 10,860, he got it all in preflop versus pumped4good. Here's what they held

ozenc: 5s-Kd-Jd-Qd
pumped4good: Ad-3h-7d-7c

The flop -- Ac-Qh-9c -- and turn -- Js -- made it look as though ozenc might escape once again with two pair. But the 7c on the river gave pumped4good the set and knocked ozenc out in 14th place.

1:20am--ozenc crippled

ozenc had position on MadCaddy in a recent Omaha Hi/Lo hand, but that didn't prevent ozenc from losing 70,000 chips. He three-bet from the button after MadCaddy raised isolating MadCaddy for a flop of Tc-6d-6c. MadCaddy check-raised ozenc there, then check-raised again on the Ac turn. No low hit the board when the river fell 9c, and finally MadCaddy led out with a bet. ozenc couldn't call and was left with just more than 30,000 in chips.

1:09am--floes reports to the rail

The short stacks are taking their chances in thise H.O.R.S.E. event, and most are paying the price. floes raised before the flop to 16,000 in limit hold'em and was reraised by the big blind, DocHolatchya. floes had only 13,000 chips behind his original raise, so he called and then committed the rest on an Ad-8s-3h flop. He had missed the flop completely, and was virtually dead when DocHolatchya showed As-Kc for top pair, top kicker. The 6c that hit the turn cinched the hand for DocHolatchya.

floes finished the tournament in 15th place, winning $18,750 for his efforts.

1:06am--jerrod ousted in 16th

gipsy74 raised (to 16,000) from UTG+1, and jerrod -- who started the hand with 44,734 -- three-bet behind. It folded back around and gipsy74 called. The flop came Js-As-9h. gipsy74 checked, jerrod bet, and gipsy74 called. The turn was the 9d, pairing the board. Both checked.

The river brought Ks. gipsy bet out, and jerrod called with his last 12,734. gipsy74 showed Kh-Jc for kings and jacks, while jerrod turned over Kd-Qh. gipsy74 raked a nice 100,000-plus chip pot, and jerrod hit the rail in 16th place.

1:00am--Sweet sixteen

We are now down to 16 players in this $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. event. With the elimination of Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, we have reached a pay jump. The next four eliminated will each receive $18,750. The players have reassembled around two tables now for the remainder of the limit hold'em round (Level 31).

12:59am--MadCaddy hits a rush to take out Exclusive

MadCaddy was lingering on death's door. Then in the span of five hands, he vaulted into 6th chip position and took out Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken. The big hand for MadCaddy was one in which he picked up Ad-Ac in limit hold'em against pycb's Kh-Ks. The two players engaged in a raising war preflop and on the flop, with all of MadCaddy's chips committed to the pot by the turn.

That pot doubled him up to 190,100, giving him plenty of ammunition to take out the short-stacked Boeken on the next hand. Boeken was down to about 20,000 in chips and commited them preflop after he raised to 16,000 and MadCaddy reraised to put him all in. Boeken's Th-4s was drawing live against MadCaddy's Ac-Kh, but neither player could connect with a baord of 5d-8s-9s-Qh-3s. Boeken finished in 17th place, earning $13,125.

12:52am--double joker not laughing now

double joker was engaged in the most table talk at Table 1, but he'll have to do it as an observer after being bounced from the tournament in 18th place by pumped4good. pumped4good took the betting lead with a raise on fifth street, showing x-x / 2c-Ad-Js. double joker called with x-x / Ah-4h-4c, then called all the way through to the river, where he was all in. pumped4good had started with buried jacks, catching his third jack on fifth street. double joker showed 8c-Th / Ah-4h-4c-3h / Tc. He needed a heart or a low on the river to avoid elimination, but instead finished with two pair.

His 18th-place finish was worth $13,125 in prize money.

12:48am--Kings up send THAY3R face-down

Some bad luck has sent THAY3R to the virtual rail. In a limped pot with crazyjanie, THAY3R caught a pair of kings on fourth street with 8c-Kc / 4c-Ks. He got a raise in there, then bet fifth street and was all in by sixth street, where he improved to two pair with 8c-Kc / 4c-Ks-6s-6c. He was in prime position to double up, as crazyjanie showed 3s-3h / Td-9s-Kd-Th for smaller two pair with no low draw.

Yet the river was unkind to THAY3r, bricking the 4s for him but coming Ts for crazyjanie to make a full house for her. That brutal river card eliminated THAY3R in 19th place.

12:46am--Akkari holding onto lead with 19 left

With 19 players left, PS pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari maintains the chip lead with a bit more than 392,000. Empire2000 is in second with 346,372, and crazyjanie in third with 329,845.

12:43am--Two direct hits sink Nelson

One of the remaining Team PokerStars Pros is down. Lee Nelson took a big hit against floes to lose most of his stack in Seven-Card Stud after starting Qc-Kc / Jd-As and managing only a pair of jacks. floes started with buried eights and caught another eight on sixth street for three of a kind. Nelson was left with less than 15,000 chips, all of which were in the middle on third street the very next hand. Nelson was called by DocHolatchya, and off to the races they went.

DocHolatchya: 3c-Tc / 5c-6c-Qs-Qd / 8c
LeeNelsonP*: Ks-Th / 8h-Ad-4d-Jd / 6h

Nelson couldn't come up with anything other than ace-high, a hand that DocHolatchya had beat going into the river with a pair of queens. He improved to a club flush, sending Nelson to the rail in 20th place. That finish was worth $13,125 to the Team PokerStars Pro.

12:38am--gibraltar11 crumbles in 21st

In stud, gibraltar11 had raised on third street with the 9h showing and pycb called with the Ac. pycb picked up the Kh on fourth and checked, gibraltar11 bet after getting the 3s, and pycb just called. pycb got the Jd on fifth, and gibraltar the Qh. Both checked.

On sixth, pycb got the Ts and bet, and gibraltar11 raised all in with his last chips after getting the Jh. After seventh, here's what they had:

pycb: 8h-8d / Ac-Kh-Jd-Ts / Td
gibraltar11: 2s-2d / 9h-3s-Qh-Jh / 7c

pycb's two pair beat gibraltar11's deuces, and gibraltar11 is out in 21st place.

12:32am--bigjoe2003 eliminated in 22nd place

bigjoe2003 survived a few all-in confrontations on the money bubble, but now that the bubble has burst he couldn't find any more double-up magic. He completed the bring-in showing the 9c and was raised by THAY3R with the Ah. bigjoe2003 was the only caller.

THAY3R took the betting lead on every street, with bigjoe2003 calling behind. By sixth street, he was all in with 9h-Jd / 9c-Kd-7c-8s. He needed a miracle river after THAY3R turned over two pair, As-6s / Ah-8h-8c-Jc. That didn't happend; bigjoe2003's river card was the Jh which made him a smaller two pair than THAY3R's. bigjoe2003 finished in 22nd place, earning $13,125.

12:31am--astarisborn twinkles out in 24th; str8flushin5 flushed in 23rd

Shortly after Elky's exit on the money bubble, we had two eliminations over on Table 9.

First astarisborn, down to 26,086, would get it all in by fifth street versus Team PokerStars Pro Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes. astarisborn's board would run out 3d-2d /3c-Qd-Jh-Td / Ks for a pair of threes, while Brenes would make 3h-Ah / Ac-2h-Jd-2c / Jc for aces and jacks. astarisborn is out in 24th place.

On the very next hand, str8flushin5, down to 24,890, would be all in by fourth street against gipsy74. str8flushin5 would make a straight on sixth street -- 9s-9d / Jc-7h-6s-8s / 5d -- but gipsy74 would make a flush on the end with Ac-Kc / 5c-2c-Qd-4s /6c to knock str8flushin5 out in 23rd.

Both eliminated players earn $13,125, as will the next six who are knocked out.

12:26am--ElkY bubbles off the money

Two separate short stacks were all in during the razz round, but both doubled up. That left Team PokerStars Pro Bertran "ElkY" Grospellier in 24th chip position of the remaining 25 players. The game switched to limit seven-card stud when ElkY found jacks in the hole. With a 3s door card, he got all but 2,335 of his chips into the middle on third street against djk123, who showed the 9s. The rest of the chips went in on fourth street, and the boards ran out:

ElkY: Jc-Jd / 3s-7c-6h-9h / Jh
djk123: Ts-8s / 9s-Kc-Js-Qd / 3h

ElkY made trip jacks on the river, but it didn't matter. He was drawing dead. djk123 caught a great card on fifth street, the jack of spades, to be four cards to a straight flush. The queen of diamonds on sixth made his straight and sent ElkY to the rail in 25th place.

All remaining players are in the money.

12:20am--Break time!

Level 29

Stakes: 6,000 / 12,000, ante 1,200 (Limit Stud)
Average Chip Stack: 125,000
Players Remaining: 25 (1 more elimination to the money)
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari 345,394
2. DocHolatchya 295,465
3. Empire2000 288,772
4. crazyjanie 236,845
5. MadCaddy 226,925
6. 7CardRyon 214,581
7. djk123 165,288
8. jerrod 142,934
9. ozenc 142,330
10. Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken 113,248

Other Team PokerStars pros remaining:

Humberto Brenes 100,762 (13th)
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson 29,690 (22nd)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 28,735 (24th)

12:19am--Short stacks surviving

We've seen a couple of all ins here near the end of the razz round -- first str8flushin5, then bigjoe2003 -- but both survived their hands and have made it to the break.

12:10am--tiffaniejoy eliminated in 26th

tiffaniejoy was one of the aforementioned short stacks who seemed to be trying to buy herself a little extra time to slip into the money, but it doesn't matter now. She's been eliminated during the razz round in 26th place. tiffaniejoy started Ad-4d / 3c, completed the bring-in to 5,000 and was then raised by Lee Nelson with 7h-As / 5d. tiffaniejoy reraised all in for just 341 and of course Nelson called.

That began the game of seeing who could dodge the bricks. Both caught bricks on fourth street, a pair of fours for tiffaniejoy against a jack for Nelson. Fifth street made things much worse for tiffaniejoy, giving her two pair with an ace and bringing a queen for Nelson. tiffaniejoy finished 9s-6h to make a nine-six low, but Nelson finished 8c-3h to make an eight-seven low.

With tiffaniejoy's elimination, we are on the bubble. Hand-for-hand play has commenced.

12:07am--Stalling for time

With only twenty-six players remaining in the tournament, and twenty-four getting paid, the short stacks are liberally dipping into their time banks, hoping to have a better shot of making the money by surviving into hand-for-hand play with bigger chip stacks. This behavior has not produced many fans who feel that at the least, each game in the rotation should be played for a set number of hands to combat that problem.

double joker: they should really count the hands
DocHolatchya: they should really be at hand for hand
double joker: the time issue makes the games uneven
DocHolatchya: this stalling is absurd

Once we reach hand-for-hand play, this won't be an issue.

12:05am--Razz time; two eliminations from the money

We've moved onto Level 28 and the razz round. The stakes are 5,000/10,000 in this level, with the average stacks hovering around 120K -- just 12 big bets.

Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari has assumed the chip lead with 367,394 at the moment.

12:04am--Akkari builds a house

Andre Akkari has so many chips, he needs a house to hold them all.

Playing Omaha Hi/Lo, he raised from middle position, then called a reraise by ozenc. The flop was three small cards, 4d-3d-4s. Akkari checked and called a bet from ozenc there, then checked and called again on the Qs turn. When the river fell 2s, Akkari checked and then raised ozenc's bet. ozenc called without a qualifying low.

His high hand was trashed by Akkari's Ah-3c-2d-2c, which made a full house, deuces full of fours, on the river.

Akkari now has more than 345,000 chips.

12:02am--Ian J down, then out in 27th

Short-stacked at 16,883, Ian J raised (to 10,000) and MadCaddy called from the big blind. The flop came Qh-5h-8d, and Ian J got the rest of his chips in.

MadCaddy: 3d-Ts-4d-8c
Ian J: 5c-Th-Ad-4c

The turn was the Kc and the river the 9c. No low hands, and MadCaddy's pair of eights bested Ian J's fives, knocking Ian J out in 28th.

11:58pm--Two more eliminations; 27 remain

We just saw two quick eliminations, one at the conclusion of the hold'em round, and the other at the start of Omaha hi/lo.

First #1PEN, down to just a bit more than 20,000, found a hand to go with and after capping preflop would get the rest in the middle on the flop versus Empire2000. #1PEN showed Ad-6d, and Empire2000 Ah-Jc. The flop was Th-8s-Qd. The turn was the Qs and the river the 7s, and #1PEN is out in 29th.

Then it was steamraise's turn to hit the rail. He began the O/8 hand with 35,789, and from the big blind called jerrod's preflop raise. The flop came Th-3h-5s, and steamraise check-raised jerrod's continuation bet. jerrod just called. The turn was the 5h, and steamraise ended up getting it all in right there. steamraise showed Td-4s-Kc-2c for a wheel draw, while jerrod showed Ad-2h-Kh-9h for a low draw and a made flush. The river brought the 3s, and steamraise is out in 28th.

11:56pm--Akkari quietly chipping up

Team PokerStar Pro Andre Akkari is among the chip leaders in today's event. He has been amassing chips since the second fifteen-minute break by winning more than his share of small pots without a showdown. Since the game switched to Omaha Hi/Lo, Akkari has won five of eleven hands. None of them were huge pots, but they have increased his stack to more than 265,000 in chips.

11:49pm--goodolehank can't push the rock-like gibralter11 off hand

Player gibralter11 raised from middle position and goodolehank three-bet right behind him. It folded around and gibralter11 called. The flop came 7h-7c-3c. gibralter11 checked, goodolehank bet (4,000), and gibralter11 called. The turn was the 9d, and again gibralter check-called goodolehank's bet (8,000 this time).

Both checked the Th on the river. gibralter11 showed 8c-8s for two pair, and goodolehank mucked. gibralter11 takes the 54K pot, pushing up past 200K to 206,315. goodolehank now has 134,890.

11:43pm--Lee Nelson brings the heat

With only four big bets in his stack, Team PokerStars pro Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson didn't have much room to mess around.

He opened with a raise from early position and was three-bet by floes, on his immediate left. Everyone else folded to allow them to take a heads-up flop of 2s-4d-Ad. Nelson checked to floes, then raised after floes bet. The raise put floes in the tank, but after about thirty seconds he called.

The turn was the 4h. Nelson bet, leaving himself about 5,000 behind. floes tanked again before raising to put Nelson all in. He quickly called, showing Ah-Ks for top pair, top kicker. floes was behind in a big way with two ladies, Qh-Qd. There was no miracle for floes after the river fell Td. Nelson doubled up to 72,960.

11:40pm--Nine-to-five doesn't work for ArbahChamesh, out in 30th

Down to his last 6,152, ArbahChamesh went ahead and called all in from the button after 7CardRyon had raised from under the gun. 7CardRyon showed Ks-Kd and ArbahChamesh 9d-5s. The board came Tc-7h-6h-2d-3h, and ArbahChamesh is out in 30th place.

We are now five away from the money.

11:37pm--Boeken can't stand the three-bet

The game has switched to limit hold'em, and the action has increased accordingly. Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken raised the first hand of hold'em from late position, but was three-bet from the button by djk123. Boeken called, but then folded to a single bet on the 2c-4d-9h flop. Boeken now sits with a little more than 87,000 -- 18th of the 31 remaining players.

11:35pm--DocHolatchya maintains advantage

We've moved onto Level 26 and limit hold'em (blinds 2.000/4,000, stakes 4,000/8,000). DocHolatchya maintains a sizable advantage at the moment. He just took a medium-sized pot to move up to 322,455, over 120K ahead of second-place gibralter11.

11:27pm--Good old scoop for goodolehank

goodolehank just scooped a nice 95,600-chip pot when he and two other players (#1 PEN and Ian J) made it all of the way to seventh. After leading the betting the entire way, goodolehank showed Ad-6h / 6c-4s-2c-4d / As. His high hand of aces and sixes were good, and as no one had a low he took the whole pot.

goodolehank now has 180,690, third place at the moment.

11:25pm--Empty seat after emptyseat88 eliminated

emptyseat88 battled all the way down to the final four tables, but has been eliminated just short of the money. He started 6s-4d / 3c and with only 15,960 chips to start the hand against str8flushin5, decided to make a stand. str8flushin5 also started three to a low with 2d-6h / 7d, and improved on fourth street with a 3s against emptyseat88's Js.

All of the chips were in the middle by fifth street, with emptyseat's board running finishing 6s-4d / 3c-Js-6d-2s / 9h for a pair of sixes and no low. str8flushin5 missed his low, but hit running tens on sixth and seventh streets 2d-6h / 7d-3s-Qs-Td / Th to make a pair of tens and knock out emptyseat88 just a few places shy of the money.


Bertran "ElkY" Grospellier has been active to start the Stud Hi/Lo level. After chopping a pot with djk123, ElkY scooped against str8flushin5 by starting 3c-As / 4c, catching the 5c on fourth street, hitting a pair of threes on fifth and a pair of aces on the river. He bet every street except sixth street, with str8flushin5 calling down the whole way. There was no qualifying low; ElkY's aces up was the winner of the whole pot.

11:11pm--Hour seven chip counts; enjoy your healthy meals, Doc leads

Level 25
Stakes: 4000/8000, ante 800 (Limit Stud Hi/Lo)
Average Chip Stack: 97,656
Players Remaining: 32 (8 more eliminations to the money)
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. DocHolatchya 291,455
2. gipsy74 247,104
3. aakkari 164,528
4. #1PEN 149,837
5. djk123 146,718
6. gibralter11 125,315
7. goodolehank 125,090
8. 7CardRyon 115,733
9. jerrod 114,895
10. MadCaddy 102,092

Team PokerStars pros remaining:

Andre "aakkari" Akkari (3rd) 164,528
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (24th) 69,748
Humberto Brenes (25th) 68,162
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (29th) 35,435
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson (30th) 29,140

Team PokerStars pro eliminated this hour:

Greg "FossilMan" Raymer (42nd)
Joe Hachem (43rd)
Alex Kravchenko (44th)
Chad Brown (45th)

11:00pm--Doc in the lead, ElkY in trouble

ElkY is in trouble now, down to just 37k after dropping a 40k pot against DocHolatchya just a moment ago. His board showed 8c-Kh-5h-6h but he couldn't beat the Doc's 4h-2d / 3s-5d-Js-Jc / 7c.

That puts DocHolatchya on a stack of 315k, good for the tournament chip lead.

10:58pm--I want to pump *clap* you up!

gibralter11 just didn't want to believe it.

Despite pumped4good showing a board of x-x / 6h-9h-5h-2h / x, gibralter11 called down bets on a fifth, sixth, and seventh as pumped4good indeed had the heart flush starting with 4c-4h in the hole.

The pot was good for 41,100 and pumped up pumped4good to 92,140 while the large stacked gibralter11 slipped a little to 141,125.

Hans and Franz would be proud.

10:54pm--Straight catchin', yo

str8flushin5 has been hanging on to a short stack for some time now, but it's a little bigger after doubling through Noah "Exclusive" Boeken. str8flushin5 started with split aces and Boeken with buried kings; both caught two pair by the river, with str8flushin5's bigger two dragging the nearly-40k pot.

Boeken is down to 88k now, while str8flushin5 - after claiming two more pots without contest - is up to 61k.

10:50pm--Is there a doctor in the house tonight?

DocHolatchya just grabbed the table chip lead from djk123 in an interesting Razz pot.

Showing the Ad, he got three bets in on third street along with ElkY (6c), djk123 (7d), and MrSmokey1 (7h) to build a 41,100 pot before a fourth card was dealt to anyone. Then he (A-5) and djk123 (7-A) drove the other two out of the pot with another three bets each going in the middle.

The betting went bet-call the rest of the way, despite the fact that DocHolatchya showd A-5-6-J against djk123's 7-A-T-Q. On the end, the Doc hit a 3 and claimed a 95k pot with the stone cold nuts - 5-4-3-2-A. Even if he hadn't hit the 3, though, he still would've been good for a 6-5.

On the next hand he took out short stack Jon "PearlJammer" Turner to jump up to 221k, and has since moved to 251k.

10:45pm--Stud, it's what's for dinner

Stud Hi with 3000/6000, ante 600 stakes will be taking us into the dinner break with 35 players remaining.

10:41pm--(s)He's a briiiiiiiiiick hooooooouse

Empire2000 had a board reading x-x / 2-A-4-9 / x with new tablemate #1PEN calling him all the way with x-x / 6-9-3-9 / x.

#1PEN must have smelled the mortar because he called Empire2000's river bet as #1PEN exposed a decent 2-8 / 6-9-3-9 / A for an 8-6 low, as Empire was wishing it was the Stud Hi round and showed 2-A / 2-A-4-9 / 2 for deuces full, or... A-A-9-4-2.

#1PEN took down the 53,700 chip pot.

10:38pm--That's why no one likes Razz

Entropy xx just hit the rail in 38th place on a particularly nasty hand. He started with A-4 / 2, only to pick up another ace and two more fours by the river to make A-A-4-3-2.

That was no good against DocHolatchya's 9-6-5-2-A, giving the Doc a 57k pot and boosting him to 143k total.

10:35pm--A timely double

Much like did a few hours ago, Jon "PearlJammer" just hung on to his tournament life by the skin of his teeth. Things looked rough for him when he got all on fourth street with A-3 / 2-9 against MrSmokey1's 5-3 / 7-6, but by the river he had 7-5-3-2-A - just enough to beat MrSmokey1's 7-6-3-2-A and boost Turner to 22,610.

10:34pm--Turner in trouble

Jon "PearlJammer" Turner is up agains the wall now, with just 9,655 left in his stack after a hand gone bad.

After calling twobets from table newcomer djk123 preflop, he came along to the river with Noah Boeken and djk123, only to fold to one bet with the board reading Qc-Jd-6h-4s-4c. djk123 took that pot with Ac-Ad-Td-8d and moved up to 149k, before winning another to jump to 185k.

10:31pm--Rock of gibralter11, Raymer out in 42nd

Back to back pots for gibralter11 in Limit Omaha Hi/Lo has the middling stack now reaching for the table chip lead. First was a scoop on a board of 7c-Jc-Ks-7d-9d while holding Jh-As-Js-5h against MadCaddy, good for jacks full and a 60,000 chip pot.

The next hand he scooped MadCaddy again showing down aces and sixes and a 7-6-4-3-A low on a board of 3c-Ac-6h-Qd-Kd, scooping 36,250 from MacCaddy once again.

But, MadCaddy would take his anger out on short stacked Team PokerStars pro Greg Raymer as Raymer was almost forced to 3-bet from the big blind with only 7,150 chips left after MadCaddy again open raised from the small blind.

FossilMan: 2d 6c 8d 8c
MadCaddy: 9h 9c 7s Ad

Raymer would outflop MadCaddy and hit a set of a eights, but the 9d on the turn flipped the advantage back to MadCaddy as the board ran out 3c-8s-Qc-9d-3s to send Raymer home in 42nd place.

10:27pm--He's baaaaaaaaack

str8flushin5 popped back up at the table a few minutes ago and has worked his stack back up to 65k already.

In addition to splitting two pots, he took down a 60k pot all by his lonesome when he hit a full house against MrSmokey1 holding As-Ts-5h-2c on a board of Kd-8h-5s-5d-Tc.

10:24pm--Where'd he go?

There are seven players on Table 13 right now, but in essence it's a six-handed game.

That's because str8flushin5 is sitting out with just 27k in his stack. The pots have been distributed mostly equally in the last two orbits or so, though DocHolathcya did scoop a pot with a wheel a few hands back to jump to 117k.

10:18pm--Short-stacked and getting bullied

Greg "FossilMan" Raymer had to explain to MadCaddy that defending his blinds wasn't worth it:

FossilMan: 52o

Folding another orbit, Raymer has slipped back to 12,150 in chips and needs to find another double up soon with 43 players left.

10:09pm--Boeken beats up on ElkY

Noah "Exclusive" Boeken just took a huge pot off his fellow Team PokerStars Pro, ElkY.

Boeken raised to 5k on the button and ElkY made it 7.5k from the small blind. batoelrob and Boeken both called to see a flop of Jh-7s-5s. ElkY bet and batoelrob got out of the way, only to see the two pros cap the action. ElkY then check-called on the 9c turn and 3h river, mucking his hand when Boeken showed Jc-7d for flopped two pair.

That 62,500 pot moved Boeken to just shy of 140k, while ElkY dropped to 47k.

On the very next hand, Boeken eliminated batoelrob with 9h-7h against 5h-5c, catching a seven on the flop and grabbing another 27k pot to jump to 157k.

10:08pm--Hour six campfires

Table 13 will still be in the news this hour here are the starting chip counts: MrSmokey1 78,555, DocHolatchya 101,700, PearlJammer 90,530, Entropy xx 30,095, Exclusive 104,395, ElkY 72,235, batoelrob 35,418

Also Table 1 with Team PokerStars pro Greg Raymer is nursing a short stack even after doubling up off Empire2000 is sitting with 23,400 currently, pycb (86,230), Empire2000 (65,260), emptyseat88 (71,610), gibralter11 (55,740), break chip leader goodolehank (153,290), MadCaddy (100,492)

10:02pm-- Hour six chip counts; hank have a good ol time on top of the leaderboard

Level 21
Stakes: 2500/5000 (Limit Hold Em')
Average Chip Count: 67,934
Players Remaining: 46 (24 places pay out)
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. goodolehank 165,790
2. #1PEN 139,744
3. double joker 118,852
4. aakkari 116,190
5. MadCaddy 114,242
6. Exclusive 111,895
7. DocHolatchya 110,450
8. crazyjanie 102,165
9. steamraise 101,130
10. 7CardRyon 97,893

Team PokerStars Pros in the top 25:

Andre "aakkari" Akkari (3rd) 116,190
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (4th) 111,895
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson (16th) 79,865
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (18th) 74,735

Team PokerStars Pros eliminated in the last hour:
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (48th)
Tom McEvoy (57th)
Luca Pagano (62nd)

9:58pm--ElkY squeezes a short stack, takes down 35,000 pot

Back to back pot for ElkY, as his aces up plus 8-7 low earned him a scoop over one short stack, batoelrob and a split with another Butch ACIDY who only had 2,400 in chips to begin the hand so ElkY raked in nearly 35K for that pot.

Next hand with rolled jacks he quartered batoelrob and DocHolatchya by taking the high versus their matching 8-7 lows.

9:53pm--Hachem hanging in there

Like his teammate Chad Brown, Joe Hachem found himself under 30k just a minute ago after dropping chips in several pos. He rebounded, though, taking the low in a three-way pot worth 53,200 while floes took the high. Hachem now was 37,375 - by no means healthy, but more than a lifeline to be sure.

9:47pm--Brown on the edge

Chad Brown has dropped three straight pots for a big chunk of his chips, taking him down to just 27k.

That's a far cry from his 90k+ just a few minutes ago.

Benefiting from his slide have been Andre Akkari and #1PEN, both of whom are over the 100k mark now.

9:45pm-- Boeken broken, moved to Table 13 with ElkY

We'll be moving with Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (115,595) to Table 13 where Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (54,170) is holding court with MrSmokey1 (63,505) and PearlJammer (66,580).

9:41pm--How times change

At the beginning of this hour of play, djk123 was the Table 2 chip leader.

Twenty-five minutes ago, Chad Brown held that spot after catching Andre Akkari on the river.

Now Akkari has the table chip lead (96,790), Brown is in second (83,070), and djk123 is quickly slipping to the back of the pack (37,848).

Four of the last six pots at the table have gone to Akkari and he's playing some solid poker right now.

9:37pm-- Still running in circles

mig.com has completed the last four hands in a row but has been turned away with raises on fourth by the other players and now finds himself in the danger zone with only 13,300 left and stakes at 2000/4000, ante 400 moving on to Stud Hi/Lo in a minute.

Then of course as we're ready to report his demise, he gets it all in versus pycb with two pair on fifth that hold up to pycb's pair of fours for a 30,000 chip pot.

Lots of betting, yet still chasing his own tail not gaining any ground.

9:30pm--Lay of the land at Table 2

After jumping to 87k with that huge Razz pot earlier, Chad Brown has grabbed another several thousand here in the Stud round to bump his stack up to nearly 97,000. That makes him our table chip leader, as djk123 has fallen to 87k.

Andre Akkari has recovered well from the hit Brown put on him, getting back up to 72k, while Joe Hachem sits with 57k in front of him at the moment.

9:25pm-- The more things change, the more they stay the same

mig.com was experiencing some card death getting down to 38,300 from a high perch of 81,200 when we started covering this table. Then he immediately pick up a total of 15,000 in pots to get back to 50,000 which is below the current average (60,000).

Noah "Exclusive" Boeken and pycb have retained their sizable stack and both are near or over 100,000 as pumped4good brought his 50,000 chips to the tables a few minutes ago.

9:21pm--Brown scores a monster

Chad Brown just grabbed himself a monster pot after running down teammate Andre Akkari in a Razz hand.

The two Team PokerStars Pros had Fral.3 in the pot with them, and by sixth street - after Akkari had been betting the entire way and getting called by both opponents - the boards looked like this

Brown: x-x / 3-T-4-4
Akkari: x-x / 6-4-8-9
Fral.3: x-x / 2-T-5-9

On seventh street Akkari bet out again, only to be raised by Brown. Fral.3 got out of the way by Akkari, after a moment of thought, reraised to 9,600. Brown called and showed 6-4-3-2-A, with the ace caught on the river; Akkari showed 6-5-4-3-A, also catching his ace on the river but having had a made 8-low on fifth street. The 55,840 pot went to Brown and this went in the chat:

aakkari: jeeezzz
djk123: yo chad
djk123: what was going on there
ChadBrownPRO: marvin gaye
djk123: playing nice for ur pal pro or not savvy enough to recognize the board lock?
ChadBrownPRO: well i wouldn't say me raiseing on river is soft playing

9:17pm-- As a reminder to all our blog followers this evening, cue up PokerStars.TV tonight

Highlight show for the final table will be live tonight with commentary from Tom McEvoy, Greg Raymer, Chad Brown, Isabelle Mercier starting at approximately 11:00pm this evening. Tune in to hear the pros discuss this high rollerHORSE tournament's conclusion!

Follow the link here starting at 11:00 for the internet radio broadcast

9:10pm--Akkari grabs one, drops one

Andre Akkari just took down a 32,000 pot - we'd say he scooped, but he didn't have to show down against floes on the Kd-8d-6h-9s-6s board.

On the next hand, though, Akkari gave it all back to Joe Hachem. Hachem's As-6d-4s-4c was good - for the scoop this time - against Akkari's Ah-Ts-9h-8s, making a 6-5 low and the nut flush.

Akkari now has 59,030, while Hachem has 85,495.

9:07pm-- Murder's Row on Table 5

All with above average stacks and all sitting next to each other: Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, James "mig.com" Mackey, and big stacked pycb.

We're currently in the Limit Omaha Hi/Lo section with stakes at 1600/3200, moving on to Razz in just a minute.

9:02 pm--New game, new tables

As we move on to the fourth hour of play and a round of Omaha Hi-Lo, we're turning our attention to two new tables.

Table 2 features the likes of Andre Akkari (56,630), Chad Brown (33,070), and Joe Hachem (74,925), plus the second-place chip stack of djk123 (108,488).

Table 5, meanwhile, has Noah "Exclsuvie" Boeken (95,795) and WSOP/WCOOP bracelet winner James "mig.com" Mackey (84,220), as well as fourth-place chip stack pycb (106,820).

8:56pm-- Hour four chip counts; Fral.3 not letting go of the chip lead

Level 17
Stakes 1600/3200 (Limit Omaha Hi/Lo)
Average Chip Count: 49,603
Players Remaining: 63
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. Fral.3 114,643
2. MadCaddy 99,842
3. double joker 99,432
4. Exclusive 98,435
5. djk123 83,665
6. JoeHachem 82,295
7. goodolehank 81,640
8. mig.com 80,620
9. Ian J 79,718
10. steamraise 77,150

Team PokerStars pros in the top 25:

Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (4th) 98,435
Joe Hachem (6th) 82,295
Humberto Brenes (17th) 68,125
Alex Kravchenko (18th) 65,490
Andre "aakkari" Akkari (24th) 54,740
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer (25th) 53,910

Team PokerStars pros eliminated this hour:

Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes (65th)
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker (68th)
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein (85th)
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mericer (87th)
Bill Chen (90th)

8:51pm--Jammin' on the one, jammin' on the one

Jon "PearlJammer" Turner just jumped another 10k higher thanks to an interesting hand. He opened the betting in the hijack with a raise and batoelrob called from the big blind. Turner bet when batoelrob checked the 8h-5s-4c flop, then called when he was check-raised.

batoelrob bet the Qh turn and then called himself when Turner raised. Both players then checked the 5d river. Turner's Ad-Js was the winner when batoelrob showed Jd-Td, giving Turner the 19,800 pot and a stack of 31,860.

8:48pm-- Won't find that in Webster's or Roget's

LadyMaverick is queuing Greg "FossilMan" Raymer in on some potentially new poker lingo:

LadyMaverick: could u possibly luff there?
FossilMan: luff?
FossilMan: no, I don't know what a luff is
LadyMaverick: nh
FossilMan: ty
LadyMaverick: lol
LadyMaverick: luff
LadyMaverick: new word
FossilMan: what does it mean?
muchbetter [observer]: though most people might consider you a great luffer sir
muchbetter [observer]: lol
FossilMan: really? its nice to be great at something, even if I don't know what it is.

8:46pm-- Table breaks so we'll follow LadyMaverick to Table 1 where...

... we find a couple of WSOP Main Event champs holding court.

Team PokerStars pros Greg "FossilMan" Raymer (35,310) and a very healthy Joe Hachem (85,895) also with Jan "50outs" von Halle who is short stacked at 9,430 are at the "ew" table.

8:41pm--PearlJammer still kicking

Jon "PearlJammer" Turner has made up quite a bit of ground since finding himself all-in during Stud. He's now up to 21,660, thanks partly to a 20,400 pot with pocket queens against Prague1 just a moment ago.

Prague1 called down the whole way in position with the board reading Td-9d-8s-2c-Tc but mucked his hand at showdown.

8:40pm--ElkY scoops, takes table lead

ElkY closed out the Stud Hi-Lo round a few minutes ago by scooping himself a 26,280 pot an 8-7 low and a ten-high flush against pokerhahntas.

That put him up to 62,515 as we entered another round of Limit Hold'em, giving him the chip lead at Table 13.

8:38pm-- The jock strap wasn't enough protection, LadyMaverick scoops big pot

BadBeatNinja's avatar is athletic supporter that didn't quite avoid the nut kicking delivered by Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso on the last hand. BadBeatNinja raised tmt326's bring in showing Qs, as Rousso called with with 5s.

After Rousso showed x-x / 5s-7c on second and BadBeatNinja caught x-x / Qs-8s she raised to 2400 and bet out every street showing x-x / 5s-7c-3c-As/ x to BadBeatNinja's x-x / Qs-8s-2h-2d / x

Rousso rolled over 7h-4d / 5s-7c-3c-As / 6h for the 7-5 low and the three to seven straight to which BadBeatNinja grabbed his cup while Rousso raked in the 23,640 chip scoop.

8:33pm--Entropy xx rolling

Entropy xx is now up to 51,340 after grabbing a 22,320 pot from ElkY a moment ago. Entropy xx started the hand with rolled-up sixes, which held up through the river against ElkY's x-x / 2d-5d-Ts-Kc / x.

8:30pm--No chop?

Entropy xx just scooped himself a nice pot that he probably expected to chop with Cordelia.

At showdown he turned up 3c-5c / Ad-Ts-Tc-7c / 5d for two pair tens and fives and no low; Cordelia held x-x / 2s-8c-As-6c / x but obviously held no fifth low card, as she mucked her hand and the entire pot went to Entropy xx.

With that pot he's up to 39,340.

8:26pm-- 27K scoop for Boeken

Despite his opponent tmt326 exposing aces on third and fourth, Noah "Exclusive" Boeken turned up the heat by raising on fifth, then getting tmt326 to check-call on sixth and seventh.

Boeken turned over: 2c-6d / 6s-2h-7s-6h / Qd for twos full of sixes, more then enough for the 27,240 chip pot as tmt326 mucked his aces.

Boeken climbed to 71,975 in chips after the big scoop.

8:21pm--Oh, I'm still alive

Jon "PearlJammer" Turner has a little bit more breathing room after taking down a 15,600 pot against pokerhahntas. Turner started with Jd-6d / 8d against his opponent's 9h-Kc / 9d, but caught the Jh on fourth street and held up to drag the pot.

8:20pm-- Time for Stud Hi/Lo, stakes moving up

There's a stakes increase for level 14 as the tournament. Now at 1200/2400, ante 240 the average stack of 40,000 only has ~17 big bets currently. Players will have to exercise caution on the later streets.

8:17pm--Quiet times on Table 13; PearlJammer "rly loving life"

Despite the increase in stakes at the beginning of the Stud round, we have't seen very many big pots on Table 13 lately. The only one over 10k, a 13,600 pot played out during the last orbit, went to ElkY. He's now up to 54,135.

Meanwhile, Jon "PearlJammer" Turner found himself in a tough spot. Showing K-6 against Cordelia's A-6, he typed "rly hating life" in the chat box before he got himself all-in for his 3,375 and failed to make a hand better than ace-high.

Amazingly enough, his ace-high was better than Cordelia's ace-high, boosting Turner's stack to a still-vulnerable 7,550.

"rly loving life," he said in the chat box after the hand

8:15pm-- PokerGodZeus feels LadyMaverick's wraith, another big pot for the Team PokerStars pro

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso just picked up another 22,600 chip pot after raising PokerGodZeus on fifth street, both checking sixth and value betting seventh she showed: Qd-Th / Td-5h-9d-5c / 3d for tens over fives which was good enough as Zeus mucked shipping the 22,600 chip pot to Rousso.

She is now stacked at 36,605 and approaching par.

8:10pm--The scene on Table 13

We've arrived at Table 13 and surveyed the scene; here's a look at how the players stack up at the moment:

Cordelia 23,085
Prague1 57,280
CHUFTY 22,505
PearlJammer 5,375
Entropy xx 22,960
pokerhahntas 29,505
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 44,835
batoelrob 33,265

8:07pm-- Good poker player, bad listener, LadyMaverick takes a 15,900 from Exclusive

As Noah Boeken pleaded with Rousso to stay away from his stack, she nabbed a sizable Razz pot showing x-x / 5s-Ah-7c-6c on sixth street to Exclusive's x-x / Td-7d-2c-9h as LadyMaverick never slowed down thru the entire hand and lead out again on seventh which Boeken could not call with Rousso's strong board showing and folded.

After the hand, LadyMaverick moved up to 21,205 after the hand, and Boeken slipped to 59,455.

8:04pm--Takes a lickin', stops tickin'

Mike "Timex" McDonald got himself nearly all-in on a hand of Razz, getting all the way down to the river with x-x / 5-J-A-K / x against double joker's x-x / 7-T-A-Q. When double joker bet, McDonald went into the tank and eventually folded, leaving himself a mere 270 for the next hand and typing "this game sucks" into the chat box.

On the next hand, 200 of his remaining chips went in for the ante and he put in the other 70 with a starting hand of 8-8 / J; he was in bad enough shape against Noah "Exclusive" Boeken's A-3 / 5 to begin with, but to make things worse Boeken made the nuts by fifth street. That ended McDonald's day in 89th place and also closed Table 12.

We're turning our attention now to Table 13, where ElkY sits with 41k and Jon "PearlJammer" Turner has a short stack of 6,475.

8:02pm-- Women at the poker table are after only after one thing...

... your chips

As Team PokerStars pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso welcomed fellow Team PokerStars pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken and his sizable 67K stack to the table:

LadyMaverick: hey noah, nice stack!
Exclusive: ty stay away haha
LadyMaverick: np, GL :)
Exclusive: gl :)

8:00pm-- Switching up the coverage again

This hour we will be covering Table 8 with current chip counts at tmt326 (32,795), badbeatninja (24,990), TIJO (20,850), Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (13,905), gipsy74 (54,935), ArbahChamesh (22,500), PokerGodZeus (28,695) and a table to be named later since Table 12 decided not to stay together...

7:50pm-- Hour three chip counts

Level 13
Stakes 1000/2000, ante 200 (Razz)
Average Chip Count: 34,340
Players Remaining: 91
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. Fral.3 98,623
2. str8flushin5 93,870
3. goodolehank 88,720
4. pycb 88,145
5. double joker 78,865
6. Kravchenko 74,610
7. MadCaddy 65,262
8. Exclusive 65,260
9. ozenc 64,589
10. Prague1 63,880

Team PokerStars pro in the top 25:

Alex Kravchenko (6th) 74,610
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (8th) 65,260
Joe Hachem (11th) 60,945
Lee "LeeNelsonP*" Nelson (16th) 53,805

Team PokerStars Eliminated this hour:

Katja Thater (93rd)
Vicky Coren (97th)
Marcin "Goral" Horecki (98th)
Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan (103rd)
Victor Ramdin (108th)
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose (110th)
Dario Minieri (118th)
Raymond Rahme (119th)

7:41pm--Extending the lead

Fral.3 has a bigger chip lead thanks to another big pot where he hit queens full of jacks on the river to drag 18,400. There was no low, but he'd been drawing to the nuts on that end with As-Qh-Js-3d in his hand and a board reading Qs-Jd-2d-4s by the turn. That pot sent him up to 97,910.

Just four hands later, Fral.3 would claim the high pot with a baby flush and MadCaddy would take the low with a 6-5, sending short-stacked The Omaholic to the rail in 94th place.

7:38pm--Two scoops

Two of the last three pots at Table 11 have both been scoops. The first went to Fral.3, who took down 10,400 with a 7-5 low and the nut flush with Ad-Qs-7h-3d on a board of Th-3c-2d-5d-Kd.

Then MrSmokey1 claimed the second pot worth 14,000 with a king-high flush and a 7-5 low holding Ac-Ks-Qc-3s on a board of 8h-7c-2s-8s-5s.

With those pots, Fral.3 jumped back to 82,710 and MrSmokey1 to 40,370.

7:33pm-- High Octane, Khan out is 103rd

We spoke too soon about the Team PokerStars pro party on Table 16, as octane190 ended Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan's day with this hand:

Starting the hand with just 4,435 in chips Khan 3-bet octane190 from middle position and octane190 called to see a flop of Ac-8c-7h, Khan again 3-bet octane190 after he check-raised Khan to put Khan all-in.

octane190: Js-Ah
RaiNKhAN: Qc Jc

Khan would need runner-runner for the straight or flush or running queens but would receive neither as the board ran out 6s and Kd to give knock out the Team PokerStars pro in 103rd.

7:28pm--MadCaddy shack

MadCaddy is almost close enough to Fral.3's stack to say he's nipping at his heels. He just took a 13,600 pot against the former chip leader (who's now in second place) when his J-J flopped a set out of the small blind and Fral.3 called down to the river, boosting his stack to 63,450.

7:27pm-- It's a PokerStars party on Table 16!

Lee Nelson has joined fellow Team PokerStars pros Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, Alex Kravchenko, and Tom McEvoy at Table 16.

He brings with him a sizable chip stack (44,000) and is only second to Kravchenko's 72K stack at the moment.

7:23pm-- Boosted busto

While moving back to Limit Hold Em' with blinds at 400/800, the short stacked BoostedJ found himself all-in after capping preflop with Hevad Khan and Alex Kravchenko and betting 760 on the flop.

The sweet flop of 9d-2d-Th grabbed BoostedJ top set with Ts-Tc but both Khan and Kravchenko called the flop bet to see the Js on the turn.

Kravchenko lead out as Khan folded and turned over the turned nut straight with Ks-Qd. The board did not pair on the river and the 12,360 was shipped to the Russian pro as BoostedJ exited the tournament in 107th.

7:19pm--Fral.3 rising

Fral.3 had dropped a few thousand since earlier, but a nice hold'em pot just got him back over 76k.

He opened in the hijack with a raise to 1,600 and called when Zacpacker raised to 2,400 on the button. Fral.3 got a check-raise in on the Kc-Kh-Qd flop, which Zacpacker called. Fral.3 then led out on the Jd turn, calling when Zacpacker put in the raise to 3,200. Both players checked the 5s river, and Fral.3's pocket tens were good to take down the 15,600 pot.

Added to another 10k pot he took with Q-Q a few hands later, Fral.3 is now up to 81,210.

7:15pm-- Excessive celebrating is needed, "RaiNKhaN" has been paying dues but no action

He may have had WSOP rule added this year for himself, but Hevad "RaiNKhaN" is showing his passive side currently through the two Stud rounds as he's only picked up the bring-in and antes once while not getting involved in any hands.

Currently Khan is sitting a little below par at 17,635.

For a little more animated Khan, check out the video below shot at the 2008 WSOP from PokerStars.TV:

Watch WSOP: Hevad Khan's House (Part One) on PokerStars.tv

7:11pm-Lock it up on Table 11

Raymond Rahme's old seat at Table 11 has just been filled by WSOP bracelet winner Steve "MrSmokey1" Billirakis.

He comes to the table with 35,790 in his stack, nearly 8k above the average at the moment.

7:09pm--Not so frail at all

Fral.3 had the chip lead at the last break and still holds it during the Stud Hi-Lo round, thanks to taking down four of the last six pots, including a scooped 9,240 pot against Bill Chen won with two pair and a 7-6 low. He's got 73,190 and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

7:07pm-- The silent Russian, Kravchenko near a double stack and top 10

As seen throughout the WCOOP tournament series Alex Kravchenko lets his chips do the talking as he's is currently stacked with 51,050 in chips and continues to stealthy take small pots while building up his stack during the current Stud Hi/Lo round.

And as we hit publish he scoops another pot worth 11,940 pushing him to near 60,000 in chips.

7:04pm--Pack it up, pack it in

Zacpacker, he of the "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot" icon, just took down a healthy Stud pot from who's bad. Zacpacker opened the betting in late position with x-x/ Jd and then called when who's bad, who had the bring-in with x-x / 2c, raised it up.

who's bad continued to lead and Zacpacker continued to call until sixth street, when their boards read like this:

who's bad: x-x / 2c-Qs-Ad-6s
Zacpacker: x-x / Jd-Kc-9h-Qd

Zacpacker bet after who's bad checked, got the call, and then got another one the river. He showed 8d-9d underneath and the 2d on the river for the queen-high flush, dragging an 11,640 pot as who's bad mucked.

7:00pm-- Split it up! Back to Stud Hi/Lo

Stakes remain the same as the Stud Hi round at 600/1200, ante 120.

6:55pm-- Mac comes out swinging, wins 16,740 Stud pot

DocHolatchya couldn't find the cure for Tom McEvoy's rivered Kings up holding Jd-Ks / Qs-9c9Js-6c / Kc as DocHolatchya mucked his board of x-x / Qd-2d-Ts-2h / x in disgust throwing a few barbs at the Team PokerStars pro:

DocHolatchya: lol
DocHolatchya: you were in just great shape
Tom McEvoy: you had me allright but I finally got lucky
DocHolatchya: you got lucky to be pokerstars manager for a long time and have people read your book before people understood poker and realized you were horrible

6:50pm-- Moving on to Tables 11 and 16 this hour

We'll be featuring Table 11: Fral.3 (57,350), The Omaholic (13,595), Zacpacker (28,285), Raymond Rahme (7,150), MadCaddy (52,950), who's bad (27,890), skalexjung (25,915),Bill Chen (25,255).

Table 16 Tom McEvoy (15,610), octane190 (22,670), Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan (22,375), Alex Kravchenko (41,210), floes (40,485), NoraFlum (26,585), BoostedJ (7,920), and DocHolatchya (27,235) for this hour.

Let the fun begin with three Team PokerStars pros at Table 16 as well as Table 11 featuring math wizard Bill Chen.

6:49pm--Rahme to the rail

Just after we arrived at Table 11, Raymond Rahme found his way to the rail courtesy of The Omaholic.

The 2007 WSOP Main Event final tablist started with a split pair of queens and made two pair on fourth street, but The Omaholic started with buried kings and hit a bigger two pair on sixth street to drag the 16,400 pot and send the Team PokerStars Pro from South Africa to the rail.

6:45pm-- Hour two chips counts

Level 9
Stakes 600/1200, ante 120 (Limit Stud Hi)
Average Chip Count: 26,041
Players Remaining: 120
First Prize: $287,500.00

1. Fral.3 63,980
2. double joker 56,365
3. goodolehank 51,820
4. Prague1 48,710
5. #1PEN 47,762
6. gibralter11 46,570
7. JoeHachem 46,470
8. steamraise 46,215
9. BUTCH ACIDY 44,790
10. get crunk 44,390

Team PokerStars pros in the top 25:

Joe Hachem 46,470 (7th)
Alex Kravchenko 41,810 (15th)

6:40pm--A former champ survives

hairos just caught a big hand at the right time. Starting with 16,100 in his stack, his 7-4 / A improved to a 7-4-3-2-A by fifth street, good enough to claim the 14,950 pot against The Grinder's x-x / 7-A-5-J / x.

We're still in the early going, but that pot helps hairos keep his hopes of a second WCOOP HORSE bracelet alive. Check out the final table report from his win in Event #21 of the 2007 WCOOP here.

6:38pm-- Poker is easier when you don't get played back at

As Team PokerStars pro Barry Greenstein and Chino reached sixth street with Chino23 showing: x-x / Ac-Qc-8c-3h and disconnected with Greenstein showing x-x / 7s-Th-2h-5c, Barry thought he might grab the 4,950 in the middle.

But, Chino23 reconnected and bet while Greenstein folded and had this to say:

Chino23: sorry for the connection
barryg1: sorry you reconnected!

6:33pm-- John Duthie hits the rail second

The Team PokerStars pro has been eliminated in 124th place.

6:31pm--Dangerous territory

As our Razz round kicks off, our two Italian Team PokerStars Pros are both on the short end of things. Luca Pagano has just 6,320, and Dario Minieri has 11,980.

The good news is that the 500/1,000 stakes can turn that situation around pretty quickly. The bad news is that the 500/1,000 stakes can also sink them pretty quickly.

6:29pm--Oops! I rebuilt my stack

luvgamble, after starting the hour on a short stack, has built himself back up to 34,435, with the last 3k or so coming on fifth street in the last Stud Hi-Lo hand he played when 7CardRyon didn't want to go any farther.

You might know of luvgamble's reputation in the real world - he's none other than 2007 WSOP Player of the Year Tom Schneider. Check out the feature on him from his WCOOP bracelet win in Event #24 here.

6:25pm-- Back to Razz-land

Stakes at 500/1000, ante 100 and shorter stacked players might feel a little bite if they take a big hand to the river. As arbianight is the short stack at Table 10 with 15,870, as Barry Greenstein using his WSOP bracelet winning Razz skills to take down a 7,950 chip pot and get back near par at 19,625.

6:23pm--Lay of the land

The Grinder is still holding court on Table 4, with a stack of 44,905. Luca Pagano is on the other end of the scale with just 9,970 - and that's after claiming the low on the last hand of Omaha Hi-Lo in a three-way pot with luvgamble (who took the high) and The Grinder (who missed out).

6:20pm-- And.... action! Humberto scoops a 11,750 chip pot from Chino23

Folded around to Chino23 in the cutoff as he raised while Humberto three bet from the button, capped by Chino23 to see a flop of 4h-Kh-Js.

Bet by Chino23, called by Brenes. 4s on the turn got Chino23 to bet again, as Humberto woke up and raised. Chino23 called the raise to see the 2d on the river which he check-called Brenes' bet and was shown the trips of Humberto 4d-Qh-3s-Ad versus Chino23's cracked aces (Kd-Ac-Ah-5s).

Humberto has been on a roll since this hand and is now above par at 26,445, likewise for Chino23 at 26,845.

6:14pm--stevesbets hits the rail

We have our first bustout of this event - and he's a WCOOP bracelet winner. stevesbets will obviously wish he'd run better today, but won't be crying any tears - he won the $25,000 High Roller Heads-Up NLHE event against Team PokerStars pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier earlier in our tournament series, taking down a cool $560,000 and WCOOP bracelet for the win.

Check out this highlight reel from PokerStars.Tv of his big win:

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event 19 - $25,500 NLHE Heads-Up on PokerStars.tv

6:12pm-- Omaholics, your game is ready

Back to Omaha Hi/Lo as the blinds actually will increase this time to 250/500 (stakes 500/100)

6:10pm-- Da Chark needs some fishes soon

After capping a pot preflop in limit hold em' with Chino23 and TIEFENMUEHLE, Team PokerStars pro Humberto Brenes is down under 10K after calling down TIEFENMUEHLE on a board of 2d-Qc-Ks-5s-7s with Ac-Js against TIEFENMUEHLE'S pocket nines.

But regained some of those chips in a 11K pot just one hand later and rode the wave back up to 16,670.

6:06pm--luvgamble moving up, down

luvgamble just brought himself up to 27,510 with a 10k pot that was capped three ways before the flop with Luca Pagano and brooks1992. Pagano got out of the way on the Jd-8d-8h flop but brooks1992 would see the Ad turn and 8c river against luvgamble. brooks1992 led out on that river, but eventually folded after being raised by luvgamble.

luvgamble dropped about 4k on the next hand against 7CardRyon's pocket kings, and then another 3k when The Grinder flopped a set of jacks on an ace-high board, taking him to 20,910 as we prepare to chop a few pots in Omaha Hi-Lo.

6:04pm-- Oooooooh the burn

Some table chat has started the smack talk between Team PokerStars pro Barry Greenstein and Chino23:

Chino23: lemme know when i start plaing bad fellas
Chino23: feel free to hoot in
barryg1: i'll let you know when you stop

And just like that, two hands later Chino23 takes down a 9,000 chip pot from arbianight with 9c-3c after rivering a flush on the board of Ac-5h-6c-3d-8c.

6:00pm--Time to build back up

Nobody has been eliminated from the field yet, but one or two bad hands could send a few of our players tumbling toward elimination at this point. Luca Pagano and hairos, in particular, are vulnerable if either one finds himself on the losing end of a big pot, as they both have under 15k.

One player at Table 4 who doesn't need to worry about being on the verge of elimination at this point is The Grinder. He's sitting on 48,480 at the moment, good for second in the field behind Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso.

5:56pm-- Limit hold em', blinds move up

200/400 blinds for the next two games as we're back to flops as mig.com taking a decent 7,400 pot off Chino23 as mig.com check-called down a board of 6h-4c-8c-6c-7s to see his top pair with Qs-8h was good versus Chino23's Kh-9d. That pot got mig.com above 30,000 chips.

5:55pm-- You take it low, I'll take him high

Split it up for a 9,160 chip pot between Greenstein and mig.com as Greenstein lead out the betting nearly every street showing a low board of 3h-4h / 7h-4c-6d-6s / Ac plus two pair, but mig.com snagged the high with kings up showing Ks-5c / Kc-8d-2h-2s / 7s.

5:51pm--Back in the thick of things

WCOOP Event #24 bracelet winner luvgamble just got himself right back in the game after sitting on a short stack since we picked up the action on Table 4.

The pot was three-way until sixth street, when BUTCH ACIDY dropped out, leaving just luvgamble and Dario Minieri in the hand, luvgamble scooped a 14,760 pot when hi 4c-7s / Ac-3h-9h-5c / 6s made a straight and 6-5 lo, conquering Minieri's x-x / 6d-Kd-Td-Kh / x.

That pot puts luvgamble on a 19,870 stack as we move to Limit Hold'em.

5:46pm--The Grinder scoops

The Grinder just picked up a big scoop against brooks1992 when neither player hit a low and The Grinder's split pair of tens improved to eights full of tens by the river, good to grab the pot against brooks1992's x-x / Js-2c-Tc-2h / x.

That boosts The Grinder to 41,620, while brooks1992 drops to 19,870.

5:43pm-- Still looking for an easy seat?

Table 10 is stacked with 2007 WCOOP bracelet holder James "mig.com" Mackey, and Team PokerStars pros Barry "barryg1" Greenstein, and Humberto Brenes.

Then again you'd be hard pressed to find a table in this tourney that ISN'T stacked with top named pros.

mig.com finished 22nd this year at the 2008 $50,000 HORSE tourney while Greenstein made the final table of the same tournament. The California poker pro has made it to the final table the past two years.

5:38 pm--New hour, new tables

The game moves on to Stud Hi-Lo as our break fades into the past, and that means we're watching two new tables for the next hour.

Over on Table 4 we have a solid lineup with BUTCH ACIDY (40,820), Dario Minieri (25,840), luvgamble (14,070), brooks1992 (24,110), 2007 WCOOP HORSE bracelet winner hairos (21,520), The Grinder (27,580), 7CardRyon (31,700), and Luca Pagano (11,660).

Then there's Table 10, which features the likes of arbianight (20,775), Barry Greenstein (18,790), Chino23 (26,400), Humberto Brenes (20,040), mig.com (32,425), t soprano (29,070), taktloss47 (30,760), and TIEFENMUEHLE (17075).

5:32pm-- Hour one chip counts, Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes on top

Level 5
Stakes 400/800
Average Chip Count: 25,000
Players Remaining: 125 (all of them!)
First Prize: $287,500

1. Allingomes 42,620
2. BUTCH ACIDY 41,700
3. Prague1 37,075
4. Fral.3 36,210
5. TheOmaholic 36,200
6. double joker 35,610
7. Exclusive 34,320
8. jerrod 34,190
9. get crunk 33,890
10. Kravchenko 33,500

Team PokerStars pros in the top 25:

Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes 42,620 (1st)
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken 34,320 (7th)
Alex Kravchenko 33,500 (10th)
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier 32,810 (14th)
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (16th)

5:27pm-- Rocking the boat, Duthie still not slowing down

Showing x-x/9h-4h-4d-8s/x while still in the Stud Hi round, John Duthie slid in his river 600 chip bet only leaving 7,960 behind and betting the whole way down with goodolehank showing x-x/2h-9c-Kc-9s/x.

goodolehank called the river bet as Duthie turned up trip fours for the winner and perhaps a start towards par or better again as he's up to 15,160 after that pot.

5:21pm--Back to par

It took a while after his early downswing, but the Stud round has brought Greg Raymer back just above his starting stack. He took down a pot worth 4,080 with a split pair of jacks, staying ahead of emptyseat88's x-x / 3c-9s-Ac-5h / x all the way through the end.

5:20pm-- Table 2, Gomes is the early chip leader

Sitting on 34,130 already, "allingomes" is the early chip leader as we're on the fourth leg of HORSE.

The "short stack" is wielded by John Duthie as he has lost nearly half his starting stack and currently holding 12,340 after losing a 5,970 chip pot to the two pair of goodolehank.

The rest of the table seems content with being even keel as we make the first loop around H-O-R-S-E.

5:17pm--State of the Table

After three rounds on Table 1 nobody has a big advantage. gibralter11 and Victor Ramdin are both just over 29,000, while emptyseat88 is bringing up the rear with 19,160. With the Stud round now under way we may see a few shifts in the hierarchy.

5:15pm-- Strike a pose! Stud Time!

Limit Stud Hi, the blinds remain at 150/300, ante 60

5:13pm-- My two pair is higher

But, we're not on the Stud Hi round yet as John Duthie had a decent looking board but showed down two pair 9-9/2-A-Q-4/Q for a Q-9 low, but CKOTUHA didn't bite as he called with two pair as well, but had a T-8 low showing down 5-3/6-T-8-T/8 for the 4,170 chip pot.

5:09pm-- No splashing in the pool

Most the pots during this round of Razz for Table 2 have come from a completed doorcard and a fold from the high card. Only one pot peaked over 4,000 chips (won by John Duthie), the rest have been the complete-fold variety.

5:06pm--Software upgrade?

Victor Ramdin's not been getting very good cards through the Razz round, and he sounded off a minute ago. It appears there might be a solution for him in the PokerStars software, though:

VictorRamdin: this dealer sucks
Seitz333 [observer]: you can click on tools->options-> New Dealer
NoMercy: lol
VictorRamdin: lol

5:03pm-- Prize pool locked in

125 entries today creating a $1.25 million prize pool!!

24 players will get a little gift back today and the winner will be taking home $287,500.

Here are the payouts for this WCOOP High-Roller $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. tournament:

1. $287,500
2. $200,000
3. $150,000
4. $112,500
5. $75,000
6. $59,375
7. $46,875
8. $38,750
9th to 12th $25,000
13th to 16th $18,750
17th to 24th $13,125

5:01pm--Kiss my Razz

We've filled out the last seat at Table 1 with the arrival of Belledejour1 just in time for a round of everyone's favorite junk-kicking game, Razz.

5:00pm-- Razz is up, blinds increase

The blinds wil increase to 150/300, ante 60 for this Razz round. Let the loathing begin.

4:58pm--Raymer speaks

Greg Raymer appears to be a big fan of the "H" round of our HORSE game:

FossilMan: limit holdem is truly the worst game in the world
FossilMan: not just talking about poker

Meanwhile, Joe Hachem has some pretty high starting hand requirements in Omaha Hi-Lo. After raising and getting no callers, he showed A-A-2-3 and said:

JoeHachem: my minimum hand

Which got a response from Raymer:

FossilMan: Joe, I don't think you could play that tight if we paid you a million to do it
VictorRamdin: lololo

Table 1 really feels like a home game right now. A really expensive home game, but a home game nonetheless.

4:56pm-- Cold, and colder

Duthie caught a cooler against fellow Team PokerStars pro Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes as the board read: Kd-7h-Js-9s-5s and Duthie suddenly checked as he had lead off the bet the whole time.

Gomes decided to take a stab at the 5,600 chip bet pot with a river bet and Duthie check-raised, which was met by a three-bet by Gomes. Showing restraint here, Duthie called to see Gomes' nut flush with 2s-As-8h-6h as Duthie turned over the flopped set of the kings, plus the rivered second nuts with Ks-3s-3d-Kh.

Duthie is at 19,000 chips, while Gomes collected the 8,000 chip pot is up to 32,700.

4:51pm--Finally, it's happened to me

Greg Raymer finally caught a break against emptyseat88 to take down his first pot - and it was a scoop, no less. He Ah-Ts-4h-3h was good for the six-high straight and nut low on a board of 8s-2s-2h-6d-5c, grabbing him a pot worth 3,600. He's now back to 21,050.

4:50pm--The two sides of Monsieur Ramdin

Earlier Victor Ramdin told Joe Hachem he wanted to take Isabelle Mercier in a last longer versus the 2005 WSOP Main Event champ when the WSOP Europe main event rolls around in the next week. That got Hachem and Mercier discussing their fellow pro:

JoeHachem: i am not ur nemesis am i bella?
NoMercy: no!
NoMercy: Vic is
NoMercy: he sees thru my cards
JoeHachem: he is my cash cow
JoeHachem: i luv vic
NoMercy: yeah
NoMercy: i kinda like him too
NoMercy: lol

4:48pm-- On to Omaha Hi/Lo we go

Blinds will remains the same at 100/200 for the first Omaha Hi/Lo round.

4:47pm-- I have it, errr... maybe not, Chad Brown scores a 5,700 chip pot

Not to pick on Andre Aakari today but he just dropped another pot to a fellow Team PokerStars pro, this time Chad Brown. While on the button Brown 3-bet the cutoff raise by Aakari as Duthie was limping from middle position and called the two bets, while Aakari opted to call.

Flop was sparkling diamonds Kd-3d-2d, checks from Duthie and Aakari as Brown lead out and was called by only Aakari.

8d on the turn prompted another check by Aakari and bet by Brown, but this time Aakari check-raised while Brown called.

5h on the river and Aakari lead out this time, but it was Brown who got the last bet in as he raised with Aakari making the call behind.

Ad-Ts for Brown and the nut flush was good for the 5,700 chip pot as he moved up to 29,600 in chips while Aakari slipped to 22,100.

4:45pm--FossilMan on the rocks

Greg Raymer is off to a rocky start on Table 1. He's dropped every single pot he's played thus far, the latest coming with A-5 against gibralter11's pocket fives. That has FossilMan down to 19,000 in the early going as we complete our first limit hold'em round and move to Omaha Hi-Lo.

4:40pm--Ramdin, gibralter11 jump out of the gate

Victor Ramdin got a nice start a few minutes ago with his K-Q, turning a straight and getting four bets in on that street against Greg Raymer. After a few bets dropped before that, and another pot with A-A against emptyseat88,

Ramdin now has 28,400. gibralter11 is on 27,300 with four pots under his belt already, all of them relatviely small.

4:36pm-- John Duthie still missing that brake pedal wins a nice pot off "aakkari"

Duthie was capping the betting from mid position with fellow Team PokerStars pro Andre "aakkari" Aakari on the button.

Flop of 2h-9h-As and Duthie lead out and was called by Aakari. Turn 3h received no difference with an insta-bet from Duthie and call. The river 4d and Duthie continued the same betting display shown at the Omaha Hi/Lo a few days ago and tossed in a river bet and was called.

4h-Ad for the EPT founder, and pocket kings (Kc-Kd) for Aakari.

Duthie took down the 3,900 chip pot in the early going.

4:31pm--The Crying of Table 1 (with apologies to Pynchon)

Every table in this event is stacked, so we're going to feature two tables an hour for you this afternoon and evening. Tables 1 and 2 will be our kick-off.

Table 1 features two WSOP champs and one tough lineup, including Joe Hachem, Jan "50outs" Von Halle, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer, Victor Ramdin. Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier, emptyseat88, and gibralter11.

On Table 2 the scene is pretty tough as well. They have Andre "aakkari" Akkari, Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes, Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown, CKOTUHA, goodolehank, John Duthie, and Mike "Timex" McDonald.

Victor summed up the feeling everyone has right now in chat just a moment ago:

VictorRamdin: happy and healty to u all however i hope i beat u all

This should be one heck of a game, so stick with us.

4:30pm-- If you're looking for that soft seat in Queens, you're in the wrong tournament

The $500,000 guarantee was smashed easily and we're now over a million dollar prize pool for this high roller H.O.R.S.E. event. The online pros, WCOOP champs, and Team PokerStars pros are flocking to this one, with just over 100 entries this tourney will feature ultra deep stacks (25,000 starting chips with 100/200 blinds for LHE) and very skilled players.

Don't expect any bust outs the first hour.

Here's the list of Team PokerStars pros in the field today:

Andre "aakkari" Akkari
Alexandre "allingomes" Gomes
Barry "barryg1" Greenstein
Bill Chen
Chad Brown
Dario Minieri
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
Noah "Exclusive" Boeken
Greg "FossilMan" Raymer
Marcin "Goral" Horecki
Humberto "Humberto B." Brenes
Joe Hachem
John Duthie
Katja Thater
Alex Kravchenko
Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Roussso
Lee Nelson
Luca Pagano
Chris "Money800" Moneymaker
Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier
Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan
Raymond Rahme
Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose
Tom McEvoy
Vicky Coren
Victor Ramdin

WCOOP Event #32 begins at 4:30pm ET

Join us here for all the action when WCOOP Event 32, $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. begins (with Limit Hold Em') at 4:30pm ET.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP