WCOOP Event #6: Calvin32 claims $530 NLHE title

Last year this event, the $530 no-limit hold'em event, ran for more than 20 hours, longer than any other tourney had ever run to that point in the history of the World Championship of Online Poker. Anticipating an even larger field this year, it was decided to divide the event into two days of play. After 22 levels and 11 tough hours of play yesterday, 72 survived to come back for Day 2, all harboring hopes of landing the $450,000-plus payday awaiting the winner.

The chip leader entering Day 2, pokrates, would maintain the lead in the early going, but eventually stumbled before going out in 31st. Among the many Team PokerStars pros who came out for this event, just one, Andre "aakkari" Akkari, had made it through the starting field of 7,351 to start Day 2. Akkari battled gamely, but eventually found himself all in with As-Qs against cassie13's Ac-Kc and couldn't outdraw his opponent, thus finishing in 47th place.

cassie13 would use Akkari's chips well, making it all of the way to the final table. It was almost 10:00pm Eastern time when the first hand was dealt to the final nine. Here's how it looked:

wcoop-6-final table.jpg

Seat 1: adonislee (United States) 11,182,6474 in chips
Seat 2: Papio Papio (Denmark) 1,175,610 in chips
Seat 3: Solovka (Russia) 22,993,538 in chips
Seat 4: cassie13 (Canada) 2,525,362 in chips
Seat 5: Yo Burger (Canada) 6,041,674 in chips
Seat 6: Roland_NL (Netherlands) 3,080,096 in chips
Seat 7: DUBBZZ (United States) 6,941,294 in chips
Seat 8: randomcrayon (United States) 3,072,334 in chips
Seat 9: Calvin32 (United States) 15,853,618 in chips

Thanks to those 10,000-chip starting stacks such a huge field, there were more than 73 million chips in play as the final table began. At that point, we were in the middle of Level 28, with blinds of 40,000/80,000 with an 8,000 ante.

Just a few minutes into the final table, the short stack, Papio Papio, would be the first to fall. After slipping down to just 715,610, Papio Papio open-shoved from the hijack seat, and after a few moments of contemplation cassie13 decided to reraise all in from the button for a total of 2,065,362 from the button. The others got out of the way, and Papio Papio turned over Ah-6s, while cassie13 had Qd-Kh.

So far so good, but then came the flop: Qh-8c-Ks. The turn was the 5h and the river the 5c, and Papio Papio was the final table's first casualty.

After 20 minutes, Yo Burger was the next to go. Chip leader Solovka -- sporting a gaudy 26-plus million-chip stack -- had put in a preflop raise and Yo Burger reraised all in for 4,583,224 total. Solovka called and showed Qs-Qd, ahead of Yo Burger's Ad-Ts. The board came 3d-4c-Kc-6c-6d, sending Yo Burger to the rail with the 8th place prize of $42,268.25.

Two hands later randomcrayon joined the parade of short-stacked players to the rail, pushing his last 2,892,334 all in with Kd-Qd and getting called by Calvin32 who held 5d-Ah. The board ran out As-9d-2d-5c-Ks, and you could color randomcrayon gone, having picked up $64,321.25. It took about 15 minutes for DUBBZZ to be eliminated in 6th, having endured one of the nastier beats of the final table. Down to a little more than 1.7 million, DUBBZZ got all of it in the middle with Jc-Kc on a Qs-Js-8h flop against Solovka who had 3h-3c -- very good shape, one would think. But the 3s spoiled DUBBZZ's buzz, and he was out in 6th, earning $95,563. See the hand below:

Solovka claimed yet another victim by knocking cassie13 out just a few minutes later. After Solovka raised preflop to 650,000, cassie13 reraised all in for 2,621,944.Solovka called, showing Ad-8d, well ahead of cassie13's Ah-6d. The board ran out 5h-5c-Tc-8s-9h, and cassie13 went home with $132,318 in 5th place.

Shortly afterwards, about 11:00pm, adonislee and Roland_NL both found themselves sitting on stacks of about 3.5 million. adonislee was the first to make a move. After Calvin32 raised to 825,000 from the cutoff, adonislee reraised all in and Calvin32 quickly called, showing pocket queens. adonislee had Ks-Jc, and after the community cards came out Ad-6h-10h-3s-3d, adonislee was out in 4th, pocketing $169,073. Ten hands later, Solovka then took care of Roland_NL, who shoved with pocket tens only to be pitted against Solovka's pocket jacks. The board came 4s-Ks-7c-4h-Qs, and Roland_NL took third-place prize money of $205,828.

As heads-up play began, Solovka enjoyed a commanding chip lead, with 53.8 million to Calvin32's 19.6 million. Early on Calvin32 suggested the possibility of a deal, but Solovka was not interested. The pair battled for 39 hands, and by the time they reached the next break, Calvin32 had worked his way back into the lead, with 46.2 million to Solovka's 27.2 million.

As they started back, Calvin32 again asked "you interested in running the numbers?" and Solovka again said no. They battled for 40 more hands, with Sokovka finally catching up to and overtaking Calvin32 just as the clock struck midnight.

The pair would battle back and forth for over two hours and 200-plus hands, with Solovka retaking the advantage, then losing it again in a huge hand in which Calvin32 rivered a full house, kings full of jacks. Finally, at about 1:10am -- something like 18.5 hours (of actual play) since the first hands of Event No. 6 were dealt -- we had our final hand.

Calvin32 had 60.9 million and Solovka 12.5 million when the latter raised all in from the small blind/button and Calvin32 called. Solovka turned over Kd-Jc, slightly ahead of Calvin32's Qc-9h. The flop came 6d-6c-9d, putting Calvin32 in the lead. The turn was the 8s and the river the 5s, and Solovka finished in 2nd place, claiming $306,169.15. Calvin32 took the bracelet and the $452,086.50 prize that goes with it.

2008 WCOOP Event #6 Final Table Results

1. Calvin32 $452,086.50
2. Solovka $306,169.15
3. Roland_NL $205,828
4. adonislee $169,073
5. cassie13 $132,318
6. DUBBZZ $95,563
7. randomcrayon $64,321.25
8. Yo Burger $42,268.25
9. Papio Papio $25,728.50

Congratulations to Calvin32! For more information about WCOOP Event #6, see the Day 1 live blog and wrap-up, as well as the Day 2 live blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP