WCOOP Event #7: Mary 717 outlasts difficult Pot-Limit Omaha field

Omaha's increased popularity has become evident the past couple years. As one player explained during the action, "Omaha is a sick game." The increased popularity correlates directly to higher quality competition on the PokerStars tables. That was evident in WCOOP Event #7, a $200+$15 Pot-Limit Omaha tournament with a $491,400 prize pool.

Quality play was splattered all over the tables, making it a very tough - if not the toughest - online Omaha field to navigate. Making it even more difficult was the rather impressive field of 2,457 players on a Monday. Forget that it is the beginning of the work week, an opportunity like this could not be denied by so many PokerStars players. WCOOP events only come around once a year, and they weren't going to miss this manageable Omaha buy-in.

It took 16 hours and plenty of flip-flopping at the top before the field was whittled down to two. Then it took only a couple minutes for a winner to be decided. Mary 717 won the coveted bracelet and $71,730 for the tremendous effort. It was quite an effort. Quite frankly, it's not easy to outlast 2,456 other players in a marathon like this.

There was a rather large contingent of Team PokerStars Pros that participated. Among them were Bill Chen, Alex Kravechenko, Andre Akkari, ElkY, Chad Brown, Dario Minieri, Gavin Griffin, John Duthie, Katja Thater, Humberto Brenes, Isabelle Mercier, Lee Nelson, Marcin Horecki, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Luca Pagano, Tuan Lam, Vanessa Rousso, and Victor Ramdin. But none were there near the end, once again illustrating the strength and depth of the field.

The competition was so fierce on the six-max tables that it took almost an hour and a half to get rid of a player and form the final table. When markkx finally succumbed to the intense pressure and his dwindling chip stack to finish in seventh place, the final table looked like this:


Immediately there was talk of a deal, with several players admittedly exhausted and hungry. The deal, however, was denied by HORERogHALM and rkruok. Ironically, they were two of the first three eliminated at the final table.

bearbeer123 was the first to exit as pocket 10s weren't enough to remain in the running for the nice first-place prize. Not when rkuok had a king in his hand and hit one on the turn. But it was not a surprise bearbeer123 was the first to depart the final table. After all, bearbeer123 was the shortstack when the field was reduced to the final six.

Rkruok, who has now recorded three WCOOP cashes in the first four days of action, wasn't able to parlay that victory into any long-term success at the final table. It wasn't long before he joined bearbeer123 and the 2,000-plus other entrants on the virtual rail. Pocket aces were not enough to keep rkruok alive. Not when Mary 717 hit two pair of eights and tens with a river ten.

At this point, with four players remaining, another deal was discussed and rejected. HORERogHALM did not accept the most recent terms, and subsequently was knocked out just moments later. It was a consistent final table trend in Event #7. HORERogHALM could have gotten $39,530 had the deal been accepted. Instead, HORERogHALM finished fourth and took home $30,221. Mary slowplayed aces perfectly to reduce the field to three.

It was at this point with three players left that a deal was finally struck. The terms went like this: kev19 $49,861; Mary 717 $65,730; mddgfc $50,301. The winner would pocket an additional $6,000 and earn the coveted bracelet.

With the details agreed upon, it didn't take long for a winner to be crowned. Within five minutes, Mary 717 disposed of the competition. First, kev19 put most of his chips in preflop with As-Ac-3c-2h. Unfortunately for him, Mary 717 held Kh-Kc-9h-5h and flopped three nines when the board showed 4d-9c-9s. The case nine on the turn sealed the deal.

Heading into heads-up play, Mary 717 now had a huge 5/1 chip advantage, one that mddgfc wasn't going to overcome. mddgfc quickly got it all-in with Jd-10d-10s-9h, but Mary 717 had an even better hand with Ad-Ah-Qs-10c. The board came out Kd-Qc-Jh-5h-3s and it was over. Mary 717 had hit the nut straight on the flop.

Mary 717 beat the extremely strong Pot-Limit Omaha field and pocketed $71,730.
Oh yeah, Mary 717 also earned the prestigious bracelet that comes along with the WCOOP Event #7 victory.

2008 WCOOP Event #7 Final Table Results

1. Mary 717 $71,730
2. mddgfc $50,301
3. Kev19 $49,861
4. HORERogHALM $30,221.10
5. rkruok $12,481.56
6. bearbeer123 $12,481.56

Congratulations to Mary 717! For more information about WCOOP Event #6, see the live blog . To watch the final table in its entirety, go to PokerStars.tv.

Jordan Raanan
@PokerStars in WCOOP